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Power Rangers Wild Force
Original Air Date:2/9/02
[Note: Debuted as a one-hour special, along with the second episode.]
Footage and Most Story Elements From:
Gaoranger #01 - - Shishi, Hoeru!!(The Lion, Roars!!)
*Season 10, bite 1
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1201
*01st episode of PRWF
*419th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: William Winkler Director: Koichi Sakamoto
Starring Cast:
Ricardo Medina, Jr. _AS_ Cole (Red Ranger)
Alyson Kiperman _AS_ Taylor (Yellow Ranger)
Phillip Jeanmarie _AS_ Max (Blue Ranger)
Jessica Rey _AS_ Alyssa (White Ranger)
Jack Guzman _AS_ Danny (Black Ranger)
Ann Marie Crouch _AS_ Princess Shayla
Sin Wong _AS_ Toxica
Additional Cast:
Roberto Gutierrez _AS_ Tribal Boy
Wendall W. Wright _AS_ Tribal Leader
Danny Wayne Stallcup _AS_ Jindrax (human & monster forms)
Richard Cansino _AS_ Jindrax (voice)
Steve Kramer _AS_ Turbine Org (voice)
Tom Wyner _AS_ Plug Org (voice) ["Plugma Org" in end credits]
Michael McConnohie _AS_ Narrator (voice)


[Opening Credits, version 1. Master Org is credited, but doesn't appear in this episode.]

Somewhere deep within the untamed jungles of the Amazon rainforest, streaming off a tall cliff, lies a pure white raging waterfall. But forget about that, as our story lies beneath the lush greenery and trees nearby. A young man, in his late teens, swings across the wilderness on a vine, Tarzan-like, with a chimpanzee clinging to his back. They swoop down into a shaded clearing, and both release their respective hangings-on. The young man, named Cole, has long black messy hair, down to almost the center of his back. He wears a braided piece of string around his forehead like a bandanna of sorts. Cole has a torn, dirty, light blue shirt on, with matching ratty brownish pants, ripped at the knees into almost shorts. He also wears sandals, to protect his feet from a world of splinters and jagged rocks. The chimp pal is named Mingo, and wears no clothes, so you can see his butt quite prominently. Mingo chatters gently, and looks around, until Cole takes his hand, crouches down beside his primate buddy, and asks, "Mingo? Are you hungry?" The chimp replies, somehow understanding the human's English words, and responds with a series of affirmative monkey noises. Cole displays a smile on his sweaty, stinky, and dirty face, suggesting, "Yeah, me too! Let's go get some bananas." Sometime not too long after, Mingo & Cole sit at the base of a massive tree, each finishing up their yellow-skinned snacks. The noticeable amount of discarded banana peels on the ground around them, with more on the chimp's side than the man's, prompts Cole to remark with a mouthful, "Where do you put all that food?!" Mingo just chatters softly, continuing to play into the Hollywood stereotype of primate eating habits. Their quiet mealtime is interrupted suddenly by a fellow member of Cole's jungle tribe, who emerges from the bushes just ahead, and exclaims, "Cole! Time to get ready for the ceremony! C'mon!" The tribesman, who wears beige rags for clothes (far more 'native'-like than Cole's), also has long dark hair, and a headband. He anxiously encourages Cole to follow, but is unable to put much of a stir in the young man's movements. Cole remains sitting beside Mingo, and replies with a raising of his left arm, and still with a mouthful of banana, "Okay, I'll be right there!"

He obviously didn't hurry, as we fast forward to the pitch blackness of night, as the ceremony commences. The jungle is lit only by the various torches and bonfires prepared by Cole's unnamed tribe, amid their crude village located against the side of a small mountain. All have gathered around what appears to be the Tribal Leader, or Elder: a bald, grey-bearded black man in an orange ceremonial gown. He has black lines with white spots on them all over his face and scalp. Similar face-paint is on the rest of the tribal dwellers (mostly all men are shown, of varying races), mostly consisting of thick white lines over the cheeks and down the chin. Cole, too, has this on for the ceremony. The Tribal Leader stands beside a fire, with Cole on his knees before him, with his arms bent forward at his waist. The Leader, speaking in a deep voice, "Cole... Here you have lived since before you could walk, and we have always treated you as one of our own. The time has come for you to follow your OWN life path." Cole stares up at the Leader with a hint of anxiety over the prospect of leaving the only place he's known as home. The Tribal Leader holds out his hands, with an item in each of them, and explains, "These were in the grass near where we found you as a baby. Perhaps, they can lead you... to your destiny." Cole takes the items, and inspects them with awe. In his right hand, is a crumpled, slightly faded, black & white picture of a man & a woman, both smiling and standing very close. The man has a business suit on, and has dark hair, while the woman is wearing a dress suit with a scarf, and also has dark hair. The woman holds an infant baby in her arms, who seems quite happy, has very light colored hair, and is dressed nicely. They're facing what looks to be a podium, as you'd see on a stage or a speaking forum. Part of the picture is torn off, but enough of the right side remains to make it quite clear that another man is standing just beside the woman & child. He's very tall, wearing a lot of black, and has sort of longish black hair. Cole's eyes dart across the picture quickly, before landing on the other item the Leader gave him. He holds a small, round, deep-red crystal between the thumb & forefingers of his left hand. These newly revealed pieces to his puzzled past send Cole's mind into a frenzy of wonder.

The following morning, the tribe has gathered beside a river, just to see Cole off on his journey. Poor Mingo seems to be taking this parting the hardest, as he's held and petted by one of the Tribesmen quite closely. Cole gives the Tribal Leader a loving hug. They slowly pull away and face one another, the Leader giving a stern expression to him, along with an encouraging nod. Cole then steps to his right, and gives a hug to a tribesman in a brown robe. There's one guy in the background rubbing his eyes, as if wiping away tears, the big softie. Soon, Cole steps into his sturdy, homemade canoe. Two of the tribe-guys help to cast the boat into the river with a good combined heave. One of them tosses off a, "Good luck, Cole!" to the departing villager. The canoe floats slowly off, though Cole remains facing his adopted people, clutching the bamboo paddle with one hand, while waving widely & high into the air with another. The voices of the men and women of the tribe all collide, as they shout their goodbyes to Cole. He stares back with an unshakable sadness, but manages to press on, rowing away from the jungle he knows too well, toward the winding unknown of where the river flows. A Narrator, with a voice as wise and sage-like as the Tribal Leader, comments, "There comes a time in everyone's life, when they must find the courage to seek out their destiny. But sometimes, what you seek... isn't always... what you find." The series of small mountains and trees surrounding the river Cole is traveling along make for stark contrast to the skyscrapers of Turtle Cove, as the scene shifts to night and a great number of miles away. The skyline of the city is peppered with lights within the near-endless streets filled with buildings. The sounds of police sirens wailing, car horns honking, and tires squeaking loudly, also make for a bleak parable in comparison to the natural calmness of the rainforest. The jungle may be thousands of miles away from this civilization, but for all their differences, they might as well be worlds apart.

Above the heavy traffic of a central street in the city of Turtle Cove, unbeknownst to the people below, a strange inhuman creature zooms through the night sky! It's monochrome grey, seems to be equipped with some sort of turbine propulsion system for a head, and has two large red horns on top. The rapid gusting of wind through his system allows him to fly across the city, though when we first see him, he's kinda flipping out of control. He gets his powers in check in time to avoid smashing into the side of a tall building. The monster, later named the Turbine Org, directs his jet-engine body upward, and ascends to the top of the building, making a perfect landing by shutting off his thrusters. He immediately begins to race along the cemented edge of the roof, only to have someone suddenly pop up in front of him and cut off his path! It's a Power Ranger, and judging by the pink highlights of the white suit & obvious skirt, it's quite clear that this is a female. Her helmet is designed to represent the face of a white tiger, with her black-colored visor within the animal's fanged mouth. This White Tiger Ranger wastes no time, nor breath, in fighting the unnatural menace, as she prepares her gold & white Crystal Saber, and slashes Turbine Org across the chest. She stands up and presses forward, slashing into him multiple times, sending sparks flying with each impact. Her progression causes the Org to be backed slowly toward the corner of the rooftop's edge, with an aerial shot showing the freely moving traffic passing along just below the steep drop. White Ranger tries for a footsweep on him, but he leaps enough to avoid losing his footing. She arises and slashes into him again, but leaves herself open foolishly by doing that. Turbine Org snags the silver blade of her Crystal Saber with his left hand, and swiftly bashes her in the chest with his right hand, which has now been converted into a thick spikey mace-like mode. White Ranger is knocked off the edge, and tumbles harshly against the rooftop, without ever making a sound, grunt or otherwise. In fact, NOBODY makes any sound in this whole big scene!

