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Power Rangers Wild Force
"Reinforcements From The Future, Pt. 1"
Original Air Date:7/27/02
*Season 10, bite 24
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1224
*24th episode of PRWF
*442nd total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Amit Bhaumik Director: Koichi Sakamoto
Starring Cast:
Ricardo Medina, Jr. _AS_ Cole (Red Wild Force Ranger)
Alyson Kiperman _AS_ Taylor (Yellow Wild Force Ranger)
Phillip Jeanmarie _AS_ Max (Blue Wild Force Ranger)
Jessica Rey _AS_ Alyssa (White Wild Force Ranger)
Jack Guzman _AS_ Danny (Black Wild Force Ranger)
Ann Marie Crouch _AS_ Princess Shayla
Ilia Volok _AS_ Master Org
Sin Wong _AS_ Toxica
Guest Starring:
Erin Cahill _AS_ Jen (Pink Time Force Ranger)
Michael Copon _AS_ Lucas (Blue Time Force Ranger)
Jason Faunt _AS_ Wes (Red Time Force Ranger)
Kevin Kleinberg _AS_ Trip (Green Time Force Ranger)
Deborah Estelle Philips _AS_ Katie (Yellow Time Force Ranger)
Kate Sheldon _AS_ Nadira
Daniel Southworth _AS_ Eric (Quantum Ranger)
Vernon Wells _AS_ Ransik

Additional Cast:
Ransford Doherty _AS_ Guard
Danny Wayne Stallcup _AS_ Jindrax
Kim Strauss _AS_ Rofang (voice)
David Lodge _AS_ Takach/ Kired (voices)


[Opening Credits]

Taking a sharp right and speeding down a trafficless two lane street, a lemon yellow (or canary yellow, I dunno colors) Mustang Convertible of a recent make and model zooms along, driver's side window down, acid rock music blaring out from the stereo system. The driver is alone in her recently bought vehicle, but isn't quite by herself. Taylor Earhardt holds her golden Growl Phone to her right ear with her right hand, speaking into its cellphone mode, while steering with her left hand. She's buckled in (it's about time ONE Yellow Ranger was!), but her rather careless joyriding more than offsets the safety of the seat strap. As her long blonde hair whips around freely in the breeze, Taylor shouts into her Growl Phone, speaking over the loud noise of her radio, excitedly stating, "Alyssa! You are NOT gonna believe my new car! It's aMAZing!" How a Wild Force Activist currently AWOL from the Air Force, and currently not earning a paycheck, can afford a brand new car is beyond the point at the moment. Taylor heads for a left turn, and to compensate for her increased speed, she uses both hands to steer the wheel properly, hand over Growl Phone-holding hand. Though this road seems to be lifeless at the moment, the light of the afternoon masked somewhat by the numerous trees shrouding the road, her disobeying of the laws of traffic do not go unnoticed. Parked on the side of the road, the red, white, & blue lights of an authorized law enforcement vehicle spring to life, with an alarm wailing immediately alongside them. This is not any mere cop car, but rather a sleek glossy black Sports Utility Vehicle, with a familiar golden winged tri-crest symbol on the doors, sporting the letters CGD upon them. This SUV skids its tires as it quickly rolls into a hot pursuit of the reckless yellow Mustang. Taylor's smiling like a dope with her rock music playing and her hair blowing around and her Growl Phone pressed to her ear. Yes, it seems even the most serious and strict of the team has her immature ways. Within moments, she becomes aware of the SUV following close behind, its siren piercing through the wind and drowning out her music. Taylor stares into her rear-view mirror, the sight of the patrol vehicle killing any joy she may have just been displaying. Worriedly, she informs her teammate, "Oh, no... Alyssa, I've got to go." Taylor presses the off button on her cellphone Morpher, and clamp it shut, all with one hand. She whips her hair back, reaches over, and shuts off her radio, as she decelerates her new car, and pulls over to the right hand side of the road. The black SUV keeps an even pace behind the Mustang, shutting off its lights & siren only moments after pulling to a full park.

Taylor unbuckles her seatbelt, releases it, and sinks her head back against the black leather seat, releasing a distraught sigh. She glances at her driver's side mirror, watching the flipped (and closer than it appears) image of the SUV's driver steps out of the truck, slams shut the door, and strides slowly towards her side. At first, all we can be aware of is his dark navy uniform, with black elbow & knee pads, belt with several compartment pockets (including a gun holster on his right side), black fingerless gloves, a silver metal rectangular clipboard in his hand, a red tassel under his left arm, and a crimson & black square device on his left wrist. The man stands beside her window, and places his right arm atop the black convertible roof. Taylor flinches a little as she looks upwards, giving a nervous but gentle smile. The man, in an authoritive voice well beyond his rather young years, sternly asks her, "Do you have any idea how fast you were going, ma'am?" Taylor tries to explain, "I'm sorry, officer. You see...", only to have the man make the disinterested remark of, "Mmm-hmm. Drivers' license, please.", obviously having heard all the excuses before. As she exhales roughly, turns to her right, makes a bitter expression and reaches for her license, he fiddles with his clipboard, preparing a single ticket to be dispensed. Taylor hands him her yellow wallet, and he takes it, giving her a slightly facetious, "Thank you." The officer checks out her driver's license, displaying in the cover slot of her wallet. The scene shifts ahead past the inevitable business, to the officer walking back to his SUV, as the Mustang Convertible drives away, slow enough within traffic boundaries, but fast enough to get away from there as quickly as possible. The officer climbs back into the driver's seat of the SUV, revealing a silent passenger sitting in the vehicle waiting for him. The other man's uniform is identical to the first, save for a red beret on his head, compared to the first man's navy blue hat with CGD written on it. Both also have one-side headsets on, and sleek sunglasses. The second man breaks his silence, pulling off his sunglasses and turning to look at both us and his partner, asking with a mischievous grin, "SO... Did ya give her a ticket?" This man, with dirty blonde hair and a silver oval-shaped device on his left wrist, is Wesley Collins, co-commander of this free law enforcement service of the city of Silver Hills, known as the Silver Guardians. His partner, the ticket taker, with black hair and Asian features, is Eric Myers, the other co-commander of the Silver Guardians. He pulls off his sunglasses, and confirms affirmatively, "Yep. I could just TELL she was trouble." Wes snickers, shakes his head slightly, and comments, "JUST your type!" He puts back on his sunglasses, and sits back, his right arm resting in the open window frame. Eric attaches his sunglasses to his breast pocket, and while slipping on his seatbelt, glances at his partner, denying any attraction to the woman by wondering offhandedly, "Are you KIDDING?" Wes continues to grin, as the SG SUV is revs up and pulls away from the roadside.

That night, as a full moon peeks its glowing Jackie Gleason-y head over the crest of a mountain, an owl hoots, a cricket chirps, and sparse cloud-cover passes over the black starry sky. Nowhere near that location, but in the middle of a city, is large bridge overpass. You may remember it as the place the Black Knight attacked Trip under in "Beware The Knight." Well, it's as spooky as ever, with fog lingering around it, smothering the weak streetlights dotting the area, and quite a few abandoned cars rusting about. A cool breeze rolls through the cement lot beneath the overpass, tumbling crumbled-up newspaper around. The breeze gives way to a full on tsunami, as sudden flashes of lightning erupt in the skies blocked out by the massive bridge covering the overhead. Thunder echoes into this lot, an unnatural crackling of light and air. An even odder sounder occurs, that of an electric drill. Above the scene, but beneath the bridge, a strange device burrows downward, ripping a perfectly round hole into the center of the overpass. This drill is quite freakish, releasing a trio of orange energy streaks, which expand into mist-blobs, and trickle downwards. The weird two-pronged drill ceases its whirring, but remains poking down through the bridge, as an eerie light illuminates from within the hole it created. The three orange mist-blobs take physical form in a flash of sparkle, a trio of clearly amalgamated monsters. One last lightning bolt rips in the distance, leaving behind a booming thunder crash. These three creatures, later named Mut-Orgs (pronounced "Mute-Orgs"), gently gloat down, side by side, until their cute feetsies touch the ground. In the center, is the leader of the bunch, named Rofang. He has the head of PRiS' Body Switcher monster, with the repainted body and sword of Darkliptor (not to mention the Ransik-type pointy armor thing on his left shoulder, which comes from PRLR's Strikning)! He also has a tall device in hand, apparently the drill thing that just drilled through the bridge (or, in actuality, a crude time warper that tore a small Time Hole through the fabric of the space time continuum!) With his body-chains noisily racketing together, Rofang silently points forth with his sword-wielding hand. The Mut-Org to his left, a repaint combo of PRLG's Deviot Galaxy Book monster form, the wings of a bat monster from GoGoV, and the right hand of Grunchor, named Kired, immediately nods. Kired does Rofang's bidding without even a word needing be uttered. He uses his leathery wings to glide off his feet and soar across the lot, landing atop an abandoned white car. Kired stops on the roof for only a second, before doing a backflip off, and kicking the vehicle with his hefty metal boots. A flash of sparks erupts, as the car skids forcibly across the pavement, coming to a violent halt only when it reaches the third and final Mut-Org. He's made from the head of PRLR's Strikning and the repainted body of the Gatekeeper, and his name is Takach. (All three Mut-Orgs are named in reference to longtime members of PR net-fandom: Joe Rovang, Jason Takach, and Derik Smith) Takach halts the car with his pair of bulky bladed weapons (which were previously used by Tire Org!), and once it's stopped, he hops up onto the hood. With but one sharp smash of his weapons, the car's roof explosively caves-in!

