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Power Rangers Wild Force
"Click, Click, Zoom"
Original Air Date:2/16/02 Based On:
Gaoranger #03 - - Arawashi ga Kieru!!(The Wild Eagle Is Vanishing!!)
*Season 10, bite 3
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1203
*03rd episode of PRWF
*421st total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Jill Donnellan Director: Koichi Sakamoto
Starring Cast:
Ricardo Medina, Jr. _AS_ Cole (Red Ranger)
Alyson Kiperman _AS_ Taylor (Yellow Ranger)
Phillip Jeanmarie _AS_ Max (Blue Ranger)
Jessica Rey _AS_ Alyssa (White Ranger)
Jack Guzman _AS_ Danny (Black Ranger)
Ann Marie Crouch _AS_ Princess Shayla
Ilia Volok _AS_ Master Org
Sin Wong _AS_ Toxica
Additional Cast:
Paul Butcher _AS_ Boy In Park
Lisa Rhoden _AS_ Young Mother
Dave Rudy _AS_ Greg
Courtney Cole _AS_ Mary
Danny Wayne Stallcup _AS_ Jindrax
Richard Cansino _AS_ Jindrax (voice)
Michael Sorich _AS_ Camera Org (voice)


[Opening Credits]

Many feet to miles beneath the city of Turtle Cove, lies the Nexus cavern. The Master Org steps before the largest of the numerous stone demon-face carvings, the one in the back center of the room with the yellow glowing eyes and smoke-pouring mouth. The peach-robed three-eyed ruler turns around, and faces Jindrax & Toxica, who kneel before him, bowing with their heads focused on the ground, as usual. Master Org declares in his raspy, evil, accented-whispery voice, "Our TIIIME... has finally arrived. Over the years... the carelessness of humans has caused MASS pollution of the Earth. They're destroying the quality of life!" Stock footage of various steel mills and smokestacks, pouring chemical toxins into the atmosphere and into the surround seas, is presented for support of his argument. Master Org steps closer to his servants, his voice increasing in intensity, as he proclaims, "After 3000 years of waiting, the Orgs can rise again! And THIS time, we will RULE the world... forEVER!!" Upon the Master's rising of his left arm into the air during the last part of his speech, Jindrax & Toxica look up at him. When he finishes, they nod and give a quick bow, obeying in unison, "YES, Master!" Quickly, the pair of Duke Orgs get up and rush out of the room. Master Org, his skin-tone pale as always, stares their way with a dead gaze. The Dukes exit the Nexus, heading through the narrow stone hallway maze. Once around the corner, and out of the Master's sight, Toxica pauses Jindrax, causing him to lean against the wall and look at her. She keeps looking over past the corner, while commenting to her partner, "You know, there's something not quite... 'right', about the Master." Jindrax, fearful of the Master's wrath, shushes her with a "shhhh!'' and a motion of his finger to his unmoving lips, whispering cautiously, "COME on. That's just your paranoid imagination! Whadda ya say we go find an Org?!" Toxica gives a contemplative, "Hmm", and presses on, refusing to let her suspicions about the Master go, but ready to go Org hunting. Jindrax lags for a moment, shaking his head and giving a deep snarl in annoyance with her persistence.

Meanwhile, high above the waters around Turtle Cove, lies the turtle-shaped sky island, known as the Animarium. In the temple area, Alyssa sits on a rock, legs crossed tightly at the knees, and a wide schoolbook with the title "Environmental Sciences" on the cover, held on her lap. She seems quite focused on her college studies, readying the book carefully. Alyssa's white backpack and two other schoolbooks (all of which she can be seen holding in her opening credit shot) are lying on the boulder beside her. Taylor comes over, frantically searching for something, as she pulls back the book called "Ecosystems 101" and looks at the one behind it. Still not what she's looking for, she grabs the book in Alyssa's hands, folds back the cover, sees the name, and heads off. Alyssa, her reading disrupted, silently looks at her fellow female teammate confusedly. Taylor comes around Danny, who, wearing a green apron, is crouching down beside the exotic pink flower garden again, spraying the planets with water bottles. She puts her hand on his shoulder, and he visually inspects her strange actions curiously, as she pokes around his garden, seeking something. Taylor fails to find it again, so Danny goes back to his spraying of the plants, and she leaves. The lady in yellow walks across the center of the stone floor of the temple, finally asking aloud, "Has anyone seen the rulebook?!" Max hurries in from the jungle zone, stops at her side, pats her arm, and points off in the other direction, causing her to look. Up in his upper tree-trunk sitting spot, Cole is reading through a black binder, with "Ranger Rule Book" in gold letters on the front, and the golden 'amalgamated animals' belt-buckle logo on it as well. Don't ask how Cole knows how to read, he comes from a very progressive and civilization-aware tribe (which isn't as far-fetched as it sounds... really! I mean it!). Taylor remarks, "Oh, good! I'm glad to see you're studying up." Cole looks up from the binder, and gives a happy grin. He then closes the binder, and leaps off the side of the tree, landing in a crouching, right hand on the ground and left hand holding the binder behind his back, sorta 'alert' pose animal style.

Cole rises up, slaps the binder between his hands, and with a charming expression, walks over to Taylor, hands her the rulebook, and claims, "TOO many rules!" He cuts between her and Max, readjusting the red bandanna around his forehead. Max appears impressed with Cole's sly mutiny against the senior Ranger's guidelines, though Taylor herself appears angrily baffled by the remark, asking, "What do you MEAN, 'TOO many rules'?!" Cole turns around, and begins to honestly explain himself, "Well, I...", when Alyssa dashes over, and holds him back. She gives a nervous giggle, as she tries to tactfully quell Taylor's impending rage, by mentioning, "W-what he MEANT to say, was...." Cole puts his hands on Alyssa's shoulders, and takes back over for the explaining (with added gesture of his hand and a causal lick of his lips), "We JUST need... uhh, ONE rule-- TEAMwork!" Taylor is visibly aggravated, especially when Danny, still over by his plants, chimes in positively, "Yeah! I-I LIKE that!" He notices Taylor glaring at him, and grows uneasy, his enthusiastic smile fading as he quickly returns to his gardening duties. Taylor resumes staring daggers at Cole, giving a kind of sarcastic interest to what he has to say, as he suggests, "Uh, for example! Eh, we can use his STRENGTH." Following Cole's gesture toward him, Danny smiles sheepishly again, nodding and flexing both of his bare arms, showing off his well toned muscular build. Cole adds, putting his hand on the short brunette's head, "Aaand, Alyssa's knowledge!" Alyssa smiles, though you probably knew she was doing that. Max walks over, rests his left arm on Cole's right shoulder, prompting the man in red to point at him and state, "And YOUR, ummm..." The boy in blue gives a cocky smile, and says, "Good looks!" Alyssa giggles at his egotistical remark, but Taylor remains frigid. Max's delighting mood is hindered by her ruffled expression, and when greeted by Cole's apparent lack of grasping the humor, he stammers with a nod, "Uhh! M-my quick mind!" Struggling with the mostly tough audience, Max seems fraught, which finally causes Cole to laugh out loud, smile, and take his hands off Alyssa long enough to pat his new pal on the back. Stepping away from Max & Alyssa, Cole addresses Taylor, smirking, nodding, and shaking his head, while gently revealing to the senior Ranger, "The ONLY rule, that we NEED is... teamwork. That book? It's not necessary." Taylor, insulted, screams, "NOT necessary?!" She marches over, shoves the Ranger Rule Book binder into Cole's hands, and storms off. Cole puts his arms up, as if unclear on what he did to set her off, and Max uncomfortably looks away & scratches behind his ear. But Alyssa refuses to be dormant, calling out Taylor's name and racing off after her. She manages to get in front of Taylor and stop her, just at the entranceway to the stone temple exit door. Alyssa warmly promises, "Taylor... He didn't MEAN to insult you." Taylor gives a disinterested look, and snaps coldly, "Whatever." She gives her teammate a push to the side, touches a spot on the wall, and causes a mechanical booping noise, which makes the slab door slide open. Taylor departs the Animarium, leaving Alyssa sighing and actually not smiling for a change.