Turbine Org uses the successful hit to jump off the building, activate his jet-propulsion systems, and glide safely over to the top of another building parallel to that one. He turns around and seems to glare at the White Ranger on the opposite structure, as she recovers from the sucker-punch, and alertly looks back at him. The Org doesn't get much time to gloat, when suddenly the black boots of a second assailant's feet wrap around one of his legs, and cause him to topple over! Taken unawares, the monster lies on his back, unable to defend himself as the Power Ranger grabs the engine pod in the middle of his face. As it's quite prominent, the Black Ranger is able to grip it tightly with his white gloved hands, and uses his mighty morphed strength to hoist the Org up. He carries him by what could be considered his noise, a foot or so off the ground, and while racing across the rooftop, makes sure to ram him into a few boxes and barrels on the way by. Turbine Org is finally released, but only after the Black Ranger slams him into a concrete wall, leaving a pretty deep impression from the impact. This Black Ranger, with suit designs identical to the other Power Ranger we'd just met, has a helmet with two small silver horns on top, with the animal facial characteristics being that of a bison. He lets the Org go at least, tossing him off the side of the building, without letting him get his engines into gear. Turbine flips uncontrollably as he plummets, coming to a painful rest on a pile of discarded cardboard boxes. Less than a moment passes before a third Power Rangers surfaces, literally, using the special power of film-reversal to cheaply shoots skyward out of the sewer-green waters of the bay! This Blue Ranger twirls like a spinning top, his suit design matching the others, and his helmet adorned in the facial arrangement of a shark. He dives up, snatches Turbine Org by the engine-pod face, and pulls him over the side of the docks. They plunge down together, and once below the surface, Blue Ranger begins to scratch into the Org's body with his glove-claws. Bubbles stream out all around the two of them, as they struggle to combat one another through the water. Turbine realizes he's very much out of his element, yet very much IN the Ranger's. So, a quick blast of supercharged air from his turbine-engine body is all it takes to send a gushing current of seawater into the Blue Ranger. Despite his mastery of the aquatic, this sudden attack sends him spinning off into the depth.

Turbine Org leaps out of the bay, utilizing that darned film-reversal thing again (retracting splash-waves! It's "Batman & Robin"-riffic!). He takes to the air, hovering into the night sky where he thinks nobody else can follow. But it seems he thought too soon, if he's even capable of thinking, as yet another Power Ranger makes the scene, swooping through the sky. It's a Yellow one this time, with helmet features like that of an eagle, and we later discover that though lacking boobs when morphed most of the time, it's definitely another she. Yellow Ranger grasps the back of Turbine's head, and takes him on a reluctant curved flight ride over the bright lights of this big city. She releases him onto a rooftop without much care, causing the creature to utter its first grunts of agony. The Org rolls right back onto his feet, and prepares to do battle. Yellow Ranger has also landed, and has her Crystal Saber out. She jabs the blade into Turbine, but the Org is able to hit her back, thus both are knocked aback in a flash of sparks at the same time. Yellow falls and rolls onto her back, giving Turbine an opening to strike. He tries to bash his maced-arm into her head before she can react, but the Tiger Baton of the White Ranger intervenes with narrow precision, saving the Eagle's beak! Double kicks are quickly thrown into the Org's gut by a Ranger (or both), causing him to stagger as the two women roll over to a fighting stance, side by side. Turbine is quite discerned to see this, even moreso when he hears the limb-whipping sounds of the Blue & Black Rangers also regrouping together on his opposite side! They too wield their Crystal Sabers, but when they attempt to lunge at the monster with their weapons, an unexpected burst of yellow electricity spews down around them! It's at first just disorienting, but when a powerful bolt strikes both Blue & Black in the chest, they fall in a flash of sparks.

Yellow Ranger appears quite concerned for her teammates, despite not uttering a sound. She glances skyward, and is unable to get her or White Ranger out of the way in time, as a brief crack of thunder heralds another direct round of lightning bolts. The females are knocked off their feet by the direct hit, but manage to roll to a quick recovery (though, judging by the amount of smoking debris nearby, some offscreen damage was done to the rooftop in that blast). The source of the energy spewing becomes known, when a second monster lands on the rooftop. It's a strange mix of various electrical plugs, with a yellow & black bee-like striped right arm & chest zone, glowing eyes, and numerous other outlet related gadgets on his body. He's later referred to as the Plug Org, though Pug-Ugly would suffice. Needless to say, Turbine Org is visible (but not audibly) excited to be given back-up by a fellow evil creature. Yellow & White Rangers watch in shocked horror, as the Plug Org readies some more juice, and spews another couple of jig watts their way. This set of electric bolts don't just strike the ladies, but also cause a massive explosion in some of the air conditioning/ power transformers situated all over the roof. The blast is so intense that it sends Blue & Black Rangers slamming into metal railing, which prevents them from falling off the roof, but doesn't stop them from hitting the rooftop itself hard when they drop roughly to a second level. The Plug & Turbine Orgs laugh at their destruction without making a sound, save for the matter transference sound effect that accompanies their teleportation. Plug turns into a yellow cloud of gas, while Turbine becomes a light blue one, as the two evil mists float off into the sky together. I guess you could call them the SBD twins right about now.

Beaten back, the Black Ranger merely sits up while watching the Orgs escape, while the Blue Ranger quickly stands, though not quick enough to catch the villains. As he resheathes his Crystal Saber, the yellow Shark emblem on his left breast flashes, and with a gleam of blue light & accompanying sound effects, the Blue Shark Wild Force Ranger demorphs back to his natural human state. We later learn his name is Max. He's young black guy with a bit of a 'fro growing in, wearing baggy pants, a blue & black flannel short and a long-sleeved orange shirt beneath that and a blue & black vest, which has a big Blue Shark emblem on the back (and a smaller one on the left breast, matching the spot when morphed), along with the words: "Surging Shark" and "Spirit Of The Earth" upon it. Max growls in furious frustration as he demorphs, "Unh! I don't beLIEVE it!" He rubs the back of his neck as he walks over to the Black Ranger's still-sitting side, and remarks without letting his eyes off the spot in the sky where the twin mists floated off to, "Man, those guys are STRONG." Black Ranger loses focus of the monster-escaping situation, buckling over in pain as he grasps his stomach and groans restrainedly. Max shows deep concern for him, as he puts his right hand on his teammate's left shoulder, and asks, "Danny, are you okay?" The Black Bison Wild Force Ranger's yellow Bison emblem is the first to glow, causing his body to glow in a purple light as it demorphs back to its normal state. Danny, a very tall and buff Hispanic male with glasses, short black hair, and rather pouty lips, wears a short-sleeved black shirt beneath his black vest, which has the two Black Bison emblems on it, and the words, "Iron Bison" and "Spirit Of The Earth" around them. Danny still clutching his chest, nods and replies with a strained, "Yeah." He rises back to his feet, and lifts his vision toward the sky, as he says with a Spanish accent, "It's just that... we've never seen two Orgs together! Something's CHANGED." The White Tiger Wild Force Ranger approaches them, and concurs with Danny, as she says, "Yeah... I can FEEL it." She turns around, and demorphs in a flash of pinkish white. Her name's Alyssa, she's some sort of Asian-Hispanic mix (I'm probably wrong... what do I look like, her biographer?!), with brown hair in a sort of "That Girl" hair bob, wearing knee-high socks with a dark mini-skirt, and a light pink long-sleeved shirt underneath her white & black vest. The White Tiger emblems on her vest read, "Noble Tiger" and of course, "Spirit Of The Earth." Alyssa looks to the sky along with Max & Danny, and raises her right hand to her heart, as if pledging allegiance, as she stresses worriedly, "We NEED a fifth Ranger!" Just behind them, the Yellow Eagle Wild Force Ranger leaps down into a crouching position, giving a soft grunt, before standing tall, and arguing, "CALM down, guys!" Her emblem glows, and in a flash of yellow, she demorphs to her regular form of a stern female named Taylor. She has blonde hair, tied up, and wears black pants, and a long-sleeved yellow shirt beneath a yellow & black vest. Her vest emblems are of the Yellow Eagle, with the words, "Soaring Eagle" and "Spirit Of The Earth" around them. Taylor folds her arms and steps closer to the team, causing them to all turn toward her as she states with bitterness, "I say we're doing JUST fine the way we are."

