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Power Rangers Wild Force
"Revenge Of Zen-Aku"
Original Air Date:4/27/02 Featuring Footage & Most Story Elements From:
Gaoranger #20 - - Miko Torawaru(The Captured Sorceress)

First Predazord Battle Footage From:
Gaoranger #18 - - Majuu, Busou!!(The Magic Beasts, Armed!!)
*Season 10, bite 13
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1213
*13th episode of PRWF
*431st total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Jill Donnellan Director: Koichi Sakamoto
Starring Cast:
Ricardo Medina, Jr. _AS_ Cole (Red Ranger)
Alyson Kiperman _AS_ Taylor (Yellow Ranger)
Phillip Jeanmarie _AS_ Max (Blue Ranger)
Jessica Rey _AS_ Alyssa (White Ranger)
Jack Guzman _AS_ Danny (Black Ranger)
Ann Marie Crouch _AS_ Princess Shayla
Sin Wong _AS_ Toxica
Additional Cast:
Lex Lang _AS_ Zen-Aku (voice) [Note: Ecliptor & Rygog's voice actor replaces Dan Woren.]
Danny Wayne Stallcup _AS_ Jindrax
Kirk Thornton _AS_ Motorcycle Org (voice)


[Opening Credits]

On the Animarium, within the Temple Ruins, the sacred waters of the Viewing Pond begin to violently bubble over. The five Wild Force Activists, as I call them, are just hanging around waiting for such a thing to happen. Alyssa's sitting on the side boulder, reading through her schoolbooks, as Max & Cole are at the table near her, engaged in a friendly arm-wrestling match. The moment the upward fountaining pool alerts, all three of them immediately cease what they're doing, and hurry over closer to the gorilla statue. Princess Shayla is the first person there, with Taylor rushing up just behind her, and Danny coming in from the jungles wearing his green gardening apron. The six of them gather around closely, peering into the Viewing Pond. No image appears to us, but Shayla seems to sense the source of the disturbance, prompting her to turn completely around, and worriedly state with a breathless gasp, "Zen-Aku!"

Down on Earth, in the mountainous area of the forests around Turtle Cove, the black leather & armor clad wolf beast Duke Org known as Zen-Aku stands alone. Holding his black crescent dagger-flute (with three Dark Wildzord animal crystals intact) to the mouth-section of his wolf-masked face, he belts out another somber tune with a skilled dancing of the gloved fingers on his right hand upon the musical instrument of destruction. It's a different song that what we've heard him play before, its specific combo of high and low pitched tones conveying whatever emotions he may be feeling at the moment. Zen-Aku appears to be standing in the exact spot he recovered Alyssa from in "Battle Of The Zords", and is facing the nearby mountain. Far behind his back in the wide dirt-land clearing, Toxica steps into view. She pauses a safe distance from the fellow Duke Org, watching him with an expression of more curiosity than animosity for a change. Zen-Aku closes his tune out with a high pitched finale, and lowers his flute, turning his head to see the Duchess Org watching him from nearby. Toxica plays off her spying innocently, bowing slightly as she claims happily, "Ah... OH! Zen-Aku! Aheeheh! WHAT a surPRISE!" For some reason, Zen-Aku's voice is now much deeper than before, as he tells her with a gesture of his arm, "I'm expecting someone. GET out of HERE." Toxica seems to be mocking him, as she comments with a wicked grin, "I think it's GR-EAT that you're working for Master Org!" Zen-Aku growls angrily, as he crosses his arms over his chest, then leaps high into the air, covering the distance between him and her with a single bound. He lands right before her, holding his crescent-shaped dagger-flute's sharp end directly at her head. Being taken by surprise and seeing the pointed blade mere inches from her veiled face, Toxica holds up her hands and releases a stifled squeal. Zen-Aku corrects her offendedly, "_I_, do NOT work for Master Org." Toxica stares at the dreaded dagger for a moment, before tempting fate and reaching over the blade, pinching it between two fingers, and guiding it away from her face, and downward. To help ease the tension, she gives a playful giggle of, "Ah heh heh heh!", before creeping away from Zen-Aku's weapon, which he then lowers completely. Toxica starts to walk around him, stating with ominous urging, "Ohh... Well... I SEE how it would be DIFFicult... conSIDering what happened between you and Master Org, 3000 YEARS ago." Zen-Aku rotates around to face her, demanding to know, "WHAT are you talking ABOUT? Tell me NOW!", followed by a low snarl. Toxica turns away from him, eyes wide in astonishment, as she realizes in a whisper what Master Org also did last episode, "He doesn't remember..." Grabbing her staff-holding hand, Zen-Aku yanks her arm back, causing her to gasp in shock, as he wonders urgently, "What do you KNOW?!"

The roar of motorcycle engines cuts into Zen-Aku's captive conversation with Toxica, turning his attention to them with a confused, "Huh?!" Rolling onto the terrain on their Savage Cycles, the five Wild Force Power Rangers arrive together, fully morphed. Zen-Aku apparently wasn't referring to them earlier (maybe he was waiting for Nayzor, or even Godot?), as he remarks with bitterness, "What are THEY doing here?" Red Ranger leads the way, pulling his Lion Savage Cycle to a swerving halt, and is followed by his teammates in doing the same with their respective bikes in the dirt field. Zen-Aku releases his tight grip on Toxica's arm with a forceful shove away, making her cry out. She's less concerned about the wrath of the wolf beast than the interruption by her enemies. Giving a frustrated huff, Toxica gripes, "BAD timing, Rangers!" Gently raising and gliding her left hand over her face, she activates her teleportation method, which occurs as such: her body is engulfed in light purple flames from below, which cause her to glow that color, then sink into the ground along with the blaze. Zen-Aku is unable to prevent her from escaping, looking over at her just as she vanishes. The Wild Force Rangers hop off their parked Savage Cycles, and assemble together, as Red Ranger demands with a motion of his right hand to his heart then outward, "ZEN-Aku! We're here for our Wildzords! GIVE them to us, NOW!" Zen-Aku does his own left hand motioning at them, declaring defiantly, "They belong to ME now!" Whipping out his dagger-flute to the side, and flip-siding it briefly, he crosses his arms against his chest, and growls, before commanding, "Dark WildZORDS, aRIIIISE!" Holding the flute to his masked mouth, Zen-Aku plays the quick & rapid "123, 1234" summoning tune. The three Dark Wildzords (Alligatorzord, Wolfzord, and Hammerhead Sharkzord) come racing in with equal roars, as per usual. The animal crystals flash around in darkness, exploding into flames, which creates a crescent moon with the trio of glowing colored orbs inside the darkened area (unlike last time, this actually appears to be the moon, with textured craters and all). Zen-Aku rises up in front of, crosses his arms, and commands, "Dark Wildzords... COMBINE!", followed by another burst of scorching flames at his feet. The Predazord transformation sequence plays, from the Alligator folding his head downward, all the way to the horned head coming up, and the brightly flashing competition shot.

