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Power Rangers Wild Force
"Battle Of The Zords"
Original Air Date:4/13/02 Based On:
Gaoranger #16 - - Mateki, Todoroku!!(The Magic Flute, Blows!!)
*Season 10, bite 11
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1211
*11th episode of PRWF
*429th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Derek Rydall Director: Koichi Sakamoto
Starring Cast:
Ricardo Medina, Jr. _AS_ Cole (Red Ranger)
Alyson Kiperman _AS_ Taylor (Yellow Ranger)
Phillip Jeanmarie _AS_ Max (Blue Ranger)
Jessica Rey _AS_ Alyssa (White Ranger)
Jack Guzman _AS_ Danny (Black Ranger)
Ann Marie Crouch _AS_ Princess Shayla
Ilia Volok _AS_ Master Org
Sin Wong _AS_ Toxica
Additional Cast:
Ken Merckx _AS_ Nayzor (voice)
Dan Woren _AS_ Zen-Aku (voice)
Danny Wayne Stallcup _AS_ Jindrax


[Opening Credits]

Welcome back to the turtle-shaped floating island known as the Animarium. It's the morning after the previous episode, and in the Temple Ruins, Princess Shayla grinds a pestle into a mortar filled with a dark green herbal gunk. She then scrapes a thick glob of the remedy onto a square white bandage. Alyssa is sitting beside her, holding her left arm out, and sporting a bad bruise on the underside of her forearm. Shayla gently presses the herbal gunked gauze against her injury, causing Alyssa to grimace, and give a soft groan of agony. The Princess pauses for a moment, and asks concernedly, "Are you okay?" Alyssa nods, and allows her to continue applying the medicine. As if to take her mind off the pain, she stares off into space, displaying an expression of deep inner turmoil, while flashing back to the previous episode (with slightly changed dialogue). Here's how it goes: Zen-Aku steps out of the shadows. Lying on the ground, Red Ranger asks, "Who ARE you?!" White Ranger wonders, "And what do you WANT?!" The wolf beast admits powerfully, "I have been awakened, to carry out 3000 YEARS of VENgeance!" Zen-Aku shifts his feet, and leaps into Alyssa with a powerful jumpkick, striking her chest sparkily with his tough boots. She cries out, and is hurtled through the air, crashing her back into the trunk of a tree. White Ranger falls onto her stomach, and lets out a yelp of pain. The stressful actions have dislodged the green elephant crystal orb from Alyssa's possession, causing it to roll down the hill, and stop exactly at the feet of the wolf beast. Zen-Aku reaches down, and picks up the crystal with his left hand. He holds it up to his masked face, and snarls lowly. White Ranger, still morphed, remains down, and groans weakly, "My Elephant Crystal..." Zen-Aku clenches a tight fist over the orb. When he opens his hand, the tiny crystal with elephant idol inside, flares with an ice-blue light, and freezes over. On the darkened Animarium, the turquoise Elephant Wildzord attempts to trumpet, just to have its trunk pause in mid-raise, and for its mighty sound to wind down to a descending moan, body pausing in place.

The truncated flashback ends, with Alyssa shutting her eyes and shaking her head in dismay. She slowly turns and looks at the face of the woman tending to her wounds, and wonders hopelessly, "Princess Shayla? What's going to happen to the Elephantzord?" Visibly expressing a loss for answers, Shayla simply pats her shoulder gently, and states in a comforting tone, "I don't know." Alyssa turns her head away from the Princess, and stands, walking to the center of the temple floor, proclaiming with her voice breaking, in near tears, "I COULDN'T protect the Crystal... I let the Elephant down. I let you ALL down!" Sitting at the head of the table, over in front of the great stone lion statue, is Taylor (with a white bandage around her forehead and right wrist). At the other end of it is Danny, who is missing not only his black Iron Bison vest, but his undershirt as well, both of which are resting on the table's stump-seats. Max is currently fastening the back of a series of white bandage wraps across his buddy's bare & bruised chest, though he himself only has his left hand wrapped. Cole lays in the foreground by the Viewing Pond, red Blazing Lion vest & one-sleeved shirt draped on the ground, with his bare & muscled chest wrapped similar to Danny's. The attention of the entire room turns to Alyssa during her sorrowful outburst, and when she remains there pouting, Cole gruntingly rises to his feet, clutching his bandaged ribs, and staggers over toward her. He's got a bad red gash on his right cheek, and a particular bandage on his left shoulder (where Zen-Aku lifted him). Cole puts his hand on Alyssa's shoulder, and supportingly stresses, "We're ALL responsible." She doesn't even look at him, pulling her shoulder away from his hand and turning her back to him in sulking indignance. Danny, sporting a red scrape on his forehead, lowers his balding head with an expression of raging regret. Taylor, hair a mess and a small scrape on her left cheek, looks on in an equal silence of agreement.

Max furiously motions his arms in frustration, shouting, "MAN! I CAN'T believe that WOLF Org took one of our Zords!" He demands to know, "HOW is that possible?!" Taylor calmly consults Shayla, asking, "Princess... Do you remember ANYthing about a Wolf Org?" Princess Shayla remains quiet, looking away from her and downward, frowning slightly with a suspicious attitude. Danny confusedly wonders, "And what did he mean when he said... He wanted revenge for 3000 years ago?" The Princess shakes her head and sighs softly, then clasps her hands together, and rises from the leafy cot she was sitting on (the mortar & fresh pads are next to it, atop a small stone carved contemplative monkey stand). Walking across the temple floor, and gesturing her hands while being anxiously watched by all five of the Wild Force Activists, Shayla laments, "I was asleep for 3000 years. MUCH could have happened during that time!" She pauses before her pond, and with her back to the team, lowers her gaze with heartfelt sadness. Changing the subject, Princess Shayla turns back around, and urges the five warmly, "You must rest." Taylor & Danny get up from the table and join Cole & Alyssa near the Princess. Max does so also, protesting humbly, "N-no! W-we should be out there f..." Shayla assures him hesitantly, "I-I'll see what I can find out." Danny, clutching his medically bound chest, also tries to deny any downtime, "But...!" As team leader, Cole vetoes any further actions, arguing, "No, she's RIGHT, guys. The only way we can STOP this thing... is if we're at our best. Come on, let's go." Reluctantly, Danny & Max shuffle off toward the paths to the sleeping quarters (with Max picking up Danny's shirt & vest off the table and patting his big buddy on the back). Alyssa's spent this time considerably shaken up, looking down in self-pity and crossing her arms. Taylor offers comfort, putting her arms around her fellow female and leading her off into the jungle zone. Cole picks up his red vest, slings it over his right shoulder (nearly slapping the girls!), glances at the Princess, and limps over to his tree. Princess Shayla turns around, and stares troubledly into the air, not letting our heroes on to something she knows.

