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Power Rangers Wild Force
"Predazord, Awaken"
Original Air Date:4/20/02 Featuring Footage & Some Story Elements From:
Gaoranger #17 - - Shou ga Kiete...(The Disappearance Phenomenon...)

Red Ranger Vs. Zen-Aku Footage From:
Gaoranger #18 - - Majuu, Busou!!(The Magic Beasts, Armed!!)

Beach & Ocean Related Footage From:
Gaoranger #19 - - Mougyuu, Dakkai!?(The Iron Bison, Quits!?)
*Season 10, bite 12
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1212
*12th episode of PRWF
*430th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Bergen Williams Director: Koichi Sakamoto
Starring Cast:
Ricardo Medina, Jr. _AS_ Cole (Red Ranger)
Alyson Kiperman _AS_ Taylor (Yellow Ranger)
Phillip Jeanmarie _AS_ Max (Blue Ranger)
Jessica Rey _AS_ Alyssa (White Ranger)
Jack Guzman _AS_ Danny (Black Ranger)
Ann Marie Crouch _AS_ Princess Shayla
Ilia Volok _AS_ Master Org
Sin Wong _AS_ Toxica
Additional Cast:
Dan Woren _AS_ Zen-Aku (voice)
Danny Wayne Stallcup _AS_ Jindrax
David Leisure _AS_ Bus Org (voice) [Note: The guy who plays Joe Isuzu in the TV commercials]


[Opening Credits]

Below the ridge of mountains, along the long and winding river beneath the daylight, Zen-Aku stands atop a boulder on the shore, and plays a somber ballad on his black crescent dagger-flute. While continuing to bellow out the mournful tune we've heard him play before, he thinks to himself in a whispering tone, "I was CURSED 3000 years ago." The black & white (with patches of color throughout) flashback to 3000 years ago, featuring the five Ancient Warriors surrounding and sealing Zen-Aku in a ring of fire, is replayed in its entirety (with a few new grunts here & there). It ends, with his song finished, Zen-Aku softly vows, "I must AVENGE what happened to me. The Rangers must PAY. The LION Ranger will be FIRST!" He lowers his tri-holed flute (missing its three Dark Wildzord crystal orbs) in his left hand, squeezes its metalness tightly. Zen-Aku remains standing on the edge of the river, while the camera pulls back into the woods, then across some stock footage of more forest, then a pointless shot of what's probably Camp Crystal Lake. Forget the footage, because now the scene shifts to the Animarium, where the Red Lion Wildzord rests his chin on his stacked paws, and with eyes closed, inhales & exhales while slumbering, also snoring a tad. Cole sits on the jungle floor beside his head, looking up at his napping Power Animal companion. He hands his arms resting on his knees, with his tattered family photo clutched between his hands. Speaking aloud, despite nobody to really hear him, Cole laments, "When I first CAME here... ALL I could think about was finding my parents! And I STILL want to find them." He gazes at the black & white picture of his mother, father, baby him, and part of the unnamed mystery man. Red Lionzord is suddenly fully awake & sitting up (AHH! Don't DO that!), and is furrowing his brow while growling gently. Cole looks up from his picture, smirking slightly in response to whatever it was Lionzord just said. He then rises up to stand, and guess what we see? Red Lion is stretched out, snoring, eyes closed, head resting on paws, and sleeping again! Forget 'blazing', they should have called him "Narcoleptic Lion!" Cole gestures his fist, and proclaims determinedly, "But for now, I MUST pay attention... to FIGHTing Zen-Aku! And getting BACK, the Elephant Crystal!" Red Lionzord is awake yet again, lifting his mouth wide and giving a very mighty roar in agreement... or just a very vicious yawn.

Somewhere in Turtle Cove, far in front of a very large building, is the sign for the aptly named "Turtle Cove University." It's got big raised lettering, the school crest logo, and everything. Students of all kinds, all wearing backpacks, come to and fro across the front entrance to the campus. Standing side by side on the end of the sidewalk, are Max & Danny. They eagerly watch the students, looking for a particular person. Finally, the sea of sweaty young adults parts, revealing Alyssa lagging behind, pushing her bicycle slowly along, and holding a big stack of six schoolbooks in her left arm. She's staring at the ground and visibly depressed, not her usual overly upbeat & chipper self at all. Max spots her, cups his hands around his mouth, and shouts, "Alyssa!!" She slows down even more, and turns her head from side to side. When Max yells, "Hey! Over HERE!", Alyssa finally notices her two teammates smiling and anxiously waving at her. A big smile grows on her face at the sight of the pair, their infectious cheerfulness helping to pull her out of her funk. Max backhandedly slaps Danny in his chest gently, urging him to follow as he sprints up the walkway. They reach Alyssa in the courtyard, prompting her to wonder with a delighted chuckle, "What're you guys doing here?!" Danny begins to say, "Just thought we'd walk you HOME...!", when Max grabs Alyssa's stack of books, and forcibly shoves them into his chest, causing him to give a winded grunt and stagger aback. Max moves in, smoothly puts his arm around Alyssa's back, and comfortingly walks along with her, empathetically stating, "We know how much you're worried about the Elephantzord." Alyssa nods and grins modestly, replying gloomily, "That's nice of you." Danny excitedly suggests, "Hey, C'MON! Let's go get some ice cream! That always lifts MY spirits!" Max smiles and nods, encouraging eagerly, "Yeah! Come on!" Alyssa thinks about it for a moment, but even her bleak mood can't help but subside at that offer, as she smiles big again, and gives a soft exhaling positive grunt. Max puts his arm around Alyssa's shoulders, and whisks her away abruptly, urging, "C'mon..." Danny, still carrying the six schoolbooks under his left arm, takes over the reigns of her bicycle, steering it with his right hand. He smiles, and struggles with the bike, but manages to follow them with his hands full.

Momentarily, in an outdoor food court, there's a silver ice cream stand (beside it is a menu sign that says "Beach Club" on it, recycled from "Ernie's Beach Club" in PRZ). Sitting at one of the many tables beneath the shade of large parasols, are Max, Alyssa & Danny. They've each got a small plastic bowl of ice cream in front of them, and are finishing them off with equally plastic spoons. Alyssa, sitting between the two, contently comments, "THANKS guys. This is a good idea! I CAN'T let myself get depressed." Danny wipes his mouth off with a napkin, then pats her left shoulder. Max puts his hand on her right shoulder, and promises, "We're gonna get through this... TOGETHER." She & Danny nod in agreement. Suddenly, Danny shoots to his feet, slams his hands against the table, and yelps, "OHH!" He frantically reaches into the upper left pocket of his beige cargo-pants, pulls out his watch, and checks the time. Alyssa confusedly asks, "What's WRONG, Danny?" Urgently, Danny explains, "I-I-I lost track of the TIME! I have to go spritz my new violets. You see, they're very FRAGILE, and if I wait too long to water them...!" Alyssa & Max exchange restrained glances of amusement, finding his outburst a bit absurd. Danny dashes away from the food court, shouting back to his teammates, "Uhh, can I meet you guys back at the Animarium?!" Alyssa yells back, "Danny, WAIT! Take my bike if you're in a hurry." He stops, looks over at the bicycle parked just ahead of him, gives a snort, and replies gratefully, "THANKS!" Danny hurries over to the bike, and fumbles with the small white scalp-shielding helmet. Max seizes the opportunity, and proceeds to scoop up the heavy load of schoolbooks, then grabs the white backpack off a chair. With a wicked grin, he rushes off behind a perplexed Alyssa. Danny's sitting awkwardly on the bicycle (which is quite obviously a girl's style one, and thus, his already oversized body makes it look ever smaller), when Max comes up, and hauls the books (which are now 8 books instead of 6) into his hands, saying, "Here!" Before he can even object, Danny takes the stack of schoolbooks into his possession, but is barely able to grasp all eight with his left arm. Max quickly slides one strap of Alyssa's backpack over his right arm, and secures it on his shoulder. Danny reluctantly goes with this, asking, "Okay?" Max confirms with a pat to his backpacked back, "Okay." Starting to roll away on the bike, Danny bids, "BYE! See ya!", and Max pats his back some more, giving him a helping shove with a mischievous smirk. Alyssa's a bit appalled by this exploitation at Danny's expense, and promptly gives Max a thwack on the shoulder, while whining, "MA-AX!" Max holds out his arms innocently, and wonders with a chuckle, "What!?" They watch as Danny rides the bike across the park, struggling to steer with one hand, and peddle with one foot in the air. He wobbles a bit, then swerves suddenly, leading him to hurling the stack of 8 books into the air, slipping off the back of the seat, and hitting the pavement with his tender butt, while crying out, "WHOOAH!" Alyssa & Max burst into hysterical laughter together, as she grips his right arm with both hands and he holds his left hand up as if in caution. They look at each other, and continue to giggle in unison. Staggering up to his feet, Danny reaches back and holds his bruised rear-end. He frenziedly begins to pick the scattered books up, with the bike lying on its side next to him, and the backpack on the ground nearby. Several bystanders passing by him take the time to point and laugh at his pratfall plight.