Just around the corner, the two recently de-zombified Duke Orgs, Jindrax & Toxica, are wandering around. Since becoming freed of the 'fake' Master Org's forced influence, they've been in search of a means of enacting revenge. Toxica's single prominent horn is currently glowing bright purple, something we've not seen it do yet! She notions to it, and anxiously informs her partner, "Jindrax! I think we're getting CLOSER!" He follows Toxica as she quickly but cautiously paces across the street-way, keeping his glowing yellow eyes on her gleaming head-horn, as he comments in a hushed but excited tone, "Wow! This must be one POWerful Org! I've never seen your horn glow so BRIGHT before!" Toxica treads the trail her instincts are leading her, and kinda like Toucan Sam's beak when it comes to sugary cereals, her shining horn leads her right in the direction of the most powerful Orgs in the area. Once she reaches the edge of the overpass, she cocks her head to the side, causing her horn to cease its glowing, while urging Jindrax, "C'mon!" He eagerly paces behind and beside her, both carefully stepping out from behind a pillar, and discovering the trio of Mut-Orgs inspecting their damage on the already junky car. The Duke Orgs are equally astonished by the gathering they witness, with Jindrax exclaiming with anxious gestures, "Huh? WHOA! We hit the JACKpot tonight! THREE Orgs!" Toxica replies with a wicked chuckle of triumph, and urges, "LET'S go!" The two Dukes press on, with none of the three Mut-Orgs aware of their presence, as if they're looking for bigger game. Only when the pair are upon them do they turn their attention toward the two, as Jindrax confidently announces, "Oh-kay, fellas. Listen UP!" Toxica struts over, turns around to stand between Rofang & Kired as her back is to Takach (who is still atop the trashed car's hood), and in a sultry but commanding tone, explains, "You THREE, are working for US, now." Jindrax folds his arms, and nods, "THAT'S right!" Rofang finally speaks, in a raspy voice, though currently only knowing how to talk in a somewhat alien tongue. What he says is actually backwards-speak, but for fun, figure it out yourself, "?!eb ot desoppus UOY era OHW dnA" Toxica cluelessly asks her partner, "Uhhh... WHAT did he say?" Jindrax feigns fluency, claiming arrogantly, "Ahh! I got this one. What he SAID was, 'We'd be happy to serve you, one-horned Duke Orgs!'" Toxica tries to appear confident about this being true, nodding and putting her right hand on her hip, and lifting her chin up a bit.

Without a word, Rofang & Kired walk slowly around Jindrax, leading the Master of Blades to believe his own lies, remarking, "SEE? They're JUST like dogs! It's ALL in the tone of your voice. You give 'em a command, and they'll follow it!" He crosses his arms again, lowering his guard, and allowing both Mut-Orgs behind him to give his back a forcible shove! Jindrax staggers forth and spins around, his back against Toxica, while facing Rofang & Kired as they point both of their weapons (sword and claw-hand respectively) directly at his chest. Both Duke Orgs are overcome with fear, as they find themselves surrounded by these ornery Mut-Orgs. They're forced to back up against the damaged car, ending up right in position for the hood-standing Takach to reach down, and with his broad arms, grab both Jindrax & Toxica at the same time! He lifts them off of their feet, and though the scene shifts to an exterior shot of the underpass suddenly, we're aware of what's going on by the echoing sounds of Toxica's squealing & screeching, and Jindrax's miserable pleading. We rejoin the Dukes as they're pitched over the side of the divider wall, Toxica the first to land harshly against the paved road that lead her to the strange trio. Jindrax is hurled over next, slamming against a wooden crate with his back, rolling off, and hitting the cement hard, winded grunts replacing his terrorized yelping. The three Mut-Orgs peer over the divider wall, looking down in more ways than one on the bruised and humbled Duke Orgs. Takach scrapes his blades against one another, as if dusting his hands off. They don't linger for long, pulling back from the view to return to their previously interrupted task. Jindrax and Toxica crawl over to the crate, climbing weakly back to their feet. They give weak moans and groans, until Jindrax harkens back to his dog comment, by griping, "Ohh, I HATE strays." No longer brandishing that tall time warper, Rofang is now holding a stout stick with a disked top and a crystal shard center protrusion. Electronic beeping and swishing noises sound lightly, as the crystal changes colors, from lime green, to red, to a faint yellow. Rofang then turns to his right, understanding what this device is telling him, following its signal in the proper direction. The other two Mut-Orgs join his side, marching slowly down the street. The Duke Orgs pull themselves up over the divider wall at last (someone should tell them they could just WALK around it). Jindrax watches the trio depart into the night mist distance, and can't help but wonder, "What is THEIR problem?!" Toxica slams her fist against the top of the wall, "We have ONE horn! WE'RE supposed to be THEIR masters!" In reference to the fact each of the Mut-Orgs has an unusual amount of pointy horns sticking haphazardly out of their heads (among other places), Jindrax counts his fingers, and dumbfoundedly asks, "But THEY have... Well... Way too MANY, horns! What's the rule on THAT?" Toxica turns to him, completely puzzled. Jindrax shrugs his shoulders, reiterating, "WELL?!" But by releasing his hold on the divider wall to shrug, he suddenly plummets back to the ground, screaming briefly before crashing into a cloud of dust. Toxica resumes staring off at the direction the trio departed towards, glaring angrily.

The following day, multiple sirens wail loudly, as a quartet of at least four black SUVs speed along a mid-city highway. Any traffic that could block their way retreats in the distance, the eyes of any pedestrians or drivers turning toward the emergency vehicles. A female voice urgently announces an alert over the communications radio in each of the SUVs, "Repeat! Code 11! All Silver Guardians, report to Cranston Plaza." (a reference to old Blue Ranger, Billy Cranston). In the lead SUV, which Eric drives, Wes grips the headset in his right ear and replies into the mic, "Copy that. We're on our way." The SG SUVs now have the whole four-lane roadway to themselves (so much so that they're actually going the wrong way in terms of street sign designation), heading towards the center of the city. As the camera pans back from the vooming vehicles with flashing lights atop their roofs, we see their destination, a plume of acrid grey smoke rising from behind a bridge, small bursts of flames at the base. Over at the scene of the Code 11, the source of the disturbance is exposed to be those three Mut-Orgs. Few fleeting citizens in their path scatter in all directions, women screaming and men yelping. As the plaza courtyard becomes increasingly emptied, greater detail can be examined concerning the damaged debris and small fires pocketing the smoke-filled zone. The trio of Mut-Orgs pace slowly forth, triumphant in their terror. Rofang in the middle, marching with his ever-sneering grin and his sword resting against his right shoulder; Takach on his right; and Kired on his left. They reach a random spot, and begin to hear the increasingly loudening sirens. No, it's not the sound of approaching defiance that brings them pause, but the fact they've reached the edge of the plaza, mere steps from the driveway, which the quartet of SUVs are swiftly swerving unto. The vehicles maneuver around the fiery rubble strewn about, and pulling up to the trio of evil with enough cautious space while still maintaining a proper range for attack. The well-trained troops known as the Silver Guardians immediately pile out of their SUVs, placing down a few rocket launchers in front of their strategically parked trucks, while fellow soldiers brace their small, hand-held laser blasters against the hoods & windows of said vehicles. Other Silver Guardians, both hands on their weapons, lean against light-posts, the SUVs, or whatever is available. The amplified sound of co-Commander Eric's voice echoes out into their near-vicinity, "Guardians! Move into position!" Though, these soldiers need no orders to do as instructed many times hence.

Even as the final members of this platoon continue to race into their defensive and offensive stance locations, the two Commanders take center positions, facing the trio of Mut-Orgs with stone-like opposition. Wes proclaims directly at the creatures over his tightly-held laser, "HALT! WE are the Silver Guardians! You're under arrest!" Eric finishes off this sort of 'Mutant Miranda', by warning, "Surrender NOW, or we WILL be forced to SHOOT!" The Mut-Orgs continue standing silent and still, having not barely twitched a muscle since the Silver Guardians arrived. Takach starts to jerk his body about, as if quietly scoffing at the assembled soldiers before him. Rofang merely lifts his left arm, prompting Kired to turn to the seeming self-appointed leader, and nod. Kired, the only one of the three equipped with wings, makes a mighty leap into the air. His slender legs and leathery wings enable him to soar straight up from his launching point, rising up to an altitude rivaling the dome-like building directly behind them. This move seems to take the SG Commanders by surprise, as Wes' eyes nearly bulge out, and even Eric is more than a little alarmed, as all attention turns skyward. Kired floats effortlessly in place, before lifting his lengthy hands across his face, and releasing them, along with a yellowish red beam of energy! The bolt, coming from both his technorganic mouth and from a red jewelish flash at the center of his chest at the same time, launches downward with an audible electric noise, which gives way to the sound of destruction, as the blast strikes the cemented ground just to the right and behind the Silver Guardians' SUVs. A fireball eruption lifts upwards from the bull's-eye of this bolt, the surrounding plaza rocked by the impact. Kired turns his aim slightly, the same explosive process is repeated on the opposite side of the area. A third attack is spewed forth from this airborne menace, hitting precisely behind the majority of the troopers, at the center of this militaristic formation. It strikes so close to the humans, that both Eric & Wes lose their grip on their weapons, so shaken by the shockwave from the nearby collision of Earth and inhuman energy. A pair of Guardians are launched over the SUV's hood by the erupting fireball, occurring basically where they were just standing a moment before. Kired remains hovering above, coughing off another jolt of fiery fury at the same spot as before.

