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Power Rangers Wild Force
"Curse Of The Wolf"
Original Air Date:4/6/02 Featuring Footage & Some Story Elements From:
Gaoranger #15 - - Oni, Hoeru!!(The Demon, Howls!!)
*Season 10, bite 10
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1210
*10th episode of PRWF
*428th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Katie Torpey Director: Taro Sakamoto [Note: Worked on Sentai for the past decade!]
Starring Cast:
Ricardo Medina, Jr. _AS_ Cole (Red Ranger)
Alyson Kiperman _AS_ Taylor (Yellow Ranger)
Phillip Jeanmarie _AS_ Max (Blue Ranger)
Jessica Rey _AS_ Alyssa (White Ranger)
Jack Guzman _AS_ Danny (Black Ranger)
Ann Marie Crouch _AS_ Princess Shayla
Ilia Volok _AS_ Master Org
Sin Wong _AS_ Toxica
Additional Cast:
Ken Merckx _AS_ Nayzor (voice)
Dan Woren _AS_ Zen-Aku (voice)
Danny Wayne Stallcup _AS_ Jindrax
Dave Mallow _AS_ Vacuum Cleaner Org (voice)


[Opening Credits]

Fires rage in corralled spaces, within the underground dwelling known as the Nexus, beneath the city of Turtle Cove. The flames illuminate the dusty and murky cavern with only minimal orange-hued radiance, making the carved gargoyles and ancient stone structures appear in a light different than usual. A black blotting umbra gains form as the source draws closer to the fire, tightening into the silhouette of the Master Org. He paces toward a wall, clenching his staff in hand, before pausing for a moment, facing it in deep inner turmoil. Master Org spins around, and starts to retrace his steps a short way, heading toward the large totem head against the main wall, with round yellow glowing eyes & smoke pouring from its gaping mouth. Upon walking as far toward that wall as he can, Master Org then spins around once more, focused solely on the thoughts burning deep inside his mind. Pacing forth, he stops in his tracks, and is overcome with a black & white flashback to "Soul Searching", which goes pretty much like this: In the woods, Cole calls him a coward, he fires his staff at the Red Ranger, zaps him into the air, finds the torn picture that fell from his pocket, and checks out the familiar sight of the woman & man he murdered many moons ago. The flashback fades back to the present, with Master Org's pale & root-scarred face glaring straight at us up close, sneering furiously. He inhales deeply, and exhales through his mouth with a mad passion, growling lowly beneath his breath, really riled up. Master Org balls his left gloved fist, and trembling in a fury, he raises it, vowing aloud, "I... MUST get RID of that... Red Rangerrrr!" Almost as if a Lightbulb Org came on in his fake-horned head, Master Org's face goes from glowering angrily, to loosening enlightenedly. He lifts his gaze somewhat, shakes his fist, and nods with a successful remembrance, stating with sadistic delight, "Ahhhhh.... Yessss.... Nayzor!" Turning his head to the side sharply, Master Org hears a particular sound. Ya know those ancient statues that adorn the Nexus? Well, they're actually living creatures encased in stone! A pair of the statues (a cat-headed figure with two horns on its back & a totem-faced dress, and a roundish twin-horned tiki-mask type creature) begin to rock from side to side, with a muffled deep voice pleading from within one of them, "Master Org, PLEASE allow me to serve you. I will serve you well, I BEG of you!" Master Org pants with a growing rage, before lifting his staff, firing it at the two statues, and screaming, "NO!" Both the stone-frozen former Org soldiers are shattered by the direct bolt of the Master's powers, breaking the pair into a bluish-electricity crackling heap of bursting rocky remnants.

The explosive breaking of the stoned Orgs gains the attention of Toxica & Jindrax, who're lurking in the hallway just outside the Nexus cavern. They poke in from opposite sides, with Toxica gasping aloud, before the two Duke Orgs frantically scamper into the room. Master Org is inspecting each of the numerous demonic statues throughout the Nexus closely, searching for a specific one. He passes in front of the mist-spewing totem-head at the main wall, when a dwarfish rhino-type statue near the cave entrance begins to wobble to life. Master Org turns to it, as a muffled manly voice whimpers demandingly, "PLEASE, Master Org! Release me!" Charging up his staff, he denies this rock-encased Org revival, claiming in disapproval, "No, not YOU.", before firing a bolt of orange energy at the statue with a grunt. The rhino-like creature-turned-carving explodes into flying chunks, with small loud & bright bursts of energy snapping out as his entire body crumbles into a useless heap. Toxica & Jindrax, peering into the Nexus over some of the stalagmites, keep out of sight as they spy suspiciously on the man that claims to be their Master Org. The Duke Orgs' sneaking around is concealed by a cloud of dust kicked up by the statued-Orgs destruction. Master Org remains in the staff-thrusted position he was when firing the bolt into that last statue, when he glances over and spots his target. The dusty and ancient carving is recognized by him, merely thanks to the Groucho-like nose dead center on its well-sculpted form. He comments with wicked glee, "Ahhh... YES. THIS is the ONE!" Master Org holds out his left hand, fingers spread as orange electricity zaps outward, pouring into the targeted Org-turned-statue, causing it to warp and malform. The room quakes a bit, as growing green cracks form all through the statue, until the entire grey-stone body is covered with them, and they flare into a blinding white light.

When the light fades, the stone skin of imprisonment is removed from this Org named Nayzor, allowing him to move freely with his organic body. Tough to describe, Nayzor is fully green, two-arms & two-legs, with ear-shaped shoulders (almost like wings) sporting golden hoop earrings, a round black orb in his chest, a reddish cloak flowing behind his back, and a pointed greyish single horn atop it all. His most prominent feature is his Groucho-like nose where his head should be, and when awakened, he opens his red-dot eyes, which are located within that nose's nostrils! The aptly-named Nayzor moans rejuvenatedly, "MmmRAH!", before lifting a t-shaped blade in his right red-clawed-fingered hand, and snapping it open into a dainty metal hand-fan. He speaks in a deep but whimsical voice, proclaiming, "FINally! Huhahahaha!" Master Org lowers his staff back to a standing position, and admires the restored creature, inhaling long and proudly as he comments evilly, "Ahhhhhhhh.... Ssssssss..... YESssss!" Nayzor says Master Org's name, while slightly bowing with respect. Master Org, left fist raised, exclaims powerfully, "Welcome BACK, Nayzor! The most CUNNING, of Org Generals!" Nayzor touches his chest, and speaking rather femininely despite his obvious male-ness, he retorts humbly, "The pleasure is all MINE." Still crouched and hidden in the smokey shadows, the Duke Orgs continue to spy on the scene. Recalling Nayzor from 3000 years back, Jindrax whispers a comment to Toxica, "He's a lot BIGGER than I remember him." Master Org walks over to the revived Org General, and pointing directly at him, stresses, "I have a SPECIAL mission for you... and ONLY you." Nayzor blinks his nostril-eyes, and nods gently, obeying, "Your WISH is my command."