Meanwhile, deep below Turtle Cove, in the misty dark cavern known as the Nexus, the two Duke Orgs stand patiently aside like outcasts. Jindrax folds his arms and stands beside Toxica, both appearing awkward in the company of Nayzor. Over in front of the giant stone demon face in the back of the room, Master Org faces its smoke-spewing mouth, and with his back to the back of his recently released Org General. Nayzor gives a queer laugh, and beams, "Oh, I WISH you could have BEEN there, Master Org! Zen-Aku was... ferOCIOUS! UnSTOPpable! One of the most magNIFICENT warriors I have ever SEEN!" He turns around, just as Master Org does the same, remarking with a wicked smirk, "I am PLEASED with his return." Toxica's expression is anything but pleased, and if Jindrax had working facial features, they'd be that way too. Walking out of the room, Master Org orders his General, "But follow his SCENT. And make certain he doesn't STRAY." Nayzor follows, pausing in front of the Dukes to bow for the Master, and makes a snide remark obligingly, "You can depend on ME, Master Org." He walks ignorantly past the pair, giving a smug chuckle. Toxica reaches out at Nayzor, trying to get his attention by yelling, "Hey, HEY!" He completely tunes her out while leaving, causing her to drop her hand with a furious grunt. Jindrax shakes his head, and comments scoffingly, "Huh! Can you beLIEVE that guy?!" He walks over and sits on a blunt stalagmite, sourly folding his arms and claiming, "I didn't think Zen-Aku was THAT impressive!" Toxica walks across the Nexus, curiously mentioning, "There is something terribly FAMILIAR about Zen-Aku... What IS it?" She turns to her partner, and eagerly suggests, "Let's follow Nayzor and SEE what we can find out!"

Soon, in a wide valley filled with dead grass, rolling mist, and a few leafless trees, Nayzor strolls toward the largest tree in the center of the field. Sitting casually on one of the high branches, is the newest Duke Org, the wolf beast Zen-Aku. When the Org General approaches close enough, Zen-Aku hops down from his seat, and stands before the creature that released him. Nayzor fans himself softly, commending his supposed servant, "You did good work. The Master is PLEASED..." Tossing the small turquoise orb up and down in his right hand, Zen-Aku remarks, "I have only BEGUN." He holds the (oddly no longer frozen) Elephantzord crystal up between his black leather-gloved fingers, showing us the tiny golden metallic idol inside. Nayzor extends his right hand, and orders calmly, "Give the Elephant Crystal to ME..." Zen-Aku grips the orb, and turns away, denying smoothly, "I THINK not." Stepping closer, Nayzor reminds him of his allegiance, "YOU work, for Master Org. He'll be WANTing that. Besides, you are one of US now..." Zen-Aku faces him again, and walking past the taller, wider, and superior Org, he argues relentlessly, "I am NOT one of you. YOU released me, and for that, I am thankful. But let it be VERY clear... I do not WORK for YOU. My only GOAL is REVENGE against the RANGers!" They're facing in opposite directions now, with a small space between them. Less than a moment after he's finished speaking, Nayzor spins around with a yelp, and using his metal fan as a slicing blade, attempts to attack the disobedient Duke. Zen-Aku anticipates this, and simply spins around as well, swatting the hand-fan out of Nayzor's clutches, then jutting forth and placing his black crescent-bladed dagger directly beneath his giant nose. Nayzor cries out in fright, as his nostril-eyes widen and stare at the deadly dagger pressed firmly against his green skin. The hefty hand-fan twirls high into the air, completely discharged skyward without much effort by the wolf beast, though soon gravity brings it back down. Nayzor attempts to regain some dignity, by patting his chest, and stating defiantly, "Very WELL. As long as YOUR enemies are the Rangers, OUR purpose is the SAME. But DO not forget, if you are up to no good, I WILL smell it. Good DAY, Wolf Org!" Zen-Aku slowly lowers his crescent dagger, backing down after having proven his point. Nayzor turns and continues walking on through the field, likely heading off to retrieve his fan. Lingering for a moment, Zen-Aku growls softly, before turning and marching off in the opposite direction of the Org General. Apparently unbeknownst to Zen-Aku, he walks right past his fellow Duke Orgs, hiding out in a ditch. Having been spying on this exchange between their rivals in evil, they both keep low and out of the way. Once Zen-Aku passes, Jindrax snaps his fingers, and gripes, "MAN! Why didn't WE think of getting the Crystals?!" (he seems to forget that they DID, just two eps ago, in "Soul Bird Salvation") Commenting impressedily with a slight snicker, he adds, "Dog Boy is clever, I'll give 'em THAT!" Toxica coldly states, "TOO clever." Jindrax grunts in agreement, and nods. She schemes jealously with a gesture of her fingers, "We MUST eliminate him. There's only room for TWO Duke Orgs." He nods, lifts his fist, and concurs, "Yeah."

