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Power Rangers Time Force
"Short Circuited"
Original Air Date:03/17/01 Medicon footage from:
Timeranger #07 - Domon Nyuuinchuu (Domon Is Hospitalized)
"Grimmly" fight   footage from:
Timeranger #12 - Hoshi ni Negai o (Wish Upon A Star)
*Season 9, byte 07
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1107
*07th episode of PRTF
*385th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Judd Lynn & Jackie Marchand Director: Worth Keeter
Starring Cast:
Jason Faunt _AS_ Wes (Red Ranger)
Michael Copon _AS_ Lucas (Blue Ranger)
Kevin Kleinberg _AS_ Trip (Green Ranger)
Deborah Estelle Philips _AS_ Katie (Yellow Ranger)
Erin Cahill _AS_ Jen (Pink Ranger)
Vernon Wells _AS_ Ransik
Kate Sheldon _AS_ Nadira
Additional Cast:
Brianne Siddall _AS_ Circuit (voice)
Eddie Frierson _AS_ Frax (voice; uncredited again!)
Dan Woren _AS_ Medicon (voice)


Once again, the show opens by thrusting us into the middle-to-end of a battle with an unnamed monster. This time, it's a freaky mutant with light blue skin, red colored sides, a large lipless mouth, glowing crimson eyes, long pointy fingers, and two long bunny type ears. He also has a very raspy voice, which he uses (actor uncredited) to demand, "Who ARE you?!" Let's call this monster, Fred Grimmly, the Rabid Rabbit! Anyway, the people he's asking this question to reveal themselves, as the five Time Force Power Rangers, each standing before him at the shipping yard with their TF Badges held outward. Green Ranger is in center, and leading the operation, saying, "Time Force! You're under arrest! We don't want any trouble, so give yourself up peacefully!" Grimmly motions his arms and shouts, "Not a chance! Cyclobots!" The armada of robotic drones begin to march our heroes' way. Green Ranger whips out his two Chrono-Sabers, and remarks, "We tried to warn you! Hyah!" We then see all five Rangers, each with both Sabers in hand, taking on an equally matched set of five Cyclobots. They rip through the equally Saber-wielding drones, before turning around and striking the bots again. Trip soon becomes busy with several Cyclobots at once, cutting them into a sparking heap with relative ease. Just around the corner, lurking behind the various metal crates littering the area, a white gloved hand reaches around. The owner of said hand soon pops her pink-haired head out. Nadira snickers wickedly as she spies on the battle raging a few feet nearby. Soon, Green Ranger, seemingly the target of the day, is confronted by Grimmly. The mutant shoots of a beam of red energy from a small device in his hand, which wraps around Trip's chest like an electrical rope. Green Ranger rolls along the ground, attempting to break free to no avail. Grimmly growls grimly as he shakes his power-cord around, tossing Trip all through the air violently. Finally, Green Ranger is flung against one of the various shipping crates. His morphed chest crackles with blue electricity for a moment, until he slides down to the ground. The other four Rangers regroup around the wearily whipped Green Ranger, helping him stand up. This allows Grimmly to swing his hand-device around, and launch another red energy whip at our heroes. They're all struck, their bodies bursting and sparking, as they drop onto their backs, groaning painfully. Nadira continues watching and giggling, obviously enjoying her ringside position.

Green Ranger, despite having taken the biggest beating, stands up once more. He boasts to Grimmly, "It'll take more than THAT to stop me! Hyah!" Trip readies his Chrono-Sabers, and rushes at the mutant, slashing them as quickly as possible at the evil creature. After two successful strikes to Grimmly's body, Green Ranger leaps into the air. He charges up his two Sabers, and aims them into a 12:42 position on a large green powered clockface behind him, before activating, "TIME STRIKE!" The simultaneous double green-energy attack tears through Grimmly, causing his body to burst explosively as Trip lands and poses in the foreground. Once the mutant's screaming & burning subsides, Green Ranger turns around and happily exclaims, "Yeah! We got him!" Grimmly, his body still smoking, tells him otherwise, "That's what YOU think! I saved the best for last!" The mutant reaches over to his left arm and removes the gold & black patch, causing a chain reaction due to his altered DNA being exposed. Grimmly grows gigantic, his growling becoming much deeper, I must say. Nadira chuckles once again, looking up and noting, "NOW they're in trou-ble!" We apparently miss something, as in the next shot, we see Green Ranger, with Pink Ranger standing behind him. Next to them is a silver cannon upper section of the Vortex Blaster! Trip yells into his Chrono-Morpher, "Circuit! We NEED you!" The robotic owl zooms through the air in the area nearby, propelled by his glowing yellow keister. Circuit replies, "Right away! Dispatching Time Force Megazord!" Nadira spots the birdbot, and her laughter comes to a permanent halt. She annoyedly remarks, "Drats! That pesky pigeon is ruining my fun!" She starts smiling again, and wiggling her fingernails, as she comes up with an idea and walks off to initiate it. Speaking of initiating, we see the Time Force HQ launchpad in the future. We then see the five Time Flyers zooming towards the Time Gate by themselves. Then we see them exiting the time vortex through the usual spot, over the roof of the stadium dome. The five Flyers come together, locking into a close position, forming into the as-yet informally introduced Time Force Megazord in Jet Mode!