The full, cratered, lunar body known as the "moon" to most of us, hangs majestically against the dark & starry sky, with a thin layer of clouds passing over its brightly reflecting surface. Viewing this from below, upon the Animarium, is Princess Shayla. She gazes skyward, transfixed romantically on the moon, almost like she's in love with the vague lunar image of Jackie Gleason. An owl hoots softly in the background, crickets chirp, and the crackling of burning wood within stone-scooped fires all add to the relative quietness of the nighttime scene in the Temple Ruins. Shayla is sitting in her chair made out of sturdy twigs, gently brushing her hands against one another, never taking her enchanted eyes off of the moon. On the temple floor behind her, the five Wild Force Activists are lazily hanging around. Cole is sitting Indian-style on the floor, just beside the wooden table, also staring up at the moon himself. One of that table's stools is currently being used to hold a bowl full of popcorn and another full of marshmallows. Alyssa is sitting on the floor, a blue blanket over her legs, right behind Cole, but below the great lion-carved wall, with Max next to her, and a campfire blazing in a circle of rocks. This campfire merely adds to the faint lighting of the area by the usual stone fire-flowers, and is really being used to roast them marshmallows. Danny is beside Max, and is napping, laying on his back with his head resting on a large brown-cloth wrapped leaf-filled makeshift pillow, glasses off. Taylor rounds out the cast, sitting to the far right of the others, on a stump, brown-cloth draped over her legs, and her face buried in a book. Anyway, enough scene-describing! Max is playfully tossing pieces of popcorn into the air, landing them perfectly in his hungry mouth. Alyssa is roasting a marshmallow on a stick, commenting excitedly, "I LOVE, how the Soul Bird, just appeared, out of NOwhere! It was magNIFicent!" Max, his body language & voice displaying intense confidence and a swollen ego, adds, "Heh, we sure threw THAT big Org for a loop. Heh! W-we're unstoppable now!" Taylor briefly looks up from her novel, and with a disbelieving smirk, remarks, "There could still be something OUT there...!" Max chomps on more popcorn, nodding and claiming cockily, "Nothin' WE can't handle!" Alyssa softly chuckles, and shakes her head, returning to focusing on her toasting treat.

With a mouthful of salt-&-butter-less Redenbacher goodness, Max calls out to the attention-absent man in the red vest, "Right, leader?" Cole doesn't hear a word said by his teammates, simply hypnotized by the sight of the moon overhead. Max tries to contact him again, even throwing a piece of popcorn past his head, while calling out, "Cole....? Right...?" Alyssa is equally puzzled by his ignoring-behavior. Max wonders, "What're you lookin' at?" Cole, remaining in the same spot he's been in for likely hours, states distantly, "Looks like a full moon..." Max glances up, sees the nearly completely illuminated lunar body above and between branches of the trees, hears an owl hoot, and tossing more popcorn into his gaping maw, figures nonchalantly, "Yeah... so?!" Alyssa shrugs, and resumes inspecting her fire-roasted marshmallow. Cole turns to him, and asks, "Do you know what HAPpens during a full moon?" Taylor looks up from her book, raising her brow as she glances at Cole, who returns the gesture by meeting his eyes with hers, giving a sly half-smirk & wink with his left eyelid. She has a wicked grin on her face, as she resumes reading. Alyssa notices their exchange, and with a small smile of her own, appears to catch the teasing intent being hinted at. Max scurries over to Cole's side (knocking Alyssa off of her kneeling position, causing her to plop onto her butt, then shake her head in unconcern), and putting his hand on his shoulder, he asks eagerly, "What?!" Cole's voice bleeds with emphasis, as he goes into storytelling mode, relaying, "The dark forces of EVIL, aRISE... from the belly of the Earth." Almost on cue, the campfire before them suddenly erupts with a flaring fury, making Alyssa jump back some (her marshmallow nearly charred), Max to hide behind Cole's back somewhat, and Cole to jerk his legs out in alertness. The fire quells back to its original state just as quickly as it blazed up, with none of the three able to explain what just happened. Max grows fearful (as usual), and tosses a piece of popcorn at his best friend, shouting in an attempt to wake him, "Danny!" Having slept like a log through the campfire flaring, Danny stirs to a small level of consciousness when the popcorn kernel lands on his chest. He groans in discomfort, and swats around his grimacing face with both hands, as if warding off whatever dive-bombing bugs are attacking him, never once opening his eyes. Danny slowly relaxes (despite how that temple floor mustn't be good for his back), and resumes uninterrupted napping.

Unable to awake his best friend, Max briefly waves his arm in the air, giving a grunt of ignorance. He turns back to Cole, and urges, "Go on!" Cole looks at both of his own hands, as if they were becoming abnormal, and stresses, "They take the FORM... of both MAN... and BEAST." Max slowly pulls his hand off Cole's shoulder when he gestures his curled fingers at him like claws, cowering slightly as he tremblingly asks, "W-w-what KIND of beast?!" Teasingly, Taylor calls over to them, "C'mon, Cole, don't SCARE the kid." Max, always offended by the 'k'-word, looks at her with a forced denial conviction, "...I'm not SCARED!" Taylor goes back to reading, smirking and shaking her head in disbelief softly. Max puts his hand back on Cole's shoulder, and repeats with his eyes widened in fearful anxiousness, "W-what kind of beast?" Cole admits, "A WOLF beast...!" Max's brow furrows a bit, as he gives a hushed inhaling of fright. Cole looks upward, and adds enthusiastically with claw-handed gesturing, "... With JAGged fangs, and... And, RAZOR sharp claws! And yellow eyes that can see right THROUGH you!!" Max follows along, dreadfully darting his eyes along the sky, and seeming horrified when Cole passionately glares at him on that last part. Cole looks upward again, and states, "He HOWLS in the night...", when without warning, also almost on cue, the sleeping Danny lets out a very nasally snore! Max cries out in terror and falls onto his butt, with Cole also giving a gasp and startled body-movement. Taylor looks up at the easily-petrified pair, gives a soft chuckle, grins, and sarcastically laughs, "Ha-ha-ha." She shuts her green-covered book, rises from her stump-seat, and announces, "I'm going to bed!", before laying her brown-netted blanket over her seat. Alyssa hands Max her marshmallow-tipped stick, discards her blue blanket, and concurrently states, "Me, TOO. I still have some homework to do!" She gets up, skips over Danny's sleeping body, and bids to the remaining two guys, "Good-night!" Taylor waits for her fellow female teammate, and taking her book with her, tosses out, "Good-night!"