Momentarily, marching through the forest, Zen-Aku makes broad steps with menacing posture. Jindrax & Toxica's feet are focused upon by the camera, showing as they split up and scramble about the woods, stalking the wolf beast. Zen-Aku brings his boots to a pause, having heard either the rustling or the faint whipping sounds the pair made by rushing around so fast. The wolf beast grows cautious, as he barely turns his head to the side, giving a low deep grunt of alertness, followed by a growl of annoyance. Behind him, the two Duke Orgs crisscross each other through the woods. Zen-Aku gives a snarling chuckle, as if amused by their futile attempts to ambush him. Jindrax twirls one of his jagged daggers into position in his right hand. Zen-Aku does the same with his own black tri-holed crescent dagger. Light-blue bolts of energy are rapidly shot toward the wolf beast, prompting him to swiftly spin around, and cuts down the only two of the four or five that actually threatens to hit him. The crescent dagger chopped bolts burst into a flash of sparks and smoke. Remaining in the stance he wound up in from that last action, Zen-Aku lifts his yellow-eyed gaze, and sees Jindrax racing toward him, jagged sword in hand, and proclaiming, "We're the mightiest Duke Orgs on Earth!" On the other side of him, Toxica storms through a grassy field, readying her staff, boasts, "And we're sending YOU back to your TOMB!" Jindrax slashes his sword forth with a mighty battle cry, and Toxica swings her staff forward with an equal shout. Zen-Aku simply leaps into the air, letting the staff & sword clash together where he was just standing. After hopping up onto a tall tree, the wolf beast uses his crescent dagger to chop off a thick branch, which plummets onto the two Duke Orgs below. Toxica cries out, as she & Jindrax dive to the ground, avoiding the crash of the bushy branch by mere inches. When she lifts her head, she sees the tip of the long black curved Crescent Blade weapon held beside her face, causing her to squeal in terror. Zen-Aku towers over the pair with his Blade aimed at them, and intimidatingly declares, "I should deSTROY you." Lying on his back, Jindrax holds his arms out innocently, and pleads, "W-WAIT a minute! We were just KIDDING! C'mon, you didn't think we were SERIOUS, now did you?!" Toxica does the same, explaining both apologetically & franticly, "Yeah! We were just testing you! Heh. We would NEVER hurt you. I mean, come on. Right, Jindrax?!" Zen-Aku cuts off their desperate banter, by pointing his Crescent Blade closer, and demanding, "SILENCE." They both shut up, Toxica squealing briefly as she & Jindrax raise their hands in surrender. Zen-Aku looks down upon his fellow Duke Orgs in more ways than one, as he states with apathy, "I am NOT interesting in your stupid POWER struggle. Now LEAVE at ONCE." The wolf beast turns and marches away from the two, leaving them lying on the ground, their lives having been spared. Toxica lets out a frustrated grunt, as Jindrax bemoans reluctantly, "Looks like we're STUCK with him." Suddenly, they both erupt into a fit of immaturity, kicking their legs and pistoning their arms in the air, crying, "Waaaaaahhhhhh!" in simultaneous resentment.

At the Temple Ruins, Princess Shayla sits on the edge of the Viewing Pond, staring into the softly rippling sacred waters with her hands resting upon her lap. She gradually lifts her right hand up to her golden necklace, and squeezes the two stemmed sides of the sparkling deep blue ruby center. Her facial expression is that of an inner longing, wracked with both guilt and sorrow for reasons all her own. Shayla turns away from the pool and a small smile grows on her face, as she watches Max & Danny coming down the steps from the sleeping area (oddly, the girls usually occupy the upper section with the guys in the side path... go figure). Stretching out his arms, and no longer sporting any bandages, Max leads the way, and comments aloud, "Oof! Ohh, _I_ sure slept well! Hey, your medicine worked GREAT!" The Princess nods in gratefulness as he bends his right arm and rotates the shoulder joint around, getting the stiffness out from his slumber. Danny remarks happily with a rub of his stomach, "It sure DID! I got MY appetite back!" He joins Max by the table, discovering the tabletop is bare, prompting him to wonder, "Where's breakfast?!" Max questions the location of the team-cook, "Where's Alyssa?!" Shayla rises up, and walks over to the middle of the temple floor, and clasps her hands, giving a warm smile to Cole as he enters the area from his tree-seat. He joins the other two guys at the table, sitting down and clutching his right arm, while figuring, "She's PROBABLY still sleeping!" Sprinting up through the jungle and stopping just behind the Princess, Taylor (wearing her jogging outfit from "The Bear Necessities", dogtags included) lets out heavy breathless grunts as she flexes her upper torso from side to side, hands on her hips. With everyone looking at her, she informs them between pants, "Actually... Alyssa was up early this morning." Cole ceases holding his arm, and looks to the other guys with franticness. Max (who still a small red smudge on his face, the only visible of the whole gang) & Danny exchange brow-raised glances of shock. The reason for the absence of their teammate finally hits Taylor, as she halts her exercises, and asks worriedly, "Oh, NO.... You don't think...?"

In the so-called Dark Forest to the north of Turtle Cove, Alyssa walks up a hill, wandering around all by herself. She declares determinedly to herself, "I HAVE to find my Elephantzord." Alyssa turns her head from side to side, searching the entire forest for any sign of the creature that abducted her second Power Animal. When reaching a clearing, she overhears a faint, harmonious tune echoing in the distance. Alyssa looks up, and wonders confusedly, "What's THAT?!" Through miles of untamed wilderness, the tune chimes out, bouncing off the towering trunks of ancient redwoods. Somewhere within the woods, sitting on a large rock on the shore of a river, is Zen-Aku. He's holding his small black crescent dagger to his masked mouth with his left hand, and is playing it like a flute with his right. The mournful melody bellows aloud, symbolizing the memories raging up from the depths of triple millennia old slumber within Zen-Aku's mind. A flashback begins, colorless in black & white, with the wolf beast's flute song continuing to play through it. 3000 years hence, the five Ancient Warriors, as seen in Princess Shayla's own flashback in "Click, Click, Zoom", are facing Zen-Aku together in the woods. The first one unsheathes his Crystal Saber, and proceeds to slash it into Zen-Aku's chest, causing a small burst of sparks accompanied by a groan by the wolf beast. A second warrior does the same with his Crystal Saber, slashing into his back with the same results. A third warrior, and then a fourth, do the same to him, hitting him hard and fast before he can even attempt to react with his Crescent Blade. Finally, each of the five Ancient Warriors crouch down, and impale their Crystal Saber into the ground with force, causing the crystallized center holes to flare with colored energy (in contrast to the scene's monochrome black & whiteness): Red, purple (for Black), pink (for White), blue, and yellow. Zen-Aku is perfectly between all five of the warriors, dropping his Blade and gyrating his body about as the quintet of dirt-stabbed Crystal Sabers creates a ring of light-blue energy around him. The Ancient Warriors, crouched like points of a star around him, motion their right arms outward, causing their Sabers to flare some more, and ignite the ground beneath Zen-Aku's feet into a scorching blaze. Imprisoned by the circle of light, surrounded by his enemies, Zen-Aku howls ferociously in agony, as the inferno envelopes his body (again, the orange fires are in color, while the rest of the scene is in black & white). He spreads his arms out, holds them to the sky, and remains trapped within the blaze. The flashback fades away, with Zen-Aku still playing his tri-holed dagger like a flute. As he finishes his somber tune, he contemplates inside his mind, "A HATRED courses through my veins like VENOM. WHY can't I remember MORE?" Zen-Aku lowers his dagger, and rises from the rock, walking away from the green river waters.

