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Power Rangers Time Force
"End Of Time, Pt 3 "
Original Air Date:11/17/01 Footage from:
Timeranger #50 - - Mugen no Ashita e (To An Unlimited Future)
*Season 9 finale, byte 40
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1140
*40th and final episode of PRTF
*418th total Power Rangers episode
Writers: Judd Lynn & Jackie Marchand
[Note: Apparently their FINAL episode!]
Director: Koichi Sakamoto
Starring Cast:
Jason Faunt _AS_ Wes (Red Ranger)
Erin Cahill _AS_ Jen (Pink Ranger)
Kevin Kleinberg _AS_ Trip (Green Ranger)
Deborah Estelle Philips _AS_ Katie (Yellow Ranger)
Michael Copon _AS_ Lucas (Blue Ranger)
Daniel Southworth _AS_ Eric (Quantum Ranger)
Vernon Wells _AS_ Ransik
Kate Sheldon _AS_ Nadira
Edward Laurence Albert _AS_ Mr. Collins
Additional Cast:
Jason Faunt _AS_ Alex (credited, but unseen!)
Brianne Siddall _AS_ Circuit (voice)
Eddie Frierson _AS_ Frax (voice)
Neil Kaplan _AS_ Gluto (voice)


[Scenes from "The End Of Time, Pt. 2"]

Doomtron towers over the damaged city of Silver Hills. Black smoke pours past it, causing the giant golden robotic monstrosity to bask in the exhaust of the destruction it has caused. In the blue skies above the city, more spiraling black & blue Time Holes begin to form for brief periods. Their epicenters sparkle with dangerous electricity, lingering above skyscrapers, as if the timestream is saying to the buildings in a voice of rumblings, "If Doomtron doesn't get ya, WE will!" Over at the Prison Ship, Ransik stands before the Holoscreen, gleefully watching the Red Time Force Power Ranger taking on the endless army of Cyclobots. Nadira is behind her father, her pink hair hanging down, as she frowningly trembles at the sight of Wes in danger. Gluto is behind her, chewing on his fingernails. As Red Ranger slashes into a few Cyclobots with his twin Chrono-Sabers, several more take their place. Ransik views the flickering holo-image of this fight from the safety of home, rubbing his black gloved hands together, gloating with a sadistic whisper, "Heheheheh! Oh, yessss..." At the battlefield, Red Ranger leaps into the sea of Cyclobots. He slices down a single Robodrone with the Quantum Defender in Blade Mode, then spins around and slashes into the chest of another racing past him. Wes tosses a high kick at another Cyclo, as the camera pans back to reveal not just one grouping of Cyclobots surrounding him, but at least a hundred or more. Facetiously, you could say this is the Million Cyclobot March! Cause they're all marching in place, and there's a whole lot of them. Anyway, Red Ranger stands in but a tiny circle amid the countless crowd of Cyclobots, with no way out but to fight, and no chance of beating them all himself.

Concurrently, in the year 3000, his four teammates race toward the hangar where the Time Force Megazord is being held. Not in components, but rather in its combined configuration known as Jet Mode! Each of the four are wearing their white & black Time Force uniform jumpsuits, of course. Trip's backpack seems far more bulkier than usual, due to either carrying Circuit within, OR carrying the 2001-attire for him and the rest of the team. As they dash toward the Megazord (with Jen leading the way), an access chamber on the side of Jet Mode slides open. Soon inside the Megazord's control center, each of the four stand at their usual Ranger-colored Sabered control sticked consoles. Strangely, the consoles resemble those in the Shadow Force Megazord than in the standard one, with more of a desktop to work with. Lucas presses a bunch of buttons on his console, rapidly typing up commands. Jen does the same on her's, gripping the control stick, as she proclaims, "Set Time Course for the year 2001!" Time Force Megazord in Jet Mode slowly begins to hover in the hangar, as the female computer voice that usually heralds the launching of the Time Flyers announces, "Coordinates locked. Ready for Time Shift!" Multicolored lights on various computer platforms begin to blink in rapid succession. Jet Mode starts to gleam a bright white light, with blue highlights within. In a shimmering implosion flash, the entire Megazord transverses into the timestream (quite similar to what the Prison Ship did back in episode 1, perhaps using a similar Time Warper device?). Back in 2001, Red Ranger gets bashed in the chest by Cyclobots racing at him from each side. He cries out in pain every time, falling into a roll when hit once again by a Cyclo-Saber. Wes recovers to his feet, but is defenseless when facing a small firing squad of Cyclobots, all aiming their weapons and blasting at him at once. Red Ranger screams in agony, as his morphed body erupts in smoke & sparks. Up in the wiry cockpit of Doomtron, Frax kicks his left foot up in an amused fit, as he excitedly exclaims (in a maniacal, and not mechanical for a change, voice), "This is too EASY! That silly Ranger has NO chance against the POWER of Ransik's robots!" Footage of the trio of skyscrapers being sucked up into the Time Hole, as seen many times previously, is shown once again.

[Opening Credits]

Doomtron keeps standing there in the smoke trail. On the bright streets, Red Ranger uses a Chrono-Saber & Quantum Defender in Blade Mode together to slash into surrounding Cyclobots. I'd say this combo is due to his losing one Saber in the Clock Tower explosion, but we've seen him use both in recent footage. Whatever the case, no longer is Wes facing just gold-suited Cyclos, there's some silver-suited ones around now. Plus, that giant flood of Robodrones has dwindled considerably to just a dozen or so. Either Wes has been making GREAT progress, the others got bored and left, or most of them were just holograms meant to freak our hero out. So, Red Ranger cuts down a Cyclobot with his Chrono-Saber, spins around while blocking a Cyclo-Saber with both swords, then using both blades to slice into a third Cyclobot's chest. Wes finishes this round off by swatting another attack away, before saber-slashing into a Robodrone, causing it to spark and flip over as he more or less poses in the smoke & debris. Up in Doomtron's cockpit, Frax orders his armies, "Finish him off NOW!!" The small Cyclobot firing squad stands together, each lifting their Cyclo-Sabers up like rifles. They slowly lower the weapons, pointing the tips of the blades like barrels at the lone Ranger, before turning the Sabers on their sides to properly aim. Suddenly, a loud rapid crashing sound, accompanied by a flash of light in the sky, causes both the firing squad Cyclobots and Doomtron itself to turn their attention upward and over. The noise & light gives way to a large Time Vortex, namely one of those rainbow-colored rimmed portals, forming swiftly in the sky at a vertical angle. Out from the black eye at the center of the multicolored vortex, swoops the Time Force Megazord in Jet Mode! Red Ranger looks up and points, while gasping in astonishment, "What...?!" Jet Mode literally jets along through the clouds at an urgent speed. In the control room, all four of the Time Force Rangers aboard have morphed offscreen. Pink Ranger commands, "Cyclone Defense!" The Jet Mode Megazord begins to fly in a tight circle, creating a sudden tornado of violent wind and dust. Realizing that the cyclone is being lead his way, Frax shouts in protest, "NOOOO!" He's unable to stop it, as Jet Mode guides the tornado into Doomtron, wrapping the spinning tunnel of air around the giant robot. Doomtron is sucked up into it, and sent hurtling skyward, being catapulted a great distance away by the massive Megazord-induced cyclone.

In the middle of the road, surrounded by a platoon of Cyclobots, Red Ranger stands with arms and legs spread in a defensive position, Chrono-Saber in his right hand and the Q-Defender Blade in his left. He turns his helmeted head and witnesses a sight he had hoped he'd never see again, yet desperately longed for, causing him to gasp, "No WAY!" Through the flurrying heat from the burning rubble, what appears to be pink, green, yellow, and blue people race briskly along toward his location. Indeed, as the heat and smoke passes, the four Time Force Rangers from the year 3000 have arrived on the scene. Blue Ranger leaps into the air, doing a full body spin with a hiyaah, and twirling his feet into a kick, which knocks a Cyclobot down. The sea of gold-suited Cyclobots are back from their vacation, as they march in place and basically chew scenery as the four Rangers begin working on cells of them. Pink Ranger blocks, chops, and kicks some over in her circle; Green Ranger kicks and slices some down with double-bladed Chrono-Sabers in his circle; Blue Ranger smacks some around in his; and Yellow Ranger beats the sparkings out of some Cyclobots in her zone. There's poking, and slicing, and bopping, and smacking, and punching, and kicking, and sparking, and flipping. The fully rested four make up for the slack of their weary Time Force teammate in no time flat. Not that Wes is out of the game by any means! The Cyclobot firing squad is back in action, with the group aiming their Cyclo-Sabers again at him. Red Ranger simply launches himself into the air, jumping as high as his morphed legs can take him. The Cyclobots open fire, sending a shower of pink bolts of energy streaming his way. Wes gives a battle cry, as he rises waaaaay up in the air, a HUGE explosion bursts behind him. The fireball seems to merely add to his leaping height. Not just going up, but over, Red Ranger glides down toward the Robodrones firing upon him. Skimming past the oncoming bolts, Wes lands between two of them, allowing him to easily slash into the two Cyclos with each of his swords at the same time. One falls quickly, but Red Ranger has to slice into the other a few more times to take it down, as the rest of the Cyclos continue firing past him. Down the street, Pink Ranger takes on a Cyclobot atop an abandoned red car. She drops down on the roof, kicking the bot's feet out from under it, making the Cyclobot slam hard against the vehicle's trunk. Jen gets back up, lets out some menacing noises, and does a backflip over the hood, avoiding two Cyclos attacking her legs. One tries to grab her, she kicks him away, before bodyflipping off the hood. Pink Ranger lands on the cement, and immediately throws a high kick into a nearby Cyclobot, causing it to spark and surge with blue electricity, as it falls over in a broken heap.

