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Power Rangers Wild Force
"The Master's Herald, Pt. 1"
Original Air Date:10/19/02 Based On:
Gaoranger #42 - - Orugu Ninja Shinryaku!(The Org Ninja Invasion!)
*Season 10, bite 35
*Official Network Show Number PR-1235
*35th episode of PRWF
*9th episode aired on ABC KIDS
*453rd total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Jill Donnellan Director: Koichi Sakamoto
Starring Cast:
Ricardo Medina, Jr. _AS_ Cole (Red Ranger)
Alyson Kiperman _AS_ Taylor (Yellow Ranger)
Phillip Jeanmarie _AS_ Max (Blue Ranger)
Jessica Rey _AS_ Alyssa (White Ranger)
Jack Guzman _AS_ Danny (Black Ranger)
Philip Andrew _AS_ Merrick (Lunar Wolf Ranger)
Ann Marie Crouch _AS_ Princess Shayla
Sin Wong _AS_ Toxica
Additional Cast:
Danny Wayne Stallcup _AS_ Jindrax
Ezra Weisz _AS_ Mandilok (male voice)
Barbara Goodson _AS_ Mandilok (female voice)
Dan Woren _AS_ Onikage (voice)
Bob Papenbrook _AS_ Bell Org (voice; uncredited)
Monica Louwerens _AS_ Flute Org (voice; uncredited)
? _AS_ Clock Org (voice; uncredited)


Mandilok is still quite peeved over how he'd manipulated events in such a way that the Rangers were Zord-less, and still, they succeeded! He blames the Duke Orgs for this failure. Onikage, a "famous ninja" Duke Org (whose entrance into this ep is by being invisible, and hiding out in the Nexus, until Mandilok becomes aware of his prescence), makes himself available to the Org General. But, unbeknowst to Mandilok, he's also conspiring with Team Carnival, giving Toxica the idea to kidnap Princess Shayla from the Animarium as a way to prove her worth. So, that night, she, Jindrax & Onikage sneak into the Temple Ruins (giving us a very rare glimpse at the sleeping quarters of the WFs), with Team Carnival dressed in black "ninja outfits", which allow them to go places undetected. When Toxica attempts to pull the Princess out of the Viewing Pond, the sacred waters fry her horn! The three Dukes make an escape together, and Mandilok is quite unhappy with their inability to pull this plan off. Onikage, though, curries the Org General's favor, by coming up with a modified plan. When the Rangers are called off Animarium to face a new Org, Shayla hides in the pond, where she'll be safe. In Turtle Cove, our heroes face a set of resurrected Orgs (Tire Org, Flute Org, Bell Org, and Lion Tamer Org), lead by an unnamed and never before seen (though claimed to have been just as destroyed as the others) monster whose likely name is Clock Org, since... well, he's a clock Org. The Rangers get over being stunned, just to get an extra surprise when they discover these five Orgs are literally untouchable, all attempts to hit them pass right through! Back in the ruins, we get a very rare glimpse (this eps just full o' firsts) of what it's like for Princess Shayla within the Viewing Pond, she's curled up in a fetal position when inside of it. Merrick drops by, so she comes out to visit him. He acts very awkward, and keeps his distance from Shayla as she watches the Rangers get beat by the revived Orgs. When the Princess suggests he go down to help them out, and then the Lunar Wolf Ranger joins the team against the five Orgs... yet Merrick remains on the Animarium with her... well, the ruse is up. This Merrick is just Toxica in disguise! Back on Earth, the real Merrick unviels the truth about the five revived Orgs, that they're merely ninja-made illusions of Onikage, whose stealth position is exposed. But he's manipulated our heroes into being there, so the Princess will be vulernable. In a very surprising scene, Shayla proves that she's no mere victim, displaying karate moves against Toxica that proves she's as much a Guardian of the Earth as the others! Our heroes attempt to get back to the Princess, but encounter Jindrax and Putrids, all in ninja outfits with katanas. Shayla manages to fight Toxica off long enough, and once she throws the Duchess Org off-guard by pointing out how she has no will of her own, following the orders of her Org superiors blindly. It appears to be the end for Toxica when she's shoved into the sacred waters, which no evil heart can survive being doused in. But Toxica has prepared herself, as Onikage instructed earlier (recapped in a flashback). Her horn has been cut off, by Onikage, who reminds her that the horns of Duke Orgs grow back. This proves the Princess' point, that Toxica does nothing but follow orders. Nonetheless, Shayla is captured by Toxica. Back on Earth, Onikage blasts the Rangers while they battle Jindrax & the Putrids, taking down not just our heroes, but his fellow Duke Org, too! He claims a ninja will do anything to complete his mission. The Orgs flee the scene, and regroup with Mandilok in a quarry. Toxica gives Shayla over to the Org General... but collapses as she does. Turns out, Onikage lied, and lies about lying. Org Horns DON'T grow back. Jindrax is horrified, and especially upset when Mandilok expresses no remorse over her fading lifeforce. The Rangers arrive, and use the Jungle Blaster on the Org General. Mandilok blocks the Savage Blast with Toxica's weak, nearly powerless body. She dies in a sparkling golden light. Jindrax, finding only her chopped off horn left, mourns the loss of his eons-long partner. But he hasn't time to cry for long, as Mandilok orders him to take the Princess back to the Nexus, which they both do, as Onikage remains behind. He grows, faces the Isis Megazord, and utilizes his ninja tricks to... well, trick them. The biggest trick of all is, just like earlier, he's actually hiding around, behind the scenes. Lunar Wolf Ranger, like before, sniffs him out, finding the ninja Duke Org invisible, and still at normal size. When he blasts him, Onikage's giant illusion vanishes, just before it can deliever the finishing blow on the Megazord. Onikage takes leave of the battlefield, Merrick unable to find where the Princess has been taken to.

The episode ends with all six of the Wild Force Activists, hanging out in the Temple Ruins, quietly sulking, over the loss of Shayla.

[Scenes from "The Master's Herald, Pt. 2"; End Credits]

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