It's Takach's turn, which he prepares for by raising his pair of twin wheel-blades, and unleashing an eerie combination of laughter & wicked grunts, in the Mut-Org manner of backwards-speak. The Silver Guardians are knocked for a loop, but their leaders come through with commands despite the shake-up. Wes & Eric stumble forth and grasp against a boulderish hunk of debris, using its stability to re-aim their blasters. Both Commanders scream toward their soldiers in disjointed unison, "OPEN FIRE!" Instantly, the Guardians start pulling the triggers of their small blasters, popping off tiny blobs of purple laserpower, shot by shot. Takach marches through this oncoming rain of miniscule might, shrugging off each sparking hit to his person with a mere reverse grunt. Upon reaching the front row of troops, the Mut-Org begins engaging them in close combat. His wheel blades come in handy, as he swats aside one Guardian, blocks the kick of a second, and twirls, trying to strike a third (who ducks under and avoids getting struck). Takach concludes this initiate assault by switching tactics, and kicking his foot up to stomp into a Guardian that lunges at him, knocking the man back windedly. Nearby, the leader of the Mut-Orgs takes on the leaders of the Silver Guardians. Rofang snarls reversely, while parrying his sword toward Wes. Clearly seeing this well enough in advance, he simply holds out his blaster, and tries to get a shot off. But Wes isn't quick enough, and Rofang easily slaps him and his weapon painfully aside. Before the Mut-Org can take advantage of this, Eric charges at him. Rofang quickly twists around and kicks him in the chest, knocking the co-Commander onto his back, landing against a slab of debris with a grunt. The Mut-Org returns to facing Wes, ducking under as the human throws a spinning jump kick at him, followed by a straight kick to the chest, which Rofang blocks with his sword. Next, Wes goes for a few punches at the tall creature, but lacking any distractions to his concentration, Rofang is able to deflect every blow with the simple use of his right forearm. After about three failed hits by Wes, Rofang returns the gesture with a double-smack to his chest, sending the SG Commander flying off his feet, and landing harshly against a concrete rubble boulder.

Wonder what Kired's up to? Probably not. But, just for the record, he's back on the ground, exhaling streams of crimson energy at a couple of Silver Guardians still situated in position between their SUVs. The men cry out as the explosive eruptions send a few of them hurtling just as quickly up as down. Elsewhere in the plaza, Takach shoves one Guardian over casually, before being confronted by another, aiming his blaster almost point-blankly at him. The Mut-Org manages to not only smack this guy away, but another Guardian that runs up beside him as well, in one fell swoop of the wheel-blades! Back at the main battle, taking place in the middle of the courtyard, Rofang backs away as Eric presses up at him with a pair of sharp jump kicks. The Mut-Org doesn't flinch, but instead counters Eric's cyclone spin kick with a kick of his own, which knocks the SG Commander away enough while inflicting no harm on either one. Unfortunately, it instead allows Rofang to sweep his sword underneath Eric's feet once the human lands on both feet a second later, making him flip over and smash against his side. Rofang snarls a raspy noise, letting up on the Guardians for just a moment. Eric, breathing labouredly and grimacing in agony, remains crouched on one knee at first, watching his enemy carefully. Then Wes rushes to his side, and while grabbing his left arm & lifting him up, urges, "Let me HELP you." They stand close together, staring concernedly as the three Mut-Orgs regroup before them. At each of their sides, the combined might of their Silver Guardians lie broken and defeated all about the plaza, not a single soldier lacking some fatigue. Realizing they've no options remaining, Eric & Wes exchange glances, each giving one another a solemn nod. They shake off their physical stress, and face the trio of evil with intent to bring their mere human forms up a level. Wes is first, gesturing his arms at either side, crossing his hands at the wrist, then spreading them out again quickly, before bringing his right hand against the silver & black oval device on his left wrist, all the while proclaiming with vigor, "TIME for... TIME FORCE!" Not needing as much of a wind-up as his partner (not doing anything at all until Wes' pause in his signal command), Eric's own gesture consists of simply lifting his left arm, and speaking loudly into the crimson and black device on his left wrist, "QUANTUM POWER!" Their final two words overlap, making their pair of morphs simultaneous. Stretched to fit the screen, their morphing sequences play side by side, Wes into Red Time Force Ranger on the left, and Eric into the Quantum Ranger on the right. You know how their sequences go already, I hope.

Now sporting their new, enhanced, spandex-suited exteriors, the co-Commanders of the Silver Guardians pose back to back for but a moment. Red TF Ranger urges, "Alright, Eric! Let's FINISH this!", right before they break apart their stance and dash forward, going separate ways. Wes aims for Rofang, rushing at him and doing a sideways bicycle kick, causing the Mut-Org to stagger aback a few feet. Though his kicks did land true, Rofang is unfazed, simply dusting off his blocky chest and giving a throaty reversal-laugh. Red Ranger is baffled by the creature's intense strength, only able to muster up a dumbfounded, "Huh...?!", before Rofang punts him in the chest, sending Wes screamingly flying backwards into another chunk of concrete! He hits the debris, it slows his helpless progression, but at a painful price, leading to Wes rolling over and falling flat against the cement. Somewhere close, Quantum Ranger gets kicked in the chest by Takach. Eric spins around, and grasps his solar plexus after this hit, crying out briefly from the strike. He regains his bearings quick enough, and faces the ferociously grunting Mut-Org. Quantum Ranger makes a fierce gesture of his arms, bellowing a short but raging roar, before leaping up off the ground, kicking each foot forth, repeatedly striking Takach in the chest on the way up. The Mut-Org's chest sparks, and he's forced back a few steps, as this attack comes in both slow-motion and with the sound giving a hallow echo (an effect done a few times this ep). After about three kicks, Eric swings around while hovering above Takach, trying to land a boot swipe against his spiky skull. The Mut-Org slips under, out of his foot's reach, and with a vicious grunt, raises one of his wheel-blades, striking the Quantum Ranger in the chest! Eric is tossed out of his momentarily hovering position, his chest sparking as a result of the hit, and his body flipping over, coming to a rough stomach landing on a slab of rubble. Takach chuckles reversely, just as Kired pops out from behind him, wanting to get in on this action. Quantum Ranger stands back up, clutching his chest, and boasting between ragged breaths, only half right in his assumption of their origins, "You mutants haven't beaten us YET!" Kired responds by simply flying straight up again, reaching a high enough position, and as Eric gives another disoriented, "Huh?!", lets loose one more concentrated stream of bright laserpower. The energy rains down on Quantum Ranger, engulfing him totally. The blast only long enough to put Eric in a world of hurt, leaving lingering sparks and smoke to surround him, as he flays about until the instant the onslaught ends.

Elsewhere in that same small plaza courtyard, Rofang stands around, sword slung on shoulder as usual, casually pointing his left hand forward, and with a howl, shooting off a beam of energy. Red Time Force Ranger finds himself in the line of fire, so via the type of slow motion dramatic special effects you've come to expect from Crouching Matrixy movies, he goes horizontal, spinning like a tornado on its side. Thanks to his magical Ranger powers, physical can be defied, and in keeping this corkscrewing stance, Wes is held just above the Mut-Org's beam of orange laserpower, which streaks just below him, its head sharpened like an arrow while its trail flows like a flame. The beam slams into a chunk of debris once this slow-mode shot is done, creating a sparking burst of smoke where it lands. Rofang tosses another blast the Ranger's way, but it comes up way too short. Allowed to cease his mid-air hovering spin, Wes lands both feet back on the ground, and immediately cries out, "CHRONO-BLASTER!" Red Ranger now wields the white blaster gun that comes with his powers, naming it toy-correctly for the first time onscreen... ever! Wes fires off a few bolts of green plasma energy from the Chrono-Blaster, aiming toward the Mut-Org. Rofang takes this in total stride, able to lift his sword in the way of the approaching bolts at the last second, and absorb them into the blade! He twirls around, growling reversely all the while, and as his sword surges with the remnant light of the redirected green energy, changes it into his usual orange power. With one forward thrust of his sword, Rofang fires a beam of searing orange light at the Red TF Ranger. Wes is unable to defend himself against this doubly-charged bolt, forced to merely stand there as the blast crashes just behind him, creating a massive fireball which lifts him up in the air as it explodes! The Red Ranger screams as a reaction, his arms whipping about, while he's forcibly thrown skyward by the eruption behind his back. Rofang stands there rigidly, awaiting the chance to make his next move.