Having been following the source of the music, Alyssa freezes in her tracks when the song ends just as quickly as it began. She looks around in confusion, and notes, "It STOPPED..." Undaunted, Alyssa resumes her search of the expansive forest, like looking for an Elephant Crystal in a tree-stack! Back at the riverside, Zen-Aku slowly strolls over to the pebble-sanded shore. He crouches down and stares into his reflection upon the water's surface, touching his metal mask softly with his while thinking to himself in resentment, "This FACE... HOW did I beCOME like THIS?!" In an outburst of both fury and frustration, Zen-Aku snarls as he pounds his fist into the river, disrupting his mangled reflection. He stands straight up and grips both sides of his black wolf masked face with his hands, and screams, "Ahragh, NOOOO!" Staggering into the shallow waters, Zen-Aku struggles with his irremovable facial cover, causing him to growls in pain. He steps only a few feet into the river, water splashing all over his leathered attire, before he turns around and stumbles back on the shore. Zen-Aku collapses onto one knee, before toppling over completely onto his stomach. His agonized grunts gradually die down, as he calms considerably, no longer throwing a fit, simply lying on the shore, still clutching his face. Elsewhere in the forest, Cole cups his mouth with both hands, and screams out, "ALYSSA!!" No response is heard, so he rushes through the same clearing we saw her in earlier, and once far enough through, he calls for her again. Somewhere else in the woods, Danny & Max comb the area for her together, passing into a field beneath a grey leafless tree. Danny cups his mouth and cries out for Alyssa, followed by Max's weaker query of, "Where ARE you?!" Deeper into the forest, Taylor scrambles about, calling for Alyssa twice. No sign of her through the heavy brush, leaving Taylor quite sweaty, getting more of a work-out today than she bargained for.

Up on the Animarium, Princess Shayla has exited the Temple Ruins, and is making a rare appearance out in the open. She walks toward a cliff, lifting the sides of her flowing white gown as she walks, roughly in the same area Cole ended up at when he first beheld the home of the Wildzords. Shayla pauses on the edge of the cliff, and clasps her hands together. Uhh, ignore what I just said about her location, cause suddenly she's at a different part of the Animarium when the scene shifts. Looking up at the long protruding peak in the near distance, the Princess gazes upon the Red Lion Wildzord, roaring mightily into the air. Shayla respectfully asks in a gentle tone, "Red Lion, I need your wisdom. What HAPpened to the Elephantzord?" The Red Lionzord snarls lowly, furrowing his brow and tilting his head somewhat, acting quite depressed. Princess Shayla gasps, widening her eyes and going agape for a moment. She then gives a worried smirk, as her worst fears have been confirmed by the king of the Wildzords. Meanwhile, down in the forest, the two Duke Orgs are walking around, with Toxica leading the way, grousing bitterly, "Zen-Aku thinks he's SO tough!" Jindrax supports her complaint, adding, "YEAH! Who does he think he is, picking on Orgs smaller than him?!" They both pause when they hear Alyssa's voice calling out for the Elephantzord. Quickly, the pair scurries over and looks down the hillside, witnessing Alyssa heading down a trail, calling out, "Elephantzord!! Where ARE you?!" Toxica exchanges a wicked glance with her partner, prompting Jindrax to rub his hands together anxiously, and give a maniac cackle of gleeful eagerness.

Moments later, Alyssa is so focused on her search for her missing Wildzord, that she's taken unawares by Toxica's staff, which is launched at her with a hyah. She notices it just as the prickly-tipped staff smacks into her, knocking her completely off her feet and onto her back with a yelp. The staff, gleaming with a pink light, twirls across the clearing, returning to Toxica's open hand like a boomerang. The Duchess Org smoothly whips it around into a battle stance when it's back in her clutches, causing Jindrax behind her to clap his hands, and impressedily comment, "Oooh! NICE shot!" Alyssa recovers to her feet, and shouts in recognition, "You two!" Jindrax sharpens his two jagged daggers together, and with a vicious chuckle, he points one of the blades at her, remarking menacingly, "The White Ranger, all by her little LONEsome!" Toxica revives her verbal rivalry with the White Tiger Ranger, by snidely stating, "Little girls shouldn't walk in the forest... ALONE." Alyssa easily retorts the offensive remark, scoffing with a smirk, "Neither should GRANDMAS!" Giving a furious growl, Toxica steps forward and prepares to battle it out with the human, woman to woman, when Jindrax reels her back in. He pulls his partner aside and whispers into her ear (with his jaw actually moving for a change), "Whoa-whoa, WAIT a second, Toxica! She STILL has the Tiger Crystal." Alyssa whips out her Growl Phone, bringing it up over her shoulder and calling out, "Wild Access!" Toxica protests, "Oh NO you DON'T!" She raises her staff, juts it forth, and with a yaahing yelp, Toxica fires a bombardment of violet bolts of energy. Alyssa, caught in mid-morphing stance, is engulfed in bursting swarms of blinding sparks, causing her to cry out. Noises from this attack gain the attention of Zen-Aku, who pulls himself out of his self-pity on the shore, and listens in alertness. The explosion hurtles Alyssa into the air, sending her tumbling into the woods, and rolling harshly down the long & leafy hill. At the top of it all, the Duke Orgs stare down the hillside in evil triumph. Jindrax compliments his partner, "Hoahaha! Not BAD for a crusty old GRANDma!" His remark having touched a nerve, Toxica glares directly at him. Jindrax feigns blame, jerking his head around, and wondering in a panic, "Huh!? WHO said that?! I'll go get 'em!" He rushes off before his partner can retaliate.

