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Power Rangers Wild Force
"The Bear Necessities"
Original Air Date:3/16/02 Based On:
Gaoranger #09 - - Futago ga Hohoemu(The Twins Are Smiling)

Taylor's Origin Story Elements Vaguely Similar To:
Gaoranger #20 - - Miko Torawaru(The Captured Sorceress)
*Season 10, bite 7
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1207
*07th episode of PRWF
*425th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Derek Rydall Director: Koichi Sakamoto
Starring Cast:
Ricardo Medina, Jr. _AS_ Cole (Red Ranger)
Alyson Kiperman _AS_ Taylor (Yellow Ranger)
Phillip Jeanmarie _AS_ Max (Blue Ranger)
Jessica Rey _AS_ Alyssa (White Ranger)
Jack Guzman _AS_ Danny (Black Ranger)
Ann Marie Crouch _AS_ Princess Shayla
Sin Wong _AS_ Toxica
Additional Cast:
Kelsey Batelaan _AS_ Young Taylor
Alyson Kiperman _AS_ Taylor's Mom
Trevor Gruhot _AS_ Twin #1
Travis Gruhot _AS_ Twin #2
John Ganun _AS_ Military Man
Bradley Snedeker _AS_ Guard
Danny Wayne Stallcup _AS_ Jindrax
William Holmes _AS_ Cell Phone Org (voice)


[Opening Credits]

Taylor jogs briskly along on a sidewalk in Turtle Cove, shaded from the morning sun by a line of thick trees. Her blonde ponytail swats from side to side behind her as she runs, her outfit loose and comfortable: black jogging pants, a grey hooded and opened sweatshirt, a yellow tank top, and a pair of grey sneakers. There's nobody on the sidewalk besides her, nor anyone sitting on the benches or driving on the adjacent road. Taylor is working up a bit of a sweat, when the roaring sounds of a jet engine tears through the skies above. She pauses in her tracks, and glances upwards, spotting a lone fighter jet zooming through the blue sky directly above her. The plane does a full barrel roll, as if the pilot was showing off to any would-be witnesses watching from below. Taylor's expression is a bit pleased, a gentle smile forming on her face, as if seeing an old friend for the first time in a good long while. Momentarily, Taylor has ventured somewhere else in the city, to the source of that fighter jet. She lazily runs her hands along a tall fence, which boarders an airfield. Several green military-issued fighter jets are parked on the other side, with a series of hangars not too far in the distance. Several pockets of soldiers can be seen wandering or marching around together, with green jeeps and trucks parked here and there. A common noise, that of jets ripping the sound barrier a new one, occurs again, as a pair of planes streak right over the base together as Taylor watches from behind the fence. Two pilots, in green flightsuits, one a black guy and one a white guy (the same pair as seen in Taylor's squadron photo from last episode), pass by one another, carrying their gear. They each slap each other five, both excitedly commending themselves on a successful mission or whatever. Taylor continues to view from afar, looking a bit homesick. This leads her to casually reach her right hand up and tug on the chain hanging around her neck. Dangling from said chain, are two silver dogtags, which normally aren't visible thanks to them being stuck between her shirt and her ample bosoms (well, that and the fact she's never worn her dogtags onscreen before!). Taylor clutches the chain, gripping tightly these reminders of her glory days in the United States Air Force. The screen fades to white, as she takes a trip down memory plane... err, lane.

Roughly one year ago, flying in close formation through the cloudy blue skies over Turtle Cove, are a pair of fighter jets. They have United States Air Force seals on their sides, as you might have guessed. In the second plane's single-seater cockpit, Taylor pilots masterfully. The photo of her and the four men from her squadron, as seen last episode, is displayed proudly on the side of the control panel, wedged up in the corner. Hanging off another part of the panel, attached to a fancy silver chain, is a small yellow crystal orb, with a tiny eagle idol encased within. Strapped in well (but lacking an oxygen mask, cause, well, this is the PR-Universe! Oxygen is funny here!), Taylor is in full flight gear, the green jumpsuit with patches all over it (including one on her left breast which reads: "LT. Earhardt"), and the green face-less helmet on her head with the words "Yellow Eagle" written in yellow over the forehead. She's focused on her flying, face intense, the skies racing by all around her. To her right, a large yellow bird swoops down and dives into some white clouds, giving a loud screech just before vanishing within. Taylor hears it, and sharply turns her head, missing the sight just barely, but hearing & seeing enough to warrant becoming a tad uneasy. Utilizing the microphone on her helmet's headset, she contacts her fellow pilot, "Yellow Eagle to White Hawk. You see that at 2 O'clock? Just behind the clouds?" The pilot of the other plane is never shown onscreen, but it's a male's voice that answers, "Uhh, that's a negative, Yellow Eagle. I have nothing on my radar." Repeatedly glancing over to her right, Taylor suspects what she hardly saw was something quite worth checking out, and asks, "Request permission to investigate." White Hawk squawks back hesitantly, "Make it quick!" She replies, "Affirmative wing leader!", before breaking off formation, and gliding her flaming thrusters in the direction of the unidentified flying object. Making a visual inspection, Taylor looks all around, almost annoyedly finding nothing at first. Eventually, the Yellow Eagle Wildzord swoops on by, just overhead, her massive metal wingspan dwarfing the fighter jet by at least twice as much. Taylor spots the Eaglezord, and gasps in shock, "What was THAT?!" The Eaglezord screeches twice and gives a few flaps, as she soars just ahead of the fighter pilot, seemingly guiding her into a large patch of clouds covering the sun in the distance. Taylor's eyes are widened, as she stares out the canopy window, excitedly relaying into her headset, "You won't beLIEVE what I'm seeing! Are you catching this on radar?!" Getting no response, she pinches the mic, and repeats, "Captain? Captain!?", all communications apparently dead.

Passing through the thick field of clouds, Taylor's fighter jet eventually comes upon what appears to be a turtle-shaped island floating on an ocean of atmosphere. The Yellow Eaglezord flaps on overhead, almost beckoning the jet on to this astonishing destination, known as the Animarium. Nothing the Air Force has trained her for could prepare her for this, as Taylor witnesses the mythical island, stunned speechless, only able to gawk. The jet breaches too close to the mystical barrier, it seems, as some of the guidance instruments begin to beep and the engine shuts down! As if on cue, the crystal orb dangling from the chain starts to gleam with a bright swirling light of yellow. With her plane plummeting toward the Animarium, Taylor nearly panics, but remains calm enough to fiddle with some switches on the control panel. She continues trying to contact her fellow pilot through her headset (over the blaring alarm beeping), informing them, "I'm experiencing instrument failure!" Jerking the control throttle around to no avail, Taylor pleads into the silence of the dead airwaves, "Where ARE you guys?!" Her jet starts to twirl around as it dives directly toward the floating island, which turns the alarms within from rapid beeping, to loud klaxoning. With the cockpit violently shaking, Taylor notices her crystal orb is shimmering with a yellow light. She reaches out against the pullback of gravity, and manages to snag the chain, clutching the gleaming orb in her right fist. Lacking any more options, Taylor pushes forth for the big yellow button marked 'Eject', her face grimacing, as she announces strugglingly, "I'm gonna have to EJECT!" She gives a grunt, folds her arms across her chest, and lets the very grainy & old stock footage of someone parachuting out of an out of control plane take over. With her white parachute deployed, Taylor hangs on for the ride, getting a full aerial view of the Animarium's natural splendor. The wind takes her right into a clear in the jungles, where she touches down safely, right beside a small body of water. The moment her booted feet hit the ground, she assumes control again, yanking her parachute down and out of the way. Taylor breathes heavily, trying to take her new location in without freaking out. She unsnaps her helmet, and removes it from her head, with her mouth agape and her facial expression overjoyed almost to the point of pain. Witnessing the tropical unspoiled wilderness all around her, Taylor comments breathtaken, "I knew it was real." After tossing the parachute aside, she cradles her helmet beneath her left arm, and begins to walk through the jungles, almost spinning as she absorbs her new surroundings.