In response, the Wild Force Rangers unsheathe their Crystal Sabers in unison, and cry into the sky, "Wildzords, descend!" The summoning chime from their blades ring out, and immediately, the Red Lion, Black Bison, White Tiger, Yellow Eagle, and Blue Shark Wildzords land on terra firma together. Speaking of together, our heroes point their Sabers to a mutual spot, as Red Ranger orders, "Wildzords, combine!" The five Power Animals do as ordered, though the footage is sped up a little to help the process of connecting along. Finally, Cole calls upon, "SOUL Bird!" He and his teammates leap high into the air, and land in their respective standing slots around the body of the silver sentient aircraft known as the Soul Bird. It swoops in, merges into the back of the Wild Force Megazord, which then soars skyward, doing the "flip & purple lightning charge amid thunderclouds" pose. Now back on the ground, the WF Megazord turns around, facing the Predazord across the naturalness of the forest. The giant opponents get into battle ready stances, while Princess Shayla watches the scene from the Temple Ruins, anxiously rubbing her hands together and staring into the Viewing Pond. Over in the Predazord's cranial cockpit, Zen-Aku lifts his dagger-flute up, with the center animal crystal missing, and boasts, "RANGers, behold my new DARK Wildzords!" He reaches up and plants a replacement orb into the spot on the flute, revealing it to be the turquoise Elephant Crystal! Holding the flute to his mouth again, Zen-Aku pipes out the standard Dark Wildzord summoning song, causing the camera to go all 'frame-skippy' as usual. The Wild Force Megazord is startled by a certain something it witnesses heading its way, namely the Elephant Wildzord! The recently stolen Elephantzord barrels through the woods, curling up his silver trunk and trumpeting ferociously. Sluggish in reaction, the Megazord fails to defend itself as the creature that was once its shield rams swiftly against its chest, the impact of the twin golden tusks causing a flare of sparks. Staggering back several feet, the Wild Force Megazord wobbles in place with its chest smoking.

Inside the Soul Birded cockpit, White Ranger screams out for her lost companion, "ElephantZORD!!!" Up in the Temple Ruins, Princess Shayla continues watching the battle from the Viewing Pond, mutedly concerned. Back on the battlefield, the Elephant Wildzord trumpets loudly, primally protesting against his former possessor. Over in the Megazord's cockpit, Black Ranger notes in distress, "Zen-Aku's turned it aGAINST us!" Alyssa shakes her helmeted head rapidly, before reaching up and covering her ears, hysterically crying in denial, "NO, it's not POSSible! I-It just CAN'T BE! NO!!!" Standing right behind her at his station on the Soul Bird, Blue Ranger reaches over and places his left hand on White Ranger's shoulder, comforting her, and assuring, "Don't worry, Alyssa. We'll get it BACK!" The Wild Force Megazord resumes battle readiness, holding its Blue Shark & White Tiger fists prepped. In the darkened Predazord cockpit, Zen-Aku replaces the center orb on his flute with an orange-hued Giraffe crystal. He announces with wicked delight, "And my NEWest addition... the GIRAFFEzord!", before again playing the same summoning tune with his dagger-flute. The Megazord turns to see yet another fellow Zord approaching, this time it's the Giraffe Wildzord, hoppily hurrying through the woods. Max pleads with his former companion, "Giraffezord! DON'T listen to him!" The Giraffe rushes up with his four legs, then stops near the Wild Force Megazord, snapping his elongated neck from side to side. His head smashes into the Megazord multiple times, creating a constant eruption of smoke & sparks. Our heroes cry out as they're rocked about in the Soul Birded cockpit, thanks to the Megazord's current toppling over onto its right side. In the Predazord cockpit, Zen-Aku revels in this victory, excitedly commenting, "My revenge is sweeter than I'd hoped!" He commands, "Predazord! Spear Mode!" The red eyes atop the silver & blue wolf-helmeted face of the Predazord flash, prompting the Giraffezord to belt out a roar as if in response to the order. The smoking Wild Force Megazord sits up a little bit, lifting its head enough so it can see what's going on. The Giraffe transform sequence, where it turns into the silver-point right spear arm mode, plays as normal. Difference is, this time it locks onto the spot on the Predazord where the Hammerhead Sharkzord normally is. Predazord raises its new arm into the black-backgrounded air, as it spews orange lightning.

The Wild Force Megazord recovers to its feet, and jolts in astonishment. Inside, Red Ranger points out, "He's using the Spear Of Pardolis!" Yellow Ranger gasps, "Oh no!" Blue, Black, and White Rangers simply stare at the sight silently in reaction. Predazord lowers its right Giraffezord spear arm down, having made quite a chilling impression. In the darkened cockpit, Zen-Aku gestures his right hand in front of his mouth, and activates, "Crescent Moon Spear... FIRE!" The Predazord winds back its Giraffe spear arm in the air, causing it to not only shimmer with a yellow light that creates a 4th Quarter moon behind it, but for the entire background to come alive with a greyish blazing mist. The Megazord made up of Dark Wildzords steps forth and punches its right arm ahead, jutting off the silver projectile mask of the Giraffe. The sharp-nosed metal spearhead shoots so quickly through the air, that the friction creates a flaming wave ahead of it. The Wild Force Megazord is struck by blazing spearhead directly in its chest, which explosively hits it like a hot knife through butter. The Soul Birded cockpit begins to crackle with electricity, throwing the Rangers all over the place inside, groaning in agony. The Megazord staggers backwards, it too being swarmed with jolts of bluish surging. Those bluish electric crackles turn to purple, and the Wild Force Megazord freezes in place. Flashing erupts from the epicenter of the spear-wound, resulting in the entire thing coming apart in the blink of an eye! All five of the Wildzords that make up the WF Megazord are shown spinning slowly through the air, glowing with their respective energies. De-merging from the Red Lion's head, the five Wild Force Activists plummet from the cockpit, having already demorphed between scenes. They fall screaming and flaying their arms about, with the camera on this shot looking straight up. They fall (Max & Cole are flipping, Danny's curled upside down, and Taylor & Alyssa are going head-first) downward and past the sides of the camera, with their giant Power Animals basically doing the same above them. Anyway, the quintet of heroes land in the valley, hitting the dirt harshly together, some of the guys letting out winded grunts. Max lies on his back, face tight with agony; Alyssa lies on her stomach, clutching her right shoulder & grimacing; Danny lies on his back, grasping his right rib and wincing; Taylor lies on her left side, moaning as she clasps at her gut; and Cole lays on his right side, holding his stomach, with his eyes squinting. He does manage to open them, and sees the tall Predazord stomping toward them. In the darkened cockpit, Zen-Aku holds up his right fist, and proclaims, "My reVENGE is finally at HAND!", ending that with a triumphant snarl.

