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Power Rangers Wild Force
"Power Play"
Original Air Date:6/1/02 Featuring Footage & A Few Story Elements From:
Gaoranger #25 - - Sandaime Onihime Sanryou(The Third Demon Princess Arrives)
*Season 10, bite 17
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1217
*17th episode of PRWF
*435th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Jill Donnellan Director: Koichi Sakamoto
Starring Cast:
Ricardo Medina, Jr. _AS_ Cole (Red Ranger)
Alyson Kiperman _AS_ Taylor (Yellow Ranger)
Phillip Jeanmarie _AS_ Max (Blue Ranger)
Jessica Rey _AS_ Alyssa (White Ranger)
Jack Guzman _AS_ Danny (Black Ranger)
Philip Andrew _AS_ Merrick (Lunar Wolf Ranger)
Ann Marie Crouch _AS_ Princess Shayla
Ilia Volok _AS_ Master Org
Sin Wong _AS_ Toxica
Additional Cast:
Paul Vinson _AS_ Blade
Christopher Coppola _AS_ Joker [Note: Brother of Nick Cage!]
Dennis Keiffer _AS_ Brick
Luke LaFontaine _AS_ Biker #3
Terence Rotolo _AS_ Biker #4
J.D. Hall _AS_ Willie
Danny Wayne Stallcup _AS_ Jindrax
Sin Wong _AS_ Necronomica (voice)
Monica Louwerens _AS_ Karaoke Org (voice) [Note: Mrs. Fairweather-Rawlings!]


[Opening Credits, version 2! Mostly the same in places, save for a shots of the Falcon Summoner, Red Animarium Armor, each of the main five Rangers get their 'Spirit of the Earth' attack screen following their credit, Merrick is added, along with various Zords, including the Isis Megazord.]

Three-thousand years ago, around the Kingdom of Animaria, Princess Shayla sits in a garden, just beside a river. Merrick approaches her, wearing his Ancient Warrior armor (sans helmet), carefully carrying a familiar necklace in his gloved hands. Some of this flashback was seen via memory flashes of Zen-Aku in the episode, "Revenge Of Zen-Aku." Mostly the wide-shots are recycled from it, along with Shayla's close-up reactions. This unhindered memory, though, fully shows Merrick, gazing upon her with a loving smile. The Princess gasps joyfully as he places the necklace onto her eagerly held-out palms. She holds the golden jewelry, with the sparkling blue ruby at the center, against her collarbone, prompting Merrick to step around, and begin to connect the silver chain behind her neck. Some time later, during the fall of Animaria, (this clip takes place between scenes in the flashback from "Click, Click, Zoom"), we see Princess Shayla, sitting up while lying on the rose petal-covered, leaf-shaped, bed-slab at the center of the Temple in the Valley of the Wildzords. Merrick, in full silver Ancient Warrior regalia, sits on it beside her, placing a hand upon her left shoulder, and nobly encouraging her, "Princess... you HAVE to go up into the sky on the Animarium. You are the ONLY one who can protect it. It is your DESTINY." As he speaks, Shayla shakes her head, hanging it heavily and glancing down briefly, expressing her hesitation. She gazes longingly toward her Silver-scarved Protector, and begs desperately to know, "But... what about YOU?" Merrick assures her, "Don't worry about me. My destiny is HERE." The Princess can no longer argue, her eyes brimming with tears, as she reluctantly accepts her fate to be put to sleep in a literal sense. Only silence and emotional expressions are exchanged, as he gently touches her right shoulder, holds her left hand tightly, and guides her body to laying fully down. It's a tender moment between the soulmates, their eyes locked during the whole process. Princess Shayla sighs lovingly, clasping at both of his hands with her own. Merrick doesn't linger, quickly pulling away from her, leading her arms into being held outward, reaching for him as he departs.

This series of remembrances is interrupted, by Alyssa's voice, as she says Princess Shayla's name in a questioning tone. It's daytime on the Animarium, in the Temple Ruins, where Shayla is sitting in her twig-chair, gazing off into the sky, dwelling upon her memories. She has her back partially to the others, who're sitting at the table, discussing recent events (most likely the defeat of Org General Nayzor). Alyssa wonders to the ancient expert on the evil creatures, "How many Org Generals WERE there 3000 years ago?" Shayla is still in a daydream-like trance, and fails to hear her question. Alyssa asks again, "Princess?" Finally, she snaps out of it, but only having registered that something was said, her subconscious takes off, causing her to blurt out, "Yeah... I'm glad Merrick's back, too!" Danny blinks confusedly and shakes his head, Max (somewhat sitting on top of the table) gives a puzzled grunt, and Cole turns back to his teammates, muttering drawn-outly, "Ohhhh-kaaayyy..." The four Wild Force Activists resume their discussions, though Taylor isn't sitting with them (as usual, she's standing off to the side with her arms folded). She walks over, and stares at the Princess, her brow furrowed, visibly suspicious of the mentor's behavior. I should point out that Taylor is now wearing her hair down regularly as of this scene, giving her a minorly different look.

Elsewhere, in the outskirts of Turtle Cove, is a small, aged building, with a sign reading, "Willie's Roadhouse" hanging below the second story balcony. It has two yellow old-timey gas pumps out front, unpaved roads around it, a steeple sticking out the back of the building like a Church, and is partially dark wood brown in color. Entering through one of the front double-doors, is Merrick, wandering casually into the place. He pauses and takes a curious look around, seeing: a neon sign saying "open" between colorful pool-balls next to a wall-mounted holder for several pool cues; more pool-related paraphernalia, including different colored and sizes of cues & balls, not to mention triangular racks and a chalk scoreboard; against a tin-wall is a "Willie's Roadhouse" sign matching the one outside (with 'Willie's' is normal black type, while 'Roadhouse' is done all big, colorful and in cursive); it's basically a country-western style place, what with the numerous ceramic chickens, unpainted walls, barrels and all; about four tables with chairs in the middle of the room, a long bar in the back of the room with numerous chairs in front of it, and last but not least, a single pool (or 'billiard') table. The wide room is quiet and devoid of customers, heck, there's not even a bartender! Merrick soaks in the atmosphere, and upon spotting the pool table, he presses in further. Passing by a container holding even more pool cues, he grabs one of them, and begins to size up the long wooden stick. Behind the bar, under a neon sign saying "Snacks", and to the left of a freezer claiming, 'Cold Drinks', is a door with a gold-metal sign reading, 'Kitchen'. It swings open, making a loud creak, as the elder African-American owner and barkeep of this establishment, obviously named Willie, comes out of the back room. He's wearing overalls, a flannel shirt underneath, and sports a grey & black beard on his face. Willie's wiping off a dish with a rag, when he notices the strange man in the baggy white costume hunching over the pool table. Merrick places his black gloved right hand onto the bluish felt, setting down his three Animals Crystals (Hammerhead & Alligator side by side, with Wolf by itself between, forming a sort of arrow facing back toward the Ancient Warrior). Willie pauses his dish-wiping, and curiously watches his actions. Merrick wields the standard pool cue as expertly as he does his Lunar Cue, placing his left hand near the top, holding the bottom end of it back with his right hand behind his back as he leans down and gets his three crystals in his sites. With a sharp rap to the Wolf Crystal, all three of the clear spheres are sent ricocheting against just about every edge of the pool table. They shoot around rapidly, with unnatural momentum, glowing with their respective power color. I'd tell you the exact movements of each ball, but you haven't a care for that. Needless to say, Hammerhead ends up in the center right pocket, Wolf sinks into the upper right, and Alligator falls last into the center left. Willie simply smirks, and shakes his head while giving a grunt of positive impression.