Eventually, Taylor wanders into the area of the jungle containing the Temple Ruins. She slowly progressing through them, touching the leafs of the plants and inspecting the area. When spotting a section of particular interest, Taylor increases her pace, smacks a plant out of her face's path, and heads over to the main temple floor, with the giant yellow stone lion for a back wall. There's the wooden chair off to the side, but no sign of the leafy bed, meaning the Princess must have been awoken long before any one of our current heroes made the scene. Taylor stands at the middle of the floor, admiring the craftsmanship of the central zone of the temple with silent awe. Right when she looks like she's about to cry, a mystical tingling noise catches her attention. She spins around, and notices the pond of water beneath the gorilla statue is starting to glow with a light-blue light. In less than an instant, the gleaming sacred waters burst into a shimmering ball of energy, which then pops out and forms into the sparkling shape of Princess Shayla! She spreads out her arms, and with a cheerful smile, greets, "Welcome, Taylor!" The blonde woman in the green jumpsuit displays an almost childlike sense of wonder on her face, as she stunnedly asks, "Wha... How do you know who I AM?!" Shayla approach and walks around her slowly, explaining pleasantly, "YOU have been chosen by the Eagle, to help protect the Earth, and preserve the Animarium! That is... if you'll accept." Taylor could be knocked over with a feather (if it were one of the Eaglezord's feathers, well, it'd probably crush her into a pulp), as she simply gawks at the smiling Princess, unable to reply to her dream come true offer. Once again, the crystal orb attached to the silver chain begins to gleam with yellow energy. Taylor can hear it as it begins to illuminate with power, prompting her to take it out of her clenched right fist, and hold it up in front of her face with her left hand. She stares agape at it, mustering out only a joyful gasp, as the metallic eagle idol within takes a more clarified shape amid the shining of the energies. Another fade to white ends this year's past flashback.

In the present day, a military jeep approaches the front gate of Norquist Air Force Base (intentionally named after General Norquist, Commander of NASADA from PRT & PRiS). Taylor is lurking around the front wall just a yard or so from said gate, as this was apparently where she was once stationed at. The winds blows through her hair, as she continues to grip her dogtags, gazing at the base in a daze of reminiscing, refusing to tread too closely to her old homestead. The sound of a very angry man echoes from nearby, shouting, "HEY! You kids! STOP!" Taylor turns her head, and notices two young boys crawling through a torn section of a fence, located between the walls bordering the base. The elementary school aged boys, identical twins with short brown hair, wear similar outfits, though one wears all white and the other all black. Same style sweater-shirts, shorts, socks, and even shoes, all pure in color. White Twin crawls through the fence first, and begins to race off down the road, as the Black Twin lags behind slightly. Once the boy reaches the lawn, he trips over the root of a tree, and falls flat on his face in the dirt. Taylor concernedly rushes over, and helps the Black Twin to his feet, as the White Twin comes back over and stares down at him. She asks worriedly, "Are you okay?!" Neither of the boys respond, both are eerie silent and simply look at her with alienesque mannerisms. Taylor brushes the Black Twin's clothes off of the dirt and grass pieces, stressing motherly, "This is NO place for kids to play!" Just then, a Military Man, an official of some sort, of middle age and wear a light-blue long sleeved uniform with darker blue pants and a hat, sprints out of the front gates. He's looking the other way, as he screams, "Where ARE you kids?!" Taylor spots the furious officer, and rises up, urging the twins, "Go on, get out of here!" She remains in the same spot, watching the man, awaiting to cover for the boys as they escape from sight. The Military Man races over to Taylor, and as he looks past her, he anxiously asks, "Did you see two kids run by here?!" Taylor doesn't even look him in the face, as she denies, "Kids? Umm... No. Sorry, didn't see any." She quickly begins to leave, when the Military Man glances at her, and demands calmly, "Hey! Wait." Taylor freezes in place, her back to him, as he suspiciously queries, "Aren't you Lieutenant Taylor Earhardt, the fighter pilot?" Likely due to her military values, she has a tough time lying to the officer, as she frantically stuffs her dogtags down in her breasts, and denies again, "Umm..., you must have me mixed up with someone else." The Military Man, likely aware of identity but respecting her privacy, proudly admits, "Too bad. She was the best pilot we ever had." Taylor smiles to herself, humbled by her legacy, despite refusing to be given recognition personally. Why? Did she fake her death when she crashed on the Animarium? Or did she just give up a great career as a pilot just to be a Ranger? That information is currently classified. Taylor slowly walks away, continuing to grin, leaving the scene without making much of a scene.

Elsewhere in the city of Turtle Cove, citizens go about their day in a plaza, some walking, some eating, some drinking, and some serving. None seem aware of the mysterious monstrous creature dwelling on a rooftop just overhead, chuckling wickedly to himself, as he aims his weirdly shaped arm at them. There's a small red-tipped antenna on the end, which appears to be emitting some kind of signal. Most everyone in the plaza suddenly has their cellular phone out and are holding it to their ears (thanks to selective scene editing), answering the collective phone calls without even noticing how odd it is for all of the citizens in the vicinity to have a call at the exact same time. They pay for their ignorance, as the call is from the monster, a piercing pulsing noise which fills the air with deafening loudness. Some of the people, such as a waitress, cry out, and let go of their cellphones in an attempt to shut off the sound. It fails to work, and thanks to all of the phones lying on the cement, each one transmitting the same blaring noise from their receivers at full blast, the plaza crowd is effectively crippled. They grasp their ears, trying in vain to block the decibels, some writing in agony on the ground. The source of this disturbance comes down off the roof, and stands in the plaza uncontested: the Cell Phone Org! He's got an orange, twin-horned head, with a large white "power button" eye, block shaped touch-tone buttons all over his chest, with a blue cellphone 'wing' sticking up on his right shoulder, and a red cellphone 'wing' sticking up on his left (which is hooked to a headset, plugged into his ears). His right arm is orange and normal, but his left one is shaped like a closed cellphone, with golden & silver colors on its evil jaw-like design (that red-ended antenna is atop this hand), red, black, and silver wires prevent this extra mouth from opening too far. Anyway, Cell Phone Org admires all of the discarded cellular phones lying around, remarking in a warpy male voice, "More PHONES to absorb! Oooh, I LIKE blue & purple! Hehaha!" He takes a blue colored Nokia, and a pinkish Nokia, sticks them into his left arm "jaw", and clamps down, crushing them audibly.