Max looks at Danny, who's now standing and giving a look of confused surprise. Cole wonders, "Why is Taylor so ANGry?" Princess Shayla comes down the stairs in the back of the room, walks over to Cole, and elaborates in her usual wise & cheerful way, "Perhaps because she WROTE the Rule Book, and WAS the first of you to join me here on the Animarium. Your world today is FAR different from mine 3000 years ago! For a long time, I relied on Taylor... for GUIDance, as I LEARNed about your world!" Cole proves he not only reads animal minds, but the audience at home's as well, as he asks the question we've been waiting for, "Can you tell me about the Animarium? What HAPpened to your world?" Shayla nods and smiles, confirming that an explanation is on the way. Elsewhere, Taylor is wandering around Turtle Cove, on the edge of the park, right near the marina and shore. Instead of letting out her frustrations on and in front of the team, she cools off by walking it off, to not too much avail. Taylor passes by a lighthouse, choosing to slowly stroll on the lawn instead of the sidewalk. Sitting on a bench on said sidewalk, facing the sun reflecting on the water, are a Young Mother and her son, credited as Boy In Park (despite how he's never really in the park itself). Taylor passes behind the two, and when she hears the kid ask, "Mom, will you tell me the story of Animarium?" She ducks behind a large, well-placed bush, and eavesdrop on their quality time together. Young Mother picks up a storybook, and reading the name of it off the cover, says, "Okay! 'The Legend of Animarium'!" The storybook has the typical royal font and flowery design to the cover. The Young Mother opens the book, and to the left of the first story page, is a lovely traditional fairytale drawing of a blonde woman, in a red & white gown, standing in front of a tree, with a range of mountains in the wilderness distance. She holds a single tiny bird in her hand gently, and I should point out that she resembles, in both attire and hair color, the ORIGINAL actress who was hired to play Princess Shayla. The story page reads, in a royal font, "Long, long ago, humans and animals loved together in peace. Humans and animals both respected nature, and were rewarded by the Earth with a beautiful land known as Animaria. Here, in the Kingdom of Animaria, all that walked on the Earth, flew in the sky, and swam in the sea, lived in harmony."

The Young Mother paraphrases it, more or less, as she reads, "Here we go!: A LONG, long time ago-- three thousand years to be exact-- there existed a peaceful paradise, where beautiful plants grew." Her son, Boy In Park, smiles widely, enchanted by the supposedly fictional story and the colorful drawings. Taylor also seems delighted by the story, lurking in the bushes with a faint expression of happiness gradually forming. This is likely due to seeing the reaction of a legend she knows to be true, a legacy she's a part of, on an oblivious child who'd rather be watching the Pokeytubbies or Bruise Clues. At that exact moment, a coincidence is occurring. Well, maybe not that EXACT moment, but a coinky-dink none the less, up on the Animarium. Princess Shayla walks in front of the four Wild Force Activists, motioning her arms around toward the surrounding nature, and revealing, "Animals, and humans, coexisted, side by side... Everyone lived in harmony! THIS, was the Kingdom, of Animaria!" We now flashback about 3000 years, to the Kingdom of Animaria, in its prime. It's a typical 'primitive' village, filled with people in robe & toga-like clothing, not too different from the ones worn by Cole's tribe (though a little nicer, to be honest). Virgin wilderness expands through the hills and valleys, as far as the eye can see, save for the village, with its carvings and huts. Sitting above the nearby mountains, are the five Wildzords! Yellow Eagle perched on the left, Black Bison snorting and looking down on the people, White Tiger snarling a little as she peers downward, Red Lion taking a nap on the small mountain's peak, and Blue Shark slowly dying from dehydration, as he appears to be nowhere near water. Shayla narrates, "Humans and animals honored each other, and everyone respected the importance of nature." Yellow Eagle swoops down between the mountains, passing high above the streaming river and verdant woods with a loud screech. In the Animaria "town square", with a large tree in the center, the villagers converse and interact. Two are carrying buckets of fruits on their shoulders, and just about everybody is smiling. Princess Shayla, wearing the same white gown with white & blue flowers, not looking a day older since then, is joyfully talking to a group of small children. She narrates, "There was nothing but JOY, and beauty, in ALL our lives. But THEN..."

The flashback pauses for a moment to show Princess Shayla, in the Animarium, acting more morose and concerned visibly, as her storytelling grows grim, continuing, "... It was SUDDENly shattered, when a GREAT evil emerged from underground, sending destruction across the land!" The flashback resumes, returning to the Kingdom of Animaria's town square. Hidden down to the side, past a bushel of roses, behind the roots of a thick old tree, and amid the rocks & brown fallen leaves, lies a puddle of disgusting, bubbling, off-white colored goop. The dark byproduct of a perfect society, perhaps. From within the steaming pile of ooze, a mud-covered human-sized fist punches up below. Princess Shayla is among the first to witness it, her attitude of enjoyment being torn asunder, as she gapes and gasps with intense fright, her eyes wide as she grasps her chest, an eerie wind blowing throughout the land. Her fellow, uhh, Animarians also spot what she sees, each of them letting out yelps of shock. From where the puddle of snot once was, there is now rising to his feet, that familiar peach-robed overlord, the Master Org. His back is to us, meaning we don't get to see his face, but he looks the same thus far. Shayla narrates, "HE, was Master Org." The Master, only his pale-skinned eyeline revealed to us, opens all three of his evil yellow-pupiled eyes for the first time. Instantly, he throws both of his arms into the air, and sprouting from within his multi-layered robe, are numerous spiraling green vines, exactly like those which aid the lesser Orgs to grow giant via Toxica's seeds. They rip through his robe, and head off in every known direction, extending far out into the peaceful forest. Shayla narrates, "He attacked nature, and humanity alike, with his VILE toxins." Soon, one of the stalks has wrapped around a man, who cries out as he struggles against the vine's deathly tight grip. A woman also struggles with a vine, rolling around on the ground and trying her best to fight it off, to no avail as it crushes her body. In the woods, the first five Putrids are apparently born, standing up and scratching their heads in a group of confusion.