Not far away, Green Ranger snags a Cyclobot's extended arm, kicks another Robodrone in front of him, then kicks the Cyclo whose arm he's holding in the robo-ribs. This allows Trip to launch himself into the air as he releases the falling bot, twirling his body around as he flies into two Cyclobots standing side by side. Green Ranger lands his feet into both of them, knocking the Cyclobots back simultaneously, each surging with blue electricity as they hurl into two large concrete boulder chunks. Upon crashing into the debris, the two Cyclobots explode in a gust of smoke and sparks. Elsewhere, Blue Ranger races up the bottom of an overturned vehicle. The Cyclobot firing squad is behind him, aiming their Cyclo-Sabers in Blaster Modes, and firing instantly. Lucas reaches the peak of the overturned car, and does a complete bodyflip off, just as the flying blasts strike the vehicle. He continues flipping through the air, as more streaks of pink energy spray past him, causing both the overturned car, plus likely a shattered gas main in the background, to burst into a flaming fireball! Blue Ranger's flipping ends when he lands perfectly on his feet, finding himself still surrounded by a group of frantic Cyclobots. One slashes at him, he ducks to the left, blocks another's weaponed hand before punching it, only to get kicked by two more Cyclobots nearly in unison. Lucas grunts exasperatedly, as he staggers back, ending up leaning against the flaming wreckage of the overturned car. A single Cyclobot is atop the overturned vehicle, and tries to slash downward at Lucas. Luckily, Blue Ranger spots this in time, grabs the Cyclobot's arm safely, and flips the Robodrone completely over, where it smashes its golden head into a loose piece of concrete, causing blue electric crackling. Somewhere else, Yellow Ranger takes on two Cyclobots while pinned against an abandoned red VW Beetle. Katie rolls against the back, kicking her legs up to avoid getting slashed into. She leads one of the Cyclos toward the side, where she opens the car's door, blocking the bot's kick. The Cyclobot tries poking at her with its Saber through the open window, which proves to be a big mistake. Yellow Ranger hiyaahs, as she grabs the Cyclo's arm, snaps it around, knees the weapon out of its hand, then releases it. Katie spins around, kicks the door closed, the Cyclobot twirls out of the way, then rolls against the side of the car while trying to punch her. Yellow Ranger redirects its momentum by blocking its arm while bending down and picking the entire Robodrone up above her shoulders! Utilizing her super strength, Katie heaves the gold-suited Cyclobot into the air, causing it to sparkle with blue electricity before it crashes harshly onto the roof of the Beetle.

Finally, the Cyclobot firing squad, made up of quite a few of the Robodrones, ready their Cyclo-Sabers in Blaster form. They're still aiming for Red Ranger, who cries out as he spins around like a cyclone, flies directly up, and when freefalling back down, aims the Quantum Defender (in Blaster mode) at them. The Cyclobots fire continuously at Wes, with a nonstop stream of pink bolts spewing skyward. It takes just one blast from the Quantum Defender, one crimson stream of condensed energy, to hit the tight gathering of many Cyclobots. This causes a nearly blinding flash of yellow light, with at least two blast rings expanding outward from ground zero, as every single one of the Cyclo-soldiers are engulfed in a major explosion. Red Ranger gently lands back in the same spot he rose up from, and a massive fireball lifts high in front of him, clearing out to reveal no a trace of any Cyclobot, operable or deactivated. Wes stands tall as the wind blows smoke past his morphed body, wielding a Chrono-Saber in his right hand, and holding the Quantum Defender up in his left. He exclaims, "YES!", having successfully finished off the last known supply of robotic drones in Ransik's army. After a transitional wipe (meaning a couple of minutes or so pass), Red Ranger heads down the fiery rubble-filled street. His four teammates slowly walk toward him, shoulder to shoulder. Wes commands, "Power down!", causing his body to demorph in a blink of green digital data and gleaming light. He stands there, catching his breath, and anxiously watching the four from the future approach. Yellow, Green, Pink, and Blue Rangers call out, "Power down!", in near unison. Green digital data flashes by, their bodies gleam, and the four demorph without missing a step. Katie, Trip, Jen, and Lucas stare forward with emotionless expressions, marching directly toward the man who tricked them into going home just a day before. When they reach Wes, they all gather in a circle around him. Wes, his face smudged and bruised, seems speechless as he utters with stunned joy, "Guys... you came BACK!" Lucas is first to remark with an amused face, "You didn't think you could get rid of us THAT easily, did you?" Before Wes can reply, Katie, standing behind him, reminds him with almost a glare of utmost attitude, "I thought WE agreed to stick together!" Wes begins to argue, "Yeah, but...", when Jen puts her hand on his shoulder, prompting him to turn back around, as she explains, "Wes... You're NOT the only one who can choose his own destiny. We ALL can." Trip adds, "And we CHOOSE to stay and fight!" Wes looks over at Katie, who smiles and nods. He then glances at Lucas, who nods with a small grin. Wes realizes they're right, and simply throws his hands up in a sort of reluctant shrug. He figures, "Okay.... okay." Wes puts his arm around Trip, who chuckles happily, as Lucas shakes Wes' other hand with a firm grip. Notice, the location of this scene is the same spot where the group had their first battle together. Wes releases Trip, and suggests to all four of them with a lot of hand gesturing, "Alright, listen up. I MAY know how we can save the city..."


Up in the fabled mountains known as the Silver Hills, Doomtron lies on its back, having been knocked offline by the Cyclone Defense. Its body is smoking, and its pilot is equally unconscious. At the Prison Ship, Ransik screams into the communication system of the Holoscreen, "Frax! Get UP! GET IT UUUP!" Inside Doomtron's cockpit, nearly all the lights are out. Frax finally opens his shiny golden eyelids, and alarmed by the sound of his master's voice, yelps, "AHH! Ransik! All systems are DOWN!" Frax immediately sits up and begins pressing every button around him, causing more and more lights to be flicked on. Doomtron remains lying in a crater, its joints squeaking somewhat as Frax struggles slowly to get it back up. Over in the Prison Ship, Ransik, Nadira, and Gluto are still watching the Holoscreen, though the transmission is now of Doomtron's nap. Ransik leans against the marble block table the Holoscreen is on, slamming his fist down (seemingly turning off the Holoscreen), after demanding, "Well, get it WORKing aGAIN!" Momentarily, Ransik storms down the hall. Nadira hurries along behind him, calling out to him, causing Ransik to stop and turn, as his widely smiling daughter suggests, "Daddy? What if we STOPPED fighting? We have MORE than we'll EVER need. We COULD leave right now!" Ransik, "We WON'T leave, until EVery human... is deSTROYED!" Nadira flinches, closing her eyes and frowning with intense sadness. Ransik stomps off, leaving Nadira standing there, once again unable to get through to her father and detour him from his hateful road to ruin. In the main detention hall, Gluto, scared out of his nitwitted wits, snatches a spare silver Chrono-Capsule from off one of the shelves. Oddly, his voice has a metallic echo, like Frax, as he proclaims, "DAT's it! Dis is TOO much fer me! I'm outta here!" Gluto waddles over to the Reanimator control console, presses the "Reduce" button, and quickly gets inside of the Chrono-Freezing booth. The curved door slides shut around him, as the cold mist flows over his body. Gluto, clutching the opened canister, accepts the fate that awaited him way back in the first episode, as he remarks cowardly, "It's da deep freeze fer me, until dis blows ova! Eheh!" Flashing fills the room, the cold mist begins to pour, and the yellow light above the booth switches over to green. The door to Reanimator slides back open on its own, revealing the tiny Gluto to be firmly sealed inside of the single Chrono-Tube. The silver canister lies on its side, the glass lid completely shut, and the gold-chained turquoise bullfrog-whale mutant named Gluto shrunk and Chrono-Frozen within.