On the Animarium, in the temple ruins, the viewing pond of sacred waters begins to fountain up in response to the attack in the city. Danny, Alyssa, Max, and Cole race over to the pool, along with Princess Shayla, who informs them, "There's an Org in the plaza!", as they all stare in the slowly settling waters. Max leans down closest to the viewing pond, watching the unseen transmission with a bit of anger. Alyssa glances around, and wonders frantically, "WHERE'S Taylor?!" Cole pulls out his Growl Phone, hits a button, and holds it to his ear. In the city, Taylor has resumed her jog, but comes to another panting halt on the sidewalk when her Growl Phone starts to ring. She pulls it out of her jacket pocket, opens it up, and replies breathlessly, "Taylor here!" Cole explains, "There's an Org in the plaza!" Taylor looks around, and asks, "The plaza?" He confirms, "Yeah. Where are you?!" She mentions determinedly, "I'm not too far from there now. I'll check it out!", before snapping her Growl Phone shut. Moments later, the Cell Phone Org is evilly basking in the carnage of chasing off a crowd of fleeing citizens. Taylor races onto the scene, and demands, "Org, STOP!" He spins around, and coos eagerly, "Ooh! What have we HERE?!" Taylor pulls out her Growl Phone again, holds it up, and then whips it downward, causing it to snap open. Cell Phone Org spots the glorious sight of the unique cellular morpher, and gasps, "A GOLD phone! I HAVE to have it!" Taylor holds her Growl Phone up, and summons, "Wild Access!", hitting the large button, before holding it to her ear while holding her other hand outward. Her fully morphing sequence plays, ending with her transforming into the Yellow Eagle Wild Force Power Ranger! Right off the bat, she leaps into the air with her Golden Eagle Sword out and slashing downward. Cell Phone Org grabs the blade, and redirects her momentum so that she's hurled right over his head. Yellow Ranger lands on her feet on the other side of the Org, but quickly grips her Sword and charges back into battle. Celly commands, "Antennas, activate!", causing the silver-stemmed antennas on both of his shoulder-wings, and the one on his left hand, to extend. One of the LCD screens of his cellphone body parts lights up with the pixilated drawing of a signal pole and three ascending bars. A trio of buttons on the blue side of his chest, and a trio of buttons on the red side, all light up with loud beeps. The Org quips, "Time to hang up!", as he throws his arms out to the side, and blasts the oncoming Yellow Ranger with a deafening pulse of sonic waves! The piercing noise slams into Taylor, causing her to stop her running, and instead grasp her helmeted ears, giving grunts of intense pain. Yellow electricity crackles about, shocking her body, and in less than an instant, her golden Growl Phone drops onto the ground, deactivated.

Taylor has demorphed during the sonic onslaught, and now has collapsed to her knees, leaning against one hand on the pavement, with the other shielding her aching ears as she groans, grimacing in agony. Cell Phone Org spots the abandoned Growl Phone lying on the cement, prompting him to hop up and down, cheering, "Oh, GOODY! I get the phone!" As he races over to retrieve it, his sonic blasting attack ceases transmission, allowing Taylor to wearily recover. She spots him heading for her morpher, and shakes off the soreness of her eardrums to make a mad dive across the plaza, snatching the Growl Phone up before he can reach for it. Taylor rolls under his large arms, but the moment she comes to a stop and rises, he grabs her back, and whines, "HEY!" Cell Phone Org gives her a forceful shove, knocking her onto a leftover food-covered tabletop, causing her to grunt. He quickly grabs her exposed right shoulder, pulls her up, and compels, "GIVE me that!" Without even giving her a chance to comply, the Org flips Taylor over, causing her to land hard on her back. She immediately attempts to get up, which falters when he tosses a hefty kick at her. Taylor blocks it just barely with her arms, and is knocked into pair of white plastic outdoors chairs, making her moan in pain as she falls onto them. Cell Phone Org declares brattily, "_I_ want that PHONE!" He grasps her right shoulder again, and hurls her into the air, sending Taylor crying out on a slow-mode collision course with another food-covered tabletop. This one collapses beneath her falling body weight, two legs falling off, leaving her to wallow in a pile of burgers and fries. Cell Phone Org boasts, "YOU'RE no match for ME, Ranger! GIVE me that phone, or I'll DISconnect you, PERmanently!" Taylor weakly crawls onto her feet, and staggers with great stride across the plaza in the opposite of his direction, her face sporting a few bloody scrapes. The Org is so wrapped up in his victory, that he's ill prepared to pursue, causing him to shout, "Hey! Where are you going?!" He follows Taylor as far as he can, but after rounding a corner, into an outer corridor of the shopping centers, her trail has gone totally cold.

Cell Phone Org glances from side to side, but is taken by surprise when he turns around him and Toxica is suddenly there, resting against the wall with her arms folded. He recognizes her single horn, and gasps, "Huh? A DUKE Org!" Jindrax steps in behind him, confirming cockily, "Got THAT right. And pretty soon?! MORE Rangers will be here, phones JUST as golden. Heh heh." Celly purrs with delight. Toxica adds enticingly, "And they will ALL be yours!" Cell Phone Org schemes, "YE-AH! I could put up a forcefield to TRAP them!" Toxica finally looks directly at the Org, offering wickedly, "And _I_ can give you an army to deSTROY them!" She gives a vicious yet gentle giggle, as she grins and holds up the weird shell filled with Putrid fluid in her right hand. Soon, Cell Phone Org steps out onto the roof of a building, and overlooks the cityscape, announcing, "OH-Kay, RANGers! With my energy field in place, let's see if you can MORPH! Hahaha!" He's standing on the tallest building in the general area of the city, and projects an orange-energy lined signal dome field over the surrounding a couple of blocks. The forcefield crackles between visibilities, soon turning as clear as the air around it. Somewhere within that dome of anti-morphing power, Taylor has stumbled into an alleyway. She rests against a stack of crates, sealed behind a yellow caution-tape line, clutching her right shoulder in pure agony. Taylor's restrained moans of pain thankfully fail to attract the small gang of Putrids scouring the streets for her, just around the corner. She opens up her recovered Growl Phone, and hits a button to call for help, before putting it to her ear. Having a bad history of never being able to contact someone when she's in trouble, Taylor's Growl Phone blares with a pulsing tone of static, due to the forcefield also blocking off communications. She quickly pulls the morpher away from her already nearly nerve-damaged ear before the noise can hurt her much, then closing the Growl Phone to shut off the sound. Taylor grunts, and returns to staggering along as fast as she can. Meanwhile, not too far away, at the site of the earlier cellular phone massacre, where torn parts of drained & discarded cellphones lie amid knocked over plastic tables, the other four Wild Force Power Rangers arrive at the plaza, riding their Savage Cycles. They drive cautiously on their bikes, and upon witnessing the aftermath, Red Ranger notes to his teammates, "The Org was DEFINITELY here. Hurry!" Our four heroes press on, riding through the wrecked plaza.

Wandering into the opened loading bay of a large warehouse, Taylor swiftly staggers into the place, which is filled with blue barrels, and numerous grey & yellow cases (similar to the ones Time Force used). She keeps an eye out for anyone following her, while struggling to get anywhere while in a world of pain. Taylor pants and groans, as she makes her way across the loading bay, and ducks down behind a large silver crate, located beneath a tall stairway. Her shoulder still throbbing, her face still scraped up, she more or less uses this short reprieve to sit and more or less lick her wounds. The breather lasts barely long enough to matter, as a trio of Putrids roam into the far end of the loading bay, patting their heads and searching around inspectingly. Their disgusting-sound voices herald their coming, allowing Taylor to peek around the corner of the crate she's sitting against. Witnessing them meandering her way, she sits back and breathes rapidly, shutting her eyes and holding her shoulder, out of options once again. The moment she opens her eyes, Taylor sees a surprising sight: those twin boys, simply standing there side by side (Black Twin on the left & White Twin on the right), staring at her with gentle expressionless faces. She gasps, "YOU guys again?!", to which neither reply in any manner, verbal or otherwise. They're standing rather out in the open, with the trio of Putrids gradually combing their way toward them. Taylor pleads in a whisper, "GET down before you're seen!" The twins ignore her cautious demands, gazing off at the Putrids, as if waiting to be noticed by the muck drones. It doesn't take long for that to happen, as the Putrids spot the boys, and curiously approach them at a slow pace. Taylor takes action to protect the pair, by getting back on her feet, and staggering out between the Putrids & the twins, despite her injures. When she steps out into view, the Putrids (now only a duo, the third one is absent) go wild, flaying their battleaxes about. Taylor ceases grasping her shoulder, and gets ready to fight. The first Putrid takes a swipe at her, but she ducks under, then blocks the other Putrid's club attack with both her arms. The first one throws a high kick, which she also ducks under, just to be kicked in the back by the second. As Taylor lunges forward, the first Putrid is able to knee her in the gut, causing a gratuitous cleavage shot to go with her grunt of windedness. It then shoves her backwards, sending her slamming back-first into a couple of blue barrels, knocking them off of a grey case, which she falls upon. The twins merely look on, standing in that same spot in the background, unalerted.