Soon, the Putrids are chasing Princess Shayla through Animaria, as the raging winds blow smoke & leafs against her. The forests are on fire, the village is mostly torn down, and the people flee in panic. Toxica is also there, crossing her staff in front of her, laughing wickedly as she revels in the destruction of paradise. Jindrax is with her, raising his sword in a cheer for chaos, chuckling manically. Master Org, standing amid the blazing flames, also gives a laugh of both triumph, and dark glory. We can see much of his face through the haze, and it looks like it does now, though that may not be intentional. Standing atop a hill overlooking the kingdom of Animaria, are five Ancient Warriors. Each of these men wear similar attire: silver helmets (with gold trimmings) which cover all but their faces; silver armor which covers their necks and down the center of their chests, with a small round golden emblem in the center (yes, the "amalgamated animals" one seen on the Rangers' belts); loose white material on their arms and legs (quite baggy, with sort of capes draped beneath their golden belts); and black boots with matching black gloves, and a trail of scarf-like material flowing out the back of their armor (each one a different Ranger color). These initial five are each wielding Crystal Sabers, though the colored Crystal orbs are missing from the centers of all five daggers. The citizens of Animaria, of varying races, ages, genders, and colored-clothing, continue to race around in a panic, as Putrids assault them with their battleaxes. The five Ancient Warriors raise their Crystal Sabers, howl fiercly, and charge down to the kingdom in dramatic slow motion. Eventually, the Blue, Red, & White scarfed Warriors tackle Putrids in one section of town, while the Black scarfed Warrior dashes the opposite direction. He ducks under the club-swinging of a Putrid, and races up a hill. Atop that hill, the Yellow scared Warrior is fighting with several Putrids at once, combating bravely. Black scarfed Warrior climbs the small mound by hopping and rolling under a Putrid's attack, engaging the muck drone with his Crystal Saber.

Elsewhere, Princess Shayla continues to run from a gang of Putrids, lifting her white gown's skirt with her left hand to help with the rapid movement of her feet. As if being surrounded by the flaming ruins of his kingdom weren't stress enough, the muck drones appear to be gaining on her as she runs out of places to flee. Suddenly, a sixth Ancient Warrior appears, not wielding a Crystal Saber, but a long silver rod-like blade, zooms between her and the Putrids, locking weapons with them. The scarf-like material dangling from the back of his helmet & armor is of a silver coloring. Shayla stops, gasps and turns, watching in utter fright, despite the valiant rescue. Her savior lays sparking waste to all of them, save for one, who tries to attack the Princess, but is halted by the Warrior's grabbing of him and pushing of him down. Shayla narrates, "The five Ancient Warriors fought bravely against the evil Orgs, allowing me to escape, with the help of my Protector." The Silver scarfed Warrior quickly grabs Shayla's hand, and leads her away from the area as quickly as possible. They pass through the fires and roaring winds of dust & smoke, journeying through the ruins of Animaria. They finally reach a stone-bricked, small castle like structure, hidden within the jungles, and located beneath the giant guard of all five of the seemingly docile Wildzords. The Silver Protector, as she called him, heads toward that building, with the Princess lagging a bit behind, trying to look back at her kingdom through the winds as best she can without stopping. Shayla narrates, "He took me to the Temple in the Valley of the Wildzords." Soon, the Princess is lying atop a green, large leaf-shaped bed, located inside the temple, right in the middle of the floor in front of the large lion statue. The Silver Protector holds her hands for a moment, but eventually he has to depart. Shayla sits up, and cries out to him, "WAIT!", panting rapidly. He pauses for a moment, but neither utters a single word, nor looks at her. The Silver Protector resumes his exit, causing the Princess to clutch her stomach, and begin to sob gently, likely fearing for his life. Shayla narrates, "There, protected by YOUR five animal guardians, I entered a LONG suspended sleep..." The flashback follows that, showing how the Princess is now napping, lying on the leaf-shaped bed, which is covered with red rose petals and has a bundle of pink flowers on the green stem at the head. She lays there with her hands draped against her stomach, and a faint smile on her face.

The flashbacks end for a moment once more, showing Princess Shayla walking around that same room, now filled with the four eagerly-listening Wild Force Activists. Shayla finishes her last narrated remark, by saying, "... Waiting for the time, when the world would need us, once again!" The flashback returns, showing the five Ancient Warriors, along with number sixth, the Silver Protector, standing in a tight circle, nodding to each other, with the camera pointing toward the blue skies above. "Then, the Ancient Warriors lifted the ENTIRE valley up into the sky, creating the safe haven called... Animarium!" This occurs for us to see, with the Warriors holding their Crystal Sabers outward, similar to how the Rangers did to combine the Megazord last episode. The Silver Protector holds his black-gloved hand out over the five crystal-less Sabers, causing all of them to begin surging with a light blue electricity. He motions his hands all swiftly and spellbindingly, causing the increasing energies to bolt out over the side of the mountain they're standing upon, striking the valley below. The entire Valley of the Wildzords glows with the light-blue energy for a brief period, with the crackling lightning soon cutting around the edges, slicing through the wilderness and earth. Princess Shayla continues sleeping deeply, as the entire temple shakes violently, the land it rests upon being magically ascended skyward. Faint traces of the light-blue electricity crackle along the edges, as the Valley floats upward. Watching this from ground level, is Toxica & Jindrax, neither appearing to know what to make of the event. Slowly, but surely, the several acres of forests, a mountain, and small body of water are begging to float above the tops of the mountains. The six Ancient Warriors continue to infuse the Valley (turned island) with their powers, the electricity finally ceasing once the chunk of land starts to ascend on its own. From below, the shape of the Animarium really looks like a turtle, the deep curves of sediment jutting beneath making up greyish bodily detail. Once the island is skybound, the area it departed has last a turtle-shaped lake behind! While at one time, the lake was surrounded by only trees, several thousand years later, an entire city has formed around it. That city being the aptly named Turtle Cove!

Flashbacks are really done this time, as we return to the temple, where Princess Shayla tells the four, "Finally, the Ancient Warriors deSTROYed the Master Org. And enTOMBed, the remaining leaders of the Orgs... where they remained, until NOW." Alyssa smiles, while Max, Danny, and Cole listen without expressions of anything but ears-opened interest. Shayla sits down on the stone-bricked edge of the mystical viewing pool, concluding morosely, "But, over the years, humans have allowed the world to become... polluted! The Earth has become SO weakened, that the evil Orgs, can rise again..." She lovingly looks down at the pond, and runs her right hand along the top of the water, trickled down from the rock-carved leaf in the ape statue's hands. The Princess gently watches ripples form at her fingertips, in the clear sacred waters Cole was forced to bathe in last episode. While her majesty zones out, Alyssa takes over the explaining, walking past Cole and saying, "And with the RISE of the Orgs, the Princess, and the Power Animals, were awakened... to FIGHT for the Earth." She puts her hand on Cole's arm, as Max & Danny join them, with the boy in blue noting, "And the animals, EACH chose one of US, to be the warriors to fight against the evil." Princess Shayla snaps back to reality, and heads over to the team, stating, "As the lion is king of the jungle, SO is his chosen Ranger..." She takes Cole's right hand, gripping his fingers with her right hand and rubbing his hairy wrist with her left. Shayla looks into his eyes, and finishes, "... The LEADER, of the team." Cole's stern face expresses understanding, as he simply nods, never blinking or taking his eyes off her. Over by the shore, the Young Mother reaches the final page of the storybook, which shows the blonde, scarlet-dressed, original version of Princess Shayla, sleeping on a bed that considerably resembles the large green leaf the real Shayla was shown on. The final bit of writing is not shown clear, but here's what I'm able to make out, "The Princess... entered a deep sleep... the temple of the Ani... taking five anima... tectors with her. T... she will sleep unti... world needs her a... animal protectors..." The dark haired woman with a wedding ring on closes the copyright-less book, and holds it on her laps. Her son, Boy In Park, "Mommy, is it REAL? Is there really Animarium?" She smiles, and playfully rubs the kid's arm, denying, "No, honey. It's ONLY a story." The boy begs, "Will you read it again? PLEASE, read it again!" The Young Mother snickers, and opens the thin storybook once more, obeying, "Okay! HERE we go..." Taylor, having heard and seen enough, leaves her peeping spot in the bushes, smiling softly. If only that silly illiterate kid knew that the legend was real, and continuing around them...