Over in the mountains, Doomtron fidgets slightly, but is still on its back. Inside the cockpit located in Doomtron's brain, Frax frustratedly smacks the computer consoles, while commanding annoyedly, "I ORDER you to get up! We MUST carry out our mission. Ransik MUST win! GET UUUUUP!" He jiggles knobs, hits buttons, yanks on wires, and flips dials, unable to get his supposed 'greatest creation' up and running again. Apparently, even in the utopian future, computers created by megalomaniacs have a bad habit of crashing when you need them most. Meanwhile, in the city, Trip takes the Quantum Defender, and begins to press the buttons on the side in a random motion. The Quantasaurus Rex stands somewhere nearby, howling mightily, with what looks to be two smoking holes in its chest. Trip narrates over this footage, saying to Wes, "You've only got ONE chance. You've gotta fire a concentrated beam RIGHT at the Q-Rex." A computer read-out pinpoints the Trizirium within Q-Rex, apparently somewhere in its chest. Don't ask why this read-out has the words "DV: Defender. GUN Custom" on it, or why we see the Trizirium switching from yellow to blue before what was suggested happens. Maybe Trip's psychically channeling things ahead of time for us. Whatever the case, Trip ceases pressing buttons, snaps the Quantum Defender's handle down, causing it to beep a few times. The five Time Force Officers are hanging out around an abandoned (and quite average) white van, with Trip sitting in the open side door, and Wes standing with one leg inside the vehicle. Trip hands the Quantum Defender to Wes, explaining, "Okay. I adjusted the laser. It SHOULD have enough power to neutralize the crystal." Wes takes the weapon, glances at Trip & Lucas, then raises the Blaster up in his right hand, staring at it closely beside his swollen & bruised face. Just then, the giant fork-toed golden feet of Doomtron stomp their way through the burning rubbled streets of Silver Hills. Wes sharply turns his head when he hears the loud movement of the robot's feet. He urges his teammates on, "C'mon, let's GO!" The four follow him out into the street without hesitation. The five Time Force Officers stand in the middle of the road, staring upward, witnessing Doomtron's dreaded return to the city. Wes shifts his right arm around to show off the back of his Chrono-Morpher on the wrist, still gripping the Quantum Defender, as he asks valiantly, "Ready?!" Jen jerks her left arm up, Lucas does the same, as does Trip, and as does Katie, each expressing calm seriousness as they hold up their Chrono-Morphers. All five activate in perfect harmony, "Time FOR... Time Force!" They press their Chrono-Morphers at the same time, causing their bodies to gleam white with a hint of the full spectrum, as a red digital data tunnel fills the background briefly. In but a flash, the Time Force Power Rangers are fully morphed, standing united for possibly the final time.

The five TF Rangers continue looking upward. Pink Ranger steps out of the v-shaped alignment, to ask Red Ranger directly with concern, "Alright, Wes. You ready?" He puts his left hand on her shoulder, and confirms enthusiastically, "You bet!" Red Ranger, still holding the Quantum Defender in his right hand, lifts up his left wrist, and commands into the Quantum Morpher on his wrist, "Q-Rex, aRISE!" The Quantasaurus Rex gets an energized wake-up call, as its red, silver, and black metal dinosaur body surges with a yellow explosive blast of power, causing it to growl aloud. Pink Ranger presses her Chrono-Morpher, summoning into it, "Time Force Megazord... Jet Mode!" She then leaps high, as Jet Mode swoops in across the sky. All four Rangers from the year 3000 board into the control room again, with Jen leading as she should, by gripping her Saber-control stick and calling on, "Alright! Megazord, Mode Red!" Before you know it, Jet Mode has shifted around and transformed into Time Force Megazord in Mode Red. While this happens, Q-Rex throws a fit, snapping its body around and still sporting the smoking wounds on its chest as it howls in agony. Down on the street, Red Ranger whips the Quantum Defender out of a holster on his belt, aims it into the air, and remarks, "Let's hope this WORKS." Wes fires the weapon at the Q-Rex, striking an endless streaming beam of scarlet energy into the savage Zord. Quantasaurus growls even louder, as the laser continues being fired into him, causing his body to crackle with blue electricity, until it glows entirely red from the heat. Speaking of red, TF Megazord Mode Red takes on Doomtron at last. The two giant robots lock arms and shoulders, before Doomtron breaks free with a smack, quickly jabbing its crescent-clawed hand into Mode Red's green-gemmed chest with a spark. In the cockpit, Frax screams with pure insanity and reprogrammed rage, "Your Megazords are NO match, for the power of the DoomTRON!!!" In Mode Red's control room, the Rangers grip their control stick-sabers tightly. Green Ranger laments, "He's TOO strong. We can't hold on!" Pink Ranger encourages, "We HAVE to. Wes needs more time, and WE'VE got to GIVE it to him!" The combined energies of the Triziriums being in action yet again, creates another massive and destructive Time Hole, which forms over the skyline of the city. Red Ranger gives Q-Rex a moment's break, before firing up the Quantum Defender again. Quantasaurus Rex, still glowing crimson, can't help but howl and twitch & writhe as the laser beam is focused upon its chest. Wes shifts his boots around, holding his Q-Defender wielding arm higher, as he seems to promise the agonized Zord, "We're ALMOST there!" Q-Rex continues howling, surging, sparkling, and glowing, the ray of energy never letting up. The bruise-colored Time Hole starts sucking up another loose building, taking piles of debris up with it. Red Ranger grips the Quantum Defender with both hands, begging, "Come onnnn!"

The footage we saw earlier, with the display read-out focusing on Q-Rex's chest with the flashing pinpointer, replays. Inside Quantasaurus Rex's body, the Trizirium which powers him, lies inside a small silver capsule, with a silver triangle Time Force emblem above it. The concentrated Quantum Defender laser has caused the yellow star-shaped Trizirium to become fused with an abundance of energy. Blue electricity crackles around it, until the yellow Trizirium suddenly shifts into a blue-colored, diamond shaped Trizirium crystal (apparently of a different energy-base). Q-Rex's upper torso drops back down into his usual hunched-cover stance, before giving a snarl of renewed vigor. Red Ranger exclaims, "That DID it! All RIGHT!" He leaps atop Quantasaurus Rex's head, passing a smoking gash in the poor creature's jaw. Once on the Zord's forehead, Wes informs his teammates through his Chrono-Morpher on his right wrist, "Guys! I got the Q-Rex BACK with us!" Across the city (or down the street), Time Force Megazord in Mode Red has smoke pouring off its body, but manages to turn away from Doomtron long enough to glance in Wes' direction. In the control room, Pink Ranger commends him, "Way to go, Wes!" In Doomtron's cockpit, Frax boasts viciously, "ONE Megazord or TEN, I'LL destroy them ALL!" Red Ranger bawls his left fist, while responding, "I wouldn't BET on it, Frax!" He crosses his arms, and commands into the Quantum Morpher, "Q-Rex! Full power to lasers!" Wes cries, "FI-RE!", as he aims the Quantum Defender off at Doomtron, while standing atop Quantasaurus Rex's scorched & battle-damaged head. The tiny beam of crimson energy streaks off, only to be followed and enhanced by massive power-bolts from both of the twin shoulder cannons on Q-Rex's back! The intense rays of pulsating laserblasts flood directly into Doomtron, filling the giant golden robot with so much power that its entire body begins to gleam with a gold radiance. In the cockpit, Frax's facial features pop open, as he screams in protest, "YAAAH! Noooooooo...!" The camera focuses on his chest, then shifts inside, showing the yellow Trizirium Crystal apparently within him, which powers Doomtron. The crystallized fuel source shatters into mere sparks from the overwhelming power being pumped into the robot's hull. Outside, the surging Doomtron increases in illumination, until it finally explodes outward. The blast is so massive and intense, the contrast of the series of bursting fireballs is a bright yellow. The bigger the giant evil robots are, the harder they go kablooey. In the party cloudy skies above Silver Hills, one of the wide black & blue Time Holes fades from this era, swirling out of existence without any harm. This signals an end to the Temporal Maelstrom, as the Rangers in the Time Force Megazord Mode Red's control room glance around at the sky in awe. Yellow Ranger points out, "Look! The vortexes are all closing!" The sun shines down on the city brightly, with not a single Time Hole to be found. Red Ranger bathes in restored daylight, exclaiming with joy, "We DID it! Hehaha!" In the control room, Green Ranger hops around, squealing, "YES! That was so COOL!" The other three Rangers express equal relief & happiness both verbally and physically. Wes commends the Quantasaurus Rex, while still atop his snout, "Ye-ah! GOOD job, Q-Rex!" Despite being his final appearance, Q-Rex exercises his right to remain silent.