As the two girls head up the steps to their sleeping locations, Max & Cole wave goodbye with smiling faces. Max, though, isn't smiling as big, as he's still disturbed by that legend. Cole curls his legs back into Indian-style, and returns to staring up at the full moon. Max does something offscreen with Alyssa's marshmallow (which should be as black, not to be confused with Danny, as coal, not to be confused with Cole, by now, not to be confused with 'then'... confused yet?), then scoots a little closer to his only other awake teammate, asking with trepidation, "Uhh... Cole?" The man in the red vest turns around and gives his silent attention to the kid in the blue vest, as he wonders cautiously with his hands fidgeting together, "I-is it TRUE... about the wolf beast?" Cole bursts out with hearty laughter, shaking his head and putting his arm around Max's back, explaining, "No. I was just PLAYing with you." Max breathes a sigh of relief, loosens his hands, and shakes off his obvious fright, by denying upliftedly, "I wa... I wasn't scared or anything! I was just... ya know..." Cole nods with a big grin. Max, continuing to avoid admittance of being afraid, mentions stammeringly, "I-I think I'm gonna hang out... here." Cole chuckles aloud, fully aware of his teammate's true terrified emotions. Max gestures his arms over to his best friend, and claims, "W-watch out for Danny... Make sure he's o... kay!" Cole facetiously nods. Crawling awkwardly around the campfire, Max grabs the blue blanket Alyssa was using, looks upward and around in dreadful caution, and then tosses most of it over Danny's slumbering body. An owl hoots somewhere overhead, while Max climbs underneath the blanket, and curls up into a fetal position. Danny stirs a little bit, but remains asleep, as Max huddles up close to his big buddy, fearfully keeping aware of his surroundings while resting his head against a bundled up blue cloth.

Cole snickers softly while watching this amusing scene, but when he turns his head and looks over on the other side of the ruins, his wide toothy-smile fades. Princess Shayla is still on her twig-chair, gently brushing her hands together, as she gazes admiringly at the moon in the night sky. Cole stands up, and slowly walks over to her side, looking up at the moon himself for a moment, before remarking in a soft tone, "You are so quiet. I ALMOST forgot you were here." Shayla breaks her concentration on the lunar body for a moment to look at him, bashfully batting her eyes somewhat and smiling in response. She resumes staring at the moon, tilting her head in somberness as her bedroom eyes reflect the brightness of the natural satellite, and she inhales distantly. Cole notices her behavior, and asks curiously, "Princess Shayla?" She looks at him again, as he wonders innocently, "How come you never sleep?" The Princess drags her gaze downward, blinks rapidly, and realizes, "I slept for 3000 years." She gives a slight chuckle, and returning to her watch of the night sky, concludes softly, "Heh. That's enough for ANYone." Cole also takes a good look at the big round cratered orbiting lunar body, and comments, "You've been staring at the moon... all night." He glances down at Shayla, and asks, "Why?" The Princess is at a loss, and she soulfully states, "The moon STIRS me. I wish I could remember why." Still standing beside her as she sits calmly in her chair, Cole joins Princess Shayla in a self-induced trance. That unseen owl hoots again, and the stone-flower fires continue burning, but other than that, all is silent on the Animarium. Gazing at that same moon at that same time, but from farther below, is Nayzor. He stands out in the middle of the city of Turtle Cove, watching the almost-totally-full moon hovering above & just beside a skyscraper. Nayzor, raising his closed-fan to his nose-face, proclaims mysteriously, "Finally, the WAXing of the full moon is upon us. It's TIME to pay an OLD friend a VISIT! Huhahahah!" He steps forth, and his body shimmers with a warping gas. Then morphing into a black mist, which floats out off the edge of the roof he was standing on, Nayzor teleports away, leaving an odd noise in his wake.

The following morning, on the turtle-shaped floating island known as the Animarium (the exterior shot of the island zooms into the mountainous region located on what would be the 'turtle's' left arm), a layer of soft dew has been spread all over the indigenous tropical plants. Unseen exotic birds caw in the background, water rolls off of leafs, and in the Temple Ruins, the campfire is now nothing but smoldering ashes with a tiny trail of smoke coming up from it. Still slumbering on the temple floor beside this burned-out campfire, are Danny & Max. They're still in the position we left them in, but poor Danny has his arms crossed now, as if he's feeling a chill. Who's to blame? Why, Max of course, who is just next to his buddy, warmly wrapped up within the blue blanket he had earlier been sharing with his pal! Walking past the unconscious pair, Cole folds his arms behind his head briefly, stretching out his muscles after a restful night's sleep. He staggers over to the stone-blocked outdoor stove on the temple floor (located rather close to the former campfire), where Alyssa, wearing a pink apron, is currently frying up some yellowish scrambled eggs on a pan. There are also numerous pieces of sliced toast laying out to be consumed. Alyssa sorts the scrambled eggs about the heated pan, making sure they're thoroughly cooked. Cole approaches her, she turns and chipperly bids with a smile, "Morning!" He smiles in return, and steps up to the grill. Alyssa abandons it for just a moment, walking over to the table, which is covered in multiple bowls and plates of varying sizes, including a fruit basket. Taylor is also awake, and is sitting at the head of the table, focused deeply on the front page of a newspaper (does she ever do anything but read?!). Alyssa picks up a bowl, and heads back over to the grill. The camera remains on Taylor, who doesn't take her eyes off the paper, even as Cole passes in front of her with something in his hands. Less than a moment later, Alyssa cries, "Oh, NO!", which causes Taylor to finally look up. The frying pan formally filled with scrambled eggs is now devoid of the breakfasty goodness, save for a few yellow smudges. Alyssa holds out her hands in frustration, then picks up the empty pan and spoon, and jerks her head to the right, hair bobbing right behind. She sees that Danny & Max are still sleeping. Awww, aren't those tuckered tykes so cute? Alyssa jerks her head up and to her left, and furiously glares at the man in the tree, huffing like mad as she screams (with a strand of hair in her mouth), "COLLLE!!" Cole, up in his tree-seat, has a sandwich filled with the entirety of scrambled eggs, and is hungrily munching away at it. He gives her a big thumbs up with his left hand, and has a mischievous expression. Alyssa shakes her head in dismay. Cole commends the chef with a mouthful of filtered food, "You make the BEST eggs!", before taking another bite. I guess you could say "The Great Scrambled Egg Caper" has been solved!