The next morning, Cole continues his long voyage to civilization, rowing his canoe with endless stamina. He strokes the bamboo pole with repetitive speed, for what seems like an eternity. But, at last, upon the horizon of the sea, lies what his eyes have been longing to see. Cole snaps out of his row-happy mood long enough to witness the finish line. He smiles, and realizes calmly, "I made it." Before chuckling and shouting with excited triumph, "I MADE IT!!!" Cole, the lone jungle native in a canoe, is now but a tiny speck in a vast body of water, which sits at the edge of Turtle Cove, a great metropolitan city. A little while later, Cole wanders the streets of the city, carrying the tattered picture of what he believes to most likely be his parents. He takes his eyes off of it and gazes around at the towering skyscrapers, crowded buildings, and busy sidewalks & roads surrounding him on all sides. The blaring of a car-alarm and the usual hustle & bustle of the average work day help to provide heavy culture shock and sensory overloads for the "primitive", but he easily adapts. The people walking past him across the crosswalk glare at him like he's an unwashed circus freak, cause... well... he is. Cole's walking is slower than the rest, thanks to his tourist attitude to the environment, causing one woman to bump into him, making stare daggers at him in response. Soon, Cole begins to interrogate passing citizens, holding the picture up to a man in a business suit, and asking curiously, "Do you know these people?" The man angrily grunts a negative response, and walks around Cole, without ever missing a step. Cole shows the pic to another passing person, asking sweetly, "Excuse me, have you seen these people?" He then tries to show the photo to an older woman, but before she can even see it, she covers her mouth & nose after getting a whiff of his natural jungle muskiness, and protests in disgust, "No, no! Stay away!" Cole keeps trying to get her to help him, oblivious to how repulsive he is to the rude citizens of Turtle Cove. Undaunted, he takes a pause, and glances up at something which brings a smile to his dirty face: a street lamp! Having mastered climbing trees in the Amazon, Cole scales up the tall cement post with ease. The sight of a man climbing the street lamp with animalistic ease causes one Asian taxi driver to park his cab, get out, and stare agape, wondering, "What in the world...?!" Cole reaches the top of the lamp post, wraps his legs around it, takes the picture out from his clenched teeth, and holds it outward. Even from high up, and with a photo reference, Cole is unable to spot his parents anywhere. Why, he can even see stock footage of a busy street (Vanderbilt Ave) in New York City from atop that post! Cole sighs defeatedly, "This is NOT going to be easy."

That night, Cole's initial hunt for his origins and destiny comes to a close. He slowly walks over to, and sits down on a bench in the park. He continues to stare at the picture of the man & woman with a baby, no closer to finding them than he was while still in the rainforest. Lost in his thoughts about who they may be, Cole's uncleanliness apparently attracts a golden Labrador retriever! The dog (Jetson, is that you?!) rushes over, drooling and panting heavily, wagging his tail. Attention is grabbed when the dog gives a friendly bark and climbs up into Cole's lap, prompting him to reply understandingly, "Well! Hello to you, too!" He shows the picture to the dog (though you'd think the mutt would tell him that dogs reportedly can't see 2-D images), and gently pets the animal on its neck, while explaining, "I'm looking for these people! Have you seen them?" The dog merely whines and looks away, wagging his tongue. Cole agrees somberly with what the dog told him, "You're right. It IS a big city... a VERY big city." As the human looks around at the very big city environment, the golden lab sniffs his hand, and finding no other dog's butt smell... I mean, no food or anything, he rushes off just as quickly as he appeared. Cole is amused by this, chuckling to himself and shaking his head. The dog barks in the distance, as it runs off likely seeking the opportune place to mark his territory. Cole exhales a sigh, and lies down on the bench. He curls up into a fetal position, trying to keep himself warm in the cold of the night by tightening into a ball. Homeless, pastless, and wearing worn-out rags, Cole manages to drift to sleep despite the noise pollution from Turtle Cove echoing throughout the park.

Just around the corner, a brown van with the words, "Turtledyne Laboratories" , on the side, sits parked near the park. Apparently, it's there for the purpose of rounding up stray animals and taking them to the lab. Speaking of lab, that golden Labrador retriever has been snagged by the two people working for Turtledyne. The man, wearing a white jacket, a white & purple shirt, and purple pants, with a purple hat, sunglasses, and with shoulder-length blonde hair, is later called Jindrax. The woman, Asian with her black hair pulled up tightly, wearing a navy-blue jumpsuit, a violet shirt beneath, and a strangely designed belt, is later called Toxica. She tosses the harness stick used to snatch the dog, into the back of the van. Jindrax forcibly pushes the dog into the van, screaming annoyedly, "Get in the CAR, you little MUTT!" Toxica waves her hands in the air, trying to get the germs from the domesticated stray off of her hands, shivers with sickness, as she proclaims, "I can't beLIEVE people actually keep these CREAtures as PETS! EW! DisGUSTing!" She cautiously blows on her fingernails, making sure she didn't break any, and when she's sure she didn't, she gives a selfish smile to herself. As Toxica's doing that, Jindrax gets a whiff of the dog's breath, and can't help but gasp in agreement. He also gets stuck doing all the hard work, as she struts off with her hands held up and out, leaving him to close both of the van doors himself. It's a tough task since it also requires him to keep the dog from escaping. I should note that there's at least one another cage inside already containing a dog, and some kind of cage atop the van as well. Anyway, Jindrax manages to get the doors closed, leaving him considerably drained. The golden lab, able to peek out the back window, barks as loud as he can, with the hopes of someone hearing his pleas. That someone is right within an earshot, as Cole springs up from his slumber, opening not only his eyes & ears, but his animal-empathetic mind, as well. He gives a frightened gasp, before immediately racing toward the doggie's barking. The Turtledyne van drives away from the park, just as Cole dashes into the street. He stops and watches the dog's barking face through the window of the van pulling out. Cole screams, "NO!", and frantically rushes off to follow on foot.

Under a dark, cloud-less sky, and a very BIG full moon, among some of the seedy factory warehouses at the edge of Turtle Cove, there exists a certain building of interest. The barbed wire electric fence in front of it has a sign which reads Turtledyne Laboratories. The brown van is parked at a loading dock, now depleted of its cargo. Inside the warehouse, numerous wire cages, stacked on top of each other in rows, make for a cruel kennel for a number of dogs and cats! They all whine pitifully, varying in breeds and fur-colors, none able to escape from their straw-lined prisons. Jindrax finishes placing the golden Labrador in an easily locked cage, as he mentions, "There! We've FINally stolen all the animals we need. Heheheh!" He's exhausted, though not as much as his partner Toxica, who's just standing there beside him, holding a dog-catcher's net in one hand, and femininely holding her other hand bent at the wrist. She whines, "Ugh. All this hard work makes me HUNGry!", then gives a wickedly snicker, before following Jindrax as they depart to get her something to eat. The golden Lab lies down in his cage, and gives a depressive moan, resigning himself to whatever medical testing fate awaits him and the rest of the caged creatures. Outside of the warehouse, Cole finds his way into the Turtledyne parking lot. He leaps over the fence, spots the van, and runs with his arms out and his back hunched over, very similar to how the Lost Galaxy Ranger would sometimes run. He quickly gets inside the kennel, and whispers to the animals, "I'll free you!" Cole starts unlatching the cages and throwing open the doors, allowing the desperate livestock to make a break for it. Some of them on the upper cages have to jump down to escape. Cole unlocks a larger pens, where a hog, a sheep, and a Billy goat are being held! The grateful animals bark, meow, oink, baaa, and bleat happily for their savior, as they race for the backdoor. In the central laboratory, Jindrax leans against a table, holding a newspaper, and watching closely as Toxica turns her head to the side & widens her jaw as far as it will go, preparing to stick a footlong hot dog into her mouth. The wiener is far too big for the bun, and if you read into the Turtledyne Laboratories' need for stray animals, one could suspect that we know now what exactly is in that Oscar Meyer! Toxica doesn't get a chance to bite into it, before she gasps, "Huh?!", in response to the increased noise coming from the kennel. She & Jindrax both stare alertly at the source of the sounds, at a loss for whatever's causing it.