On the streets of Silver Hills, a relatively small amount of wreckage from Doomtron is scattered about, since most of it went up with the supercharged explosion. In one smoking pile, Frax has managed to survive without any apparent external injuries, though fatal ones are occurring inside his cyborg body. He lies in a burning metal & cement chunk crater, legs, arms, and head twitching about, trying in vain to move, much like Doomtron had done earlier. Frax's entire structure surges with random jolts of golden electricity, representative of the damages within. At one point, his body flashes, showing us a blue-glowing X-Ray of Doctor Louis Ferick's skeleton (left hand & left foot missing, and his neck replaced with an extension slab), as it appears beneath all the wiring and metal. Walking in through the battlefield, Ransik & Nadira approach Frax's crippled form, with one expressing compassion and the other expressing contempt. Ransik gives Frax's gold-jolting body a kick in the leg, as he grumbles, "WORTHless robot!" He motions to the fiery & smokey debris nearby, complaining furiously, "LOOK what you've done to my Doomtron!" Frax is able to respond only by popping open his facial features one last time, making his red-light eyes snap out and his jaw lock down. He lets out what can only be described as a death rattle, as his left claw-hand drops to the cement lifelessly, and his head begins to fall apart. Frax's face wiring starts to smoke, while golden metal pieces start breaking off: first what could be called his nose, then his chin, then his curved Crow T. Robot-like scalp. Having been slightly sitting up, Frax gently falls back against the shattered pavement, his right hand resting on his stomach. The sound of metal breaking slowly fades, as the last signs of life fade away upon the golden electricity's ceasing. Frax goes offline permanently, following a brief shimmer of faint gold over his body. Nadira immediately falls onto his cold cast-iron corpse, grasping at him in tears, sobbingly crying out Frax's name around three times.

Ransik is at first confused by her attitude, but quickly becomes angry again as he grabs her right arm and forcibly pulls her up to face him. She shamefully looks at her father, as he keeps a tight grip on her arm and scoffs with fuming disgust, "Don't tell me you're crying over this riDICulous robot!" Nadira is mortified, and can only wonder in outrage, "Daddy, he was once HUMAN!! How can you be so CRUEL?!" Ransik remarks with pure spite, "Humans desPISE me. I have NOTHING, but HATE, for all humans!" He releases her arm with a violent jerk, and clenches his fist. Nadira argues desperately, "Someone has to STOP the hatred!!" Not wanting to hear her reasoning, Ransik growls in anger as he gives his frowning daughter a forcible shove, while demanding, "STOP your BABBLING!" Nadira squeals as she spins and falls flat on her hands & knees, instantly bursting into tears, more from daddy abusing her feelings than from the drop. Ransik doesn't even acknowledge her sobbing, turning a blind eye to her plight as he marches off to continue his one-mutant war. Nadira lies there, crying, sobbing, gasping, bawling, and just plain moping. She's just seen how the circle of hate ended for Frax, and likely worries the same for her beloved father, who appears too far gone to save now. Nadira's whimpering is suddenly overshadowed by the sound of a small baby's own mourning wail. The pink haired mutant villainess slowly turns her face in the direction of the child, and rapidly blinks away the tears flooding out of her eyes. Nadira notices a baby carriage left unattended beside an equally abandoned vehicle. Rows of civilians are passing around the carriage, all in a near daze as they wander around, thinking it safe to return to the city after Doomtron's destruction. The poor forgotten infant, a blue eyed, blonde haired little boy, cries deeply, his face beet red, as he reaches out for his parents, with no one answering the call. Nadira slowly recovers from her stumble and makes her way past the weary civilians, reaching the navy blue carriage and gasping aloud. She scoops the child up, blanket and all, and cradles him tightly. The baby continues to cry, though not as much, as Nadira rocks him gently, calmly cooing, "Ohh. It's okay! We'll find your mommy! We will..." She glances around, not seeing any sign of a mother nor father, injured or otherwise. Worriedly, she takes the baby with her as she heads off in a specific direction, hugging his head while promising, "It's okay."


Ransik strolls down the flaming debris-filled street, inspecting the carnage firsthand. The sound of engines approaching at a fast speed gains his attention, as he looks off into the distance, and sees the five Time Force Power Rangers riding his way on their Vector Cycles! They pull up to Ransik's location as far as the rubble will let them, before dismounting their bikes in park mode. The Rangers regroup in front of the Vector Cycles, with Red Ranger urging the mutant mastermind, "You might as well GIVE up!" Yellow Ranger proclaims, "WE'RE Time Force!" Pink Ranger holds up her right arm, with her Time Force Badge palmed up, facing Ransik. It surges with pink electricity, as Jen announces, "And you're under arrest, Ransik! You've got NO one left to fight for you." Without hesitating, Ransik reaches over his shoulder, and unsheathes one of his bone-handled swords from out of his spinal column, letting out a bloodcurtling yelp. He aims the shiny blade at the five Rangers, and boasts malevolently, "I don't NEED anyone! I'LL destroy you mySELF!" The Time Force Rangers whip out their Chrono-Sabers, two for each of them (except Wes, who uses the Quantum Defender in Blade Mode to make up for the Saber he lost in the Clock Tower), one in each hand. Our heroes let out a simultaneous hiyaahing battle cry, before all race out together in unison, their cries trailing as they hold their Sabers outward. Ransik just stands in one spot, glaring at the charging group of Power Rangers. He lowers his Bonesword, crosses his left hand over to his right shoulder, powers up the fully leather-bound arm, and howls as he aims his left hand at the approaching heroes. With first a flash of yellow, then a bursting streak of blue & purple power, Ransik hand-beam blasts at the Rangers, firing off several intense rays of energy past them. A huge orange & yellow fireball erupt skyward mere feet behind the five, not a one of them flinching in the face of danger. Within the vicinity, Nadira overhears the sounds of battle. She gasps in fright, clutching the bundled-up baby tight to her white-leather bosom. She races across the dirt lot, seeking refuge in an abandoned factory on the edge of the city. Ransik fires off two more hand-beam blasts, each striking behind the Rangers, creating massive fireballs a safe distance away from them.

With this explosive assault having no result, Ransik readies his Bonesword with a snarl, and leaps mightily into the air. Pink Ranger is the first to encounter him, as she launches into a jump, attempting to meet him in flying combat a few feet above the street. The two longtime enemies swoop toward one another, with Jen's twin Chrono-Sabers each surging with pink energy and Ransik, no longer holding back (since mutating painfully from the Venomark bite isn't a big issue anymore), charges up his Bonesword's blade with a deep yellow current of power. As the two adversaries reach a zenith in their diagonally upward leaping advances, Ransik is able to make the successful strike, slashing his yellow gleaming Bonesword through Pink Ranger's morphed body. Despite having the two Chrono-Sabers charged up and ready, Jen fails to defend herself, nor attack back. Thus, upon being cut into in midair, the pink energy in the swords is redirected into her body, which bursts brightly with pink-energy sparks. Ransik continues ascending, as Pink Ranger's body goes limp, crashing harshly against the top of another abandoned white van. When she slams against the roof, Jen drops one of the Sabers, and upon impact, a large ring of pink & purple energy ripples off her body. Pink Ranger rolls off the van with an agonize grunt, her other Saber vanishing in a blink of pink. Jen just lies on the cement, her morphed body warping painfully from Ransik's first blow (considering he hasn't been in battle in a while, you've got to expect his first strike would be one stored up for quite a while, and thus be considerably intense). The Pink Time Force Power Ranger rolls over onto her stomach, groaning in agony, as her dwindling morphing energy flares outward in rapid radiation. Jen's Chrono-Morpher gleams with a bright light, causing the sea of green digital data to surround her transforming body, demorphing her instantly. A sign of just how bad Ransik's one supercharged slash into her was on her Rangerfied form, Jen's Time Force Uniform jumpsuit is covered in soot, with a massive tear down her right leg. Her face is also all smudged up, and her ponytailed hair is a mess. Jen's eyes are clamped shut, her teeth clenching, as she grunts in pain, before finally collapsing completely on the pavement.

