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Power Rangers Wild Force
"Darkness Awakening"
Original Air Date:2/9/02
[Note: Debuted as a one-hour special, along with the first episode.]
Based On:
Gaoranger #02 - - Seireiou, Tatsu!!(The Spirit King, Arises!!)
*Season 10, bite 2
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1202
*02nd episode of PRWF
*420th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Derek Rydall Director: Koichi Sakamoto
Starring Cast:
Ricardo Medina, Jr. _AS_ Cole (Red Ranger)
Alyson Kiperman _AS_ Taylor (Yellow Ranger)
Phillip Jeanmarie _AS_ Max (Blue Ranger)
Jessica Rey _AS_ Alyssa (White Ranger)
Jack Guzman _AS_ Danny (Black Ranger)
Ann Marie Crouch _AS_ Princess Shayla
Ilia Volok _AS_ Master Org
Sin Wong _AS_ Toxica
Additional Cast:
Rachel Monet Koda _AS_ Valley Girl (footage omitted)
Danny Wayne Stallcup _AS_ Jindrax
Richard Cansino _AS_ Jindrax (voice)
David Lodge _AS_ Barbed Wire Org (voice)


[Opening Credits (omitted during the premiere broadcast)]

Floating above the ocean outside of Turtle Cove, shaped like a squashed turtle's chalk-outline filled with lots of nature, is the mile-high island in the sky called the Animarium. Enjoying a relaxing day on the mystical habitat, is Cole, who remains in the same clothes he's apparently worn for years. He sits on the edge of the jagged peak, formally reserved for the king of the Animarium himself, the Red Lion. But the Lion's more than happy to let the tiny human join him, given how they're connected by the Crystal and all. Just below in the distance, the Blue Shark wallows in the lake, Black Bison grazes on some grass, White Tiger takes a catnap, and the Yellow Eagle screeches, while swooping down over the reflective waters. Cole remarks to his giant red & gold Wildzord partner, "This place reMINDS me of where I grew up..." The Red Lion gently sways his head, giving a light purr in reply. Cole looks up at him, and continues, "...But I'm a LONG way from home, now, aren't I?" Red Lion snarls in agreement. Cole gives a deep sigh and shakes his head, admiring the Animarium no less than he did his home in the rainforest. He's holding the single fragment of his shrouded past, the crumpled, faded, and torn picture of what appears to be him as an infant, along with the man & woman he would gladly call his parents, if he could find them. Red Lion's expressions shift into a somber mood, accompanied by a low growl. Cole looks up from the picture, focuses on the surrounding animal sanctuary, and states in contemplation, "If protecting nature is my path now,... there HAS to be another way to stop the Orgs, besides fighting them!" Red Lion gives no response, simply standing tall and proud over his cliff-top home, curling his golden tail.

The camera passes along the surface of the sea, passing over the bay and into the city of Turtle Cove. It's likely still early in the morning, so most of the streets are currently empty. This wide expanse of space on the paved roads gives easy access to an eerie white fog, which flows along, seeking out signs of human life. The mystic mist swirls below a highway overpass, making only noises like a random wind. It floats past a parked blue & white vehicle, likely a taxicab, and reaches a fence just behind it. The fog comes across a coil of rusty barbed wire, sticking out from a larger amount of it on top of the fence. The misty entity apparently likes what it sees, and adopts that spiked-wire motif as its physical form. In less than a moment, the white fog begins to manifest into a tall creature, mock-tentacles of barbed wire wrapping around its body in a slithering instant. A stray grey cat (probably one Cole released last episode), hiding beneath a metal railing nearby, watches this occur, and seems quite frightened by the unnatural event. Thanks to the unnecessary cutaway, the white fog is no more, and instead, a monster made purely of barbed wire now stands in its place. The moment its final strands of wire tighten together, this silver, two-horned, featureless beast, known later as the aptly-named Barbed Wire Org, laughs wickedly. There's a creepy glow of red where its face should be, emitting beneath numerous coils of the prickly metal. Once formed, the Barbed Wire Org begins to slowly walk over to the parked taxi. Seems the driver of the vehicle is taking a nap in the passenger seat. Barbie decides to taunt him, by slipping a single strand of wire over, and using it to gently tap on the window. The driver wakes up, sees the inhuman creatures, and immediately begins to scream at the top of his lungs. Not that anybody could hear him anyways, even if he didn't have the windows rolled up. Barbed Wire Org finishes his first terrorizing, by ensnaring the entire taxicab within a cocoon of barb wire! He tightens it, causing the roof to cave in, the windows to shatter, and the driver to cry out in horror. Eventually, the doors and roof cave in completely, crushing the driver to death, as signified by his last agonized gasp when the tightening ends. The grey kitty watches this, wide-eyed, preparing to inflict another hairball on the world any second now. The taxi is steaming, still wrapped amid strands of barb wire. The Barbed Wire Org gives a hoarse laugh of evil, before turning and walking away. Seems the driver isn't any worse for wear, as he's still moving within the vehicle, though now trapped, panicking like mad, and piling up a huge fare in his underwear.

Up on the Animarium, in the temple dwellings, Taylor stands against one of the thick ancient tree trunks, her arms crossed, and a concerned expression on her face. She stares at the mystical pond beneath the gorilla statue intensely from afar. While, at first, the sacred waters within are still & silent, the whole thing comes alive with a harmonious melody when bright ripples start to form on the pond's surface. Off to the side, Danny is wearing an apron over his uniform, with workers' gloves on his hands, as he's getting down and dirty on the jungle floor, planting & watering some lovely flowers! Max is standing there, bending down a little, and looking over his pals' shoulder as he does this. When the viewing pond begins to shimmer and sparkle, both men turn their attention over toward it. The glowing light from the sacred waters finally boils over, into a ball of light-blue energy. It expands into the shape of Princess Shayla, emerging from magic form to normal in a sprinkle of fading light. Taylor immediately marches over to her, urgently asking the sage, "Did you find out anything about the Orgs?" Shayla displays a disappointed look, as she nervously plays with the white cloth dangling from her dress's arms, shakes her head, and glancing at the Yellow Ranger long enough to sadly tell her, "No." Max walks over to them with his arms motioning loosely, as he gives a carefree remark of, "Doesn't MATTER! The Orgs MAY be stronger..." He quickly throws both of his fists into the air, nodding as he adds cockily, "...But WE'LL be quicker." Remaining crouched beside his newly watered pink exotic flowers, Danny comments worriedly, "But they've never gotten that BIG before!" Taylor figures the logical answer, "They MUST be getting help."