Soon, Alyssa & Max stroll along a sidewalk, and approach a bus stop. She rests against one of the black posts that support the roof covering the bench, and concernedly wonders, "Do ya think Danny's okay?" Max smirks, and figures, "Yeah! He's a'ight!" Alyssa smiles and nods. Suddenly, they hear the extended honking of a car horn. Both turn to see a large, white & blue (no relation to their Ranger powers) bus barreling down the street, swerving across the lanes uncontrollably, causing another car coming in the other direction to skid to a halt to avoid crashing into its traffic violating. Inside the bus, the numerous passengers scream in a panic as their bodies are thrusted to the side by the bus' violent movements. The wheels of the bus go round and round, screeching loudly as it peels out across several more lanes. Max notices worriedly, "I-it's OUT of control!" The bus speeds right past them, with its steering wheel moving all by itself. Alyssa & Max peek into the tinted window as it passes by, and she points out, "There's NO driver!" They exchange serious glances and nods, before racing off after the bus. Running along side by side, they pull out their Growl Phones, and command in unison, "Wild Access!" Via a split screen (with the techno-style background music continuing to play), the helmet-forming end of their morphing sequences play, Alyssa on left and Max on right. When they emerge from the morph, both of the Wild Force Power Rangers land atop their respective Savage Cycle, already zooming down the street! White Ranger asks over the sound of her White Tiger Savage Cycle's revved engine, "Ready?!" Blue Ranger eagerly replies over his Blue Shark Savage Cycle's own noisy motor, "LET'S rock!" With the two Rangers riding in pursuit, the bus continues on its driverless voyage. The passengers keep on screaming, with a few standing up and looking ahead, seeing that, indeed, the steering wheel is turning without the help of any visible being. The bus accelerates onward, driving over the cracked cement of an open road in the mountains (same location as the initial Savage Cycle battle in "Ancient Awakening"). Still being followed closely by our two heroes, the bus instantly fires beams of reddish laserpower from its rear brake-lights. They crash against the ground just behind Blue Ranger, creating a controlled explosion that briefly sends him and his Savage Cycle into the air! He cries out, "Whoa!", but maintains control of his bike, bringing both wheels back to a balanced level upon landing. The bus is now considerably ahead of them, but Max & Alyssa vroom forth undaunted.

Meanwhile, in the Temple Ruins on the Animarium, Princess Shayla has a large box set atop the table in the middle of the temple floor. Taylor has pulled a long scroll out of the box, and is carefully unrolling it. Several lines of ancient characters are written across the yellow-tinted parchment of the scroll. Cole steps up and looks at the it over her shoulder. What's going on here? Best we can tell, they're likely looking through remaining records of the kingdom of Animaria to find some clues to Zen-Aku's origin. Eventually, Cole's Growl Phone rings. He whips it out & open, then holds it to his ear, asking urgently, "Hello?!" In the background, we see Danny entering the area (coming in from the right of the screen, oddly a different location than the passageway entrance), holding the stack of books in his hands, the backpack still on his shoulder, and the white bike helmet still on his head! Anyway, White Ranger touches the right side of her helmet, and pleads on her Savage Cycle, "Cole! We need your HELP!" Cole "We'll BE right there!" He nods and mouths 'come on' to Taylor, and she's right behind him as he spins & dashes toward the steps. Danny's standing at the top of those steps to the temple floor, and is frustratedly looking around for a quick place to set down the books (which amount to about 10 or so now... are they self-replicating texts?!), when Cole barrels right through the stack! The schoolbooks scatter all over the stone ruins, plants, and dirt. Cole trips slightly, and apologizes alertly, "Sorry, Danny! C'mon!" Disoriented, Danny drops Alyssa's backpack, notices the dropped books are too much a mess to clean up at the moment, and races off behind Taylor, keeping the bike helmet on. Again, they head away from the usual passageway in the back wall of the temple, implying there being a new exit from the flying island that we haven't seen yet. So, back on Earth, the runaway bus is still driving along on the mountain road, with the two Savage Cycle-riding Wild Force Rangers on its tail. The passengers within the bus are all panicky, and the steering wheel is turning itself. White Tiger Ranger speeds up, and pulls alongside the bus, spotting two men beating on the tinted window with both their hands, pleading for assistance. The bus fires its brake-light laserbeams again, the twin bolts crashing behind the Blue Shark Ranger once more, creating sparky burstings. A second pair of beams are shot, this time landing in front of him, engulfing him and his bike. Alyssa turns her head, and cries, "MAX!" Swerving his Blue Savage Cycle to a safe side-skidding halt in the dirt, Max urges, "Keep GOING, Alyssa!" She obliges, "You GOT it!", pressing onward.

One of the two men banging on the window (our old stunt-player pal TJ Rotolo) finally realizes you can open it simply by pulling the glass to the side, and does so, motioning with his hands for the Power Ranger to come inside to help them. White Ranger grips the throttle, speeds up her Savage Cycle even faster, and finally leaps high off the bike, landing atop the bus with a hyah. She glances around to get an idea of her location, and shouts, "Here goes!", before backflipping over the side. Holding onto the roof, Alyssa smoothly swoops into the open window of the bus, barely avoiding a kick-collision with the two men, who back away stunned by the near hit. White Ranger hops into the empty driver's seat of the bus, grabs the large steering wheel, and slams her booted foot onto the brake pedal. The four tires of the long bus screech loudly, as Alyssa steers it to the right, guiding the forcibly halting public transportation to a safe stop in the middle of the traffic-less street. The passengers cry out an equal yelp of, "Whoah!", as the bus jolts to an end of its wild evilly-possessed ride. Blue Ranger catches up to the bus, and skids his Savage Cycle to a halt beside the vehicle, which is currently parked across the entire road. Max kicks his right leg up, slides off the Cycle, and rushes up through the opened door. Inside, he heads down the aisle between all the seats, and asks the shaken passengers, "Is everybody okay?!" White Ranger is just ahead of him, questioning one of the people, "Are you alright?" The man nods, not paid enough to speak. Alyssa & Max turn their attention to the front of the bus, when Toxica enters through the door, and announces wickedly, "Of COURSE they're SAFE! Eheheheheh!" She holds out her left hand, palm up, and threatens, "As long as YOU... give me the ANIMAL Crystal." Blue Ranger furiously replies, "ForGET it!" Jindrax, having boarded the bus behind Toxica, warns, "Well, NO one gets off until YOU give up the Crystal!" Max exhales with a rage, and raises his left hand, curling the gloved fingers into a hesitant fist. White Ranger watches from behind him, calling to him curiously, "M-Max?" Toxica at him, while Jindrax urges with a raspy whisper, "GIVE us the CRYStal." Giving in, Blue Ranger lifts his right hand, holding up the yellowy-orange orb of the Giraffezord, and reluctantly agreeing, "Oh-KAY." Alyssa worriedly witnesses him slowly stepping up the aisle, heading up to hand over the key to his secondary Wildzord.