Taylor pokes her foot up and kicks the Putrid off her when it tries to attack. She then stands, ducks under the second Putrid's battleaxe swipe, spins around, tosses a kick, the Putrid ducks under it, the other muck drone throws a kick of his own, she blocks it, then kicks back, hitting him in the chest. The second Putrid pops up just as she's finishing the kick, and grabs her arm, giving her a sharp tug and flips her completely over! Taylor lands on her back hard against the cement once again, causing her to moan and resume clutching her shoulder. Breathing heavily and out of energy, she can only lie there, watching helplessly as the two Putrids approach, taking their time with sadistic savor, and raising their battleaxes high. The mute twin boys have seen enough, and finally decide to intervene, stepping in front of Taylor's weary body and switching positions (White on left, Black on right). Their formally blank expressions are now highlighted by a calm rage. Taylor doesn't react to their valiant attempts to protect she who was only trying to protect them, too caught up in the agony of her injuries, though still watching. The twins stand side by side, and each hold one their arms (Black's right and White's left) out to the center space between them, the White Twin's hand is positioned in front of the Black Twin's, fingers spread. Then, at the same time, they hold those arms up and aim their collective palms, White behind Black, forth. This fires a warping wave of reality rippling at the pair of Putrids! One is hurled into a stack of cases, and the other into a board before plopping in a curled position onto some overturned blue barrels. The strange twins lower their arms simultaneously, and turn around, facing at one another but eerily staring at Taylor with dead silence. Taylor watches for only a few seconds more, when she finally passes out, her head falling gently against the pavement and her eyes shutting from exhaustion.

Elsewhere, the other four Wild Force Rangers ride their Savage Cycles toward an area of warehouses. The yellow circuitry-like forcefield dome becomes apparent in the skies above, as the outer perimeter of the energy barrier begins just ahead. Red Ranger spots it, and blurts, "What's THAT?!" He swerves his Red Lion Savage Cycle to a stop, prompting his three teammates to slow down their own bikes. Cell Phone Org is close by, shouting once more, "Antennas, activate!" His three antennas extend, and the LCD screen shows that little display implying he's kicking his power up a notch. The Rangers sit on their Cycles, looking at the strange field in confusion, with the Org's sonic attack comes pulsing in. Black Ranger goes, "Huh?!", just before being hit by the invisible soundwaves. All four Power Rangers find themselves struck by the deafening decibels, the noise vibrating through their morphed bodies with such intensity that they can do nothing but writhe about and cry out, as they're engulfed in surges of yellow electricity. This shock treatment lingers for several excruciating seconds, until suddenly, our heroes are seemingly drawn off their Savage Cycles by a magnetic pull. They scream aloud, as they are reluctantly tossed through the air, and through the forcefield. By the time the four hit the pavement, they've demorphed from this sonic assault. Continuing to be overwhelmed by the blaring noise, our heroes lie in a weary heap. Their four Growl Phones hit the cement just beside them, in a similar pile, with a few of the morphers hitting the ground so hard they open up or detach the 'body form' legs. Halting his sonics, Cell Phone Org makes himself known, as he cheers, "YAY! Four golden Phones!" The four Wild Force Activists are still unbalanced from the surprise attack, but are all able to glare at the monster with contempt. The Org focuses not on the humans, but on their discarded Growl Phones, eyeing them as he marches forth, adding, "And they're all MINE! Hehehahahe!" They get up as best they can, and scramble over to the scattered Growl Phones, picking theirs up frantically, and getting into a lined position to reactivate the morph. Cell Phone Org faces them, gloating, "Just HAND them over, they're not good to you now!" Indeed, each of the four repeatedly presses the activation button their Growl Phone, causing a beep, but no surge of morphing energies. Cole looks at his agitatedly, and notes to his baffled teammates in a panic, "The Growl Phones are JAMMED somehow!" Cell Phone Org snidely confirms, "NO kidding!", as he aims his left arm at them, opens it up, and fires a beam of pinkish white energy their way. The ground behind and in front of our four unmorphed heroes bursts with smoke, sparks, and fireballs, knocking them off their feet

Hidden from view in an alleyway between two storage buildings, with thanks to the copious amounts of boxes, barrels and other discarded items strewn about, the identical twin boys have made a makeshift bed for the unconscious Taylor. It's mostly a long crate with broken down cardboard boxes for padding, and bubble wrap for a pillow. The twins stand together behind her head, watching over their newfound friend as she slumbers deeply. The two look at one another, nod in unison, and slowly raise their arms up (same arms as were used to blast the Putrids). Gently, they each place their index & middle fingers upon Taylor's forehead, forming a sort of V position pointing toward the center of her bruised & scraped face. The moment their hands touch her skin, Taylor's closed eyes begin a induced period of rapid movement, her brow furrowing, and her lips briefly part, as she lets loose a stifled groan. Whatever the twins are doing to her, it's causing a flashback within her unconscious mind. The scene fades from Taylor's injured adult body, to sometime during her childhood. She's probably about five or six, wearing a blue sweater, as she sits in a commercial jetliner. Young Taylor's at a window seat, with her mother sleeping in the seat to her right. The whole plane is dark, save for the overhead light allowing the girl to sit there and color some drawings on a large pad of paper, placed on the food tray in front of her. The drawing is crude, done in crayon, the child's attempt to mimic the much more colorful and detailed picture in the storybook she has placed in her lap. It's a familiar book, you may remember from "Click, Click, Zoom", titled "The Legend Of Animarium." The page in question shows five Ranger-colored warriors, resembling the Wild Force Rangers in full-bodied matching colors, present as the turtle-shaped island of Animarium is lifted into the sky for the first time. Young Taylor is adding the green to her own drawing of the island, when the overhead light flickers out and dies. She looks up, and becomes a bit frightened, causing her to grip the seat in front of her and lift her small self up to glance around the cabin. Everybody on board is asleep, resting their heads against pillows with blue blankets over their bodies. If it wasn't for the faint light in the back, the place would be pitch black!