Grimmly turns around and spots the huge Megaship looking craft, and seems afraid. Inside the control room, Green Ranger grips his Saber-controls and activates, "Cyclone Defense!" Jet Mode swoops through the sky, spinning around in a tight circle, causing a massive tornado to form in the center. Grimmly covers his face with his elongated fingers as the twister is corralled his way. He quickly overcomes his fear of cyclones, and fires a few eyebeam blasts into the twirling whirlwind. They strike the updraft, but merely explode against the current of dust and wind. Green Ranger changes direction, ordering, "Fire!" Jet Mode cease spinning, and exits the cyclone with its lasers unloading a bombardment of yellow energy blasts. Grimmly is flooded by the hailstorm of sparking bursts, groaning loudly as Jet Mode zooms past him across the horizon of the city. Back at the docks, Nadira has followed Circuit to his landing spot. She giggles maliciously and smiles, as she watches the robotic owl flapping his arms unsuspecting of the mutant female behind him. Over in the control room, Red Ranger takes over and summons, "Time Force Megazord, deploy Saber!" Jet Mode has switched to TF Megazord in Red Mode between scenes, and once its completed, the Saber pops out of the vortex on its chest. Below, Nadira tiptoes over to Circuit with her hands out, preparing to snatch him up. Circuit continues flapping and blinking, as he states, "Well done, Rangers! Now finish him!" The moment Nadira lunges forth to grab him, Circuit lights up his butt and takes off into the air. Nadira falls forward empty handed, hanging over the railing beneath her armpits. She whines, "Ohhh! Hrumph! That mangy BIRD!", before vowing, "YOU haven't seen the last of ME!" Up in the control room, Red Ranger has his Megazord Saber prop in hand, and agrees with Circuit, "Time to finish this! Hyah! Full power!" Red Mode Megazord does the same thing, creating its tri-sided Saber's green clockface (different from Trip's Time Strike one, obviously). Grimmly gets back on his feet in the distance, and growls as he charges towards the Megazord. Red Ranger slashes the Saber into the air, prompting Red Mode to do the same. Grimmly gets cut into, the Saber then counts down upward to 12, and then the mutant explodes one final time. Grimmly's swallowed by a sea of explosions, causing his DNA to retract, and his tiny body to drop to the ground in shrunken Chrono-Froze mode. The Megazord breaks apart from its Red Mode combination, and the five Time Flyers take off into the air.

[Opening Credits]

It's another day at the Silver Hills Clock Tower. Trip is working on Circuit's inner circuitry with a few futuristic tools, while Wes & Lucas are playing a friendly game of poker at the table behind him. Katie & Jen are likely off getting money for Nick Of Time Odd Jobs by stripping (as in removing paint, not clothes!). Anyway, in case nobody else notices, the table Wes & Lucas are playing poker at gets moved around the room more often than it gets sat on! Wes remarks, "Whoo-hoo! Lucas, Lucas, Lucas! I hope you have a good hand." He places a few blue chips down in the pile, while Lucas just remains calm and all poker-facey. Circuit, his white breast area opened up, starts giggling as Trip prods around his wiring with a glowing laserdriver, "Hey! That tickles!" Trip replies apologetic, "Oh, sorry buddy! But i'm almost done, okay?" Circuit merely laughs some more, obviously enjoying having his internal organs played with. Lucas shows us his hand, consisting of four kings and the ace of diamonds. He quietly pushes his entire pile of blue chips into the pot, merely smirking slightly. Wes doesn't fall for the possible ruse, "Nah, you're bluffing!", raising his bet and seeing him a few more. Trip, either unconsciously or intentionally, begins to use his rarely seen psychic powers. The gem on his forehead glows green brightly, as flashes of Lucas' hand of cards begins to appear, amid sudden shots of clouds. Trip blurts out loud with a smile, "Four kings! Amazing!" Lucas looks over at his teammate and gasps, "Wha?!" Wes takes this as a sign of what is awaiting him, and shouts, "Whoah, four kings?!", before folding his cards safely (and taking back all the chips he bet). Lucas sighs and walks over to Trip, asking him, "What did I tell you about reading minds?" Trip honestly replies, "It's uhh.... i-it's rude?" Lucas confirms, "Exactly!" He then reaches into his coat pocket, and pulls out a fleshtoned bandage, placing it directly on Trip's forehead! It covers his Xybrian gem completely, to which Trip sadly touches it and groans, "Hey! But, I was just..." Lucas scolds him, "Your gem is grounded for one day. No more mind reading!" Trip accepts his punishment reluctantly and without much protest. Lucas sits back down with Wes, who's smiling and having finished reshuffling the deck. Trip locks Circuit's chestplate back into position, picks the robotic owl up in his arms, and suggests, "C'mon, Circuit. Let's go for a walk." Circuit replies happily, "Sounds good to me!" Trip leaves his tools, but takes his backpack with him, since he never goes anywhere without it.