Ransik descends toward the other four Time Force Rangers, smacking his Bonesword against Green Ranger's Chrono-Saber while landing. This causes an energized blast, which sends Trip reeling to the side. Ransik twirls onto his feet, facing both Red & Blue Rangers at once the moment he's firmly on the ground again. He ducks under a double-blade swipe by Lucas, then blocks both of Wes' Sabers at once with the Bonesword, causing another aqua-blue energized flash of power. Pushing Red Ranger away for a second, Ransik then kicks Green Ranger's hand when Trip tries to slash his Chrono-Saber at him. Ransik swiftly slides his Bonesword underneath his right armpit, sticking the blade out of the back to perfectly block another swipe by Blue Ranger! Red Ranger tosses a high kick, which Ransik deflects simply by snapping his long black cape around Wes' leg. When the Red Ranger lowers his leg, the mutant mastermind ceases the cloak-whipping, and kicks his boot directly into Wes' chest! His body flashes with that aqua-blue light, right before he's sent flying backwards through the air, eventually slamming into an abandoned car. Red Ranger hits the vehicle, causing an erupt of sparks, and creating a large ring of purple & pink energy rippling outward from the impact point. Wes grunts windedly, as he drops to the ground limply, barely maintaining his morphed status. Elsewhere, Nadira explores the run-down factory, finding random pockets of flames scattered throughout the dirty old work shop. The baby, cradled tightly in her arms and wrapped completely in the blanket, sobs softly. Nadira frantically searches for a safe place to hide, gently rubbing the infant's head in an effort to calm him. She decides to crouch down behind some large, rusty metal machinery, where she whisperingly vows to the crying child, "Don't worry! We'll FIND her." I'm getting the strange feeling this baby was meant to be the one she helped deliver a few days ago, and the missing mother may have fallen victim to Doomtron's attacks. We'll never know!

Back at the battlefield, Ransik tears his Bonesword downward, knocking the double-bladed Chrono-Sabers out of Blue Ranger's hands, in an aqua-blue energy flash. Lucas staggers a bit, only to have Ransik Bonesword-slash across his stomach, causing another of those aqua-blue flashes of energy, accompanied by a burst of sparks. If that wasn't bad enough for Blue Ranger, Ransik quickly grabs him, and flings him mightily into the air. Lucas cries out, as he uncontrollably flies up into the sky, coming to a crashing halt when his body meets a strongly structured walkway overpass. Blue Ranger actually cracks the cement in the side of the overpass when he hits it. Unable to get a grip on the railing, Lucas plummets several feet, wearily unable to safely break his fall. He drops like a brick onto an abandoned car (like there's any other in this city?), causing the whole vehicle to explode with sparks coming out of every window when he slams onto the front windshield and hood. A faint ring of colored energy spreads out from the impact, but it's mostly overshadowed by the fire and smoke around it. Blue Ranger rolls off the hood, and writhing on the cement, his morphed body begins to distort considerably from the stress, as happened with Pink Ranger. Lucas can do nothing but roll onto his back, and let his injuries overwhelm the protective bodysuit. The Blue Time Force Power Ranger's morphed form continues warping, until his Chrono-Morpher flashes, and green digital data surround his glowing body. Lucas grasps his chest, eyes tightly shut and jaw clamped, grunting in terrible agony. His formally clean white & black TF Uniform is now quite dirty, as is his smudged-up face. Thankfully, his spikey black hair remains smooth as always!

Leaping onto the top of an abandoned vehicle, Yellow Ranger whips out her V-4 cannon, proclaiming bravely, "MY turn. V-Weapon, FIRE!" Katie crouches and aims V-4 at Ransik, shooting off a bolt of yellow concentrated laser energy. Ransik is lifting his leg to kick Green Ranger at the moment, and thus, the bolt of V-Weapon power skims right beneath the mutant, and hits poor Trip! He's thrown back (okay, so the bolt might have missed, and we're just seeing Green Ranger falling from Ransik's kick), allowing Ransik to turn and gingerly lunge toward an abandoned white van, gliding through the air like a breeze with his legs kicking about. Yellow Ranger fires off another yellow bolt of energy, which again misses the mutant mastermind, instead blasting into the pavement. Ransik hops up against the van, and launches himself over to the car Katie's on. She fires her V-Weapon at him again, but his being airborne screws up the nearly pointblank shot, with the bolt striking the van with a burst of sparks. Before Yellow Ranger can fire again, Ransik lands beside her on the car's roof, and kicks V-3 out of her hands! He slashes his Bonesword at her head, but she swiftly ducks. Katie rises back up and engaged him in a brief fist-brawl, which he wins only by grabbing her arms, spreading them for just a moment, and then double punching her in the breast. As Katie's winded, Ransik jumps up, and plants a majorly strong kick into her chest. The impact causes a flash of aqua-blue, of course, though while she's hurtling through the air, those rings of purple & pink energy ripples outward, with a bright yellow center. By the time the Yellow Ranger hits the debris-covered ground, her body has already begun warping violently. Katie drops with a grunt and thud, writhing around as the morphed-bodily distortion continues. Within moments, the Yellow Time Force Power Ranger demorphs, with the usual flash from the Chrono-Morpher and the green digital data field zapping. Katie can only cry out in pain as she lies on the pavement, her TF Uniform all messy and her body all achy.

Inspired by her strategy, Green Ranger has his V-3 cannon in hand at the smoke-filled scene, calling out to his fallen teammate, "Katie, hold on! _I_ got him!" Ransik, still atop the car, turns and growls at Trip. Green Ranger aims without hesitating, and cries, "FIRE!", while shooting off a huge sphere of streaking green energy from the twin barrels of his V-Weapon. It rips through the air, crashing into the abandoned car, and causing quite a large explosion. Ransik avoids being caught up in it, by doing a full twirling leaping off the roof before the laser bolt could hit the vehicle. Upon landing, Ransik spins around, cape whipping back, and bending down before extending his left hand outward. He gives a bloodthirsty howl, as a gold & purple surging zap of energy is fired at the Green Ranger. This focused handbeam-blast bombards the entire area around Trip, causing numerous erupting fountains of fireballs and sparks, pummeling him from all sides in a fury. Green Ranger cries out, as the explosions catapult him exhausted body high into the air. His form actually is surging with the same colored energy that Ransik threw at him. As Trip flops around through the sparkling smoke, a stray jolt of electricity spews skyward, shocking him into a loose flip. Green Ranger finishes this trip through the unfriendly skies when he crashes into the trunk of a tree! This causes his body to flash, and immediately begin to warp & distort with ferocity, as he plops onto the cement. The Green Time Force Power Ranger finally demorphs in the usual flash of green digital data, though once he's normal, Trip's Chrono-Morpher actually crackles with a few wild jolts of energy. This only fuels his already pained moans, as he lies on his back, with green hair a soot-covered mop, his Time Force Uniform all smudged up, and his backpack smooshed.

Ransik stands back up, rising tall, as his face smiles wide with a sadistic grin. He snickers sinisterly, the laugh of a mutant monarch rampagingly laying waste to all opposition. Ransik points his Bonesword at the recently downed Trip, while marching past Jen, who remains lying on her stomach, watching weary and helpless from the sidelines. He laughs wickedly, crossing through some burning debris, including a destroyed lawn mower! Without warning, two successive bolts of red energy suddenly scatter past his feet, causing a sparky blast around him the moment they land. Ransik stops in his tracks and shields the bare side of his face with his weapon-wielding arm. When the smoke clears, he turns to see his assailant, the Red Ranger, zooming in his direction on a Vector Cycle! Wes swerves the Red Vector Cycle around some rubble, and speeds Ransik's way at full throttle. He demands, "Hold it RIGHT there!" Ransik simply lifts his left hand, and shoots off another gold, purple, and blue electric beam-blast from his palm. Several streaks of energy are littered all over the roadway, the first two missing the approaching Cycle, causing erupting fireballs in the background, but also managing to create rings which ripple over the pavement. This messes up the Vector Cycle's traction, and makes the bike begin to swerve sharply to the left. Red Ranger hangs onto his bike tightly, as a few more handbeam-blasts are unleashed, at least two striking the Cycle. It skids against the cement, surging with purple electricity from the golden bolts that ripped into its motors. Red Ranger gets a road rash as he's scraped along the road, finally letting go of his heavily damaged bike. The Red Vector Cycle keeps on truckin', but eventually skids to a stop on its own, the front windshield cracked in two, the sides torn up & sparking. Having painfully grinded to a halt with his morphed back, Red Ranger moans in agony, but wastes no time in recovering from the accident. He gets back on his feet, rubs his bruised arms for but a moment, before exclaiming, "That's IT. YOUR time is UP!!" Red Ranger's palm begins to glow as he balls his fist, pulls it back and down as he turns and crouches to the side. His right fist then begins to ignite with a raging flame, as Wes pumps into the air, and summons, "Red BATTLE Warrior! Hyah!"