Meanwhile, hey.... there are lots of mountains around Turtle Cove, aren't there? A suspense-music-filled pan shot of a specific ridge makes that quite obvious to us. Somewhere in the outskirts of town, beneath a tall, red, Japanese-style shrine (the one from "Never Give Up!"?), Nayzor's search continues. He steps up away the shrine and stops, sporting a medium-sized, golden disc between his hands. Nayzor states to himself, "I KNOW you're out here SOMEwhere old friend, but WHERE? Of COURSE! The Dark Forest to the North! The perfect place to hide such EVIL!" He blinks his nostrils, and departs the scene, disc in hand. Elsewhere in the city, a maid is busily cleaning up some desks in an office room, just before the workers are to arrive. She's mousy, Asian, with greyish hair, granny-glasses, a red do-rag over her scalp, and an ugly navy-blue outfit. The maid uses a feather-duster to clean off something on a cluttered desk, then blows on it to remove excess dust. Suddenly, a weird creature waltzes in, noting with a high-toned voice, "Missed a SPOT!" He's the Vacuum Cleaner Org, and he vaguely resembles that of which he's named. He's got an oval-humped body, with yellow & indigo skin coloring, two big yellow horns on his back, two small 'wheels' above his arms, a freaky nozzle head with jagged teeth, glowing red eyes, and two tiny white horns atop that, greyish-legs, and a large clawed suction-box weapon in his right hand with a long cord which is hooked into his chest. Anyway, the maid looks up at him, and pulls her large glasses up on her nose to see better. Bounding about antsily, Vacuum Cleaner Org completes his statement, "And it's YOU!" The maid points at him with the feather-duster, and screams in protest. The Org laughs wickedly, and urges, "C'MERE! Hahaha!" He aims his clawed box weapon, which has a big hole in it, and begins to suck inward not only the air in front of it, but also anything not nailed down. First to go are papers stacked on top of a desk, which are inhaled into Vacuum Cleaner Org's suction-weapon (thanks to an editing gaff, the maid's red do-rag is shown sucked in first). Papers are flying all around the room, pencil & pen holders on desks are sucked off, and soon even the maid herself falls to the ground, crying out. Another editing gaff shows her smock being inhaled into the Org's weapon before its time. The maid tries to stand, but the vacuum pulls her body back, flipping her onto a desk, making her roll over as shredded Enron documents cover her body. She grips the edge of the sturdy desk, screaming bloodcurdlingly, and keeping a tight hold with her legs dangling horizontally in the air, as her do-rag & smock are finally inhaled by the creature's weapon. A computer is knocked off a desk by the gusts sucking air, pieces of paper are whipping all about, the maid is screaming, and Vacuum Cleaner Org is just cackling crazily.

In the Temple Ruins, the viewing pond begins to fountain up violently in response to the Vacuum Cleaner Org's non-union custodian actions. Taylor's first to the sacred waters, tossing her newspaper aside on the way. Cole swings down on a vine and lands beside her in front of the small bubbling puddle. Not getting any visions through the still-fountaining pond yet, Taylor announces one thing for sure, "There's an Org loose." Alyssa unties her pink apron, and rushes over to join her two teammates in staring at the viewing pond, before turning around and pitching her apron at her only two absent teammates. The pink apron lands atop Danny & Max's slumbering heads, awakening them rather rudely, but effectively. The moment it hits their heads, the best friends stir to semi-consciousness simultaneously, looking around squintingly, with Danny groggily going, "Wha?!" Cole turns his head, and shouts to the sleepy-headed "C'mon, guys! DUTY calls!" Taylor races off, followed by Cole. Back at the office, the maid is still hanging on for dear life amid a whirlwind of papers. Jindrax & Toxica stroll into the room quite casually. Spotting their entrance, Vacuum Cleaner Org shuts off his noisy vacuum-sucker, and excitedly recognizes them, "What?! DUKE Orgs?! I didn't know there were Orgs more POWerful than ME!!!" He bows respectfully, his Org spirit obviously suffering from some mild amnesia, or just unaware of any higher Orgs being active anymore. The Duke Orgs exchange glances, and while approaching him, Jindrax snidely remarks, "HENH! Well, there ARE. And, HEY! Got another little newsflash for ya." Toxica steps past Vacuum Cleaner Org, and declares, "YOU'RE working... for US." She laughs wickedly while placing her right hand daintily upon her breast, and Jindrax pats the sucky creature's nozzle-head rather chummily.

The three Orgs exit the office building through the opened front doors. Jindrax slaps his hands together and rubs them, walking backwards for a moment and pointing at the Vacuum Cleaner Org gleefully. Toxica is by VC Org's side, and she's seemingly possessed by the spirit of Nadira when she claims, "LOVE your work. It's FABU!" (not to be confused with 'Fobo', the 'For Orgs By Orgs' line of clothing) They barely get out the front door, when they're halted in their tracks by the arrival of the Wild Force Power Rangers. Red Lion Ranger demands, "STOP right there!", causing Toxica to gasp as she does so. He points at the Duke Orgs, and comments, "We KNEW you two would be involved in this!" Toxica furiously cringes, "The RANGers. What a NUIsance!" Jindrax gestures to the Vacuum Cleaner Org, as he boasts cockily to our heroes, "Heh! WE've got a friend that's gonna suck the RANGER, right outta you!" Red Ranger boasts right back to him, "WHEN are you gonna learn?! NONE of your Orgs can defeat us!" The Wild Force Rangers hiyaah and pose fiercly. Jindrax crosses his arms, as Toxica gloats ominously, "He's not the ONLY Org you RANGers need to WORRY about!" All five of the Rangers look at one another in extreme puzzlement, confused by her remarks. Toxica orders the Org, "Go GET 'em!" Vacuum Cleaner Org growls as he readies his suction-weapon, and charges forth. The Wild Force Rangers scramble away from civilization, ending up in the forest. VC Org follows as they leap into a clearing in the woods, and keep a close formation, awaiting his initial assault. He holds out his suction-weapon, spreading the claws as the vacuum-sucking power begins to inhale the oxygen like the lungs of a giant. Brown leafs scattered on the ground are immediately unsettled and sucked up, as the five Rangers struggle to remain standing in one spot. Our heroes stagger forth against the gusting vacuum wind, slowly but surely losing the battle against the suctioning. They all fall down, and are drug along the leafy ground by the Vacuum Cleaner Org's attack, tumbling & rolling uncontrollably. Yellow Eagle Ranger manages to snag the trunk of a tree with her left hand as she slides against the dirt, stopping her solid. She whips out a fistful of feather-blades, calls out something which sounds like but probably isn't, "Soaring type!" (closed captions say 'suck up this', you figure it out), and heaves them at the source of the suction. The trio of blades are swallowed by the vacuum-sucker, causing VC Org's red eyes to flash on and off rapidly. A mechanical shut-down sound is heard, as Vacuum Cleaner Org gags, chokes, and grunts, the feather-blades jammed deep in his body making his mouth burst out in a sparking blast.

A dizzying spin of the camera across the woods changes to the scene to that so-called 'Dark Forest to the North'. Nayzor approaches a nondescript wall of stones in the side of a hill, recognizing a dusty lantern made of rock as, "Ahh... Lock of the Ancient Warriors..." It's quite worn away, and is made up of (from bottom to top): a leg-high stone post; a large rounded stone plate; a stone block cube with a carved hole in two sides; a thick slightly triangle-ish rock; and an onion-shaped round stone ball. He touches that triangle-ish rock, nudging it barely with his right hand, making it turn to the side ever so slightly. This unsealing of the lock cracks open the wall of rocks in the hill before him, toppling over the stones for the first time in thousands of years. They crumble away from whatever it was they were hiding, the buried treasure privy only to Nayzor at the moment, as he clutches the disk in his hands, and exclaims slowly, "EXcellent!" Meanwhile, up on the Animarium, Princess Shayla paces about the floor of the Temple Ruins, sliding her palms together and looking skyward briefly. Suddenly, an unnatural wind whistles through the jungle, chilling Shayla to the bone. She crosses her arms, rubbing them with her hands and staring at the oncoming breeze with deep worry. It ends as quickly as it began, though the viewing pond mystically sounds, gaining her attention. The Princess gathers up her white flowing skirt, and hurries over to it, gazing down into the rainbow-shimmering sacred waters. A jumble of visions appear within, mostly an eerie yellow eye, and a blood-red tinted full moon rising over it. Shayla lifts her head, appearing considerably disturbed, and empathetically states, "Something's WRONG... I can FEEL it!"