As the three Animal Crystals are being broken like billiard balls, the sound of several revving motorcycle engines increases in the background from outside. This leads to several bikers entering Willie's Roadhouse very few moments later, gaining the attention of Merrick. There are five guys, along with one long dark haired, short, and seemingly mute biker chick. Once Willie sees them, his pleasant expression is exchanged with one of discomfort and distain. These unruly and rowdy customers reek with attitude (among other nasty scents, I suspect), as they enter the room, acting like they own the place. Their leader, a bald and burly guy by the name of Blade (with a goatee and wearing a sleeveless leather vest), looks at Merrick staring at them, and cockily comments, "Get back, please!" His fellow bikers begin to snicker, chuckle, and chortle. One of them, a goofball with a goatee, sunglasses and a 'skull & crossbones' black skullcap over his head, aptly named Joker, shrieks happily and skips in front of the visibly distrustful Merrick. The former Ancient Warrior cautiously watches as the two bikers apparently named 'Biker #3' and 'Biker #4', with the biker chick, head to the side of the room, and converge around the purple-colored jukebox. The three-named bikers, Blade, Joker, and a third man called Brick (a bandanna over his head, and like his pals, also has a goatee and not only has a leather jacket but neato leather gloves!) head up to the bar. Blade brings his jolly laughter to a halt, sighing, "Ohhh, man." He then slams his hands down the countertop, right beside a grouping of aluminum soda cans (the labels of A&W and Coca-Cola can sorta clearly be seen), trying to stir the attention of Willie, who stands silently behind the bar. Biker #3 calls out from across the room, slapping the top of the jukebox and complaining, "HEY! This piece of JUNK is broken, I can't hear any MUSIC!" Biker chick sits in front of it, remaining quiet, as Biker #4 leans against the side, gesturing in concurrence with his fellow unnamed biker. Blade picks up the can of Coke, and opens it up nonchalantly. Jokers sits at the bar, laughing to himself like always, while Brick stands behind Blade. Willie replies to Biker #3 defiantly, "I told you before-- if you WANT something, you have to PAY for it!" Biker #4 laughs at #3, who has just been put in his place. Blade chugs down the Coke, before releasing a loud, rude belch, which garners some laughter from his cronies. He then leans forward to inform Willie up uncomfortably close, "I'm too THIRSTY to pay." Willie's a big man himself, taller and wider than even Blade, and stares back unflinchingly. Joker can be seen picking his nose in the background, inspecting the booger, and then flinging it away.

Similarly, Blade flings the empty can of Coke over his shoulder. It lands upon the surface of the pool table, where Merrick is currently preparing to strike his Wolf Crystal with the pool cue. His game interrupted, he turns to glance at the can that narrowly missed hitting him. Joker leans up toward the owner of this Roadhouse, and mocks in a high-pitched voice, "Is WEE little Willie gonna cry-yi-yi-YI?!" Blade puts his left hand on his arm, and slowly pushes him away, as if taking dominance on this showdown with the barkeep. Willie declares to the whole group, "You guys AREN'T welcome here, I TOLD you to STAY away!" Blade appears furiously offended, as he asks in his raspy and intimidating voice, "You talkin' to ME, Old Man?!" Suddenly, the red & white Coca-Cola can that Blade just littered, returns to him, by way of being thrown at his back by Merrick! It bounces off his shoulder, and lands on the countertop of the bar. Slowly, Joker, Blade, and Brick turn their stunned attentions completely away from Willie. Blade steps down, and angrily demands to know, "What'd you THINK you're DOing?!" Merrick glares at him without an ounce of fear, stating firmly, "That's YOUR trash. YOU pick it up." Blade and his gang press closer toward this Lone Wolf, with the leader pointing to himself, and menacingly asking, "You talkin' to ME, Pajama Boy?!" Joker giggles at this remark, prompting Blade himself to chuckle as well. Brick tries to look big by shoving an already-pushed-in chair out of his way. Even the three Jukebox jockeys approach, with Biker #3 snapping a pool cue out of the holder and preparing to use it on him. Blade wonders, "What's the matter? Your mommy forgot to dress ya?!" Joker notions toward him and sniggers, "Heheh, his MOMMY!" Merrick just stands leaning with his back against the pool table, arms folded solidly across his chest. Brick covers the last remaining empty space surrounding the Lone Wolf, warning him, "If _I_ were YOU... I'd start runnin' right NOW." Willie winces, realizing what kind of beat-down pain is ahead for the brave stranger. Slowly turning his head to the right, Merrick faces Brick, as a wicked smile of encouragement begins to grow upon his face.

Before we know it, we're right outside Willie's Roadhouse. The bicker called Brick is being thrown, back-first, onto a trio of fully filled garbage cans! This is Merrick's doing, a single part of a larger battle between the former Ancient Warrior and the whole biker gang. Merrick hurls Joker painfully aside, and ends up facing Brick again, who's now wielding a baseball bat. Brick swings it, but the Lone Wolf ducks under. Suddenly, Merrick is merely facing both Biker #3 and Biker #4 at once, with #3 swatting his pool cue at him. Again, the Lone Wolf ducks under, his reflexes quick enough to follow this by kicking #4's shovel weapon right out of his hands, before countering #3's attempted kick with a sharp booting to the knee. Biker #3 topples onto his stomach, letting out an agonized howl when he hits the cement. Now, Merrick has hold of a cue-stick of his own (probably #3's), keeping this game fair by restraining from using his Lunar Cue. He uses it to block and strike back against Brick, who's using a wooden oar taken off a nearby boat. They spar against one another briefly, taking a bit of a break when Brick is knocked back, allowing Biker #4 to resume use of his shovel. Merrick dodges the shovel swinging (in the background, you can see the biker chick walking past the parked bikes, with what looks to be a cue-stick in her hands), and when Brick lunges at him with the oar, he swats his pool cue at him, knocking him away. Immediately, Biker #4 tries to shovel-slash at the Lone Wolf, but Merrick blocks the attack, and whips his cue at his legs, knocking him over harshly. Remaining in the final smooth stance, his left leg down and his right leg bent, his body poised with his left arm forth and down and his right arm, holding the pool cue, up and back, Merrick looks up toward the distance, staring intensely with a victorious gaze. Stepping out of the building, Willie starts smiling, apparently relieved he was wrong about this oddly-dressed stranger. Ceasing his pose, Merrick stands tall, and tosses the two cut-sticks off to his side (where'd he get the second one? Likely a cut scene with the biker chick confrontation). Lying on the pavement beside where he dumped the cues, are Brick & Blade. As the sounds of engines revving begins to start up again, the pair fearfully crawl back to their feet and begin to nervously back away from the former Ancient Warrior. Joker passes by the other side, gesturing respectfully, like he's 'tipping his hat' to the winner of the fight. Brick high-tails it away, while Blade lingers, cautiously holding out his hands to Merrick, and begging, "Alright! Alright! Hold it! No more!" Willie remains over by the front door, chuckling softly over the troublemakers being taught a lesson. All five of the bikers hop back on their bikes, and ride on out of there (biker chick sits on the back of Biker #3's cycle. Biker #4 has a pretty red one. And I should note, every one of them wears a helmet. They may be mean, but they're meaner about traffic safety, kids! Buckle up!).