Out in the woods, lies the tipped over Prison Ship. Nadira enters through the horizontal barred doors, and passes into the central lockup room. She marches between a pair of Cyclobots who had been standing there, minding their own business and apparently hanging out. Nadira heads over the wall of Chrono-Freeze compartments, and opens up a few of them, searching for a certain mutant. She spots a purple creature inside one of the many tubes, but fails to find the one she's seeking. Nadira looks to the side and shouts, "Frax! Where's Medicon?!" The golden robotic mutant walks in from one of the unseen areas of the ship, and orders a few Cyclobots with his metallic voice, "Prepare chamber 2B for cryogenic regeneration!" Frax approaches the long pink-haired vixen, and asks, "Are you speaking of the DOCTOR, Nadira? He's right over there!" He points out the next compartment over, which is opened up to reveal a tube with a white colored creature within. Nadira takes it out and cradles it in her arms, as Frax mentions, "But you KNOW Medicon is nothing but a QUACK!" Nadira looks down at the tube and pouts, "Which is EXACTLY what I need!" She rushes over to the Reanimator, leaving Frax behind. He makes a fist with his golden arm and shakes it angrily at her, but despite his intolerance for the brat, he merely remarks, "If you say so!" Nadira removes Medicon from his tube and places the mutant in the middle of the Reanimator, promising him in a motherly voice, "Don't worry! You'll be back to your old self in no time." As she does this, her father, Ransik, exits his private room, and walks over to her, with Frax also joining in. Nadira orders a Cyclo, "Activate the Reanimation Chamber! Hehe!" The chamber slides shut, lights flash, Nadira giggles, and once the top lights go to green, out from the mist comes a really mean dude. Medicon, that is. Has a white body, golden joints, and a silver medical instrument for a head. He speaks in a deep southern accent, "Hawhaw! Medicon's my name, surgery's my game! So WHO'S the patient?!" Ransik stares at the mutant without a word, obviously not impressed. Nadira laughs some more, and walks over to Medicon. She rubs her hand along the white orb shape in the middle of his chest, causing Medicon to ref Animaniacs, "Helloooo, NURSE!" Nadira looks to her father and notes, "The doctor is in! Hehehe. Now, we just need... the patient. Hahaha!"

Out in the city of Silver Hills, Trip wanders along the sidewalk, eventually ending up in a food court area. He stands in line at a hot dog vendor, oddly having forgotten his bucket hat Wes gave him a few shows ago. Trip begins talking to himself, "Boy, Lucas was really mad at me." Circuit pops up from out of his backpack, and peeks over his shoulder, remarking, "So much fuss about a silly little card game!" Trip tries to silence his robotic partner, shushing him as quickly as he can. Unfortunately, the people in line heard the strange voice, and have already turned around to stare at the green haired kid in the bright orange jacket talking to himself loudly in a variety of different voices. Trip merely chuckles, trying to laugh it off, to avoid arousing suspicion. Luckily, the sound of a woman screaming as she races down the sidewalk takes the heat off of him. Everyone turns to watch as a woman wearing a a black hat, scarf, sunglasses, leopard print coat & leather mini-shirt runs for her life from a chasing gang of Cyclobots! The citizens quickly flee the scene, not wanting to be attacked either. Trip swiftly grabs the garbage can next to the hot dog stand, and pitches it at the legs of the Cyclos when they get close to him. They trip (no pun intended) and fall over each other as a result. He then runs and rolls over the top of a table, heading towards the woman, who is now being harassed by a gold-suit Cyclobot and a silver-suit one at the same time. Trip fights the two saber-wielding robots off her with a series of well-placed kicks & punches. With all the invading Cyclobots lying on the ground, Trip secures the woman, and leads her away, saying, "Come on!" The Cyclos recover, and begin to march down the sidewalk in the direction the two fled towards. Trip & the woman duck behind a pillar, and manage to escape detection by the robots. The alien teen asks the lady nervously, "A-are you okay?" The woman responds by pulling off her sunglasses and hat, exposing the fact that she's actually the pink-haired villainess Nadira! Her expression is one of worry, rather than the usual bratty evilness. Trip gasps, his eyes widen, and the lack of being able to use his gem has left him in a state of shock.


Trip is taken aback by this revelation, staggering away from the woman and breathlessly saying, "Nadira!?" The frightened woman in the leopard print coat holds her hands up in caution, looks around to be sure the Cyclobots are gone, and promises, "No, wait! Let me explain! I'm not here to fight you!" Trip's surprised, gasping, "Y-you're not?!" Nadira speaks with an honest tone to her voice, "No! I never wanted to hurt you and your friends. Never, EVER!" Circuit, listening to this while safely tucked away in Trip's backpack, "She's up to no good, Trip. Always has been!" Nadira looks down towards Circuit's location, and slightly bites her lip worriedly. Trip thinks twice. Nadira adds desperately, "I KNOW i've done some bad things. But my HORRIBLE father.... He MADE me do it! He's held me captive all this TIME!" She bites her pink lip again and looks behind her, before whispering to Trip, "But now i've escaped!" Trip thinks thrice. Nadira touches his arm and begs, "You have to help me. Please?!" Circuit comments, "I don't like this one BIT!" Nadira looks over at the owl, then looks directly at Trip, widening her eyes hopefully. Trip finally speaks, shaking his head and blinking rapidly as he promises, "Y-you don't have to worry about ANYthing! I-i'll take care of you! Hehe. C'mon!" Nadira smiles happily, and follows along with Trip as he leads her over to the food court. Momentarily, Nadira (her bright pink hair hanging down. I guess nobody finds two strange haired people sitting together to be suspicious) sits at a table eating, while Trip is off at the vendor buying a drink. Nadira takes a bite out of a hot dog, and is visibly disgusted. She complains, "YUCK! How do they eat these things?!" She drops it back on the plate, continuing to look sickened, since obviously the dog isn't kosher.