So, here's the scene as it stands. At Cranston Plaza, in Silver Hills, the three Mut-Orgs have regrouped. Not as a last ditch effort, but just to march triumphantly forth, as the Red Time Force & Quantum Power Rangers stagger away ahead of them! Wes & Eric lean on each other, both weary and ragged from battle. You know if these two tough warriors are worn out, it means they're either rusty from not having to fight monsters in a while, or because these three creatures are the Altoids of monsters: curiously strong! Our two heroes are just ahead of the Mut-Orgs, but their escape from the constant pummeling gets slowed when Eric's leg gives out, and he falls onto the ground, crying out in agony. Wes tries to help his partner up, but realizing he's in too much pain to move, chooses to, instead, turn and guard him against the trio of monsters by holding out his arms in a menacing crouched pose while facing them. Quantum Ranger recovers enough to climb up on a knee, and ask his fellow human between grunts, "Wes! I thought all mutants were CAPtured and sent BACK to the future!" Red Time Force Ranger turns his head only quickly to Eric, while still keeping a concentrated eye on the approaching creatures, agreeing "So did I!" Only a few steps ahead of the pair of red-suited Power Rangers, the Mut-Orgs pause in their progression. Rofang, sword casually slung over his shoulder as usual, responds to the humans' comments (proving they can understand English) in his native tongue, "!nEKATsim erew owt uoy sseug I" Suddenly, a male voice screams out from offscreen, "FALCON SUMMONER!" Both Red TF & Quantum Rangers turn around to the source of the sound, with the Mut-Orgs looking forward at the same. A bright red ball of blinding laser energy floats across the damaged plaza, passing just enough over the heads of the two Rangers for them to duck down and back to avoid it. The Mut-Orgs are taken by surprise, and the bolt of energy slams right into Rofang, creating a controlled explosion that rips out from the impact point to envelope all three of the beasts. With the Mut-Orgs down for the moment, Quantum & Red TF Rangers resume looking behind them, as Wes wonders, "Who's THAT?!" Their saviors step out from beneath a shadowed corridor, and pause atop the short flight of cement steps. It's the five Wild Force Rangers, the stars of this current season! At the center of the congregation, is the Red Lion WF Ranger, holding the Falcon Summoner (in Archer Mode), braced for more, and demanding to the monsters, "Hold it right THERE, Orgs!" Relieved and reinvigorated, Eric & Wes rise up together, with the latter exclaiming, "Alright! MORE Rangers!" The newly arrived heroes jump up, touch the ground, and pose in slow motion, proclaiming in unison, "Power Rangers... WILD Force!"

Red TF Ranger nods sharply, and cheers, "Yeah!", while his cooler headed partner remains silent. Both turn around, when the three Mut-Orgs begin to recover from the surprise attack. Takach & Kired are quite angered, preparing to charge forth and clobber the seven Rangers. Rofang, still in the middle, holds both of his men back by blocking their paths with his arms. The two Mut-Orgs pause and look to their leader. He makes not a sound, forcing them to comply on sheer trust of his judgment. With Takach & Kired quelled for the moment, Rofang slowly lowers his arms, and holds up his left hand, allowing that stout stick device to audibly materialize in his hand. It appears via a sparkling glow of purple particles, with a faint green beam swirling upwards from the bottom of the handle, the device becoming fully physical once it reaches that crystal at the very top. Said crystal is shining red at the moment, and I should point out the handle has a skull face symbol on both sides, with two thick horns sticking up that hold the sides of that disk plate thing the crystal is at the top center of. All three Mut-Orgs glance at this device, with Kired making the most movements of his head. Rofang replies by glancing to each one of them, and moving his head also, prompting Takach to nod his head. You can tell these guys have been in their relationship for quite a while, given how they can tell what each other is thinking without even saying a word. It's beautiful. So, all three Mut-Orgs make an about-face, and walk back toward the center of the plaza, teleporting away simultaneously in midstep, via a loud flash-fade of beige light. The pair of Silver Guardian Commanders rush after them, making their move a moment too late. Red Time Force Ranger punches into the air, and grunts furiously, "Unagh! They got aWAY!" Quantum Ranger calmly assures him, "We'll get 'em next time." They both nod at one another, and in perfect timing, hold their left arms up across their chests, press the buttons on their Chrono & Quantum Morphers, and proclaim in unison, "Power DOWN!" A visual blast of green digital data swarms around them, both their wrists glowing with a bright light, which fades as their bodies go from red suited, back to navy SG uniforms. That's called demorphing, don't cha know.

The Wild Force Rangers race up to come face to face with the Commanders of the Silver Guardians. Blue Shark WF Ranger sorta gestures a nose-snub, before folding his arms, and cockily commenting, "Heh! Looks like we got here JUST in time!" Eric walks over closer in front of the group, acting a tad upstaged, as he asks, "What're YOU guys doing here?!" Glancing at the ground and touching her masked chin in contemplation once she sees the Quantum Ranger's real face, Yellow Eagle WF Ranger thinks softly aloud, "I recognize him from somewhere..." Suddenly, she remembers, staring back up at him, and shouting, "HEY!" Eric turns to her, with a slightly confused expression. Taylor demorphs in a quick flash of yellow (a nice effect, where the two green eyes of the eagle helmet design kind of slip down and merge with her normal eyes), points her finger at him briefly, and recalls in a furor, "You're the one who gave me a ticket this morning!" Eric appears a little stunned to see the speed limit violator again in such a coincidental role. Taylor steps forth, coming up to his face, and mentioning offendedly, "We just HELPED you. The least you could do is say THANKS!" She gives him a dirty look, and Eric glowers right back at her, the tension quite thick between these two. With the plaza still devoid of civilians, the other four Wild Force Rangers cross their right hands over their chest, and command in unison, "Power Down!" Their bodies flash and fade back to their normal human forms, simultaneously. Danny & Cole are smiling and acting excited about meeting more Power Rangers, while Max & Alyssa exchange more subdued glances.

Eric & Taylor continue their staring contest, looking ready to go round and round in a literal sense, until Danny & Cole break in between them on both sides. Cole softly pulls the pair apart, and cautions them, "Whoa, whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa. WAIT a second, guys." Danny happily reminds the two, "C'mon, guys! We're all RANGers here...", turning to teammate, "Right, Taylor?", and then to Eric, "Right?!" Eric nods, and puts aside his personal attraction, be it fatal or otherwise, to the blonde female, reluctantly confirming, "Alright, alright", before patting Danny's hand, which is currently on his shoulder, and pulling it off of him immediately after. Wes appears quietly bemused during all of this, as he stands behind his partner, smirking. Glancing to Danny & Cole slightly, though keeping his focus more on Taylor, Eric warns, "But why don't you guys leave fighting the Mutants... to the big boys?" Max turns to an equally confused Alyssa, and corrects the Silver Guardian, "Mutants? You mean Orgs." Wes & Eric, in harmony, reply, "Orgs?!" The Wild Force Activists all look to one another and noddingly agree. The SG Commanders exchange glances, unsure of just who is right and who is wrong here. Wes turns his gaze off to the ground, perplexed for a moment, before nodding to himself, and informing the newest Rangers, "Listen, guys. We have to go. Thanks for your help." He extends his right hand to Cole, who smiles proudly and returns the gesture, shaking the hand of his fellow Red Ranger. Cole concurs, "Anytime." They break off their hand shake, and Wes departs, patting the chest of his partner, and urging, "C'mon." Eric, who's been spending this whole time mostly glaring at Taylor, who does the same in return, doesn't budge. Wes has to stop his progression and head back to pull him along by the arm, insisting, "Come onnn!" He follows the Co-Commander, but manages a glance back at Taylor on the way. Wes grips the mic on his headset, and with a wave of his left arm, shouts to the Silver Guardians, who have regrouped in this former battleground and are cooling their heels all about, "Alright, let's pack it up, and move out!!" The WF Activists smile and wave goodbye... well, all but Taylor, who remains standing still with a disgruntled expression on her face. Cole says softly aloud, "Let's go, guys." He and Danny head back to Max & Alyssa, all turning their vested backs on the courtyard, as SGs race around, getting in their SUVs and doing as their Commander ordered. Taylor lingers, and once out of anyone's hearing range, she mimmics in a mocking tone Eric's earlier comment, "'Leave the fighting to the big boys!' Who does he think he IS?"

Not long later, on the floating turtle-shaped island known as the Animarium, within the Temple Ruins, four of the five Wild Force Activists sit around the table, along with Princess Shayla, while the fifth member, Taylor, stands off by herself. She has her back to her teammates, arms folded, more or less sulking with a glower upon her face from the butting of heads with the Silver Guardian co-commander. Alyssa remarks to her pals, "SOMEthing about those Orgs is different!" Cole, Max & Danny all nod in agreement. She then wonders, "And, why did those other Rangers call them 'Mutants'?" The Princess, who has lately been seemingly cutting back on watching the battles her wards go through, is surprised, asking the group, "You met OTHER Power Rangers?!" They all nod, with Cole remarking, "Yep", and Alyssa going, "Mm-hmm!" Shayla excitedly quizzes, "Well, were they nice?!" Max, Danny, and Cole nod & smile as giddily as the Princess, and more or less confirm in unison, "YEAH!" Taylor spins around to face the team across the temple floor, exclaiming sourly, "NO." They all stare at her dumbfoundedly, prompting her to pout a little as she turns her back to them once more. Max has her even-more-mean-than-usual attitude figured out, poking fun at her in a haughty tone, "Taylor especially liked the QUANTUM RANGER... Huuuhhh? YEAH!" Taylor glares at Max, with a disgusted expression on her face, one which tries in vain to hide her blossoming attraction to Eric. Alyssa shouts Max's name, and Cole puts his finger to his mouth and shushes the boy in blue, as Danny grabs his buddy's mouth, covering it in an attempt to keep him from instigating more ire from the team's resident grouch. Taylor merely storms off in a teeth-clenched huff, leaving her teammates bemused by her current demeanor and trying their best to hide it.