Merrick remains standing in the same spot on the dirt lot in front of Willie's Roadhouse, watching the bikers go. As the sound of their engines fades into the distance, the sound of two-hands clapping takes prominence. Merrick turns around, and discovers Willie approaching. He stops the clapping, puts his hands on his hips, and giving an approving smirk, remarks, "Pretty imPRESSive!" Merrick makes a kinda humble but facetious expression, as he nods sharply. He then turns away from the Roadhouse, and begins to leave, when only a few steps out, a most wrenching noise erupts from his belly! The former Ancient Warrior has fallen victim to not the bikers, but to the battle of the digestive track! He turns his head and glances back at Willie, who bemusedly calls out, "You MUST be HUNGRY!" Merrick rubs his stomach, as it continues to release sounds of a need to be filled. He hesitantly nods his head, grins a little, and makes an expression of embarrassed confirmation. Soon, back inside Willie's Roadhouse, Willie exits the kitchen, and heads over to the bar, holding a plate, and announcing, "HERE it is! Willie's ROADhouse Special!" Merrick sits at the bar, drinking a small glass of milk or something, with a side plate of sliced toast. Willie sets the Roadhouse Special down in front of him, and promises with a soft chuckle, "Now THIS will take care of those hunger pains!" The moment the dish is placed in front of him, Merrick leans forward, inspecting the meal very closely, and taking a deep sniff of it, as well. The Roadhouse Special is made up of two eggs over easy, two slices of tomato, and one serving of home fried potatoes. Willie comments, "You don't look like you're from AROUND here!" Lifting his head from his meal, he confirms, "I'm not." Ever the generous and affable southern gentleman, Willie gestures to the other side of the room, and offers, "Well, if you need a place to stay, I got a spare room in the back!" Merrick turns around, and sees, just behind the pool table, a descending neon sign reading, "ROOMS", on the wall. Willie "I could USE a guy like you around to help out!" Merrick turns back around (thanks to the rotating bar-stool), quickly thinks it over, nods and figures, "Yeah, sure. Sounds good." Willie happily replies, "Good!" His usual smile switches to friendly disapproval, as he notes, "But, uhh... FIRST, we need to get you some new clothes." Pausing right before he can bite into the piece of toast he was raising to eat, Merrick stares down at his white & silver Ancient Warrior uniform attire, seemingly unaware of what the problem might be.

Meanwhile, deep beneath the city of Turtle Cove, lies the cavernous home of the Orgs, known as the Nexus. Standing right beside the large demonic head-carving in the back of the main room (which spews an endless, floor-coating stream of smoke out of its mouth), is Master Org. He's holding the small, round, golden-backed mirror that once belonged to his Org General, named Nayzor. Gazing at his reflection in this mirror, Master Org grows increasingly furious. Is he mad at Nayzor for failing during the Zen-Aku debacle, or is he angry about what he himself, once a human, has become? Whatever the reason for his rage, it remains solely his secret. Letting out a howl of fury, Master Org heaves Nayzor's mirror into the air. Unbeknownst to him (not that he'd care), Jindrax is entering the room, and is in the path of the pitch. He covers his head and ducks, giving a cry of shock. Unfortunately, Jindrax unshields his head too soon, as the mirror goes way over his head, hits the wall, and then plummets directly onto his poor noggin! His cry out loud this time is one of comedic agony, prompting him to grasp at his yellowish dome. Jindrax groggily wonders, "WHAT was THAT?!", before reaching down, picking the round mirror up, and then checking out the unseen damage to his head via his reflection in the cause of the injury. He comments worriedly, "Aww, THAT'S gonna leave a BUMP!" Master Org demands to know from the Duke Org the whereabouts of the missing Duchess Org, "WHERE is TOXICA?!" Nervously, Jindrax yelps, "WHOA!", and throws the mirror aside as he rushes over to kneel before his Master, bowing briefly. He's unprepared to give an answer, stammering, "Uhh, Master Org! S-she's not HERE?! Ahhh... she must be out buffing her CLAWS somewhere. Yeah." Thinking to himself, Jindrax whispers, "Hmm. Come to think of it, I haven't seen her all day, either!" Master Org turns his head to the right, looking away with a scowering growl. Jindrax rushes a foot or two closer, then bows and kneels again, while passionately arguing, "Besides! You don't need her anymore. She's, over the hill, and... practically useless!" He rises up and stands, motioning to himself egotistically, and proclaiming, "Hmm! I'M the one you need! The MASTER of Blades!" Despite how Master Org isn't even acknowledging his presence by looking at him, Jindrax continues to sing his own praises, boasting, "I'm... smart, good-looking, uhh... thrifty, and exTREMEly reliable!" As he does this, he turns away from the Master, and paces across the room, concluding assuredly, "Yep! _I_ am DEFINITELY your next General Org!" Spinning around to face the Master, and presenting himself with 'magical' gesturings, Jindrax quips, "Viola! Ah, haha!" To his surprise, the Nexus is completely empty, save for the usual stone statues and sea of mist. Jindrax looks around, calling out confusedly, "Uhh... Master? Uhh, BOSS!?" Master Org has done another one of his mysterious vanishing acts. Jindrax gives up searching for him, snarling a scoff, then realizing in a near-whisper, "THIS is my CHANCE! HAH!" He races off toward the exit tunnel, bounding over a stalagmite excitedly.

The Viewing Pond in the Temple Ruins begins to fountain upwards. Its eruption is far more intense than usual, reaching high above the gorilla statue behind it, and spraying out onto the stone floor surrounding. Princess Shayla is sitting at her chair nearby, but turns and stares at agape when she notices how violently the Sacred Waters are reacting. She hurries over and reaches the pond-side the same time the five Wild Force Activists do. There, Taylor points out both puzzledly and worriedly, "The Pond! It's practically erupting!" Shayla touches Taylor's shoulder, and concernedly urges her wards, "This must be a VERY powerful Org. HURRY, Rangers!" Down in the city, the feet and legs of a gaggle of screamingly fleeing girls are shown passing by, being pursued by the familiar appendages of the Putrids, beating their battleaxes against the ground intimidatingly during their chase. Above this chaos, on an overpass walkway over this street, the orchestrator of it all, Jindrax, paces from side to side, motioning his arms high and gloating, "Pathetic humans! TREMBLE before me, for _I_ am JINDRAX!" Raining down on his parade, and crashing his campaign to be the new Org General, the Red Lion Ranger leaps through the air with a fierce hiyaah. A pair of Putrids turn toward him in confusion, and get sparkily double-punched by his fists flying toward their chests. Jindrax glances over the side of the railing, mumbling beneath his breath, "Took 'em long enough to GET here!" A Putrid falls onto its back in the dirt, as the Yellow Eagle Ranger backflips away from it, and faces another pair of Muck Drones, hitting both of them in the chest with the backs of her hands when she halts her flipping. Another Putrid tries to battleaxe strike her, but she simply chops it away, and chops her hand into its chest, before boasting, "THIS is too easy!" Taylor then begins to kick at an approaching Putrid, twirling around and eventually knocking it off of its feet. Over on the pavement, Blue Shark Ranger uses his Fighting Fins to slice at Putrids that pass by, cutting into one and finishing the sparking job by kicking it in the chest. Nearby, Black Bison Ranger grabs the punching arm of a Putrid, pins the goon down for a moment, and remarks intriguedly to his teammates, "I thought there'd be a GENERAL Org, here!", before kicking the Muck Drone's leg out from under it, and flips the creature completely over. Finally, White Tiger Ranger kicks at passing Putrids, and confronts one with a few bashes from her Tiger Baton.