Young Taylor's attention turns away from the planeful of sleepyheads, when the shade covering her window starts to jerk itself up and down, a bright light pouring through beneath it. As if she wasn't scared enough, she cautiously reaches over and pulls up the shade, and stares out in the illuminated world through the port-hole window. The sight that awaits her causes Young Taylor to widen her eyes and go agape. It's the real life, honest to goodness, Animarium, spinning majestically in the sky. Despite the bright sunlight shining through the window, how the island is fully lit, and the clouds are all puffy and white, the darkened sky-spots between them implies what the passengers of the plane all sleeping makes obvious: it's still mostly nighttime (probably around dawn... or else that's one effulgent moon!). Anyway, this mystical experience immediately excites Young Taylor, prompting her to embrace her mother's arm, and urge, "Mommy! Mommy, LOOK!" Taylor's mom looks & sounds like Taylor does when she grows up (for obvious reasons), though we never see her quite clearly. She groggily takes her head out of the covers, and sniffles, before asking, "What is it, honey?" Young Taylor points out the radiant window, and says in her cute two-front-teeth missing voice, "Look! It's the Animarium!" Mother Earhardt leans forward and looks past her daughter's head, seeing only a sea of white clouds filling the land-less atmosphere. She remarks amused, "I think someone's been reading that book too much!" Young Taylor disappointedly pouts, "But it was right THERE." Her mother reaches over, pulls down the shade, and tells her warmly, "Get some rest, honey." As Mother Earhardt snuggles back into her blanket and pillow, Young Taylor is left sitting in the darkness, disillusioned. She waits a moment, and reopens the shade, staring out the window with a longing expression. Young Taylor presses her hand to the glass, and continues to look for the legendary island, to no avail. The silver & blue airliner flies on, nobody within aware of its passage by the Animarium, save for the little girl in first class. As the flashback ends, we find Taylor as an adult in the present, still unconscious, though whatever that induced the reminder of her first encounter with her destiny as a Wild Force Ranger, also healed every scrape, cut, and bruise on her body! The identical twin boys look exchange glances, and nods, as if deciding they've done enough. The moment after they pull their fingers back from her forehead, Taylor's eyes gradually open up, slowly darting from side to side. They widen once she recalls her situation, sitting up sharply in alerted shock. Taylor feels her repaired face, and turns around on her makeshift bed, seeing the twins standing just behind her. Not one to take the miracle for granted, she asks, "Did you heal me?!" The twins nod in silence, displaying faint smiles. Taylor replies gratefully, "Thanks! I owe you one." The White Twin takes her right hand, and the Black Twin takes her left, the both of them helping her off the crate, and leading her down the alley. Taylor goes along with them, smirking as she quips, "You guys don't talk much, do you?"

Meanwhile, Cole throws a kick at the Cell Phone Org, which the beast blocks with his left arm, before punching the red vested human away with his right. Max rushes the Org, and ducks under his left arm as it swings over his head, attempting to throw a kick of his own into the monster, just to get it blocked by that large left arm. Cell Phone Org kicks back, and strikes the blue vested human in the gut, knocking him across the cemented lot. Max hits the ground hard, Cole rolls in beside him, Alyssa approaches them while clutching her sore left shoulder and collapsing to her knees, and Danny hurries in while doubled over, grasping his stomach. It appears this battle has been going on during Taylor's entire naptime. Cell Phone Org laughs wickedly, and races toward them, his shoulder-wing antennas still extended up. Our four weary heroes regroup together, with Alyssa focusing her brown eyes on the Org's antenna (or antennae, I suppose). She urges them with a plan brewing in her brunette brain, "L-let's get out of here!" Too weak to continue fighting futilely, her three teammates retreat as quickly as their injured bodies can go. Celly whines in protest, "HEY! Get back here!", and chases after them. The four Wild Force Activists race down an alleyway between warehouses, where two crates and two barrels are set up in an unusual position. There's a space between the small crates, a black barrel turned sideways above this space, and a yellow barrel to the right of them. Well, anxiously escaping, our heroes make their way through this structure like so: Alyssa rolls on the ground through the space, Danny dives over the left side of the crates, Cole rolls over the top of the yellow barrel, and Max crawls through the space, lagging behind. Cell Phone Org is right on their tail, demanding, "GIVE me those PHONES!" Max lagged for a reason, as he stands and kicks the black barrel off the crates, hitting the Org and toppling him over. After getting far enough away from the monster, the four take a break behind the corner of a building. Cole clutches his left arm, Max grasps his chest as Alyssa helps him walk, and Danny looks just plain winded. As they hide against the wall & catch their collective breaths, Alyssa explains her scheme, "Guys... I think I know how to stop this Org."

Elsewhere, outside the front gate of Norquist Air Force Base, a lone guard in fatigues stands outside his post, below the American flag blowing in the breeze. A military jeep drives toward the base, as the air is filled with a constant rumble of jet engines in the near distance. The Black & White twins have led Taylor right back to where their 'relationship' began, specifically the front wall just around the corner from the base's gate proper. The boys are prepared to just waltz right in, when Taylor stops them both, stressing, "NO way! You can't go in there! And I'm SURELY not going to." (either because she's retired, or AWOL, your guess & mine are equally good) She peeks around the corner, and spots the guard standing at attention. Taylor turns towards the twins again, and wonders, "What're we doing BACK here?" The identical brothers simply stare at her, totally quiet, their expressions not giving any answers either. Taylor appears reluctant, but willing, as she accepts their resistance to speak with unfathomable trust, "I hope we have a good reason for this." The twins nod, more or less confirming silently that the concept of breaching military security is for the safety of mankind. Momentarily, the Guard stationed at Gate 19 of Norquist AFB, is just minding his own watchful business, when Taylor rushes up, and demands urgently in a militaristic tone, "What do you think you're doing, MIS-TER?! Didn't you see those kids trying to sneak through that fence?!" The Guard looks over to where she gestures, and baffledly asks, "What kids?" She grabs him by the shoulders, and pulls him out and around to the side, so that his back is facing the entryway between the gate and the security post. Taylor, displaying her dogtags outside of her boobs for a change (they've been out since after the Putrid fight, actually), calls him on his disrespectful attitude, "Is THAT the way you address a superior officer?!" The Guard instantly salutes, and says, "SORRY, ma'am!" She grips his arm and turns him toward the front wall, just as the twin boys dash past behind his back, with White leading the way. They're hunched over, as they sneak back into the base, thanks to the distraction. Taylor orders, "Now find those kids, or I'll have you bumped back to airman!" The Guard obliges, nodding and replying, "Yes, MA'AM!", as he races off in the opposite direction of the gate. Having manipulated his naivety, Taylor sprints through the gate.

Soon, the twins are leading Taylor by her hands toward an aircraft hangar, numbered 235. It's dark inside, and is apparently devoid of life, aside from this trio. Taylor looks around in confusion, until the White Twin faces her from the front, and Black Twin faces her from the back, the small children holding out their arms and locking hands together, forming a close chain around the tall woman. She just watches with intrigue, until this joining of hands causes a ring of golden light to emit from the cracked cement at their feet! Taylor shields her face in surprise, as the golden light engulfs all three of them at once. Elsewhere, Cell Phone Org races down another warehouse alley, gloating aloud, "I'm closing in your signal, Rangers!" That's when Max hops down from above, and faces the Org with an intense glare. Celly turns to him, and remarks, "THERE you are!" Max puts up his dukes (not to be confused with Duke Orgs) and holds his fists in a defensive stance, loosening his finger-clenching just a bit to give an enticing 'come & get it' gesture briefly, before resuming fists, his face eager to brawl.