Elsewhere, along the expansive marina of Turtle Cove, a young couple, named in the credits as Greg & Mary, are sitting together on a bench. They're looking at some books, as if studying together. The long red-haired woman seems smarter than her short dark-haired pal, pointing at some pages, and saying with tutoring enthusiasm, "Great! Just take a look around, this section, and, I'm sure you'll find..." Unbeknownst to either of them, lurking in the bushes, is today's latest Org monster. He's a silver & black, older type of camera. Ya know those, the ones that used film instead of digital howsakadoozits? Well, the Camera Org starts to focus on the couple, and says to himself in a loud, high-pitch, screechy voice, "Almost GOT it... THERE!" His zoom-lens face gets both of them within the black-target picture frame, and the moment he presses his pump-stick to take the pic, both Greg & Mary turn and spot the creature, just as the shutter snaps. The Camera Org hops out of the bushes, and stands before the two, exclaiming, "Perfect shot!!" Mary screams at the top of her lungs, though Greg looks ready to do the same. The bench they're sitting on is at the end of a long and winding boardwalk, which crosses through the lawn-filled 'park' area, the sides of which are lined with palmtrees. Taylor is sauntering alone on said boardwalk, heading toward that tall white lighthouse from earlier, when she overhears Mary's cries. She immediately turns about face, and scrambles to the source of the disturbance. Camera Org departs, telling the couple before he flees, "SEE ya... or maybe not! Heehee!" Mary & Greg stand up, just as their bodies start to become transparent. Greg is the first to really notice, looking at his fading arms and gasping to his see-thru girl pal, "Mary! You're turning invisible!" Mary breaths rapidly, pointing out, "Oh, so are... so are YOU! What's HAPpening?!" Slowly, their bodies lose all color, and become crystal clear, until even the faintest traces of their outlines vanish from view.

Taylor races down the boardwalk, and comes upon the area with the bench, which includes a construction zone right beside it. She pauses in the middle of it, and frantically looks around, finding only a discarded schoolbook lying on the ground. Taylor bends down and looks at it, when she hears Greg's voice, pleading, "HELP us... PLEASE!" She looks for a sign of a person to go with the voice, but fails to see anything, save for his shoe-prints, made by sand on his feet when he steps onto a recently soaked section of the boardwalk. Mary pants, "You've GOT to help us!" Greg begs, "Please... you've GOT to find a way!" Taylor slowly rises up, and a quick edit has her suddenly standing closer to the wet portion of the boardwalk, holding out her left hand and backing away from the transparent twosome, wondering, "What's going on?!" Mary asks in desperation, "Please, help us!" Taylor watches the shoe-prints increase, step by step, toward her, out of thin air. Greg apparently tries to grab the lady in yellow's arm, to try to reason with her or to make himself known. But in all of the confusion and anxiety, he accidentally causes Taylor to fall off the boardwalk, and onto a stack of several bags, filled with dry cement. Greg apologizes in a panic, "Wait, oh, excuse me! Sorry! I'm sorry!" Taylor falls onto the bags, causing them to expel a cloud of cement dust, making her cough as she waves it out of her squinting face. This cloud of dust covers the invisible couple, accentuating their color-less forms faintly. Mary & Greg are now crouching before Taylor, to take advantage of the low wave of floating dust. She's astonished by what she sees, and when Greg reveals in terror, "We're HERE! Right here! You gotta help us. Please! There was a monster... with a camera. He made us invisible!" Taylor has heard enough to believe them, and with a firm resolve, she promises, "I'll help you. Don't panic." She stands back up, and Mary sobs, "Oh, THANK you."

On the Animarium, the temple's mystical viewing pond begins to bubble up its fountain "alarm". Standing nearby, Alyssa, after hearing her Growl Phone beep twice, quickly takes it out, opens it up, holds it to her ear, and asks concernedly, "Hello?!" Still on the boardwalk, Taylor speaks into her own Growl Phone, saying, "Alyssa? There's an Org monster on the loose. He's making people invisible. I'm going after him." Danny & Max come running up in the temple, from behind the huge stone lion, while Cole races in from the back stepway. Taylor shuts her Growl Phone, thus ending the call without waiting for a reply. Right when she does this, Cole, asserting his leadership, swipes the active Growl Phone from Alyssa's hand & ear, and demands into it, "Taylor! Don't do ANYthing by yourself..." Alyssa takes her cellphone/morpher back from him, and explains, "Sh-She already hung up!" Cole looks to Max & Danny, and motions to them, urging the team to follow along toward the exit, with they all do without delay.

In Turtle Cove, at the scene of Camera Org's recent photo-happy rampage, an ambulance arrives, its sirens blaring. A paramedic rushes out of the back, carrying a folded blue blanket in his arms. The entire courtyard in front of an office building is crowded with police, paramedics, and just concerned citizens in general, taking care of invisiblized victims. Most are wrapped in blankets, to allow their clear bodies some level of visibility. The four Wild Force Activists race up to the steps in front of the building, and freeze in total horror. They all stare at the hectic situation, in silent shock, watching as people scramble about, trying to help the reluctant transparents. Alyssa reaches out for Cole's left arm, and runs her hand down it. She holds his hand for a moment, seeking comfort, as she slowly approaches the scene, stepping down a few, and eventually raising that hand up to cover her gaping mouth. A man says, "Yeah! They're here. I can't SEE anything." It seems to be that quite a few women were spared being invisiblized, as they stand around watching this scene in fright. A paramedic lifts a see-thru body onto a gurney, causing the mattress & pillow to sport indents as an indicator of a human body's presence. Nearby, a man and a paramedic help a transparent person stand up, wrapping him or her inside a blanket. Another clear body on a gurney, with the paramedics tucking the blanket in, so as to make sure the fearfully moaning woman doesn't fall off the stretcher during transport without them knowing. Alyssa is now grasping her chest, and breathing heavily. Cole puts his hand on her shoulder, and urges his team, "Come on. We have to go. C'mon." She nods, and follows him back up the steps, being joined by Max & Danny on their racing way away from the scene. They pass by a woman, who looks quite confused and intrigued, as she leans over a clear body on a gurney, inspecting it.