Several sheep, goats, and rams race out the back door (we hear, but don't see, a duck, as well). A lamb strays behind, fleeing (but not fleecing) when the door to the laboratory slides open. Jindrax & Toxica enter in a panic, witnessing every single cage empty, with doors flung open and feathers floating around in the air haphazardly. They're stunned, until they spot Cole, crouching down before the golden Labrador's cage, freeing his new pal last. Toxica points at him, and demands to know, "HOW'd you get in here?!" Jindrax tries to look intimidating, as he copies her pointing gesture, and follows in her tracks as she storms toward the invader. The doggie escapes, barking all the while, but Cole remains behind, frozen in his crouching stance. He turns his head only slightly, before suddenly spinning about face, standing up, throwing his arm into the air, and shouting ferociously at them through the wild black strands of hair covering his savage face. Toxica & Jindrax nearly jump out of their skin when he does this, both going wide-eyed and backing up for safety. Jindrax grabs the back of her jumpsuit, cowering behind her like a wimp. Cole gives a sly grin, as he prowls closer toward them. When backed against a fence, Toxica manages to slip behind Jindrax, covering her face in fear as her partner holds his hands out in dreaded caution. Cole doesn't attack, but instead leaps mightily into the air with a roaring grunt, grabbing onto a wooden catwalk above, and scurries off on the second story. Jindrax, trying to downplay his lack of bravery, yells while shaking his fist in the air, "And STAY out!" Cole hops through a window, races down the tin roof covering the loading dock, and leaps off onto the van, allowing him to climb down to the ground floor. As he does this, the scene is being transmitted to the mostly unlikely of televisions, that being a mystically sparkling & rippling pool filled with magical waters! Sitting on the dirt-colored stones that make up the rim of the unevenly round pond, is a wise woman in a flowing white dress, later named Princess Shayla. She has wavy black hair hanging down over her shoulders, with a crown of blue & white flowers on top of her head, and both hands crossed on her lap. Cole turns around to see if the vile dognappers are following him, finding them nowhere in sight. Running on adrenaline, he breathes rapidly, and smiles, before continuing to make tracks. The location of the mystical viewing pond is in an open temple, right beside a jungle. It's nighttime there as well, but luckily there's a bright fire raging at the center of the place. Princess Shayla stands up, grips & holds up the gold necklace (with a blue gem in the center), and says excitedly aloud with a pleasant smile, "RANGers! I think I may have found the answer to our problems!" Below an unusually gigantic moon, the pack of dogs recently freed travel along a sidewalk in the palm-treed park, journeying toward downtown Turtle Cove. Cole leaps ahead of some of them, urging on a flock of other animals behind him, guiding them to the city, where they can die quicker, painless deaths by either starving or being hit by cars.

Back at the loading dock of Turtledyne Laboratories, Toxica & Jindrax hop down to the parking zone, shake off the feathers and fur covering them, and stagger to a halt. Their attempted chase of their animal inventory has ended before it could even begin. Jindrax, catching his breath, leans his hands against his knees, and asks, "Toxica?" She gives a breathless and annoyed grunt in response. He adds, "I miss the old days." Toxica shuffles her feet and walks over to the van, resting against the side of it by sprawling her body out, and concurring groaningly, "AHH! The OLD days!" Jindrax starts pacing about, lamenting, "The POWER and the GLORY! If only the master could find a way to RETURN to us!" Almost on cue, the weary weirdos turn their attention skyward, as the sound of jet thrusters passes overhead. It's the Turbine Org, flying slowly overhead! Jindrax becomes overjoyed, grabbing her stunned partner's shoulders briefly, and exclaiming, "Hahahah! Toxica, did you see THAT?! It was an ORG! One of US!" Toxica finally snaps out of her agape staring at the sky, and grabs Jindrax's shoulders, slouching down a bit to look him in the eyes, and state, "This can only mean ONE thing..." Both of them turn and look back at the sky, proclaiming enthusiastically in unison, "Our master has reTURNED!" They reveal to us just how strange they really are, by decloaking themselves from their human 'disguises' in a sudden dual morph. Jindrax's Org form has basic similarities to his human one: His suit is purple & white, alternating on each side between the two, with elfish shoes and a dainty little white cape on the back. Where he had odd purple scars on his face, he has deep impressions in those same spots extending from his unmoving lips, with five or so multicolored spots on his left cheek. His long blonde hair remains, though sticking out of the back bottom of his yellowish head. His head has three shark-like fins, with a VERY tall single horn on the top. The pink & green spots on his purple hat have become similarly colored gems on his inhuman scalp. Oh, and he has glowing yellow eyes. Toxica's Org form isn't too drastically different, as it's mostly just a long bluish violet and black dress, with an armor-like breastplate & shoulder rims. She has a blue & black helmet over her head, with a tall orange & brown striped horn on top. Also, she has a black veil over her face, with gold chains dangling down off a red gem on her helmet's forehead, and lastly, a spike-ended staff almost as tall as she is! The two Duke Orgs laugh maniacally, and stand back to back, with Jindrax rubbing his chin. There, did I describe them in-depth enough for ya?!

Bright and early the following morning, Cole is sleeping on a bench somewhere in the city. It's in an open plaza, at the bottom of several flights of steps, but is mostly devoid of people. Cole lies on his back, slumbering silently, when Alyssa cautiously squats down next to him. She gently asks, "Cole? Is your name Cole?" Cole opens his eyes sharply, seeing the tanned-skinned young woman, smiling at him with wide brown eyes. Instantly, he springs up to his feet, like a startled animal facing a predator. Alyssa backs off, holding her hands out in a calming fashion. Her fellow Wild Force teammates stand around at random spots in the courtyard, with Danny to Cole's right, and Max & Taylor just a little behind Alyssa. She calmly promises, "It's okay!", though Cole jerks his head left to right, darting his eyes around, watching Danny & Max slowly approaching closer, while Taylor remains uninterestedly smirking and standing with her arms crossed in the background. With a warm voice and a bright smile, Alyssa says, "We need you to come with us." Max gets bold, and walks over, grabbing Cole's right arm, and begins to essentially drag him out. Not forcefully, but more buddy-like, as he casually comments, "C'mon, man! Ya... You're gonna love this. It's really COOL!" Cole pulls his arm out of Max's grasp, and nervously backs away, especially when he catches himself in Taylor's glaring line of sight. Focusing more on those in front of him, he accidentally backs up into Danny's chest. Cole jolts around swiftly, eyeing the towering and beefy man in black carefully. Danny, despite his bodybuild, is extremely gentle, nervously suggesting, "Y-you can come WITH us! A-an-and... Uhhmm..." Cole gives a subtle puppy-like head-tilt, not quite sure of what to make of him. Max cuts in between them, elaborating on what his pal was trying to say, "Danny's right. This is REALLY important!" Taylor continues glaring, silently protesting their struggle to communicate with the uncivilized man. Alyssa stands next to her two teammates, adding charmingly, "You can... help us... save LIVES!" Taylor finally gets fed up, marches over, grabs Cole's shoulder, swings him around, and punches him hard in the gut! Cole lets out an agonized grunt and doubles over, looking up at the woman in yellow as she brutally informs him, "Sorry, Jungle Boy. You've just been drafted!" Taylor turns and walks away, having finished the job of literally pounding some sense into him. Cole groans, and keels over, passing out in Danny's thick arms. Max bends over and looks at the unconscious draftee. Danny smells Cole's nasty hair, and upon inhaling his body odor, makes a sickened face, turns his head, and comments, "Eww, oof! I THINK he needs a BATH!" Alyssa goes off after Taylor, while Max gets a chuckle out of Danny's stinky predicament.