Focus on a patch on the back of a small white backpack. The Turtle Cove University crest, with an open book amid a crown of leaves. It belongs to Alyssa, who has it snugly slung over her back. She arrives in the Animarium through the temple entrance (which we saw them exit through last episode), the stone wall-door sliding open and shut without her even having to press anything. Alyssa is wearing her usual Wild Force uniform vest, with the backpack being the only deviation. She jaunts chipperly through the temple, her smile beaming and her hair bobbing, over to where her teammates are gathered. Max hops down from the stone block he's sitting on as she passes by, puts his arm smoothly around her, and jokingly asks the questions on many of their (and our) minds, "How do you find time to save the world, AND go to school?!" Alyssa doesn't respond, simply smiling still, clutching the straps of her backpack. A moment later, Cole comes swinging onto the scene, literally, on a big ol' vine. He swoops down and lands nearly against Taylor, causing her to give a stifled squeal of surprise when he stops short of slamming into her! Cole gives a friendly smile, but Taylor, well she catches a whiff of his unwashed body, and she can't help but wince, lift her hand to her face, and gasp, "Ugh!" Cole doesn't appear offended, though he does lower his nose a bit, and sniffs his greasy long-black locks. Taylor sarcastically grouses to him, "Nice of you to swing by!" Cole oozes more than stinky smells, namely confidence, as he informs her and the others, "I got an idea! On how to deal with the Orgs." Taylor scoffs, but doesn't get a chance to make any snide remarks. The mystical viewing pond, located below the gorilla statue, situated right behind Cole & Taylor in this shot, starts to fountain up, furiously. Princess Shayla and the Wild Force Activists quickly turn their attention to the sacred waters, gathering around the pool, with Cole squatting down on all fours like an animal to get the closest look. The image reflecting in the pond is that of the Barbed Wire Org, laughing viciously, somewhere in the city. Shayla stresses with doe-eyed urgency, "RANGers! You MUST stop this Org!" Taylor immediately orders to the team, military style, "Let's go!" All follow her away, save for Cole, who lags near the pond. His idea snubbed without being considered, the adopted-jungle native appears to be sulking. He doesn't let this slap to his newly instated leadership get him down for long, as Cole swallows his pride, and scurries off to join his teammates en route.

Citizens of Turtle Cove wander along the downtown sidewalks, going about their business as usual. Little do they realize, that lurking behind the shadows, there is evil brewing. Jindrax & Toxica, the Duke Orgs, are heading down a large flight of descending stairs, tucked in a nondescript alleyway. They're in their true forms, having cast aside their human facades, possibly permanently, last episode. As they journey downward, Toxica mentions delightedly, "There's only ONE being, POWerful enough, to unSEAL the NEXus!" Jindrax, in a jolly wicked voice, agrees, "You're RIGHT, Toxica! Master Org HAS to be back!" The Dukes pass through a building's boiler room, heading down a metal catwalk, which leads to a long, narrow flight of well-lit steps. Soon, they stroll through a dark underground cave tunnel together, getting quite a bit of exercise. Their destination is well worth the trip, a large, ancient cavern, filled with evil stone totems and gargoyles of varying sizes and shapes. At the back center of this room, known as the Nexus, is the largest of all the demonic busts, that of one with glowing yellow eyes. It spews smoke through its mouth, over the top of a smaller carving's head, one with glowing red eyes. The Dukes enter the room at last, with Jindrax getting overwhelmingly excited, in contrast to Toxica's calm demeanor. Jindrax gads about, leaping around and touching the various statue heads, exclaiming giddily, "LOOK, Toxica! It's been THOUsands of years, but I remember it like it was only YESterday!! It is SO good to be HOME again, the place where ALL Orgs are born!" Toxica looks around, noting, "And where they now rest in EVIL repose. Ehehehee!" Jindrax proclaims, "We shall RESURRECT our fallen generals!" As he rushes to her side, Toxica gloats, "And reform the MIGHTiest army of EVIL, EVER!" Jindrax announces loud enough to cause a cave-in, "And Orgs, once again, will RULE the WORLD!!" Toxica gives her, "Ehehehehe!", laugh with daintly touching-of-the-hand-to-her-veiled-face again, but Jindrax, though moving his body like he's busting a gut, doesn't laugh out loud.

"What TOOK you so LONG?!", a raspy, elder, Russian-accented voice echoes out of nowhere in the Nexus cave. Jindrax & Toxica cease their scheming snickering, looking toward the voice's source in absolute terror. Shadows crawl against the earthen walls, heralding the entrance of this mysterious man. He walks into the cavern in a slow but royal stride. The moment he's visible to the Dukes, Toxica gasps, and Jindrax yelps in fright, "The... MASTER Org!" They nervously hurry forward to greet him, but quickly pull back in both dread and respect as he approaches. Toxica explains in fear, "We... we-we WOULD have been here SOONer, but, we thought you're were deSTROYED! It's SO good to see you again, Master Org." She bows her head, giving a sort of curtsy, with Jindrax also starting to bow as well. The Master Org, his body not fully revealed to us, simply holds out his left hand, aims his yellow-tinted palm at the pair, and fires a charge of reddish energy their way. The bolt of intense power slams into Jindrax & Toxica, knocking both of them off their feet, and onto their backs on the dirt floor of the cave! Neither one of them makes a sound of pain, though their body language displays some hurting. As the Dukes quickly crawl back up, onto their knees, both bowing their heads and facing the ground, the Master Org demands to know, "WHERE... have you two BEEN?!" He paces about the room, as Jindrax reveals, "After surviving the Great Battle, we took HUMAN form, and have ROAMED the Earth since, trying to carry on your evil work!" Toxica grovels, "We're SO happy you're alive, Master!" She slowly raises her gaze, taking a glimpse of him in the light of the room. We see his face, that of a normal human, save for the weird purple vein-like scars on his cheers, pale skin, and yellow headpiece (which matches the flowing layers of his full-body robe). Master Org looks back at her with contempt, so she ducks her head back down, not wanting to incur his wrath again. The Master continues to pace about, "Your master... has returned! The TIME has come... for the mighty Org army to live again. And WRECK havoc against this... insipid planet! SOON, we will take our revenge, on those who live on the surface. Those who have, imprisoned us, in the Nexus for THOUSANDS of years! We will have, our REVENGE!"

As he's ranting, the Dukes are whispering amongst themselves, making much of what he said very tough to hear. Toxica points out to her partner concernedly, "There's something DIFFERENT about him. He FEELS just as evil, but... his apPEARance!" They sneak a peek at him when he turns his back to them while walking by. Jindrax whispers, "So, maybe he's put on a few years? You know, you're not a Spring Org yourself!" Offended by the remark about her looks, Toxica gasps, "What?!" Jindrax quickly redeems himself, by adding with a good-natured chuckle, "But, you don't look a DAY over a thousand! Heh." She buys it. Right when they finish their little talk, and the Master Org ends his ranting, an upside down head statue begins to chinging quietly, as its two red eyes begin to flash in a particular order. Master Org holds the bottom of his nearly same-height-as-him staff against the ground, and suddenly turns around to look at the statue, causing his booted feet to sharply slide against the floor. A thin level of dust and dirt is scraped up by this, right into Toxica & Jindrax's faces, making the both of them cough uncontrollably. Master Org, most of his face cloaked in darkness, stares at the signal statue with his evil yellow-pupiled eyes. He gloats in a loud tone, "Ahhh ha ha ha haha! Even NOW... our armies are being reborn." Toxica & Jindrax continue to wave away the cloud of dust & dirt filling their inhuman lungs, while trying to follow their leaders' movements at the same time. Master Org steps over to the signal statue, showing us that his prized staff is a thin golden one with a three long curved silver-clawed top, and a small clear & gold sphere nestled between the blades. The Master, a camera glide around his head toward his cracked lips reveals that poking out from his yellow headpiece is long grayish hair, demands, "Ahahahahah. There's a new Org. Go FIND him! He's wrecking havoc... on the city." Jindrax & Toxica, still bowing and facing the floor, obey in unison, "Yes, Master!", with Jinny adding, "Right away!" They nervously rise back to their feet, Toxica gives a feminine bow, then slaps the distracted (from staring at the Master) Jindrax's arm, urging with a grunt, "Come on!" The Dukes race out of the Nexus, leaving the Master Org staring at the wall, laughing devilishly. In the center of his forehead, just above the yellow rope headband (quite similar to the one Cole wears), is a third eye! It's got the same yellow pupil as the other two below it, and even blinks at the exact same time as the Master closes and opens the others.