Elsewhere, driving on a patch of pavement in the woods, the other three Wild Force Power Rangers are riding their Savage Cycles together. Red Ranger proclaims over the roar of his engine, "I hope we're NOT too late!" Back at the bus, Toxica and Blue Ranger rendezvous in the aisle, exactly in front of the window opened by the passengers earlier. Max holds out his right hand, with the Giraffe Crystal resting atop his palm, asking, "You want THIS?!" Toxica reaches for it with her left hand spread wide, while Jindrax rubs his hands together, cackling with maniacal glee. White Ranger is confused by her teammate's actions, says his name with caution, "Max...?" Right when Toxica is about to snatch the orangeish orb out of his hand, Blue Ranger clasps his fingers around it, and pulls his hand away from here! She gasps, as he pitches the Giraffe Crystal out the open window, and yells, "Then GO get it!" The orb flies through the air with a yellowish streak, with Toxica ducking down and looking out the window, gasping, "Huh!?" The Giraffe Crystal hits the grass with a loud metallic thunk, rolling away. Quickly exiting the bus, Toxica chases after the orb, holding out her hand while crying, "The CRYSTAL!" Jindrax trails behind her, griping, "Hey... Wait UP, will ya?! Did ya see where it flipped?" On the bus, Max looks out the window, and once the Duke Orgs are out of the picture, he turns around and tells Alyssa, "We gotta get these people to safety!" She concurs, nodding, "Right! Follow ME, everybody! Let's GO!" He pats one guy obeying Alyssa's arm-waving orders on the back, urging, "C'mon! Hurry!" White Ranger is first off the bus, leaning back against the side and guiding the calm men and women as they head down the stairs and rush past her, saying in support, "That's GOOD. KEEP moving!" Not too far away, Toxica picks the orangeish Giraffe Crystal up off the dirt, and holding it in front of Jindrax's joyous face, she declares, "When we give this to Master Org, we'll be his FAVORITES, once again!"

The final few folks frantically file out of the bus, with Blue Shark Ranger jumping out, touching the last guy's back, and encouraging, "GET to safety!" The passengers run off one way, while Max turns toward the other, dusting off his gloves, and vowing determinedly, "NOW... to get my CRYSTAL back!" He dashes in front of the parked bus, not noticing as its headlights being to flash audibly. A moment later, the white & blue bus switches to a completely different make & model, just as the entire huge thing morphs into a single, tall but humanoid-sized being! He's the Bus Org, with two horns and two rearview mirrors atop his greenish square-shaped head, glowing headlights for eyes, windshield wipers for eyebrows, jagged grill-teeth, tire-treaded arms & legs, and etcetera. Bus Org proclaims in a wicked voice, "Your FREE ride's OVER!" Blue Ranger turns around when the evil creature forms behind him, and demands to know, "What?! WHAT do YOU want?!" Bus Org holds his arms out menacingly, and warns, "I'm here to run you DOWN!" Max scoffs, "I DOUBT it!", and leaps at the Org with a hyah, pulling out his twin Fighting Fins between scenes. He attempts to hit the monster with the pointed blades, but Bus Org grabs them with his thick steel hands, holding Max at bay. As Blue Ranger struggles to break his weapons free, Bus Org gruntingly vows "EVERYone who's ever STUCK gum under my seats is going to PAY for it!" Finally managing to yank his Fighting Fins out of the Org's hands, Max slices into his chest sparkingly. He grips his weapons, and before rushing at him again, he claims innocently, "_I_ never did that!" Somewhere down the road beside a fence, White Tiger Ranger leads the rescued passengers on a beeline to civilization. Upon reaching the fence's end, she pauses and points out the proper path, announcing, "Follow this road back to safety! Good! HURRY! Everything's gonna be alright!" The men and women obey without question, sprinting toward a neighborhood of houses in the near distance.

Back up the road, Blue Ranger & Bus Org lock arms again, though this time Max is able to break out of the hold quickly, and proceeds to twirl around, cutting his Fighting Fins into the monster with each rotation. This is followed up with a strike that consists of both Fins sparkily hitting Bus Org at once. Finally, with his Surging Shark (Spirit of the Earth) vest logo appearing against a black backdrop behind him, Blue Ranger powers up his Fighting Fins with gleaming blue energy, activating, "Surging SLICE!" The two eyes on his Shark helmet flash, as he cuts his shimmering Fins across in front of him, creating two blue trails of slicing energies. Bus Org is hit, his body crackling with electricity, but instead of being hurt, he shakes it off, and remarks amused, "Haha, haha! That felt GOOD!" He rises up (as if having fallen over, yet never doing so onscreen), and appears in a grassy field, facing the Blue Ranger, who trembles in disbelief, crying, "No WAY!" Spewing smoke out of his tailpipe, and pounding his left foot against the grass, Bus Org starts up his engine, and charges up the hill. With the sounds of tires burning rubber on pavement, he barrels toward the stunned Ranger, shouting, "Vroom! Vroom! VROOM! Outta the ROAD, kid!" Max is sparkily struck in the chest by the Bus Org when he swiftly passes by. Having passed his target, the Org screeches to a stop, and commands, "Reverse!" Jerking his arms back, and pounding his foot to the ground again, Bus Org begins to run backwards, ramming his bumper-butt into the Blue Ranger. Flashing with sparks, Max is hurled into the air, crying out as he's thrown down the hill, hitting his side harshly as the Org laughs at him. Somewhere nearby, White Ranger sees the action going on off-road, and races after it with her arms out, calling, "MAX! I'm COMING!" Bus Org covers his headlight eyes, and releases them with a grunt, firing yellow headlight beams of power at the Blue Ranger, causing him to painfully burst, with the shot repeated for emphasis. Rushing up, the Org bashes Max in the chest, knocking him off his feet. With Blue Ranger lying on his back in a daze, Bus Org leaps up, and tries to land his clawed fingers into his downed body. But luckily, White Ranger blocks his hand with her Tiger Baton, and orders, "BACK off!" She kicks him in the face, causing him to stumble back. With White Ranger guarding him, Max gets back on his feet, and windedly states, "THANKS, Alyssa!" She gives a thumbs up, and proclaims, "TEAMwork!" Together, with weapons in hand, they charge at the Org.

Elsewhere, the other three Wild Force Rangers are still riding through the woods on their Savage Cycles. I suspect they've gotten lost and are too stubborn to ask for directions. They reach the mouth of a long tunnel, when the sound of Zen-Aku's flute playing echoes out of it, even louder than the sound of their combined engines. Red Ranger notices it first, wondering, "Huh?! You guys hear that?!" The trio slow their Cycles down and idle just several feet in front of the tunnel. Yellow Ranger immediately recognizes the source, saying cautiously, "Zen-Aku..." Walking through the darkness of the tunnel, with his yellow glowing eyes all that is visible for a few moments, the wolf beast Duke Org known as Zen-Aku marches down the center of the road, playing a defiant tune on his dagger-flute (which now has the three Dark Wildzord crystals within it). Cole asks with distain, "What do YOU want?!" Ceasing his song, Zen-Aku lowers the flute from his black masked face. He points it at the Red Ranger, and proclaims, "I'm going to FINISH what YOU started 3000 YEARS ago." Kickstand in place, Red Lion Savage Cycle parked in the road, Red Ranger steps off his bike, pats Yellow's arm, telling her and Black, "_I_ can handle THIS. You guys go find Toxica!" Taylor & Danny nod & reply in unison, "RIGHT!" They rev up their motors, and bravely ride around Zen-Aku, who apparently lets them pass into the tunnel without a toll. Cole walks in front of his Cycle, and poses fiercely, exclaiming, "Whatever your problem is, Zen-Aku, it STOPS right HERE!" Pulling out his Crescent Blade, Zen-Aku lunges at the Red Ranger with a vicious growl. He quickly pins Cole against a rusty metal railing, holding the black blade of his weapon uncomfortably against his neck. Red Ranger struggles to avoid getting beheaded, stressing all the while, "I'm a GUARDian of the WILDzords... there's no WAY I'm gonna let YOU beat ME!" Zen-Aku stares him, mask to helmet, and vows, "Your Lion Crystal will be MINE!", before giving him a spark-bursting double kneeing in the gut! Cole cries out, and the wolf beast shoves his weary body away from the railing with a grunt. Meanwhile, snapping open the green compartment in his chest, Bus Org pulls out a small microphone, and orders into it, "You in the back, SIT down!", causing his words to be echoed through the speaker in his stomach. A trio of laser barrels also within the opened compartment begin to fire, bombarding sparking bursts all over the grassy field. Blue Ranger unflinchingly races onward through the sparks and smoke, holding his Fighting Fins at the ready, taking most of the brunt of the blasts for White Ranger, who runs along behind him. After running far enough, Max leaps into the air with a hyah, spreading his legs and allowing Alyssa to leap under between them, passing in front of him with her White Tiger Baton held high and ahead. She aims her Baton for Bus Org, but he blocks the attack with his arm, and pokes his clawed fingernails into her chest. White Ranger sparks, yelps in agony, and is hurled down the hill. She hits the grass and curls in pain, with Blue Ranger coming to her side, asking in concern, "Alyssa! Are you okay?!" She groans an affirmative but weak, "Yeah!" Max guards her fiercely with his hand held up, hoping aloud, "There's GOT to be a way to STOP him!"