The first glimpse of the American suit for the Predazord appears as we see over its Spear Mode shoulder, looking down on the five defeated Wild Force Activists in the near distance. Holding its silver spearheaded right arm downward, the Predazord aims the sharp metal-tipped armament directly at our heroes. They're dwarfed by comparison, with a single shot of the giant spear likely able to do serious damage to their unmorphed bodies. All five of them look up in terrified alertness (Max shielding his face while Taylor flinches, for example), too weak to even attempt to escape, as they're basically looking up the barrel of a gun. Zen-Aku bids viciously, "Good-BYE, Power Rangers." The tip of the Spear Of Pardolis is spun around, and the Predazord tensely raises it back up, lifting its arm high above itself, so as to provide a better chance of them being saved... err, I mean, a better amount of force when squishing them. The WF gang each gape in desperation, as the Predazord prepares to slam down its Giraffe spear arm. Wait, did I say "gape" or "ape?" Because suddenly, the Predazord is bombarded by a barrage of giant bananas! Many are tossed at it, but only the couple that make contact release sparking bursts on impact. The Predazord's knocked out of its preparation for attack, with Zen-Aku being shaken up in the cockpit, wondering, "Huh?! What?!" Cole glances to the source of these banana grenades, seeing his second Wildzord, the Gorillazord, pounding his chest and roaring mightily. He gasps in relief, "Gorillazord!", beyond happy to see the big green simian saving the day. More chest-beating & roaring by the Gorilla Wildzord is displayed. Next, the Polar & Black Bear Wildzords soar onto the scene, converging together into a rapidly rolling wheel, shooting through the air and grinding against the Predazord's chest. The spinning scraping strikes Predazord hard, shoving it back a few feet as a result. The Bear Brothers unlock from their twirling assault, swooping across the sky in close formation. Taylor stands and looks up at her two Bearzords, proudly noticing, "They KNEW we were in trouble." All five of our heroes have risen back to their feet, each with expressions of joy, despite their aching injuries. Gorillazord's saxophone riff reprises in the music, as he, Black Bearzord, and Polar Bearzord each let loose primal howls of fury. Danny pumps his fist in the air, exclaiming, "All RIGHT!" Alyssa nods and grins widely. Taylor smiles while staring determinedly up at the Zords. Max excitedly jumps up & down, cheering, "WHOO" Cole proclaims passionately, "Even withOUT our Animal Crystals, our Wildzords are STILL connected with us... in hearts, AND spirits!" Momentarily deterred from his mission of vengeance, Zen-Aku warns our heroes, "You WON'T be able to hide behind THEM forever!" The Predazord spreads out its arms (now sporting its Hammerhead Shark right arm again instead of the Giraffe) and sparkles with streaks of light blue energy, teleporting out of sight to parts unknown, leaving only a clear view of the blue skies behind it. Narrowly having avoided an ultimate end, the Wild Force Activists stand together, gazing upwards and softly smiling in solidarity & humility.

It's now night on the Animarium, and sitting on the side of the Viewing Pond (which could also known as the "Perceiving Pool") is Princess Shayla. The image of Zen-Aku stepping out of the shadows, from "Curse Of The Wolf", plays in the rainbow-reflective sacred waters. Her only companion in this late-night watching of previous scenes is the sound of the waters trickling off the gorilla statue, and nocturnal animal noises from the nearby jungles. Shayla glances away from the pond, resting her arms on her crossed legs, appearing a bit troubled by whatever thoughts are currently pinballing around in her brain. The Princess then turns her eyesight toward the starry sky, which inspires her to get up from the stone-edged seat, and focus upon the moon. The lunar body hangs in the distance just across from the open top of the Temple Ruins, and high above the jungles, currently waning in its Last quarter. Faint wolf howling can be heard, as she steps backwards away from the pond, and gently raises her right hand. With two fingers on either side of the blue-gemmed center, Shayla touches her gold-rimmed necklace, lifting it slightly off the hem of her bosom. The Princess lowers her gaze back to the ground, looking a bit disappointed. She blinks quite a bit, and softly bites her lip, before looking up at the moon again, with an expression hinting of determination. Apparently walking in from the upper sleeping quarters, Taylor (wearing her full Soaring Eagle vested uniform) walks onto the dying-fire lit temple floor, and asks her departing mentor, "Princess Shayla! Where are you going?" Shayla pauses just beside the Viewing Pond, turns around, clasps her hands together, and anxious fidgets a little while explaining, "I'm going back to where you first met Zen-Aku. I have a VERY bad feeling about him. Perhaps I can find out WHY." Without an offer and seemingly stubbornly, Taylor states, "I'm coming WITH you."

Elsewhere under that same last quarter moon (which seems to have a little more white-ness to its right side in this shot than in the last), Zen-Aku plays yet another somber tune on his black dagger-flute. An owl hoots in the forest behind him, as the high pitched piping bellows into the darkness. The wolf beast stands at the bank of a flowing river, his innermost thoughts echoing loudly to us alone, "Though my powers come and go with the phases of the moon, my resolve remains the same. Vengeance WILL be mine." The pained moaning of a man in the distance cuts into Zen-Aku's flute-playing, prompting him to lower the musical instrument and cease his mental monologue. Glancing in the direction of the sound, Zen-Aku comments curiously, "Huh?! Hmm... It SOUNDS like an Org Spirit, crying out for revenge!" (Closed Captions read a different line: "What's that? It's the sound of another Org Spirit, crying out for revenge.") Momentarily, Zen-Aku heads over to a run-down cemetery, nestled at the base of a dark mountain. The rusty, rickety gate, with a human skull atop it, guards nothing, as it lies wasting with vines overtaking it. Through the ancient graveyard, fog floats over the hollowed and desolate ground. The wolf beast marches through the center of the cemetery, passing by piles of rocks, cracked tombstones, charred trees, and bones littering the area. He heads toward the back of the place, bee-lining up to a thick, chiseled stone post with a small piece of paper attached to it, and a large heap of cement debris below it. Pausing before the makeshift grave, Zen-Aku vows, "Fear NOT, kindred spirit. I shall reLEASE you from your tomb!" He reaches up and tears the long thin strip of paper (with fancy mystical writing scribbled downward upon it) pasted to the stone post off the surface, leaving a shred behind. The moment the paper is ripped, a surge of yellow electricity sparkles outward. Zen-Aku steps back, as the yellow lightning jolts wider, discharging the sealing energies in a flash. The stone post tips forward and crashes forth, scattering the debris below it, knocking the rocks loose. Zen-Aku watches patiently with his glowing yellow eyes, cooing in dangerous delight, "Yesssss...." From within the pile of rocks, a single, silver-gloved, trembling left hand emerges suddenly, reaching skyward, as the creature it belongs to releases a soft moan of relief.

