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Power Rangers Time Force
"Jen's Revenge"
Original Air Date:03/24/01 Footage and some story elements from:
Timeranger #05 Dai 3 - No Gattai (The Third Combination)
*Season 9, byte 08
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1109
*08th episode of PRTF
*386th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Judd Lynn [Note: The first ep he's written solo in a year!] Director: Koichi Sakamoto
Starring Cast:
Jason Faunt _AS_ Wes (Red Ranger)
Michael Copon _AS_ Lucas (Blue Ranger)
Kevin Kleinberg _AS_ Trip (Green Ranger)
Deborah Estelle Philips _AS_ Katie (Yellow Ranger)
Erin Cahill _AS_ Jen (Pink Ranger)
Vernon Wells _AS_ Ransik
Kate Sheldon _AS_ Nadira
Additional Cast:
Jason Faunt _AS_ Alex [New & Old Flashback Footage]
Brianne Siddall _AS_ Circuit (voice)
Eddie Frierson _AS_ Frax (voice)
Tom Wyner _AS_ Fatcatfish (voice)


It's a dark cloudy sunrise in Silver Hills, and a new exterior shot of the Clock Tower begins the new day. Inside, Circuit sits on the table before the hologram image view screen, running a computer database scan on their mutant bust tally thus far. The holoscreen shows a few readouts of DNA strands and such, including a diagram of the Chrono-Frozen prisoners inside the stolen prison. There are five rows of seven tubes, 40 total in all. Seven of those tubes, scattered from various rows, zip out and appear in a different display box. Circuit flaps his wings and asks his maker/buddy, "Trip, check on the mutants that we've captured. Make sure they're cryogenic containment is functioning properly!" Trip does just that, walking over to an area underneath the top level, a spot we haven't really seen much of on the show. There lies a large silver metal freezer! Trip has a key to the storage freezer, which he carries around his neck on a string. He uses it to open up the locked doors (there's also a keypad on one), causing electronic noises to sound (hence, this ain't no Frigedaire!). The cold mist pours out, revealing two rather small rows, with seven chrono-tubes placed in various spots around them. It looks in this shot like if they get anymore captured mutants, they're going to need to expand the freezer out a bit! In clockwise order from bottom right, around to top right, are the shrunken bodies of: "The Rabid Rabbit Grimmly" (TF Ep 7; first half), Tentaclaw (TF Ep 6; second half, with apparently a new Cyclobot-looking body!), "Punky Bruisester" (Eps 6; first half), Medicon (TF Ep 7; second half), Jetara (TF Ep 3), Mantamobile (TF Ep 5), and Fearog (TF Ep 4). Trip confirms, "All present and accounted for!", before resealing the freezer. Nearby, we see what Lucas does in his spare time. Judging by the amount of hairstyling products at his side, he can't go five seconds without primping his hair! That's what he's doing here, using hair gel to get all of the black strands on his head to spike up, into the ever popular "Jason Lee Scott, Gold Ranger Days" style. The vain racecar driver poutedly smiles as he stares into a vanity mirror.

Lucas' grooming session comes to a halt when the sound of an alarm clock clanging sounds overhead. He looks up, as do Trip & Katie, as they spot the source of the noise. An old fashioned alarm clock sits on the upper level, right next to Wes' sleeping head. The time, by the way, is 6:45am! He groggily wakes up, wiping the sleep out of his eyes, and hitting the top of the clock. The three Time Force Officers watch amusedly, as Wes rolls to the side of his sleeping bag. Unfortunately, because the upper level is opened up, Wes winds up rolling right over the side of the floor! He drops down into the main room about nine feet below in his fancy red patterned silk pajamas, letting out a loud, "Ahh! Ungh!", before the inevitable thump. Circuit, who turned himself around to watch, remarks, "Whoah! THAT'S gonna leave a mark!" Nobody laughs at his painful pratfall, instead, Katie & Trip walk over to his side and give empathetic expressions. Wes, with the alarm clock still in his right hand (and his Chrono-Morpher on his left wrist! Sheesh, wouldn't it be painful to sleep with that on!?), grunts, sighs, and exhales as he arises with no bruises from his fall. The bed-headed teen honestly appears like he just woke up, as he looks down at the alarm clock, and comments with a nasally tone, "Why're you guys up so EARLY?!" Lucas, still peering into his mirror and fixing his hair, notes matter-of-factly, "It's not early, Wes." Wes walks over to Trip, who is holding a pitcher of orange juice in one hand, and a glass of a green liquid I believe is avocado juice. He takes the glass of avocado juice (which could easily be Xybrian nasal discharge), hands Trip his alarm clock, then pats him on the back. Apparently, the drink belonged to Katie, who angrily gives Trip a typically too-strong shove, before grabbing the glass out of Wes' hands (before he can even take a sip). Trip barely manages to avoid spilling a single drop of the orange juice in his possession. Lucas, only his reflection visible to us during this comedic scene, chuckles slightly at his friends' mischief. Wes puts his hands to his forehead for a moment, and then asks, "Where's Jen?" Katie turns and tells him, "Training. As usual!" Wes, apparently not aware of the team's leader's routines, merely stares with his sleepy eyes.

Out in the park, Jen is training quite ruggedly. She punches with all her might into a coil of roped wrapped around the trunk of a tree! Jen lets out loud grunts of exertion as she slams her velcro-gloved fists into the barely padded treebark. She even throws a few swift kicks into the mix, to really spice things up. Her outfit is different than normal, obviously, consisting of a tight sweaty pink, uhh, sportsbra or something equally short and fitting (let's just call it that and move on), and jogging pants. Her workout hits a point of total immersion, that Jen finally ceases her punching, and pantingly focuses on her target. The coiled rope fades into an image of Ransik's ugly half-metal face, laughing maniacally before her. Something in Jen's mind snaps, and she goes full fury into the tree trunk. Notice, there's some kind of beeping going on in the background. Maybe coming from her Chrono-Morpher, which she continues to wear during the training session. The Keebler Factory beating gets more intense, until Jen finally zonks out from exhaustion. She slides down against the bark, and pants desperately for air. Jen takes a breather, her entire body dripping with perspiration. Rather than reach back and take her pink towel from next to her pink backpack, Jen unstraps her gloves. While doing so for her left hand, she comes across her engagement ring. Typically, you'd expect the ring to have tore into the skin on her finger during all of the punching. But luckily no damage was caused by wearing the jewelry while exercising. Jen puts her fingers to the sparkling diamond, and gentle whispers, "Alex" in remembrance. We see a quick flashback to TF Ep 1, as Alex gives her the ring and asks her to marry him. Her thinking back on the future ends abruptly, when Wes finally finds her, and calls out, "Hey! Good morning!" Jen seems a bit unpleasantly surprised to see him, as she quickly takes her water bottle & gloves and sets them down, trying to look busy and not daydreaming about her dead fiance. Wes (wearing a set of navy blue jogging pants & coat with a red shirt underneath) walks over, and casually comments, "So, you want someone to workout with? Because I BET i'm tougher than that tree!" Jen takes her pink towel and dries herself off with it, giving Wes only a dirty look as a reply. He plays it off, playfully punching at her in the air and exclaiming, "C'MON! I bet I can should you a thing or two!" When Wes gently reaches up and brushes both his hands across both chin-sides of her cheeks, Jen is annoyed enough to speak. She asks, "Really?", and Wes tells her with a smirk, "Yeah!" He then tosses a direct punch towards her head, purposely avoiding her face. Jen reacts instinctively, grabbing his arm, and redirects his momentum to swing him around and flip him over! Wes slams against the lawn, letting out an agonized grunt, as this marks the second time today he's had his tailbone fractured. He clutches his back, and looks up at Jen, as she harshly tells him, "Someday, if you'll get UP early enough... maybe you can keep up with me!" She takes her belongings and walks off, leaving Wes lying on the ground. He sits up and watches her head into the direction of the sun. Wes realizes that she's in one of her angstful moods again, and that maybe his carefree attitude isn't what she needs to see right now.