Trip gets the drink and heads back to the table. On the way there, Circuit tries reasoning with his apparent creator, "Trip, this is NADIRA we're talking to. I don't trust her!" Trip brushes off logic, "You're too suspicious! I-i think she's telling the truth!" He approaches Nadira and hands her the drink, offering kindly, "Here you go!" She takes it gladly, bidding, "Oh, thank you!", before eagerly sipping the juice through the straw. Trip watches her, remaining standing, and replying, "You're welcome." Nadira finishes taking a massive gulp, sets the drink down, and remarks, "Mmmm, YUMMY!" Trip notices the barely touched wiener, and asks, "Oh, w-what, you didn't like your hot dog?" Nadira smiles and says in a sultry voice, "Ahh, no! I LOVED it! It's just that i'm... so FULL!" Trip, his lie detector out of order thanks to a Band-Aid, believes her wholeheartedly, smiling, nodding understandably, and going, "Oh!" Nadira offers, "Why don't you take that... heavy... backpack off, so we can SIT a while?" Trip, his suggestive dialogue detectors also incapacitated, corrects her, "No, it's-it's fine! We'd better get going and tell the other Rangers!" Nadira turns him down, "But not YET! I'm STILL hungry!" Trip shakes his head and blinks rapidly, mentioning, "But, you just said you were full." Nadira changes her tone back from whiney to seductress, "DID I? Well now i'm FAMISHED! Will you get me a FRESH hot... dog?" Trip falls for her clever ploy, unstrapping his backpack and replying, "Oh, okay! Sure! Be right back!" He places the backpack on the table, and darts back over to the vendor. Nadira grins wickedly, and wiggles her fingernails anxiously at the prize dropped in her lap. Trip takes the time to put mustard on the frankfurter, before turning around to happily bring it to the apparent villainess turned good guy. He pauses in his tracks when he witnesses Nadira, back in her white leather evil outfit, clutching Circuit in her grubby hands. The robotic owl struggles by merely flapping his wings (why not zoom off? she blocking his tailpipe?), and shouting, "Get your lying hands off a'me!" Nadira yells, "Pipe DOWN, you overeducated CHICKEN!" She looks over and laughs maliciously at Trip, gloating, "Hahaha! I can't BELIEVE you FELL for that SOB story... SUCKER!" Trip screams, "Let GO of HIM!", tosses the hot dog aside, and races to the table as fast as he can. It's not fast enough, as Nadira simply stands there and teleports away in a swirling flash of pink & blue light, taking Circuit with her. Trip tries leaping into the air, but he lands a split-second too late to make contact with the mutant woman. He lands harshly on his stomach on the cement. Trip glances around quickly, finding out his empty backpack nearby. He screams to the top of his lungs, "CIRCUIT!", getting no reply.

Soon at a boxcar in the train yard, Circuit has been strapped to a crate, and his breastplate opened up. Two Cyclobots, wearing scrubs and surgical gowns (even caps over their metal heads!), aid Medicon in preparing for his next operation. Circuit flaps his wings like crazy, yelling, "There's nothing wrong with me, and you're NO doctor!" A Cyclobot readies a gold pinpointed medical device, and hands it over to Medicon. Circuit protests, "Release me at ONCE, you oversized orderly!" Medicon remarks, "Sounds like THIS bird needs an attitude adjustment!" He pokes the instrument into Circuit's circuitry, causing it to glow red and begin to spark. Circuit's inner wiring smokes and flashes, as the poor robotic owl groans and grunts, apparently having a working nervous system. Nadira lurks around behind Medicon, stressing urgency, "WHEN are you going to finish!?" The mutant continues frying Circuit's motherboard a few seconds more, before pulling out the instrument, tapping the sharp end of it, and stating, "There! That should do it. He he he!" Circuit's body keeps smoking, as he exclaims, "One plus one is seven! Five times nine is green!" Medicon notes, "He's USELESS to the Rangers now!" Nadira wiggles her fingernails some more, and approaches Circuit, running her hand along his blue birdy head as she mentions, "Won't they be SURPRISED when they find their feathered friend can't help them? Hahahaha!" She taps Circuit's golden beak, before waving her hand back and ordering the mutant, "Now go and destroy." Medicon bows, promising, "At once!" He leaves Nadira sitting in front of Circuit, touching him and making pouty faces. Elsewhere in the city, Trip charges alongside several buildings, not only does he have his backpack back on, but he's wearing his Time Force issue sunglasses! He passes by several wandering citizens, but all fail to notice his urgency. Trip gasps for breath, having been running up to the point. He stands in a good vantage point, before reaching up and touching the right side of his sunglasses. The lenses glow green for a moment, and we next see what he sees. The whole area is tinted blue, with the usual set of DNA strand and radar scanning displays. He glances at a fat cop, who flashes gold, and checks out as a human. Trip doesn't give up searching, despite finding no sign of any mutants in the vicinity.