Dawn comes not too long afterward, with the morning sun beaming through a mass of clouds. In what was once called 'the Dark Forest to the North' of Turtle Cove, Princess Shayla strolls through the shade and sunlight, with Taylor following behind her. They glance from side to side as they walk between the trees and fields, seeking the spot the Duke wolf beast was released by Org General Nayzor about three episodes ago. After some careful searching, they discover it in what appears to be a grassy ravine, boulders strewn about. The 'hole-centered stone lantern' (aka "The seal of the Ancient Rangers') remains right beside the large, opened tomb, with smoke still pouring across this focused space. Taylor & Shayla pause upon seeing it, both exchanging anxiously nervous glances, with Princess giving a gasp and a dreadful remark of, "Oh...!" The two women hurry over toward the site, discovering the huge grey coffin as it was last abandoned. Taylor inspects the area visually, as Shayla bends down beside the removed lid lying on its side, running her hand along the smooth surface, noticing the two crescent-moon dials atop it. The lady in the yellow vest wonders, "What IS it? What do you sense?" Princess Shayla frets concernedly, "Something is very WRONG here..." The roar of an engine revs up behind them all of a sudden, an odd sound to be hearing that far out in the middle of nowhere. The women turn around with gasps, unable to see the source of the noise. The silver-gloved hand we saw earlier is the culprit, now armed with an opened wrist gauntlet over his hand. He grips the black handle-throttle of a yellow organic mass, which causes smoke to jet out of twin exhaust pipes. Shayla rises up, and paces into the middle of the site, searching for a sign of the sound, but unable to see anything. Taylor steps over and joins her, both a bit disoriented. The creature revs the engine some more, showing us that it's a silver engine block with red & yellow wires sticking out. Taylor & Shayla cautiously walk ahead, keeping aware of their surroundings. The creature turns out to actually BE that yellow mass, as his orange glossy headlight-eyes flash with a yellow glint, and his mangled face has "750" printed on the side.

Stomping his boot against the dirt, the creature, obviously an Org, continues with the mechanical vroom coming from his body, and immediately races toward the perilous pair. The growing roar of the engine catches their ears, allowing them to turn and see him just as he dashes their way, exasperating more gasps. They're barely able to avoid being hit & run, twirling somewhat to more or less roll with the speeding demon's pass between the two of them. Princess Shayla & Taylor fall to the ground, more startled than hurt. They both look to their assailant, as he skids his boots to a halt and turns around to face them. He's the Motorcycle Org, with, as I said, a yellow body, orange headlight-eyes, two horns, a seat protruding from the back of his oversized head, jagged teeth in an always open wide mouth, a greenish windshield forehead, exhaust pipes out his right head-side, the small engine out his left, and those arm gauntlets of his look more like tailpipes. He's got a raspy deep voice, which he uses to bid to his old friend, "It's been a long TIME, Yellow Ranger! Heh hahaHA!" Taylor rises to her feet (as does the Princess), and angrily recognizes him, "I remember YOU! You're that ORG we put away!" Motorcycle Org confirms confidently, "Yeah, but I was only a little SCOOTER back THEN! Now, I'm a super-charged, 750CC Motorcycle Org, TURBO chopper! And it's time to chop YOU down to SIZE!" He barrels at the women, inspiring Taylor to stand in front of Shayla protectively, putting her fists up and giving a furious grunt. She rushes at him with a swift kick, stopping him in his tracks simply so he can block her left leg with his arm. Taylor tosses another kick, it's blocked, so she tosses a punch at his face, but he grabs her fist between his hands and flips her completely over. Right when she climbs back up onto all fours, Motorcycle Org grabs her, hauls her up to a standing position, winds her back, and pitches her whole body reluctantly into the air! She cries out, and slams against the ground, rolling to a stop just near the tomb of Zen-Aku.

Speaking of which, Princess Shayla calls out Taylor's name in distress, and is about to go to her side to help her, when the black gloved hand of the wolf beast reaches over and grabs her left shoulder with his right hand, pulling her back. He quickly switches to her right shoulder, as he holds out his left hand, and warns, "WAIT!" Shayla & Zen-Aku look each other in the face, uncomfortably close, both of them freezing tensely. Taylor turns her gaze away from the Motorcycle Org, and cries out Princess Shayla's name concernedly. Zen-Aku looks down at the golden necklace nestled above her breasts, attracted to it by the subtly twinkling blue ruby in the center. He returns to staring at her, as the Princess quivers in terror, breathing laboredly in the face of evil. Taylor recovers from her fall and prepares to sprint across to rescue Shayla, when Motorcycle Org morphs his left arm into a large sparkplug, aims it at her, and quips, "NOT so fast, sparky!" A blast of yellow energy is flung at Taylor, bombarding her with explosive jolts. She yelps as she's engulfed in sparks & smoke, before collapsing against the ground. Shayla tries to wriggle out of Zen-Aku's grip to aid her friend, but he roughly manhandles her, keeping hold with both arms this time. Taylor, with scrapes & smudges on her face, struggles to crawl sluggishly toward him, demanding, "LET... her GO!!" Motorcycle Org raises his arms, and prepares to strike again, bidding, "So LONG, Ranger!" Zen-Aku "ORG! Leave her for later!" Holding his sparkplug arm over her weary downed body, Motorcycle Org begs to know, "But WHY not finish her NOW?! Runnnununun!" (that's a 'revving noise', basically) The wolf beast claims sinisterly, "Revenge isn't something you RUSH." The bike monster is easily persuaded, responding positively, "I LIKE the way you THINK, Duke Org!" He does the vocal engine revving noise again, which segues into the actual mechanical engine sounds, as he hops over Taylor and runs across the site. Zen-Aku pulls Princess Shayla forcibly away, keeping behind her and grunting while giving her a shove. She cries out for Taylor, but her pleas at drowned out by Motorcycle Org's wicked laughter & engine revving. The bike beast teleports away in a warping flash of yellow energy, while Zen-Aku utilizes his usual 'purple streaking with surging bolts out the side' teleport method, taking the Princess with him against her will. Taylor exhales a wide-eyed gasp at the sight of Shayla being kidnapped for a second time this season. She barely manages to get herself up and onto one knee, groaningly grasping at right arm. Once rising to a standing position, Taylor staggers, reaching into her yellow vest's right side pocket, and pulling out her golden Growl Phone. She heads closer to the abandoned coffin, dropping harshly to the ground beside it with a grunt, taking a rest by leaning back against it while opening up her morpher, and pressing a button. Holding the Growl Phone to her right ear with her right hand (using her left hand to clutch her aching right bicep), she pants & breathes windedly, desperately informing the team leader, "Cole...! The Princess has been kidnapped by Zen-Aku!"