Back on the battlefield, White Tiger Ranger raises her Baton, and Blue Shark Ranger readies one of his Fighting Fins, the two of them leaping and hiyaahing into the air. Their weapons strike against the same target at once: the Vacuum Cleaner Org's head! He's double-struck, crying out, falling, and rolling away with his face smoking. The Duke Orgs assemble around him, with the action now having moved into a park plaza. Vacuum Cleaner Org stands, clutching his chest groaningly. Jindrax slaps at him, taunting disappointedly, "WHAT are you, an ORG or a mouse?!" VC Org proclaims, "An ORG! And I have JUST the attachment to STOP these guys!" He switches out his suction-claw weapon, replacing its spot on the nozzle-cable with a long jagged-edged blade, that he calls, "Suction Spear!" Vacuum Cleaner Org charges forward with a mighty yelp, holding out his Suction Spear, being flanked repeatedly by each of the Wild Force Rangers, who're wielding their Wild Weapons. He swats all of their attacks away without ceasing running, until he reaches the final Ranger, Alyssa, repaying her for the hurt a moment ago by slapping back her White Tiger Baton, and then sparkily slashing into her chest. White Ranger rolls as she falls with a moan of pain. VC Org goes after his other assaulter next, slicing through Max's chest on the way past him, making the Blue Ranger sparkily flip over hard. The same is done to Taylor, though coming from the other side. Elsewhere, Nayzor wipes clean the dirt & dead leaves from a small, shiny, silver saucer on whatever it was he just uncovered. It turns out to be a large grey crypt, having been sealed away by the five Ancient Warriors for roughly three-thousand years. Nayzor looks upon the heavily chained & buckled coffin, and notes with disgust, "So... THIS is what they DID to you." He grips the right side of his golden cloak, and snaps it across the top of the crypt, whipping a wind to blow off the excess leaves & dust that have accumulated atop the coffin. The gust clears most of it off, as Nayzor speaks to the creature within, urging, "Patience! You will have your revenge SOON!"

Vacuum Cleaner Org has a new attachment on his hose-nozzle, an axe-type weapon which he doesn't name, but has the same coloring as his body. Black Bison Ranger has an axe of his own to grind, literally, as he slashes at the Org with his Bison Axe, followed by Red Ranger striking into the beast with his Red Lion Fang. In fact, all five Wild Force Rangers are surrounding VC Org, hitting him at once with their Wild Weapons. The Org takes the simultaneous hits, and is unfazed, utilizing their closeness to him to slice his axe through all five of them at the same time! Our heroes spark, cry out, and fall, but Yellow Ranger rolls to a quick recovery, preparing her Golden Eagle Sword for combat as she leaps toward the monster. Vacuum Cleaner Org grabs her blade as it falls his way, holding Yellow Ranger in place while he switches to yet another new attachment, this one a roundish silver one with tiny jagged-red claws at the end. VC Org jabs this weapon into Taylor's body, frying her with a jolting surge of bluish electricity. She sparks, smokes, and flays about wildly. The Org cuts off the juice, and smacks her weary form away. Yellow Ranger rolls back to her wobbily feet as her teammates regroup around her, with Cole concernedly wondering, "Taylor! Are you alright?!" She's clutching her stomach and hunched over some, leaning against him a bit and replying windedly, "Yeah..." Vacuum Cleaner Org points his shocker-sucker weapon at them, and gloats, "Not for LONG!" Five bluish beams of electricity are shot at the Wild Force Rangers, zapping them sparkily-bursting off their feet in an instant. The Org cackles wickedly, enjoying his success. While laying on the ground, Taylor suggests, "Cole...! Try and use your Lion Blaster!" Red Ranger stands up, now wielding his Lion Blaster weapon, "Your cleaning days are OVER, Org! Uhh!" Vacuum Cleaner Org raises his shocker-sucker, and asks cockily, "Ohh, YEAH?!" Cole grips his Lion Blaster, and aims it at the creature, the two opponents stepping to their left in tense-filled preparation for a showdown. Blue & White Rangers roll over to Black & Yellow, getting out of harm's way. VC Org remarks, "We'll just SEE about THAT!", and with a shout, thrusts his weapon forth, firing a bolt of lightning at the Red Ranger. Cole dives out of the way in the nick of time, and rolls back to his feet. The Org fires again, but this time, Red Ranger drops onto his back, pointing his Lion Blaster outward, and pulling the trigger. The multiple streaks of green gatling energy are unleashed, bombarding into Vacuum Cleaner Org when he least expects it. He shrieks aloud, and bursts extensively.

Red Ranger gets back up, has his Lion Blaster back in Lion Fang mode, and commands, "Alright! Let's combine our weapons, guys!" Their Wild Weapons are locked together into the "Jungle Sword!", with Cole calling out its name as he wields it with his teammates braced behind him. The towering blade of the Jungle Sword is raised, gleaming all the while as it's circled in the air. Vacuum Cleaner Org, smoking and staggering, claims, "I'm NOT afraid of that thing!" Red Ranger retorts, "Well, that's your last misTAKE!", calling for "Savage Slash!", as he slices the Jungle Sword through the air, chopping into the Org's body with a flashing golden beam. VC Org topples onto his back, crackling with electricity until he explodes into a blast of quickly fading fireballs. Cole lowers the Jungle Sword over his left arm, and exclaims, "All RIGHT!" The Duke Orgs pop up behind the steaming lump of green goop that was once known as the Vacuum Cleaner Org. Jindrax urges, "Do your THING, Toxica!" As usual, Toxica waves her staff in the air, and incants with an echo-y voice, "Evil spirits of toil and strife, give this fallen Org new life! YAAAH!" She jabs her staff forth, five seeds are fired out, they land on the greenish pus pile, and sprout into spiraling green vines. The vines clump together, and in a flash, merge into the gigantically restored Vacuum Cleaner Org! He's got his original claw-sucker attachment back on, and is snarling viciously, a literal Hoover from Heck! The Wild Force Power Rangers unsheathe their Crystal Sabers, hold them to the sky, and command, "Wildzords, descend!" The Sabers release the summoning chime, and the five Wildzords are racing down the spectrum bridge, before dropping down into the desert. Our heroes hold their Crystal Sabers to a collective point, and summon in unison, "Wildzords, combine!" The recently rejuvenated Red Lion, along with the Black Bison, Yellow Eagle, White Tiger, and Blue Shark, all come together to form the Wild Force Megazord, via the typical sequence. The newest addition to the team, the silver jet-craft known as the Soul Bird, zooms through the sky, screeching like a bird and twirling about. Cole shouts out its name, and leads the leaping up to it. Each of the Rangers land in their particular spot upon the Soul Bird, with Red Ranger in back, pressing a button and activating, "Soul Drive, MERGE!" The Soul Bird swoops toward the Wild Force Megazord, which turns around and allows it to warp into its back. Once within the cockpit located with the cranium of the Red Lion, each Ranger inserts their Crystal Saber into the slot on their Soul Bird station-consoles, and "Wild Force... Megazord! Power up!" The Megazord poses, completing its formation totally, against the golden amalgamated animal symbol.