Up in Turtle Cove, Asian citizens are fleeing for their lives up an open row of stairs. The Barbed Wire Org is on the loose, making people scream as he sends his animated wire tentacles whipping around in the air. Three of them coil around a couple of people, while one snares a red phonebooth, with a woman trapped inside. Then suddenly, we see the Org, standing in front of a bonfire of wooden debris wrapped in barbwire, cackling maniacally, as people run away in a panic behind him. Elsewhere in the city, the five Wild Force Activists find themselves in a totally abandoned cement courtyard. They search visually for the Org, but find no sign of him yet. Cole catches up with them at last, and calls out, "Hey, guys!" The other four pause their hunt, and look toward their newfound leader, as he suggests passionately, "Maybe the Org is like a wild animal, driven from its home! We should try to REASON with it." Taylor puts her arms on her hips, shakes her head, and protests in antipathy, "Do you really think that an Org would LISTEN to you?!" Cole approaches her & Alyssa, arguing to them both, "Animals don't attack without a purpose. If we can find out what that is..." Taylor interrupts, annoyedly snapping, "Do whatever you want, LEADER. WE have an Org to stop. Let's GO." She points her thumb at the two guys behind her, motioning for them to follow, as she marches away. Max and Danny look at one another, shrug their shoulders, and do as commanded, without question. Cole appears to be a bit appalled by Taylor's disdain, looking at Alyssa with a helpless expression, before just standing there and staring off at the departing trio. Alyssa gives a forced smile, and pats him on the arm, trying to provide a level of comfort, as if it goes without saying that Taylor's a little on the narrow-minded & bitter side lately.
Soon, elsewhere in the city, Cole looks around another deserted plaza section of the site. Seems all of the citizens have escaped to safety, and are already in hiding in this area. He's quite focused on the search, pacing about a bit and keeping aware of his surroundings. Alyssa just stands there, appearing a bit troubled, as she finally gets up the courage to state, "Cole! Maybe Taylor is RIGHT about the Orgs." Cole pauses, and wonders, "Why do you say that?" She smiles, and slowly walks toward him, explaining in pleasant detail, "Look... Max & I have only been Rangers for about 6 months. Danny, only 2... YOU, well... TAYLOR? She's been one for over a year! She KNOWS these Orgs." Cole breathes deeply, and silently, as if understanding her resentment for his being the new leader, as well as her hatred for their enemies. Meanwhile, over by the waterfront, Jindrax sneaks around the docks (in a really awkward 'filmed from really far away' shot). He finds where the Barbed Wire Org is hiding, and informs the creature, "We have been sent by the Master ORG to induct you into his army!" The Org slowly turns to the Duke, listening without a sound. Toxica is also there, telling the new recruit as she passes in front of Jindrax, "For your FIRST mission, YOU shall desSTROY this town. And WE, will shall give you the power to do it!" She holds up a large conk-shell (more like one off of a snail), which has a strange design and sickly gold & purple color to it. Barbie is wordlessly intrigued, and Jindrax asks, "GOT it?!" Toxica giggles sinisterly, as she holds up the shell, which is filled nearly to the top with an oily-swirling pinkish-white liquid.

Elsewhere in Turtle Cove, Taylor walks down the traffic-less sidewalk, with Max & Danny following behind her. The two close pals are bickering quietly, apparently arguing about who's going to attempt to talk to the moody woman in Yellow. Danny motions his hands to Max, showing caution and reserve. But Max first slaps his hand against his buddy's stomach, before getting behind Danny and shoving him forward. Reluctantly, Danny gives in, and speaks up to the team's motivation-driver, "Umm... you know, Taylor? Maybe we shouldn't have left Cole behind." Taylor argues with intensity, "People are in DANGER. We don't have time to baby-sit!" Max rushes up in front of her, halting her progression, and pointing out, "He's STILL new." Taylor figures, "Well, think of it as on-the-job training!" Max smirks and glances to Danny. Taylor gives a less spiteful response, "Besides, he's with Alyssa, he'll be okay." Danny remarks with almost a desperate whine, "But... he's our LEADer!" Taylor looks at the gentle giant, expressionless, but seemingly taking that reminded fact into stronger consideration. Meanwhile, a group of citizens that have somehow managed avoid being aware of all the barbwire carnage going on everywhere else, get picked on at last. They're at some outdoor eatery near the shore, but lunchtime is interrupted when one of Barbed Wire Org's coils slithers up, grabs the table beneath an Asian couple's meal, and yanks it out from under him. He laughs the whole time, they, and everyone around, starts to scream. Everyone else flees for safety, but the couple gets knocked over with their table. They do recover and skadaddle, but by that time, the Org has already started a few small fires behind him, having laid waste to some other tables as well. Barbie boasts amid the chaos, "RUN! Run, you puny humans! When I'm done, Master Org will make me a DUKE Org! Ahaha!" He fires off two more coils, one of which knocks the bench out beneath two guys standing on it, causing them to fall; while the other yanks a garbage can past a woman lying on the ground, making her scream bloody murder.

Barbed Wire Org lifts the snail-shell cup he was given by Toxica, and commands, "Putrids! Minions of evil! RISE up!" He tosses the nasty liquid within the shell into the air, causing it to splatter against the ground of the food court. Barbie shouts, "ARISE!", and immediately, the pus-colored spill starts to warp and grow. It expands into an entire army of footsoldiers, at least three dozen or more. They're the Putrids, drone-like creatures in greyish-violet bodysuits with rows of red trimming, gold-rim bracelets & cufflinks, and green boots. Their faces are featureless, save for bright purple eyes, accentuated by gold eyelining, tiny single gold horn-stumps on their helmet-like heads, and a large purple spot where their mouths should be. Each Putrid comes with their very own big mace-like billyclub battleaxe, which doubles as a cannon. When formed for the first time, the Putrids just stand there, squatting, beating their battleaxes against the ground with one hand, and patting their heads with the other. A close-up shot reveals their heads to be dripping with ooze, so much that the toxic sludge sticks to their hands when patting their own heads. The Putrids can't speak, but do let out noises akin to the sound of a person retching. Barbed Wire Org begins to cheer, "YES! Hahaha! YES! Hahaha! Destroy them ALL!", as the Putrids scatter, doing the dirty work of harassing people for him. They run around terrorizing the remaining civilians, assaulting a few with their battleaxes, knocking over tables, and just plain chasing them into a screaming furor.