At the Clock Tower, the hologram viewing screen has been set up on the table, and has picked up monster activity in the city. The holoscreen shows Medicon beating up a citizen, while several other people flee in a panic. All four Time Force Rangers enter the room and spot the screen. Lucas points out, "Mutant attack!" Jen leads the charge, "Let's go!" They start heading for the stairwell, but don't even make it to the first step, before Katie pauses them. She shouts, "WAIT! Where's Trip?" Jen instantly reaches for her Chrono-Morpher, and hits the commlink button. Elsewhere, Trip, wrapped up in scanning everyone with his shades, bumps into a man suddenly. Trip apologizes, "I'm sorry!", and luckily he doesn't get his head beat in. His Morpher beeps, so Trip sneaks behind a bush and bends down to answer it. He presses the button, causing an upper torso hologram image of Jen to appear (notice her hair is styled here, but not in the previous shots). Jen explains, "Trip! We've got trouble!" Trip removes his sunglasses (rather than just pressing behind his ear to make them retract into his lobes), and disrupts the hologram signal slightly for a moment when his hand passes through it. Jen adds, "Meet us at the old industrial area." Trip tries to speak up about his loss, "Yeah, but I..." Jen asks for elaboration, "You WHAT?!" Trip fails to answer that, instead shaking his head and stating, "Okay. I'll meet you there. The hologram ceases and he gets up and runs. At the Clock Tower, the guys start running, while Jen motions Katie to come along, and they follow suit. Boy, I bet they hate hearing about the 'old days' before teleportation by heroes was outlawed!


At the old industrial area (probably located in the same spot as the new industrial area, given the huge amount of people fleeing from it!), Medicon continues terrorizing the citizens of Silver Hills. Serves them right for hanging around rundown sweatshops! The guy Medi was roughing up is the last to flee. Four of the Time Force Power Rangers make the scene, standing amid the rubble and pockets of fires. Medicon chuckles, "Hawhawhaw! Time to operate!" Pink Ranger asks her team, "Ready guys?!" Red Ranger concurs, "Let's DO it!" They rush into action, with Red getting the first punch throw. Medicon dodges it and shoves Wes away. Pink is second, he ducks past her kick. Blue tosses a punch & kick, but Medicon blocks them and returns with a successful hit to Lucas' gut. Yellow does a quick spin kick, which gets her in position to have the mutant kick her in the back. Red Ranger presses his luck again, engaging in battle with Medicon. The monster leads Wes into a wall, where he proceeds to beat the sparking out of him. Just then, the Green TF Ranger appears, rushing towards the mutant, leaping into the air, flipping and dropping into him with both fists out. Medicon turns his attention to Trip, only to get kicked away by Green's swift attacks. While Medicon tangled with Katie, Red Ranger tells Green, "Thanks, Trip." Trip replies, "No problem! Hey, listen, Wes. Something REALLY terrible happened. I..." Before he can finish his statement, several Cyclobots pop up, and knock him away. Two Cyclos hold Red Ranger against the wall again, but he slips out of their grasp and elbows both in the gut. Trip is quite busy getting his butt restrained by the robodrones, while Jen & Lucas have their own drone problems in the background. Red Ranger joins up with Yellow in taking on Medicon. They whip out their Chrono-Sabers between scenes, and prepare to use them. Wes is first (the buildings behind him vanish and become a mountainous forest), his boots boost him into a launch, as he spins around in the air and double slashes into the mutant's white-padded body. Medicon tumbles back, his structure smoking. Katie leaps up, shouts, "Yah!", as she bounces off of Wes' two crossed Sabers, and is propelled towards the mutant with her own two Sabers held outward. Yellow Ranger bashes the blades into Medicon, causing him loud pain and lots of sparkilys. She then causes her helmet to flash with green digital data streams, as she summons, "FULL POWER!" Yellow runs her hand along one end of her attached double-bladed Chrono-Saber. The blade glows viciously with yellow energy, the entire background swallowed by blackness. Katie then rips the Saber into the air, the yellow energy trailing, before switching blades and striking Medicon with the second one as well. Yellow Ranger does this at least three times, causing the mutant to be overwhelmed with bluish electricity. She then poses victoriously in the foreground, as Medicon erupts with a burst of flames.