So, it's dusk in Turtle Cove, and the two giant combatants are facing one another over a patch of parkland in the city. Vacuum Cleaner Org boasts to the Wild Force Megazord, while they both pace to their right, "You thought I had suction BEFORE?! You ain't seen NOTHIN' yet!" He opens up his claw-sucker, and inhales an intense gust of wind, which shakes the tall pine trees in the park between him and his enemy, uprooting them right out of the soil, "Spaceballs" style! The Megazord, despite its heaviness and size, struggles to remain standing against the current drawing it into oblivion. Trees and all kinds of tiny debris are slurped up past the Wild Force Megazord, as its feet slide against the empty streets, arms swaying about in a failed attempt to hold it back. Within the cerebral cockpit, the Wild Force Rangers, at their stations on the Soul Bird, are all flaying about & crying out, as if each are personally feeling the same turmoil the Megazord is currently going through. Red Lion Ranger, likely inspired by the Org with the long sucking-cord, declares, "We NEED the Elephantzord!" White Tiger Ranger immediately obliges, "You've GOT it!" She pulls her Crystal Saber out of the Soul Bird's console slot, though leaving the white tiger crystal orb in it. Alyssa pulls out the tiny green elephant orb, snaps it into her Crystal Saber, and raises it to the air, summoning, "Elephantzord, ARISE!" Making his first appearance since "Wishes On The Water", the turquoise-colored Elephant Wildzord stampedes down the city street, curling up his silver-sectioned trunk and trumpeting madly. Vacuum Cleaner Org doesn't hear the approaching beast until it's two late, gruntingly turning his body to look in the direction of the noise. Right then, the Elephantzord barrels directly into him, bashing his nozzle-head with its golden tusks! Vacuum Cleaner Org is hurled down the street, crying out in agony as he falls onto his back, body smoking. In the cockpit, White Ranger removes the white tiger orb from the console hole, before sticking her green-orbed Crystal Saber into the slot. You'd think the White Tiger arm of the Megazord would fall off then, but it stays put, as Alyssa crosses her hands and activates, "Sword & Shield Mode, NOW!" The Elephantzord trumpets as it shifts around into two components, namely the 'firmed trunk-sword with rump for Shark-arm attachment' and 'elephant-faceplate' shield, which the Tiger-arm gets. Both sparkle with power amid lightning strikes. Vacuum Cleaner Org, still covered with smoke, painfully rises to his feet, silently facing his end with some dignity. In the Soul Birded cockpit, Red Ranger shouts, "Let's DO it!", before all five of our heroes motion their arms, and command, "Pachyderm Crusher!" The Wild Force Megazord whips back the Elephantzord's trunk-sword, and slashes it downward diagonally into the Org. Bursting profusely upon being struck by the violet-colored slice of light, the Vacuum Cleaner Org falls onto his back, and explodes into a flaming fireball. He leaves only a faltering fire beside the park, but no mess behind. This vacuum cleaner really does clean up in a jiff! The Wild Force Megazord remains in the position it ended its deathblow with, basking in the sunset & heat from the destroyed Org. In the cockpit, the Rangers cheer triumphantly. White Ranger raises her fist, and commends her neglected beast, "GREAT job, Elephant!"

The sacred waters in the Temple Ruins' viewing pond are nearly still, other than the gentle trickling from the gorilla statue's stream. Suddenly, the surface fountains up violently, bringing a disturbance to Princess Shayla's attention. She turns around and rushes over to the viewing pond, and peers into it, just as an image appears upon the settling surface. Amid darkness, that recently unsealed leaf-covered crypt becomes visible. Shayla grips her golden necklace between her right thumb & forefinger, sort of holds up the blue ruby in the center, and frantically calls, "Cole!" Still in the Soul Birded cerebral cockpit of the Wild Force Megazord, the Red Lion Ranger replies out loud, "I HEAR you, Princess! What's going on?!" While still staring into the sacred waters, she urgently explains, "There's a POWERful force in the mountains... I FELT it, earlier! Now I can SEE the shadows of it in my pond! It's exTREMEly dangerous." The large grey coffin continues to appear within the rippling puddle transmission, the angle changing on it a few times to show details. Cole's voice echoes out, asking, "What IS it?!" The Princess leans closer to her pond, still gripping her necklace, and confusedly stating, "I don't KNOW... It's locked up, but SOMEone is trying to reLEASE it!" Shayla slowly raises her gaze, staring high, as she worriedly announces, "The EVIL is starting to EMERGE!" In the Megazord cockpit, Red Ranger vows with a point of his finger, "DON'T worry, Princess. We're on it!" He urges, "Let's go, guys!" and steps away from the Soul Bird. Down in the forest, Nayzor holds the strange golden disk between his hands, and proclaims ominously, "It WON'T be long now... Your TIME is growing closer!" He chuckles softly, and places the oddly designed golden disk down on a crevice atop a rock, next to the crypt. The other side of the disk, which is that of a reflective mirror, is pointing halfway between the upper tree-line and the coffin. Nayzor leaves it there, and heads up in the woods, standing atop a hill overlooking the scene, with faint daylight remaining. He fans himself with his personal hand-fan, and comments anxiously, "The full moon has risen! It's TIME to prepare..."