While people retreat from the waterfront café still, Cole & Alyssa arrive on the scene, passing through the crowd of panicking citizens. Barbed Wire Org basks in the smoke-filled glory of his triumphant trial of terror, laughing aloud maniacally. Cole & Alyssa reach the stairway that leads to the location of the Org & Putrids, but pause for a moment, at essentially the edge of destruction. Fleeing citizens continue to race around them, stopping for nothing, while others run screaming in any direction that is anywhere away from there. Alyssa urges to her teammate, "We HAVE to call the other Rangers!" Barbed Wire Org becomes aware of the brave humans, after Cole claims, "There's NO time." He walks down a step or two, holds his hand out to the Org in caution, and peacefully pleads, "STOP! We can work this out." Barbie scoffs, "Yeah, RIGHT. Get 'em!" The platoon of Putrids do as ordered, charging up the stairs, patting their heads. Cole, undaunted, grunts in frustration, before rushing down the steps toward them. Alyssa cries out his name, but he doesn't listen. Cole ducks under the battleaxe swing of a first Putrid, then tosses a high kick into a second, but is left open to get club-smacked in the gut by a third. He doesn't let it stop him, grabbing the third Putrid's arm and pressing on unharmed, only to run into a fourth. Cole shoves it aside, dodges a fifth, and races across the area after the Org. Alyssa follows, but gets only so far down the steps before the Putrids target her. The first Putrid swings its battleaxe at her, she ducks under, then blocks a thrown punch by a second, and crosses her wrists to block the kick of a third. Alyssa gives a high kick over the camera (letting us be quite aware that under her black miniskirt is more black skirty material), knocking away the club-swipe of a Putrid, then grabbing and kneeing another one, and finally going after the first one she encountered, giving it a sharp elbowing in the ribs with a hiyaah. She then switches to stunt-double mode, as she spins around and footsweeps a Putrid off its back, before backflipping over another Putrid's battleaxe slash. Alyssa hops back rightside up, and launches her leg as a perfect kick into the chest of one more Putrid.

Cole has even more Putrids to wade through in the ruins of the café, so pulls something no less than breakdancy, as he drops, spins, takes down a Putrid, and rolls along over the cement with ease. Cole comes up to a spot surrounded by Putrids, takes a look around, and keeps down in his favorite crouching-low stance. When he sees an opening, he leaps high into the air, bounding right over the Putrids, and into an empty space (all of the fleeing citizens have finally fled, thankfully). Cole is directly in the path of the Barbed Wire Org, where he wanted to be. He rises up, and holds out both hands, begging, "PLEASE! Just WAIT. I just want to talk." Alyssa, shaking her hair out of her eyes, still amid the Putrids, turns her attention to her teammate's bold gesture. Barbie, with Putrids behind him patting their heads, remarks uninterestedly, "I'm a little BUSY right now!" He charges up his red glowing face-spot, points his arm at the human, and fires a surge of red electricity at him. Cole does a smooth backflip, which allows him to narrow avoid getting fried. The pavement, however, is not so lucky, cracking at the impact spot of the bolt. Cole lands perfectly, and shouts, "STOP!" Barbie asks with facetiousness, "What?!" Alyssa manages to fend off her Putrid attackers (or they all left and went over to join the group behind the Org), and makes her way into the clearing just behind and off to the side of her partner. She shakes her head and beseeches loudly, "It's TOO dangerous! It's NOT like an animal!" Cole gently shakes his as well, but refuses to sway from his view on the subject, debating fervently, "Every living thing has a heart. If I can just CONNECT to it... there's a chance!" He licks his lips and smiles a bit, as he starts to step forward warily, prompting Alyssa to shout, "Cole, DON'T!" She dashes out to try to stop him, but a squad of Putrids pop up and snatch both of her arms, holding her back despite struggling.

Cole carefully treads forth with his arms out, promising the evil beast, "I'm NOT gonna hurt you." Barbed Wire Org gets a laugh out of this, chuckling to himself, "Heheha! Not gonna hurt me? HA Hehe!" Delicately, Cole closes his eyes, and focuses inward, upon that special gift he has to listen to any animal's heart and understand what they're saying (which Maya taught Leo back in PRLG's "Mean Wheels Mantis"). The whole area goes into a dead calmness, even the Putrids cease their prattling, and Barbie appears to be confused & anxious by whatever it is the human is doing. Cole's smudgy face sweats bullets, as he concentrates hard, desperately seeking an empathetic connection. The jungle drum-beat and fluty music plays hard over the scene. Finally, Cole gains access into the Org's chest, only finding an emptiness, and what sounds like either fiery sizzling, or the slithering of demonic snakes. Cole's turquoise eyes open wide, as he gasps in astonishment and stunned fright, "I can't HEAR anything! You don't HAVE a heart!" Barbed Wire Org quips in response, "And YOU, don't have a BRAIN!" Cole is totally at a loss, as if his entire belief system was just shattered, as he prays to know, "Why are you DOing this?!" Barbed Wire Org puts it bluntly, "Because ORGS exist for only ONE reason-- to DESTROY, and wreck HAVOC!" Cole shakes his head, painfully still refusing to believe that could be true. The Org screams, "A-ttack!", and dashes toward the shock-frozen Red Ranger. Alyssa sees his plight, breaks free of her Putrid captors, and dives across the way, pushing Cole safely out of the monster's path. Barbed Wire slams into her, wraps his arms around her, and chucks her harshly against the cement! Cole cries out her name, having snapped out of his daze a little too late. He hurries to her side, finding her lying sprawled on the ground, eyes shut, in agony. Barbie chuckles evilly, and approaches to finish the job. Cole gets Alyssa sitting up, but fails to pay enough attention to the Org. Barbie walks over, snatches Cole's arm off of Alyssa (making her moan in pain upon plopping back down on the pavement), kicks him in the chest, then grabs the back of his already torn shirt, and finally pitches him into the air. Thrown high and wide, Cole lands atop the only table still standing, crushing it beneath the weight of his back. Bruised, in both spirit and body, Cole groans, rolls over and stares at the Org with a furious expression. Barbed Wire Org triumphs into his evil glory, lifting his arms into the air and laughing wickedly yet once more again with feeling.

So, to recap, Cole's lying on the broken table, panting, and the Barbed Wire Org is standing there, laughing. That's when one of those white plastic lawn chairs goes flying through the air, smacking into the Org and knocking him down painfully. The source of the chair-tossing is the other three members of the Wild Force team, all racing onto the scene with Taylor leading the way. Max shouts, "Cole!", but Taylor's orders veto his concern for the rookie, as she yells, "Help her!" The boy in Blue beelines right over to Alyssa's side. Taylor stands over Cole, as if guarding him from the Org, while Danny bends down, grabs his arm, and offers, "Let me help you!" Cole swats his arm away angrily, choosing to instead lie their moping and catching his breath. Danny takes this in stride, falling back into a defensive position against the monster. Taylor harshly reminds the disillusioned monkeyboy, "NOW you know what we're up against." Barbed Wire Org recovers from his meeting with the seat, and as the Putrids gather around him, he boasts, "Who threw that chair?! I'll take ya right now!!" Cole, still panting, laments, "I didn't know something without a heart... could exIST!" Max assists the limping Alyssa in staggering over to regroup with the others. Barbed Wire Org, with Putrids dancing about behind him, complains to Cole, "STOP your WHINing!" Max gives Taylor a look, as if harkening back to their recent conversation. Alyssa stands beside Danny, still recovering from her injuries, and concernedly staring down at Cole, as he remains lying there. Taylor finally crouches down, touches Cole's shoulder, and in a compassionate voice, asks with honesty, "You're our leader. WHAT are you going to do?" Cole bits his lip, continuing to breath heavily and hard, as his gaze falls down to the ground, away from the Org. Danny, Max, and Alyssa all facially express their support for his choosing the proactive path, with Max being the most aggressive appearing. Cole figures at last, "I guess... This is the ONLY way." He slams his fist against the cement, and rises straight up between his four teammates, all facing the evil creatures. Cole snaps his fists into a defensive position, and gives a grunt of intimidation. Barbie anxiously quips, "Ahh, c'mon! I don't have ALL day! I got some deSTROYing to do!" The five Wild Force Activists spread apart, getting in a near shoulder to shoulder alignment. Cole leads the charge for the first time, whipping out his golden & black Growl Phone, snapping it open, and holding it up past his head, and asking, "Ready!?" His teammates respond in eager unison, "Ready!" All five follow along in the same movements, commanding, "Wild Access!" A press of the large button causes the Growl Phone to charge with a green light, and a final movement of extending their left arms out is led by Cole giving a fierce roar.