The mutant isn't in traction just yet, as he stands surrounded by a raging blaze, and gloats, "Oh, no. You can't get rid of me THAT easily!" As their teammates struggle with a gang of Cyclobots behind them, Red Ranger walks over to Yellow in front of the flames, and notes, "Good job, Katie." She breathlessly replies, "Thanks!" Medicon laughs psychotically, as he yanks off his gold & black patch, and exposes his DNA to the fiery air. The chain reaction is activated, and the deadly doctor grows to a surplus size. Red Ranger looks up, and quickly presses his Morpher, shouting into it, "Circuit! We need the Megazord!" He gets no response, so he asks again, "Circuit?!" The Cyclobots apparently take a lunch break (seriously! They're just hanging out, waving their arms uselessly!), allowing Green Ranger to reveal to Red, "WES! That's what i've been trying to tell you. Circuit was kidnapped by Nadira." Jen gasps, "Oh no!", prompting Trip to sigh, "It's all my fault." Pink Ranger chops a Cyclobot aside, and makes her way closer to Green, stressing, "Medicon will crush the CITY, unless we can find a way to get that Megazord!" Trip wonders, "But how are we gonna...", and for the 50th time today, he gets cut off. Medicon lets out a boomingly deep laugh, and stomps his huge foot down. This rocks the ground the Rangers are standing on, following immediately by a set of laserblasts from Medi's pointed head instrument! This blast not only engulfs our heroes, but sends the Cyclobots packing as well. Green Ranger is flung against a slab of cement, causing him considerable agony. He lies on the ground, grunting and groaning, before demorphing in a flash of green light & digital data from the stress. Trip rolls over and watches in the distance, seeing his teammates all lying amid rubble, fires, and incapacitated Cyclobots. Somehow they've all managed to avoid demorphing, likely due to their not being slammed against a slab. Trip appears to blame himself for a moment, but doesn't get time to sulk. Blue Ranger pops up next to him, and snatches the bandage off of his forehead! Trip shouts in protest, "HEY! It hasn't even been a say, yet!" Lucas grabs Trip by the collar and pulls him to his feet angrily, explaining, "Are you NUTS?! When I said never use your gem, I didn't mean you could NEVER use your gem! I meant that you should ONLY use it if it's IMPORTANT. And THIS is REALLY important! Now, find that owl!" Lucas lets him go, and Trip replies honestly, "Okay. I'll find him. I PROMISE!" Blue Ranger adds quietly, "I know you will."

Trip charges off in the opposite direction. He encounters a few Cyclobots, ducking away from two, kicking one, and then punching another. The ones he avoided wind up taking on Lucas in the background. Trip continues running away, until he reaches a secluded area of the rusty rundown factory. He pauses and leans down against a pole, concentrating as much inward as outward, as he remarks, "Come on, Circuit. Where are you?" Trip's forehead gem begins to gleam with green energy, as his Xybrian powers kick into overdrive. The camera zooms into the gem, passes through a stretch of clouds, and appears right on the robotic owl. Circuit, detecting his master & friend, groans, "I'm right here, Trip!" The vision zips backward, and exposes the birdbot's location as being in a traincar at a train yard someplace. The vision snaps off, leaving Trip with a sweaty smile as he exclaims, "They're at the train yard. They're at the train yard!" He gets up and races the rescue. Speaking of rescuing, Medicon stands between a few buildings of equal height to him, as he fires another set of beam blasts at the four Rangers. They're struck by the sheer force of the explosion behind them, and knocked off their feet yet again. The Cyclobots nearby somehow manage to keep from reverting to nuts & bolts. Medicon turns away from the industrial area, and begins stomping off into the distance, boasting, "You Rangers are nothin' without your Megazord! Hawhaw!" Red Ranger is the first to recover, urging his teammates, "C'mon guys! We CAN'T give up!" They all stand up and join him in running towards the giant monster, with a plan likely to bite at his heels. Elsewhere, Green Ranger has managed to remorph, summon his Vector Cycle, and ride it off to the railyard. Trip looks around while driving, and remarks, "Hang on, Circuit! We're comin' for ya!" Speaking of coming for ya, in the city, the panicked civilians stampede for sanctuary. One guy ends up falling down on the pavement, but gets a helping hand up by the Red Ranger. Wes tells the man, "Quick! Get to safety!", which he does.