Lying as far away from any forested hill as possible (a tall barren mountain is all that we see near her), Alyssa is unconscious and on her back, head uncomfortably resting on a lumpy rock. Zen-Aku marches toward her, and stands over her body curiously. Soon, he arrives at the river again, carrying her badly bruised and injured body. Zen-Aku gently lays her down on the shore, making sure to support her head. He then pulls out and twirls around his black crescent dagger in his right hand, before holding it over Alyssa's sleeping face. Not preparing to use it on her, he glides the fangular-shaped blade just over her entire body, as if scanning her for wounds. Zen-Aku discovers the most serious one, a bloody bruise & scrape on her right knee. His dagger lingers over it, until he nods, and shifts to his kneeling upon his left leg. Pulling up one side of his black leather coat-tail, Zen-Aku uses his dagger to slice a thick strip of the material off the edge. Next, he places a yellow folded piece of paper on the sand. Peeling it back, we find that within it is a wad of dark green muck, the same herbal remedy that Princess Shayla was using earlier! He breaks off a glob of the medicine, and wipes it on the leather strip. Then, Zen-Aku lifts her injured knee, and proceeds to wrap the medicated strip of leather tightly around it. With the remaining piece of material, he walks over to the river, kneels down, and soaks the leather strip in the water. Having folded the wet black cloth, Zen-Aku caringly places it against Alyssa's forehead. He leans back and watches over her unconscious slumber, promising softly, "You will be alright now." Suddenly, Cole's voice rips through the air, calling out Alyssa's name. Zen-Aku jerks his head in the direction of his voice, and frantically gets up, scrambling to escape from sight. He flees just as Cole appears on the far end of the shore, cupping his mouth and calling for his teammate once again. Scanning the area, Cole's next cry out for her is interrupted by his spotting of her beaten & lifeless form, "Alyss... No...!", prompting him to race toward her. Later, with the groggy Alyssa slung against him piggyback riding, Cole walks into the woods, gripping her thighs tightly. The other three Wild Force Activists arrive and regroup with him in a small clearing amid the trees, with Taylor concernedly asking, "What happened?!" Cole carefully lowers Alyssa to the ground, and with both him & Taylor helping her to sit down on a rock, she explains weakly, "I was ambushed by Jindrax & Toxica. I'm SORRY I worried you guys." While sitting, she moans in pain, softly touching her leg. Danny crouches down, and notices the black (well, grey in the shot... looks like duct-tape now) bandage wrapped around her right knee, just above her dark pink sock. He wonders, "Who bandaged you up?" Alyssa replies with an equal bout of cluelessness, "Huh?!" Danny looks to Cole, who spreads out his arms and shrugs his shoulders, shaking his head in denial. Alyssa thinks back for a moment, but honestly admits, "I don't remember...!"

Without warning, a double jolt of violet energy is fired upon our heroes by Toxica's staff. Flashing sparks and smoke burst about the closely-standing group of five, sending all of them falling or flipping briefly into the air. Cole lies on his side, clutching his already hurt right arm in groaning & grimacing in agony. He lifts his head sharply and opens his eyes with an alert grunt, as he looks directly at the culprit of this assault. Toxica raises her staff, and gloats, "FIVE Crystals are better than ONE!" (is this Org-amnesia day? She knows fully well they all have more than five!) Jindrax excitedly mentions, "Master Org is gonna be SO pleased, he's gonna promote us to GENERALS! Hahuh!" He points his jagged daggers at the downed humans, just as Toxica braces her staff, aiming it forward. The two Duke Orgs creep forebodingly in the direction of the Wild Force Activists, as they frantically get back to their feet, and regroup tightly together, all in a weary daze. Jindrax boasts, "Such a PITY that there's gonna be no esCAPE this time, Rangers. Heheheheh!" Echoing out through the forest, is that same soft piping tune from earlier, causing the wicked pair to freeze in their tracks, looking around in a frenzy. Toxica hears it and gasps aloud a few times, "WHAT is that music?!" The mourning-filled tune plays on, seeming to come from all directions at once. Cole glances around, very alert, but unable to pinpoint the source. Alyssa recognizes the ballad, noting, "That's the same music that I heard before!" Jindrax plugs one of his ears, and complains, "That is AWFUL! Who's DOING that?!" Toxica successfully guesses, "Zen-Aku?" Striding down a sunlit-misty trail between the trees, and passing beneath a red temple gate, Zen-Aku trails his fingers against the crescent dagger-flute held to his masked face, playing the song that's confusing them all. He pauses at the trail's end, atop a hill overlooking the wooded clearing below. Our five heroes turn around and witness the wolf beast high up, finishing his tune, he lowers his dagger-flute, and warns his fellow Duke Orgs, "The forest is MINE. I told you to never set foot in it aGAIN!" Jindrax, with eyes flaring red, replies defiantly, "YOU'RE lucky we have DINNER plans! C'mon!" He quickly flees, with Toxica following behind, gasping aloud yet again. Cole takes time off from clutching his arm to ask, "Who ARE you?! WHAT do you WANT?!" Zen-Aku points his other, much bigger & broader, curved weapon, pointing it at them, and proclaims wrathfully, "Only to destroy YOU!" His weapon snaps apart somewhat, so that the upper and lower curved ends are sectioned slightly apart from the center handle-point. Zen-Aku holds his large weapon up, and commands, "Crescent Blade! Crescent WAVE!" Eyes bulging, Cole reacts quickest, screaming, "Watch OUT!" (though his mouth actually says "Run") All five of them bustle away as quickly as their flash-fried forms can move. Zen-Aku pulls his Crescent Blade back, as it charges up with a trailing black smoke. He then cuts it into the air with a grunt, firing a golden crescent-shaped slash-beam across the forest. Our five heroes are far away from any woods (they're suddenly in a mostly barren valley), but even their fast racing can't outrun the Crescent Wave, as it grows in size, and crashing down directly behind them. A very massive pair of fireballs explode skyward, with a third erupting between, making into one big fiery mushroom cloud. The Wild Force Activists are hurled into the air: Alyssa & Max screamingly flip past one another in opposite directions; Same goes for Taylor & Danny; and Cole is just flung forth by himself. He's the last to fall, landing beside his equally scorched teammates. The explosion subsides into just a lingering wave of smoke, with five writhing Rangers scattered about below it.