The theme song plays, as each of the five Growl Phones jet through green energy tunnels, shifting into animal forms, then Ranger poses, before shattering into the Rangers themselves. This is followed by their Wildzord animal spirits merging over their heads, with accompanying animal noise, forming the helmet and completing the transformation. Full screen morphing sequences for all five play, in the order of Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, and White. Barbed Wire Org orders his mucky army, "Putrids! Get READY!" Standing on the stairway (which is supposed to be the same one as earlier, but thanks to the footage, has a very different design), the five Wild Force Power Rangers begin to do their usual poses. Red Ranger, sporting claws on his gloves, exclaims, "Blazing Lion!" The camera then flashes to his yellow & black lion patch, Crystal Saber in belt-holster, and amalgamated animal golden belt buckle (this is repeated for each Ranger, so don't make me repeat it!), before he claws the step he's standing on, and poses. Yellow Ranger, also sporting glove-claws, shouts, "Soaring Eagle!" Blue Ranger, again with the claws, yells, "Surging Shark!" Black Ranger, ditto for claws, belts, "Iron Bison!" (pronouncing it "eye-run", I just find that ironic... so to speak) White Ranger is last, showing off her newly polished claws, and proclaiming, "Noble Tiger!" Red Lion Ranger crosses his right hand from his left side chest, into the air slowly, and making a fist, while he declares, "Guardians of the Earth... United, we ROAR!" Barbie trembles a bit, though scoffing, "WHATever!" The WF Rangers shout simultaneously, "Wild FORCE! Hyah!", each jumping up in the air, and landing in a squat, which leads to their individual animal pose again, the whole team standing on the corner of the square section of the stairway, each on a different part of the steps (Black on the ground floor, Yellow, Red, Blue, then White up at the top). Barbed Wire Org boasts, "YOU don't know who you're dealing WITH! Putrids, get 'em!" The Putrids pat themselves on the heads, and, walking like dogs wiping their butts on the lawn, they do as commanded. Our heroes race down to meet them in combat, each hyaahing for all their worth.

Yellow Eagle Ranger pauses, ducks, and then leaps high into the air, living up to her power name by sprouting golden feathered wings beneath her arms. Taylor swoops down, grabs a Putrid by the neck, and smashes his head into an oddly placed boulder. She releases his sparking body, causing it to drop over the side of the hill. Right near where that one fell, Black Bison Ranger is twirling around, dodging battleaxe swipes by several Putrids. Danny quickly comes up, blocks two club-bashes with both his arms. He swiftly turns around, and when a third Putrid goes to kick him, he snatches its foot, and slams the muck drone down on the cement. The film speeds up, as Black Ranger double-blocks two more club-swings at him by a pair of Putrids, before shifting beneath their arms and tossing both of them over his shoulder at once. He then gracefully spins, and shields himself from one more battleaxe-poke by a Putrid, punching it in the chest, and heaving the creature high above his head. The Putrid is tossed into the air, flying uncontrollably over other Putrids ganging up on Danny, before smashing into the cement wall of a nearby building, becoming lodged in the cracked stone bricks. Red Lion Ranger backflips with a hyah, and poses, surrounded by Putrids. Cole gets started by clawing away one's battleaxe, then quickly spinning around and clawing that same Putrid in the chest, causing a flash of sparks. He whips around and claws into the chest of another one rushing by, allowing two more to pop up behind him, and try to double-club him. Red Ranger blocks both of the battleaxes, brings his knee up and relieves one Putrid of its weapon, before turning and clawing the chest of the other one. Cole poses for the camera again, with a few Putrids writhing on the ground around him, but still more to go. With the power of 'make the waters go from unsettled to calm' film reversal, Blue Shark Ranger rockets skyward from the sea. He twirls up, and proceeds to grasp both of his hands around the heads of around five Putrids, yanking three of them down one at a time. The final two, Max grabs at once, and we see he's pulling them against their will into his own element, preparing to make it their watery grave. The splashing of waves drowns out their retches of protest.

White Tiger Ranger cuts across several levels of gardening beside the outdoor stairway, cartwheeling away from one Putrid, then leaping over the battleaxe attack of a second. Alyssa dashes across, hops down, and flips over one more Putrid's club-swipe, landing on the ground floor at last. She turns and faces a Putrid who's right up on her, easily blocking its arm when it tries to hit her, and striking back with a mighty hyaah and a spark-clawing across its chest! Meanwhile, Red Ranger pounds his hands against the ground, kicking up dust as usual, before he launches high into the air. Cole hiyaahs, while descending with his clawed hands out, tearing into two Putrids as he lands and rolls between them. He rolls up into a crouching position, in a ferocious pose. Barbed Wire Org attacks at last, shooting off several barbwire tentacles from his chest. Despite having been on the waterfront a moment ago, the fight is now nowhere near water, instead in the parking lot of MMPR Studios! Red Lion Ranger gets up from his crouching pose, and backs away from the prickly coils slithering through the air. He guards himself with his clawed hands, not that they'll do much good. Lucky for him, Yellow Eagle Ranger appears, stepping between him and barbwire tentacles, and thanks to her Golden Eagle Sword being held up in the right braced position, she is able to snare the deadly coils with her blade. Barbie grunts, and plays a game of tug-of-war with Taylor, wrenching his bodily wires back toward himself, causing the Yellow Ranger to be thrust forward. She refuses to let go of her Sword, but barely holds her ground, getting a little assistance by Cole, who helps to provide pulling resistance. Barbed Wire Org, finding it tough to retract his tentacles, simply yelps, "Ye-HA!", as he fires off two more barbwire coils into the air. Red Ranger looks up at them, then asks his teammate, "Ready?!" Yellow Ranger also looks at them, then nods, "I'm ON it!" Cole releases his hold on the Golden Eagle Sword, allowing Taylor to stab it upward, letting the pair of metal tentacles slip off the blade. They begin to thrash about with the other ones, making an easy target for Taylor, who starts to slash into each of the barbwires, chopping them all off with but a few strokes. Barbie moans, as he witnesses his dismembers coils plop to the ground limply.