Time passes, the scene shifts from the steel and cement of the big city, to the Earth and plantlife simplicity of the jungle. Lying on the ground, beneath some bushes and beside some flowers, is Cole. He comes to, hearing the sounds of wild birds & other animals in the surrounding trees. His awakening is a bit groggy at first, but gradually his head clears when he notices how he's now in a place very similar to his rainforest homeland. Cole slowly rises to his feet, and looks at his new surroundings with wide-eyed attention. He doesn't get to linger for long, when the loud screeching of a giant metal bird swooping overhead catches his attention. Cole looks up, and gives a giddish smile as he races out of the jungle, in an attempt to follow the astonishing creature. This leads him to climbing out on a rocky ledge, which overlooks the rest of the land. Cole stands atop the cliff, and is even more amazed by the environment than by its inhabitant. As far as he can see, there lies nothing but unadulterated wilderness! Trees, grass, a small lake, a huge spiraling mountain, rolling hills, and rich white clouds. The giant metal bird that he followed soars across the sky, flapping its golden wings, and screeching majestically. Cole, in awe, remarks, "It's more beautiful than home." He smiles, and rushes down like a kid on X-Mas morning, reaching the shore of the modest sized lake. This gives him a sea level view of the place, with flocks of small birds in the distance, just below that massive Paramount logo-looking mountain. Cole doesn't stand alone for long, when the roar of a mighty beast causes him to turn around and gasp. Two large metal beasts come charging down the field, a White Tiger and a Black Bison. They kick up considerable dust in their wake, rocking the ground with each thundering step. Cole isn't afraid, but is stirred by the robotic animals multiple times larger than himself, especially when they pause in front of him, and stare down at the tiny human. He manages to utter a friendly, "Hello?", but the beasts fail to return the gesture. The green-eyed Black Bison gives a deep grunt, followed by a loud snort, which signals a blasting gust of downward air from out of his gaping nostrils! Cole is blown off his feet by this nasal wind, dropping right into the shallow end of the lake. He's not totally drenched by the water, thus failing to get a sufficient bath, but enough to splash him out of his semi-dreamlike trance. Cole spits out some of the water that got in his mouth, and pants heavily, as if astonished by the sight of what could be described as a merger between the wilderness he was raised in, and the steeliness of the city he recently found himself in.

Less than a few soaked pantings later, and the stillness of the lake is shattered by the loud splashing of a big metal Blue Shark. It dives into the air, giving a fearsome growl, before plunging back into the sea. That huge Yellow Eagle that Cole had been following earlier returns, this time soaring a bit lower, causing the branches of the trees to be shaken considerably by its wide wing flapping. Cole jerks his head all around, trying to witness as many of these Zord Animals as he can. Instead of having to strain to see them, they all come to him, gathering around him as he remains lying on his back in the lake. The Blue Shark floating beside Cole, the White Tiger & Black Bison right on the shore together, and the Yellow Eagle hovering a several feet above. These five Wildzords bellow their own respective howls and roars, as if greeting the animal-sensitive human. It also appears to attract the attention of the self-proclaimed king of the jungle, a mighty metal Red Lion, who stands atop a jagged cliff high above, roaring proudly into the blue & white sky. Cole spots it, admiring the Red Lion's sheer golden mane, vicious howl, and silver fangs from afar. His fear and confusion totally slip away, prompting him to slowly gets up out of the water, and walk almost in a daze, nodding and replying to the Lion's roar, "Yes. I hear you." Cole begins to climb the mountainside, gripping onto crevices between the wall of rocks, making his way gradually to the Lion's location. He gets quite high up there, straining his muscles and grunting heavily, when he grips a loose rock, and loses his hold! Cole screams aloud as he drops a few feet, luckily snatching onto the rocky edge again with one hand. His vision turns to the drop below, which prompts him to let out a very relieved sigh. As he turns his gaze around, Cole notices how the entire surrounding land looks from one of the highest points. In a flabbergasted realization, Cole gasps, "It CAN'T be! It's a floating ISLAND!" The camera pulls away from him, still hanging by one arm, and circles around the cliff with Red Lion waiting at the top. The view pulls far away through the cloudy sky, revealing that, indeed, the entire jungle, mountain-range and lake are located on an island hovering way the heck up in the atmosphere somewhere. The outline of the island is like that of a turtle, thus tying to its connection to Turtle Cove. The flying island, with Cole being nothing but a minuscule speck upon, is later named the Animarium.

Cole resumes climbing the side of the cliff, nearly rounding to the top. The Red Lion Wildzord starts to stir a bit, snarling deeply, and causing a small rain of dirt & pebbles to pour down onto the human. Cole is undeterred by any obstacles, continuing to make his journey to the peak. Red Lion makes his trip all for not, when he leaps off the summit, opens his jaws, sticks out his front paws, and howls on the way down. Cole is so terrified and taken by surprise, that he yelps, and accidentally lets go out of the wall! He plummets a couple of stories, and falls harshly against the leafy dirt of the hard ground below. Winded, but sustaining no worse injuries than he's likely dealt with growing up, Cole recovers to find the Red Lion sitting just before him. He himself rises back up, and mentions to the house-sized feline, "Wo-ow-ha-how! I've NEVER seen anything LIKE you!" Low and gentle snarling (more like purring) rumbles out of the Zord-beast's shifting jaw. His facial expressions also move subtlety, as he begins to communicate with the tiny human. Cole understands every gesture and sound, asking confusedly back, "You... You've been searching for ME?" The Lion growls softly in response. Cole glances down at his right pant's pocket, discovering a pulsing red glow emitting through the unwashed material. He reaches into his pocket, and pulls out the tiny red crystal given to him by the Tribal Leader. It shines with a flowing crimson light, coming to life, much to Cole's astoundment. He holds the small orb between his right thumb & forefinger, lifting it up into the sunlight. It starts to sparkle, until the redness within finally forms into an inch-sized replica idol of the Red Lion! Cole looks up at the Wildzord, the crystal continuing to shine with flashes of red, and notes, "This is YOU." His destiny hasn't taken a detour after all!

Exploring the jungles of the Animarium, Cole cautiously makes his way through the bushes, discovering what appears to be an ancient temple buried behind the greenery. The light brown stone walls and vine-covered pillars are spread out, without a roof of any kind. On the far side of the temple area, there exists a massive stone lion's head, acting as a back wall to a large stone floor. Princess Shayla gets up out of her wooden chair and walks over, watching him and awaiting his arrival intuitively. She stands directly in front of the stone lionhead, smiling brightly at him, as if beckoning his approach. Cole slowly walks through the foliage, gradually stepping up onto the stone floor of this elaborate temple. He looks at her with a questioning expression, but fails to say a word as he ceases progressing. Shayla does the talking for him, as she announcing with explanatory movement of her arms (with thin-white cloth hanging off of each of them), "Hello, friend! I am Princess Shayla, and THIS is the Animarium!" There's a moss-green stone carving of the Wildzords in the mountainside, with the shark on the bottom right, the lion in the middle, the bison to the upper left, the eagle to the upper right, and the white tiger over on the far right. Over near the other, there's a large stone statue of a smiling gorilla, holding a big leaf, which drizzles water off into the mystical viewing pond. Then there's the huge stone lionhead, brought to you by MGM Studios. Sweaty, stinky Cole dashes his eyes around, but hardly moves his head. Princess Shayla adds, "YOU have been chosen to be leader of the Power Rangers, Wild Force. Keeper of the animal spirits!" She glides her right arm gracefully, as if cuing the entrance of his teammates. Down a small set of steps in the mountain wall (behind the animal carvings), come Max and Danny. The moment he sees those who harassed him, Cole shifts into a defensive stance. Smiling Shayla motions her other arm over to her opposite side, revealing that Alyssa & Taylor are hanging around beside the lionhead stone. Alyssa grins widely and bounds with her hands behind her back, while Taylor unfolds her arms and lets them slouch as staggers forth to join the others in gathering near the Princess. Cole, upon spotting the girl in yellow who punched his stomach, turns his intimidating glare toward Taylor alone.