[Opening Credits]

The Prison Ship lies comfortable in the forest around Silver Hills. Within the structure, Frax' metallic voice sounds even more robotic than usual, when he orders, "Begin Reanimation!" The lights flash throughout the room, until the indicator atop the Reanimator switches its colors to green. The door slides open, and a green & yellow mutant steps out from the mist, laughing with a deep growl. Ransik watches this occur, and gives an evil grin of content to what he sees. The mutant, later named Fatcatfish, indeed looks like a freaky catfish. His right arm has been replaced with a gatling gun, and he wears a sort of black visor over his eyes at all times. He also has a large mouth located basically in the middle of his chest, and just below that, a necklace made up of various items hangs. Fatcatfish, or Fatty for short, greets Frax with an unwelcome shove, yelling, "Outta my way, Bolt Brain!" Frax stumbles backwards with a surprised groan. Fatcatfish walks over into the middle of the room, and remarks, "So, Ransik, I see you're back in charge! Excellent!" (apparently, Ransik was out of charge at one point!) Ransik concurs, "Yes.", as he reaches down beneath a block table, and pulls out two silver metal briefcases. He tells the creature, "Now I have a job, for YOU." (In the background, Gluto stands around, seemingly smiling gleefully) Fatcatfish states, "No problem! What's it pay?" Ransik opens up the briefcases, revealing several rows of fresh, crisp, stolen, hundred dollar bills! Nadira, who is sitting nearby in a chair, with a gold haircap on. Seems the chair is one of those with the heated dome at the top, like you see in certain hair salons. A Cyclobot standing behind her gives Nadira a neckrub, while one to her side fans her with her pink feathered fan. A third Cyclobot is crouched down on his hands and knees, playing footstool for the deadly damsel! Nadira's eyes turn from a magazine (named "Weekly" with the picture of a very odd couple on the cover), over to the gaggle of illegal money. She smiles wickedly and gets excited, having always a soft spot for the mean green.

Fatcatfish places his hand down on the stacks of bills (which must hold some position even in the future as valuable currency, given how he knew he wasn't just looking at wads of paper), and remarks, "Yeah, that looks just about right." Ransik quickly slams the case shut, nearly lopping off the mutant's fingers in the process, causing him to yelp, "HEY!" Ransik leans forward and promises, "Half now. The other half when you destroy the Power Rangers!" Fatcatfish covers his large mouth in shock, gasping, "The POWER Rangers?!" Frax clocks in with his two cents, saying, "Certainly a bounty hunter of YOUR reputation will not have a problem with THEM!" Fatcatfish, not wanting to look like a scaredy catfish, confirms, "Of course NOT! I'll pulverize them!" To prove his point, Fatty aims his gatling arm over at the three Cyclobots standing around Nadira. He opens fire, sending sparks and hot lead flying into the trio of robodrones. All three Cyclos tumble onto the floor in literal pieces, explosions ripping out and circuitry visible through various bulletholes. Nadira sits there the whole time laughing loudly as her servants are demolished into scrap; arms, legs, and heads of the robodrones rolling along the floor. Even Ransik finds this sight amusing, as he laughs evilly along with his daughter. Frax is the only one lamenting the loss of the Cyclobots, as he cries softly, "My robots!" Fatcatfish quips, "Yeah! I finally found a good use for 'em: TARGET practice! Huhehehe!" Frax balls his metal fist discontent, as he whispers beneath his metallic breath, "You best not fail or YOU'LL be target practice!" Fatty takes one of the briefcases full of cash with him, and heads for the exit, mentioning, "Well, i'd love to hang around, but I'VE got WORK to do!" Gluto seems quite afraid of the mutant, backing off when he comes his. As Fatty departs, Nadira stands up, gives a determined look, removes her gold haircap, and struts in his direction. Frax wanders towards a pile of Cyclobot, and picks up one of the dismember arms. He stares at the smoking wires dangling from the socket area, and vows, "Such a waste. But MARK my words, there will SOON come a day when ROBOTS will NOT be treated unjustly!" Out in one of the hallway corridors, Fatcatfish barely makes it far before Nadira comes up behind him and shouts, "Oh, Fat-ty!" He halts and asks, "Yeah?" Nadira lets her hair out of the tie she had it in, causing the bright pink wave of locks to drop down upon her shoulders. Nadira gets seductive, as she purrs, "A mutant with CASH is MY kind of mutant!" She lifts her hand and motions with her finger as she offers, "Come on." Fatcatfish is looking to do some swimming upstream, as he excitedly hops to her beck and call, exclaiming, "Whoah! Lead the way!"