Yellow looks to Red, and asks, "Double team?" Red nods, "Right!", and rushes forth, leaping at the same time as Yellow. They glide across the lot with their legs (her left and his right) aimed perfectly toward the Org's chest, striking him in a smooth simultaneous flying kick. Barbed Wire Org is thrown so far away from this parking lot, that he actually crashes against a rock wall at the beach! The other three Wild Force Rangers regroup behind Yellow & Red as they remain crouched in landing positions. Blue Shark Ranger proclaims, "Let's FINISH this!" Yellow Ranger concurs, "Right!", with her Golden Eagle Sword slung over her right shoulder. She leads the way as they all race off to the beach, each whipping out their special weapon, and shouting their animal names in the order of: Bison, Eagle, Lion, Shark, Tiger. The Jungle Sword formation occurs just as I described it last time, with Red Ranger holding the combined blade, as the others brace behind him, and he exclaims, "JUNGLE Sword!" Oh, look. Now they're at yet another different location than they were a second ago, a different area of the beach. How nice. Cole commands, "Jungle Sword, Savage Slash!" The black background appears, as Red Ranger makes a full circle in the air with the gleaming extra-tall blade, growling all the while. Cole cuts the Jungle Sword downward, making said Savage Slash, that extended beam of blade-shaped fire, which chops through Barbed Wire Org, making him cry out and freeze as the flashing wound surges with bluish electricity. The Wild Force Rangers let go of each other, now rewielding their individual weapons, recently disbanded from the Jungle Sword. They await the inevitable, which comes in the form of Barbie bursting with great plumes of sparky smoke. All five of our heroes leap into the air, and turn about face, posing in a bent position with their weapons in hand and their backs to the fatally injured monster. Barbed Wire Org wounds start to spew streams of greenish juice into the air, in what could be described as an Org-Spasm, while slowly toppling over backwards. The moment he hits the ground, his body ignites into a series of huge explosions.

The Wild Force Rangers hop back around, facing the fading blasts, each one of their cheering either, "Woo-hoo!", "Ye-hah!", or some other sound of triumph. Red Ranger exclaims, "ALL right! We DID it!" Where the Barbed Wire Org once was, there is now only a pile of white toxic pus, sparkling with electricity. Suddenly, Jindrax's voice echoes against the cliffs surrounding the beach, "NOT so FAST, RangERS!" Several feet behind the remnants of the Org, both Toxica and Jindrax teleport from out of nowhere, in a shimmer of purple light. Our heroes stare at the uni-horned Duke Orgs, for the first time, through the heat & smoke rising from the ashes of Barbie. They jerk into alert positions, save for Blue Ranger, who simply asks the pair, "WHO are YOU?!" Jindrax is the first to reply, "I'm JinDRAX! Duke of Orgs! MASTER of blades!" Toxica introduces herself in a wicked yet eeirely charming manner, "And _I_ am TOXica! DUCHess of Orgs, and MIStress of MAGic!" As if demonstrating, Toxica lifts her height-sized staff, and fires off a surging bolt of orange and pink energy, which rips through all five Rangers with shock-filled ease. Even the strings of lightning that miss them cause clouds of sand to burst up all around in their helmeted faces. Jindrax commends her, "NICE shot!" Toxica begins to wave the top of her staff around in the air, and incants diabolically, "Evil spirits of toil and strife, given this fallen Org new LIFE! YAAAH!" She aims the staff at the remains of Barbie, and on cue, the red bud at the center of the top snaps open, firing about five peanut-shaped seeds into the air. They land in a puddle of green goop that was once the Barbed Wire Org, and upon sinking into the sludge, they sprout thick green vines, spiraling skyward like beanstalks. More and more of them begin to grow, greenish electricity crackling between the stems, until all of the vines merge into the giant-sized restored body of the Barbed Wire Org! After a flash of light, he gets his natural body color back, but his voice is a little more booming and muffled, as he laughs wickedly.

Below his feet, the Wild Force Rangers are taken aback, all gazing up at the reborn Org in fright, with Red gasping, "Whoa!" Standing on the rocky shore of the sea, Jindrax comments about Org revival, "ImPRESSive!" Toxica demands, "SMASH them!" Barbed Wire Org does as commanded, growling like the inhuman beast he is, and lifting his huge left foot up, preparing to stamp it down. The tiny Rangers react as quick as they can, with Cole yelping, "Look OUT!" They all gasp, and dive for safety, as the towering Org smashes his foot against the patch of beach they were recently standing on. The five Wild Force Rangers roll away unharmed, recovering back to their feet and staring at the giant creature in dreadful awe. White Ranger realizes that an unanswered question was just revealed to them firsthand, and points out, "So THAT explains how they got BIGGER!" Red Ranger urges to his teammates, very leader-like, "Alright, guys! I THINK it's time for some animal power!" Standing shoulder to shoulder (well, not literally, there's some gaps... ya know), the Rangers unsheathe their Crystal Sabers, hold them vertically for a moment, butt-end pressed against their palm, before stabbing them toward the sky, screaming in unison, "WILDzords, DECEND!" Their orbish crystals charge the blades with energy, creating the loud three-toned musical chime to summon the Wildzords. It repeats, over and over, refracting against the rocky shore of the beach, high into the atmosphere. Up on the floating Animarium, the Red Lion reacts first, roaring aloud, and then racing away from the Paramount Logo mountain. White Tiger snarls, and barrels through a desert region. Black Bison snorting, and charges through the jungle. Yellow Eagle soars between a row of trees, screeching. Blue Shark leaps out of the lake, growling. All five Wildzords come together in midair, racing along and glowing red. They then pass down that spectrum bridge, and come into the view of the Rangers below. Cole excitedly notes, "All RIGHT! Here they come!"

The Wildzords storm through a street in the city of Turtle Cove, keeping their usual formation, and surprisingly crushing no pedestrians nor vehicles. The Red Lion Wildzord takes the lead, hopping over a highway overpass, and launching into the air, aimed for the Barbed Wire Org, who's apparently moved away from the beach. Red Lion lands a deep bite into Barbie's left wrist, clamping his jaws down, and causing painful sparks to burst from the Org. Barbed Wire demands, "Let GO of me, you overgrown alley cat!" Red Lion doesn't listen, continuing to munch on its arm. Barbie finally fires a beam of energy from his red face-spot, hitting the Wildzord in the head, creating a flash of flames. The king of the Animarium is hurled over a nearby hill by this attack, crashing into the wilderness onto his side with a cry of agony. Red Ranger yells with concern, "Red Lion!!" The Wildzord slowly recovers, shaking his head and emerging from the smoke and dirt to lift his head high into the air, and howl fiercely. Red Lion's eyes start to gleam with a green light, signifying his transmission to his human companion. Cole announces to his teammates, "Red Lion is SPEAKing to me! He says we must comBINE our Zords to defeat the Org." White Tiger, Yellow Eagle, Black Bison, and Blue Shark all howl together, eyes flashing colors, as if in agreement. White Ranger looks up at them, and wonders, "Wow, can they DO that?!" Yellow Ranger figures, "Well... Let's find out!" Blue Ranger nods, "Ye-ah!" Black Ranger concurs as well, nodding, "COUNT me in!" Red Ranger lifts his Crystal Saber, and states enthusiastically, "Alright, then. We ALL agree. Let's DO it!" The five Wild Force Rangers stand in a close circle, and point their Crystal Sabers toward the center, meeting the sharp tips. Each of their crystals blinks with energy, which surges into the middle of the circle, coming together in a flashing sparkle of golden power. Cole gives the command, "WILDzords! Combine!"