Beneath an overpass bridge crossing the water, the Camera Org flays his arms about, and remarks, "I need to find some fresh faces, but where do I look?" He holds his hand over his lens-face, as if shielding it from the sun, looks around, and when seeing what he needs, yelps, "Oh, THERE! Heehee!" Just as the Camera Org skips along after his next subject of invisibility, Taylor appears over on the other side of the beneath the bridge. She stops on the sidewalk, spots him, catches her breath from all the running, gives a smirk of sly success, and whips out her Growl Phone. She holds it up by her face, then cuts it downward through the air, causing it to open with a double beep. Taylor sighs, "Here goes!", and begins to sprint along down the sidewalk, in dramatic slow motion. She calls out, "Wild Access!", in mid-step, and presses the button on her golden Growl Phone, holds it to her ear and holds out her hand. Her full morphing sequence plays, transforming her into the Yellow Eagle Wild Force Power Ranger. She comes out of the morph with her Golden Eagle Sword in hand, and leaps through the air, giving a hyah as she chops at the Camera Org. The blade fails to slash into him, though, thanks to it being blocked by the small jagged knife of Jindrax! The Duke Org, and self-proclaimed master of blades, chuckles sadistically, as he gives his second knife a quick flip, catches it, and jabs it into the Yellow Ranger's chest. She sparks, smokes, and falls, rolling away in pain thanks to this sneak attack. Camera Org commends his one-horned savior's work, "Nice job!" Jindrax lowers his blades, and states, "Master Org likes your work! He wants to see MORE." Camera chipperly replies in recognition of their overlord, "Master Org!? YOU got it!" Yellow Ranger recovers to her feet, and aims her Golden Eagle Sword at the pair of Orgs, and asks, "Jindrax! What're you doing here?!" Jindrax points out, "Thought I'd destroy the RANGers, but it looks like you've lost your TEAM!" Taylor boasts, "Do0n't worry about THEM! I can beat you alone." Jindrax offers with wicked glee, "Well, let's just SEE about that, little missy! Hehehe!" He charges up both of his jagged knives with light-blue energy, and begins to fire upon the Yellow Ranger, causing her to burst with sparks and tumble over.

Yellow Ranger falls not for long, as she rolls back up, and leaps into the air with her Sword stabbing Jindrax-ward. The Duke Org deflects her attack with both his knives, sending Taylor crashing harshly onto the pavement. Again, she bounces back, instantly engaging Jindrax with swordplay as she locks blades with him the moment she rises. They break apart, the Duke fakes her out, she goes to block, and then when her guard's down and the two are switching positions, he begins his onslaught of slashes. Chopping like suey and slicing like Ginsu, Jindrax swiftly cuts into Yellow Ranger's chest so repeatedly, that the flashing of sparks & smoke is nearly blinding. As this occurs, Toxica teleports up from the Nexus, in a rising fire of purple flames, which she sort of twirlingly expands upward out of. She appears right next to the Camera Org, trailing her fingers in the air, and cooing as she watches her partner rip into the Ranger, "Ooooh. Very NICE!" Toxica steps over to the other side of the Camera Org, and as we see the way the fight looks through his focus frame. Taylor & Jindrax let out loud grunts of battle, until he cuts into her chest once more, and she drops to the ground. Camera Org gets the Yellow Ranger in his sights, as she groans and flops around on the sidewalk, struggling to get the strength to get back up. Toxica gives devilish delight, as she offers, "Let ME do the honors! Heehaha!" Camera Org nods, and now oddly lacking that pump remote he had earlier, obeys, "Be my GUEST!" Toxica reaches up, and presses down the large silver button on the Org's shoulder. Yellow Ranger, perfectly in the shot, is helpless to avoid being photographed, and after the shutter snaps, she lets out a gasp. Jindrax leaves the doomed Ranger on the ground, and regroups with his fellow Orgs. All three laugh, as he gloats, "Hahaha! That's ONE down, and FOUR to go!" The trio of Orgs teleport away in a sudden flash of violet light. Yellow Ranger gets back on her feet, and rushes after them, ending up beneath the bridge, with no sign of any of the Orgs to be found. Taylor groans, "Oh no, they got aWAY!" She feels a weird tingle, and looks at her left hand, wondering, "Huh!?" Slowly, the Yellow Ranger begins to fade from view, turning transparent. When she vanishes enough, her body demorphs (taking the Golden Eagle Sword in her hand with it) in a faint flash of yellow. Taylor watches in frozen fear, crying softly, "Oh no...", as the remaining outline of her form disappears. Just as that happens, her four teammates arrive in the near distance, witnessing her physical erasure. They stop together for a moment, before Cole screams out her name and leads the charge to her side. Danny is the last to follow, as he jags behind, pushing his glasses up on his nose while watching the strange sight wide-eyed.

Soon, at the Animarium, the invisiblized Taylor is completely wrapped in one of those light-blue blankets, with it draped over her head hood-style. Alyssa gently tries to hold her fellow female back, as she staggers across the temple, vigorously protesting the resistance, "Let GO of me, Alyssa! I've GOT to SEE!" Cole & Princess Shayla look on for a moment, then look at one another, with the Princess giving him a comforting touch on the chest. Alyssa calmly pleads, "Taylor... You must REST!" Giving one more successful shrug, Taylor slips out of her grasp, shouting, "Let GO!" Alyssa gives up, joining Danny & Max in their helplessness. Bending down and leaning over the side of the mystical viewing pond, Taylor views her rippling reflection, or lack thereof. All she can see is the blanket, folded around in the shape of her head and body, with nothing inside, despite it moving. She breathlessly gasps, "Oh, NO....", causing Cole to bite his lip and shake his head in frustration. Taylor slips the blanket off of herself, letting it drop onto the floor. The vapors coming up from the softly trickling sacred waters splashing into the pond cause her body to gain a small level of visibility. Her translucent, ghostly image turns toward the team, and with a furious expression, she vows, "I MUST find the Camera Org and destroy him!" Cole shakes his head again, and storms forth, stating pitifully, "It's MY fault." He rushes over to the pond, crouches down like when he landed off the tree earlier, and swears straight to her, "Taylor... I'll get your body back!" Taylor doesn't look at him, simply sitting on the floor, and clutching her arms together for warmth. Cole races off, speeding away without his teammates. The three that are still visible follow as quick as they can, with Max reminding him, "Cole, Wait! Teamwork, remember?!" Princess Shayla is left in the temple with the heavily breathing and shivering specter. Despite her magical powers, she's unable to assist Taylor in regaining her life energy/ physical form.