Instead of swapping gill-secretions, the two end up near the fountain in the center of Silver Hills. Nadira prances around in her casual black leather attire, with multiple strands of pearls & gold around her neck. She giggles joyously, as her nearly perfectly legal shopping spree continues on its merry way. Fatcatfish is just behind her, struggling to walk as he's carrying an overwhelming supply of numerous shopping bags! Luckily, nobody is around to gasp at the strange green creature in their midst, though you have to wonder what the people in the stores they went to thought. Plus you'd think all stores in Silver Hills would know enough not to sell anything to a woman with bright pink hair and a penchant for leather & mutants. Nadira comments to her bagboy, "I can't TELL you how MUCH I enjoy spending TIME with you! Hehaha! Shall we shop some more?" She admires the gaggle of bracelets around her wrist, and a tiara on the brim of her black hat is also visible. Fatcatfish replies, "GREAT idea! But i'm kinda outta cash." Nadira stops in her tracks, spins around, pulls down her sunglasses and gives him a piercing glare as she asks, "No more.... money?" Fatty covers his face with her swarm of shopping bags, fearing the wrath of a leech-lady cut off from funds. He points out, "But! You've been spending it like there's no tomorrow!" Fatcatfish stammers, as Nadira walks closer to him, and snatches the bags from his possession suddenly! She gives him merely a swift kick in the gut with her black leather spiked boot, causing him to topple over in pain. Nadira groans in frustration, as she squeals, "Get lost, LOSER!" She storms away, leaving Fatty behind to get on his knees and beg loudly, "Nadira, WAIT! T-there's plenty more where that came from! I-i'll get the rest when I destroy the Rangers! Don't GO! Please... come... BACK!" He hops up in down in a tantrum, as Nadira disappears from the scene completely. Anyone else think daddy cut off her allowance, hence her sucking up to the mutant of the day for some ends?

Anyway, Fatcatfish turns his loss into his gain, by similarly turning his gatling arm over into the air and growling, "NOW i'm MAD!" He fires away, shooting at a tall building complex nearby. Instead, he misses it, and ends up blowing up the same old stock footage of the glass tower & series of warehouses we've seen billions of time before. Fatty stands pleased and laughing deeply, as he notes, "THIS is gonna be EASY!" The presence of a mutant in the city has finally gained the Rangers' attention, as they've apparently Morphed offscreen, and taken the Time Jet into town. We see the five of them plunging off the side of a building, after having leaped off the Time Jet like they've done before (a CCed line which was cut has one of our heroes yelling out the monster's name for the first time as they fall, removed since they aren't supposed to know his name yet!). Pink Time Force Ranger is the first to land in the courtyard. She has her V-5 cannon out, and aims it at the monster, shouting, "You're under arrest!" Fatcatfish turns around and gasps, "Huh?! Power Rangers!?" The other four Time Force Rangers stand, weaponless, behind Jen, as she aims her cannon at the mutant and orders, "DON'T move! I've got you covered!" Fatty raises his arms and slowly turns his back on them, admitting in an honest voice, "Okay, okay! You caught me, fair & square! I'm not gonna cause ANY trouble." Pink Ranger lowers her V-5, baffled by the mutant's behavior as she wonders, "Huh?!" Fatcatfish quickly turns back around, and yells, "Sorry!", before firing his gatling arm! All five Rangers, with Jen getting the burst-inducing brunt, are struck by the monster's rapid-fire attack. They drop down injured, allowing Fatcatfish to begin gloating. He calls out, with his gun-arm aimed at them, "So, Pink Ranger. We meet AGAIN!" (How does he know what the girl beneath looks like? Is he guessing simply on sound of voice, or is it some kind of bounty hunting sense of smell?) Jen's memory is jogged by this remark, as she recalls, "I remember YOU! You tried to destroy Alex & me!" (CC's read her line differently: "So it seems, and i'll take you down again!") Instantly, we see an all new flashback to the year 3000!

The screen goes black & white, as we see Fatcatfish, sans his necklace and black & gold patch, rushes through the city, laughing psychotically. Alex, Wes' dark haired possible descendant, demands, "FREEZE!" Fatty does just that, stopping and firing his gatling arm at him. Alex hops out of his custom Time Force Policecar, with Jen coming out of the passenger side and sliding over the hood with her Chrono-Blaster out. Explosions from the mutant's attack burst all around the back of the parked vehicle, none striking the two TF Officers. Alex also has his Chrono-Blaster out, aiming it steadily at his perp (notice, Alex has his Chrono-Morpher on! Jen obviously doesn't). Side by side, Jen & Alex unload a full round of laserblasts into Fatcatfish. He's bombarded by explosions, until he falls to the ground dazed. Alex lowers his weapon and looks to Jen, who keeps hers held upward at the ready. They give each other happy glances, before Alex rushes over and orders Fatty to get, "On your feet!" Alex grabs the struggling mutant and restrains him, taking the time out to look over to Jen and exchange smiles. The flashback to the future ends, with the Time Force Rangers still lying on the ground, listening to Jen's conversation with the monster. Pink Ranger staggers to her feet, and asks, "Didn't you learn your lesson LAST time, Fatcatfish!?" Fatty boasts, "Yeah! I learned that you and your boyfriend got LUCKY then! Hehahaha! YOU won't be so lucky THIS time around! And, what's this? Your boyfriend's not here? Awwww!" He feigns crying for a moment, soon turning it into mocking laughter. Fatcatfish continues, "Yeah, I remember now! RANSIK destroyed him! How did THAT feel, PINKY?!" (the only explanation I can think of for this, is Nadira mentioned it to him on the shopping spree, yet failed to mention Alex was her fiance now!) Jen is stunned by his cruel remarks, so much so that she's unable to move a muscle. Her teammate leap back onto their feet, with Red Ranger promising, "You're going DOWN!" to the monster. The four Rangers dart into action with Fatty. Blue Ranger is first to engage in combat with him, as Red seems to slip by him. Lucas throws a few punches in, but winds up falling to the ground, allowing Fatty to stomp his spurred feet onto his chest. Fatcatfish gloats, "Hahahaha! This is TOO easy!" Pink Ranger remains crouched in her spot, gasping only, "No!", as she watches her friends tangle with the creature.

The other three Rangers whip their Chrono-Sabers out, but fail to properly use them. Green Ranger gets the gatling-arm bashed through his chest, leading into Red Ranger getting chest-sparked by Fatty's normal left hand! Blue Ranger rolls out from under the mutant's feet during this, and Yellow Ranger avoids all conflict. Fatcatfish lets out a howl of triumphant laughter, basking in the glow of the sparks he's bursted from our heroes. Jen mourns, calling out her long lost love's name, "Alex...!" Another flashback occurs, this time a condensed version of TF Ep 1's final scenes, with Jen coming up the stairs, seeing Alex killed offscreen, shouting "Nooooo!", and then holding him in her arms as he dies and they collectively state, "You and me... forever!" The flashback ends with Alex's hand dropping dead. Pink Ranger, clenches her pink fist on the ground and cries, "NO!" Jen clutches her injured leg as she stands up, and swears avengfully, "I WON'T let his DEATH be in vain!" (the first time Alex's been called dead in those words, and the first real time that word's EVER been used at all on the series!; Though, the Closed Captions read otherwise: "No! You will pay for what you said.") Jen suddenly calls upon her Chrono-Saber, crosses the blades together, and screams, "Pink Ranger, Time Force!" She lets out a bloodcurdling wail, as she charges towards Fatcatfish with her Sabers held outward. Her teammates barely spot her in time, each narrowly leaping out of her revengeful way! Pink Ranger bashes her blades viciously in Fatty, striking him continuously while letting out a nonstop shout. The other four Rangers roll away and regroup, with Trip asking Katie, "Woah! What's gotten into Jen?!" Pink Ranger slams her Sabers into the mutant a few more times, ending it with both pointed ends poking him with such force that he's hurled backwards into an abandoned construction area!