The five Wildzords have regrouped, and are racing through the forest, growling together. Black Bison snorts aloud, before its square-shaped back starts to open up, one metal flap to each side. A wave of light blue sparkling energy changes the background to a desolate molten landscape with a dark thunderstormish sky. Black Bison no longer has to run, as his legs slide forward, and his open platform back takes precedence. Red Lion hovers over onto Bison's back with help from his thruster shoulderblades. He gives a snarl while locking inward his front legs, and folding back & upwards his hind ones, thrusters turning down to their sides. Blue Shark & White Tiger fly past him, both growling. The Shark snaps his fins together beneath him, as the Tiger locks her legs beneath her as well, the two of them now with added red & silver block-like things at their back ends. Yellow Eagle is the last to come soaring in, as she lands atop Red Lion's body, flapping & screeching all the while. White Lion locks herself into Red Lion's left thruster, while Blue Shark locks onto the right, Eagle's wings over the top of them. Lion snaps into the Bison's centerpiece, the whole connected thing just riding along, incomplete. The Wild Force Rangers break apart their summoning circle, and look skyward, witnessing this transformation in awe. Red Ranger resheathes his Saber, and encourages the team, "It's aMAZing! Okay, follow me. We've got an Org to stop!" All five leap into the air, and spread out their arms and legs, as if freefalling horizontally. Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, and White, in that order, glide toward the Red Lion's golden mane forehead, each one being absorbed in a warping light, entering instantly. The Rangers each rematerialize within the Lion's nasal cavity, or whatever he has for a brain. It's pink, gooey, and has lots of round things. They don't get to notice the scenery much at first, thanks to being a bit shaken by stress from the entrance. But by the time they recover and look around, the entire room has morphed into blue & white, almost bony, cockpit or control center! Those round things have focused into the very back, and are now about five Ranger-colored blinking lights. Before our heroes know it, five white & Ranger-power color-coded fin-shaped consoles materialize before them, around the edge of a golden metal platform in the very center of the room with a bright white sphere in it (the whole thing kinda resembles Shayla's necklace). From us facing them, left to right, the consoles are in the position of Black, Yellow, Red, Blue, White. Each Ranger cautiously approaches their console, placing a hand on each side, over the palm-sized rollball type controls, making the lights shine to light on the fronts. Red Ranger is first to his, and exclaims, "AWAKEN!"

Outside, the Red Lion, his eyes glowing white, snarlingly roars aloud, before resuming a dormant state. The Black Bison's side flaps and under-area where his legs are stored, all fold back around, and then snap over once again, coming forward to reveal that now they're in the shape of sturdy legs. The Blue Shark & White Tiger slide down to each side, revealing themselves to be the arms. Yellow Eagle's wings and head slide into a crevice behind Red Lion's facial compartment, with the wings snapping downward around it. Finally, apparently from part of the Eagle's tail, the Megazord's head pops up atop the whole thing. It's got the usual silver solid face with glowing eyes, but features a quite tall and wide gold & black five-thorned 'crown' of sorts above it all (see "Galaxy Megazord, Lights Of Orion Mode"), with the Red Lion's face formed around the Megazord's face, as if it's peeking through his fangs. So, the whole shebang comes together, with the giant humanoid form robot hovering above the lava-patched ground, and soon flying toward the camera like Superduperman. In the cerebral cockpit, Red Ranger pulls out his blade again, and shouts, "CRYStal Sabers!" He gently slides it into the vertical slot on his console, perfectly modeled to fit a Crystal Saber. Yellow, Blue, Black, and White Rangers do the same, each of their Saber slots matching their colors( White's is pink, though). All five of the WF Rangers cross their right fists in front of them, and proclaim in unison, "WILD Force Megazord! HYAH!" The tall and mighty Wild Force Megazord stands amid what looks to be a horizon of thunderclouds, raising its arms into the air. When it lowers them, the background flashes into a giant gleaming version of the Rangers' 'Wildzords amalgamated' beltbuckle. Within the cerebral cockpit, the Wild Force Rangers stand at their consoles, frozen. Red Ranger tells them to, "Hold positions..." Outside, the Wild Force Megazord has appeared in the city of Turtle Cove, its massive body reflecting against the waters of the bay, while the background music gets accompanied with bongo drumbeats. The Megazord stands tall above the smaller buildings, clouds of dust flowing up where the huge bestial machine, nay, transformer, recently landed. WF Megazord crosses its arms and lowers them to its side in a battle ready but resting position. Straight across the cityscape, Barbed Wire Org scoffs sarcastically, "Oh, BOO! I'm REALLY scared!" He dashes over toward the Megazord, growling viciously, before slashing his barbwired arm into its chest, then scratching it with the other arm, followed by a quick kick to its Bison-headed groin. The Wild Force Megazord sparks a little, but moves not an inch, remaining in place, taller than even the Org. Barbie, ever the Duke of sarcasm, quips, "Ohh, YOU think you're real TOUGH, don't you?!" In the cockpit, Danny vows, "YOU'RE gonna find OUT!"

Cole calls for the aptly named, "FIN-Blade!" A Saber made from the Blue Shark's tail area is lifted up, passing over the Megazord's face, which comes to life suddenly, opening its fanged mouth, roaring fearsomely, and flashing its savagely-narrowed eyes. In the cockpit, Taylor motions her arm into a fist, and commands, "Slice!" Barbed Wire Org is a standing target, as the WF Megazord slashes diagonally upwards with its Fin-Blade, cutting across the monster with an explosive burst of blinding sparks. He cries out, and staggers back, prompting Cole to cheer with a fist, "YEAH!" Without an order, the Wild Force Megazord jumps skyward, doing a quick backflip, before curling into a defensive ball. The clouds and sky are all dark again, erupting into a bombardment of lightning, which crashes a violet-pink against the Megazord, charging it up. The Megazord opens back up, and poses with its left arm raised, the entire body shimmering with renewed vigor. In the cockpit, Max motions his hand to his patch and outward, summoning, "Shark Surge!" The WF Megazord, still hovering above amid the storm, punches its right Blue Shark arm forth in a rapid repeat, the animal's jaw open. This fires off several blue blasts of energy, which each hit Barbie, causing him to cry out and spark. In the cockpit, Alyssa extends her arm, calling for, "Tiger Fury!" The Megazord switches to its left White Tiger arm, jabbing it forward, over and over, firing bolt of white energy into the Org, with more cries and sparks. To cap it off, the Megazord repeats both of these actions again, rapidly punching its right and left fists once more. Barbed Wire Org, needless to say, is in a daze. In the cerebral cockpit, Red Ranger leads the charge, motioning his arms and proclaiming, "WILD Force!" The other four join him, in doing the motioning and commanding for, "MEGA ROAR!" The Red Lion chest-face starts howling and jerking his head around again, as of trumpeting in this intense attack. The mouths of all five Wildzords spew out raging rivers of Ranger-colored energies, much as they did last episode, though this time it's done while still in Megazord form. The laserbeams are casted out, firing away from the Megazord, the streaks of light appearing with the energy spirits of the beasts they're launched from briefly. This rainbow stream of power slams into and through the Barbed Wire Org, engulfing most of his body in the warping light. He shouts in agonized protest, but is thrown back, being released when the Mega Roar attack ceases as suddenly as it began. Barbie, glowing red, ignites into a city-shaking explosion the moment he hits the ground, the fiery blast featuring a blinding white light which lingers a bit after the fireballs and smoke fade away. In the cerebral cockpit, our heroes cheer for themselves, pumping fists into the air, and generally sounding successful. Alyssa beams, "Yeah! Way to go!", as Max jumps up and down again, clapping his hands. The Wild Force Megazord crosses its arms and rests them at its side once more, towering triumphantly against the bright & cloudy blue sky.