Back at the AFB, Taylor has been transported to a pitch black area, likely deep beneath the hangar. A mist hangs in the partially in the air from where they emerge, as the twins guide her forward. Taylor inquiries puzzledly, "Where ARE we? What're we DOing here?!" When they reach the end of the road, the twins stop just on the edge of a VERY steep cliff, causing a few pebbles and specks of dirt slide over the side. She's confused, not focusing on anything but various points all throughout the darkness, until the boys aim their arms downward, pointing out their target. Taylor gazes at a tiny spot of bright white light, amid the black void below, nestled just against the jaggedly rocked and seemingly endless wall. But somewhere, far below, the source of the light becomes clear to us all: two beautiful white flowers, growing in a crevice between the rocks. Taylor can somehow see them (I guess she's got the eyes of an Eagle, so to speak!), and the sight takes her breath away. She turns away from the ledge, and faces the twins, bending down so she can address them at a lower angle, as she asks, "You me to go down and get them for you?" The boys nod. Taylor sighs, and pulls her Growl Phone out of her jacket pocket, as she stands and turns back around. She opens her morpher up, and stares at it, unsure if she can count on it to aide her in recovering the flowers. Closing the Growl Phone, she bravely address them, though subtly biting her lip a few times while doing so, "I DID tell you I owe you one... and a promise IS a promise. So if it's THAT important... I'll DO it." So, seconds later, Taylor is climbing her way slowly down the cliff, as a desolate wind whips around her. She struggles to set her foot down of a small ledge, and brings her weight down on the sharp stone, giving small grunts as she clings to the wall tightly. All of that effort brings her merely inches closer to her destination, an unknown distance straight down.

Resuming where we left off elsewhere, Cell Phone Org boasts, "Time to FINISH this call!" Max breaks out of his fists-up position, and ducks under the Org's lunging & shouting assault. Cole then rushes in from behind a dumpster. Max gets to safety, and yells, "NOW!" Cole launches himself off the top of a crate, and does a full reverse bodyflip as he leaps high into the air. Cell Phone Org targets Max again, attempting to strike him when the boy in blue dashes toward a wall, and spins off against it. The Org is too distracted to notice Danny making the scene behind him. Cole snags a long metal chain hanging off one of the warehouses, and swings along on it, Tarzan-esque, both hands bracing it like a vine in his native jungle, and his leg extended forth. He slams into the Cell Phone Org with a direct hit, kicking him right into Danny, who grabs the monster from behind, and uses his immense strength to hold him in place! Danny squeezes the Org with both hands, causing Celly to cry, "Hey, what do you think you're doing?! Let GO of me!" Meanwhile, Taylor is still hanging from the rocky wall. With her right arm raised and holding on, she dreadfully glances over her shoulder. It appears that tiny spot of light is just as far from her there as it was when she was still on solid ground above! Taylor doesn't let her lack of substantial progress get her down, and instead lets gravity do that for her, as her sneakered foot slips against a stone, and causes her to lose her grip. Crying out, she plummets against the wall, scraping up her elbows, arms, and hands. The White & Black Twins monitor from the cliff, their eyes widening and mouths gaping in dire concern. But luckily, all of Taylor's flaying about pays off, and her right hand grapples against a firm crag, bringing her violent descend to a sudden halt, jolting her about as she dangles dangerously by that one arm. She grunts in pain, while her weakened fingers start to spread about, with the soil beneath them starting to crumble. The final finger reluctantly releases, and Taylor falls again, screaming all the way, now too far from the cliffside to even try to grab another hold. She can do nothing but go "Ahh! Ahh! Ahhhhh!" with her arms in the air and her eyes clamped shut, and the breeze snapping her hair all about.

Elsewhere, Alyssa charges through a parking lot and rounds the corner of a warehouse. Danny maintains his firm grasp on Cell Phone Org, taxing his beefy muscles to the limit, his face displaying the rigors of fatigue. The Org exclaims, "Hey, let GO of me! You can't put ME on hold!" Alyssa races down the steep driveway, and when close enough, she leaps into the air, and throws both of her knee-socked feet at the Cell Phone Org's extended antennae. This swift flying kick severs at the red antenna from the Org's shoulder-wing, causing him to gasp, "NO!", and for the LCD display to discontinue its power bar listing, a sign of the anti-morphing forcefield being no more. Concurrently, more or less, Taylor is now plummeting downward headfirst. She screams, "Ahh! Ahh!", and on a last ditch whim, pulls out her Growl Phone once more, and opens it. The circuitry of the top section comes to life with yellow energies, and an energized beep responds positively. Taylor holds the cellphone morpher to her ear, holds out her left arm, and summons, "Wild Access!!" Her body gleams with a yellow flash, as she morphs in a single flash of power. Instead of fighting her fall, she holds her body into it, diving directly toward the pair of white flowers at the bottom of the pit. The Yellow Eagle Wild Force Ranger reaches out for them, and as she levels her body out to a horizontal position. The flowers, kinda tulipy, are swiftly torn out of the rocks by their roots. Yellow Ranger sprouts the metal-feathered wings underneath her arms, and goes on an upswing, riding the draft & momentum skyward! Upon clearing the peak, she retracts her wings, and lands perfectly on the ledge in front of the twins. Taylor has one white flower in each hand, and inhaling deeply, she holds them out, causing the boys to stare at their retrieved gifts with smiling expressions. Yellow Ranger crouches down, and offers, "HERE you go, guys. I kept my promise." She hands one flower to the White Twin, then the other to the Black Twin. The boy in black returns the favor by taking her gloved right hand, turning it palm-side up, and placing a small, long, dark seed gently upon it. The boy in white does the same, placing an identical seed alongside it. Yellow Ranger folds her fingers over the twin seeds, and rises back up, unsure of what to make of their rewards, but responding graciously, "Uhh, THANKS! I'm sure they must be very SPECial to you! Thank you very much! Thank you."

Cell Phone Org grabs his smoking & dismembered antenna off the ground, and laments, "My antenna!! You BROKE my precious antenna!" His mourning is interrupted, when he sharply turns and notices the four Wild Force Power Rangers he'd been chasing for their Growl Phones have morphed between scenes. The White Tiger Wild Force Ranger taunts from down the alleyway, "And you don't stand a CHANCE against us without your 'precious' antenna, DO you?!" Red Lion Ranger, arms folded grimly at first, points out, "You started this fight, NOT us!" Cell Phone Org claims boastingly, "And I'LL finish it!" The four Rangers start to race down the alley after him, when a sudden bombardment of bursts blindsides them from above, knocking our heroes off their feet. The Org cackles manically, and glances around for the source of this strike, finding on the rooftop above. The Duke Orgs are back, with Jindrax, wielding his twin daggers, criticizes his troop, "Cellphone Org! YOU said you could HANDle the Rangers!" Cell Phone Org retorts, "And YOU said you were going to help me DO it!" The WF Rangers are recovering and witnessing this exchange between Orgs, inspiring Red Ranger to shout, "TOXica!" This leads to Toxica gloating, "We've just been TOYing with you, RANGers!" Cell Phone Org pitches his broken antenna away, and adds, "That's right! And playtime's OVER!" He charges toward them like a bull, growling all the while. Our heroes get back on their feet to face him, but he jumps into the air and dives at them, hitting Black Bison Ranger in the chest sparkily, doing the same to Blue Shark Ranger, then flying kicking both Red & White Rangers with alternating legs. Cole & Alyssa are flung up against a wall, hitting it hard, but hitting the ground harder as they drop, both groaning in pain. The Org lands on his feet, and comments, "HA! YOU guys are out of service!"