Jen then changes weapons, pulling out her V-5 once again, though this time she's filled with wrath. Her teammates rush up and try to stop her, Wes grabbing the cannon itself and begging, "Jen, STOP! What're you doing?!" Jen gives both him, Trip, and Katie (who must not have been using her full strength), a firm shove, breaking free of their grasp and sending them stumbling. She screams, "Let... GO of ME!", and once they're off, she braces V-5 against her shoulder, and states viciously, "He DESERVES this." Fatcatfish remains lying in the rubble, groaning innocently as he lies within her sights. Lucas, the only one of her pals to wait around for the right moment to jump in, tries to reason with her, as he grabs V-5 and holds it down and says, "Jen, stop this!" She orders, "Let GO!", struggling angrily with her teammate as much as she can. Lucas points out, "Your blaster's set on 'Destroy'!" (the other setting is likely 'Annoy') Jen pushes him off with a shove of her weapon, causing him to stagger away, as she notes, "I KNOW!" Fatcatfish recovers to his feet, and tries running away, but doesn't make it far enough. Pink Ranger fires V-5 at him without hesitation, though the trajectory of the blast is knocked off some by Blue Ranger's last minute interference. The explosion rips into the post behind Fatty, causing the mutant to be sprayed with debris. Lucas attempts to no avail to pry V-5 from Jen's determined fingers. The others regroup around them; Wes urges, "C'mon! Give us the blaster!"; Trip pleads, "Jen, you can't DO this!" Fatcatfish stutters, "Dahh, I think I hear my mother calling! Whooaaahh!" He runs away from the area as quickly as he can, retreating before Pink Ranger can turn him into a tuna sandwich. Green Ranger points this out to Yellow, "Hey! He's getting away!" Katie ceases helping to relieve Jen of her weapon, looking over and commenting, "What? Oh no!" Lucas finally gets V-5 out of Jen's hands, as she the rage suddenly leaves her body, causing her to collapse limply onto her knees with an empty sigh. Blue Ranger demands to know, "What did you think you were doing?! You almost DESTROYED him!" Jen replies between pants, "That's what I WANTED." Wes gasps in disbelief, "What?!" Pink Ranger beats her gloved fists against the ground, vowing mercilessly, "I'll find him again, and then i'll FINISH him!"


In an alleyway in the city, Fatcatfish (now missing his necklace of charms!) staggers backwards as quickly as he can, watching his back to be sure Pink Ranger isn't following. He puts it simply between his fearful groans, "That girl's WHACKED!" He's not alone in the alley, as Frax appears on the scene, gloating in his metallic tone, "Fatcatfish! Is the fearless bounty hunter REALLY running scared from a little GIRRRRL?!" Fatty tries to argue, "Well, ya see..." Frax, waving a handkerchief in his hand, walks around the yellow-bellied mutant, and stresses, "I wonder what RANSIK would do if I told him what a coward you are. Actually... It would be quite ENJOYABLE to watch him tear you, limb from limb! Hehehehe!" Fatcatfish stands there, whimpering and chewing on his fingernails. Once the henchbot finishes his speech, Fatty acts friendly, stating, "Come on now, Fraxie! Ah, y-you wouldn't want to go and do THAT! Eh ah, w-we got to stick together! Mutants & Robots! Best of friends!" He pats Frax on the shoulder, then shakes his snotrag-holding hand. Frax stares down at the hand, and lets out a reverberating, "Hmmmmm!" He takes his hanky, flips it over & drapes it across his left arm, and sarcastically promises, "Don't worry! I wouldn't THINK of finking on my "Best Buddy"!" (Frax even gives a quotation mark gesture with his fingers at the appropriate spot!) Fatcatfish breathes a sigh of relief, saying, "Ahh! That's the spirit! You had me worried there for a second! See ya!" They exchange thumbs up, and once Fatty turns around and walks off, Frax says in an ominously low voice, "You can COUNT on it." Fatcatfish remarks to himself as he leaves, "What a fool! HA!" Frax has a similar frame of mind, also remarking to himself, "What a FOOL!" He then reaches around behind his right leg, and removes a small white square card, with a gold circle on the surface. Frax holds the flat device outward, pointing the gold circle at the departing Fatty. A flash of light shoots off from the surface, attracting a copy of the mutant to be recorded into the card. Frax then peers down at the card, holding it in his palm, and causing a small, 360-degree, spinning hologram image of Fatcatfish to appear. He explains what it is, "My voice and image replicator will come in handy." Frax lets out a high-pitched and hearty laugh, "HAH HA!", as his facial components snap open suddenly, revealing his glowing red eyes and gaping metal maw.

Soon, we find Jen relaxing by the lake, sitting on a bench overlooking the water. It's rather crowded this time of day, with plenty of kids and adults frolicking in the breeze. Jen, in her usual attire, sits somberly, the recent mention of her deceased love having ignited bad feelings she had been able to keep pretty well hidden. She looks over and spots a man & woman not too far in front of her. The woman seems happy, looks at her hand, and then hugs the man, nearly kissing his cheek (CC's do it again, revealing the lady originally said, "Uh-huh! Of course i'll marry you!"). Jen, inspired by this touching Kodak moment, flashes back to TF Ep 1 when Alex placed the ring on her finger, and she gave him a giggling hug. The flashback ends as quickly as it begins, leaving Jen mourning even deeper, prompting her to play with her engagement ring. As she's distracted with this, just around the corner, Frax readies the replicator card betwixt his fingers. With a twitch of his digits, the card zips off into the air perfectly, in Jen's direction. She snaps out of her fixation on her ring quick enough to spot the card spinning her way. Jen snatches it up in midair, having barely missed her head by less than inches. She looks towards the area the card was thrown from, finding no sign of any source to the tossing. Jen holds the card, with the golden disc side-up, as if she recognizes the technology. A spinning digital hologram image of Fatcatfish appears, and speaks in his voice, "Here's the deal! You leave me alone and i'll give you Ransik. But you're gonna owe me! He'll be at the old warehouse tonight." Jen, shocked by the mutant's backstabbing revelation, says in disbelief, "Tonight?!" The hologram ends, she tilts the card back, and continues looking around to find where it was thrown from. Jen's unable to see, but we're privy to the true benefactor of the replicator, Frax himself! The golden mutated Crow T. Robot is behind a tall bush, spying on Jen's predictable reaction to the invitation. He turns away and remarks to himself, "PERFECT! Hehehehe!", before departing unseen. Jen stands up from the bench, clutching the card as she seeks the person who sent it, as the wind whips through her hair.