The four Wild Force Activists (my nickname for the unmorphed bunch, keeping with tradition of titles) line up, shoulder to shoulder, with Princess Shayla, all facing Cole. Alyssa is the only one smiling, and boy, does she! Shayla walks forward, to Cole's side, motioning gently toward his (wild) forced teammates, "You have already met your fellow Rangers!" The Princess points out and says Alyssa's name, to which the smiling girl giddily waves with her right hand, and replies with a friendly, "HI!" Danny's introduced, but all he can muster is a sheepish grin and respectful nod of his head. Next is Max, whose body starts to fidget about with casual gestures, including rapid head-bobbing, a quick wave, and a happy remark of, "What's up?!" And finally, Taylor is mentioned, but she simply stands rigid with her arms crossed, nodding softly with a resentful expression. Cole looks at Princess Shayla, who stands next to him, warmly touching his shoulder, and states with apprehension, "You want ME? This HAS to be a mistake." Shayla guides him across the floor, explaining with urgency, "There is NO mistake. You have been chosen to help us in our battle with the evil Orgs!" They pause in their tracks, just before Alyssa chimes in with an honest apology, "Sorry we had to kidnap you!" Cole looks at her. Danny adds with nervous stammering, "We were all... ya know... like YOU! Like..." Max helps his pal out, by slapping his shoulder, nodding, and completing the comment, "Uhh, exACTly." He jovially remarks to Cole, "We're ALL kinda new at this. But it's GREAT!" Shayla inspects the new recruit visually this entire scene, never taking her eyes off him. Cole reaches into his pocket, extends out his arm, and slowly opens his fist, "I came here... to find my destiny." Resting on his palm is the red round crystal, with the tiny Red Lion replica within. Danny & Alyssa smile big, but the other two act unimpressed, as all four of the WF Activists step forward, extend out their right hands, and basically compare crystals! Each has their own Ranger-colored sphere, with matching Wildzord figurine inside, the same size as the one Cole was apparently discovered with as an infant. Needless to say, Cole's eyes widen and his mouth goes agape in shock.

The mood of the crystal-comparing scene is interrupted, by a sudden bubbling up of the mystically viewing pond! It spews skyward like a small geyser, getting the attention of the six nearby. Princess Shayla leads the way over to it, stating with alarm, "LOOK! Something must be happening!" They surround the pool of water below the gorilla statue, save for Cole, who remains over near the lionhead, breathing heavily, looking like he's still in shock from the crystal revelation. He does turn his stare over to the viewing puddle, quite amazed at what he sees. The fountaining in the center of the pond dissipates with a magical noise, causing the entire body of water to change into a shimmering transmission from the Earth below: The Turbine Org and the Plug Org have returned to Turtle Cove! Princess Shayla points out, "The Orgs are back!" Taylor, apparently the militaristic driver of the group, "Alright, guys. Let's MOVE out!" Alyssa nods, and all three follow behind the lady in yellow, racing off down a path through the temple, toward an open passageway in one of the temple structures on the other side of the area. Alyssa halts suddenly, letting Taylor, Max, and Danny depart without her, just so she can turn back, look at her new teammate, and ask simply, "Will you join us?" Cole, still trying to sort everything in his messy-haired head, appears to be thinking long and hard about how this offer meshes with the path of his destiny. Betwixt the mountains likely somewhere around Turtle Cove (you know how territorial monsters can be), a hydroelectric dam has become the next target in the two Orgs' path of destruction. People visiting the dam flee in terror when they witness the two monsters, the small crowd fleeing over the top of the river-channeling structure. Turbine Org is atop a control tower overlooking the dam, and is snickering maniacally to himself. He proclaims in an evil raspy voice, "Soon, the ORGS, will RULE the Earth aGAIN!" He fires up his turbine engines, making the fans in his chest-pods spin rapidly. This spews blasts of intense air pressure down upon the people on the dam, blowing them back with painful force, and even making one worker basically float off the ground. The Plug Org stands near the burning debris of a destroyed building, and boasts in a deep voice, "Now for some REAL firepower!" He aims his two-pronged plug left arm in the air, and causes one of the tall steel electric harness towers to explode into flying shrapnel. The loud noises and flashes of blasts disturb a flock of birds perched within trees, on the lands surrounding the dam. A pair of small, grey-furred monkeys are also frightened by this, though what the heck they're doing out of captivity is beyond me (some of the creatures freed by Cole?).

On the bridge leading away from the dam, the five Wild Force Activists (which includes Cole, who apparently accepted... though how they get from the Animarium to the city is something to be filled in later) make their way through the crowd of fleeing citizens. Our heroes pause and survey the destruction around the dam: sparking & smoking debris, and still more people & workers running away crying. Alyssa recognizes the cause of this disaster, noting, "It's the Orgs from last night!" Taylor nods in confirmation. Cole blinks a few times, and starts to slowly walk around his four frozen teammates. He ends up in front of them, leaning over the side of the bridge railing. Cole hears the tortured cries of the nearby wildlife, namely another stray sacredly screeching monkey and rabbit. He relays their plight to the other humans, saying with horror, "The animals! I HEAR them... They're FRIGHTened!" Cole spins around and grabs Taylor's arm, begging, "Is there SOME way I can stop this?!" She remains calm, remarking with a hint of spite, "IF the Lion chose the right person." Max hops over between them, and stresses, "It's gonna be dangerous." Cole passionately demands to Taylor, "Just TELL me what to do!" She nods and breathes deep, possibly seeing the determination in his eyes as a sign of the Lion being right. Taylor takes his hand, and places a small gold & black cellphone in his palm, urging, "TAKE this Growl Phone. Do as WE do." Cole checks out the strange morphing device known as the Growl Phone, and confusedly replies, "I don't understand!" Taylor assures him sternly, "Don't worry. You WILL." Max, Alyssa, and Danny each nod at him in succession. Cole, taking Taylor's order seriously, nods back at them with a focused expression. He stands apart from the team, facing them head on. The four, shoulder to shoulder, whip out their Growl Phones with their right hands, causing the golden morphers to snap open into phone mode with an electronic beep. In unison, they lift the Growl Phones up beside their heads, and command aloud, "Wild Access!" This is completed by pressing the large round button on the Growl Phone, which sends a charge of greenish energy through the circuits, surging into the upper earpiece of the device. Monkeyboy see, monkeyboy do, as Cole mimics their movements perfectly, lifting his Growl Phone and shouting, "Wild Access!" The final step of the morphing dance comes by stepping forward, extending out the left arm, and giving a furious hiyaah grunt.

The morphing sequence itself begins, showcasing the gold & black Growl Phone, zooming through a green-colored tunnel of energy. It snaps shut, sprouts legs (from the black section of it), and is infused with the visible spirit of the Red Lion Wildzord. The Growl Phone then shifts around and transforms into a humanoid form, with a little gold & black Ranger helmet head (on the opposite side of where the little red & gold lionhead was). The Ranger-shaped Growl Phone then poses with legs apart, an arm up, and an arm bent inward. It then shifts positions, as it instantly glows a bright white, which shatters into scattering flecks, as the Red Wild Force Power Ranger stands fully formed amid the green energy tunnel. He enters into a semi-crouching, fists out and up style pose. Cole is helmetless at first, but a close-up shot leads to the Red Lion's spiritual energy-head overlapping his, forming together with an illuminating gleam. Now sporting a helmet with the features of the lion, vision through the fanged mouth, the Red WF Ranger is fully morphed. The other four have to share a screen, with a four-grid combo morphing sequence (White on the top left, Black on the top right, Yellow on the bottom left, Blue on the bottom right). It's marginally the same as Cole's, though each of the Growl Phones sport animal bodies matching their respective creatures. The other difference is their initial morphed pose: White is sort of holding her elbows up and squatting down; Black is kinda copying Red's in the other direction; Yellow has her arms up in the air and bent knees held together; and Blue is holding his arms wide open like the jaws of a shark. Their animal spirit's overlap their heads, forming helmets. The five Wild Force Power Rangers emerge from the green tunnels onto the bridge below the dam, all morphed, all hiyahhing, and all prepared to protect this world, together!