On a long stretch of road leading to the wooded mountains, the Wild Force Power Rangers are mimicking the 'summoning running' of their Power Animals, in a shot only previously seen in the 'scenes from next time' for "Ancient Awakening": Racing on all fours on the ground, from our left to right, are Black, Red, and White; flying in the air just above them are Blue & Yellow (sporting her underarm wings). Why are they doing this when using their Savage Cycles would be quicker? Beats me, but maybe the rugged terrain of their destination plays some roll with the decision. Cole encourages his team as he leads the way, "C'mon! MOVE it, guys!" They're already going quicker than they would be running naturally, when suddenly their surroundings turn into a tunnel of green streaking energy, as if they're hitting wild overdrive. Far, far behind them on this road, are the two Duke Orgs, failing to match anywhere near their speed. Jindrax is ahead of Toxica, running at a frantic but winded pace, and griping with a swat of his hands, "Agh! I HATE it when they go that fast!" He turns to his partner, and slows down to grab her hand, yanking her along, urging, "Toxica! MOVE it before they go any faster!" Toxica, wielding her tall staff and running in not only heels, but a constricting skirt, notes annoyedly, "I'm GOING as fast as I can!" She pants breathlessly, and tries to keep up the chase while hand in hand with him. The camera rapidly speeds up the scene, but even that doesn't help the Duke Orgs get anywhere closer to the Rangers, as they've got a looooong road ahead of them. Soon, a clear and starry nightfall has overtaken the entire area. The moon is completely full, and hanging closely to a ridge of dark mountains. Nayzor, still fanning himself & standing beside that stone lantern lock of the Ancient Warriors, gazes up at the risen lunar body, and greets eerily, "Hello, full moon. We've been WAITing for you!" On the Animarium, a ferocious storm erupts with thunder and lightning. Princess Shayla gasps aloud and turns to see the first bolt, holding her hands up, clasped together, as if she were praying. Leaves are twirled about the Temple Ruins by the storm's winds, which blow through the area, nearly blowing out the stone-flower fires lighting the temple. The viewing pond makes a mystical noise as it comes to life with another transmission, causing Shayla to gasp again as she jerks her head down to look at it. She hurries over and leans over it, as lightning flashes and thunder rumbles in the near distance. The Princess cries, "Oh, NO!", as images of the crypt being boarded by mist, the golden disked mirror, and the stone lantern, all appear in the dark pool before her. She stares into the raging storm, grips her necklace, and urgently pleads, "RANGers! You MUST hurry! The evil is almost FREE!" Racing through a small clearing in the dark forest, the five Wild Force Rangers are running along like regular humans. Red Ranger leads the way, briefly touching the right side of his visor, and replying, "We're JUST about there, Princess!"

Somewhere just ahead, the full moon creeps higher, falling into alignment with the dusty stone lantern. The two-sided hole in the center magnifies the moonlight just then, turning it into a condensed, trilling beam of whitish light. The beam of moonlight hits the golden-disked mirror placed atop the rock across the yard, bounces off, and shines upon the ancient stone crypt. The reflected moonlight hits the pair of shiny saucers on each side of the coffin's lid, revealing them to not only have notches around them like sundials, but to also have crescent moon shaped upon them. The twin saucers are infused with the reflected lunar illumination, and pulse with light, audibly streaking the energies down two narrow golden slits in the chained coffin surface. They collide at the same point, a thick block-buckled lock connected to the chains. Shot with this mystical moon-power, the lock glows blue, and snaps apart! The heavy chains over the crypt slip right off the sides, breaking free of their rusty bonding. Slowly, the stone lid begins to slide off by itself, as eerie green-tinted smoke pours out of the coffin. Reaching a wide walkway bridge in the woods, the Wild Force Rangers come to a stop, having literally taken all day to get to that spot. Red Ranger eagerly glances around, and wonders, "Where IS it?!" Yellow Ranger points out behind him, "Over there!" Nayzor turns around to face and bid to them, "Hello, Rangers!" Our heroes alertly group together, facing him in return, with Cole demanding, "STOP!" Nayzor remains up atop the wooded hill, fanning himself and laughing maniacally. Red Ranger orders the creature, "WhatEVER you're doing, STOP!" Nayzor, sounding like the Monster-Mash singer, claims menacingly, "I couldn't stop it now if I WANTED to!" The Rangers are unsettled by this remark, all stirring about in shock, with Taylor shouting, "What?!" Having taken a shortcut through the woods, the Duke Orgs finally arrive. They duck behind some trees, spying on the scene unseen, with Jindrax mentioning in a whisper, "Hey! Will ya look at that. Nayzor's already here!" Toxica curiously states, "I wonder what Master Org wants with that old coffin."

Smoke pours out of the unsealed and unlocked crypt, as the stone lid finally falls off to the side, bellowing out even more murky mist. The Wild Force Rangers uneasily drop their guard, confusedly witnessing the mysterious event unfolding before them. Amid the ascending mist, a clawed hand rises from the opened crypt! The shadowed creature lets out a deep, low groan of awakening, as he follows his hand into sitting straight up in the coffin, with his yellow-glowing eyes the only part of his facial features visible through the pitch blackness and mist. Nayzor is the first thing he sees, announcing to the revived creature, "Zen-Aku, you are once again FREE to destroy Org enemies!" Red Lion Ranger seems to read into this awoken creature's spirit, and dreadfully remarks, "There's something VERY evil about him..." With a mighty grunt, the creature known as Zen-Aku leaps out of his crypt, and with the full moon as a focused backdrop, he shoots high into the air, tiny and far away at first, before gliding swiftly toward the camera with his arms out. He suddenly pauses in mid-motion, yellow eyes flaring. White Tiger Ranger looks up and sees him, and quickly grasping her helmeted ears to shield her head, she asks frantically, "Whoa! What IS it?!" Yellow Eagle Ranger points at the approaching creature, and as its features seem to match Cole's fable from earlier, she calls it, "A WOLF beast!" Cole terrifiedly motions his arms, and cries, "Oh NO!" Blue Shark Ranger, shaken most by that story, braces himself with whimpers of fright. Black Bison Ranger, though having slept through the tale, is just as cautious as his teammates. Zen-Aku unfreezes from his lunar-backed position, and zips toward the Rangers, converting his body into a furious streak of dark bruise purple energy. Moving faster than our heroes' reflexes, Zen-Aku's energy form streaks along the bridge, ripping into all five of the Wild Force Rangers, causing their bodies to spark massively. Close up shots of their agonized bursting reveals the wolf beast's clawed hands are to blame mostly from the rapid and ferocious assaults.

After hitting the team like a marauding merry-go-round several times, he picks off his first target, and just like a wolf, strikes the one with the most fear: Max! No longer in purple streak form, Zen-Aku scoops Blue Ranger under his arm and hurls his sparking body into the air. Max cries out, as he plummets harshly to the ground, and upon landing on his back, his left-breast chest emblem glows, prompting his entire body to gleam with a light blue energy as well. The highlight of waning power signifies his reluctant demorphing, leaving Max unconscious and injured on the forest floor. Black Ranger attempts to charge at Zen-Aku fiercly, only to have the wolf beast counter his approach with greater speed and strength. Zen-Aku slams into Danny, grabbing his chest and dragging him back the way he came, painfully. He releases the Black Ranger into the air, tossing his screaming body straight into the side of a cliff. Danny hits his back against the rocks, and falls to the ground on his chest. His body flashes with a loud highlight of purple energy, leaving him demorphed and knocked out. Yellow Ranger leaps up, hiyaahs, and spreads her golden underarm wings. Zen-Aku races forth, and leaps into the air, as well. Against the backdrop of the full moon again, two bolts yellow & purple energy clash in the sky, rapidly smashing into each other from all sides, meeting up dead-center of the lunar background. Silhouetted by moonlight just like the poster for E.T. gone wrong, the two opponents come out of their energy forms, and meet in the middle for one last attack. The wolf beast flip-kicks Yellow Ranger's jump-kick-positioned legs down, before bashing his fist into her chest. Taylor sparks, and hits the ground hard, now wingless, lifting her arms weakly with a pained moan. Her chest emblem sparkles, and her body is highlighted by yellow energy, before demorphing and slumping onto her back in an unconscious heap. White & Red Rangers are all that remain, and stand together, ready to face their powerful creature. Zen-Aku races at them, converts himself into the bruise purple streak of energy, and tears through both of them at once. He cuts back through them, then hits from above, totaling about four passes in all. The two Rangers let out blinding sparks from the impacts, finally falling to the ground when the wolf beast ceases his onslaught of assaults.