A nice nighttime shot of the Clock Tower's clockface level exterior sets the next scene, with a cloudy sky in front of it, and the moon in its last quarter. There's an owl hooting in the background, though I doubt it's Circuit. Ever wonder what the sleeping arrangements in the Clock Tower are? Now it can be told! We find the pajama-wearing Katie & Jen sleeping next to each other, both lying down on a pair of sleeping bags with loads of blankets atop. Their sleeping area appears to be on the opposite side of the upper level on the top floor, while the guys sleep next to each over on the other side of the vast room. I doubt there's much privacy given the fact there's no doors or walls around. Anyway, Katie tosses in her sleep, and lets loose a few bellows of snoring. Jen, either having faked being asleep or having just woken up, opens her eyes and watches as her teammate disrupts any attempt at a good night's rest. Notice, both wear their Chrono-Morphers in bed, so it seems the whole team must suffer from bad marks on their wrists. Jen is sure that Katie is deep asleep, so the time has come to sneak out. She gets up and heads across the center area, until she reaches a closet, the wooden door squeaking. Oddly, there's a light constantly on inside the closet, despite how it's totally dark in the room outside. In the closet, on hangers, are the team's four Time Force Police Uniforms! Jen reaches in, and takes the second one, peeking at the badge for a moment to be sure it's hers. She slips her arm into the sleeve of the white jumpsuit, pulls the back of the jacket over the custom black shirt which goes underneath. Zips it up, snaps the belt together, sticks a Chrono-Blasters in the holster, and a second one in the belt behind the small of her back! Finally, Jen yanks her hair into a clip for her stern & serious ponytail. She heads off, leaving the bright closet door wide open, and her pink patterned pajamas lying on the back of a chair.

Soon, at the old warehouse (which doesn't appear to be all that old, honestly), the exit door opens up. Ransik steps through, with Frax right behind him, and a load of Cyclobots behind him. Fatcatfish is awaiting inside the expansive room, filled with cardboard boxes, crates, and even a car which looks to have been in the middle of being stripped. Ransik demands to know, "What do you want to see me about!?" Fatcatfish rushes over to meet him in the center of the room, begging desperately, "Oh! Listen, Ransik! Please don't do anything rash! I promise I can explain everything i-if you-u can just give me a chance to..." The mutant suddenly realizes, "Huh!? HEY, wait a minute. I didn't want to see YOU, Frax said YOU wanted to see ME!" Ransik turns and looks to his right-hand (and I mean that, Frax only has a right hand! HA!) henchbot, his expression urging for answers. Frax says in an honest tone, "I have no idea what he is talking about, Master!" Ransik, more likely to believe his close employee than a mutant du jour, turns back to Fatcatfish, his eyes widened with anger. Fatty, double crossed, exclaims, "What!? Why, you backstabbin', boltbrained, good for nothin'..." His rant on Frax gets cut off, when the sound of the exit door slamming open and Jen ordering, "FREEZE!" pounds into the warehouse. Jen stands there, in her white TF Jumpsuit, with both hands clenching her Chrono-Blaster, aimed directly at the trio of mutants before her. The door shuts behind her, as she enters closer and informs everyone there, "You're ALL under arrest!" Frax feigns shock, gasping, "But... but HOW!?" Jen rats on the cat, as she notes, "Thank you for the tip, Fatcatfish. But I don't 'owe' you ANYTHING." Fatty begins to squirm, as he recalls no such deal, and knows nobody is going to believe him now. Ransik turns back to the mutant, grabbing him and yells, "So you made a DEAL, to turn me in and save your own HIDE?!" Fatty can't get a word in edgewise, simply stammering, before Ransik gives him a mighty shove. Fatcatfish is knocked into a stack of boxes, prompting Frax to chuckle diabolically to himself. Jen slowly walks deeper into the room, her Blaster held steadily. A Cyclobot is able to sneak around a grouping of crates, with his own Saber-Blaster in hand. The robodrone aims the weapon at the TF Officer, but before he can fire, Jen looks over and catches a glimpse of the Cyclo. She reacts on instinct, rushing out of the way by hopping on a box and rolling over the top of an abandoned vehicle as laserblasts strike around her.

When she finishes rolling over to the other side of the car, a Cyclobot is waiting, kicking her swiftly in the chest! Jen is thrown back against a stack of boxes, but remains standing, and engages another Cyclobot (the one who kicked her was a golden bot, this one a silver) in combat. She grabs his arms and gives him a quick kneeing into the armpit, before tossing him into the air. His back slams against the end of the car's hood, taking at least this Cyclobot out of commission for now. The action fails to cease, as Jen takes on several Cyclos at once. One tries throwing a blue barrel at her, but she ducks out of the way. She quickly responds by firing her Chrono-Blaster at that Cyclobot, the pink blast hitting him in the chest and sending him flying across the room into a rack of tires! Another Cyclobot then picks her up from her crouching position, and slams her against the roof of the car. She grunts, but breaks out of his grip by twisting her leg around and kicking him on the back! Jen pushes him aside and kicks him away, then turning and kicking yet another Cyclo over. One more tries to strike with its Saber, but she opens the car's door, causing the robodrone to slash at the metal door instead. Sparks burst up into its noggin, allowing Jen to kick her foot through the open window of the open door, and knock the bot down. A Cyclobot behind her kicks a large barrel in her direction. She leaps back onto the car's hood, avoids the barrel, steps on the top of it, and kicks the Cyclobot in return. He's knocked senseless into the tower of boxes, only to have another Cyclo rush past him with his Saber swinging about. Jen notices this, and the moment that Cyclobot strikes its Saber into the barrel, causing sparks, she does a massive spinning twirl into the air. She lands only one foot onto the edge of the hood, hurling her back into the air, as she grabs the second Chrono-Blaster from behind her back. Jen aims both Blasters out into the crowd of Cyclobots, spreading her legs wide as she falls to the ground, unloading multiple rounds of pure pink energy bursts! Even when she lands her ample rear-end onto a rolling oil-check board, she never stops firing the twin Blasters into the air. Nearby, Fatcatfish, who had been hiding out from the fight, stands up and wipes her visored brow, remarking, "WHOAH! THAT was close!" He hightails it out of there, racing through a set of Cyclobots and screaming, "Get outta my WAY!" Frax orders the robodrones, "STOP the traitor! He's getting AWAY!"