Meanwhile, in Silver Hills, namely, that good old stock shot of the mirror-windowed building known as Bio-Lab, lies the headquarters of the Silver Guardians. Well, it's around back, of course. As SG troops march across the garage in formation in one direction, and others go about their tasks in the background, the Commanders convene. Wes, carrying a familiar yellow Time Force-brand briefcase, approaches his co-Commander, who awaits by an SUV, back against the back window, arms folded, likely lost in thought about Taylor as she is about him. His mentally-distracted attention is gained by Wes' calling out, "Er-ic!" Eric snaps to as Wes reaches his position, and quickly opens up the back door of the vehicle, allowing his partner to lay down the yellow case in the spaceous grey-felt trunk area. Wes begins to open the case, while stating, "Alright... First we have to contact the future. Find out if any MUtants have escaped." Inside the yellow box, with TF-insignia on the front, is a styrofoam lined set of compartments, each with a specific device firmly in place: a pair of silver-rimmed Time Force issue scanner sunglasses, a small black box-shaped device, a black rectangular device with an LCD screen atop, a tiny silver sliver of metal, two silver antennae, and a small silver remote. Wes removes the pair of antennae, and the remote, recloses the case, then pushes it aside. He hands one of the antennae to Eric, who takes it, places it down just a foot or so across the trunk from the one Wes is placing down, and simulatniously, they both extend the antennae to their full length. Eric folds his arms again, and as both SG Commanders gaze down in the empty space between the transmitters, Wes holds out the remote, finally clicking on the single button atop it. With an audible electrical zip, the inter-chronal transmitter comes to life, displaying a holographic view-screen between the two antennae. Yes, this is a good old Holoscreen, as used many times in PRTF, left with the SG Commanders in case of an emergency. Answering the line on the other side of the millennium, is none other than Trip Regis, the Green Time Force Ranger! He's wearing his TF uniform, and standing in front of a large window at TF HQ, which shows the futuristic designed archtecture in the distance, looking as it always did. The green-haired Xybrian immediately smiles upon spotting his former teammates contacting him from 1000 years in the past. Trip gasps, "WES! Eric! Oh, it's good to SEE you!" Eric replies rather seriously, "Hey, Trip." Wes, too, isn't as excited to see his little buddy again, given the current mystery, asking directly, "Have any mutants escaped from the future?" Trip is a bit at a loss to explain at first, staring through the Holoscreen blankly, hesitant to answer, and stammering (not as ineptly as he used to, showing subtle signs of having matured a lot since returning to 3000), "Ohh, uhh..." Wes & Eric exchange quick glances of concern, prompting heir to the Collins' fortune to concernedly ask, "Trip? PLEASE. You have to tell us what you know." Swallowing hard, obviously not as good a liar as some of the others who work for the futuristic police squad (such as the highly-manipulative Alex Drake), Trip spills the beans, "Time Force was tracking three fugitives in the year 3001. How they showed up in the year 2002 is... beyond me." (the camera moves during the scene, with the point of view in the Holoscreen following the movement nicely) Again, Wes & Eric exchange stern glances. The Xybrian from a millennium ahead has another, more grim confession to make, "Oh, and, there's... There's something you should know, Wes... Umm... Jen was assigned a special mission to arrest those... mutants. But, we... we lost contact with her a few weeks ago." Wes' expression shifts from inqusitively serious, to dreadfully concerned as his one-time teammate reveals this. Eric simply places his gloved hand to his chin in contemplation. Without another word, the Holoscreen shuts off, likely done by Trip in an effort to give his friend some time to deal with this sad news. Wes turns and steps away from the SUV, softly saying Jen's name aloud. He clearly is worried for his soulmate, but is visibly feeling helpless in this situation. Eric, never one for emotion, pats his partner on the shoulder, showing as much comfort as he possibly can for his pal. Once Eric walks off, Wes remains behind, turning his gaze upon the sky, at a loss for what could have happened to the Pink Time Force Ranger.

That night, on top of a nondescript building just to the outskirts of a city, the Mut-Orgs hang around, still searching for something. Kired is up on the upper, higher roof spot, while Takach & Rofang are down in the lower alley-like area of the building's roof. The winged one paces about, looking for any sign of their target. Rofang, still in their backwards-speak alien tongue, addresses his fellow Mut-Org, saying, ".neddih LLEW si grO retsaM .nwod emoc nac uoY !deriK" Kired hops down with a deep grunt, landing before the group's leader, and commenting in the strange language, ".worromot emuser lliw eW !noos mih dnif TSUM eW" As Kired speaks, a mysterious figure nearby, evesdrops from behind a stack of cardboard boxes. The feminine hands, in finger-less black leather gloves, adjusts a small, hand-held device of strange design. A red, faintly-beeping, light starts to flash, as the human holds the device up in the air slightly. This causes the Mut-Orgs' language to be translated into words we can understand, with Kired finishing his statement by gloating, "He will help to pollute Earth. Create more Orgs!" Rofang nods, lifts up that stout-stick locator device of his, and proclaims, "We will RULE future! Hahaha!" The mysterious figure causes her translator to make a loud beep, likely by accident, and the sound is noticed by the Mut-Orgs. She quickly slips away, a brief shot of her lips and chin visible beneath a dark hood shows us that it is indeed a female. Rofang points his sword at the stack of junk, noting to his teammates (no longer being translated), "!sexob esoht dniheb gnidih gnihtemos si erehT" Takach grunts a little, readying his twin blades, and marches over to the cardboard pile, maliciously offering, "!kcehc LL'I" He begins to slice into the boxes, his right blade trailing with yellow energy, and his left with blue. The boxes are cut down in their prime, exposing no trace of anyone having ever hidden behind them. Rofang scolds his Mut-Org partners, "!sekatsim yna droffa TONNAC eW .luferac erom eb ot owt uoy tnaw I", and as he walks away, urges, "!no EMOC" Kired follows without uttering a sound, and Takach responds obeyingly, ".gnafoR ,seY" None of the Mut-Orgs bother to look up, but even if they did, they would likely no notice that the person who had been spying on them is belding in with the night, while backed against the brick dividing wall on the upper part of the roof. The cloaked woman in black waits a moment, and lunges offscreen, in opposite direction of the fugitives from the future.

The following morning, Taylor walks out to a parking lot, empty of all vehicles save for her new yellow Mustang convertible. She's still in a bad mood, as we see her swinging the keys around floppily, and grimacing annoyedly. Right as she's about to open up her car with her keys (notice, her door is locked, but her windows are down! Just goes to show how distracted she's been), the Silver Guardian-issued SUV pulls up on the scene! Taylor doesn't take too kindly to seeing them again, or at the very least, the dark-haired member of the pair of SG Commanders, exhaling in a huff and crossing her arms. Eric & Wes exit their SUV (Eric having been driving, and Wes taking off his sunglasses as he gets out), and approach Taylor, who snidely comments, "Shouldn't you guys be searching for your 'mutants' instead of giving me more tickets?" Wes calmly corrects her, "No. We need your help." Taylor, addressing Eric more than the red-beret wearing man, folds her arms again, and cockily remarks, "Oh, so... NOW you want help from us!" Eric gives back to the blonde lady in yellow the same amount of animosity she has been dishing out to him, explaining firmly, "LISTEN. We think that if we can... combine our knowledge, well, we can STOP those mutants." He steps away from the staring contest with Taylor while saying this, walking around to a less tenseful position near Wes and far enough from her. She corrects their assumption of the Mut-Orgs' species as best as she knows it, "First off, they're not mutants. But... if you guys are really serious about fighting ORGS?" Taylor mostly looks at Eric during this, but when she glances to Wes, he gives a very solumn nod of confirmation. She finally gets that they really mean business, and overcomes her recent attitude problem to sternly agree, "Okay... Follow me."
On the Animarium, within the upper left 'turtle fin' of the island's shape, lies the Temple Ruins. Taylor enters through the stone entrance corridor, which, has yet to be explained entirely (and never is. Just assume what is to be implied, there's a mystical teleport spot hidden somewhere in Turtle Cove that allows access to the Ruins, similar to the Fawcett City subway entrance to the Rock of Eternity in the Shazam! comics), along with Wes & Eric. The Silver Guardian Commanders are clearly puzzled by their jungle surroundings, but continue to follow the lady in the yellow vest & shirt into the Ruins. Suddenly, the Eagle Wildzord swoops down overhead, barely brushing along the tops of the trees, and screeching nobally, as if welcoming its human guardian back. Both Wes & Eric duck down alertly when this occurs, Eric nearly drawing his Quantum Defender from the holster on the right side of his belt! Taylor chukles, and proudly tells them, "That's my Eaglezord." She places her hands behind her back casually, and rather smugly remarks, "I'll bet you've never seen ANYthing like it!" Taylor presses on by herself at first, as the SG Commanders remain staring skyward for a moment. Eric, in a near-whisper to his partner, scoffs at her bravado, "A giant eagle, huh? Big deal." Wes gestures his hand in front of Eric's chest, motioning for him to cool it down. While Wes walks ahead of him, Eric finishes his own Zord-boasting on deaf ears, by claiming, "You should see my Q-Rex." The two SG Commanders reach the temple floor, with Cole hopping down from his crouching spot on the huge stone lion's back, to greet his fellow Red Power Ranger in person. He slaps Wes five, and smilingly states, "Good to SEE you guys again!" Alyssa, Max, and Danny all gather around with pleasant expressions, while Taylor keeps walking until she reaches the other side of the floor. A ball of light-blue energy rises from the Viewing Pond beneath the gorilla statue, and materializes into Princess Shayla with briefly lingering sparkles. She greets the two strangers nicely enough, "Welcome, friends. I'm Princess Shayla!" Having reached the center of the floor (with Taylor sitting on top of the table just behind them), Wes smiles slightly and nods, mostly caught up in admiring the look of the place, while Eric doesn't quite know what to make of everything. Alyssa curiously asks with her usual bright grin, "So... what brings you two all the way up here?" Wes explains to her and the others, "Well... We came to ask you guys about these 'Orgs'. We've NEVER encountered creatures like those before." He turns his attention to the Princess, aware that she's the wisest of the bunch. Shayla "The monsters you fought earlier were DEFINITELY Orgs. But... they're NOT like any I've ever seen before."

