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Power Rangers Wild Force
"Team Carnival"
Original Air Date:9/21/02 Based On:
Gaoranger #37 - - Yabaiba Moeru(Yaba-iba Burns)
*Season 10, bite 30
*Official Network Show Number PR-1231
*30tht episode of PRWF
*4th episode aired on ABC KIDS
*448th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Katie Torpey Director: Koichi Sakamoto
Starring Cast:
Ricardo Medina, Jr. _AS_ Cole (Red Ranger)
Alyson Kiperman _AS_ Taylor (Yellow Ranger)
Phillip Jeanmarie _AS_ Max (Blue Ranger)
Jessica Rey _AS_ Alyssa (White Ranger)
Jack Guzman _AS_ Danny (Black Ranger)
Philip Andrew _AS_ Merrick (Lunar Wolf Ranger)
Ann Marie Crouch _AS_ Princess Shayla
Sin Wong _AS_ Toxica
Additional Cast:
Ryan Goldstein _AS_ Kite
Johnny Ferrara _AS_ Store Owner
Danny Wayne Stallcup _AS_ Jindrax
Ezra Weisz _AS_ Mandilok (male voice)
Barbara Goodson _AS_ Mandilok (female voice)
Pat Thomas _AS_ Juggelo (voice)


Max, hanging out by himself on a rare occasion, bumps into Kite as he steals an apple from a fruit market. He helps the klepto kid get off the hook with the angry owner, and offers to feed him elsewhere. Speaking of feeding, Mandilok is in the Nexus, eating fresh computer parts, prepared for him by Toxica. When Jindrax offers him some rusty junk, it's rejected, and so is he. Feeling worthless, the Master of Blades decides to seek out his brother, a juggling Org named Juggelo, to start a new team, named after their circus-like attributes, Team Carnival! Juggelo, who's shown juggling humans in Turtle Cove, is implied to be a Duke Org, but it's never clearly stated, nor is it explained how an Org can have a brother, or even how long he's been active!

While the Rangers & Shayla contemplate the recent rebirth of Animus (and wonder where he's hiding now), Max brings Kite to the Temple Ruins. Cole thanks Max for bringing him, Taylor scolds Max for breaking the rules, and Alyssa offers to make the kid some food. Max has fun with Kite, since both are considerably immature and all. The subject of taking Kite back to Turtle Cove in search of his parents is brought up, and Max eagerly volunteers. Taylor, thinking one kid babysitting another is a bad idea, is drafted into joining them. The three end up wandering into the Turtle Cove Fun Park, an amusement park. Max & Kite rush off to ride the rides, while Taylor gets stuck paying. Jindrax & Juggelo, targeting Taylor specifically (over her & Jindrax's rivalry), sneak into the park by stealing the bunny & panda costumes of two park actors. They try, and repeatedly fail, to assassinate Taylor, thanks to first her getting sick from the Screaming Mummy rollercoaster (she only likes flying when she's in control), and then to her getting seriously into the game of whack-a-gator. Team Carnival next targets Kite, trapping him on the Pharaoh's Fury with a gang of Putrids, while Max & Taylor tangle with Jindrax & Juggleo. Blue & Yellow Rangers, despite their conflicting personalities, are better at teamwork than the so called Team Carnival. But, Kite is still captive, so the Orgs ultimately have the upperhand. When Juggelo is about to defeat Max & Taylor, their teammates arrive with brand new weapons! Red Ranger has the Falconator, White Ranger has the Deer Clutcher, Black Ranger has the Rhino Shooter, Blue Ranger gets the Sword of Pardolis, and Yellow Ranger is given the Armadillo Puck. Kite is saved by Yellow & Blue Rangers, who chop the Putrids out of the way and free the boy. These new weapons (which, as the Jungle Sword's pieces are made up of weapons based off the normal WF Megazord's Wildzords, these are based off of the Isis Megazord's Wildzords) are brought together to form the Jungle Blaster, which is fired upon Juggelo, turning him into a pile of goop. Jindrax is forced to giantly revive his younger brother with Toxica's staff. The Wild Force Megazord takes him on, and begins to win. Below, Toxica confronts Jindrax for swiping her staff, but pleads with him not to use the handful of growth seeds he took from it. Seems, in case you hadn't noticed, once an Org grows, it's irreversable. He's still feeling dejected and wants to prove his worth, and brushes her off. Jindrax swallows the seeds, grows, and joins Juggelo as a giant form of Team Carnival! They begin to prevail, until the Predazord arrives and helps out. Juggelo is destroyed by the Soul Bird's Soul Cannon. Jindrax, horrified over losing his brother, is prepared to get revenge against the Rangers, when he belches! The seeds wear off suddenly, and he shrinks down to normal size, no worse for wear! But, he's still depressed, feeling more worthless than ever. Toxica refutes that, telling him he was brave for taking the seeds, and she's proud of him. Jindrax is brought out of his blue mood, vowing to carry on the Team Carnival tradition with the help of his best friend, Toxica.

Oh, and the whole Max & Taylor hang out with Kite thing wraps up, with Taylor admitting she had fun, and the three of them chasing each other around when Kite claims it was like hanging out with a couple of grandparents. But enough of the bonding and friendshipness, Kite is frozen with recognition when he meets Merrick, face to face, unmorphed, for the first time. The boy feels like he knew him before, long ago. Everyone is puzzled... except the viewers.

[Scenes from "Taming Of The Zords"; End Credits]

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