With his Crescent Blade slung over his right shoulder, Zen-Aku saunters toward his prey. Cole, face furious with rage, rolls onto his stomach, staring at the approaching predator as he struggles to his feet. Zen-Aku comes to a rest just before the weary Wild Force Activists, letting out a raspy snarl. Our five heroes, clutching their wounded bodies, rise to their feet, and quickly stand together. They whip out their golden Growl Phones, with Cole yelling, "READY?!" In unison, they bring the morphers up, shout, "Wild Access!", press the buttons, which sends a flaring of energies, before gesturing their arms out and crying, "Hyah!" The five-screen full morph is played, with Cole in the diamond-shaped center. Red Lion Ranger poses with his gloved fingers curled like claws, and proclaims, "Blazing Lion!" Yellow Eagle Ranger poses with her gloved fingers curled like claws, and proclaims, "Soaring Eagle!" Blue Shark Ranger poses with his gloved fingers curled like claws, and proclaims, "Surging Shark!" Black Bison Ranger poses with his gloved fingers curled like claws, and proclaims, "Iron Bison!" White Tiger Ranger poses with her gloved fingers curled like claws, and proclaims, "Noble Tiger!" Touching his left-breast emblem, Red Ranger motions his arm, and declares, "Guardians of the Earth... United, we ROAR!" He shouts, "Power Rangers!", the whole team leaps up and poses, joining him in announcing fiercly, "Wild Force!" Having watched this entire display, Zen-Aku lowers his blade, and scoffs unimpressed, "You haven't CHANGED in 3000 years!" White Ranger demands to know, "WHAT are you TALKing about?!" Zen-Aku points at them, and annunciates, "It's TIME you PAID for the PAST!" Unsheathing his Crystal Saber, Cole furiously states, "NObody's paying YOU ANYthing! Huah!" He leaps across, and confronts the wolf beast first, slashing at him. Zen-Aku blocks the Saber swipe with his hefty Crescent Blade, sending Red Ranger stumbling away. White Ranger rushes the Duke Org, only to have her Crystal Saber attack too deflected. Following her, Yellow Ranger tries directly, but before she can even strike, Zen-Aku hits first, upper-slicing her Saber out of his way. He then slams his Crescent Blade against her shoulder, pushing Taylor painfully back several feet, before sliding his weapon against her and away, leaving her sparking as she falls. Black Ranger rushes up behind Zen-Aku, and is the next target in this campaign of destruction. Danny's Crystal Saber is batted away by the wolf beast's Blade, right before getting chest-slashed into agony. Alyssa returns for more, but is simply swatted aside like a bug. Zen-Aku twirls around from slashing her, and chops into Blue Ranger as he charges past. Red Ranger tries again to attack the wolf beast, but his Saber is again knocked back, followed by another downward chest-slash, ending this single-take battle.

Red Lion Ranger is thrown back, chest sparking from the Crescent Blade hit. He rolls back to his feet, and takes things to a whole other level, by crouching down, and leaping high into the air, converting his body into a streak of reddish energy. Zen-Aku follows suit by returning to his signature maneuver that Cole is copying, leaping up and converting himself into a zipping blur of bruise purple power. The two scribbles of energy signatures flank swiftly through the air, cutting across and through one another, with flashing results. The opponents rise up onto a ledge on a nearby mountain, and return to their normal states to combat one another. Red Ranger cartwheels over a Blade-swipe by Zen-Aku, then gets chest-slashed when the wolf beast dart past him. Zen-Aku turns and locks blades with Cole, bringing the action to a momentary stalemate. They break off from one another by leaping up and returning to energy states. The pair of bolts streak across the sky, clashing against one another twice, before coming to another stop on the higher cliff on the left side of that same mountain. Red Ranger & Zen-Aku skip by one another without landing their weapons into either one, but when they turn, their blades briefly collide with equal force. Cole & the wolf beast get physical by lunging at one another, and getting in a tight hold. They revert to energy forms once more, crashing through each other in midair several times. Returning to ground level, the energy streaks are nearly one, and when they revert to normal forms, Red Ranger is being drug through the air by Zen-Aku, who races across the valley, with Cole held tightly off the ground. He hurries only a few feet, before tossing Cole into the air, causing him to cry out in protest as he's hurled away. Red Ranger falls and rolls into a regrouping of his Wild Force teammates, who all gather around him, grasping their morphed bodies in fatigue. Zen-Aku slings his Crescent Blade over his right shoulder, and taunts them, "You may CARRY the same Sabers as the Ancient Warriors, but they were MUCH, better, fighters!" Spying from the sidelines, are the other two Duke Orgs. Sitting behind a trio of boulders in front of some bushes, Toxica gazes upon the battlefield, with Jindrax next to her, not paying much attention to anything as he rests his head against his arms on the boulders for support.

Standing the center of the valley, the five Wild Force Rangers step back as Zen-Aku lowers his weapon, and shifts it to attack mode again, while commanding, "Crescent Blade! Crescent WAVE!" He begins to twirl the long black curved cutter through the air in a figure-eight motion, increasing his speed until his body begins to trail and blur into multiple visions of himself overlapping. After doing this for a moment or two, a couple of small yellow C-shaped beams of energy are fired out, slamming into the Power Rangers, one by one. Our heroes burst, cry out, smoke, spark, knocked into the air, and floored by the attack. Zen-Aku sticks his Crescent Blade in his left hand, and comments curiously, "THAT was TOO easy..." Red Lion Ranger rolls over suddenly, and commands, "Lion Blaster! Cannon Mode!", while pulling the weapon out from nowhere. The golden lion-faced end of the red blaster opens its mouth, and protrudes a silver gun barrel while gleaming with power. Red Ranger is now standing amid a shimmering background, as he pulls the Lion Blaster's trigger, and fires a pinwheeling ball of multicolored energy. The blast lands all around Zen-Aku, engulfing him in a two-part series of massive fiery explosions, behind and before him. The explosive shot repeats, showing him totally caught growlingly unawares by this assault. The blast dies down, leaving the wolf beast staggering off, covering in smoke as he falls in the grass to one knee, and impaling his Crescent Blade into the soil to lean against. With a low snarl, he raises his gaze, witnessing the Wild Force Rangers approaching him together. He uses all of his strength to rise back to a fully standing position, supported by his Blade in the blades of grass. The Rangers keep their distance, as their leader argues honestly, "Whatever HAPPened to you 3000 years ago, we're NOT the ones responsible!" Yellow Ranger remarks chipperly, "We're the guardians of the WILDzords!" White Ranger gently touches her heart, stressing passionately, "And only WE can use the power of the Animal Crystals. Not some ORGS!" Zen-Aku asks simply, "Are you so CERTAIN only YOU possess crystals?!", as he reaches behind his back with his left hand, and then holds his palm out, showing off the three dark colored crystal orbs. Our heroes gasp in simultaneous astonishment. Zen-Aku lifts his hand, and announces, "BeHOLD! My DARK Wildzords!" Each of the black-tinted round orbs features a small golden metallic animal idol within: a wolf, a hammerhead shark, and an alligator.