The Battle Fire Armor transformation sequence plays, in all its fiery bordered glory. The Red Time Force Power Ranger emerges from it wearing the magical gold, red, and white armor, wielding the broad gold techno-mystic saber in hand. Wes engaged Ransik in direct swordplay, the two men facing off nearly face to face. Red Battle Warrior strikes first, letting out a battle cry as he swipes his saber at Ransik, who blocks the blade with his own Bonesword. They both struggle, blades locked together, gold & aqua-blue energy crackling off the pressure point between swords. Ransik growls hoarsely, as his Bonesword, much smaller in blade-width than the Battle Fire Saber, slips out of the lock when Wes shifts his weapon to the side. The moment Red Ranger pulls his blade away, he's able to keep Ransik's Bonesword out of the way by holding back the mutant's arm for just a second. This allows Wes to quickly slash the Battle Fire Saber into his metal chest plate! This causes a sharp sparking flash when the edge of the sword cuts across the metal, and as we see in later shots, leaves a thick gash in the silver right breast. Ransik sharply leans back from the attack, but keeps his focus on the Red Ranger. When the Red Battle Warrior pulls back his Battle Fire Saber, howling aloud while preparing to slice into the mutant mastermind, Ransik desperately grabs Wes' left armored shoulder. This throws Wes off-balance, so much that he's easily pulled down to the ground by Ransik. Which wouldn't be so bad, had the Ranger not apparently been charging his Battle Fire Saber up for some kind of supercharged blow! Red Battle Warrior & Ransik collapse together in the already severely destroyed section of the street, with Wes crying out in protest, just before they both are caught in a massive explosion. It starts out with a flash of reddish light, likely originating from the Battle Fire Saber hitting the ground beneath them. This expands to a blinding giant fireball, which makes Jen, Trip, Lucas, and Katie, all watching from different areas on the sidelines, cover their eyes. As the fireball grows and fades into smoke, ground zero of the blast erupts with another crimson burst, sending off around two different blastwave rings of spent energy. The four Time Force Officers from the future uncover their faces, and with mourning eyes, look toward the explosion. Utilizing a four-square split screen, Lucas, Jen, Katie, and Trip scream aloud in perfect unison with dreaded concern, "WES!!"

The smoke begins to quickly clear, revealing the epicenter of the explosion to be filled with scant few random fires. There's a loud yet low rumble, as the ground shakes briefly, an aftershock of this intense showdown. The Red Battle Warrior has indeed survived thanks to his armor, though lying on his stomach and barely moving. His armored body starts to crackle with violent electric jolts, before flashing with red energy. A little mistake occurs, when his left wrist (which features a spot on the armor for the Chrono-Morpher) gleams a golden light, signaling the sea of red digital data. This causes not only the Battle Fire Armor to deactivate, but for the Red Time Force Power Ranger to demorph at the same time. Why was that a mistake? Because when demorphed, the Quantum Morpher is still on his left wrist, and the Chrono-Morpher is over on his right! Oops. Anyway, Wes lies there writhing, his eyes completely shut, and his red overshirt even dirtier than earlier, not to mention ripped beyond repair (his right sleeve is mostly missing). Over next to the abandoned white van, Jen struggles back to her feet slowly, but the moment she tries to walk on her right leg (its severe injuries indicated by the fact her TF Uniform pantleg is nothing but shreds), she gasps in pain, and falls hard against the vehicle, before collapsing on the ground again. Wes has his eyes open, wide with shock, and nearly crossed from stress. He clutches his chest, grimacing, finding the white tank top beneath his tattered red overshirt to be burnt and ripped. Wes focuses on nothing but his own wounds, failing to notice as Ransik steps over to him, apparently still standing despite being engulfed in the recent blaze. Jen breathes rapidly, and slowly lifts her head to look at him. Ransik isn't about to finish Wes off, but instead stands there, his black leather cape shredded some, his left silver shoulder-spikes completely missing, and a gash in his right breast of the metal chest plate. Speaking of metal plate and missing, the metal faceplate that usually covers the left side of his face is absent, having been torn off in battle! Ransik, surrounded by smoke, lets loose a long and quite primal scream, as his mutated and disfigured face is revealed to the light of day for the first time in many years. The gross, melted, pizza-like oozing flesh, with his left eye dangling out of the proper spot, not to mention a subtle trail of green blood dripping along the edge. Ransik's scream goes something like this, "Yeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!"

Disgusted by this sight, by even more determined to bring him to justice, Jen crawls on her wounded belly, turning her agonized expression into one of furious stubbornness. She pushes herself up, and struggles back onto her feet, making sure to keep her weight shifted off her injured right leg. Ransik, totally exhausted, staggers slowly while turning to her, ignoring her four teammates all still on the ground around them. Jen stares him down, while grunting and clutching her bruised and bloody body. Ransik, his voice even more raspy from fatigue, grasps his stomach, and remarks to her, "I've waited for THIS... for a long... LONG time." Jen wobbily stands before him, rubbing her left elbow, as she proclaims with ever last ounce of her strength, "MY mission... is to BRING you BACK. And _I_ PROMISE YOU, I'm GOING to DO IT!!!" Ransik glares at her with his only expression-muscled eye, before commenting raspily, "DON'T... make promises you CAN'T keep." Jen breathes heavily, as she glances down to her left, spotting Trip lying on the cement. The green-haired Xybrian attempts to push himself up, only to have his arms give out. She looks to the left of him, and notices Lucas, who tries to rush to her aid, reaching out to Jen as he collapses onto the pavement harshly again. Jen's vision shifts over to her right, where she witnesses Katie, moaningly nursing a seemingly badly injured left arm, which prevents her from even trying to get up. Finally, Jen's eyes land upon Wes, who is partially sitting up and looking back at her. This lasts but a moment, before his tired arms give out again, and he falls flat on his face again, giving a winded grunt. Realizing she's all that's left standing against Ransik, Jen shakes off her weariness, and urges to the weakly-sighing mutant mastermind with a suicidal bravado, "COME and GET me!!" She quickly turns and staggers off, pushing her strained legs to their already-tested limits. Ransik howls dangerously, as he staggers along after her, at an equally-weary, but slightly slower pace. Wes reaches out to his love and leader with his exposed left arm, crying, "JENNNNN!!!", as she leads the murderous mutant to a one-on-one final confrontation.

Soon, Jen briskly makes her way through the dirt lot in front of that abandoned factory from earlier, getting good use out of both her legs, despite the wounds. She rests against the rusty doorframe for a second, taking a labored-breather while looking back. Ransik is halfway through the dirt lot, so Jen grunts and presses on, entering the damaged old factory warehouse. She staggers along, nearly tripping over an aluminum pipe chunk. The noise unsettles Nadira, who's still hiding behind one of the dusty machines. She squeals in fear for her and the baby she's cradling, prompting her to stand up and frantically dart her head, searching for a safer spot to hide. Nadira rushes off behind the machinery, taking the now-silent infant with her. Ransik enters the factory, breathing loudly. He rests against the doorframe for a split-second, before making his way into the room. He glances around the place, finding sporadic fires flaming in various spots, amongst pieces of debris. The place is murky and the atmosphere is smokey. He keeps an eye out, no pun intended. Ransik searches for Jen while still in a daze, thus his reflexes are quite sluggish. Suddenly, someone dashes between two barrels in front of him. Ransik spots this out of corner of his good eye, and taken by surprise, he immediately crosses his left hand to his right shoulder, powers it up, and fires off deadly spray of pulsating energy! The purple surging bolt-blast slams into the rusty old machinery, plus igniting whatever toxic substances are within the barrels, causing a quick, but loud & flamey eruption of fireballs. The expanding fires subside, and the person who made the movement a moment ago falls to the ground in a slump, no longer moving whatsoever. Ransik fails to see exactly who it is over the heated flames, but lowers his left hand, and smiles viciously, while whispering a gloat, "Heheheheheh! I KNEW i'd GET you. Hahaha..." His laughter trails off, as he slowly walks closer to the downed body, doubt growing over his face as he approaches the person. In an instant, Jen jumps out from behind him, and aims her Chrono-Blaster at him with both hands gripping the handle & trigger, as she calls out, "Ransik!" He turns around, and only has time to gasp with eyes-widened, before Jen opens fire, striking him in the chest with a perfect blast of pink energy. Ransik sparks as he's flung across the room, hitting the dusty ground hard. Jen keeps her Chrono-Blaster pointed at him, as she limps over to Ransik, preparing to end this one way or another.