On the rocky cliffed shores of the beach, the Duke Orgs are walking along, basking in their recent triumph. Jindrax jumps for joy literally, as Toxica holds up the Giraffe Crystal, admiring it, and chipperly pondering, "'General Toxica!' Heehee! Sounds NICE, doesn't it?!" Her good mood is interrupted by Danny's demanding of, "GIVE us that Giraffe Crystal, Toxica! NOW!" She gasps as she & Jindrax pause and turn, seeing the Black & Yellow Wild Force Rangers on the scene, with their Bison Axe & Golden Eagle Sword out, respectively. Toxica grins wickedly, and slowly lowering the orangeish orb in her left hand, she states, "THIS is all you're getting from ME." Lifting her left hand back into the shot, she's now holding the freaky conk-shell filled with Putrid liquid. With a mighty yaaah, she hurls the purple pukeish juice into the sky, causing the beads to morph into the muck drones known as the Putrids. They land surrounding the Duke Orgs, patting their own heads and squatting. Immediately, Yellow & Black Rangers storm into action, with Danny facing a group of battleaxe-wielding waste-warriors closest to them, and Taylor rolling closer to the Dukes to face the few Putrids there. Toxica watches as Yellow Ranger locks her Sword with a Putrid's club, worriedly staring at the fight with the Giraffe Crystal still in her left hand. Black Ranger ducks under a maced-club swipe by a Putrid, and quickly comes up to bash his own Bison Axe into another Putrid's weapon. Toxica glances at her stolen treasure, and decides to high-tail it out of there, leaving Jindrax behind to enjoy the show. Danny elbows a Putrid in the gut, and spots the Duchess Org's attempt escape. He calls out her name, and pursues. She scurries onto a narrow cliff overlooking the violently crashing waves of the sea, with little place to run. When Black Ranger approaches, Toxica turns and slashes her staff into the air with a grunt. He ducks under it, and when she tries the attack again, he grabs the staff's long handle, holding it firmly against his side. Danny reaches over to the two hands she has gripped around the staff, struggling to break free, and pulls off her left one, demanding strainedly, "GIVE it to me!" Toxica refuses, he tightens his hold around her wrist, and during her attempt to deny him the Giraffe Crystal, she manages to break free of his grasp. But unfortunately, the sudden release of her left hand sends the orange orb flying into the air! It hurls over the side of the steep cliff, changes to a darker color on its way down, and plops right into the ocean. Toxica screams in Lucy-like dismay, as Black Ranger clutches the sides of his helmet with both hands, crying, "Oh, NO!" In the background, Yellow Ranger pauses from her Putrid fight, and tells her teammate, "Danny! Get the Crystal!" Snapping out of his state of shock, Black Ranger nods, "Right!" Toxica tries to beat him to it, declaring, "It's MINE!", only to have her arm forcibly grabbed by Danny, and yanked back sharply, causing her to yelp, "Huh?! Uhhahhyuah!", as she falls onto the shore.

Gazing over the side of the steep and jagged cliff to the equally jagged rocks protruding out of the raging green waters below, Black Bison Ranger sighs in discomfort, "Ohhh MAN." Seems he's STILL afraid of heights (as shown in the flashback in "Never Give Up!"). Danny shuffles his black booted feet away from the stoney edge, trying to regain composure over his bout of vertigo, quiveringly noting, "That's a LONG way down..." Yellow Eagle Ranger urges, "HURRY!", before ducking under the overhead battleaxe swipe of a Putrid, then blocking another's club with her Golden Eagle Sword. Still staring into the sea, Danny exasperates his and Max's credo, "NEVER give up...", until he notices another round of crashing waves nearby, which causes him to startle. Squeezing his fist into a ball, and flexing his arms up like a bison with an iron will, Black Ranger exclaims valiantly, "I CAN do THIS!!!" Letting loose a fierce roar, Danny leaps up over the sun, curls his knees up with his arms sort of around them, briefly forming himself into a human cannonball! He waves his arms a tad, and finally crashes into the ocean, diving feet-first into the depths with a major splash. Surfacing with a gasp for air, Black Ranger wades in the waves, looking around, and stating, "I KNOW it's here somewhere." He plunges his head back under, and swims slowly along, scouring the rocky seaweed & moss covered coral for any signs of the submerged Giraffe Crystal.

Elsewhere, in what looks to be the same valley they fought in last episode, Red Ranger uses his a Red Lion Fang on each fist against Zen-Aku's Crescent Blade. The two combatants strike each other at the same time, both sparking as a result. Zen-Aku cuts into Cole's chest as they both dash away from one another, going only a few feet in the dirt before turning and facing each other again. They both leap into the air, and glide across with their weapons ready, sparkily hitting their enemy on the ascending trip past. Red Ranger flips around, bounces his feet off a boulder, and dives toward the recently-landed Zen-Aku. With his Blazing Lion (Spirit of the Earth) vest logo appearing against a black backdrop behind him, Cole powers up his Lion Fangs with gleaming red energy, activating, "Blazing FIRE!" The two eyes on his Lion helmet flash, as he cuts his shimmering Fangs across in front of him, creating two diagonally descending red trails of slicing energies. With grunting ease, Zen-Aku raises his left forearm, and blocks both of Red Ranger's Lion Fanged fists in mid swing. The wolf beast then snarlingly slashes his Crescent Blade beneath Cole's lifted arms, burstingly heaving him away. Red Ranger falls onto his back in the dust, gripping his gut in agony. Zen-Aku points his black Crescent Blade at him threateningly, and boasts softly, "YOU, cannot beat me, ALONE." Red Ranger gets back on his feet, and switches weapons to, "Lion Blaster!" Firing rapid green bolts of energy at the Duke Org, Cole pulls and holds the trigger on the Lion Blaster. Zen-Aku avoids the violent blasts by simply spinning around and twirling across the valley, raising somewhat into the air while doing so. Multiple explosions burst behind him as a result of all the blaster-bolts missing him. He comes to a dizzying stop on a small cliff, activating, "Crescent BLADE." His weapon snaps into three connected sections, and energizes the upper and lower pointed parts with a swirling black mist. The upper one charges up with a yellow light, which he then slices into the air, sending the curved beam of power flying off in what he normally calls his Crescent Wave attack. The beam crashes into Red Ranger, sparking up his suit, making him drop his Lion Blaster, and knocking him down when the ground behind him bursts into a cloud of dust. Zen-Aku approaches quickly, raising his Crescent Blade over his head and slicing it downward with a vicious groan. Down but not out, Cole unsheathes his Crystal Saber, and brings it up to clash with the blade of the wolf beast's weapon. Holding him off, Red Ranger is able to guide his nemesis to the side so he can fully recover to a standing position. This allows Zen-Aku to unlock his blade away from the Saber, and proceed to downward slash into Cole's chest, followed by a slice into him as he rushes by. They both then turn to face one another, with Red Ranger holding his Crystal Saber high. Zen-Aku reaches up and grabs his hand firmly, causing Cole to gasp, "What?!" The wolf beast keeps a grip on his right arm, and places his Crescent Blade against his enemy's throat again. With the Ranger holding on with his left arm, Zen-Aku is able to plow forth, dragging Cole's feet harshly in the gravel. After rushing several steps, the wolf beast releases the Red Ranger, sending him flying in the air with a trailing scream. Cole flips over and reluctantly lands on his back in a shallow body of water.