Wes silently processes this for a moment, when something on his person bleeps. He quickly reaches into his holster, and pulls out the two transmitter antennae. Wes gestures to Eric, who takes one of them, and while the Wild Force Activists watch in quiet confusion, the two Silver Guardian Commanders set down the transmitters on the edge of the wooden table, raising the antennae simulatiously. Everyone gathers behind and between the pair, Eric removing his hat, as Wes presses the button on the remote, activating the inter-timeline-ish transmitter ka-thingy. The Holoscreen hums to life, and as I've explained before, it's just a thin screen of light between the two antennae, but depending on your position when looking at it, the image changes respectfully to that of the person on the other end of the transmission. Hence, the camera is behind the Holoscreen to show the group in the present watching it, we see the back of Trip's head in the image. Anyway, Trip greets his old teammates, "HEY, guys! Oh... I see you have company." The five Wild Force Activists... how do they take the sight of this technology from the future? Well, their eyes widen and their jaws drop, almost in unison, with Shayla a little less stunned, and Cole the widest-eyed of all. Trip continues to inform Wes & Eric of recent news, "Anyway, I've been doing some research for you, and I've got some information that I think is gonna help." Eric glances over to Taylor during this, and sees her expression of awe over the Holoscreen. When she notices him looking at her, she drops the look of surprise, and returns to her usual glowering. Eric can't help but smirk bemusedly, having trumped her in the competition of who has the most impressive toys. The green-haired Xybrian on the Holoscreen reveals, "I found out that those three monsters that attacked you earlier, are not JUST mutants. They're ALSO half Org!" (notice, knowledge of Orgs as a race seems to exist a thousand years from now) Wes speaks for the group when he utters the hushed proclamation of shock, "What?!" Danny & Max exchange puzzled expressions, everyone visibly shaken by this. Trip goes on to report, "In-in light of this... evidence, Time Force has classified these suspects as 'Mut-Orgs'." Alyssa, ever the inquisitive college student, nearly demand to know when asking, "How can they be both Mutant AND Org?!" Trip shakes his head, and shrugs slightly, replying cluelessly, "I... I don't... I dunno." He adds ominously, "But, I THINK I know someone who can help us." The WF gang look at one another baffedly, having no idea what the alien guy from a thousand years hence is talking about. Wes, though, knows too well, and as he glances away from the Holoscreen, the thought of who can help hangs heavy on his mind.

Soon, concurrently in the year 3001 (or 3002... whatever year it is by now), a quick shot of the pink-hued futuristic dwellings surrounding Time Force HQ are shown. It's a shot recycled from Timeranger, and the first ep of PRTF, ya know, with the people in white attire dwelling about, and flying vehicles zipping through the air. Speaking of "Force From The Future, Pt. 1", the shot of Alex's TF patrol car taking off down the empty street with sirens wailing is next recycled here, in an attempt to show as much of the world 1000 years from now as budgetarily possible. Finally, we get a new location shot of the year 3001+, by using the old NASADA building with digitally added-in buildings and towers against that always sickly purple & orange sky. There's even a few flying vehicles hovering above the city, and wouldn't you know it, but the Astro Megaship is there (not the ORIGINAL, but of the same design), and not to mention what appears to be a Space Ranger riding a Galaxy Glider (recycled material of one, but hey, it'd be neat if it were meant to be one and not just a random person on a random hovering surfboard). Anyways, the NASADA building, with all sorts of mechanical doo-dads lying about to dress it up considerably, is what appears to be a type of preschool. Little children in baggy jumpsuit-style attire frolic about, playing with oversized plastic balls, and all kinds of fun things, laughing it up. Two kids, a boy and girl, sit at a small white table with what appears to be their teacher: a young woman with pink hair, and a dress made up of pink cotton candy-like material. It's Nadira, daughter of Ransik, and former mutant villaness. She reformed when we last saw her in "The End Of Time", and it appears she's gone on to make positive use of her child-like mentality. Nadira picks up a small green spider-like toy with long legs, and tells the two children, "EXcellent. Today, we're going to learn about this Oogily-boogily monster! It's..." Before she can thrill the kids (who don't seem too interested in learning anything) with the backstory of the creature, the sound of the TF patrol car's sirens get closer. Nadira looks up, and the sight of the car having pulled up to the sidewalk causes her to turn her attention toward the parked vehicle. First to step out, of the passenger side, is the Time Force-uniform wearing woman named Katie Walker! The Yellow Time Force Ranger, with slightly shorter hair since we last saw her, is next joined by her fellow TF Officer, and Blue Time Force Ranger, Lucas Kendall, who had been driving the patrol car (what he does best). Both have their Chrono-Morphers on their left wrists, and Lucas is wearing his TF-issued sunglasses. Nadira immediately stands up and squeals in recognition of her former foes (and in Lucas' case, former love interest), "KATIE! LUCAS! AHH!", before rushing over (as best she can in those boots) and giving Katie a huge hug, squealing excitely all the more. She holds Katie's arms in hers, asking joyfully, "How ARE you two?!" Lucas remains back, arms folded, acting cool as ever. Katie motions to Nadira's always highly-fashionable outfit, and referencing the fact when she was last seen, Nadira was near-death, happily comments, "Well, it looks like you're doing MUCH better from the LAST time we saw you!" Nadira sighs and nods, telling Lucas, "Thanks to YOU, for setting it up with the board.", referring to the fact she's working with the kiddies instead of doing time. Lucas, barely cracking even a grin, removes his sunglasses, and tells the pink-haired ex-con, "Nadira... we need your help." Nadira's vibrant smile fades as she sees his serious expression.

In the present, in what seems to be a warehouse loading dock someplace in the city, Eric stands beside his parked SG SUV, holding the right earpiece of his headset. Danny's out in the middle of the lot, staring up at the sky. Max walks up behind him, and pats his back, urging him to follow, while Taylor lingers around the front of the SUV, watching the two best friends from afar, causing her to smirk. Danny wonders to his pal, "How can we beat them if they're half-mutant, and half-Org?" Max leads the big man in the black vest over to the near end of the lot, stops him, and points back in Eric's direction, assuring him, "Hey... DON'T worry! Look... With the Time Force guys on our side? We can take 'em." Danny nods, but appears worried still. Max slaps his arm, and reminds him, "Hey... NEVER give up, right?" Danny nods more confidently, smiling, "NEVER give up, yeah!" Max slaps his arm again, exclaiming, "YE-eah!" Danny repeats with a little more gusto, "Yeah!" Max, once more, slaps his arm, getting more pumped up as he shouts, "YEAH!" So, Danny, really getting into this morale-boosting now, flexes his arms and screams, "YEEAAAH!" Both he & Max jump up and at one another, attempting to beat chests against one another macho-like. But Max, considerably smaller in height and width, not to mention strength, than his pal, ends up being knocked back sharply, falling flatly onto his back on the hard cement ground! Danny quickly regrets his lack of restraint, bending down concernedly, and urgently stating, "Oh my g... MAX! Max, I'm sorry!" Taylor softly scoffs, and shakes her head a little. Eric, removing his headset and attaching it to his SG uniform, steps over to her side, both continuing to watch the antics of the NGU pair. He remarks, "You've got some interesting friends!" Taylor, at first with her hands on her hips, then dropping them down as if in disgust over her teammates' junvenile behavior, curmudgeonly replies "They drive me crazy sometimes." Danny helps Max up, but Max, once on his feet again, slaps aside his big buddy's helping hands in protest. As Max staggers off, reaching around and rubbing his bruised back, Danny follows, pleading desperately, "You okay? I'm SORry!" Eric, dispensing wisdom from his experience with the Time Force Rangers, mentions to Taylor, "I used to feel the same way about MY friends..." Their eyes slowly meet, and right upon that happening, Eric walks off as quick as he can. Taylor lingers with a gaze upon him, having actually made a common connection with someone she'd begin growing used to being at odds with.

Elsewhere, in another Silver Guardian-owed SUV, Wes does the driving for a change, with his sole passenger his fellow Red Ranger. Cole is being regaled with tales of PR teams past (sowing the seeds for "Forever Red"), and excitedly admits, "I never knew there were other POWER Rangers!" Wes admits proudly, "There's other Rangers OUT there, alright. And we ALL fight for the same goal." Cole, gesturing with his hands, comments, "It's NICE to know, that there are OTHERS in this world, like us." Nodding briefly, Wes stressesm "It's imPORTant to have friends you can count on." Cole also nods, grinning slightly, aware that Wes is now his friend, as well.