Blue Ranger points out aghast, "L-LOOK! He's got three Animal Crystals!" Black Ranger bemoans, "I-it CAN'T be!" Red Ranger demands to know, "WHERE did you get those?!" Zen-Aku ignores his question, and merely throws the trio of crystals into the air with a grunt. The Wild Force Rangers anxiously follow the orbs with their eyes, as they ascend into the sky, before plummeting down in perfect formation. Zen-Aku holds out his black crescent-shaped dagger-flute, allowing the Dark Animal Crystals to land within the three holes upon it. They flare with a dark purple color for a moment, as they fall right into place. Zen-Aku motions his arms, and summons, "DARK Wildzords, ARISE!" He holds his tri-orbed dagger-flute to his face, and begins to belt out another tune, considerably different than the last song he played, with this one being more of a triumphant call to arms. Cole wonders, "What's he doing?!" Taylor states, "I don't KNOW!" Max looks around, Danny does too, and Alyssa does also. The piping continues, growing louder with rapid vigor. Finally, the tune ends with a high pitch note held for a moment, causing something to decloak atop the mountain just behind Zen-Aku. It's a huge silver Wolf Dark Wildzord, lifting its head into the air and howling like the wind as it ceases being invisible. The Power Rangers stir at the sight & sound of this vicious creature. Zen-Aku turns around, raises his flute and commands, "ARISE!" The silver Wolfzord, with blood-red eyes and sharp teeth, flaps its jaws while growling ferociously, lifting its neck over and over, as if calling to the moon, though it's masked by the daylight. In a nearby body of water, something giant splashingly surges out of the sea. It's the purple Hammerhead Shark Dark Wildzord! With yellow & silver features upon its metallic purple body, the Hammerhead Sharkzord curls its fishy body about while leaping into the path of the sunlight, swimming through the sky upside down for a moment or two. The final member of this evil animal trio appears by surfacing from underground, shaking off the soil and boulders from its long metal body. It's the green Alligator Dark Wildzord! With a silver underside and yellowish lines on his face, the Alligatorzord uncovers itself from likely a lifetime napping in the dirt.

Zen-Aku proclaims his own evil Power Animals' names aloud, "Wolf, Hammerhead Shark, and Alligator Zords!" The Wolfzord continues to howl into the air atop the mountain, as the Alligatorzord lays in front of the cliff, nearly as big and long as the mountain itself, opening its elongated jaws and snarling. Hammerhead Sharkzord lively swims around through the air near the two, with its primally toothed mouth hanging open. The Wild Force Rangers are taken aback by this entrance, prompting Blue Ranger to point out in awe, "They're WILDzords!" Zen-Aku corrects him, announcing, "DARK Wildzords. And they will do exactly as _I_ tell them." White Ranger wonders in furious puzzlement, "I don't underSTAND! Since when is an ORG able to control WILDzords?!" Yellow Ranger replies unsurely, "I dunno. But we're GONNA have to STOP 'em!" Red Ranger agrees, "RIGHT! Let's DO it, guys!" Standing shoulder to shoulder, the Power Rangers gesture their Crystal Sabers skyward, and command, "Wildzords, descend!" The summoning chime rings out only once, and immediately, the Power Animals respond. The green Gorillazord roars fiercely, as does the Red Lionzord, this marking their first battle in each other's company. Black & Polar Bearzords snarl in head-snapping succession, followed by the Yellow Falconzord's screeching and Black Bisonzord's raging snorting. Zen-Aku wields his Crescent Blade, and urges, "CALL on your Zords, Rangers. But they do not have the power to match that of the DARK Wildzords." The five Wild Force Rangers, each holding their individual Jungle Sword-component weapon in hand, rise to the occasion, with Cole retorting, "But the power of GOOD, does!" Our heroes ready their weapons, and call in unison, "POWER Rangers!", as they charge forth. Zen-Aku slings Crescent Blade over his shoulder yet again, and while storming into battle, he orders his giant metal companions, "Dark Wildzords, DESTROY!" The trio of Dark Wildzords race across the mountainous terrain, with the massive (even for a Zord) Alligatorzord crawling along briskly on all fours. He's far too slow compared to the swift and nimble Wolfzord, which scrambles past its fellow Dark Wildzord with relative ease. The Hammerhead Sharkzord is quick, even out of its element, swimming through the sky above the Alligator, which snaps open its jaws to snarl, likely annoyed that it's getting outpaced!

The Black Bisonzord snorts and jerks its head around violently, barreling into battle. His twin golden horned forehead clashes with the approaching horizontally-stretched noggin of the Hammerhead Sharkzord, causing a sparking flash! They grind their heads together for a moment, but when the Hammerhead breaks free of the horn-lock of the Bison, all the floating beast has to do is tilt his body onto its side. Using his hammer-shaped head like a mighty hammer, the Dark Wildzord falls like a gavel between the Bison's horns, bashing his head with erupting results. Below, Zen-Aku dashes across the field, and is flanked on all sides by the Wild Force Rangers. He slashes his Crescent Blade through White Ranger's chest, then Yellow Ranger's as she passes by, spinning back and doing the same to Black Ranger, before spinning again and avoiding Blue Ranger's Fighting Fins, just so he can slice into Max's chest sparkily, as Red Ranger eagerly awaits his turn at getting beaten. Above, the Gorillazord bellows primally, while the Alligatorzord crawls on its belly toward him, snarling ferociously. Gorilla is back on his tall palmtree, and is flinging bundle after bundle of banana grenades at his fellow green beast. The dozens of bananas crash against the ground all around the snarling Alligator, bursting into huge plums of dusty smoke. The already slow Gatorzord is slowed down even more by these clouds of dirt, getting his large body thrown up in the air when one of the banana bombs explodes under his legs! Meanwhile, Red Ranger punches his Red Lion Fang fist into Zen-Aku, who blocks it with his Crescent Blade. The wolf beast shifts to the side and releases Cole from their weapon-locked position, only to slice into his chest sparkily, once up, then once downward. Silly simian! The Gorillazord got down on the ground and dared to confront of the massive Alligatorzord, seemingly oblivious to the fact that it's about the length of a Megazord, at least! The Gator lifts its long upper-lid up high, and when Gorilla is in place, it snaps its jaws shut around him. Snarling deeply, the Dark Wildzord begins to flay its head about, with the Gorilla trapped in its mouth, kicking his feet and arms about as they stick out through the fanged teeth. Rolling away from his enemy, Red Ranger glances up at the plight of his newest animal companion, and screams concernedly, "Gorillazord!!" Zen-Aku regains Cole's attention by growling as he chops his Blade through air, prompting the Ranger to duck under and escape from the attack.