At the rocky beach, Yellow Ranger locks her Golden Eagle Sword against a Putrid's battleaxe. She quickly pulls it away, and slashes into the Putrid's chest not once, but twice, as she makes her way across the beach. Several Putrids still wait in the wings, scampering about in the background. One muck drone dashes across Taylor's path, allowing her to sparkily slice into its chest as it passes. Jindrax finally joins in, locking his jagged sword with Yellow Ranger's. She holds their pressed blades downward, and the two opponents proceed to tightly follow one another closer to the water, almost as if tangoing. After pacing a few steps together, Taylor breaks out of the lock, and slashes Jindrax in the chest, knocking the self-proclaimed Master Of Blades away. Yellow Ranger resumes sparring with another Putrid. Nearby, beneath the waves, Black Ranger continues to swim along the ocean, searching throughout the coral and barnacled rocked bottom. He lifts his head up for a moment to catch his breath and regain his bearings, before diving back under to return to a search that his aquatically-adept best buddy would likely have no trouble with if he weren't currently busy (aka, bus-y). At last, staring into a ravine between rocks, a non-coralized reflective surface glints in the sunshine, catching Danny's attention. He strokes his arms and plunges deeper towards it, finding the small orange orb with the Giraffezord idol within, resting upon a sandy stone. Black Ranger plucks it from the sea, and surfaces, holding the Giraffe Crystal up with his right hand, while splashing in place with his left. Danny gazes into the crystal orb, as it shimmers with yellowish energy, and proclaims triumphantly, "Never... give... UP!"

Meanwhile, over in the battlefield valley, Red Ranger rolls along the dirt, returning to his feet and facing Zen-Aku. He blocks the first Crescent Blade swipe with his Lion Fanged fist, but the next downward slash hits its target, sparking up his chest. Zen-Aku lunges past Cole, slicing against his ribs with another bursting result. With Red Ranger wobbling in place in a daze, the wolf beast turns around and downward chops into him, followed by a direct pokeage with his blade's tip that sends the grunting Cole rolling away in smoking agony. As the Ranger stands doubled-over in gut-gripping pain, Zen-Aku charges up his Crescent Blade with yellow light, summoning, "Crescent Wave!" He hurls the curved beam of energy at Cole, striking him right in the chest, causing a massive burst of smoke and sparks. Red Ranger's engulfed in agony, with the blast knocking his Crystal Saber (which replaced his Fangs again between scenes) into the air. The Saber impales into the soil just behind him, sticking out of the grass as Cole collapses in slow motion, groaning while free-falling onto his back. Zen-Aku brings his Crescent Blade up, slings it over his shoulder, gloating in a near-whisper tone, "Without your weapon, you ARE defenseless." Red Ranger grunts breathlessly, as he struggles just to lift his head and look at his successful nemesis. Elsewhere, in the grassy hills, White Ranger faces Bus Org, kicking at him. Bus Org has stolen her White Tiger Baton, and is using it to bash into her chest, gruntingly hitting her twice with it. Alyssa sparks, and topples into a roll, backing up against the base of a tree. Bus Org raises the Baton, and prepares to smash the blunt tiger-head tipped top into her head, causing her to let out a whine, too weak to defend herself. Luckily, Blue Ranger gets in the way, and takes the hit for her, allowing the Baton to sparkily bash into his shoulder. Alyssa looks up at her agonized savior, crying, "MAX!"

Back over in the valley, Red Lion Ranger remains lying on his back, writhing in pain. Zen-Aku approaches with his Crescent Blade drawn, holding its long black tip firmly down against the side of Cole's neck as he partially sits up. The wolf beast raises his left hand, and balls it into a leather gloved fist, decreeing, "It is TIME for you to... PAY for your evil deeds!" Lying at his feet in weary shock, Red Ranger barely flinches as Zen-Aku raises his Crescent Blade over his shoulder, and grips the black blade with both of his hands, holding it tightly. Cole cry of, "NOOOOO!" echoes reverberating. The wolf beast lifts his sharp weapon over his head, with sunlight beaming directly down from above him, blinding the camera somewhat. With a dramatic jerky-slowmo effect, Zen-Aku guides his Crescent Blade downward for the deathstroke. Giving a defiant growl, Red Ranger kicks both his feet up at once, and pins the falling blade between his red boots! Cole pushes the Crescent Blade to the side with his feet, and quickly kicks Zen-Aku away. The Duke Org is taken totally by surprise, rolling against the gravel, but recovering to his feet with a snarl. Red Ranger dives for his Crystal Saber, pulling it out of the grass as he faces his enemy across the valley once more. Touching his heart briefly before making a fist, Cole passionately proclaims, "What do you MEAN 'evil deeds'? We only fight those who want to harm OTHERS. We're on the side of GOOD, NOT evil!" Zen-Aku snarls in disgust, declaring, "Soon, YOU and the other RANGers will understand my WRATH. We will FINISH this LATER!" He holds his Crescent Blade to the side, walks backwards for a moment, then spins around, and marches away. Red Ranger protests, "STOP!", but his wounded chest overwhelms him, causing Cole to grasp it as he collapses to his knees with a yelp. Mustering up his remaining strength, Cole realizes his priority aloud, "I've got to go help the others." Still gripping his chest, he staggers away as fast as he can.

Elsewhere, on the grassy hills, Blue Ranger continues to defend the White Ranger. He recovers her White Tiger Baton from Bus Org, and uses it to smash into the monster's head, knocking him down into a roll. But the Org gets back on his feet, leaving Max feeling a little worried. He laments, "If ONLY I had my Giraffe Crystal...!" (despite how he's NEVER needed it before. I guess like any kid, he only wants his toy when someone else is playing with it) Just that instant, racing up the hillside on foot, are the other three Wild Force Rangers. Red Ranger leads the way, replying, "Hey, Max! Hold on!" The trio stop, allowing Black Ranger to step forth, holding the yellowish orb in his right hand, and announcing, 'We've GOT something for you! Here, CATCH!" Danny pitches the Giraffe Crystal over to Max, who catches it perfectly, replying gratefully, "THANKS, Danny!" The orb sparkles once again, between its chosen Ranger's fingers. Black Ranger nods, saying, "GLAD to help." Blue Ranger snaps his fingers, and points them at his best buddy like a gun, exclaiming with utmost respect despite his good-natured ribbing earlier, "You ARE the dude! Yeah!" Bus Org gets his hefty body back up, and encourages, "ALL right, BRING it on!" Max inserts his Giraffe Crystal into his Crystal Saber, and holds his weapon up. He stands beside the equally battle-posting White Ranger, shouting, "We're READY!" After Max poses some more with his Saber, Bus Org quips eagerly, "Let's get rollin'!" Blue Ranger activates, "Giraffe Typhoon! Hyah!" He leaps up, and begins to rapidly twirl around in the air horizontally, hovering off the ground. Spinning down the hillside, he cuts into the Bus Org with his Crystal Saber held outward, circling around him closely and sparkily chopping into the monster with each full rotation. After dizzily doing that several times, Blue Ranger lands on his feet, and readies his Saber for another attack, summoning, "Giraffe Cutter! Kiya!" With several feet between him and the Org, Max slices his Crystal Saber into the air, firing a long yellowish beam from the blade that extends across and chops into the creature with each of the two slashes. Bus Org's body sparkles, crackles, and bursts profusely. Blue Ranger holds up his Crystal Saber, and says, "Time to finish this!"