Back at the Clock Tower, Wes comes down the steps from the top level of the top floor, rubbing his arms from a deep chill. He yawns and groans, either having woken up extra early to heed Jen's earlier advice, or because he's freezing his rich buns off. Wes looks around, the room only lit by moonlight, and from the open closet door. He suddenly spots Jen's pajamas lying on the chair, and walks over to them as he rubs his hands together. Wes picks them up, and says aloud, "Jen!?", likely thinking to himself that she's somewhere nearby quite naked. When he looks up and notices the open closet door with the missing Time Force Uniform, her whereabouts become an urgent matter. At the old warehouse, Jen slides off the rolling board, and quickly aims both Chrono-Blasters up at more of the Cyclobots. Her focus on venting her frustrations on the robodrones blinds her to the fact Ransik has taken an interest with getting into battle. He pops up next to her, and kicks both Blasters out of her hands! Jen's stunned, only to have Ransik then punch her in the gut with his cyborg left arm (which, I just realized, is oddly entirely covered by a long black leather sleeve for a change, with not a hint of silver metal peeking through!), followed by a bash to her upper back by his mutated right arm. She'd held painfully in place, as he then knees her in the gut two more times, and leads her up against a barrel. Jen can only let out cries of agony, as the towering mutant overpowers her. Ransik, meanwhile, can only snicker sinisterly as he enjoys beating her severely. He then shoves her into a rack of tires, causing her to slam into them, before falling onto the cement floor harshly. Ransik lets loose a loud bit of lunatic laughter, smiling evilly while he walks over to agonized Jen. He nearly steps on her face (and barely avoids stomping a chunk of her hair), as he reaches down and pulls her up by her arm. Jen, the only expression on her face that of intense pain, is helplessly drawn back onto her feet. Ransik chuckles sadistically while looking at her, which prompts Jen to attempt to throw a punch at him. The mutant master blocks her hit with his left hand, clenching her fist inside of his own metal one. She cries out loudly, as he laughingly lowers her arm slowly, crushing her fingers all the while. Ransik leans in, almost like he's about to kiss her, before letting her loose and spinning her body around. He then kicks her right in the breasts, causing her to go flying into a stack of boxes.

Jen lies on the ground, almost in tears, her face bruised and covered in dirt. Ransik slowly approaches, continuing to laugh wickedly, as he yanks a bonesword out of the top of his spine! Jen finally opens her eyes, and sees him heading her way. She sits up against the boxes behind her, and can do nothing but wait as she prepares to join her fiance in the afterlife. Ransik gloatingly comments, "Oh. I should have done THIS a LONG time ago. Hahahah!" Jen doesn't even flinch as he raises his sword in the air. Ransik is about to slice into her fatally, when he screams, "AHHH!" His arm is frozen in place, his muscles suddenly spasming without warning. Ransik grabs his right arm with his left, and between bloodcurdling screams, he shouts, "I need my serum!" Jen is a reluctant witness to this, confused as to what is going on. Ransik holds his right arm tightly, his eyes wide, as his hand gives out and drops the bonesword onto the floor a few feet away from Jen's legs. She tenses up, frightenedly pulling her feet closer to her body, before squinting from a sharp burst of pain. Ransik loses all sight of his goal for killing the Pink Ranger, instead turning around and screamingly constantly. The sound of a squishy, flesh-ripping mutation echoes in the background. Ransik drops to his knees in front of a crate, to which he holds his right arm across the top. We see a close up of the skin, as it bubbles up, expands & decreases in shape, and apparently melts, causing Ransik just about as much pain as he inflicted on Jen. He screams more, and boy does he scream. Just then, the exit door opens up, and the four other Time Force Rangers, all Morphed, enter without hesitation. It's unclear how they knew to come there, but I kinda suspect they might have found the replicator card at the Clock Tower. Red Ranger yells, "Jen! Where are you?!" Ransik's groaning leads Wes over to the corner, where he spots Jen leaning against the boxes, staring at them wearily. Wes slides over the hood of the abandoned car (his teammates simply run around it), as he shouts, "Jen!" The four rush to her side, with Yellow Ranger gasping, "Jen, oh no!" Red Ranger puts a hand on her shoulders gently, with another cradling her neck, as he asks, "Jen, are you alright? Jen, speak to me!" Jen nods slightly, before shutting her eyes and passing out in his arms. Katie notes the amount of scratches and bruises on her teammate, "She's hurt!" Green Ranger stresses, "We gotta get her home!" Katie & Wes each take one of Jen's arms, and wrap them around their necks, as they drag her to her feet. Trip joins Lucas in front, both in fighting stances, facing Ransik & Frax. Blue Ranger urges his teammates, "Get out of here, guys! We'll cover!" Ransik, still kneeling before the crate, screams, "FRAX! AAH! MY SERUM! AHHHH!" Frax comforts him with a few pats on the hand, stating, "Yes, Master. I've brought some. Here you... here you go!" We don't see any serum whatsoever, but Frax does place his left-clawed hand against Ransik, which means he must have injected him with the anti-mutation formula. Ransik, reinvigorated slightly, looks back and sees the five Power Rangers fleeing the warehouse. He quickly stands up, still holding his right hand with his left one, and between grunts & screams, shoots off a beam of gold & blue energy from his right hand! The beam strikes just behind the four Rangers, as they aid the barely conscious Jen in staggering away. Sparking explosions blast about, but fail to slow our heroes down from helping their team member and friend.