Speaking of friends, back in the year 3001 or so, another bit of recycled footage from FftF1 greets us. It's of the strange hovership going across the sea and landing upon the massive, weirdly-shaped prison, where all captured mutants are kept. The upper part of said prison ended up sent back in time before (used by Ransik as a base in Silver Hills), so, it was either returned to its proper place in time and reattached, or it was rebuilt from scratch. Whatever the case, a female announcer speaks over a public announcment system to the hovership, and gives said Time Force prison a name for the first time onscreen (a reference to longtime PR net-fan Chris Funaro), "You are approaching Funaro Maximum Security Prison. Please have all papers ready upon arrival." Within the prison, a pair of black-armored guards walk together through automatically opening veritcle-bar doors, leading unseen guests to a specific cell. Said cell has a large circle door with verticle bars (the same cell used by Ransik to imprison Frax in TEoT). One of the guards tells the other, "Unlock the cell!" The second guard approaches its door, and informs the prisoner, "You've got visitors!" He begins to press buttons on a keypad, which soon gives way to the door opening. The cell's inhabitant is none other than the master of the mutant militia himself, Ransik! He's still in full body-armor, and appears to have only escaped being Chrono-Frozen by way of his giving himself up. Once the cell door squeakily opens, Ransik spots a familar pair of white leather boots in front of him. He raises his gaze, and discovers it's his daughter, Nadira, back in the white caped costume she used to wear when they were enemies of Time Force. They both smile joyously when looking one another in the face, Nadira crying, "Daddy!" Ransik steps out of his cell with open arms, saying her name aloud, and she again calls him "Daddy", giving a longingful squeak at the end as she throws herself into his arms, hugging her father for the first time in as many months of incarceration. Ransik closes his eyes while hugging her deeply, breathlessly sighing, "I MISSED you." The happy reunion is cut short, as three Time Force Officers step into the room. Ransik slowly opens his eyes, and sees Trip, Katie, and Lucas looking back. His smile is gone, and none of his three former enemies look too excited either. Nadira lifts her head off her father's metal-plated chest, and the scene fades, but if you checked out the preview of this episode from "Sing Song" (or the recap in the next ep of this one), you'll see a cut clip, of Trip stepping forward and telling Ransik, "We need your help."
At the Temple Ruins, the Viewing Pond bubbles up, meaning there's something Org-y going down! (uhh, make that "Org-Like") Alyssa & Princess Shayla are sitting at the table when this happens, Shayla gasping, "Ohh..." as they rush over to gaze into the sacred waters, witnessing the rippling image of the three Mut-Orgs marching along, side by side, out in the outskirts of town. Alyssa points out, "It's THEM!" She whips out her Growl Phone, presses three buttons, and places it to her ear. Out on the road, still driving around in the SG SUV, Cole's Growl Phone rings. He takes it out (likely reading the display offscreen which tells each user the Ranger-caller's name), places it to his ear, and asks, "What's up, Alyssa?" She tells him over the line, "They're BACK!" Cole responds, "ON our way!" Wes, aware of what's being discussed, nods firmly, and speeds the SUV onward, turning on the roof-lights and sirens to get them to their destination faster.

A rapid pan-wipe marks the scene transition, getting us (and not to mention the five Wild Force Activists and both Silver Guardian Commanders) to the scene of the action, in a valley on the mountain-ridged edge of the city. Taylor, Alyssa, Cole, Max, Danny, Wes, and Eric (in this order, from our left to right) race frantically toward the location where their enemies are currently known to be. Rofang is first to notice the seven as they catch up from behind him and his fellow Mut-Orgs. They all turn around to face the combined team of humans, with the leader of the evil bunch laughing in backwards-speak at the sight of the brave Rangers. The seven cease running and face the Mut-Orgs, with Rofang stepping up to this challenge, resting his sword on his shoulder, and saying in his native tongue, "!?huh, EROM rof kcab emoc ot dediced uoy OS" Wes points sharply at the villains, proclaiming, "There's NO retreat for the three of you this time!" Cole cautions his teammates, "Be CAREful, guys. We don't know what these Mut-Orgs are capable of." Eric sneers, as he boasts aloud, "Mutants... Orgs... They're going down, just the same." Cole asks loudly, "READY, guys?!" The six all jerk their right fists up at the same time, and cheer in unison, "Let's DO it!", before dashing forth once more. The three Mut-Orgs snarl, and hurry into the fray themselves. The five WF Activists do a running morph, yelling, "Wild Access!" into their Growl Phones as their bodies morph into the Wild Force Power Rangers in a brief glow of light. Wes press his Chrono-Morpher while shouting, "Time for Time Force!", at the exact same time as Eric commands into his Quantum Morpher, "Quantum Power!" A combo of red & dark-red digital data overlays the scene briefly, as their bodies morph into the Red Time Force & Quantum Power Rangers, not even missing a step while on the run.

Kired uses his orange-tinted wings to aid as he leaps skyward, letting loose a vicious growl as he spreads his clawed arms outward. Yellow Eagle & White Tiger WF Rangers leap up to face him, both releasing battle cries as they do. Alyssa merely flips, unable to get as high as her (wingless) teammate. Though lacking her underarm wings, Taylor does get to soar longer than her partner, something which she likely regrets, since it allows Kired, who swoops down with his claws and sparkily slashes into her chest on the way by. Yellow WF Ranger is grounded, harshly, crying out in pain as her morphed body smokes while rolling along on the ground. Alyssa didn't fare much better either, since the Mut-Org managed to cut into her right after hitting Taylor. Nearby, Blue Sharp & Black Bison WF Rangers each toss a kick at Takach, side by side, with skillful precision. But, the Mut-Org blocks both with his fists, then grabs the pair and slams them into his sharp horned and very broad shoulders, smacking both Danny & Max painfully back & across the dirt, causing them to land next to a large boulder. Red TF Ranger pulls out his Chrono-Blaster, Quantum Ranger his Quantum Defender, and the Red WF Ranger his Lion Blaster, each one proclaiming the name of their weapon as they prepare to use them. Rofang is their target, and he fears not the threat of three Power Rangers of the same color, urging in his reversal speak, "!em YRT .sregnaR deR ,no EMOC ,hO" Cole sounds the call, "FIRE!", and that's what the three heroes immediately begin to do. They're all far enough away from the Mut-Org to get shots in on Rofang from a safe distance. This is lucky for them, considering that Rofang begins to swat aside every bolt of supercharged plasma fired his way by the Lion Blaster, creating fireballs of sparks & smoke when they get the dirt in front of him. Quantum Ranger runs along sideways, firing repeatedly as he strafes. Rofang moves parallel, avoiding most of the shots, and cutting down the one that nearly hits him, before spinning around and ducking down, charging up his sword with reddish electricity. Wes sprints toward the Mut-Org, firing his Chrono-Blaster between both his hands. The charged up sword makes contact with one of the shots fired, and are reflected back at the Red TF Ranger, and then some. Wes is able to duck by partially doing the splits in the dirt, as just a few feet behind him, a massive fireball erupts where the blast fired by Rofang strikes.

Takach pounds his fists together, before giving that large boulder a kick. The heavy rock shoots through the air as if it weighed nothing, smashing into and through both the Black & Blue WF Rangers, knocking them down in a sparking & gasping heap, before the boulder slams into the hillside some yards away, shaking the ground considerably and creating a deep crater. Danny & Max look stunned to even be alive, with Max especially glancing back and forth between the Mut-Org and the hole in the wall, going, "Huh?! Whoa..." Not far away, Kired snarls some more, and tries a new trick. He twirls his body around, and utilizing his ability to fly, glides his body in a counterclockwise motion, horizontally, right into the White WF Ranger, slicing into her on the way by with his sharp toes. Alyssa is knocked down with a small grunt. Back over to where we were prior, Takach grabs Blue WF Ranger's right leg, and flips him over roughly onto his stomach. He then kicks Max's chest, knocking him on his back, followed by a kicking upward of Max's knee, causing his body to flip over completely, and landing back on his chest. Black WF Ranger, only now recovering from a few moments prior, sits up and calls out his buddy's name. Takach reaches down, and grabs Blue WF Ranger's hands, forcibly lifting him to his weary feet. Danny hurries over and tries to kick the Mut-Org, but the blow is blocked with his free hand. A second kick by the Black WF Ranger is not only blocked by Takach's counter-kick, but sends Danny falling onto his chest. Takach flips Max over, while still clinging to at least one of the teen's arms. Danny gets back up and tries to throw another kick at the Mut-Org's chest, but it doesn't even give Takach a pause. The creature spins the Blue WF Ranger around and back onto his feet, and when Max tosses a punch under the Mut-Org's arm, he responds by spinning Max into the air, and letting go, sending the beaten boy crashing to the ground, clutching his chest in agony.

Over in another part of this vast valley, Rofang is snickering to himself, still focused on the Red TF Ranger. Red WF & Quantum Rangers get together and aim their Lion Blaster & Quantum Defender, respectfully, at the Mut-Org, with Eric warning, "HOLD it right there!" Without even turning to look at them, Rofang stretches out his sword-weilding arm, and not only blocks both of their energy discharges, but sends the bolts back at the pair with an enormous explosion in its wake. Eric & Cole are flung up and flipped over by the blast, each crying out and grunting upon hitting the ground (don't ask how the Quantum Defender got reholstered in the nanoseconds between it being used and the explosion knocking Q-Ranger over). Back over in the uhh, middle part of the valley, I guess, Black WF Ranger kicks Takach in the ribs, to which the Mut-Org merely uses as an excuse to grab Danny's foot! Our hero breaks free by hopping up and kicking Takach in the back, yanking his leg out of the monster's hold on the way down. Takach, of course, isn't bothered one bit by this kick, and by the time he turns around, Danny's back on his feet, throwing a punch at him. The Mut-Org blocks the blow by grabbing the approaching fist, then swinging the human around and giving him a sharp kick to the gut. Ya know, do I really gotta point out the fact that, during so many of these fights, there's all sorts of little grunts and noises by each combtant? No? Thank you very much. So, Black WF Ranger falls to his knees momentarily, and once he rises to strike back, Takach gives him a hard kick in the chest, sending Danny flying backwards, and landing on his back, clutching his chest in pain.