Having cleared the area of the Putrids, the Wild Force Rangers regroup just in front and below the overpass walkway Jindrax is standing in the middle of. He responds to Danny's remarks, "The only Org YOU'LL be dealing with is ME!" Yellow Ranger folds her arms, and scoffingly comments, "This must be some sort of TRICK. We thought there was REAL danger here!" Jindrax vows toughly, "You want DANGER? Well, I'M the Org to GIVE it to ya!" Black Ranger heartily wonders, "Heheh. YOU'RE funny! Hey, WHERE's your other half?" Blue Ranger (gesturing like he's singing into a microphone for a moment... the kid's losing it, I tell ya) "Yeah, are you trying to branch out on your OWN, Jindrax?!" Tilting his head, Jindrax baffledly denies, "I have NO idea what you're talking about!" Red Ranger suspiciously states, "They're up to SOMEthing. And WE'VE got to find out WHAT it is!" The team confirms in eager unison, "RIGHT!" Right when they're about to charge at the Duke Org, green lightning crashes down into all five of them. Our heroes are multipley shocked by the verdant electricity, crying out as they're bodies erupt with sparks. As the Rangers fall into a smoke heap together, even Jindrax is thrown into a nervous fit by this unplanned attack. He curiously asks himself, "WHOA! Did _I_ do that?!" His answer comes in the form of the wicked cackling of an inhuman woman, echoing down the street from an unseen source. The Rangers are wallowing in their groaning momentary injuries, when their attention turns toward the end of the road they lie on. Far in the distance, a strange female Org materializes from nothing, slowly marching their way through the haze. Beginning to recover to his feet, Max wonders, "What's THAT?" Up on the walkway, Jindrax knows enough of his own kind to identify the creature in disbelief as, "A new GENERAL!?" An ominous tune plays, as she marches closer and closer, her features becoming more evident. She has light green shoulders (which stretch out extensively and are shaped like leafs), a long green cape, and multicolored beads draped over her purple satiny skirt. Her face is pure white with two sharp red eyes, an odd solid & motionless stain-glass style mouth, and a dark green orb in the middle of her forehead (with five tiny pink gems above that). Wide, square plant-follicle like ears stick prominently out either side of her head, with golden earrings dangling at their bottom tips. To top it all off, is a tall, slender single horn atop her head, white & green. Her breast region is covered with specially adorned green & pink pods, and she carries a stout violet trident scepter in her hands.

The five Wild Force Rangers have recovered to their feet, but stand weary of this evil creature approaching. Cole asks directly, "WHO are YOU?" The Org woman, speaking in a deep but inherently feminine voice, "I, am Necronomica! The new GENERAL Org!" (I should note, that contrary to how it's been said prior, Org Generals are from here on out called 'General Orgs') Necronomica's forehead orb flashes with a green light after she finishes her introduction. Alyssa steps forth, clutching her wounded left arm, and reminding us, "Ah-hey! You're the Org the Pond WARNED us about!" Up on the walkway, Jindrax has collapsed against the railing in dismay, shaking a fist as he gripes, "That's NOT fair! You're not supposed to be here, I'M the new General!" Necronomica does like all Generals before her have, and ignores the Duke Org, as she suggests, "Taste MY power, Rangers!" She touches her forehead orb briefly, unleashing a surge of green energy from it. This green electricity explosively blasts our heroes into a sea of blinding sparks and smoke. The Rangers topple onto the cement again, writhing in pain, one and all. Necronomica taps her scepter against her green hands, viciously laughs, and boasts, "YOUR pathetic powers are NO match for MINE!" She aims her weapon at the fallen heroes, and marches toward them. Elsewhere, inside Willie's Roadhouse, Merrick has ditched his garb of more than 3000 years, and is wearing some modern day clothing. He slips a grey overshirt over a lighter grey undershirt, keeping his Lunar Caller strapped to his left wrist. Merrick checks himself in this new attire out, finding everything a perfect fit. Willie, though, stands behind the bar, and disapproves of this choice of used clothing, commenting, "Nah, naw, nah. Ya know, clothes say a LOT about a man. That's a LITTLE bit TOO slick! But I got the RIGHT one, RIGHT here..." He turns to the trunk of various items of wardrobe, straining his voice at the end of that statement as he crouches down to dig into it. Merrick freezes, when he hears the sound of a wolf, howling in the distance. Not just any wolf, but obviously his own Wildzord. Turning around, he's hit with a sudden gust of unnatural wind, which blows through his brown hair with the silver-blonde highlight streak in the front. As he said before, he'll go where the wind takes him, Merrick instantly dashes toward the door. Willie, unawares, talks casually, "You see how I dress, don't ya? See, you got to be... conservative, but NOT over the TOP!" By the time he stands up, the sound of Merrick slamming open the front door is all that can be heard. Willie holds a short-sleeve plaid overshirt up, and begins to say, "Now, THIS is a...", when he notices his new bouncer/ handyman is long gone without a word. He takes the abandonment in stride, lowering the shirt and figuring with a snicker, "Guess that one must have fit just FINE!"

On the battlefield, the Wild Force Rangers are unable to do much by lie in various positions, side by side, struggling in vain to get up. Necronomica aims her scepter at them, and approaches menacingly, flouting, "I'D thought you'd put up more of a FIGHT!" Suddenly, a series of sparks burst from her chest, as she's struck by an unseen force. Necronomica cries out, and turns toward the source of this attack. It's the Lunar Wolf Ranger, aiming his Lunar Cue in Sniper Mode at the female General with both hands, as he races onto the scene, compelling fiercely, "STOP right there!" Necronomica growls angrily, facing the sixth Wild Force Ranger in disregard for the others behind her. This allows the downed five heroes to wearily recover to their feet, with Red Ranger cheering optimistically, "All RIGHT, Merrick! You came to HELP!" Slinging his Lunar Cue Sniper Mode over his right shoulder, and gesturing toward himself, Lunar Wolf Ranger arrogantly corrects him, "DON'T misunderstand! I only CAME to fight another Org!" Necronomica argues over her uniqueness, "I am NOT just another Org!" Merrick retorts, "Looks like it to ME!" The female Org General declares offendedly, "And I DON'T take KINDly to your insults." She and the Lunar Wolf Ranger begin to pace toward their respective rights, tensely preparing to battle. Merrick fires first, shooting off a bluish silver bolt of energy from his Lunar Cue in Sniper Mode. Necronomica fires back, unleashing another surge of green electricity from her forehead orb. The silver bolt meets the green beam between the two combatants, a very short war between the energies gives way to the stronger force, that of the Org General's power. The lime green lightning overtakes the bluish silver streak of laserpower, consuming the bolt and sending the whole shebang right back into the Lunar Wolf Ranger! He's fried sparkily, and sent rolling around onto the pavement. Necronomica daintily holds her left hand to her face in an amused manner, remarking, "Maybe THAT will teach you some MANNERS!" The Lunar Wolf Ranger stands up, and is preparing to charge into battle with a vengeance, when the other WF Rangers regroup around him. Cole holds him back, cautioning, "HOLD on, Merrick!" Necronomica taunts the team, "THAT was a BLAST. I'LL be back to finish this, SOON..." She does the daintily hand thing again, and wickedly & high-pitchedly giggles. The female Org General vanishes into thin air, her fading form rippling like water until she's gone as easily as she first appeared. Jindrax, hiding behind some bushes nearby, ducks down, after stating worriedly with a grunt, "I'd better lay low!"