The orangeish orb within flashes with power once more, causing the Giraffe Wildzord's head to appear briefly, roaring into the air with support. With a black background, Blue Shark Ranger winds his Crystal Saber-wielding arm back, and commands, "Surging SPEAR!" Vertical streaks of blew energy appear behind him, along with an energy-imprint of the Giraffezord's head and neck. Max jabs the Saber forth, crying, "YAH!", and across a greenish and black ground, a yellowish-orange beam of light, shaped exactly like the Giraffe's head when in Megazord Spear mode, flies into the camera. The Surging Spear bolt of power rips into Bus Org's face, causing him to yelp aloud, crackle with electricity, and be thrown back into the air by the sheer impacted force of the lengthy beam. The Org crashes onto his smoking back in the grass, groaning and writhing. Blue Ranger motions his arms, and looks at the orb within his Saber, boasting triumphantly, "ShhYE-EA-AH! I TOLD you, ALL I needed was my Giraffe!" Cole cries out, "MAX!", causing him to turn his attention to the side, asking alertly, "What?!" No more problems, just Red, Black, and Yellow Rangers rushing up the hill together, regrouping with Blue as White Ranger skips over from the other side. Red Ranger commends the pair, "Good JOB, you two! You held him off!" Alyssa cheers, "Whoo-HOO!" Max punches his palm, before giving a thumbs up and exclaiming, "ALL right! TEAMwork!" She concurs with her own thumbs up, agreeing, "Yeah, teamwork!" Bus Org's gruff voice ends their celebration, as he recovers from the attack, though still bodily smoking, as he states undaunted, "RANGers! This ride isn't over YET!" Blue Ranger touches his yellow shark emblem on his left chest, and gestures his arm, while proclaiming, "Guardians of the Earth... United, we ROAR!" Max screams, "Power Rangers!", then jumps into the air, leading his teammates in a group ground-smacking pose, and simultaneous shout of, "WILD Force!" Bus Org growls, as he races toward our heroes. Red Ranger pulls the already-combined Jungle Sword out of nowhere, and says its name as his teammates brace behind him. The Savage Slash charging up, circling, and slicing sequence plays next, leading to the Org crying out and freezing in place upon being chopped into by the flashing slash. Cole cheers, "All RIGHT!", as the Wild Force Rangers take back their Wild Weapons, spin around and pose crouchingly. Behind them, Bus Org groans loudly, topples over, and explodes into a fwoosh of flames that don't even singe the lawn! Blue Ranger turns back around, and motions his Fighting Finned arms up in success, noting happily, "Aha-ALL right! We DID it!"

Up on the hill, the Duke Orgs arrive to see what they hoped they hadn't. Jindrax bemoans loudly, "He got the CRYSTAL back!" Toxica huffs in frustration, growling annoyedly as she rushes in closer with her staff being raised. Jindrax references Rita Repulsa's repetitive line, as he commands, "Make your monster GROW, Toxica!" She waves her magic wand-like staff in the air, and incants echoingly, "Evil spirits of toil and strife, give this fallen Org new LIFE! Yaaaah!" Toxica stabs the staff forth, the five seeds are fired out, they land in the green goop puddle, sprout into spiraling stalks, and before ya know it, Bus Org is alive and massively tall, laughing psychotically. Switching to his blue Shark Crystal, Blue Ranger urges, "Let's DO it!" The five Wild Force Rangers motion their Crystal Sabers into the air, and call in unison, "Wildzords, descend!" The summoning chime rings out, and immediately, the five main Wildzords are leaping down together onto the mountainous desert region. Our heroes point their Sabers together, with Red Ranger issuing the order, "Wildzords, combine!" The sequence of the Red Lion, Black Bison, Yellow Eagle, Blue Shark, and White Tiger Wildzords coming together plays, with the final section of footage sped up for time. Cole summons, "Soul Bird! Yaah!", as he and his teammates leap into the air. They land upon their respective spots all around the silver flying craft known as the Soul Bird, which soars through the air, and merges into the Wild Force Megazord's back. To complete the scene, the Wild Force Megazord jumps and flips into the air, getting charged by lightning and posing for action, fully formed. In the Soul Birded cockpit, Blue Ranger activates, "Shark Surge!" The Blue Shark right arm of the Megazord repeatedly punches forth, hitting Bus Org right in the gut with sparky results over and over and over again. Knocked back several feet, Bus Org angrily threatens, "I'm gonna flatten you like a ROAD sign!" He holds his hands to his side, keeping them slightly apart while energizing with electricity. A small tire, likely stolen from Tricycle Org, forms between his palms. Before the Org can toss it, Max commands, "SOUL Cannon!" The Wild Force Rangers motion their arms, as the Soul Bird's turbine rod begins to spin and charge with golden energy. The team gestures and calls together, "FIRE!" The Soul Cannon fires the beam outward, causing all four (since Lion is firing the gold beam) of the Wildzords that make up the Wild Force Megazord to expel bolts of their specific colored power. The four jolts hit Bus Org first, prepping him with pain for the real agonizer, the twisting tunnel of gold light that slams into his chest, with a blinding blast. As his dying body crackled with light blue jolts, Bus Org moans windedly, "Ahhh... THANK you for riding with us..." He topples forward, and explodes into a cloud of sparks, which leaves only land-covering smoke with bluish electricity behind.

Toxica & Jindrax stand in the breeze atop the hill, watching as another Org bites the dust. Suddenly, Zen-Aku steps forward just beside them, his raspy snarling causing them to turn their attentions to him. He then remarks snidely, "It was an INteresting attempt." The wolf beast turns his head to look at his fellow Duke Orgs, and softly proclaims, "NOW, I will show you how it is DONE." Holding out his small black crescent dagger-flute, flipping it over, then motioning it up as he crosses his arms against the front of his chest, Zen-Aku summons, "DARK Wildzords... aRISE!" He places the dagger-flute to his masked-mouth, and begins to pipe out the familiar call to arms tune. The silver Wolfzord howls lifts his neck into the sky, tilting his head from side to side, and howls long & ferociously. Zen-Aku continues to belt out the summoning song, as the camera does a herky-jerky approach to him all the while. The purple Hammerhead Sharkzord leaps out of the sea, flips over under the sunlight, and swims through the air. Zen-Aku keeps blowing on his flute. The green Alligatorzord scurries on all fours along the ground, opening his wide jaws and growling viciously. Zen-Aku concludes this 'extended mix' version of the summoning song, with the background music finally returning to take over for him. The Wild Force Megazord appears startled, as the three Dark Wildzords charge into battle together, each making their respective animal noises. Ceasing his fluting, Zen-Aku informs our heroes, "I, TOO, can form a great power!" In front of a black background, Zen-Aku's yellow eyes flash with loud report, as he raises his glowing dagger-flute up. The trio of crystals within it begin to gleam: light-blue at top, purple at middle, green at bottom. They suddenly shoot out of their slots, streaking into the air together with a trail of fiery orange. After a few darting passes in the darkness, the three orbs collide in a flash of flames, creating a yellow ring with a crescent moon inside, and the colored crystals inside the shadowed section. Zen-Aku appears in front of it, crossing his arms against his chest, and commanding, "Dark Wildzords, COMBINE!" Another burst of flames erupts, this time creating a sea of fire at his feet. Now within a tunnel of streaking purple, pink, and black, the Wolf Wildzord snarls as he races into action. Also within the tunnel of energy, the Hammerhead Shark Wildzord swimmingly soars over the Alligator Wildzord, making loud biting sounds with his chomping jaws. The Alligator spreads wide his own maw, releasing a deadly grunt as he swallows the camera whole.

