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Power Rangers Wild Force
"The Soul Of Humanity"
Original Air Date:10/5/02 Based On:
Gaoranger #40 - - Tenkuushima, Horobu(Sky Island, Demolished)
*Season 10, bite 33
*Official Network Show Number PR-1234
*33rd episode of PRWF
*7th episode aired on ABC KIDS
*451st total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Katie Torpey Director: Taro Sakamoto
Starring Cast:
Ricardo Medina, Jr. _AS_ Cole (Red Ranger)
Alyson Kiperman _AS_ Taylor (Yellow Ranger)
Phillip Jeanmarie _AS_ Max (Blue Ranger)
Jessica Rey _AS_ Alyssa (White Ranger)
Jack Guzman _AS_ Danny (Black Ranger)
Philip Andrew _AS_ Merrick (Lunar Wolf Ranger)
Ann Marie Crouch _AS_ Princess Shayla
Sin Wong _AS_ Toxica
Additional Cast:
Ryan Goldstein _AS_ Kite
J.D. Hall _AS_ Willie
Michaela Gallo _AS_ Little Girl
Pat Destro _AS_ Woman
Chris Maleki _AS_ Worker #1
Claudio Marangone _AS_ Worker #2
Rick Cramer _AS_ Worker #3
Randy Singer _AS_ Worker #4
Danny Wayne Stallcup _AS_ Jindrax
Ezra Weisz _AS_ Mandilok (male voice)
Barbara Goodson _AS_ Mandilok (female voice)
Charles Gideon Davis _AS_ Animus (voice)
Steve McGowan _AS_ Toy Org (voice)


Cole combs the entire floating island of Animarium, discovering no trace of any Wildzord having escaped the forced exodus, thanks to the extremely miffed Animus. He also finds Princess Shayla comatose, lying out on the grass. She's taken to the Temple Ruins, and placed on her old leaf-bed she slept on for 3000 years. The Wild Force Activists hold vigil around her bed, and recap everything for those just joining us. They basically mope, feeling sorry for themselves. Even Merrick doesn't feel like playing pool with Willie, simply desiring to stare at his three frozen Animal Crystals. In the Nexus, Mandilok & the Duke Orgs are pleased that the Rangers now lack their Wildzords (Toxica & Jindrax briefly argue about whose idea it was to free this Org General to begin with). Alyssa has a one-sided heart to heart conversation with the sleeping Shayla, thanking her for all she's done for the team. The others are out searching the city for any signs of Kite, aka Animus. Cole breaks the news to Merrick, who spends his time earning his keep at Willie's Roadhouse, that the Princess is in a coma. Meanwhile, a new monster, called the Toy Org in the credits (but nothing onscreen, he seems to be a wind-up robot creature), attacks workers at a power plant. Our heroes are prepared to give up, though Alyssa tries her best to rally them. Wait, did I say the magic term? That's right, Danny & Max get back into their "Never Give Up!" utterings, which changes the mood instantly. As for Toy Org, he basically acts in such a manner to suit Animus' mood, trashing the power plant in an effort to get revenge on humans for polluting. The five Wild Force Rangers take on Toy Org, while Merrick visits the Animarian Memorial by the lake, "telling" his old friends his dilemma. There, he's met by Animus, in Kite form. He offers Merrick, who is from a time when humans "cared" about the Earth, a chance to belong with the Wildzords away from the planet. Back at the plant, a little girl and her puppy are somehow at the plant, amid dozens of jumpsuited workers, for reasons unfathomable, and of course, she's targeted. The workers? They're all fending for themselves, running away in a frantic panic from the Org's attacks. A women ends up pinned under some debris and left behind, as is the girl and her mutt, prompting Mandilok to note that such cowardice is the true "soul" of humanity. But some workers DO return to rescue the woman and kid (and Rusty the dog, talk about "cuteness" overload), braving the situation with tools to assist in freeing them, which they ran off a minute ago to get, not to run from the battle. The Rangers (mostly Cole) note that the TRUE soul of humanity is that they make mistakes sometimes, but in times of need, humans will do whatever it takes to help their friends. Our heroes declare to the Orgs that even without their Wildzords, they will fight to the end to protect the Earth. Merrick overhears this on his Lunar Caller, and it sways his position when Kite offers him a chance to join the Zords offworld. Though Animus was his dear friend 3000 years ago, now in the present, the other Rangers are his friends. With no Zords, they need all the help they can get, and he refuses to abandon them. Touched by this display of loyalty, Animus resumes his true form, and awakens Princess Shayla from her slumber. Lunar Wolf Ranger arrives in time to save the team, his balls (err, Crystals) defrost, and Lunar Break with his Cue takes Toy Org down. Toxica makes the fallen Org live again gigantically, so Merrick, who still has possession of his own Wildzords, uses the Predazord against the creature. Shayla comes down, informs the Rangers that they're "forever" connected to their Wildzords in spirit. They're able to draw upon these spirits to give Merrick an added boost of power, turning the Predazord into Blue Moon mode! If that wasn't all, Animus appears, and finally gets the chance, after 3000 years, to fight alongside Merrick in battle. The two Megazords take down Toy Org... a rather short team-up.

Later, at the Animarian Memorial, the six WFs and Princess Shayla find Kite. He changes from his "ragamuffin" attire, to that of a majestic white robe outfit. Danny, Taylor, Alyssa & Max recognize him as the boy from the Dark Dimension, back in "The Wings Of Animaria" (which anyone who read the credits or paid attention close enough would have known all along, sadly). It's finally ascertained that not only did the four bring themselves back to life by solving the puzzle, but they also brought Animus back with them! Kite claims this was all a test, he wanted to see if they were really dedicated to protecting the Earth. He returns all of the Wildzords to them, for however long they need them (I should note, Kite & Animus can appear at the same time on the same screen). In thanks for saving him back in "Homecoming", Kite creates the Wild Force Rider, a new motorcycle (based off of the red Falconzord), for Cole to replace the Red Savage Cycle that got destroyed. Kite says goodbye to his old friend Merrick, and reverts to energy, forming with his Megazord form. Shayla asks if they'll see him again, and Animus denies it. They've proven their worthiness and it's their fight now. Animus says farewell, and teleports back into the sky, going somewhere not explained. The Rangers vow not to let him down.

[Partially narrated scenes from "Forever Red"; End Credits]

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