Inside the boxcar, Nadira hops up and sits on a large metal canister, while Circuit continues being bonkers, saying, "Lather, rinse, repeat!" Nadira laughs gleefully, then points to Circuit, telling the robotic owl, "Soon, your friends will be as useless as YOU are!" She laughs again, and Circuit merely states, "Scooby, scooby doo!" Suddenly, the door to the train explodes with a burst, causing Nadira's seat to fall over, taking her with it. Green Ranger leaps in through the now-opened door, with his fist aimed outward. Nadira grunts frustratedly, as Trip arises and orders, "Hand him over, Nadira!" She stands up (with no help from the two intern Cyclobots), and as the smoke of Trip's entrance clears, Nadira remarks, "How VALIANT! The Green Ranger's come to rescue his friend!" Circuit flaps his wings and sings, "Sitting in a tree! Don't you wanna see!" Nadira adds, "Well it's TOO late. He's a babbling PIGEON now!" Trip clenches his fist and laments, "Circuit!... He's coming with ME! Hyah!" Nadira vetoes this idea, "I don't think so!" She motions her head, and the two Cyclobot orderlies rush into battle. Green Ranger ducks out of their way, and makes his own way towards his robot pal. His hand is unable to reach Circuit, as it's slapped away by Nadira, who then spins around and kicks Trip in the chest! He rolls along the floor, and engages the two Cyclos in a quick fight, emerging unscathed. Nadira gives a shout of "Hyah!", and holds her hands out like catty claws. She lunges for Trip, but he manages to avoid her wrath. Nadira kicks at him, he drops down, and then rolls along the top of a crate. She continues attacking him with her boots, and he's able to block her blows, causing her to stagger off. The two Cyclobots aren't finished yet, as they attack Green Ranger once more. Trip jumps up in the air, and leans downward with his legs up in the air against the wall as he's held atop the crate he just rolled over. That served no real point, as he drops down, lands, kicks one robodrone out of the train, and then footsweeps the other onto the floor. The moment Green Ranger stands back up, Nadira strikes back. She's able to get two successful kicks into his stomach, dazing him enough so that she's able to pull his left arm around his back and hold him in place. Her right hand is held on Trip's shoulder, as she extends her fingernails out into blade form. She laughs wickedly, twirls him around, and then slashes at his chest with her nails. That's twice Trip's fallen for one of her schemes and got nailed!

Over in the city, Medicon rampages above the tops of several skyscrapers, firing his nosecone blaster randomly. People continue fleeing, even leaving buildings to run to who knows where. One of Medi's blasts hits just behind some guy, who's launched into the air by the blast. The guy ends up landing on his back against a large chunk of concrete harshly. Blue Ranger helps him up and asks, "Hey, are you okay?" Poor guy isn't paid to speak, so instead he clutches his broken ribs. Back at the boxcar, Green Ranger continues fighting Nadira one on one. Punches and kicks are thrown by both. Long fight short, Trip socks her in her exposed tummy, then does a rapid flipping kick which knocks her down. She squeals the whole time, and once floored, Nadira screams, "You can HAVE your stupid BIRD!" In a flash of pink, Nadira teleports away, quitting while she's behind. Green Ranger exclaims excitedly, "YE-AH!", before calling out Circuit's name and rushing to his side. Circuit yammers, "25 scorecards equals cereal. GREEN is my favorite number besides clouds!" Trip starts examining his pal's exposed circuitry, and uses a discarded clamp to prod inside the wiring. He tells the owl, "Just hold on! I'll have you back to normal in no time, okay?" Over in the city, Blue Ranger helps that guy with the bruise tailbone make his way to safety, as more explosions rip behind them. Pink & Red aid them, while Yellow helps a second pedestrian. Hanging around a closed up loading dock sure wasn't the smart way to spend an afternoon! At the boxcar, Trip continues going through Circuit's innards, whispering to himself, "I just gotta reconnect this wire here... and toggle the switch..." Circuit keeps speaking gibberish, sounding like he's about to vomit as he groans, "Frogs... jellybeans!" (be glad he didn't mention Tootsie Pops!) Eventually the toggling gets Circuit sounding more like his old self, as he shouts, "Ooh! Heheheh! That tickles!" His eyes also cease flickering dimly, and his flapping becomes more relaxed. Trip snaps the breastplate back on, and figures, "There, that did it! Everything should be working fine now." But Circuit continues repeating his last line about tickling over and over. Green Ranger looks at his fist and thinks, "Maybe...", before punching Circuit directly in the center of his head! The loop halts, a beep is heard, and Circuit asks, "Why'd ya do THAT, Trip?!" Green happily yells, "Hehe, YES!", asking his pal while waving his hand in front of the owl's eyes, "Circuit? Hey, are you okay?!" The birdbot replies affirmatively, "Well, of course I am. Why do you ask?" Trip picks Circuit's small body up and hugs him, exclaiming, "Ye-ah! Circuit!" The owl asks, "Hey, hey, hey! What's all the fuss?!" Trip promises, "I'll tell you on the way out! C'mon!", as he carries Circuit out of the boxcar.

Back at the loading dock, the four TF Rangers get knocked off their feet again by an unseen blast. Yellow Ranger clutches her chest and cries, "I can't take much more!" Red Ranger notes, "He's too tough!" Pink Ranger encourages, "Come on! We've GOT to hang in there!" The sound of Green Ranger's voice echoes in from the distance, saying, "Hey guys!" Jen turns and gasps, "Huh?! Trip!" He pulls up on his Vector Cycle, and tells them, "I brought us a little help!" Wes asks, "What?!" The answer comes hovering in, as Circuit floats along the way rather quickly, and lands atop the Green Cycle. His squeaky wing flapping is welcomed by Katie happily exclaiming, "Circuit!", and Lucas remarking, "Are we glad to see you!" Jen agrees, "Yeah!" Circuit gets serious, as he turns and says, "No time for that now! There's work to do! Dispatching Time Force Megazord!" The five Power Rangers raise their hands and cheer for their fine fair metal-feathered friend. In the year 3000, at the Time Force launchpad, the five Time Flyers rise from their hangars. The DECA-like voice sounds out, "Launching in 3, 2, 1..." Trans-Warp Megazord makes his first appearance in a few shows, swinging his arm around and firing the Flyers into the time vortex. DECA-voice states, "Launch 2 & 3. Launch 4 & 5", depending on the Time Flyer being shot into the portal. The zoom through the time tunnel and pop out... guess where? You guessed it, that darn stadium dome yet again! The scenes suddenly grow dark, more on that in a minute. The five Rangers ride on the Time Jet, and leap off into their Flyers when Wes says for the umpteenth time, "Let's do it!" The five Time Flyers come together in a close formation again, forming the Megaship-like Jet Mode!