The transformation begins, with the Alligatorzord closing his mouth, and lowering his entire head section downward, locking it underneath his body with mechanical noises. Now with his head below his crotch, the Gator's back legs extended out to the side, and backwards, before snapping down the feet about 90 degrees. The Wolfzord swoops under these legs as they're being formed, with the Hammerhead Sharkzord doing the same from the opposite direction. Alligator's body shifts upright so that what was once his lower belly side is now the front of a tall standing torso & leg zone. His former front feet wind around and snap up against his back. In place of these newly vacated spaces, the Hammerhead & Wolf fold into arms, and lock into position upon the right and left sides, respectively (from the torso's POV). A close up of each arm connecting with hydraulic steam gushing is shown just so you get the point. A crescent shaped blade glides onto the very top of the Alligatorzord's head, presumably having previously been the Wolfzord's tail split into halves. Next, at the center of the shoulder line, with a sparking release of smoke, the new head of this Dark Wildzord combination emerges. It's sort of like that of a Wild Force Ranger, with a silver & blue wolf design to it, though no facial features aside from red eyes. The head is topped off by a long gleaming golden horn whipping up into place to signify this as being controlled by a Duke Org. As the camera pulls back, it appears as those the Alligator's head has partially raised back to a horizontal position, therefore now sticking straight out of this Megazord's chest. The entire metal form of this combined creature shines with glistening energy, as its arms spread out, allowing the Gator-head jaws to begin opening and closing, unleashing an explosive primal fury of power to herald its birthing. Fires blaze surrounding, and the Wolfzord has that crescent blade that was once its tail now in its mouth, which is currently the Megazord's left fist. Witnessing this initial transformation from the safety of the hills, Toxica & Jindrax exchange brief but astonished glances. She gasps, and he exclaims, "Whoa! I CAN'T believe my EYES!"

The cockpit of this newly formed Megazord is sparsely lit, almost as dark as the Dark Wildzords it's made from. There's a crescent moon shaped design fashioned onto some surface in the foreground. In fact, it's done exactly like that energy symbol we just saw during Zen-Aku's command to combine. There's even a trio of orbs within the half-moon, and though they flash with the light-blue, green, and purple powers of the Dark Wildzord animal crystals, they're not the real deals. The crescent moon design gleams yellow, the fake orbs flash, and far behind it, across a mist-covered floor, and just in front of a pair of short stone pillars, which are below a large golden oval with a wolf's face etched into it on the back wall, there's a blue & black console stand. It's similar in height and shape to the ones in the Wild Force Megazord, but the color scheme is quite fractured, with twin yellow lights in the front. Dropping into this darkened cockpit from above, in a brief streak of bluish and black, is Zen-Aku, teleporting into position behind the console. He motions his arms bent out and upward, with the black crescent dagger-flute in his right hand. The wolf beast places the dagger down upon the console, into a yellow crescent shaped slot atop it, with a greenish center. Once inserted into place, the three Animal Crystals in the flute flash with respective energies. Zen-Aku motions his arms some more, with his yellow eyes flaring bright, "Predazord, aWAKEN!" Now standing beneath the bright blue sky, the so-called Predazord is quite still. The camera flashes into close-up detail shots of the: Hammerhead Shark right arm; the Hammerhead's fins turned into a blade that makes up the right side of a dual-edged blade resting on the extra Gator-legs sticking upwards on the Predazord's back; the yellow jagged-edged Alligator tail that makes up the left side of this double sided weapon; the silver Wolf left arm (that crescent blade tail thing is gone from his mouth now and back atop the Gator's head); the Alligator head protruding from the chest; the silver & blue Predazord head with yellow horn; and finally the two thick black feet with silver clawed toes (other colors throughout its body are the usual black, blue, green, silver, and some yellow). So, in short, the Predazord stands there, causing the Wild Force Megazord to jerk about, as if stunned by its presence. Inside the Soul Birded cockpit, Red Ranger gasps in disbelief, "Zen-Aku has a MEGAzord?!" Black Ranger wonders, "But HOW?!" Yellow Ranger replies negatively, "I don't know!" Blue Ranger notes, "This isn't good!" White Ranger stresses urgently, "We've GOT to find a way to STOP him!"

Facing one another while towering over the forest, the Predazord remains calm and cool, as the Wild Force Megazord acts a bit uneasy. Immediately, the WF Megazord powers up its Blue Shark right arm, repeatedly punching it forth in what we know as the Shark Surge strike. The Predazord, with a black background raging with an inferno as purple electricity crackles about, winds up its Hammerhead Shark right arm, countering their move perfectly. The opposing Shark-fists punch into one another, evenly matched as they create a burst of sparks and puff of smoke upon colliding for but a moment. Quickly, the Wild Force Megazord powers up its White Tiger left arm, repeatedly punching it forth in what we know as the Tiger Fury strike. The Predazord, now with light-blue electricity crackling about, winds up its Wolf left arm, countering their move perfectly. The opposing feral-fists punch into one another, evenly matched as they create a burst of sparks and puff of smoke upon colliding for but a moment. The Megazord steps back after this, with body language expressing shock at how neither of them sustained any injury during this equal display of blows. Inside the dark cockpit, Zen-Aku gestures his left arm up, activating, "Crescent Blade BOOMerang!" The Alligatorzord's head lowers downward once again. The Wolfzord left arm takes that crescent blade tail thing off his head, and chomps down like it was a few moments ago. The Predazord winds back its left arm, then crossing it in front, charging the small curved blade with yellow energy, before tossing off a boomerang of power at the Wild Force Megazord. The beam continues to swoop around, cutting downward, diagonally, just about every direction imaginable, into the Megazord's chest. This causes numerous sparks and burstings, the Megazord trying in vain to fend off this single boomerang blast's attack to no avail. Inside the Soul Birded cockpit, the Wild Force Rangers are shaken about, causing them to grunt in semi-unison. The beam of yellow energy is long gone, and still the Megazord bursts and flays its arms. Predazord, with Crescent Blade Boomerang back on its chest, takes that double-sided sword that I told you about off its back, and wields it firmly in the clamped jaws of its Hammerhead Shark right fist. Raising the double-blade in the air, Predazord chops downward with a single stroke of the spiky Alligator tail side. The Wild Force Megazord is sliced into, that one cut causing a blindingly flaring fireball burst from its chest. Predazord remains in the same stance upon completing the blade-swipe, letting the Megazord spark in front of it. Inside the Soul Birded cockpit, our heroes are rocked about even more violently. Finally, the Megazord topples onto its stomach, becoming engulfed in an updraft of dust at impact.

The Wild Force Megazord lies smoking and lifeless on the ground, as the Predazord lifts its double-bladed weapon up and into a resting position, looking upon its prey with triumph. Inside the darkened cockpit, Zen-Aku proclaims softly, "You're FINISHED, Rangers!" The WF Megazord starts to stir, hoisting itself onto its side so as to look back at the Predazord. Inside the Soul Birded cockpit, the tilted room becomes level again as that happens, prompting Red Ranger to cry in defiance, "Not YET!" The Wild Force Megazord returns to its feet, a little wobbily and weary, but ready for more. Within, Blue Ranger sticks his orange animal crystal into his Crystal Saber, and raising it into the air, he commands, "Giraffezord, attach!" The Giraffe Wildzord hears the summoning of his chosen guardian, and snarls into the air in response. Charging hoppingly through the woods on all fours, the big-necked beast is getting in on the action for the first time in quite a few episodes. Max activates with a hand gesture, "Wild Force Megazord, Spear Mode!" The sequence of the Giraffezord folding up his legs and forming a silver sharpened helmet over his head while zooming through a black & orange tunnel is sped up. As is the detachment of the Shark right arm, and replacement by the Giraffe in Spear of Pardolis mode, followed by the Megazord pointing it flashingly into the sky. Blue Ranger squeezes his left fist, and cries, "FIRE!" The Wild Force Megazord charges the right Giraffe arm up, then shoots the silver pointed helmet-fist forth. Prepared for this, the moment the fiery spear streak is blasted its way, the entire Predazord leaps into the air, twirling around like a twister and hovering a good number of feet high above. Once the spear-bolt is over, Predazord descends with a rocking boom, landing perfectly facing the Megazord without a single singe on it. The WF Megazord is again visually shaken up by the sight of its evil counterpart's smooth moves. Predazord raises its double-bladed weapon over its shoulder again, this time without the flamey background, downward diagonally slashing into the Megazord with the Gator-tail end. The Megazord bursts with sparks and is knocked for a loop. The Predazord repeats the process from a different side, followed by a straightforward poking that results in the brightest flare. The Wild Force Megazord staggers several steps back, Lion-faced chest smoking profusely, its body starting to double over in agony.