Black Bearzord spews a beam of fire from his mouth. Polar Bearzord spew a beam of pure ice from his mouth. The Bear Brothers begin to fire their beams together at once. The twin burstings of white & red energies explode around the Alligatorzord, with the bombardment of subzero cold on its right and scorching heat on its left. Snapping its head around in defiance, the Gator finally spreads open its jaws, thus hurling the Wildzord within its mouth into the air. Luckily, the Yellow Eaglezord is soaring by, and swoops into position, allowing the reluctantly-flying Gorillazord to grab onto her wings, and dangle safely in the sky. Eaglezord screeches majestically, managing to support the Gorilla's heavy weight and still flap her wings despite him hanging from them. On the ground, Zen-Aku bashes into Red Ranger with his Crescent Blade two more times, sending the sparking & smoking leader of the Wild Force Rangers rolling away with a grunt. He falls to the feet of his four teammates, as they regroup around him, with Alyssa crouching down to ask concernedly, "Cole! Are you okay?!" He nods and breathlessly confirms, "Yeah... I'm okay." Once he's standing up with the rest of him, he frets, "But I'm not so sure about the Wildzords!" Roaring like mad through the forest, the Red Lionzord is ready to rock. Grunting viciously while galloping through the mountainous terrain with speeding stride, the Wolfzord is ready to roll. Wolfzord leaps high off his four paws, inspiring Red Lion to activate his back-thrusters. The two mighty Wildzords engage in combat in midair, crossing each others paths in the sky. Wolfzord chomps down on Lionzord's face, sparkingly biting into him for a few seconds, before they break apart. Red Lion falls, swerves, and races back to action undaunted. The silver Wolf does the same, spinning back on his heel and jumping up to rendezvous again in the air with his enemy. The two Wildzords collide once more, though this time the Lion gnaws on the Wolf's jaws nearly as much as it nibbles on him, both also clawing at each other. They break apart in a flash again, but the landings are far rougher. Red Lion bonks his head against a boulder when crashing to Earth, causing an agonizing burst. The Wolfzord drops down and rests on his stomach for a moment, watching his prey in anticipation. The Lionzord writhes in place, body smoking, and roaring in pain. Sneering up his mouth to show off his pointy teeth, the Wolf howls mercilessly, and leaps into the air a final time. The Red Lionzord lies in a heap, unable to defend himself as the Wolfzord pounces upon him, masticating into his golden mane with sparks bursting out with each of the vicious chews. A blinding flare knocks the Lion away, causing him to skid harshly into the dirt, roaring weakly, having been injured yet again.

The three Dark Wildzords regroup on the same mountain as earlier, in the same positions, doing the same things. Zen-Aku is back in front of it, slinging his Crescent Blade over his shoulder, as he boasts triumphantly, "NOW you know, anything YOU can do... so can _I_!" He strolls away casually, causing the Hammerhead Shark, Wolf, and Alligator Dark Wildzords to fade away audibly, either cloaking to invisible or teleporting off somewhere. The Wild Force Rangers fail in their attempt to follow him, as Red Ranger shouts to deaf ears, "Come BACK, Zen-Aku! This battle ain't over YET!" Still lurking on the sidelines, Toxica rises up from behind the boulders, having come to a major realization. She says enlightenedly, "Wait...", until she looks over and notices Jindrax is snoring! Toxica shoves his shoulders with a frustrated groan, causing him to be rudely awakened from his slumber, his eyes going from dark to lit-up to signify his consciousness. Jindrax groggily looks around, and wonders over-alertly, "Ooh! Wh-wha-What?! WHAT happened?! What?!" Toxica asks inquisitively for confirmation on a vague recollection, "Wasn't there a WOLF in the final battle, 3000 years ago?" Jindrax ineptly admits, "How would _I_ know?! I had my EYES closed the whole time." Appalled, Toxica gasps, "What?!" Jindrax argues innocently, "HEY! I was SCARED! What's wrong with that?" Toxica slumps her shoulder and shakes her head, letting out a grunt of dismay & frustration. Jindrax puts his left arm on the boulder, leans against his head against it, and snuggles up, bidding, "Night-night!" Toxica resumes looking out on the battlefield, still eager to fully jog her waning memory.

In the Nexus, with the demonic statue in the back of the room endlessly pouring out a floor-shrouding mist, Master Org stands in front of it, facing Nayzor. With a wicked smirk, he proclaims, "You have handled Zen-Aku WELL... General Nayzor. The Rangers' END is at HAND!" Nayzor bows, and replies respectfully, "Your praise HONORS me, Master Org." Pacing across the room, Master Org remarks schemingly, "Right now... he doesn't remember. But SOON he WILL..." He pauses, and turns around to face Nayzor again, stressing urgently with a dead gaze, "I NEED Zen-Aku to destroy the Rangers BEFORE that!" Up in the Temple Ruins, Princess Shayla regrettably informs the five weary Wild Force Activists what she has learned, "The Wildzords that Zen-Aku commands used to be good! Like YOUR Zords! But he's SO powerful, he can make them do whatever he wants... even EVIL." Taylor stands up against a tree in the back of the room by herself, while Danny sits on a stool beside the table, Max sits on the tabletop, Cole sits on the edge of the Viewing Pond (clutching his right arm), and Alyssa sits right beside him. With her leg still bandaged, Alyssa struggles to stand, giving stifled moans of pain. Cole tries to comfortingly aid her as she limps forth, approaching Shayla just a few steps, so she can ask with her voice strained, "Does that mean he can turn my... Elephant into one of those evil Wildzords TOO?" The Princess stares at the battle-ravaged petite young woman as if she wants to admit the truth, but eventually shakes her head softly, and claims unsurely, "... I don't KNOW." Cole breathes heavily, his face smudged from battle, his attitude that of being quite tense about the situation. Max furrows his brow, and looks away, face also smudged, as he ponders what dangers lie ahead. The final shot of the episode is from far across the way from the temple floor, showing Taylor standing behind Danny with her hand on his shoulder, while Max has his hand on his buddy's other one, Princess Shayla stands in the middle of the room with her hands clasped and her head lowering, and Cole is standing behind Alyssa, gently gripping her shoulders as she looks away from everyone in somberness.
[Scenes from "Predazord, Awaken"; End Credits]

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