Another smooth new Clock Tower exterior shot is shown, this time a straight-on to the clockface scene. We see the skyline of Silver Hills behind it, dozens of skyscrapers and office buildings. The sky is quite cloudy & dark, with the sun barely peeking out behind them, as it's apparently quite early in the morning. Inside the CT, Jen, in need of a head CT, opens her eyes at last. She has a white bandage around her forehead, and a Band-Aid on her right cheek. Jen's got her workout outfit on, somehow! Her lips look a little bit swollen, and she's in need of some waxing as well. She turns her head slowly, before lifting herself up into a sitting position. Jen has a bandage around her left bicep, while another bandage is around her right forearm. She grunts quietly, her whole body sore. Jen looks around, and notices that, not only has her pals made a bed for her on the top of their table, but Wes has spent the night by her side! He's sitting in a chair, with his head resting on his left arm right next to her, and his right hand holding hers tightly. Jen is speechless at the sight of Wes' compassion for her. She even seems to forget her pain for a moment, as she looks down at his sleeping head, smiling slightly at what she sees. Jen pulls her hand out from under his, before touching the top of his in a show of returning the caring gesture. Meanwhile, in downtown Silver Hills, Frax has somehow been lured out to meet with Fatcatfish! The golden robot is shoved against a lamppost by the angry mutant, causing him to plead, "Wait! You've got it ALL wrong!" Fatty aims his gatling arm at Frax's face, and boasts, "HA! You thought a pathetic robot like YOU could double-cross ME?! Why, i'll melt ya into a DOORKNOB!" Notice, Fatcatfish is now wearing his necklace again for the first time since the battle back in the first segment of the episode. His roughing up of Frax gets cut short, when the Pink Time Force Ranger, riding the Time Jet solo through the air, zooms in and fires the front cannon at the both of them. Fatcatfish takes the brunt of the blasts, allowing Frax to duck down safely amid the sparking & smoke. The Pink Ranger flips off of the Time Jet, and lands before the dazed mutant, pointing out, "You and I have some unfinished business!" Frax makes an excuse to escape, "I think I left the teapot on!" Fatcatfish pays him no mind, simply replying to Jen, "MY pleasure!" He aims his gatling arm at her, and fires away. The Pink Ranger ducks down and rolls to avoids the concussive bolts, before racing towards the mutant and throwing a couple of kicks into him. Frax is shown one last time, whimpering as he runs away, oddly not having teleported yet. Jen kicks and punches Fatty furiously, despite how he's able to block most of the hits with his large arms.

At the Clock Tower, Wes' arm slips off of the makeshift table-bed, causing him to jolt out of his snooze. He rubs his nostrils for a second, until he notices Jen is missing! His leather jacket, which had been lying on the bed earlier, must have been placed over Wes by Jen between scenes. Wes scrambles his hands over the sheets, groggily looking for her (he even checks under the table, like she might have rolled off). His jacket falls off his back, and he gasps, "She's gone!" Wes stands up quickly and shouts, "Hey, Guys! Guys, get up! She's gone!" (Wes has his standard outfit on, while the others are all back in pajamas) Katie wakes up suddenly, as do Lucas & Trip, lifting their heads and looking down to the impatient Wes (Circuit must be offline quite often to allow Jen to sneak out as much as he has). Back in the city, Fatcatfish falls on the ground, his body smoking from an attack. Pink Ranger leaps over to him, and sticks V-5 in his face at pointblank range, ordering, "Hold it right THERE!" Fatty wipes his visor like he's crying, as he sobs in the face of destruction, "Please have mercy, Pink Ranger!" Jen towers over the mutant, stating angrily, "I'll give you the SAME mercy Ransik gave Alex!" The other four Time Force Rangers, likely having tracked her there via the Time Jet, race onto the scene. They pause in their tracks at the sight of their leader about to kill a mutant in cold blood. They're still in the distance from her, with Red Ranger pleading, "Jen, NO! STOP!" Green Ranger holds his hands up cautionally, and begs, "Don't fire! You gotta think this thing through!" Pink Ranger, holding V-5 steadily towards Fatcatfish, turns her head only slightly, before saying coldly, "Save it! This guy deserves whatever I can GIVE him." Blue Ranger notes, "You'll be the same as them!" Fatty tries to lie his way out of thing like always, nervously telling her, "Come on, now. You know i'd never REALLY do anything to you! W-e're buddies, right!?" Jen replies mercilessly, "We're not even CLOSE to buddies, SLIME!" Yellow Ranger tries to appeal to her teammate's sense of honor by saying, "Jen, you're TIME FORCE! You're sworn to bring him back ALIVE!" Pink Ranger ignores her duties as an officer, and stresses, "THIS time, it is PERSONAL!"

Pink Ranger aims V-5 deeper into Fatcatfish's face, causing the mutant to shiver terribly. Jen reads him his list of charges, "You tried to DESTROY me and Alex! You're as evil as Ransik, and it's TIME for you to PAY!" Fatty groans frightenedly, as Jen's finger grips closer to the trigger underneath the cannon. Red Rangers steps forward and speaks up understandingly, "Wait, Jen! You're right!" Blue Ranger says with surprise, "She IS!?" Wes reasons with her as best he can, "You've got every REASON to want revenge. But I wonder... WHAT would ALEX do?" Pink Ranger pauses from her vengeful stance for but a moment, before realizing calmly, "He'd say, 'Everything by the book.'" Fatcatfish moans a little, until Jen lifts V-5 away from his face, and releases her grip on the handle. She sighs in defeat by her senses and honor to the man she loved, "All right." The four Time Force Ranger breathe a collective breath of relief, all slumping down or falling to the ground from the tenseness of the situation. Wes notes, "You made the RIGHT choice, Jen." Trip puts his hands to his helmet and begs, "PLEASE do NOT scare us like that again! Whew!" Lucas rubs his shoulder and says, "Yeah, it's too MUCH!" Katie concurs, "You could say THAT again!" Fatcatfish takes advantage of the lull, by pushing V-5's barrel out of his direction, and lifting his gatling arm in the air, striking Pink Ranger on the chest with it! Jen rolls over and regroups with her team; Wes helps her remain steady on her feet. Fatty stands up and remarks, "You should'a FINISHED me when you had the CHANCE!" Pink Ranger holds her badge outward, causing it to gleam with a golden light, as she shouts, "TIME FORCE! You're under arrest!" Fatcatfish appears stunned, as Jen whips out her Chrono-Saber, connects them together into double-blade form, and leaps into the air. She aims one end of it at the mutant, firing off a blast of pink power into him before he can react. Jen lands perfectly, hyah-ing vigorously. Fatcatfish recovers from the attack, and asks (as the camera zooms into his necklace), "Is that ALL you got?!" Pink Ranger runs her finger along the blade of her Chrono-Saber, as she commands, "FULL POWER!" She gives him two straight slashes of pink energy, ripping into his body directly. Fatty cries in pain, as his body explodes. Jen stands in front of the eruption, posing triumphantly, and oddly gripping in her hand what looks to be a bracelet swiped from his necklace! She turns around, and states, "It's OVER." Her teammates regroup with her, and Wes confirms, "Yeah!"