Yellow Ranger is the first to get into action, as she poses a bit, and proclaims, "Soaring Eagle! Hiyah!" Taylor leaps up, and sprouts gold & white metal-feathered wings beneath both of her spread arms. This assists her in quickly flying up toward the top level of the dam. Turbine Org turns around and goes, "Huh?!", when he hears her soaring his way. She swoops down at him from the air, and calls out, "Crystal Saber!", unsheathing said weapon from her belt holster, and smoothly sailing through the Org, slashing into his chest with a mighty hiyaah, causing him to spark and give a groaning moan. Taylor flips out of her flight mode, and lands facing the creature. Turbine Org, body smoking from the attack, rolls to a recovery, pointing at the female, and gloating, "Didn't you learn your lesson?!" Yellow Ranger retorts, "I guess NOT! But let me teach YOU something, Org. I'M the Yellow Eagle Ranger." She extends her white glove, not with retractable claws on her fingertips, before slapping the ground on her intimidating pose, proclaiming, "And WILD Force NEVER gives up!" This seems to distract Turbine Org long enough for the Blue Ranger to leap up from over the side of the dam, and with a howl, snaps his hands together like a wide jaw around the creature's nose. This causes the Org to spark with painful grunts, with more of the same coming when Max throws a quick kick into his gut, which helps him spring into a backflip, leading to a perfect landing on solid ground. Blue Ranger poses fiercely, also waving those newly clawed gloves around, while announcing, "Turbine Org! I'M the Blue Shark Ranger... and you're gonna FEEL my bite! Shi-yah!" His left-breast emblem patch, Crystal Saber, and amalgamated animals beltbuckle are all quickly flashed past as (as had been done with Yellow), before he does that cement-slapping pose Taylor just did. Meanwhile, in the forest area on the mountains near the dam, Black Ranger picks the Plug Org up off the ground, and races along with him. The monster yelps in growling protest, but finally Danny releases him with a grunt, tossing the Org hard into the trunk of a tree. Plug Org tumbles to the ground in a heap, while the Black Ranger poses fiercely, showing off glove-claws and the same suit-decorations as the others, while exclaiming, "Plug Org! Meet the Black Bison Ranger!" He does the ground-pouncing pose as well, while warning, "Prepare to be STOMPED! Hiyeeh!" White Ranger springs down from atop the tree like a dangling spider, her glove-claws already at the ready. She gives a hyah, and when she lands, Alyssa scratches at Plug Org's face, causing the monster to spark, stumble back, and whine, "WHO do you think you ARE?!" She backflips a safe distance away from him, and begins to do the same poses as the others, while remarking gratefully, "Thanks for ASKing! Tiger Ranger!" (there's an odd blankness where the 'white' part should be) Alyssa does the dirt-digging pose, and cries, "Wild Force!" Pluggy faces a third Wild Warrior, as the Red Ranger charges at him on all fours, whipping around to knock his feet out from under him. The Org falls over, and Cole starts following suit for the posing ritual, as he shouts, "I'M the Red Lion Ranger, and your rampage ends HERE!" This concludes with a very dusty pose, and a powerful, "Wild Force Rangers... eeyaah!"

Turbine Org spins his bodily fan-engines again, sending a gust of wind into Yellow & Blue Rangers. Their fight with him has moved away from the dam completely, now out onto an open field on the mountaintop. Taylor & Max are lifted up by the blast of air by the Org, uncontrollably being shunted away, before plopping on the ground harshly. Black, Red, and White Rangers appear, regrouping around them. Alyssa asks concernedly, "Are you guys okay?!", and Max replies with a weary, "Yeah!" Plug Org joins Turbine's side, and suggests, "Let's double-up!" Turbine agrees, "You GOT it!" He takes his partner's right hand, and together, they begin to combine powers. Yellow electricities crackles on Plug's left arm, while bluish swirling energy twirls on Turbine's right. The Orgs charge up, and before releasing the power, scream in unison, "And... FIRE!" The bluish swirling energy wraps around the yellow electricity, and the merged firepower slams into the vicinity surrounding the five Wild Force Rangers. The massive explosions bursts around our heroes in slow motion, causing all of them to cry out in agony, with most of them being thrown in different directions. Red Ranger crashes onto his back, closest to the triumphant Orgs, who laugh wickedly at their fiery predicament. Cole slowly lifts himself up on his arms, when the yellow & black lion patch on his left breast begins to gleam with red energy, accompanied with the roar of the Red Lion himself. Red Ranger clutches the glowing spot, and confirms, "Huh? Yes, I hear you." He quickly looks back at his recovering teammates, and yells, "Guys, LISten!" Yellow Ranger is the first to her feet, and the moment she's up, her hotheaded attitude gets displayed, as she argues, "This is NO time to talk. We HAVE to get rid of those Orgs!" Taylor pounds her fist into her palm, and anxiously rushes off to battle. Cole grabs her as she passes by, and pleads, "WAIT! You've GOT to listen! The Lion just spoke to me!" Yellow Ranger calms suddenly, asking stunned, "What...!?" Blue Ranger gasps, "Whoa!" Black Ranger wonders, "WHAT did you say?!" White Ranger is the last to rise, silently as she listens. Red Ranger releases his hold on Yellow, and explains to the team with honesty, "I said the Lion SPOKE to me. He told me that only ONE can defeat TWO. I THINK he means, we have to combine our weapons toGETHer!" Alyssa chipperly agrees, "Makes sense! I say, let's TRY." Cole asks the others, "Are guys WITH me?" Danny nods, "Yeah! Let's DO it!"

The five Wild Force Rangers stand side by side, each pulling out their own special weapon from out of nowhere, and holding it up in the air, shouting their animal name as they do this: "Bison! Eagle! Lion! Shark! Tiger!" Red Ranger grips the "Red Lion Fang!" in his right fist; Yellow Ranger wields the "Golden Eagle Sword!"; Blue Ranger has one of the "Blue Shark Fighting Fins!" in each hand; Black Ranger braces against the "Black Bison Axe!"; and White Ranger presents her "White Tiger Baton!" Those weapons come together: The handle of the Eagle Sword locks into the slot between blades on the Bison Axe. The Tiger Baton snaps into the Lion Fang's mouth. The twin Shark Fighting Fins lock around the handle of the Bison Axe. The Tiger Baton is connected between the conjoined Fighting Fins. Red Ranger still has his hand gripped inside of the Lion Fang, and with it, holds up the combined weapon, as the others brace themselves behind him (Blue, White to his left/ Yellow, Black to his right). Cole proclaims the weapon's name, "Wild Force Jungle Sword!" Plug Org scoffs, "That WON'T help you!" He dashes out to fight them, underestimating the team. Turbine Org reaches out in protest, but his fellow monster fails to take heed. The Jungle Sword towers over the Red Ranger's head, as it's held high in the daytime sky. Plug Org barrels toward our heroes, howling bloodthirstily. Cole stresses to himself and the others, "Steadyyyy..." The background shifts to pure black, as Red Ranger screams, "NOW!", and begins to rotate the blade around in a wide circle. All of the components of the Jungle Sword appear to gleam with energy, as if channeled from their respective Ranger holder through their current contact with each other in the human chain. After completing a full circle, Cole roars aloud, and commands, "Savage Slash! HYAAAH!" He slices the Jungle Sword downward, ripping a blinding red & yellow bolt of piercing energy for yards in front of him and his teammates. This bolt slices through the Plug Org's body, causing him to freeze in his tracks. The Jungle Sword splits back up between scenes, as Red Ranger grips the Lion Fang, and cheers, "That DID it!" The other four Rangers join with him in a group pose, also holding their weapons again. Plug Org begins to spew sparks and smoke, as well as some nasty foamy juice from his scorching wound. Our five heroes jump, turn their backs to the monster, and land in a crouching position, with Cole giving a hiyaah, and then all of them proclaiming simultaneously, "WILD Force!" Plug Org topples onto his back, and explodes massively, sending smoke & fireballs bursting into the air behind the unflinching Rangers.

Having apparently taken some injury from Plug's deathkneel explosion, Turbine Org staggers away, clutching his stomach. He laments while back on the dam, "Ugnh. WHY didn't he WAIT?! We could've BEATen them together! Ohh, this is NOT good for Orgs..." Turbine shuffles along, hunched over, making his way over the rubble-strewn bridge. Suddenly, a bolt of yellow lightning crashes down just a few feet away from him, creating a bright flash of purple light when it hits. This signifies the teleportational appearance of Jindrax & Toxica, still in their true forms. Toxica moans affirmatively while looking at Turbine, with Jindrax rubbing his chin, and noddingly remarking, "ImPRESSive!" Turbine spots their mutual unicorniness, and gasps, "Only ONE horn? You're DUKE Orgs!" Toxica begins to speak, quite slowly, almost drowsily, confirming, "Yes, my terrible Turbine. And WE, have a way, to... HELP you." Even through that veil, you can see her sinister smile forming. Up on the top level of the dam, the Wild Force Rangers discover the trail of the second monster has grown cold. They keep in a tight pack, while visually seeking the abnormal animal wherever it may be. Max stresses, "We gotta find that other Org!" Cole mentions, "I KNOW he went this way!" Taylor figures, "He's probably hiding nearby. He couldn't have gone TOO far..." Just then, almost on cue, the Turbine Org makes himself known, by hovering up into view. Only now, he's dozens of times larger than before! The Org laughs wickedly, and boasts as he towers over them, "You puny Rangers don't stand a CHANCE against me, now!" Our heroes are taken aback by this giant sight. Up on the Animarium, Princess Shayla keeps watch over the viewing pond, witnessing the Turbine Org's bigger body with horror. She gasps, "They've NEVER gotten THAT big before!"