Our heroes have more pressing matters at hand than a mysterious new General Org, and once they've all demorphed offscreen, the main five attempt to confront their reluctant sixth teammate. Merrick is heading across a wide courtyard, when Cole calmly calls out his name. He pauses, and simply turns his head a nudge to the right, not looking directly back at the five Wild Force Activists standing side by side several feet behind him, but enough to let them know he's listening. Cole gratefully tells the former Ancient Warrior, "Thanks for your help." Merrick, who's wearing black vinyl pants and black leather boots to go with his light grey shirt and darker grey shaded overshirt, doesn't give a response. He resumes walking forth, disturbing a flock of pigeons hanging out on the empty cement. Taylor asks, "Where're you GOing?!" Max pleads nervously, "STAY with us!" Again, Merrick pauses his progression, turns his head only slightly, and coldly declares, "I'm here... ONLY to destroy the Orgs. NOT to socialize with you." He faces completely forward again, and lets some of his hidden emotions to the surface, as he states, "I'm SORRY, but I CAN'T care about you guys, too!" He continues walking, leaving the five fellows Wild Force Rangers far behind, all at a loss for how to reach him through his forced solitude. Max turns to Danny, visible frustrated. Alyssa shakes her head, and charges forth, racing around Merrick, and cutting off his path, while stressing, "I KNOW that's NOT true! I KNOW you CARE about us!" She glances down, reaches into her left side vest pocket, and pulls out a neatly folded thick strip of leather, holding it before him. Merrick grimly recognizes the black material, taking it off of her palm and raising it up to stare at it. A brief flashback takes us to his time as the Duke Org, Zen-Aku, when he patched up Alyssa's leg wound by the side of the river (see "Battle Of The Zords"). This piece of leather once belonged to Zen-Aku's suit, which he cut off and used to wrap medicine around her knee with. The trip down memory lane does nothing to stir Merrick's sense of self. He opens his eyes, glances at Alyssa uninterestedly, and remarks sternly, "I have THINGS to do." Merrick takes the reminder of Zen-Aku with him, as he passes around Alyssa, leaving her standing there, watching him leave with a concerned expression on her pretty face. In the background, her four teammates are visibly flustered by his stubbornness.

Later, on the Animarium's Temple Ruins, the five Wild Force Activists are relaxing as much as they can at this worrisome time. Alyssa is standing at the head of the table, holding a large brown bowl with some food or something in it. Cole is apparently finishing up a meal she made, and hands the smaller brown bowl, with matching brown spoon, to Max (chewing on a toothpick and sitting to his left), who then hands it over to her. Taylor is sitting at the table (for a change), next to Danny, who is wearing his green apron and has a potted white-flowered plant in front of him, with his little basket of gardening tools next to it. Cole defeatedly sighs, "Looks like it's a new General, after all." Alyssa puts Cole's bowl inside the larger bowl, and mentions contemplatively, "Hmm... Necronomica's STRONG, but I DON'T understand her. She almost had Merrick, and then she suddenly LEFT?" Taylor watches closely from her seat as Princess Shayla paces past them, appearing quite distant. All eyes in the temple turn skyward, when the familiar sound of a wolf's howling echoes down from the overhead mountain ridge. High above them, on the cliff of one of the mountains bordering the Animarium, the silver-coated Wolf Wildzord howls into the air. Cole stands up, understanding the Wolf's calls quite clearly. The Wolfzord lowers his head, looks down at Shayla, and bellows out a needful moan. Cole glances over at Princess Shayla, and finally heads over to her, explaining, "Princess... he WANTS you to go with him." Shayla seems a bit dazed or nervous, walking off without saying a word. The Wolfzord swiftly races off from the mountain cliff, as the Princess hurries down the steps, leading toward the temple exit zone. Cole's teammates get up and converge around him, all confusedly watching Shayla leave. Max, still chomping on his toothpick, wonders, "What was THAT about?" Alyssa, bowls still in hand, shakes her head softly. Taylor, the last one to get up from the table, announces enlightenedly, "I THINK I know..." Her four teammates turn around, and witness her grinning mischievously, while beckoning them closer with the gesture of her right index finger. All appearing curious, they stroll back over toward Taylor, and immediately lean in, forming a tight huddle, arms around each other. With a weird light shining from beneath them, Taylor whispers to the other four, "I think the Princess and Merrick were in LOVE!" She and Alyssa both have giddy expressions after this revelation. Danny, still holding his potted plant, sharply pulls away from the huddle, and, acting like a kid who was just told where babies come from, playfully shouts in disbelief, "NUH, UH!"

In front of Willie's Roadhouse, Merrick is doing one of the chores required of him to get free room and board. That being, chopping wood! He's got his dark grey overshirt off, as he places a small log onto a large stump, raises the sharp ax over his head, and slices the log in two. As Merrick does this for the umpteenth time, Princess Shayla slowly steps into view on the overgrown green grass of the front lot. Either seeing her flowing white dress blowing in the wind through the corner of his eye, or sensing her majestic presence, Merrick pauses his wood chopping. He gradually turns his head in puzzlement, and upon seeing her, looking not a minute older from the last time he laid eyes on her 3000 years back, he's nearly taken aback, blinking sharply and stirring his feet in the dirt. Shayla gazes back with her longing expression, seeming to swallow hard before pressing on to get this inevitable confrontation over with. She walks very gently, almost like t a wedding, making her way into the center of the dirt parking lot in front of the Roadhouse, just a few feet from Merrick. She clasps her hands nervously, visibly fighting to find the words as her eyes remain locked with his. Finally, she manages to utter his name, "Merrick!" Stunned by her appearance, Merrick at last reacts, in the only way he knows how, releasing the handle of the ax and bowing respectfully before the woman he was sworn to protect so long ago. He kneels on one knee, bowing down, before lifting his stare hesitantly, gasping for breath, "Princess... I'm so happy to see that you're safe!" Still unsure of how to react, torn by his loyalty to serve her as an Ancient Warrior versus his desire for her as her lover, Merrick exhales distraughtly, stands, and spins around, refusing to allow himself to face her. Perhaps he's ashamed he placed her on the Animarium, only to become cursed by Zen-Aku soon afterwards, then only to return and attack those she's been guiding. Whatever the case, Shayla fights her own reluctantness off, and with a determined expression, she pushes forth, wrapping her arms around his, and embracing tenderly against his back, with her head resting against his shoulder, eyes shut. Merrick refuses to allow this to go on for more than a fleeting instant, pulling away from her and turning around to face her with a completely different mood and attitude. He's got a big icky sweat-stain down the center of his shirt from all this outdoor labor. Anyway, Merrick somberly informs her, "Princess... We both HAVE different destinies. I still have to complete my mission. I'M sworn to be YOUR protector, and nothing MORE." During this, Princess Shayla's face goes from hopefully surprised, to gradually sorrowful. After Merrick laments, "You and I can't BE together.", Shayla is visibly distraught, going agape at the sound of his words. Again unable to face her, Merrick looks away from the Princess, turning his head to the right and keeping his eyes shut. Spurned and denied, Shayla frowns gently, looking like she's ready to cry. She looks up at him again, and reluctantly accepts his decision without protest, staring at the ground as she miserably turns and walks away toward the right. Merrick remains in repose, his position only broken by the sound of the Wolfzord howling, a noise riding on another powerful gust of wind. This breeze summoning disrupts Merrick's hair again, tossing it wildly (as seen in the opening credits!). Merrick's expression turns to tense furiousness, as he's got a LOT of frustration to burn off, and this call for action couldn't have come at a better time.