Suddenly, the Yellow Eagle Ranger swoops through the sky, crying out mightily. She grabs Cell Phone Org by one of his shoulder-wings, and smashes him into railing bars of a nearby stairway! His head is stuck between them for a moment, before the Yellow Ranger pulls him out, and soars across the alley on her underarm-wings, bonking the Org's head on yet another metal railing. This time, Taylor hangs onto the rail, and lets him go from high up, causing Celly to fall several feet, yelling all the while, until he crashes onto his back. Yellow Eagle Ranger dives gracefully off of the watertower stairs, and lands perfectly on her feet at the other end of the alley. The other Rangers regroup around her, with Alyssa exclaiming, "TAYlor!" Cell Phone Org somehow manages to stand back up, and is surprised to see the woman he defeated earlier, gasping, "You're BACK!?" Yellow Ranger does the clawed glove, belt-buckle, Crystal Saber focusing pose, shouting, "Soaring Eagle!" Blue Ranger repeats with his own ending movie, shouting, "Surging Shark!" Black Ranger also does this, shouting, "Iron Bison!" White Ranger as well, shouting, "Noble Tiger!" Red Ranger is last to follow through, shouting, "Blazing Lion!" Yellow Ranger touches her yellow eagle chest patch, and crosses her hand, while announcing, "Guardians of the Earth... United, we ROAR!" She even gets to say the first two words, being joined in by the others in unison for the last two, proclaiming, "Power Rangers! Wild Force!" The five Wild Force Rangers leap and pose as a team, with Taylor in the middle. Undaunted, Cell Phone Org declares, "YOU won't interrupt MY call! YAH!", before darting at them. Our heroes waste no time for a change, and immediately, Red Ranger pulls out the fully-formed, "Jungle Sword!" Each Ranger sets into position behind him, as he activates, "Savage Slash!" The shimmering-gold Jungle Sword encircles, then slices downward, chopping right through the Org with its energy beam. He writhes, moans, and flashes in agony. Taylor quips a finishing remark, "Your service has been TERMINATED!" The Rangers remain in their braced position, as the Cell Phone Org begins to burst with rapid & colorful explosions, mostly white & green smoke pouring out of his body. A little red demon-looking trinket that was dangling from his red shoulder is torn off by this blast, as he topples over. Celly's head jerks back and forth repeatedly, as his whole form begins to crackle with bluish electricity, which reduces him into a twitching pile of greenish goop.

As Cell Phone Org's dying body continues to disintegrate, the Duke Orgs come down into the alley. (A clip cut from this episode, shown in last ep's 'scenes from next time', has Toxica remarking, "We've GOT your number NOW, Rangers! Ahahaha!", as Jindrax nodded and looked on) Toxica immediately begins to wave her staff around, and incant, "EVIL spirits of TOIL & strife, give this fallen Org new LIFE! Yaaaaah!" Five peanut-shaped seeds are fired from the center of her staff, the land in the puddle of Org, and sprout into towering green vines, which merged together in a blinding blink. Cell Phone Org has been recharged, has unlimited minutes, no roaming charges, and is gigantic! He roars and laughs viciously, his red antenna also restored. Can you hear him now? BAD! The Wild Force Rangers simultaneously unsheathe their Crystal Sabers, and aim them skyward, commanding, "WILDzords, descend!" Their crystals shine, and beam a light along the blade, as the summoning signal chimes out. All five of the Power Animals leap off of the Animarium, and storm down the spectrum bridge. Our heroes aim their Sabers together, and proclaim in unison, "Wildzords, combine!" Lickety-split, the Red Lion, Blue Shark, White Tiger, Black Bison, and Yellow Eagle Wildzords come together. The Rangers are within the cerebral cockpit, and after placing their Crystal Sabers into the glowing consoles, activate, "Wild Force, Megazord!" The transformed configuration of the Zords surges into the air, does a bodyflip, and poses amid thunderclouds, being struck by purple lightning. The Wild Force Megazord is quickly back on the ground, standing in the city filled with buildings, most smaller than it. Cell Phone Org, body smoking for some reason, vows, "You WON'T hang up on me again, Rangers!" He extends his left-hand's antenna, then the pair of ones of his shoulder-wings, causing the blue & red buttons his chest to blink to life. Celly howls, as throws his arms outward, cackling psychotically. The Org is activating his sonic assault again, blasting the Megazord with an invisible force, the loudly pulsing noise filling the cockpit and causing all five Rangers to clutch their heads in agony. The Wild Force Megazord starts to burst with multiple, repeating explosions, causing it to stagger back with every sparky pop. The streets below are evacuated, save for one roar, where the familiar twin boys are frantically racing toward the battlefield, still holding their flowers.

So, in case you didn't get the memo, each of the five Wild Force Rangers are covering their helmeted ears with grunting pain. Yellow Ranger mutters out against the blaring noise, "We've GOTTA find more POWER!" She slams her fist sharply onto the console in front of her, causing her clenched fist to begin emitting a shimmering yellow light between her fingers! Baffled, Taylor slowly opens her hand, and discovers the twin seeds given to her by the equally twin boys have reappeared in her palm (they weren't there a minute ago, but where she stored them is of no matter). The yellow energy fades away, just as the pulsing noise of the Org does the same. Nearby, the White & Black clothed twin boys rush up onto a rooftop overlooking the scene. With their chubby faces, they could use this work-out, lemme tell ya. Reaching the edge, the flower-holding brothers gaze up at the Wild Force Megazord, getting blasted aback once again. The Megazord pauses before backing into a building, its attention turning to the mysterious twins on the sidelines. Yellow Ranger gasps, "YOU two?!" The twins are somehow able to hear her, each nodding at the same time with wide grins. Their white flowers start to gleam with a golden energy, inspiring the twins to face one another, and hold their glowing plants over the other one's head. The light erupts into a sparkling shower of energy, which sprinkles onto each of the mute children. The boys each begin to shine with a different light: White Twin is pure white, while Black Twin goes golden. Taylor watches this in awe, stating in disbelief, "WHAT?!" Facing the Megazord, the glowing twin boys are instantly converted into energy, which flares outward and upward. The light morphs into solid form, that of a giant metal Polar Bear and a giant metal Black Bear! The Bearzords raise up onto their hind legs, and let out equal roars. Our heroes are surprised, each exclaiming something different: Taylor goes, "Zords?!" Cole goes, "Wow!" Max goes, "Cool!" Danny goes, "Whoah!" Alyssa simply gasps, and all but Taylor were still clutching at least part of their heads from the recently ceased sonic assault. The Bearzords roar again, and glance at one another, having been reconverted to their natural states for the first time in likely quite a long while.

In the cerebral cockpit, the two seeds in Yellow Ranger's palm magically morph in a blink & sparkle of yellow light, forming into a matching pair of crystal orbs! One is white, the other black, each containing a small identical metallic bear idol. Taylor holds them up, one in each hand, and realizes, "They're ANIMAL Crystals! A Black Bear, and a Polar Bear! " The twin Bearzords charge along through the streets on all fours. They're completely alike, with golden claws, silver teeth & a grey stripe over the tops of their heads, backs & feet. The only major difference is the skin-tones & eye colors: Polar Bear has ice-blue and snow white body, while Black Bear has red eyes and an obvious coal black body. They bound forth, roaring and looking at one another, as if formulating a plan. Watching this from the temple ruins on Animarium, Princess Shayla stares into the viewing pond with intense excitement, recognizing them from the earlier days, cheering, "The BEAR Brothers are back!" The Bear Wildzords snarl & continue down the street, side by side (Polar on our left, Black on our right). Yellow Ranger claims, "I KNEW there was something different about those boys!" Princess Shayla informs aloud, "Their Ancient Rangers MUST have hid their crystals, inside the Magic Flowers!" The Bearzords approach the Cell Phone Org, causing him to cower in fear of their ferociousness. Shayla narrates over the action, "One represents fire." The Bearzords stop running, allowing the Black Bear Wildzord to open his jaws and spew forth a flaming beam. It strikes the Org in the chest, causing him to hop up and cry, "OW! HOT!" Black halts his fiery spewing, and the Polar Bear Wildzord takes over, opening up and projecting a streaming bolt of ice-blue energy. It hits Cell Phone Org, causing his body to frost, as he turns around and whines, "BRR! COLD!" The Princess narrates, "The other represents ice!" Alternating their attacks, the Bear Brothers begin a symphony of fire & ice beams, blasting the Org in increasing succession. His body freezing over, then melting to a scorch, then repeating the process painfully, Celly cries, "HOT! COLD! HOT! Oh hoho! Ooh! C-COOOLD!" Since one Bearzord has a thing for forest fires, and the other likes to keep refreshing cola always ice cold, I say we nickname the Bear Brothers, Smokey & Cokey!