Elsewhere, Motorcycle Org has a jumper cable on one of his horns, and wires hooked into various spots on his bike skull. Greenish electricity crackles from the hook-ups, revealing this to be taking place in a mechanic's garage, located amid a dank warehouse. The Org is utilizing a turbocharger to boost his energies, exclaiming excitedly, "Whoo-HOO! I LOVE the feel of souped-up PLUGS!" He revs his engine naturally, then manually with the twisting grip of his ear-handlebar. The engine purrs, smoke blasts out the exhausts, and Motorcycle Org makes revving noises with his mouth to add to the mechanical ones. Between shots, he's released from the cables & wires, and is running all around the cluttered garage, holding onto his ear-handlebars to guide himself. Pausing in the sunrays between Princess Shayla & Zen-Aku, Motorcycle Org boasts wildly, "I'M more powerful than EVER!" He revs up some more, and dashes away on two legs, still pretending to be a racing vehicle when only going as fast as a stuntman in a bulky bodysuit. Zen-Aku leans back against a pole with his arms crossed, watching as the Org departs the scene completely. Once he's gone, the wolf beast lowers his arms and steps over to the other side of the constrained room. Shayla's been sitting on a stool, calmly and quietly, hands folded in her lap, this whole time. Zen-Aku stands before her, grunts with curiosity, "HMM..." The Princess looks at him in utter tranquility, no sense of fear upon her face whatsoever. He glances at the golden necklace, suspended against her skin between the two flowing rivers of her long wavy brown hair. Zen-Aku demands to know, "WHERE did you get that NECKlace, Princess? And WHY do you wear it?" Shayla elevates her right hand to touch the mystical jewelry, stating softly, "Someone... very special gave it to me a long time ago. I wear it in memory of that person." The wolf beast snarls another 'hmm'-type sound, glancing up and down in perplexity.

Meanwhile, the four Wild Force Activists are out and about together, rushing urgently down a gravel road in the mountainous outskirts of Turtle Cove, searching for their fifth member. Alyssa spots her, pointing out, "THERE!" The four of them head off to the side, finding Taylor standing in a slump, clutching her left bicep this time around. Her teammates gather around, touching her body supportingly in different locations (Max & Danny by her sides to help her stand, Alyssa in front to keep her from falling forth, and Cole next to her, kinda not doing anything). Taylor hopelessly claims, "It's all my fault!" Alyssa promises, "We'll FIND the Princess, Taylor!" The lady in the yellow vest states with melancholy, "You don't understand..." She pulls away from the four, paces across the road, spilling a secret of her history with them, "When I become a Power Ranger... I choked my first assignment." Taylor has her back to her teammates, staring into space, and recalling her inaugural confrontation with an Org. The screen fades to white, fading back in to show us just about a year ago, when Taylor was the only Wild Force Power Ranger active. She's morphed as the Yellow Eagle Ranger, using her Crystal Saber in combat with the Motorcycle Org. He really WAS just a scooter then, as his yellow bike body is much more compact and smaller, with blue headlight-eyes, a just plain smaller bike-shell & seat head, plus silver gloves with no gauntlets (as seen when he crawled out of the grave). Anyway, Yellow Ranger & the Scooter Org fight on the edge of the city's waterfront, with garbage piled all around. The both of them are locked, hands on each other's shoulders, allowing the Org to knee her in the chest, causing grunts & sparks. He then releases her with a push, sending the Ranger rolling into a broken orange fence. Taylor gets back up quickly, waving her Crystal Saber in hand rather uneasily. She dashes and slashes past Scooter Org, causing a flash of sparks in his side, before turning around to toss a kick into the creature's face. Scooter Org rolls back up, and stands on that knocked-over fence, gloating with a squeaky, high-pitched voice, "That was JUST the kick-start I needed!" He begins to march menacingly toward her, which causes the Yellow Ranger to hold her Saber outward with both hands trembling, treading away from him, extremely nervous. She orders in a dreadful panic, "BACK off, Org! I MEAN it! STAY away from me!!"

The screen fades to white again, ending the flashback, and returning to the here & now, showing Taylor as she is now, face smudged & scratched, lamenting, "I wasn't able to defeat that Org without the Princess. She used her magic to seal it away... but now he's back... and even stronger than before." Her four teammates stand assembled close just behind her, listening to this history lesson with quiet empathy. Taylor spins around sharply to face them, and with a rage, explains, "And beCAUSE of that Org? Zen-Aku was able to kidnap the Princess." Lowering her gaze to the ground, she appears to be wallow in self-pity over her twice failure to permanently defeat the Scooter turned Motorcycle Org. Cole, with a large bruise still on his right cheek from the earlier battle, immediately recognizes her depressed expression, and with deep resolve, shakes his head and marches over to her. She looks up at him when he pauses before her, declaring softly, "That Org may be stronger now... But so are YOU." Cole puts his right hand on her left shoulder while saying that, offering emotional strength. He urges gently, "Let's go find that Org, and rescue the Princess." Taylor looks him in the eyes for a moment, and finally toughens her expression, giving a firm nod, positively in reply.

In the dark garage, Zen-Aku gives another snarling, low, "HMM..." Princess Shayla sits across from him, staring deeply into his yellow eyes with devout fearlessness. He can't stop looking at the blue-rubied gold necklace, but finally pulls his vision away from it, to ponder aloud, "That necklace.. I KNOW I've seen it before, but WHERE?" Zen-Aku gives a soft growl, and slowly turns away from her, pacing along the cramped cemented floor. Shayla watches him with what seems to be compassion, her brow furrowed slightly in stifled sympathy. The wolf beast wracks his brain, mentally seeking answers that he can't seem to access. Touching his black feral-masked temple, he begs desperately, "My memory is such a BLUR... Grrgh, WHY can't I remember?" A sudden flash of white changes the scenes, flashing back some 3000 years, to the kingdom of Animaria. The golden, blue-ruby-centered necklace is held in front of Princess Shayla by a man with a black leather glove, laced up his forearm with silver clips. Next, he's hooking the silver chain of the necklace behind Shayla's neck, causing her to smile widely, and gasp in joy. She touches her bare neckline, hair draped to the side to allow him access to place the gift upon her body. Finally, the Princess is twirling her flowing white skirt around, giggling ecstatically. The location appears to be a lush garden at the edge of a verdant forest, with red flowers in bloom, right beside a river. The man is revealed to be dressed in the white & silver garb of the Ancient Warriors, currently lacking his silver helmet (his hair seems to be brownish, but his facial features are indistinct due to the distance of the camera). He stands in the grass, watching Shayla spinning, her dark hair snapping against her white dress, face smiling big and brightly, the new necklace sparkling in the sunlight. She's quite comfortable with this person, and the attitude & looks she gives him display nothing less than contentness and attraction.