Up on the Temple Ruins, the Viewing Pond fountains up again, a rather normal sized geyser this time around, barely getting as high as the stone leaf behind it. All five of the Wild Force Activists race up to the pond's side, staring into the unsettled sacred waters anxiously. Max turns to Taylor, "It MUST be Necronomica!" Taylor, an expert in reading the transmissions, corrects him in near relief, "No.. it's a NEW Org" Cole nods, urging, "Let's GO." Our heroes rush to battle, morphing offscreen. Soon, they reach the shipping docks of Turtle Cove. Jindrax is strolling along, beside said new Org, named in the end credits only, as Karaoke Org. He has a purple colored body, , numerous spokes along the shoulders. The center of his chest, between large fang like teeth, are the front controls to an electronic stereo system (rather, a Karaoke system), with "811-121" on the digital display part. There's plug outlets all over his arms and legs, with at least a few actually hooked up to yellow, red, and white RCA jacks. These are extended around to the shoulder zone, where a pair of speakers with the word "Olgu" imprinted on them are located, beneath the Org's square, old-fashioned styled microphone head, with two sharp horns sticking out the sides. Descriptive enough? Good! Jindrax chuckles haughtily, "Hehehehe!", but when the Wild Force Power Rangers appear in his path, he gasps, "Whoah!" Red Ranger orders, "STOP!", which the two Orgs have already done. The Rangers do a quick group pose, hiyaahing aloud. Yellow Ranger breaks out of pose first, wondering with distain, "What do you want NOW, Jindrax?!" The Duke Org gestures to the Karaoke Org, boasting, "THOUGHT you'd like to meet my new Org. He'll have YOU singing a NEW tune!" Cole refutes wasting more time with him, proclaiming, "We're NOT gonna play GAMES with you, Jindrax!" Karaoke Org speaks, in a raspy female sounding tone (despite being male. Kinda like [insert current famous male singer or group]!), angrily asking rhetorically, "Did _I_ say you could talk?!" Jindrax agrees, "YEAH!" Karaoke Org declares, "The only voice to HEAR around here is MINE!" He turns the volume dial on his chest controls to a high decibel level, creates a high-pitched feedback swell from the shoulder-mounted speakers. If THAT wasn't bad enough, Karaoke Org begins to sing as tone-deafly as possible, to a prerecorded generic repetitive hip-hop beat, singing, "Don't CALL this noise, it's my lovely ORG voice! I'll keep on singin', till your ears are ringin'! _I_ know that you're listenin', so stop resistin'. And coverin' those ears, I'll bring you to tears!" Needless to say, the Rangers grasp at their ears, covering the sides of their helmets in total cringing horror. Even Jindrax is attempting to plug his ears, seemingly forgetting that his ear-holes are on the BACK of his head.

What's Karaoke Org singing into? His left arm can turn into a large silver microphone with sharp 'fingers' all around it. The Org thrusts said arm forth, causing a burst of blasts to erupt behind and before the five sour-note stricken Wild Force Rangers. Karaoke Org suddenly pulls out a smaller black microphone, holds it in his right hand, and quips into it, "YEAH, baby!" The Rangers are blasted off of their feet, hitting the dirt, all now too winded to protect their ears from the horrible music. Holding out his left silver mic-arm, and causing the sharp series of metal 'fingers' to begin rotating rapidly, he croons awfully, "I'LL destroy you with my SAWWW!" Karaoke Org readies the saw-hand, and approaches the downed Rangers, taunting, "Now let's see how you like THIS little ditty!" He gets only a few feet toward the disoriented heroes, when a hiyaahing cry brings the music track to a grinding halt. Speaking of grinding, the cry comes from Merrick, who's leaping high through the air, landing his right leg in a sharp midair kick into the Org's left arm. The mic-saw hand sparks and smokes, causing the stunned Karaoke Org to stagger back, groaning in agony. Having narrowly arrived in the nick of time (notice, he's got his grey overshirt on now. Guess he stopped to get cleaned up and dressed before coming to the rescue!), Merrick lands in a crouched position, keeping his attention on the monster. Now able to recover without the crippling song being played, Red Ranger calls out graciously, "MERRICK!" Karaoke Org offendedly scoffs, "WHAT?! How DARE you!" Standing up, Merrick removes the silver & blue wolf's head morpher, known as the Lunar Caller, from his Velcro wristband. He then snaps it open into cellphone mode, presses the largest keypad button, and commands, "Wild Access!" The Lunar Caller's upper earpiece section flows with a silver & golden energy. Thrusting his left arm forth and holding the Lunar Caller to his ear, Merrick initiates his full morphing sequence. The Lunar Wolf Ranger, fiercely gesturing his claw-attachment enhanced gloves around, and vows, "YOUR singing career is OVER!" A quick flash of each of his suit's details, leads to Lunar Wolf Ranger leaping up, hitting the cement, and posing, while proclaiming, "HOWLING Wolf!"

Karaoke Org complains, concerning Merrick's remarks, "EVERYone's a CRITIC!" Ejecting multiple large Compact Discs from his stereo chest, the Org activates, "Laserdisc Cutter!" Seems, given how karaoke machines use audio AND video (there's a tiny, unused TV screen between his shoulder speakers), this older model used for the monster fires off a platform not used in quite a while. With these sharp, glowing discs jutting his way, Lunar Wolf Ranger unholsters his Lunar Cue, and calls out, "Lunar Cue, Saber Mode!" The silver rod weapon extends out, as he uses it to repeatedly slice into the oncoming swarm of laserdiscs. One by one, the discs are broken in midair, their shattered plastic pieces falling onto the pavement in a makeshift pile of failure. After the final laserdisc is broken in half by the Lunar Cue swatting, Karaoke Org whines in anger, "HEY! What're you DOing?! You can't GET those discs anymore!" Gripping the fist-guard, Lunar Wolf Ranger shifts the centerpiece of the Lunar Cue up toward just below the extended tip, calling this, "BREAK Mode!" Karaoke Org gasps, "Huh?!" Merrick activates, "Laser Pool! Hyah!", as he swipes the Lunar Cue through the air horizontally, creating a green beam that locks the Org helplessly in place, held at the waist by this laser-induced pool table. Lunar Wolf Ranger places his three Animal Crystals onto the light-beam, sizes them up with his Lunar Cue in Break Mode, and thrusts the rod through the fist-guard, striking the trio of orb, while shouting, "Lunar BREAK!" The Wolf, Alligator, and Hammerhead Crystals ricochet around, charging up, before finally colliding into Karaoke Org, and causing him to explode massively as they fly back to Merrick's possession. Turning around to pose with Crystals in one hand and Break Mode Lunar Cue in the other, Lunar Wolf Ranger remains in motionless stance as the damaged Org lets out a gargling cry, before collapsing and exploding into a brief but consuming fireball. Strange little white 'ghostly' looking things come flying out from the fiery remnants, but just ignore them. The other Wild Force Rangers cheer excitedly over their sixth member's victory, with Red Ranger clamoring to White, "Ye-he-ha! That was GREAT!"

Jindrax, holding the golden half-shell of Putrid fluid in his hand, cries in dismay, "NO!" His attention turns away from this latest loss, when he hears the familiar wicked laughter of the new Org General, prompting him to gasp, "You again?!" In the distance (reusing footage of her first appearance, due to the lack of an American Suit), Necronomica materializes from invisibility. Cole says her name dreadfully, while Jindrax grumbles, "Bout TIME! I can't find that old witch Toxica ANYwhere!" Necronomica, now by the Duke Org's side (with a pack of Putrids flanking around the pair in a single shot), addresses the Rangers vengefully, "Time for YOU to feel a GENERAL Org's wrath!" She touches her forehead gem briefly, and screamingly fires off another surge of green electricity at them. The Wild Force Rangers, now regrouped around Lunar Wolf Ranger, are struck by this blast, which not only gives out heroes a painful flamey shock, but hurls them, as a group, off to the side. They hit the cement, and roll to a weary halt. Lunar Wolf Ranger, having taken the lesser amount of the hit, is first to his feet, declaring ferociously, "That is eNOUGH!" He charges back into action, ignoring Taylor's concerned protest of, "Merrick, NO!" Necronomica viciously states, "You'll HAVE to learn this lesson aGAIN!" She touches her forehead orb again, unleashing another squall of green lightning. Holding his ground, despite the sparking blasts erupting around him, Lunar Wolf Ranger presses on undaunted through the explosions. Sitting up alertly along with her four teammates, White Ranger wonders, "What's he DOing?!" The burstings die off long enough to allow what appears to be the Wolf Crystal, hovering through the air and glowing, to expand into a smaller-sized version of the Wolf Wildzord, racing alongside Merrick! Lunar Wolf Ranger turns to see his companion, asking astonishedly, "What're YOU doing here, Wolfzord?!" The Wolf simply snarls, and in mid-rush, morphs via a silverish-blue light, into a silver & golden Savage Cycle! Merrick is wowed, gasping, "Whoah...", as he witnesses his new vehicle rolling along, keeping perfect pace with his swift racing (boy, the Orgs sure are FAR away from the others, eh?).