From the Megazord cockpit, Yellow Ranger cheers, "Take him out, Bears!" Black Bear & Polar Bear Wildzords each snap their heads around, snarling ferociously. The twin Bearzords raise up onto their hind legs, look at one another, growl, then make impressive leaps into the air. Flying through the sky, the Bearzords start to come together in a tight loop, spinning with their legs connected, into a sort of twirling Yin & Yang! They spin faster and faster into a blurring white & black wheel of fury, and glide down toward the Cell Phone Org. The rolled ball of Bearzords hovers against the Org's chest, rapidly tearing into him with blinding sparks & smoke from the friction. The wheel of Bear Wildzords quickly pulls away from the exploding Org, and returns to the sky, breaking apart and allowing Black & Polar to soar apart from one another. In the cerebral cockpit of the Wild Force Megazord, Red Ranger notices, "It looks like they wanna COMBINE!" Yellow Ranger holds up her right hand, the white & black crystal orbs are held between her spread fingers (she's nearly throwing up a gang sign!), and urges, "Max! Alyssa! Replace your crystals with THESE!" She tosses Blue Ranger the white orb, while White Ranger gets the black one (apparently color of power matters not for who gets what). Max holds up his crystal-less Crystal Saber, and commands, "Sharkzord, detach!" Alyssa does the same with hers, commanding, "White Tigerzord, detach!" (marking the first time she's called her Power Animal by the full name!) With a hydraulic burst of air, the Blue Shark right arm, and the White Tiger left arm, unlock from the Megazord's torso. Holding her Crystal Saber in the pink console slot, White Ranger slips the Black Bear orb into weapon's hole, with Blue Ranger doing the same with his Saber in the blue console slot, and dropping the Polar Bear orb into the round center. Alyssa calls, "BLACK Bear, ready!", and her third Wildzord this season roars in response. Max calls, "POLAR Bear, ready!", and his third Wildzord this season roars in response. Cole proclaims, "BEARzords, combine!"

Passing through a blue & black vortex, the Polar & Black Bear Wildzords float along together. They then shimmy their front sections forth, while contracting their legs into their bodies. Their silver waists, along with their rear ends, shift upwards and back, before their entire forms turn over onto opposite sides. The Polar Bearzord locks onto the Megazord's right torso-joint, an iceberg symbol on the shoulder that was once a rear-end. The Black Bearzord locks onto the Megazord's left torso-joint, a tri-flame symbol on the shoulder that was once a rear-end. In the cerebral cockpit, Red Ranger motions his arms, and begins the command, "Wild Force Megazord...!" The other four Rangers join in, and conclude the formation's name in unison, "Double Knuckle!" The WF Megazord punches its new Polar & Black Bearzord fists together twice in front of its body, causing a flash of sparks with the intimidating impact. It then holds its new arms up as they surge with power, before lowering them into a boxing-ready position, causing the shoulder symbols to gleam until the Bearzord arms shine with white & gold energy. I guess you could say the Megazord has the right to BEAR arms! The Cell Phone Org returns to a standing position, and scoffs, "I'm NOT going to let you comPLETE that call!" Blue Ranger asks arrogantly, "Oh, YEAH?!" Yellow Ranger orders to her twin pals with a whooping fist gesture, "Give him the ONE-TWO!" The Wild Force Megazord punches the Org in the chest with the Polar Bear fist, then the Black Bear, followed by the Polar Bear again. Celly sobs aloud, "OH, hoho!" and sparks, until he finally topples over onto the city streets in a smoking heap. Taylor announces, "Get READY, Bears!" The Bearzord fists open their mouths, and out pop two golden gun-barrels. Cell Phone Org recovers, and boasts, "NOW I'm getting mad!" In the cockpit, Red Ranger leads the command, with two fist gesturing and arm extending, by proclaiming, "Double Knuckle..." The other four Rangers join in, simultaneously shouting, "...BEAR BLASTER!" (could be 'Buster' or 'Bluster', it's unclear) The Wild Force Megazord lifts its twin Bearzord arms, as their fist-jaws begin to glow with a sphere of energized power (white for Polar & gold for Black). The sphere glow bright and brighter, until they finally burst into twin beams of freezing & scorching elements. The paradoxical properties collide into Cell Phone Org at the same time, causing him to cry out, as his body explodes into a massive, consuming fireball. He bursts one last glorious time, leaving no trace or signal behind. The fires and smoke begin to clear, leaving the Megazord standing in the background, Bearzord arms still held in the blasting position.

The Wild Force Megazord in Double Knuckle mode, towering over the city of Turtle Cove, spreads its new arms outward, before lowering them down into a resting stance. Within the cerebral cockpit, Yellow Ranger commends their new sentient machine beast allies, "Black Bearzord... And Polar Bearzord... We give you our thanks. Welcome to the team!" The Polar Bear left fist snarls, and the Black Bear right fist does the same, as if equally joyous for this union. Suddenly, the Red Lion center of the Megazord comes to life, with his green left eye widened with a groan of agony. The Wild Force Rangers are cheering successfully inside of his cranium, when the lights start to flicker and all five of them are violently shaken about. As our heroes struggle to maintain their balance, Red Ranger asks in a panic, "What's happening?!" Wild Force Megazord staggers back slowly, as Cole notices, "We're losing POWER!" Just then, the cockpit begins to crackle with orange electricity, zapping the Rangers joltingly. The surging increases, until the whole cockpit bursts with a blinding light! On the outside, the Megazord is also crackling with the orange electricity, the epicenter of the disturbance being the Red Lion's head at the center. The light expands outward, enveloping the screen with a white brightness. When fading back to reality, we find the five Wild Force Rangers falling together onto the pavement below, having been thrown from the cockpit! They hit the ground hard, with Cole grunting, "Oof!", and Taylor clutching her chest, going, "Ugh!" Our heroes aren't the only ones tossed aside by the blast, as the Red Lion Wildzord slams and skids along the street, lying on his side and roaring out weakly. Red Ranger crawls back up and looks over toward his beast, gasping, "Huh? Red LION!" The dust settles around the injured beast, as the Red Lionzord lies in a barely moving heap, snarling faintly. Cole stands and cries out, "Red Lion, SPEAK to me!" The king of the Animarium gives a weary rumble in response. The Black & Polar Bearzords snarl viciously, almost as if they don't play nicely with other Power Animals. Below, the Rangers get back up, and gaze up at the slumped over Lionzord. Max worriedly remarks, "Man... he doesn't look so good." Taylor concurs, "Yeah..." Cole asks with dire concern, "Red Lion.... What's the matter?!" The Red Lion Wildzord furrows his brow, and growls lowly. You'd think this would be cliffhanger for a second part, but I guess they used up all their cliffhanging during Taylor's literal cliff-hanging scene earlier.
[Scenes from "Soul Searching"; End Credits]

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