Cole dashes madly down the middle of a street in Turtle Cove. Nearby, a crowd of citizens panickingly flee up a pair of escalators, as the Camera Org quips offscreen, "Say 'CHEESE'! Hehe!" Every last one of them disappears in a wave of photo-manipulation. Camera Org, standing at the bottom of those self-moving stairs, faces another fleeing crowd, chasing them away and laughing psychotically all the while. Cole sprints swiftly through the empty street, running on both adrenaline and rage, guided by instinct. Camera Org leaves the escalator district, and begins to walk around the front of some warehouse. He holds his red-wired picture snapping pump in hand, and cheers, "I LOVE this job!" Suddenly, Cole rounds the corner, and spots him, shouting, "CAMra Org!", as he brakes to a halt just behind the creature. Cammy turns and wonders, "Huh!?" Cole points his finger at him, and proclaims, "You've got my friend's body. I WON'T let you have her!!" Cammy claims, "YOU have no choice in the matter. I'm keeping hers, AND..." He covers the single eye on his chest (beneath the lens focus face), and when he uncovers it, a light-blue beam of light fires out, creating a square screen floating above and in front of Cole's head. Each of the people the Camera Org took a picture of appears as they last did before vanishing from sight, including Mary & Greg. Their bodies frozen, flashing by in a light-blue blink, with the screen's background being a sort of yellow & purple rippling pool. The Org concludes, "...ALL the others I snapped, TOO! Heheheha!" Cole watches, mortified and shaking his head. Camera Org boasts, "Soon, their life ENERGY will be mine, and so will YOURS!" Though all the other people appeared with several at a time, Taylor's body gets the screen all to herself, still stuck a standing position with her arms up as she was looking at them when vanishing. This holographic slideshow retracts as quickly as it was displayed, with the Org telling the man in red, "Smile for the camera!" Cole immediately scrambles for safety, leaping onto a nearby discarded spool, and flipping his body over in the air as he lands behind a parked black car. Camera Org laughs, and focuses upon the vehicle anyway, pressing the pump and taking the pic. The black car fades away, meaning automobiles must have life energy. Cole finds his shield gone, and frantically turns around. He stares at the Org through where the car once was, stopping only to glance briefly before running off in the other direction. Camera Org follows, crying, "Come back before I lose the light!" Cole ends up ducking into a dark and employee-less warehouse, racing through the door and hopping over an overturned blue barrel. He lands with a fall to his knee, using his momentum to spin around and sit with his back against one of the many large wooden crates filling the building. He catches his rapid breath, and slowly peeks over the top of a barrel, spotting the Camera Org as he approaches the doorway saying in a singsong voice, "Ohhh, Red Ranger!! Come out, come out, wherever you are! Hehehahaha!" Cole ceases peeking, and instead rests against the crate. The Org starts to walk into the warehouse, snickering sinisterly. Sweating and panting deeply, Cole's time is about to run out before the Org runs out of film.

As Cole takes a breather while hiding behind the crate, he flashes back to the moment he got into this mess, with the promising to Taylor. Once that's over, he hits his hand against the crate in frustration and helplessness. Cole's eyes wander around the dark and dank warehouse, looking above at the tall rack holding a couple of thick barrels on its very high top shelf. His gaze then slides to the right, spotting a long metal chain hanging from the ceiling, beside a dangling light. Having seen exactly what he wanted to see, the inspired Cole grins, softly pumps his arm, and whispers, "Yeah!" He peeks past the crate, getting a bearing on the monster. Camera Org knows he's hiding nearby, so without delay, he comments, "Time for a 'before and after' shot!" Focusing on the crate, he hits the pump-button with his fist. It flashes, causing not only the wooden box Cole was resting against to vanish, but taking with it several other barrels and crates nearby! Exposed, Cole makes a break for it, darting across the warehouse with a grunt. Camera Org chuckles, and giddily pursues him. Cole rushes along, hopping over a crate as he leads the creature on. Cammy follows, pausing near the tall & wide metal rack, demanding, "Stand STILL!" Cole also pauses, having gotten the Org almost right where he wanted him. His position still needs some work, so Cole begins to egg him on, bragging in the wide open with a smirk, "What HAPpened!? Didja run outta film!?" Camera Org slowly walks toward him, mentioning, "I need more light!" In the background, the Black, White, and Blue Wild Force Power Rangers arrive, stopping outside as they reach the wide open door to the warehouse. Danny, apparently not noticing the evil two-horned camera creature preparing to drain Cole of his life energy, calls out, "Cole! It's not your fault!" The trio of Rangers are unable to enter, thanks to the sudden appearance of Jindrax, who giggles maliciously, "Loook what we have HERE! Heheheha!" They turn and witness not only him, but Toxica, and an entire gang of Putrids! Toxica waves her hand in the air, and orders with joy, "GET them!" The Putrids march toward our three heroes, patting their heads and looking like they've got major cases of jock rash. Black, Blue, and White Rangers meet the challenge as expected, fighting the army of muck drones instead of helping their teammate. Alyssa, holding a Putrid by its attacking arm, spots her teammate, and cries out, "COLE!"

What she sees is the Camera Org and Cole facing off, a good yard at least between them in the wide and run-down warehouse. Cammy lifts his button-pump, gloating to the unmorphed human, "Your friends can't help you NOW, Red Ranger! Hoohuhehehuh!" Cole waits in an alert stance, licking his lips. He casually looks up at the metal chain hanging from above, waiting for him to make his move. That shot of White Ranger grabbing the Putrid's arm and holding it while she yells is repeated, with Alyssa saying, "Cole, be careful!" this time around. The Camera Org adjusts his lens, zooming in and getting Cole in focus, while punning, "Hope you're ready, cause my focus is all on YOU, now!" Cole just bravely and unflinchingly stands there, glaring viciously into the target frame within the monster's mind. Outside (but within range of seeing this), Blue Ranger has a Putrid's noggin in a headlock, shouting, "Get out of his camera range!!" Black Ranger, also gripping a Putrid by its neck, adds, "MOVE it!" Camera Org, taking his precious time, teases, "Watch the birdie! Hoohahahaha!" Cole just keeps getting himself mentally gathered, breathing deeply and doing his own bit of focusing. Still tied up with the Putrids, the Ranger merely give verbal commands to their teammate, with White yelping, "NO!", Black urging, "Cole, c'mon!" and Blue crying, "Get outta there!" Camera Org has his button-pump ready, and slowly pulls his left arm back, quipping, "Smiiiile!" Cole lets loose a primal scream, and charges toward him. The Org is stunned by this loud gesture, simply observing the scene as Cole runs, launches himself off a crate, grabs the chain hanging from the ceiling, and swings on it like a vine. He swoops up onto the top shelf of the metal rack, turns to the Org, and begins to kick every one of the heavy duty barrels over the side. Cammy, caught up in watching, fails to get out of the way, and gets pummeled with the numerous plummeting cylinders. He finally falls onto his back beneath the piles of kegs, letting go of the button-pump. Cole jumps off the rack with a corkscrewing spin, landing perfectly in a smooth stance. He keeps his attention on the dazed Org, while whipping out his Growl Phone, and commanding into it, "WILD Access!"