The Wild Force Rangers stare in amazement at this sight (not that they should be too shocked, since this is like how their own Savage Cycles were created back in "Ancient Awakening"), with Red Ranger cheering, "All RIGHT, Wolfzord!" Necronomica grunts in confusion, "HUH?!" The Lunar Wolf Savage Cycle, as it's called by the toy, comes to life, or at least the front Wolfzord head, which opens its fanged jaws and howls fiercely, eyes gleaming read. Lunar Wolf Ranger replies intuitively, "I understand! Let's DO it!" He leaps up, and lands perfectly in a sitting position on the motorcycle, gripping the handlebars and revving up like some guy who wasn't locked up for 3000 years (I guess he catches on to riding a bike quicker than Cole did). Lunar Wolf Ranger bears down on his Wolf-based Savage Cycle, picking up speed as he heads toward the swarm of head-patting Putrids (sheesh, how LONG are these shipping yards?! He's been running and riding for like 40 miles now!). Braced and revved, the Savage Cycles speeds right through the Putrids, throwing them off with sparking and smoking wounds for getting in the way. Stuck like a Deer Org in the headlights, Necronomica & Jindrax yelp in terror as Merrick hoists the front tire of his Savage Cycle into the air, popping a wheelie briefly. This leads to the whole Cycle being heaved into a jumping motion, sparkily bursting the Duke Org & Org General's chests as he passes between them. Lunar Wolf Ranger lands his bike perfectly on the other side of them, eventually skidding to a quick halt and swerving around. Merrick barrels back toward the two Orgs, and given how Jindrax is cowering in the corner, Necronomica is dead center of his path. The Lunar Wolf Savage Cycle slams into the Org General, hitting her stomach with the wolf's head front of the bike with such force, that she ends up stuck to it! Necronomica hangs on reluctantly, as Lunar Wolf Ranger picks up speed, the wind whipping against her green caped back, keeping her pinned in place. Merrick takes a detour into a series of wooden cautionary 'no entry' blockers, breaking several of them into pieces, using Necronomica's back. He even painfully smashes her partially into a stack of metal barrels and boxes on the way past! Necronomica demands, "Let me OFF of this contraption!" Lunar Wolf Ranger facetiously asks, "Ohh, is THAT all you want?!" He sharply hits the breaks, screeching the twin tires to a halt, and sending the female General hurtling through the air, crying out all the while. She falls flat on her back, writhing with winded grunts of agony.

With the other five Wild Force Rangers regrouping in front of him, Lunar Wolf Ranger parks his Savage Cycle, leaps off of it, and joins them in staring down the dazed Org General. He enthusiastically offers, "She's all YOURS, Cole!" Red Ranger responds eagerly, "THANKS! We'll take it from here!" He pulls out the already completed Jungle Sword, and with his four teammates braced by his sides, he shouts, "Alright! Let's DO it, guys!" Necronomica recovers to her feet, growling furiously from her bike-riding ordeal. Red Ranger proclaims, "Jungle Sword! Savage Slash!" Quickly, the golden-energy charged Sword is sliced into the Org General, cutting into her before she can even attempt to defend herself. She's frozen in place, crackling with golden electricity, as the six WF Rangers pose fiercely, awaiting her downfall (Red Ranger still has the Jungle Sword in hand, oddly. Why didn't it break up into components?). Necronomica wails in agony, the golden crackling dying off, leaving her to topple backwards, exploding upon impact. A familiar female form is thrown from this scorching blast, shrieking as she flies into a stack of cardboard boxes and wooden crates. Following along with her, is the golden metal horn-crown of Org General Nayzor! It clanks against the pavement, crashing down and rolling into a narrow space between a blue barrel and a crate, out of sight. Behind the boxes, covered in layers of soot from the Necronomica explosion, is Toxica! She breathes heavily, crawls up onto her knees, and squeals when she looks at her normal looking (though dirty) hands, fretting, "Oh NO! The POWER has LEFT me!" Hopping up onto a crate, Jindrax witnesses his partner lying on the ground, exclaiming in shock, "WHOA! Toxica! I had no IDEA that was you!" He skips down and attempts to help her to her feet, but she shoves him away, clutching her chest, and labouredly remarking, "OBviously! 'Old WITCH', huh?!" Jindrax assures her with embarrassed humility, "Uhh, I meant that in the nicest possible way!" Toxica staggers away from the battlefield, eventually collapsing against the edge of a crate. Jindrax comforts her, urging, "Whoa, EASY!" As she takes a breather, her partner anxiously asks, "So, you GOT to tell me. HOW did you get to become a GENERAL?!" Toxica explains, "It was after NAYZOR was defeated..."

Flashback to the previous episode, Org General Nayzor exploding against a boulder, as Lunar Wolf Ranger poses in foreground, the cause of the evil creature's demise. Toxica narrates over this, claiming, "I HUNGERED for the power!" A clip of Sentai footage, showing Toxica & Jindrax reaching out in dismay over Nayzor's defeat, plays (it was an American shot last episode), with the Master of Blades crying in disbelief, "InconCEIVable!" From the fireball blast of Nayzor's body, comes flying out of the flames the golden headpiece. It lands, smoking, at Toxica's feet. She picks it up (ignoring the fact she then threw it aside, she DID promise to go back to get it later). Toxica narrates over these scenes, "I KNEW there was untold energy in his crown! And if _I_ could harness it? I could have POWER of a GREAT General!" Later, in a dark warehouse, Toxica has the golden horn-crown set upon a small crate. She's kneeling before it, bowing slowly and humbly, as if magically compelling this remnant of Nayzor to come to life. Eventually, she opens her eyes, and breathes labouredly, witnessing the orb within the center of the crown suddenly glowing green. Toxica holds out her hands toward the sparkling gem, accepting with open palms whatever energy it may flow out for her. She seems ill prepared, when a strange green mist starts to pour out from the orb, enveloping her entire body in not only this smoke, but with golden electricity. Toxica rises to her feet, and watches her limps flaying about, as the green mist swallows every fiber of her being. In mere moments, her body begins to change into that of Necronomica, morphing via no real special effects. Toxica narrates over this flashback, "I finally DID harness it. It TRANSformed me into... Necronomica!!" The flashback concludes with Necronomica's eyes glowing red for the first time, and her forehead orb gleaming green with power, as the green mist dies off around her. Back to there here and now, Toxica is still inhaling and exhaling with deep breaths, the removal of her new powers having put quite a strain on her body. Jindrax baffledly wonders, "But... WHY? That was SO dangerous!" Toxica stands back up, and proclaims selflessly, "I did it for US!" She grasps her chest, refusing Jindrax's aid in walking, as she staggers across the alleyway, stating raggedly between gasps for breath, "So we wouldn't have to FEAR Master Org anymore! We could FINALLY find out who he REALLY is." Jindrax follows her every step, but obliviously replies, "What're you TALKin' about?! He's our BOSS!" Giving a frustrated huff, she sneers, "ForGET it!" Getting her second wind, Toxica ceases moping around, and determinedly declares, "We've got RANGERS to destroy!"