In another flash of white, the flashback ends, jolting Zen-Aku out of his unexpected trip down repressed memory lane. He growls furious, turning around to look at Princess Shayla, who sits harmlessly behind him, and though she hasn't aged a day physically since that memory took place, her expression displays a far less happy mood. Zen-Aku appears to forget the details of his flashback, as he reaches out, and focuses upon her mystical jewelry, stating intently, "SOMEthing about that necklace stirs my past... I must, find ou-- OhhAGH!!" The wolf beast is slowly pacing toward her, when a violent fit overwhelms him from out of nowhere! He grasps at his skull with both hands, flaying his entire body about and crying out in pure agony, pleading to know between moans, "WHAT'S happening... to me?!" Shayla is at first pulling away from him as he creeps forth, but when his writhing reaction to remembrance occurs, she becomes startled. Zen-Aku screams bloodcurdlingly, staggering through the garage and coming to a crashing halt by slamming into a red tool cart, collapsing against it and knocking it over. The Princess rushes over to his side in concern, gently placing a hand on his back, and gaspingly asking, "Are you okay?!" Snapping out of his fit, the wolf beast turns to her, no longer in pain, essentially smacking aside her hand and glaring into her face. Princess Shayla freezes in horror, gasping at least twice, eyes wide in fright. Zen-Aku snarls extensively beneath his breath, the situation tense between them. Suddenly, Motorcycle Org skids to a stop in the garage, announcing urgently, "Duke Zen-Aku! The Yellow Ranger and her friends are outside!!" The wolf beast looks at him and nods, "Right!" He begins to charge out, stopping only to turns to the Princess, forcibly snatch her left arm, and order with a snarl, "Come ON..." Shayla's drug out instantly, unable to protest beyond a yelp.

Once emerging out of the garage warehouse through a door along with Motorcycle Org, Zen-Aku releases his grip on Shayla, causing her to gasp at what she sees. The five Wild Force Rangers are racing onto the scene, with Yellow Ranger heading the charge, shouting while bringing them to a stop, "Princess Shayla!" The Princess is about to scream back at them, also starting to dart forward, when Zen-Aku places his right arm in her way, blocking her path and firmly decreeing, "NO!" Red Ranger insists with hand gestures, "Release her at ONCE, Zen-Aku!" Taylor steps up from the team, tauntingly proclaiming, "And YOU and I have a SCORE to settle, Motorcycle Org! Or are you running on FUMES?" Motorcycle Org confirms, "I'm FUMIN', alright!", as he dashes into action. Yellow Ranger pulls out her Golden Eagle Sword, and sprints across the cement lot, leaping into the air, and locking her blade with the Org's new, spiked-mace muffler-like staff. They remain in the air for but a moment, before backflipping away from one another, and continuing their sparring on the ground. As Yellow Ranger ducks, dodges, and hiyaahs at the Motorcycle Org's muffler-staff swipes, her four Wild Force teammates prepare to join the fight. Cole cries, "HOLD on, Taylor! WE'LL help you!" Their storming into the fray is halted by Zen-Aku's Crescent Blade, which is held down in their path suddenly, halting them in their tracks. The wolf beast raises his blade and slings it over his shoulder, honorably claiming, "NO! This is a PERSONAL grudge. NO one may interfere." Blue Ranger calls out in concern, "Taylor! Y-you alright?!" Motorcycle Org & Yellow Ranger have their weapons locked at their side, as she assures them, "I can handle it! This is something I should have finished a LONG time ago." Taylor breaks out of the lock with a yaah and an upward yank of her sword. Zen-Aku tells our other heroes, "YOU four will have to deal with ME." He lowers his Crescent Blade off his shoulder, and rushes into battle. Nearby, hiding on the sidelines between a blue barrels, crates, and metal girder, Toxica & Jindrax are spying on the scene. She asks her partner, "Do you think we should HELP Zen-Aku?" He folds his arms and rubs his chin, pondering positively, "Hmm. It WOULD be the RIGHT thing to do!" The Duke Org exchange glances, both nodding affirmatively. Toxica & Jindrax prepare to join the fight, going so far as to stepping a leg up onto the box before them. But they quickly pause in place, having seconds thoughts. They give smirks of disinterest, and swipe their right hands in the air scoffingly, figuring in chorus, "NAAHHH!" The Duke Orgs turn around, and teleport away together, via the flaming light-pink light that sucks them into the ground.

Over in the cemented lot between these industrial warehouses, Zen-Aku faces four Wild Force Rangers at once with the greatest of ease. They surround him in a frantic display, so he swings his Crescent Blade around, swats at the White Ranger until she trips away, smacks Blade against Crystal Saber to knock Black Ranger off, then turns, upper-chops into Red Ranger's Saber, and lands his Blade against his shoulder. The wolf beast scurries to the side, taking Cole with him, trapped under the sharp pressure of the weapon. Zen-Aku removes his Crescent Blade from the hold on Red Ranger's shoulder, slicing out some sparks which sends Cole rolling. He then sparkily cuts into the chests of both the Blue & Black Rangers, one right after the other. Elsewhere, Yellow Ranger is thrown against a fence, knocking it down as she rolls back to her feet. Motorcycle Org approaches, and smashes into her chest with his muffler-maced staff. Taylor takes the hit, but when he tries it again, she blocks it with her Golden Eagle Sword, and elbows it safely away from her body as she switches positions with him. Slashing twice into his yellow face, Yellow Ranger puts extra grunting force behind her third sword-blow into the bike monster. He falls back into a wall of discarded old rusty paint cans, and when dazed, Taylor rushes up, grabs him, and holds him down, vowing between groans, "THIS time, I'll beat you for GOOD!" Motorcycle Org struggles profusely, locked hand in hand with her, gloating, "You couldn't beat me when I was a scooter!" He gets the upper-hand, and slams the Ranger back into a wall, wondering, "HOW are ya gonna beat me now that I'm TURBO-charged?!" Taylor suggests, "How 'bout like THIS?!" She pitches his arms up and releases her struggle on them, butting the handle of her Sword into his head with a yaah. As he recovers, Yellow Ranger hops up, bounces off the top of his noggin, twirling her body while leaping through the air, then rebounding off a girder back toward the Org, unfolding her golden underarm wings and shouting, "Soaring Eagle!" The cycle creature looks up in dismay, as Taylor dives with her weapon held steadily in hand, announcing, "Golden Eagle Sword!" She lands on her feet right in front of him, and proceeds to slash sparkily into his large face twice. Yellow Ranger cuts past him on the second one, just to spin around, raise her blade, and slice downward with a mighty battle cry, hitting Motorcycle Org so hard that he tumbles to the ground, body smoking.