"Predator Wave!", commands Zen-Aku. He lifts his right hand, extends it forth, and whisperly shouts, "FIRE!" Predazord's large Alligatorzord chest-mouth begins to open up, causing a bright glow at the back of the throat, as a swirling of dark purple smoke spirals inward. This inhaling charge increases until it becomes a blinding white flare of energy. It's quickly released, spewing forth with an audible laser fury, the searing surge spiraling away from the Predazord with such force that chunks of soil are throwing asunder as it passes over the land. Within this purple-white beam, is an energy mirage of the Wolfzord's head, jaws agape ferociously. Inside the Soul Birded cockpit of the Megazord, Red Ranger jerks himself to the side, and shouts, "WATCH out!" The Wild Force Megazord follows this command, turning to its left in an attempt to avoid the approaching squall of predatory power. It's unable to avoid the beam completely, simply taking the brunt of the Predator Wave impact upon the right Giraffezord spear arm. The bolt slams into the orange arm, blowing it off with a bright explosive flash. The Spear of Pardolis is dismembered from the Megazord, causing it to crash against the forest grounds below. Bluish electricity crackles through the Soul Birded cockpit in feedback to this physical trauma, and Cole urgently informs his teammates, "Oh, no! We lost the Giraffezord! HANG on!" With only one arm still hanging on, the Wild Force Megazord barely remains standing in place, as large jolts of electricity gush through every fiber of its being. The self-shocking goes on for only so long, before center of the Megazord sparkles with a growing yellow twinkle. Whiteness fills the screen, as round color-edged face-shots of each of the Wildzords (Lion, Eagle, Tiger, Bison) whoosh by the camera, signifying the separation of the Wild Force Megazord components.

Falling to the Earth while demorphing, the five Wild Force Power Rangers glow with their Ranger colors as they drop onto a clearing in the woods, landing in a close approximation, all falling on their stomachs harshly. Most cry out while plummeting, notably Cole & Taylor. Upon hitting the ground, and becoming totally demorphed (aka non-glowing), the recently-used Animal Crystal of the Giraffe Wildzord rolls away from Max's possession. It goes only about a foot or two, and comes to rest in the stamped-down grass. Max lets out several winded grunts, as he raises his gaze and spots his discarded orb laying nearby. Face dripping with sweat, expression pained and desperate, Max crawls on his belly, trying with all his remaining strength to reach out and retrieve his crystal. But he's too slow, and a moment too late, allowing for the black gloved right hand of Zen-Aku to lower down and pick up the orangeish orb. He holds the crystal between his index and middle fingers, commenting with sadistic delight, "The Giraffe!" Max stares up, exhaling with distain, "Zen-aKU." Danny, Alyssa, Taylor & Cole all raise their heads at the mere mention of the wolf beast's name, each giving a gasp of stifled fright as they look over at him, though Cole's noise is more like an angered snort. Max sharply hauls himself to his feet, and begins to dash toward Zen-Aku, just to have him give growl & forcefully boot into his chest. Somersaulting oppositely because of this direct kick, the boy in blue rolls onto his stomach, clutching it in bruised agony while glancing back over at his enemy. Zen-Aku (now in a bamboo forest) holds the Giraffezord crystal in his palm, causing it to shine brightly with yellowish energy. He clenches his fist around the shimmering orb, letting only scant beams of light emit through his balled fingers. Max reaches out in protest, letting only a dreadful whimper spill past his lips. The crystal ceases glowing after a second or three inside Zen-Aku's fist, growing totally dark. Gaspingly, Max turns his head to his right, and witnesses the silver-spear masked head & upper neck of the Giraffe Wildzord laying in the near distance of the (bamboo) forest. Right on cue with the orb's depowering, the Giraffezord's entire spear-moded form is suddenly covered with a skin of stone grey. Max reaches out to it, and screams in dismay, "NOOOO! Giraffezord!!" Fading out of sight, the Giraffe Wildzord is whisked away to locations unknown, but quite evil. Max keeps his hand raised outward, as he appears to be frozen in shock, with his eyes on the verge of tearing up over losing his second-best Zord.

Holding his right hand palm-up while unfolding his fingers, revealing the now iced-over Giraffe orb, Zen-Aku declares, "Your ZORD is GONE." The five Wild Force Activists are still lying on their chests in the grass, panting heavily and unable to do much in the way of launching an assault. Max musters up the energy to slowly get back on his feet, shouting at the wolf beast in furious protest, "You CAN'T take that! It's NOT yours!" Zen-Aku claims, "WHATever I possess IS mine.", as he holds the frosted orange Giraffe Crystal up with his right hand, and pulls out the non-frosted turquoise Elephant Crystal in his left, glancing at each of his stolen orbs as if mocking our heroes. He vows with vigor, "I, will reTURN, another DAY, for the others!" Zen-Aku backs up, then turns around, starting to walk away. Max, hunched over, reaches out again, and steps forth, crying, "WAIT!" Spinning back around at the edge of the bamboo forest, Zen-Aku unleashes a surge of bluish electricity from his right palm. Blue bolts crashing around him, Max is engulfed by sparks & smoke. He's thrown into the air briefly, releasing yelps of agony, until he falls against the ground on his back. Zen-Aku resumes walking into the forest, as Max (who's quite a trooper, since most Rangers would be comatose by now) lifts his weary body back up, climbs up onto all fours, and helplessly watches him depart with weak gasps. A rumble of thunder leads to Zen-Aku becoming covered in a violent scribble of pinkish purple, with two equally violet electric bolts shooting off from the sides. After a moment of this, Zen-Aku's walking form teleports completely away from the scene. Left far more wounded emotionally than physically, Max pulls his arms back, but stays collapsed on his knees, staring into the direction the wolf beast fled with an expression of deep loss. Behind him, his teammates gradually gather themselves together enough to make their way to him: Alyssa is grasping her right knee; Danny stands tallest while clutching his right rib; Taylor holds her gut; Cole's gripping his stomach with his left arm and finding it tough to rise up when his right arm gives out on him, causing him to drop on the ground for a moment, before simply crawling along as best he can. Danny places his hand firmly on Max's right shoulder in support, turning his distraught best friend's attention to him, as he bends down, looks him in the eyes, and proclaims passionately, "NEVER give up." This remark makes Max's expression change from hopeless to eagerly defiant, nodding & tightening his lips, repeating their credo softly, "Never give up." Danny squeezes his shoulder tighter in encouragement.

That starry & partially cloudy night, at least two wild wolves can be heard howling in the distance, calling to the full moon (save for a darkened edge on the lower right side) above. Strolling through the dark & misty forest, Zen-Aku marches along with a hefty stride. His only companion at first is the sound of crickets chirping, until a figure with a peach-colored robe steps out in the clearing ahead of him. Zen-Aku pauses, and silently looks upon the person with his yellow glowing eyes. The living obstacle in the wolf beast's path is none other than the man we know as the Master Org, standing before him, bathed in pure moonlight. He asks his Duke Org simply, "Do you recognize ME?" Zen-Aku pauses shortly, before glancing downward and pressing on, stating honestly, "No... but you do not seem to FIT here, JUST like me." While the wolf beast passes around him, Master Org mentions, "We have OTHER things in common, TOO." Pausing in his tracks, Zen-Aku turns his head to the side, denying directly to the also 'looking over his shoulder with his back to him' person, "NO, we DON'T." He then turns forward, and continues on, heading into the thick of the foggy woods without dwelling upon the single-horned man he encountered. Master Org turns away from him as well, shaking his head softly, before realizing with a tone of almost relief, "He DOESN'T rememberrrrr!!!" A deadly clenched yellow-toothed smile forms on Master Org's pale face, a byproduct of his sinister snickering, which in turn is a result of his scheming continuing to pay off in his favor.
[Scenes from "Revenge Of Zen-Aku"; End Credits]

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