Ransik lies on his back, coughing deeply from the unexpected blast. He sits up, and right when he opens his eye, a familiar sobbing catches his attention. Ransik turns and looks to his right, finding Nadira lying on the floor, crying in the same spot she fell after getting accidentally blasted by her father just a minute ago. His own pains fade instantaneously, as Ransik quickly crawls over to his daughter's side, caring only for her life, though it may be too little too late. Jen gradually lowers her Chrono-Blaster, as she stands in the background, watching closely in a daze. Ransik cradles her in his arms, similar to how she's cradling the infant in her's, panickingly stressing, "Nadira! AHH! Ohh. Nadira! Ahh, ohh, what have I DONE?!" He strokes her arm in concern, until Nadira asks in a weak but worried voice, "Is he okay?" Ransik pulls down the yellow blanket, finding the blonde baby boy wide awake, and completely unharmed. He informs his daughter with a relieved tone, "Ahh! Yes, sweetheart.... he's okay," before gently pressing his black gloved hand to her frail white gloved one. Jen continues to watch this scene in almost disbelief, as her four teammates eventually show up. Katie still clutches her left arm, Wes rubs his right shoulder, and Lucas... rounds out the cast. Jen turns and nods to Trip, who reholsters his Chrono-Blaster at her motioning of the situation being at hand. Nadira gazes up at her father with innocent eyes and a confused heart, begging to know between sobs, "HOW, Daddy? How could you HATE something, so beautiful?" She looks down at the baby, who's likely in need of many diaper changes and soon. Ransik, listening to his daughter at last, replies with somber honesty despite his outward villainy, "My heart has... has been filled with hate for so long. And that, nearly cost me the one person... I truly... TRULY love." Nadira, faced smudged up, whimpers softly, "Do you REALLY love me, Daddy?!" Ransik responds by picking up her left hand, pressing the back of it against his goateed lips, and giving it a warm kiss. Nadira moans contentedly, as Ransik nods, and confirms, "More than life itself." She points out in a childlike voice and a nod, "Don't you SEE? Mutants CAN love, too..." The baby begins to fuss, inspiring her to life him up and hand him over to her psychotic father. Ransik takes the baby boy in both his hands, staring at the harmless infant with a growing smile. Nadira points out, "We're NOT so different from humans."

Ransik playfully wiggles his fingers against the baby's face, before reaching down and running his hand tenderly against Nadira's cheek. She closes her eyes, and sighs breathlessly. Ransik looks at the baby, who gibbers droolingly, likely desiring to suckle his dangling left eyeball. His smile slowly fades, as he glances down at his daughter, who nods with gloomy eyes. Ransik nods in return, before sighing deeply with reluctance, quite aware of what he must do now to end Nadira's favorite cause, the Circle Of Hate(tm). He rises up to his feet, and turns to the five worn-down Time Force Officers. They simply lock eyes with him, cautiously awaiting his next move. Wes touches Jen's arm, preparing to defend her should he attack again. Ransik stares with stern indifference at her, before slowly holding the blanketed baby outward, offering him to Katie. She's a bit confused, but takes the kid in her arms, never once taking her bewildered eyes off Ransik for long. Ransik then turns back to Jen, lowering his arms and admitting with a drained resolve, "I'm READY... to pay, for what i've done." He lifts his wrists, holding both hands in fists tight together, prepared for a cuffing. Jen wrinkles her bruised brow, nearly unable to believe her senses. Wes is mutually dumbstruck, looking at her and the others to see their reactions. Trip & Lucas exchange glances, both quite stunned by this sudden surrender. Katie clutches the baby to her shoulder, and astoundedly scans her teammates' faces. Jen locks eyes with Ransik, almost as if anxiously waiting for the other shoe to drop. Wes gently places his left hand on her right shoulder, squeezing softly with assurance. Jen looks at him, and wordlessly understands that he's urging her to have faith in the mutant mastermind's current change of heart, while it lasts. Ransik remains stone-cold with his expression, at their total mercy emotionally, though still quite dangerous physically, and constantly unbalanced mentally. Jen holsters her Chrono-Blaster, and reaches behind her back, causing a sharp flash of bluish light with a teleporting noise. Out of some sub-pocket space, she pulls out a large silver reinforced metal rack with two big round holes. Special Time Force Handcuffs, it seems. Jen limps forth a few steps, constantly looking up at Ransik, as she slips the cuffs over his vulnerable wrists. The silver handcuffs are positioned properly, before she clamps down on the spot between them, causing a green light on the side to shift to red, and a compression of air with beep signaling the securing. Jen, her scraped face sweating bullets, stares at Ransik, with a possibly hint of cautionary respect for his decision to finally give up. Ransik stares back at her, with what can only be described as a grin of "you won, congratulations." He breathes in the smokey air, and looks down at his daughter. Nadira, sitting on her knees, gazes up at him, blinking and happily smiling with beaming pride. Ransik nods a bit, before looking back at Jen, smirking like he's ready to get being brought to justice over with already. Jen stares at him, closing her lips and swallowing hard, a strange calmness of triumph flowing through her.


Time passes, probably a week, maybe more or less. Details, such as the fate of the baby, the fate of the Prison Ship, the fate of Ransik, Nadira, and Gluto... are all brushed over to get to the end of the saga. The yellow Time Ship is parked on the beach, Northwest of Silver Hills, having probably been sent back by Alex to retrieve the four Time Force Officers. They're dressed in their 2001-attire once again, and walk almost shoulder to shoulder away from the Time Ship. Waves crash against the shore, with at least a whole platoon of Silver Guardians standing on the dry sands. Their Commander, Eric Myers, is back in uniform, wearing a new red beret, which matches some of the fading wounds on his face. Mr. Collins, in a business-suit nearly matching the navy blue coloring of the Guardians' uniforms, stands in front of Eric, but behind and beside his son, Wesley Collins. Wes, wearing a nice scarlet red button-collar sweater (due to his usual red overshirt being quite trashed), appears reluctant to say goodbye, watching his teammates as they stop before him. Mr. Collins slaps him on the shoulder, rubbing it warmly. Wes looks at his father, who then motions his head, comfortingly encouraging him wordlessly to part ways. Eric kind of lowers his head with a soft nod, probably depressed inside as well, since these people were the closest things to friends as he's ever known. Wes takes his hands out of his pockets, and walks up to the first of the four from the future, Lucas. The Blue & Red Rangers face each other, with Wes extending his right hand out, prompting Lucas to do the same. They firmly shake hands, as Wes, voice breaking somewhat, remarks, "Better take it easy on that racetrack, Lucas." Smiling, Lucas figures amusedly, "Well... at least now I have a driver's license." He sniffles, as his usual smooth and suave attitude gives way to the sadness boiling over. Wes steps forth, and puts his arm around Lucas, who returns the gesture, hugging firmly with manly pats on the back. Lucas' smile turns into a hurting frown, as he fights back tears. When they break from their hug, Wes notices at his face, seeing the melancholy expression quickly increasing in intensity. Lucas turns his head, and immediately lets his friend go, heading over to the Time Ship before he can breakdown and cry. Wes watches, as Lucas Kendall approaches the Time Ship, and his body is whisked away into the vessel by a multicolored teleportation beam. It washes over him, as he raises his right hand, waving goodbye, though is gone in but a bright blink.