It seems that either an eclipse is going on, or it took until night for the Flyers to arrive. Because all of the Megazord scenes take place during nightfall! Medicon fires his nosecone blaster up towards Jet Mode as it passes overhead. All shots miss the target completely. In the control room, Red Ranger initiates, "Cyclone Defense!" Jet Mode begins to swoop around in a circle, creating a contained twister between it. It's lead over to the mutant, causing him to be beaten severely by a massive gust of wind created by the whirlwind. Jet Mode takes off from the continued tornado, and unloads its laser arsenal into Medicon's defenseless body. Circuit, now appearing inside the Clock Tower, says, "Trip! You know what to dooo!" Green Ranger calls for, "Mode Red!" The five Time Flyers are broken apart, and come back together into the ever-popular predominantly red combination of the Time Force Megazord. The chiming of bells (apparently Shuki & company found a new piano effect on the Casio keyboard they do the music on) segues into the summoning of the Megazord Saber from the chest-based vortex. Green Ranger announces, "Saber, online!" Circuit, on his perch in the Clock Tower, screams, "THAT'S IT, TRIP! NOW YOU GOT IT!" (Sheesh, calm down, Hootsy!) The Megazord uses its Saber in green clockface mode, as Medicon charges its way. We're implied by Circuit's yelling that Green Ranger is doing the Saber honors, but we don't see a single shot of that. Instead, Red Mode energizes, and slashes its Saber through Medicon's chest. He begins to explode, when everything suddenly freezes. The clockface counts down, with an old fashioned clock-gear style ticking prominently in the background. The Saber strikes 12, and Medicon gets a prescription for destruction! The mutant explodes, falls, his DNA retracts, and his tiny Chrono-Froze body falls to the ground smoking. The five Time Flyers zip back into the time vortex, with it closing up behind them. I guess Medicon shouldn't have told himself to take two Megazord modes and call himself in the morning.


It's daylight again. Go figure. In the Silver Hills park, the five Time Force officers wander around the wooded area, calling out for Circuit. Obviously, they failed to realize he went back to the Clock Tower. Despite having been operated on several times today, the robotic owl manages to hover on over (wings a'flapping) and land atop a banister (in a shot which is noticeably CGI). Circuit remarks, "At your service, Trip!" Trip smiles, and rushes to be at his pal/servant's side, as do the other Rangers. Trip looks up towards Circuit, and apologizes, "I'm-i'm really sorry about the mess I got you into! I-i could have SWORN that Nadira was being honest!" Circuit rubs it in, "I tried to tell you, but NOOOOOOO!" Katie, usually at Trip's side 24/7, mentions to her teammate, "It's not your fault, Trip. ALL Xybrians are trusting." Wes (who's made the red long sleeved shirt from the previous episode his permanent outfit, though has it buttoned up where when he usually wears it open) concurs, "Yeah! I think its cool. Totally honest, and totally trusting!" Trip smiles, and looks at Jen, who tells him honestly, "Don't EVER change." Jen's hair has apparently been styled between scenes, as it's far more wavy than previous episodes (see earlier in the ep for her before. I guess Medicon's blasts curled her hair!). Someone slaps someone on the back (maybe Lucas to Trip), and then Jen says, "Now let's go home!" Trip keeps smiling, as Lucas pats his shoulders a few times. Trip pauses him, asking, "So, Lucas? It's NOT rude to use my gem if it's important?" Lucas confirms, and pats his shoulder again, "Right, only if it's SUPER important." He starts walking off, when Trip's gem glows green, and the ring appears around his eyes. The vision doesn't last long, and we don't get to see it. Trip shouts, "U-uhh, Lucas!" Lucas turns around and asks, "Is it SUPER important?" Trip shrugs his shoulders. Lucas adds, "Otherwise, don't tell me!" He turns back around and continues walking. His right foot ends up stepping directly in a pile of muck. It's either dropped orangey food, or some dog has diarrhea. Either way, it's got flies buzzing around it. Lucas steps in it unwittingly, looking down disgusted and groaning, "Ew, YUCK! Gross, UGH!" He rubs the gunk against the sidewalk, trying to get it off his sole. The other three Rangers turn around to watch his plight, and a Dalmatian barks (possibly because he's the one who plopped that there). Lucas looks to Trip, who walks past him, pats him on the arm, and shakes his head, noting, "W-what?! You told me not to tell you!" He smiles, as do his teammates, as Lucas attempts to scrap the crud off without touching it.

[Scenes from "Jen's Revenge"; End Credits]

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