The massive Org rips his maced arm across the top of the dam, causing two of the small control buildings to burst into fiery debris. The Wild Force Rangers dive out of the way of danger, luckily. Yellow Ranger remains on her feet, and turns back to stare at the Org in fright, wondering nervously, "I don't beLIEVE it! How did it get that BIG?!" Red Ranger pulls out his Crystal Saber, and vows, "I don't know, but I'M going to STOP it!" He slaps the cement, and launches into a flying leap into the air. Cole manages to jump up as high as the Turbine Org's face, hiyaahing like mad and readying his Saber. But the oversized Org simply swats him away with his maced arm, sending Red Ranger crashing back onto the dam. His teammates rally around him, allowing their new leader to recover properly, while none of them take their eyes off the huge monster for long. Turbine Org gloats, "I'm havin' FUN here!" Cole gets back on his feet, and sighs, "This is NOT good..." Immediately, the hole at the golden starburst-shaped center of his Crystal Saber begins to gleam with an audible red light. Red Ranger holds it up, and flabbergastedly points out, "What?! My Saber's glowing!" He then, almost instinctively, lifts his left hand, and opens the palm, as, also audibly, a warping flash of red light begins to summon his Red Lion Crystal ball into his grasp. Cole holds it up into the air, as it sparkles again, adding, "And so is my Crystal!" Yellow Ranger's left palm also gets her Yellow Eagle Crystal ball appearing in a flash, prompting her to grip it and exclaim, "WOW! This is aMAZing! Mine's glowing, too!" Up on the Animarium, Princess Shayla clutches her necklace, and speaks to them. She wisely informs aloud, "Rangers. The TIME has come. Put your Crystals, into the Crystal Sabers, and call the WILD Zords down from the Animarium!" Yellow, Blue, Black, White, and Red Rangers each place their color-coded Crystal orbs into the matching holes on their aptly named Crystal Sabers. Instantly, the silver blades of the weapons begin to surge with color-coded energies, a loud surging delights them all. Cole exclaims, "It's WORKing!" He slowly lifts his Saber into the air, and shouts, "Let's CALL the Wildzords!"

The sparkling of the Crystal Sabers, now with added animal Crystal power, sends a unique chiming noise into the sky. It's a peculiar sound, a three-note summoning song. High above, amid the clouds, on the Animarium, the Red Lion roars in response to the call of the Wild Force Rangers. He begins to race along the floating island, away from the tall mountain at its center. The Yellow Eagle screeches, flying close to the ground and heading in the same direction. White Tiger growls, Black Bison snorts with a snarl, and the Blue Shark, submerged beneath the lake, lets out a grunt with accompanying air-bubbles. Atop the dam, far below, the five WF Rangers stand side by side, aiming their glowing Crystal Sabers into the sky, as if guiding the beasts to their location. In unison, they command, "Wildzords, DECEND!" All five of the Wildzords clump together, and begin to glow read, as they leap off of the Animarium, racing through the atmosphere, and diving down in perfect formation. The Rangers lower their no-longer glowing Sabers, and start to watch the descending Zords with awe. Cole points out, "Hey, LOOK! Here they come!" Indeed, the five Wildzords are now glowing bright yellow, their hooves, paws, claws, and wings somehow creating a sort of spectrum-colored bridge of light, aiding in their travel from the floating island to the Earth beneath. They continue making their respective noises, and soon cease to glow, as they drop off of the light bridge, and begin to race along in what looks to be a mountainous desert. Red Lion leads the way, with Black Bison to his right, White Tiger to his left, Yellow Eagle soaring overhead, and the Blue Shark swimming through the air just behind. Yellow Ranger comments with near excitement, "They've never left the Animarium BEFORE." Black Ranger nods, and remarks, "This is aMAZing!" Blue Ranger just nods, as White Ranger states in astonishment, "WOW, it looks like they're here to help us fight!" Red Ranger cheers, "WILD Force! All RIGHT!"

The Red Lionzord gives another ferocious roar or two, and gets the attack underway. He activates the twin rockets on his back, and launches into a savage leap at the giant Turbine Org! The monster is taken down and mauled by the equal-sized beast, crying out in protest as the Lionzord pounces on him. The Org is able to knock the Lionzord off, but the brave king of the Animarium, just like its fellow feline, lands smoothly on his feet, with an angry roar. The White Tigerzord (version 2.0, obviously) growls as she races along, getting encouragement from Alyssa, who yells, "GO, Tiger!" The Tigerzord leaps and curls into a ball, rolling through the air at Turbine Org. When she comes down upon him, she extracts her golden claws, and slashes into the monster! Max roots for his beast, "All RIGHT, Sharky! Let'em HAVE it!" Danny's more direct, giving orders, "Bisonzord! Take him DOWN!" The Black Bisonzord shakes his tall golden-horned head about, snorting like crazy while racing along. Blue Sharkzord (don't call him 'Zenith'!) snarls with his mouth wide open, teeth jagged. Poor Turbine Org gets double-teamed, as Bisonzord horn-butts him in the stomach at the same exact time as the Sharkzord is ramming his head into his chest. The Yellow Eaglezord swoops down from the wild blue yonder, and lifts herself up from a horizontal, to a vertical flight position. Taylor shouts, "GO for it, Eaglezord!" She screeches in response, shooting balls of yellow firepower from her wings with each flap (is she a fine fair-feathered friend of the Falconzord?). They slam down all around Turbine Org like napalm poop droppings, bombarding the uninhabited land all around the monster with large blasts. The Wild Force Rangers rush to the very edge of the dam, where Cole dreads, "He's STILL standing!" Red Lionzord rushes up right behind the Rangers and roars. He's joined by the other Wildzords, each making their own unique noise, and each standing (or hovering) in relative position to their Ranger partners below. Red Ranger reminds his teammates, "Remember how we beat the FIRST Org? By working as one. Let's do it again!" All five of the Wildzords, in a five-triangle splitscreen, howl in response. Cole holds his Crystal Saber with the handle end pressed against his palm, and proclaims, "Alright! WILD Force!" The other four five Rangers follow HIS lead this time, breaking into their animal poses in the group, as their beasts burst into bellowing right over them. Turbine Org recovers from the last attack, and scoffs sarcastically, "Oh, I'm SO scared!" The Wild Force Power Rangers aim their Crystal Sabers at the giant monster, and shout simultaneously, "FIRE!" Beams of color-coded laser energy are launched toward the Org via the Saber blades. Mirroring this in their own way, the Wildzords open their mouths, and spew their own thick beams of color-coded laser energy at Turbine, as well! The combined rainbow onslaught of laserpower shears through Turbine Org's body, lifting him into the air screaming. The river of evil-eliminating light lasts only a few moments, but is powerful enough to toss the Org off onto the mountaintop, and away from the dam. When it ends, he drops onto the ground, and skids across the forest. Upon hitting a batch of thick trees, Turbine Org's body finally ignites, exploding into nothing but a burst of smoke and flames (which start a forest fire, killing helpless animals and leaving many homeless... great job, heroes!). The Wild Force Rangers cheer over their victory, with White & Blue both leaping for joy. White exclaims, "YEAH!", and Blue pats her on the shoulder, commending, "Awright! Good job, Alyssa!" She nods and replies, "Thanks!"


The Turtle Cove dam, the river that runs through it, and the bridge that goes across that river to the city proper... are all safe and secure, thanks to these five new heroes. Red Ranger resheathes his Crystal Saber, and gently sighs, "UnbeLIEVable." The five Wild Force Power Rangers remain morphed and standing atop the deserted dam, admiring their successful work. They all resheath their Sabers and stare out over, though Blue looks to White, who gives him a thumbs up. That narrator guys starts voicing over the scene again, this time narrating, "And so the journey begins. Destiny, has brought five young people together. And now they set out on their WILD adventure!" Feeling the power, Cole pumps his fist into the air, and shouts, "YEAH!" The five Wildzords, who weren't there just a minute ago, are magically back to standing behind their Ranger partners. They start roaring, and screeching, and growling, and snorting, and howling, and just generally putting way too much weight on that already fragile dam. Mother Nature's fighting back in a brand new way, and THIS time, she's serious!
[Scenes from "Darkness Awakening"; End Credits (both omitted on the premiere broadcast)]

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