Deep underground, in the cave known as the Nexus, steam pours from the central demonic statue head. Amid all of the dusty old monochrome totems, Jindrax rests on his knees, shaking his head in defeat. Toxica stresses, "We must DO something, to PROVE ourselves to Master Org!" Jindrax scratches his head, and moans, "Ye-ssss..." Toxica adds, "... Or he will deSTROY us!" Nervous about such a thing, Jindrax cowardly contemplates, "Can't we just forGET we ever FOUND this place and get our jobs back at the animal lab?!" He chucks a small pebble at the stone carving in front of him, frustrated and a bit depressed over this sophomore loss. Suddenly, the Master Org's gravelly voice calls out, "So, you've reTURNED!" Jindrax & Toxica look at one another, both gasping, and frantically rushing over to greet him. They stand facing the entranceway, waiting for a sign of the body to match the voice. After a moment, he steps out of the shadows, prompting the two Dukes to gasp and look at one another again in terror. Toxica motions her hand to her partner, and urges, "Down! Down!" They kneel and bow, facing the sandy floor once more, with Toxica dropping her staff. The Master Org slowly strolls into the room, orating aloud, "While the Rangers REST from their hollow victory, they have no IDEA, that the forces, which will destroy them, grow STRONGer and STRONGer, with EACH passing moment!" As he passes by, Toxica tries to casually raise her gaze to check him out. When he's standing with his back to them, she gasps, and quickly turns her kneeling self around to face him, with Jindrax doing the same. Realizing he's not facing them, the two Dukes slowly look up at him, checking out his multi-layered, yellowish orange... more like peach-colored, robe. The Master Org turns around completely, and makes himself fully known to us, without any shadowing or camera tricks. He's got at least three large layers of shoulder padding, all that stuff I mentioned earlier, plus one big horn on his forehead. Master Org, passionately clenching his left fist and shaking his tri-clawed & orbed staff (so much that it wobbles like it's made of plastic... oh hey, it IS!) proclaims, "SOON... they shall feel the WRATH, of 3000 years, of VENgeance!" He then throws his head back, and gives a rather wicked, yet jolly laugh. And boy, are his teeth yellow!

Master Org dissolves into Cole, who's up on the Animarium, longingly staring at the picture of what he believes to be his family. He brushes his fingers gently against his mother and father's image, eager to meet them, and even more anxious to learn why they abandoned him. Cole's lost in thought with the pic, until Max, nearby with the ever-smiley Alyssa, shouts, "HEY! Jungle Boy!" Cole puffs out his cheeks a bit in depressed exhaling, and turns to look at the two down below. Max motions his hand for him to come on over, mentioning, "We've got a little welcome gift for you!" Alyssa stands with her hands behind her back, tapping her foot anxiously. Cole smiles, puts down his family photograph, reaches out for a nearby vine, and swings down from his own personal seat, nestled up in the upper trunk of an ancient tree in the temple courtyard. The moment he drops down, he becomes surrounded by all four of his Wild Force teammates, each looking quite suspicious. Cole gives a warm grin, dusts off his hands, and asks the girl in pink & white, "What is it?!" Alyssa excitedly informs him, "Our NEXT mission!" She pulls her hands out from behind her back, revealing that she's holding a huge can of deodorant in one hand and a small bottle of spray cologne in the other! She kinda sticks her tongue out a little, playfully. Max smirks, rolls up his orange sleeves, and shakes his raised hands, holding a large bath brush in one and a bar of soap in the other! Taylor actually cracks a smile, as she holds up a BIG pair of scissors, snapping them a few times after naming the mission as, "Giving you a bath!" Danny throws his hands up in a sort of shrug, also showing that he's the only one not wielding any weapons. At least, nothing other than his big hands themselves, which the man in black uses to reach toward Cole with, giving an opened mouth intimidating look, accompanied with but a weak growl. Danny grabs Cole's arm and leg, hoisting him over his broad shoulders against his will. Cole protests, "Wait! Hold on! Wait, wait! These are my new clothes!! What're you doing?! Whoa!" Alyssa skips about, giggling as she showers the stinky tribal teen with both cans of aerosol spray at the same time, damaging the Animarium's precious ozone. Danny carries him over the mystical pond beneath the gorilla statue, and dunks his head into it. Max starts soaping him up, quipping, "Time to clean you up, Monkeyboy! I got'cha!" Princess Shayla enters the area, holding a newly created red & black Wild Force uniformed vest in her hands, joyfully preparing to bestow it upon their newest recruit. She pauses when she spots the team frolicking in the pool they use to watch for Org attacks! She sees Taylor covering her eyes, shaking her head, and smiling like crazy; Max soaping and scrubbing Cole; Cole thrashing and fighting as his long black hair becomes soaked; Danny doing all the dunking; and Alyssa getting spray-happy with the cans. Shayla protests worriedly, "NOT in the Sacred Water!", and rushes over to stop them. Every time Cole brings his head up, he snaps his hair back, sending splashes of the mystical pond flying all over his teammates!

The scene shifts through the awkward offscreen portions of the sanitation of the Red Lion Wild Force Ranger, so that when it resumes, Cole is already finished with his reluctant bathing. Princess Shayla & Alyssa smile as usual, so they likely didn't see him change clothes. Taylor stands there with a sadistic smirk on her face and her hands behind her back. Danny & Max push Cole, with a scarlet towel over his head, away from the group, causing him to grunt. Cole is now wearing beige shoes... loafers, maybe; bluejeans (with a cut-off aspect to the bottom pantlegs); his red & black WF uniformed vest (with the Red Lion symbol on the front and back, with the words "Blazing Lion" and "Spirit Of The Earth" around it); a long sleeved red shirt beneath it, with brownish dye coloring on the forearms; and once he removes the towel off his head, it's shown that Cole's black hair is no longer too wild and long, but just above his neck. He shakes his head, hair still a little wet, self still a little dizzy from the quick cleaning. Max & Danny seem impressed with the new, more civilized-looking Cole. Princess Shayla swoons, "Oh! MUCH better!" Cole drops the towel on the temple floor, looks at his arms, and starts to cross his arms side to side, trying to get a feel for the restricting clothing. He's quite uncomfortable by at least one thing, which he rectifies simply: Cole rips the entire sleeve off of his right arm, then tears the brown dyed part off of the forearm of the left arm. Taylor stares agape, Max points and laughs, Shayla shakes her head and grins, Danny looks kinda dopey, and Alyssa simpers amusedly. Cole tears an inch or so wide, several feet long, thread of red material from the torn sleeve, and wraps it around his forehead. It ties it tightly in the back, ala Rambo, and turns around to face the others. The leader of the Wild Force smiles big, folding his partially bare arms, and remarking, "MUCH better!" That's our Monkeyboy! Funky Cole, played by Richard Medina... uhh, junior!

[Scenes from "Click, Click, Zoom"; End Credits]

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