Around the corner, Red Ranger rolls to his feet, recovering from an offscreen hit. His three Wild Force teammates regroup around him, all facing the same foe. Zen-Aku snaps the top & bottom sections of his Crescent Blade outward, pulls it back, and activates, "Crescent Wave!!" The top of the Blade is charged with yellow energy, switch is immediately flung in small curved charges of power at our heroes. Several bolts rapidly strike into the four Power Rangers, causing their chests to burst with sparks & smoke, while their bodies are thrown to the ground. On the sidelines, Princess Shayla steps out from behind a stack of blue barrels, and gasps distraughtly at the events unfolding before her. She sees the four Rangers, lying on the ground, too weak to defend themselves. Zen-Aku marches toward them, aiming his Crescent Blade down at the four, snarlingly stating, "NOW, to have my reVENGE." Shayla frets, "Oh, NO...", before darting out to their side. Instead of simply trying to comfort her friends, the Princess steps in between them and the approaching wolf beast. She holds out her arms to the sides, and blocks his way, very nobly. Zen-Aku pauses, demanding, "Step aSIDE, Princess!" Shayla bravely defies, "You'll have to destroy me FIRST... Zen-Aku." He's prepared to obey her suicidal wishes, announcing "So BE it." But he glances upon her necklace again, causing him to exhale a puzzled grunt of, "Huh?!", the moment he looks at it. Another blink of white heralds a return to his flashback to 3000 years ago, showing the unidentified Ancient Warrior securing the necklace around Princess Shayla's neck, causing her to giggle joyously. His mind blinks back to the present, as he wonders to himself, "What IS it about that necklace...!?" Red Ranger takes the break in battle to recover to his feet, holding both of his, "Red Lion Fang!", weapons on his fists. He leaps high, and double-punches Zen-Aku in the chest while he's distracted by his thoughts.

Nearby, Motorcycle Org rolls against the pavement, wobbily and bodily-smoking. Yellow Eagle Ranger utilizes her special attack for the first time, via an Americanized sequence, showing the glowing "Soaring Eagle (Spirit of the Earth)" logo giantly behind Taylor, as the eagle-eyes atop her helmet flashes. She cuts her Golden Eagle Sword into the air, leaving yellow energy trails, commanding this attack as, "Soaring SLASH!" With a few hyaahs, she slices into the Org with two yellow beams, engulfing his body with bluish electricity. Motorcycle Org begins to burst and spark extensively, but holds his ground. Yellow Ranger unfreezes from her stance, giving herself a triumphant shout of, "YEAH!" The voice of her fellow Ranger, namely Red, calls out from the side, "All RIGHT, Taylor!" She turns to see her four teammates, each wielding their Wild Weapons, rushing up to assemble around her (did they leave the Princess alone with Zen-Aku?!). Blue Ranger does a pointless somersault on the cement, and cheers, "YE-A-AH!" Cole tells her, "Good job!", before urging, "Let's combine our weapons and FINISH this guy!" All five of the weapons (Lion Fang, Bison Axe, Shark Fins, Tiger Baton & Eagle Sword) are connected into the tall blade, which Red Ranger holds, with his teammates behind him. He proclaims, "Let's FINISH it! JUNGLE Sword! Savage Slash!" The golden encircling charging up sequence plays, followed by Motorcycle Org staggering forth while covered in smoke, then Yellow Ranger boasting to him, "YOU'RE out of GAS!" The pulsing Jungle Sword's blade is sliced into the Org with a mighty howl by Cole, before all the weapons are split back up into the Rangers' hands. They wait in stance, as Motorcycle Org's form surges with bluish electricity, and begins to flare up as he topples onto his back, exploding into a flamey fireball on impact. Only a small blaze in the cement remains of him, which soon dies down, allowing the five Wild Force Rangers to ease their weapons down. Taylor bids farewell harshly to her old foe, "It's BACK to the JUNKyard, Motorcycle Org!" With Toxica currently out of the picture, it appears as though this Org won't be getting a growing-seed refueling.

Stepping onto the scene again, Zen-Aku shouts, "RANGERS!" The five Wild Force Rangers turn their attention toward him, alertly. The wolf beast pulls out his crescent dagger-flute, crosses his arms, and summons, "Dark Wildzords, ARISE!" He plays the flute, bellowing out the quick, "123, 1234" chime. The same sequence from earlier plays, with Zen-Aku in front of the crescent moon, fires infernoing around him, as he activates, "Dark Wildzords, combine!" The Alligator, Hammerhead Shark, and Wolf Dark Wildzords form together via the standard footage. In the darkened cranial cockpit, Zen-Aku places his tri-orbed dagger-flute into the yellow slot on the console, motions his arms, and commands, "Predazord, AWAKEN!" The final portion of the Dark Wildzords' transformation is complete, showing the Predazord explosively 'waking up', so to speak. In response to this, Red Ranger installs the green Gorilla Crystal into his Crystal Saber, as all five of our heroes gesture their Sabers into the air, and call, "Wildzords, descend!" Turning the blades to the side in unison, the summoning chime echoes outward. Immediately, the Yellow Eaglezord, Black Bisonzord, Gorillazord, Polar Bearzord, and Black Bearzord are all racing through the woods together, making respective noises. The Rangers point their Crystal Sabers together, and Cole commands, "Wildzords, combine!" The attached Polar & Black Bears as arms onto the mode-changed Gorilla torso, locks onto the Eagle & Bison-made legs, completing the transformation of the Wild Force Kongazord. It appears in the city, turning around and readying its arms, facing the Predazord standing just across from it. The Kongazord's cerebral cockpit has the Soul Bird already in place, Rangers at their stations. Danny proclaims, "We're READY!" In the Predazord cockpit, Zen-Aku angrily vows, "You'll PAY for what you did to Motorcycle Org!" Yellow Ranger argues, "WE'LL see who's gonna PAY!" Zen-Aku gestures his hand, and activates, "Predator Wave... FIRE!!" The Predazord inhales some purple swirling energy into its Alligatorzord chest-mouth, and unleashes it as a rotating tunnel of deadly force. In the Soul Birded Kongazord cockpit, Taylor leads the command, "Bear Blaster, aaand...!" Her teammates join in, shouting, "FIRE!" The Polar & Black Bearzord fists pop gun-barrels out of their mouths, which spew forth beams of intense subzero and fire energy, respectively. The combined streams of power from the Bear Blaster collide with the Predator Wave, clashing in the air just above the city, and between the Predazord & Kongazord. It's a literal power struggle for a moment or two, the opposing surges of energy striking each other with equal force. It can't last forever, and doesn't, eventually erupting into a backlash explosion that knocks BOTH the Predazord & Kongazord onto their backs!