The full morphing sequence plays, ending with the Red Lion Wild Force Power Ranger throwing a flying kick at the (now standing) Camera Org's head. The creature is knocked over onto a stack of cans, causing the white latch on his side (beneath the green eye) to snap open on its own. A large, green & black striped, monster-sized roll of film springs out and onto the dirty floor. The Org sits up and cries out, "My FILM!" But he's out of reach, allowing the Red Ranger to scoop it up, with a triumphant, "Alright, I GOT it!" He hurries out of the warehouse, and once within range of sunlight, he grips the flap and pulls out the large strip of negatives. The film is ruined, which is bad news for the people on it, as their bodies are now permanently destroyed... err, wait, no, their bodies are instantly released in sparkling comets of light-blue energy. Up on the Animarium, Princess Shayla is shocked to witness one of the balls of light zipping her way, as she crouches next to Taylor, who lies beneath her blanket, sprawled out on the temple floor. Her life energy is restored in a glow of light, causing her painful writhing and moaning to soon cease. Shayla exclaims with a gasp, "TAY-LOR!" Groggily, Taylor pulls the blanket off of her head, and sits up, inspecting her restoration to visual solidity. Breathing heavily, she looks into space, and realizes with both surprise and respect, "He DID it." In the courtyard in front of that building from earlier, a rain of light-blue energy balls streak down from the sky. They land on their respective invisible bodies, cause them to gleam, and then return to their original states of light-refractibility. This includes Mary & Greg, though why Mary is on a gurney and the equally formally-transparent Greg is standing over her is a bit fuzzy. Greg notes, "My hands! I can see them!" The emergency crews, and the restored victims, are all happily baffled by this reversal of events.

In the alley outside the warehouse, Red Ranger regroups with his Wild Force teammates on one end, with the three Orgs getting together on the other. Cole proclaims, "It's OVER, Jindrax!" Jindrax corrects the Ranger, "Ohhh, I don't THINK so. He comes prepared!" Camera Org pulls a second green & black striped roll of evil film out from nowhere, and remarks, "I ALways carry a spare!" He loads it into the white compartment, latches it shut, and proceeds to extend his lens-face out as far as it will go. Cammy begins to slowly march toward the four WF Rangers, gloating, "And with my wide-angle lens, I'll get FOUR Rangers in one shot! Suitable for framing..." Our heroes stir about anxiously as he approaches, getting his button-pump ready. Suddenly, Taylor's voice thunders forth, demanding, "STOP right there!" He turns skyward and again goes, "Huh?" The Yellow Eagle Ranger, with her golden underarm-wings spread out, dives across the heavens. She swoops down, unsheathes her Crystal Saber, and while passing dangerously close to the Camera Org, she slashes into him! He bursts and sparks, the impact spot being dead center on his zoom lens-face, causing him to bemoan as chunks of broken glass fall to the ground, "My lens!!" Yellow Ranger retracts her wings, and makes landfall by flipping, cartwheeling, then posing in place. As she comes in for that final movement, the other four Rangers regroup around her. Cole cheers, "Alright! TAYlor!" She ceases posing, and gives Red Ranger a friendly swat on the chest, playfully wondering, "So what happened to teamwork, Mister Too-Many-Rules?" Taylor holds up two fingers, when sarcastically noting, "Seems like you broke your OWN rule two times!" (going after the Org alone is one, but the second one? Beats me.) Red Ranger agreefully nods, and embarrassedly says softly, "Yeah, I guess I did... But maybe rules CAN be broken if a friend's life is in trouble!" Camera Org, his shattered lens smoking and his empty film compartment flopping open, screams, "NOW I'm REALLY mad!!" Jindrax & Toxica rush to his side, all facing off against our heroes.

It's time for the usual "show off your clawed-gloves, chest patch, Crystal Saber, belt buckle and shout your animal slogan" portion of the show. In this order: Yellow, Blue, Black, White, and Red. Once that's done, Yellow Ranger gets the honors of crossing her arm in the air, and proclaiming, "GUARDians of the Earth... united we roar." Camera Org trembles at the sight, as do his Duke Org partners. Taylor orders, "Let's DO it!", and standing at the center of the hopping group pose, all five shouting in unison, "Power Rangers, Wild Force! Hyuh!" Cammy is a bit awed at first, until Toxica commands, "Well, destroy them!" He snaps to, rushing in and remarking, "Oh, yeah! I'm on it!" Yellow Ranger makes the first strike, leaping in and slashing into the Org repeatedly with her Golden Eagle Sword. He takes a few smoke & spark inducing hits, but laughs them off, grabbing Taylor's blade with his hand and holding her in place as he tosses a few close-range kicks into her stomach. Camera Org then tosses her weary body into the air, causing the Yellow Ranger to crash onto an empty wooden box, breaking it into pieces. The other Rangers regroup around her, obviously lacking any Putrids or Duke Orgs to fight with themselves. Red Ranger concernedly asks, "Taylor! Are you alright?!" She replies windedly, "Yeah..." The Camera Org comments, "Time to wrap things UP! Heheh!" He holds out his arms, charges them up with glowing pink energy, and charges up his twin horns with blue energy. The pink energy is blasted at the five Wild Force Rangers, all now standing, and engulfs their bodies. The princess fades, revealing that each of our heroes are being restrained by giant rolls of film! They struggle with all their might, Yellow Ranger tries to rip the negative, and points out, "It's TOO strong to tear!" Gradually, the Rangers discover themselves being lifted into the air, as the Org unwinds more of the films, which are apparently connected to that "strips of negatives" cape he's got on. They're reluctantly risen skyward, each going "whooooaah!" They don't go higher than a story or two, before the Org sends a surge of light-blue electricity into each of them, frying our heroes into sparking bursts. They all drop to the ground in a groaning heap when Camera Org ends his film-tentacle raising. He goes for another pun, as he boasts, "THIS has developed into something quite negative!"

Red Ranger, his film-tied body smoking, writhes about, and slowly lifts his head, remarking defeatedly, "He's too STRONG!" This expression of doubt by Cole causes the red crystal within his Crystal Saber, with tiny lion idol inside, to flash a glow of red. On the Animarium, the Red Lion roars aloud, giving a growling pep-talk to his chosen warrior. Back at the battlefield, Red Ranger mentally hears his Wildzord, and replies understandingly, "You're RIGHT, Red Lion. I CAN'T give up! I'm the LEADer! I HAVE to keep fighting!" He shakes off the shock-treatment, and while remaining restrained in a coil of cine, he rises to his feet with renewed resolve. Cole balls his fist, and lets out another primal scream, which grows with intensity. The Red Lion appears, roaring with equal passion, behind him, replacing the entire background for a moment. When the Red Lion's eyes flash green, so do the yellow lion eyes atop Cole's helmet. Red Ranger, motioning his constrained but mobile right arm, whips out his Red Lion Fang weapon. He then summons a new device, called simply, "LION Blaster!" The Red Lion Fang shimmers with a red energy, and starts to transform itself into a longer, rifle-styled weapon (great shades of the Capsular Cycle!). The Lion Blaster is red, with a black-trimmed hand, and for a gun-barrel it has a golden lion face with smaller lasers on each row of its mane. Camera Org grunts his favorite word, "Huh?!" Red Ranger holds the Lion Blaster with both hands, and aims it at the monster, calling for, "Gatling Mode! Annd... FIRE!" He pulls the trigger, sending a rapid series of laser blasts flying Cammy's way from the lion face barrel's mane and eyes. The Org is bombarded with sparks, screams, and smoke. Cole uncocks the lion face's mouth, causing a small barrel to protrude outward a tad, as he activates, "Lion Blaster, Cannon Mode!" A condensed blast of golden energy slams into Camera Org's chest, targeting his white-latched film compartment, with explodes with crimson smoke and a lot of crying out. Their bonds weakened, the Rangers slip out of their film-restraints, with Red Ranger urging, "LET'S do it!" Between shots, his Lion Blaster reverts back to its Red Lion Fang mode.