Wes is still dwelling on this departure, when Katie rushes at him, and wraps her arms tightly around his waist. This wouldn't be so bad if not for the fact she's got super-strength, and it's creating a very uncomfortable feeling for Wes! Mr. Collins appears visibly charmed in the background, as he watches Katie hugging the agonized Wes deeply, her eyes nearly closed, crying, "Wes, you're the best!" Wes winces, struggling in vain to free her incredibly restraining grasp on him. He grunts with compressed lungs, "Ungh...! Katie! Let go... Oof!!" Katie finally does so, pouting as she apologizes, "Oh, I'm SORRY." Wes catches his breath, and simply smiles at her well-meaningness. He reaches up and pulls her head down to his chest, giving her a friendly hug, while whispering, "No... don't be sorry." Katie, forehead wrinkled and eyebrows arched upward in distress, hugs him back as tenderly as she can. They release from their platonic embrace, and look at each other, leading to Wes admitting, "I'm actually gonna MISS your hugs." Katie bites her lip, and sniffles, before patting his arm, and sobbing, "Goodbye, Wes." She turns and walks away in tears, Wes watching in heartbroken silence as yet another teammate & friend boards the Time Ship in a flash of teleportational light. I should note, each beam of teleport-light is mostly pin, with a flash of their respective Ranger color. Another thing, is that each of our heroes has a few faint scrapes or cuts on their faces, their injures mostly healed, but not yet completely. Trip steps up to Wes next, looking up to the man from 2001 in more ways than one. Wes shakes his head, and begins to say to the alien teen (the one he first bonded with among the group, and has grown quite attached to), "Trip, i'm..." Trip gently cuts him off, simply nodding and confirming with a psychic sigh, "Heh, I know." His voice begins to break, as he adds with another sigh and an antsy lick of his lips, "I'm gonna miss you, too!" Wes is unable to frown nor smile, as if trying to bottle his feelings up in front of his friends, plus the big crowd of Silver Guardians standing at attention just behind him. Trip gives nervous chuckle, before pointing up at the black bucket-hat on his head, and asking, "Can I... Can I keep my hat?" Wes forces a bit of a smile, as he leans in, and okays it breathlessly, "Yeah." He and Trip hug tightly, with copious amounts of back-patting. They slowly pull away, and their eyes meet once last time, both a bit angry at life for making them friends, just to tear that reluctantly apart. Trip turns around and walks toward the Time Ship, allowing Circuit to poke his metallic blue robotic owl head out of his backpack! Circuit bids somberly with his golden eyelids half-shut, "Bye, Wes." Wes tells the robo-owl, "You take care of Trip, Circuit!" As Trip is engulfed in the teleportation beam, Circuit manages to reply, "Always HAVE, always WILL!"

Wes looks over at Jen, the last remaining person from the year 3000 on the beach. He breaths in deeply, and walks over to her, as she stands still just a few feet from the rocky shore. Their eyes meet and focus only one another, as Wes speaks up first, admitting helplessly with a small shake of his head, "I WISH you could stay." Jen nods, "Me too...", her voice breaking from the welling-up of emotions in her throat, while finishing, "...But we both know I CAN'T." She breathes in, and glances down, sighing in sadness as she reaches into her brown jacket's pocket. Jen takes Wes' right hand, and places a gift in his palm, explaining, "I want you to have this, Wes." It's a Time Force Badge, a real one, not one of those bulky capsule-creating ones they used when morphed. Her hands still holding onto his, their eyes meet again, as she begs, "DON'T ever forget me." Wes shakes his head again, responding with pure honesty, "Never COULD." Jen turns and walks off, trying not to make things harder than they already are. She gets barely halfway across the beach, when she suddenly pauses, and turns around again. Their eyes longing for each other as much as their hearts, Jen immediately races back toward him, and wraps her arms around his neck as she bursts into tears. Wes embraces her as close as possible, both their eyes clamped shut. After a few precious moments of hugging in the sea-breeze, Jen pulls away, ceases her whimpering, and through watery eyes, "I should have told you a long time ago... I LOVE you." Wes openly expresses with desperate seriousness, "I love you, TOO. I wish I could live another THOUsand years, so we could be together again." Jen starts crying harder, before reaching around and holding him close once more. Wes hugs her as tight as possible, his face expressing more pain than any injury ever inflicted during battle. They only embrace for a few short moments more, then Jen pulls away again, unable to stay no matter how much she desires. For apparently, you can change your destiny, but you can't always defeat fate. The waves smash violently against the rocky shore, as Jen gazes into Wes' eyes, walking backwards and gradually letting go of his hands. She turns around yet again once more, and heads toward the Time Ship. Wes is powerless to do anything but watch her teleport into the closed cockpit in a flash of pink light, the short time they shared together as great an alteration to his destiny as a lifetime would have been.

Eric, smiling proudly for the four departing men & women he served with valiantly, raises his right hand perfectly toward his forehead, saluting with honor. He shouts an order for the surrounding Silver Guardians to do the same, "Sa-LUTE!", and they do in total unison. Mister Collins doesn't, instead expressing gratitude in his own way by doing nothing at all. The Time Ship's engines are fired up, with the back thruster spewing a blast of orange flames, which heat up into a thin blue blaze. The giant yellow time-faring vessel ascends into the air, hovering just above Wes, Collins, Eric, the Silver Guardians, and the two SG SUVs on the beach. The ground rocks considerably as the Time Ship takes off, and slowly makes a turn to the left. Up in the clear blue sky, a tiny black & blue Time Hole starts to form. Not to worry, this vertical time portal was induced by the Time Ship and not some catastrophic Trizirium event. The Time Ship takes off into the horizon, its thruster switching to full power as it zooms away from the beach. Wes shields his face from the torrential winds battering him thanks to the Time Ship's takeoff, though Eric & the Guardians remain in statue-like saluting poses, and Mr. Collins still just stands there despite the wind. Once the chronal-craft is high enough, the winds die down, and Wes is able to lower his arms, staring skyward. The pear-shaped yellow Time Ship flies into the raging Time Hole, entering the black vortex and reaching the unseen interdimensional road to the year 3000. The vortex closes offscreen, after Wes smirks and bids softly, "Take care..."

Some seconds pass, the Silver Guardians cease saluting, and Wes is now staring at the ground, unsure of just what his future holds. Mr. Collins strolls over, casually taking off his business suit jacket on the way to his son's side. He rubs Wes' shoulder, then gives it a firm pat. They look at one another, before looking off at the sky once again. Collins asks concernedly, "You okay?" Wes nods, and confirms through his depression, "Yeah." Mister Collins kinda leans against Wes' shoulder, when wondering, "What now, son?" Wes shakes his head slightly, and gives a short shrug, looking at his father and admitting, "I DON'T know." Seeing his opportunity at Wes' moment of weakness, Mr. Collins rubs his fingers together, and gestures his lips, before suggesting as he leans closer, "Well... I've got a business proposition for you." Immediately, Wes tenses up and rolls his eyes, groaning annoyedly, "Dad, come ON!" Collins urges, "Now, wai-wai-wai-wai-wait!! Just hear me out! Hear me out." He puts his arm around his boy, and leads him over to the gathering of work-for-hire troops. Mr. Collins mentions, "I wanna make some CHANGes in the Silver Guardians." Once reaching Eric's side, he pats Wes on the back, and stresses, "Listen to me! We WILL protect the ENTIRE city... for FREE." Wes is flabbergasted to hear his formally money-mongering patriarch squawking a nonlegal tendering tune. Mr. Collins remarks with a grin, "I NEED a good leader... What about it?!" Wes, having declined this offer once before, thinks about it for a moment. With nothing better to do, and the status of the job having changed, he smirks and agrees, "I'll DO it." Wes raises a finger, and underscores, "BUT!" Mr. Collins laughs out loud, his son so much like him when it comes to bartering for what he wants out of life. Wes turns his head, and looks to his former Prep School classmate & recent ally in Rangering, patting him on the shoulder as he states, "I want ERIC... as my partner." Eric, likely having expected to get pushed aside as he always is in life, is taken totally unawares. Wes asks with a grin, "What do you say?" Eric looks at him and Mr. Collins with suspiciously narrowed eyes. Realizing the 'spoiled rich kid' is honestly willing sharing the power with him, Eric can't help but smile. Wes lifts his right hand, Eric does the same with his, and the two friends slap palms, gripping fists firmly in a bent-arm shake as they did last episode. The deal is sealed for the future of Bio-Lab's Silver Guardians, inspiring the boss of it all, Mr. Collins, to proudly put his hands on Wes & Eric's shoulders, treating them like they are both his offspring, smiling with a nod as he comments, "Would have been MY choice." Wes & Eric end their hand-lock, and as Eric resumes standing at attention, Wes holds up the final gift from Jen. Mr. Collins & Eric look at it puzzledly. Wes confidently remarks with a grin, "Well... I think the FUTURE, looks pretty bright!" In the sunlight, the Time Force Badge's golden rim gleams with a yellow light. The blue gem at the center of the thin metal badge shimmers, as well. This, and the legacy of saving Silver Hills, isn't the ONLY thing the four from the future left behind, that we know of. Seems, Wes has been wearing his Chrono-Morpher during this entire scene. If that wasn't all, Eric has reclaimed his Quantum Morpher, and sports it proudly on his own left wrist! Indeed, while the time for goodbyes has passed, and the time for making history has only just begun...

[The End!; Preview of PRWF; End Credits]

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