How nice of our heroes to patiently wait while their arch enemies have a lengthy bonding moment in the alleyway, huh? The six Wild Force Power Rangers urgently resume their normal posing positions the moment Toxica reemerges from behind the boxes. She steps up onto a crate, aims her staff forth, and incants with a weathered voice, "Evil spirits of toil & strife, give this fallen Org new LIFE! YAAAH!" The five seeds are shot out from her staff, they land in the green goopy remains of the Org, sprout into spiraling stalks, which then create an enormous resurrected version of Karaoke Org, evilly cackling as he towers over all of them. Lunar Wolf Ranger proclaims eagerly, "TIME to TAKE it up a level!" He unholsters his Lunar Cue, and using Break Mode, he creates another green laser pool beam, this one aiming skyward. Merrick sets his three Animal Crystals down upon it, aims his Lunar Cue like a pool-stick at them, and with his red helmet-eyes flashing, he summons, "Wildzords, descend!" The trio of orbs ricochet against one another, flying off the laser-table, and shooting around through the darkness, forming into the moon symbol, as before. The Alligator, Hammerhead, and Wolf Wildzords race into battle. Lunar Wolf Ranger holds his Lunar Cue high to the sky, and commands, "Wildzords, combine!" Instantly, the Predazord's head pops up from the transformed body, eyes gleaming. In a new formation completion shot, Predazord slashes its Gator Staff downward, tearing open a glowing gash in the ground before it. Down below, the Wild Force Rangers merely watch this occur. Red Ranger anxiously suggests, "I'D say this is a job for the Rhino! Agreed?!" White Ranger nods, adding, "Yeah!" Black Ranger holds up the small blue Rhino Crystal, and comments, "The Rhino's READY to charge!" He places the orb into his Crystal Saber, and joins in with the others in gesturing their Sabers skyward, shouting in unison, "Wildzords, descend!" The summoning chime sounds from their weapons. The Rhinozord & Armadillozord are already on terra firma, while the Shark, Eagle, Lion, and White Tiger Wildzords are still up on Animarium, appearing briefly in a four-square screen shot. The Crystal Sabers aimed together, Cole calls, "Wildzords, combine!" In a green tunnel, the Rhinozord legs race along, hooking up with the Wild Force Megazord torso, to create the WF Megazord in Striker Mode! (what'd they need Rhino so badly for?)

Facing the two Megazords across the city, Karaoke Org announces, "HERE'S a little number that's gonna BLOW you away!" Into his mic-hand, the Org begins to sing another horror tone-deaf tune, with the same musical beat as before pumping through his speakers, "I TURN on the microphone and pick out my song, singing karaoke can never be wrong. I'M gonna rock your Megazord, so unplug your ears and dance around, listen to my funky sound! I'm a singin' superSTARRR!" Both the Wild Force Megazord Striker & Predazord are shaken up by this, their agonized stirring mimicking the movements of their pilots. In the Soul Birded Megazord cockpit, the five Wild Force Rangers cry out, clutching their helmets again. Over in the Predazord cockpit, the same result is happening for Lunar Wolf Ranger. Riding on a purple wave with colorful, but crookedly shaped, musical notes streaming along, Karaoke Org unleashes visible sonic strikes upon the two Megazords. These energy-based notes cause the WF Megazord Striker & Predazord to burst with explosive sparks upon impact. Lunar Wolf Ranger manages to overcome the torturous tune, and commands, "Crescent Boomerang!" The Predazord raises its gold & black crescent-shaped tail weapon, attached to its left Wolfzord mouth-fist. Karaoke Org croons one last time, "I'm a singing superstar!", before the Predazord fires off a golden curved laser bolt from its Boomerang. It hits Karaoke's left microphone arm, demolishing it in a quick blast. Both Megazord regroup, changing sides and recovering from the sonic disorienting. Karaoke Org holds up his smoking, wire-dangling arm stump, whining, "YOU broke my microphone!!" Merrick turns to the others, and eagerly proclaims, "TIME for some team-work! You ready?!" Over in the Soul Birded cockpit, Cole replies, "Yeah!", telling the Black Ranger, "Take it away, Danny!" Nodding and responding, "YOU got it!", Black Ranger places the purple Animal Crystal into his Crystal Saber, and orders ecstatically, "Armadillo! GO for it, little guy!" Scurrying out of the Rhinozord leg-sections right foot, the Armadillozord rolls into a ball. The Wild Force Megazord in Striker Mode rushes forth to follow it, as Karaoke Org encourages evilly, "COME on!" Striker repeatedly kicks the balled-up Armadillo, via Final Strike footage, eventually sharply kicking it into the air. The charged-up Armadillo slams into Karaoke Org's stereo-chest, impacting a bursting blast in its wake. In the Predazord cockpit, Lunar Wolf Ranger picks up his Lunar Cue in Break Mode, jabs it forth like he does during Laser Pool, and activates, "Predazord! Lunar... BREAK!" Predazord raises its Gator Staff, and using it like a pool cue, stabs it into the Armadillozord, which is still balled up, and slowly hovering in the air. The Staff-strike causes the small Zord to begin twirling speedily again, rolling through the air (featuring an odd 'water tunnel' background) and finally hitting Karaoke Org with your typical massive explosion. Karaoke Org is reduced to a brief fireball burst, nothing left behind except a horrible song we can't get out of our heads. Predazord lowers its Gator Staff, and poses triumphantly beside the Wild Force Megazord Striker. We never see Armadillozord again, so we must assume it was destroyed in the explosion (just kidding!).

Hey, look! It's Los Angeles City Hall (aka the "Dragnet" building) prominently in the near background! In a wide courtyard just below it, the five Wild Force Activists are attempting to follow their reluctant sixth member. Merrick walks far ahead of them, prompting them to pick up their pace in keeping up just behind him. Alyssa calls out, "We fought WELL together, Merrick!" He finally pauses, and turns around, agreeing, "I know!" They stand side by side, but keep their distance from him. Cole steps forth, arguing enthusiastically with a fist-in-palm hand gesturing, "DON'T you GET it?! If we FIGHT together, it'll be BETTER for ALL of us!" Max adds optimistically, "We can MAKE a great team!" Danny concurs, urging, "Come WITH us to the Animarium." Merrick softly explains to all of him, his loner reasoning with resounding wise logic, "Being a team player doesn't mean we ALWAYS have to be with each other. When YOU need ME, the WIND will let me know." They appear to accept this, with Alyssa smiling widely, and Max turning to stare at Danny for some reason. Taylor grins a little, as she yells, "HEY!", and hurls something at him (don't pay TOO much attention... she literally pulls it from out of nowhere, and Alyssa changes positions between shots). The object is flung across the way, and he catches it perfectly. Merrick inspects the item, discovering it to be a rather nice leather jacket, colored metallic blue with grey areas under the arms and around the collar. A look at the back of it reveals the words, "Howling Wolf", scrawled in with wild-type grey lettering. Taylor takes some delight, as she points out in a gleeful voice, "It's from Princess Shayla!" He stares back at them, not protesting their generosity. Taylor grins and nods, Alyssa smiles big, Cole nods seriously with a slight grin, Max smirks with faint nodding, and Danny makes an excited smile, while giving a friendly thumbs up. Merrick slips his hands through the long sleeves, roughly throws the jacket over his back, and then zips it all the way up in the front. He leaves both his grey shirt and darker grey overshirt on underneath it, so you know he's gonna keel over from heat exhaustion soon enough! The jacket, when zipped, has a strange, Rorschach style wolf face etched in white, dead center on the chest. It fits Merrick like a glove (and matches his Lunar Caller!). He stands silently before them, wearing it, but eventually nods his head gently, and a tiny smile can be detected upon his lips. Now in dramatic slow motion, Merrick turns around, and walks off, leaving his teammates in the foreground, watching the words "Howling Wolf" written across his back, as a sign that he's indeed one of them now.
[Scenes from "Secrets And Lies"; End Credits]

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