Standing shoulder to shoulder, the five Wild Force Rangers each pull out their individual weapons, and call out their animal names. The weapons are them locked together, as per usual, and the Rangers stand behind Red, as he shouts the name of the combined blade, "Jungle Sword!" Camera Org, despite being a mess from all of their previous attacks, brags, "Haha! I'm NOT afraid of THAT thing!" Cole boasts, "We'll SEE about that.", before activating the Savage Slash attack, circling the glowing Jungle Sword around and finally cutting into Camera Org with a piercing beam of gold. The Jungle Sword immediately breaks apart, the Rangers retrieve their weapons, and as the Camera Org explodes into a massive rage of flames, they jump to face the other direction with a simultaneous hyah. Cammy goes boom, falls over, then some light-blue electricity crackles on his lifeless form, causing it to melt into a pile of greenish, steaming, pus. The Dukes come out of hiding, with Jindrax whining, "Ahh! CAMra Org!" He furiously demands, "You've GOT to bring him up a level, Toxica!" Without delay, Toxica begins to wave her staff in the air, and incant, "Evil spirits of toil and strife, give this fallen Org new life!" She jabs the staff forth, and lets out a high-pitched, "Yaaaaaah!" The staff fires a couple of seeds into the goop that was once a monster. The seeds magically grow into spiraling stalks, which group together and recreate the Camera Org, now in giant form, laughing once more with a repaired lens glass. The WF Rangers witness this from below, but waste no time in unsheathing their Crystal Sabers, and motioning them skyward with a group call of, "Wildzords... Decend!" The summoning chime plays, and all five of the Power Animals come running down off the Animarium. Yellow Ranger eagerly wants revenge, so she orders, "Eaglezord! Attack!" The Yellow Eagle Wildzord swoops down and gets into upright position, screeches, and begins to fire multiple bolts of golden energy at the monster with each flap of her wings. Camera Org, standing in the middle of the city, is defenseless against this aerial assault, and sparks like a flashbulb. Red Ranger also has a score to settle, and encourages his beast, "GO, Red Lion!" The Red Lion Wildzord howlingly charges down the street, and upon leaping over an overpass, chomps into the Camera Org's recently restored zoom lens.

Still by the warehouses, the Wild Force Rangers get in a circle, and point their Crystal Sabers at the center, with Red Ranger commanding, "WILDzords, combine!" Red Lion roars, his eyes glowing red. The other four Wildzords also let out animal sounds, eyes glowing their power colors. The Megazords transformation sequence begins, don't make me repeat it, please. Them Zords come together, then Red Ranger goes, "Let's do it!", and all the Rangers jump up into the Lion's head. Within the cerebral cockpit, this time around, our heroes immediately get to their console stations, insert their Crystal Sabers, and activate in unison, "Wild Force Megazord!" The last bit of shifting around occurs for the Wildzords, and the towering Wild Force Megazord has been formed once again. Camera Org is amazed, uttering, "Whoa!" The Megazord is already in the air, curled up and charging itself with purple lightning. Blue Ranger commands the, "Shark Surge!", causing the right Blue Shark arm to bash into Camera Org's zoom lens face, shattering it for a second time. White Ranger commands the, "Tiger Fury!", causing the left White Tiger to punch into Cammy's film compartment, causing it to spark. The Org, having been given many chances to snap their picture during the past couple of minutes, staggers back, and gripes, "Ow! Why you, I oughta...!" The Wild Force Megazord stands in the city, pointing its Shark arm at the monster in what might be an American Megazord shot, but I'm unsure. Inside the cerebral cockpit, Yellow Ranger suggests to the leader, "Cole, I KNOW violence ISN'T your first choice, but don't you think it's about time we get RID of this Org?!" Red Ranger raises his fist, and concurs, "You're RIGHT, Taylor!" Camera Org puns, "It's a WRAP!", as he fires off his strips of film tentacles again, aiming to capture the Megazord. Unfortunately for him, the Fin-Blade has been called forth, and makes the Wild Force Megazord's face turn to feral when passing across it. The Megazord steps forward, and starts to slash the Fin-Blade into the air, horizontally, diagonally, and vertically carving out light-blue energy slices. Camera Org's film-tentacles are chopped into tiny shreds by this attack. They fall to the ground, causing Cammy to grumble in defeat. Red Ranger summons, "Mega ROAR!" The Wild Force Megazord fires its meshed wave of five animal energies at the Org, causing him to be shoved back several city blocks. Finally, the Camera Org explodes big time, turning into a giant fireball of photographic fumes. A true Kodak moment, the Wild Force Megazord lowers its arms while still standing in the urban jungle. Inside the cerebral cockpit, all five of the Power Rangers cheer, jump for joy, and just generally revel. Cole cries, "We DID it!" Taylor even agrees, "Yeah. NICE teamwork, Cole!"

Later, at the Animarium, Cole sits on the back of the stone lion in the temple. He stares longingly at the black & white picture of what he believes to be mother, father, and his younger self. Taylor walks in, and supportingly comments, "I'm sure you'll find your parents someday." Cole holds the small pic between both his hands, looks at her, and nods, softly agreeing, "I hope so." Taylor warmly smiles, and optimistically affirms, "I KNOW you will." He slides down off of the yellowish, rounded stone carving, walks over to her, and while pocketing his family picture, he remarks with a smirk, "Ya know, Taylor... I REALLY admire your confidence." Taylor walks around him, and asks in a smug tone, "So I guess you can use that for your TEAMwork. RIGHT... leader?" She barely manages to spit that last word out, but does so with a forced grin. Cole is visibly relieved to hear her willingness to follow his guidance. He smiles widely, and walks over to her, confirming, "Of COURSE!" Cole holds out his right hand, and sure enough, Taylor pulls hers out from behind her back, giving him a firm shake, sealing the deal. Over in the path beside the lion statue, are the other three Wild Force Activists & Princess Shayla, spying on their bonding moment with hushed excitement. They look at one another with smiles, some nodding, before heading on over to congratulate the pair on their success in getting along. Alyssa giggles, and wraps her arms around both Cole & Taylor at the same time, before focusing the hug on just Cole. Max & Danny join the group hugging. Princess Shayla joyously proclaims, "I KNEW you guys would make a GREAT team!" The five are now standing shoulder to shoulder, with Taylor on our left, then Alyssa (resting her head against Cole), next Cole, then Max, and finally Danny, who's on our right. They've each got an arm or two on the shoulder of the person next to them, or in Big Dan's case, he's able to pat Cole's shoulder. Everybody's showing us their pearly whites (even Cole, who amazingly has great teeth for someone living off tree bark and guano for most of his life), save for Taylor, whose smile is a bit restrained, thus meaning things aren't picture perfect yet, but well on their way. The screen freezes, though no photos are taken, and nobody turns invisible.

[Scenes from "Never Give Up"; End Credits]

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