The Soul Birded cockpit of the Kongazord fills with bluish electricity, frying all five of the Wild Force Rangers within. They're shaken about, between a fade to white, they're expelled from the cockpit as the Kongazord comes apart offscreen. Our heroes fall to the cemented ground, giving winded grunts on impact. They lie writhing, moaning and groaning, struggling to attain enough strength to recover. The Predazord has also disassembled, leaving Zen-Aku to rise to his feet, gruntingly. As he does so, facing us, we see the three Dark Wildzords behind him, each one making their own howling, snarling, and growling sounds. By the time Zen-Aku straights up, the trio of evil Power Animals have brightly flared out of sight, teleporting to wherever it is that they're stored. The wolf beast taunts viciously, "NOW you have no ZORDS to hide behind!" His attention is disrupted, when Princess Shayla rushes in, and goes to Cole's side, bends down, helps him to sit up, and concernedly asks, "Rangers! Are you alright?!" Red Ranger has only a faint moan in reply, clutching his chest in agony. Zen-Aku calls out to the doting mentor, "Princess Shayla! YOU will come with ME." She looks at him, agape, standing up with a defiant glare of determination. Zen-Aku explains, "I have MANY questions that I need to ask you." Before he can even attempt to kidnap her again, Yellow Ranger pops up, insisting, "She's not going ANYwhere with YOU!" Taylor holds out her Golden Eagle Sword, and lunges through the air at the Duke Org. He swats her attack away from him, causing her to hit the ground and roll back up. Zen-Aku aims his Crescent Blade at her, with Yellow Ranger doing the same to him with her Eagle Sword. The two opponents face off, circling tensely around one another, preparing to strike at any moment. Princess Shayla stands over the other (still-downed) Rangers, watching the duel with heavy breathing, worried for at least one of the warriors, or both. Taylor makes the first move, yaahing as she jumps skyward, prompting Zen-Aku to silently do the same. They cross paths in midair, each one landing a blow with their respective blades into the other one's chest, causing not only sparks to fly, but for the screen to flash with red highlights at impact.

The midair crossing is repeated from a different angle, leading to Zen-Aku & Yellow Ranger both touching down on the concrete, opposite of each other. They turn and face their enemy, staring at the one another intensely. The moment drags, as Taylor & the wolf beast remain frozen in fierce stances, awaiting a result to their midair engagement. Zen-Aku breaks the silence and brings an end to the anxious mood, by sliding his right boot along the pavement, before stomping it down, and sharply dropping his Crescent Blade against his right shoulder. Almost on cue, Yellow Ranger's chest bursts with smoke & sparks, this delayed reaction to her injury sustained moments prior. She cries out in agony, causing Shayla to cover her mouth while inhaling a terrified gasp. Taylor collapses against the ground, demorphed from the rigors of combat. As she lay sprawled on her right side, eyes slammed shut and moaning in agony, the recently used black & white Bear Crystals become dislodged from her possession, and roll across the pavement. They come to a rest at Zen-Aku's feet, with Taylor helplessly looking at their destination. Zen-Aku bends down, picks both orbs up with his right hand, and rises back up to boast, "TWO Crystals... MOST Rangers only lose ONE!" He gives a raspy chuckle, and squeezes his grip on the Bearzord Crystals. They both flare with a bright white light as he clenches a fist around them, unfolding his fingers to reveal the pair of orbs are now frozen into balls of ice. Standing up on their hind legs, down the street somewhere, the Polar & Black Bear Wildzords roar in protest together. Their metallic bodies are suddenly overcome with a crackling of stone, turning the Bear Brothers into statues, which are immediately swallowed up by a pitch black mist puffing out from the ground. It clears out of the street, showing that both Bearzords have been whisked away to wherever the other reluctantly Dark Wildzords are being stored. Taylor reaches out for them, and screams, "NOOOOOOO!!!!"

Taylor lays on the ground, panting, aching, and mourning for the loss of her secondary Wildzords. Zen-Aku points his Crescent Blade at her, gloating egotistically, "YOU could train for 3000 years, and STILL you wouldn't defeat me!" She doesn't reply with anything but gritted teeth, and labored breaths. His taunting is cut short by Cole shouting his name, causing him to turn toward the voice with another 'huh?!' The other four Wild Force Rangers are slowly getting back up, with Red Ranger promising, "You WON'T get away with this!" Princess Shayla remains standing between the four, staring somberly at Zen-Aku. Her expression turns to slight puzzlement when she notices something dripping off of his black leathered gloved left hand. A closer inspection by the camera reveals a tiny trail of red blood is trickling down his hand, splattering into a tiny puddle on the cement below. Shayla's eyes widen at the sight of this, her jaw moving like she wants to say something aloud, but cannot find the words. Zen-Aku is oblivious to this wound inflicted by the Yellow Ranger, simply parting mercy upon them all, by asserting, "I will LET you exist with your own FAILure a while longer." The wolf beast turns around, and marches off, his body sparkling with purple streaks & electricity as he teleports away between steps. Attention diverts away from the departed Duke Org, when Red Ranger shouts Taylor's name in concern. Shayla unclasps her hands and races over to the lady in the yellow vest, finding Taylor slumped over on her knees. The Princess says her name questioningly, approaching her from the back with gentleness, placing her hands upon her upper arms in comfort. Taylor is sobbing softly, crying in self-pity. She laments with her voice breaking, "I'm so WEAK! I don't deserve to be a Ranger." Shayla shares her grief at first, but is quick to argue in a warm tone, "NO, Taylor. You're wrong!" Taylor continues to blubber, "The Bearzords... chose ME to protect them. They TRUSTed me! I failed them both just like I failed you." Princess Shayla firmly grasps and rubs her arms, trying to provide encouragement. She shakes her head in denial of these allegations, frowning in empathy. The other four Rangers, still morphed, stagger over to stand behind the two women. The Princess looks up at them, her expression in dire need of assistance. Red Ranger leans down, places his hands upon Taylor's shoulders, and urges softly, "DON'T worry, Taylor..." She sniffles, sobs stifledly, and hangs her head in sorrowful shame. Princess Shayla leaves her side, rising up and walking ahead of the five. She's transfixed on the location Zen-Aku teleported away from, gazing upon it in a thought-dwelling trance. Cole promises to his depressed teammate, "We'll get them back. We'll get them ALL back. Let's go." He & Alyssa help Taylor, who's still clutching her left arm from the earlier injury, to slowly stand up, though her legs are a bit rubbery. Shayla stares into the space the wolf beast vanished from, letting the breeze blow through her loose dress, hair, and flowery headband. Her facial expression is pained, and when the camera pans down briefly to show her caressing her golden necklace, it becomes quite obvious that her heartache is less about Taylor's temporary condition, and more about her personal ties to the cause of all this strife. Princess Shayla looks on... and on...

[Scenes from "Identity Crisis"; End Credits]

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