Coming to a halt, and returning to his natural dark, tall and brooding state, Zen-Aku rises to a fully standing position, just across from his prey. Red & White Wild Force Rangers, lying on the ground, bodies smoking, manage to lift their agonized gazes enough to stare at the evil wolf beast. Cole, crawls closer to Alyssa, and groans out a query, "Who are YOU?" Softly stepping out of the shadows at last, and speaking in a deep, calm and raspy voice, he admits, "I, am the Duke Org... Zen-Aku." Cole repeats with disbelief, "ANOTHER Duke Org?!" Alyssa panickedly wonders, "What'd you WANT?!" Zen-Aku uncurls his leather-gloved fingers, as the camera focuses in on his dark leather & armored-body's details: a golden five-sided, golden rimmed belt center with two small blue rubies on their side, and a big yellow gem in the tear-drop shaped middle; sharply pointed boots with a metallic blue strip down the center of the leg, and a coat-tail around his waist like a tied-trenchcoat; several small blue wavy stripes are along his breast-plate; his shoulders have sharp points to them as well, with jagged biceps; Finally, his face. Zen-Aku has a single horn protruding from his forehead, and his face is covered in a rather solid mask, with features of a vicious wolf (a nose, two ears, and grimacing, unmoving, fanged teeth). His eyes are always glowing yellow. Around the mask, he has greyish fur for hair.

The Duke Org Zen-Aku proclaims with an angered grudge, "_I_ have been awakened... to carry out THREE-thousand YEARS of VENgeance!" White Ranger begins to recover to her feet, wondering concernedly (as much as confusedly), "What are you TALKing about?!" Zen-Aku shifts his feet, and leaps into Alyssa with a powerful jumpkick, striking her chest sparkily with his tough boots. She cries out, and is hurtled through the air, crashing her back into the trunk of a tree. White Ranger falls onto her stomach, and lets out a yelp of pain, as her form begins to gleam with a pinkish white energy. Her body demorphs from the strain, and collapses against the cold hard Earth. The stressful actions have dislodged the recently-used green elephant crystal orb from Alyssa's possession, causing it to roll down the hill, and stop exactly at the feet of the wolf beast. She opens her weary eyes, and weakly lifts her smudged head, gasping softly as she notices what she lost. Zen-Aku reaches down, and picks up the crystal with his left hand. He holds it up to his masked face, and grumbles with curiosity. Alyssa reaches out, and screams, "Elephantzord!!" On darkened Animarium, the turquoise Elephant Wildzord lifts its trunk and trumpets loudly in response to her call. Zen-Aku holds the orb between his thumb and forefinger, directly in front of his yellow-glowing eyes. The Animal Crystal gleams with a bright green light, until he closes his fingers around it, clenching a tight fist over the orb. When he opens his hand, the tiny crystal with elephant idol inside, flares with an ice-blue light, and freezes over (just like the other orbs did in "Soul Bird Salvation"). With its spirit orb on ice and in the hands of evil, the Elephantzord attempts to trumpet again, just to have its trunk pause in mid-raise, and for its mighty sound to wind down to a descending moan. The Elephant Wildzord's body pauses in place, and with audible crackling, the entire Power Animal turns to stone! If that weren't enough, a mysterious black mist, similar to what Nayzor teleported away in, lifts up from the Elephantzord's feet. After it passes over the Wildzord's body and dissipates, the stoned Elephant is nowhere to be seen on the Animarium. Alyssa cries out in protest, "NOOOOO...!", which turns into a sighing groan, as she collapses and passes out.

Red Ranger musters up enough strength to crawl over to Zen-Aku, grab his boots, and demand in a weary tone, "Give us back the Elephant...!" The wolf beast turns around and snarls lowly with annoyance at the nuisance. He reaches down, grabs Cole by his left shoulder, and painfully hoists him up to his feet. Red Ranger struggles breathlessly against the tight squeeze lifting his body up. Zen-Aku growls at him, and seems to squeeze his shoulder tighter, causing Cole's already strained form to gleam with red energy, as he demorphs from the pain. Staring face to face-mask with the wolf beast, Cole is helpless to do anything but hang around and listen, as Zen-Aku proclaims with fury, "For 3000 years, I've been LOCKED in that box, WAITing for the TIME of my reVENGE. NOW is that time!" He release Cole with a forceful shove, making him land hard on his back with a thud. Cole touches his lower back, wincing while glaring up at the newest Duke Org in town. Zen-Aku could easily finish him and the others off, but instead, he casually tosses the frozen Elephantzord orb in the air, catches it, and vows, "I WON'T be so EASY on you NEXT time, Ranger." He then walks away without a second thought, leaving Cole attempting & failing to stand, as his back injury overtakes him. Nayzor, still up on the hill, points his hand over his fan, and comments delightedly, "This is working out MUCH better than planned. With Zen-Aku working for me? NO one will be able to STOP me. NO ONE!" Overhearing his remarks, the two other Duke Orgs, lurking behind a tree, exchange curious glances. Jindrax rubs his chin, and states with an intrigued tone, "Hmm. INteresting..." A light fog rolls through the forest, as the bodies of the defeated Wild Force Activists lie rather close together in a clearing: Taylor's on her back, Danny's on his stomach just a few feet away, Alyssa's kinda on her side beneath a tree just to the right of them, and Max & Cole are on their backs, a little behind that tree. Each one of them are covered in smudged, bruises, scrapes, and sweat. Max's eyes squint tightly, as he's the first to fully regain consciousness. He slowly sits up and looks around, spotting Cole's writhing form closest to him. In agony, Max crawls on his belly to the team leader's side, and with labored breaths, he mentions in weary disbelief, "Cole... I thought you... made up that story about the wolf beast." Cole is sprawled on his back, panting heavily, as he looks up at his teammate, and admits weakly, "So did I..." He rolls over onto his side, and stares at Zen-Aku, watching him march off in the distance, disappearing into the foggy forest. The full moon hangs banefully in the starry sky, as a lone wolf howls somewhere within an earshot...

[Scenes from "Battle Of The Zords"; End Credits]

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