Meanwhile, on over in the, what, third part of the valley? Sound right. Well, Red TF Ranger has his Chrono-Saber drawn, and is leaping through the air with it at Rofang. The slashing blow strikes against the Mut-Org's own sword, a glint of energy erupts where the blades collide. Wes slashes at him again as he rushes past, with the same results. Red TF Ranger tosses a kick at Rofang, it gets blocked, and allows the monster to strike at the human's chest, sending Wes down with sparking results, causing him to roll onto the dirt. Red TF Ranger recovers to a crouching position, which gives Rofang the opening to place the blade of his sword down against Wes' shoulder! Before the creature can take advantage of this position, the Red TF Ranger gets up, and knocks the blade out of his way. Rofang throws a kick at him, but Wes slips back smoothly, avoiding getting hit. Again a kick is tossed, and again Wes avoids it, this time by ducking under it. Rofang presses forth as he kicks, prompting the Ranger to be backed up to keep with the pace. One more kick, one more miss. One last kick, one last miss, this one a defensive hand-block by Wes. Rofang tries using his sword to slash at the Ranger, but the Ranger slashes back. The Mut-Org spins around and slices at Wes, aiming for his legs. Red TF Ranger quickly leaps up, bounces off Rofang's shoulders, and does a full flip as he lands safely away, turning around and immediately firing with the Chrono-Blaster he's kept in his left hand this whole scene. The blast is unfortunately reflected back at Wes by Rofang's sword, and manages to hit the Ranger in his right hand, scorching relieving him of his Chrono-Saber! Briefly, Wes grasps his the crackling red-energy on his hand, before shaking it off and using that hand to cock his Chrono-Saber, by way of snapping back the silver knob on top of the weapon. Red TF Ranger fires a pair of green-energy bolts from his Blaster, the first missing the Mut-Org, and the second is knocked right back at him. Wes screams in agony as the returned bolt crashes into his morphed form, creating a sparking burst, which explodes with him at the center. Red TF Ranger is thrown back by this explosion, landing painfully (is there any other way?) on his back. Rofang chuckles backwards-ly (basically "!ahahahaH"), aims his sword forth, and slowly marches over to the downed Ranger. He ignores the other two Reds lying helplessly nearby, both of which are in as much pain as anybody, but retain their morphed forms. They realize their pal is vulernable, with Eric windedly calling out, "Wes!", and Cole crying, "NO!" Wes suddenly demorphs, reverting to his SG-uniform wearing normal self. He grips his gut, likely where the reflected bolt struck him hardest. He overlooks his pain for the moment, as Rofang towers over him, raising up his sword, and remarking in his own language, "!regnaR ,EMIT nwo ruoy ni DEYATS evah dluohs ouY" (which, when translated, is a subtle reference to the once & 'future' Red TF Ranger, Alex!)

Right when the Mut-Org is lowering his sword with deadly intent, and Wes is shielding himself with his arms flinchingly, a sudden blast erupts from Rofang's shoulder, the result of a sniper shot from afar. The creature is thrown back in vocal agony, dazed by the hit. Wes is stunned to have survived what was his certain doom, and sits up, noticing the injured Rofang having backed off. He gazes upwards to the hilltop to his right, discovering the source of salvation in the form of that mysterious figure that had been tracking the Mut-Orgs earlier! He squints to see who it is through the glaring sunlight, only thing visible is that the person is wearing a black cloak, and weilding a VERY large gun. A closer shot of this woman leads to her pulling back the hood, and making her identity known for all in the valley below. It's Jen Scotts, the Pink Time Force Ranger herself, right on the trail of her prey, as she has been assigned to be. I should note, the laser-rifle she's brandishing? Is none other than the one used by her former partner turned crook, Steelix (from "Time Force Traitor"). Wes rises up, mouth agape, hopes alifted high, leading him to shout, "JEN!", in more concern than excitement. Red WF & Quantum Rangers recover to their feet, and gaze up at the new arrival (or late arrival, if you really figure it that way). Jen unstraps the cloak from her shoulders, and pitches it aside flowingly (it's dark on the outside, red underneath, kinda similar to the one Andros often uses in undercover work). Her doing that repeats a few times for effect. The outfit she has on underneath the cloak is essentially the antithesis of her TF Uniform, made of black leather, a midriff showing halter top with tight pants, and FOUR, count 'em, FOUR Chrono-Blasters (one in a shoulder holster under each arm, and one on each side of her hips). She also has on her Chrono-Morpher, and elbow pads. Her dark hair is rather stringy and braided, into a style very much unlike we've ever seen on this woman from a thousand years in the future. On the back of her outfit, though, is the Time Force insignia, just as her TF Uniform usually has. The three Mut-Orgs regroup together, and without saying anything, Kired takes the initiative to strike, his eyes & mouth firing up with a red glow as he charges up his left hand, and sends a thick beam of green energy toward the hilltop. Jen reacts skillfully, leaping off of the hill, and gliding down, avoiding the blast by mere inches. She floats down to the valley gracefully, and after hitting the ground, gets to running! Rofang fires some rapid firebolts from his right hand at her, and via slow-moded and sped-up footage, Jen flips, cartwheels, and just plain dodges the three or more explosions that burst about around her from the Mut-Org's attack. She comes to a rest right in front of Wes, spinning around with a growl and getting into a crouched position, aiming Steelix's rifle forth and firing without hestitation! A surge of pink energy is blasted at the three Mut-Orgs, hitting the ground at their feet, and creating a tremendous explosion that, at the least, stuns them for the moment. Jen quickly gets up and rushes back to her former teammate and desired love interest, grabbing his arm and urging, "Wes, come on!" He's puzzled by her sudden appearance, straggling behind and wondering, "Jen! But, how did you...?" She keeps glancing back and forth between him and the Mut-Orgs, urgently exclaiming, "I'll explain later, but we've gotta go NOW!" Jen drags him off, still watching behind herself as he staggers along beside her. The smoke and dust clears around the Mut-Orgs, leading Rofang to snarl "!meht TEG"

All of the Wild Force Rangers, and the Quantum Ranger, have finally recovered, and regroup together just as Jen & Wes race through and past them. Jen anxiously shouts, "C'MON, guys!", and thankfully, they don't need to be told twice to get to moving again! The three Mut-Orgs, standing in a triangle with Rofang as the back-center/top, and Takach & Kired as left & right/front, prepare to prove Jen right in her urgency. Rofang holds his arms out to his sides, and announces in his native tongue, "!seigrene ruo enibmoc eerht LLA tsum eW" They all cross their arms across their chests in unison, focusing internally to draw up as much of their power as they can. The eight Power Rangers, two unmorphed, continue racing away from this scene, one or two occasionally glancing over their shoulder to be sure of what their villains are up to. The trio of Mut-Orgs connect weapons between one another: Takach's twin-blades crossed over each other, Rofang's sword, and Kired's right hand (with finger-claws so long, Freddy Krueger would be jealous). These connected weapons allow them to pool their energies, which surge between the trio in purple gleaming and yellow electricity, into one collecitve, pulsating ball of flaming light. The Mut-Orgs guide the orb of scorching power carefully, before launching it forth. The sphere of flame crashes down just behind the eight Rangers, creating an explosion so big... ya know how I was saying those others were tremendous and such? Well, this explosion is humongous! Our heroes avoid even getting singed slightly, by virtue of their never ceasing in running. Jen gets focused upon in a close-up show of the gang running, her face grimacing in deep determination to stay alive and away from that blast behind her. She keeps Steelix's rifle raised in her right hand, and hanging onto her left hand is Wes, who is struggling desperately to keep up with her and the others while trying not to aggravate his injuries.

Moments later, as the smoke clears from this combined blast, the Mut-Orgs comb the ground zero, finding no trace of any Ranger. Rofang, always the talky one, points out the obvious fact, "!su morf yawa TOG yehT" He raises his left hand, clenching it into a fist, and vowing, "!reh YORTSED tsum ew ,niaga su dnuof sah ehs taht woN" Rofang rests his sword over his shoulder, turns around, and walks away. Not TOO far away, since the secret of this valley, which is outside of Turtle Cove, is (as will be revealed in later episodes) that it's where the Org homestead of the Nexus properly located. Within said cavern, the multiple large stone statue heads begin to flash their eyes, with faint "fwash"ing of sound, alerting the current sole inhabitant of the Nexus, the human masquerading as the Master Org to the arrival of three more Orgs. Master Org spins about the mist-shrewn room, looking at each statue head, which leads him to quiver from the results of these signals, "Ooooh... Such POWer!", inhaling sharply. In the smokey corridor leading to the Nexcus proper, the three Mut-Orgs follow the gentle beeping of that stout-stick device known as the Locator (one behind the other, since each are so wide-shouldered they can't walk side by side down that narrow path). Rofang has the Locator in hand, and remarks in their language, " ...raen YREV s'eh ...grO retsaM stceted rotacoL ehT" Once the trio end up smack dab in the Nexcus, the Locator beeps rapidly. All three are as thrilled as evil hybrid creatures can be when they notice someone awaiting them, the man in the beige wardrobe, the man Rofang calls, "!grO retsaM" The Master Org turns to face the three from the future, as Rofang lowers the Locator, having found exactly whom it had been programmed to locate. The Mut-Org states to the man before them, "!uoy dnuof YLLANIF evah eW" Master Org stands silent and cold-faced at first, before smirking evilly, and proudly calling them, "My FAITHful Orgs." He smiles and nods, finally proclaiming, "WELCOME to the NEXUS!" All three Mut-Orgs bow before him, with Rofang, now speaking in the way befitting the man they've sought, "We serve TRUE Master!" The Mut-Orgs bow their heads as best their stiff-necks can allow. Master Org slowly releases a commanding, and maniacal, cackle of laughter. Though his Duke & Duchess Orgs believe him a phoney, these three from a thousand years hence are aware of his real nature.

[to be continued...; Scenes from "Reinforcements From The Future, Pt. 2"; End Credits]

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