Fatcatfish continues sparking nonstop, prompting him to slide his hand over the gold & black patch on his belly, pulling it off. The purple stripped skin beneath is exposed, causing a chain reaction on his mutant DNA to occur. His body expands massively before their eyes, with Fatty noting, "It's NOT over, not by a LONGSHOT!" Pink Ranger sees the grown creature, and gasps, "Whoah!", before shouting into her Chrono-Morpher, "Circuit! We NEED you!" Inside the Clock Tower, the robotic owl named Circuit is sitting on his perch. He informs her, "The Megazord's on the way, Jen!" Indeed it is, as we see the year 3000, and on the launchpad, one of the Time Flyers is already in place. The Trans-Warp Megazord already has its arm up, and swings it smoothly into the position to launch the Flyer. All five Time Flyers are shot into the Time Gate, each entering the vortex one at a time. They pass through the multicolored time tunnel, and exit through the usual spot atop the domed stadium. The five Rangers then hop into the cockpits, with Pink Ranger commanding her ever overused line of, "Let's DO it!" The quintet of Time Flyers soar through the sky above the city, flanking together into the v-shaped Megaship style Time Force Megazord in Jet Mode! It zooms towards the center of town, streaking past hundreds of clouds. Fatcatfish sees the huge craft heading his way, and begins to fire at it with his gatling arm. Each blast is avoided thanks to the sheer speed of Jet Mode. Inside the standing control room, Red Ranger initiates, "Cyclone Defense!" Jet Mode begins to curve its trajectory of travel, into a tight loop, creating a whirlwind of dust and dirt in the center. Fatty's stunned by the sight of this instant tornado, as it's drawn closer & closer to him by the constantly circling Jet Mode. The mutant fires his gatling arm at the twister, though all attacks are merely deflected by the intense updraft. A gust of wind blasts back by slamming into Fatcatfish, nearly knocking him over, and keeping his hands busily held outward to try in vain to block the rapid air. Jet Mode cuts off from the cyclone, and shoots towards the mutant, firing its lasers at full blast into him. Fatty sparks intensively from this attack, quite so.

In the control room, Red Ranger calls for, "Megazord Mode Red, NOW!" The Time Flyers try another configuration, this one being the standard predominantly red combination. Red Mode pops its Saber out of the chest gem portal, and readies for action. Wes hands the remote Saber over to the Pink Ranger, offering, "Jen, this one's for you. C'mon." Jen takes it, and bids, "Thanks" as she steps forward to use it. She looks out of the front window, and witnesses Fatcatfish stumbling around in a daze from the recent bombardment. Pink Ranger holds the remote Saber in the air, causing the side blades to drop as she summons, "Megazord Saber, FULL POWER!" Red Mode copies her movements, creating a green clockface with its own Saber. Jen grips the Saber and shouts, "YOUR time, is UP!" She rips the weapon into the air, cutting a flash of gold & black energy in the blade's wake. Red Mode mimics this, its eyes flashing green as it slashes its Saber through Fatty's body. Fatcatfish screams as he's struck, and his mutant DNA retracts to the smallest possible point. Soon at the park (time unknown, since Jen is shown in her usual casual outfit, rather than the workout outfit from earlier), Jen reaches down to the ground, unmorphed, and picks up the tiny Chrono-Frozen body of Fatcatfish. She tells him, "You're under arrest", as she places him in an already materialized capsule tube. Wes walks over and closes the lid for her, the two then looking at each other and sharing a quiet moment. He gives her a smile, to which she gladly returns (also of note, all her bandages & Band-Aids are gone, yet the bloody marks remain). Their staring into each other's eyes ends when Lucas says, "Good job, guys!" She turns to see her other three teammates standing nearby, all smiling as well. Wes puts his arm around Jen, and tells her, "C'mon! Let's go home." Jen smiles wider, and walks off with him.


The usual palm tree laden upwards exterior shot of the Clock Tower appears. Inside the top floor, Trip sticks the capsule tube holding Fatcatfish onto the upper shelf within the lockup freezer. Trip snickers, "Home you enjoy your stay!", before shutting the door and sealing it tight. He turns and notes to Lucas, "That's ONE more down!" Katie enthusiastically grabs Trip by the shoulders, shaking him excitedly while commenting, "Hehehe! And SOMEDAY, we'll put RANSIK in there, too!" Lucas, his calmness in contrast to their happiness, simply replies, "Let's hope it's soon." Outside on the balcony, Jen sits beside the gargoyles, and gazes at the city below, her newfound calmness in contrast to her behavior earlier in the episode. She doesn't sit along for long, when Wes pops up in the window behind her and says, "I know i'm not Alex." Jen turns around, and decides to come in. Wes takes her hand, and helps her reenter the building gently. Jen, as she steps back down into the room, tells Wes, "But I don't want you to be like him. In fact..." She bites her lip, and finally admits, "I like you just the way you are." Wes exclaims joyously, "You DO!?" Jen nods slowly, and confirms, "Yeah, I do." Wes is ecstatic over this admission that she's accepted him as a person. He smiles as widely as possible, and shouts to the top of his lungs, "Heheheh! YE-ES! YES! Woo-hoo-HOO!" Just around the corner, Trip's crouched down and peeking over at them. Katie is leaning above him, and Lucas is leaning over above her. They watch, seeing Wes & Jen holding hands (as they failed to detach after he helped her down). Wes then reaches around and gives her a deep hug, which, noticeable by the awkwardness in her hands, she seems quite uncomfortable about. The three Time Force Stooges end up knocking over a barrel, caused by their leaning against it. Katie & Trip fall onto the floor, while Lucas is able to remain standing. They're caught red handed in spying by Wes & Jen, though Lucas starts whistling and trying to act inconspicuous. Katie helps Trip up, while never once letting her eyes off the apparent lovebirds. Wes & Jen just a moment earlier reconnected their hands together. Jen realizes their pals are watching, and quickly breaks connection and pushes Wes away! Katie smiles and looks at Trip, telling him in a mocking tone, "I like you JUST the way you are!" Trip gives a mock voice as well, "You DO!?" Wes find this amusing, while Jen appears quite angered. Katie confirms Trip's remark, "Yes!" She opens her arms wide and shouts to Trip, "WES!" Trip opens his arms as well and yells to Katie, "JEN!" They both grab each other and hug, sighing lovingly. Jen points her fingers at them and rushes towards them. Wes urges the two to, "Run! RUN!" Trip & Katie break off their mimicking, with Trip racing off in one direction, and Katie in another. Jen follows her fellow female, chasing her around a wall playfully. Lucas merely stands there with his arms folded and a smirk on his face. Katie rushes past him, and his arms cease their holding due to her close proximity. Jen keeps on Katie's tail, prepared to pounce the super-strong woman for those overblown remarks.

[Scenes from "The Time Shadow"; End Credits]

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