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Power Rangers Wild Force
"Soul Bird Salvation"
Original Air Date:3/30/02 Featuring Footage & Some Story Elements From:
Gaoranger #13 - - Ubugoe ga Kooru(The Baby's First Cry Is Frozen)

Other Footage & Story Elements From:
Gaoranger #14 - - Tamashii no Tori ga Sakebu(The Soul Bird Is Screaming)
*Season 10, bite 9
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1209
*09th episode of PRWF
*427th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Suzi Shimoyama Director: Worth Keeter
Starring Cast:
Ricardo Medina, Jr. _AS_ Cole (Red Ranger)
Alyson Kiperman _AS_ Taylor (Yellow Ranger)
Phillip Jeanmarie _AS_ Max (Blue Ranger)
Jessica Rey _AS_ Alyssa (White Ranger)
Jack Guzman _AS_ Danny (Black Ranger)
Ann Marie Crouch _AS_ Princess Shayla
Ilia Volok _AS_ Master Org
Sin Wong _AS_ Toxica
Additional Cast:
Danny Wayne Stallcup _AS_ Jindrax
Michael Sorich _AS_ Retinax (voice)
Billy Forester _AS_ Freezer Org (voice) [Note: Flabber from Beetleborgs!]


[Opening Credits]

Nighttime, just about in the middle of nowhere, Duke Orgs Jindrax & Toxica are waiting patiently beside a raised railroad crossing gate post. All is silent, save for the faint sound of crickets chirping in the grass. Toxica holds her right hand up, with her index & middle finger lifted and pointing toward her red & purple striped horn. She's empathically scanning the area, closing and opening her eyes while slowly turning her head from side to side. Jindrax watches her in confusion, finally asking, "What, do you have a headache or somethin'?!" Toxica snaps, "HUSH!", and continues her mental monitoring of the local environment. Jindrax lets out a stunned grunt at her brief outburst, scratching behind his fin-ear in a bit of confusion. Suddenly, the subtle sound of a train approaching in the near distance begins to grow in the air. The whistle blows loudly, heralding the brisk closeness of the steam-driven steel juggernaut. Jindrax spots it coming down the tracks, and remarks impatiently, "Heh, FINally!" It looks to be your average, classic style train, with a single headlight at the very front, nearly blinding the Duke Orgs as it passes. Steam pours out of the chimney, and the whistle blows a few more times, at varying lengths. The dark train appears to have no driver, nor any passengers aboard, at least any from the human race. The train's brakes audibly are activated, slowing it down. Though a yellow light on one post flashes while the train passes, the other crossing gates fail to lower, implying that this sure isn't a natural stop. The black-metal multi-car train pulls to a total halt eventually, prompting Toxica to motion her arm, and urge her partner, "COME on! Let's go." As they stroll along the misty side of the parked train, Jindrax remarks with a tone of facetiousness, "Sure! WHY not?! Ya know, I LOVE trains. Ever since I was a LITTLE Org, I wanted to be a TRAIN conductor! CHOO-CHOO!" Toxic gripes, "QUIET!", and he apologizes, "Sorry." With her left hand raised next to her forehead, Toxica lets her horn guide her to some of the rear cars, stating, "I can sense Org energy in this place... and my horn NEVER lies!" The Duke Orgs reach the entrance to one of the dark train's back cars, where Jindrax remarks while staring into the darkness atop the stairs, "Maybe this time it's just a little, confused!" Toxica offendedly snaps, "What?!" Jindrax holds up his arms, and once again apologizes, "Uhh, sorry. Just kidding!"

On the opposite side of the train, someone or something with yellow meaty legs leaps off of the steps with a stifled grunt. Jindrax spots this through the space between cars, alertly asking, "WHOA! What was that?!" He & Toxica crouch down, attempting to follow the movement of these legs, as she says in a validated and hushed tone, "I TOLD you there was something here." The Duke Orgs creep along, ducking down and keeping tabs on the mysterious person by checking him out beneath the cars. He quickly passes by a doorway opened at both sides, making his strange upper body visible to us for a moment. This clear path to his side inspires Toxica to rush in, urging to Jindrax in a whisper, "Hurry! This way." The pair cut through the train, and once exiting down the steps, Toxica immediately recognizes the creature, gasping, "Retinax?!" He stops in his tracks, and slaps his face, giving a reluctant and uncomfortable groan. Toxica seems excited, as she wonders, "Is it REALLY you?!" Retinax body language displays a sadness in being discovered by the Dukes, as he confirms with a weakened voice, "Oohhhh. YES, it's me." As Toxica rushes toward him, Jindrax hops down off the train, and races up to him with her, recalling with respect, "H-hey! YOU were Master Org's personal bodyguard!" Retinax nods his full-formed body, and replies, "Yes..." Jindrax throws his arms up, and asks, "Where've you BEEN all of these years?!"

Retinax is crimson red in color, has a giant blue single horn, and has a large reddish & yellow prominent eye in the center of his large neckless body, some yellowish white cell-like stripes of tiny eyes all over his form, glowing yellow eyes on his arm sides & back, a tri-claw-like left shoulder area, and a reddish cape hanging from the back of his puffy shoulder zones. He gestures his arms, blinks his central eye with a purple lid, and explains in a deep & raspy voice, "Well, you see, I SWORE to protect the Master. When he was defeated, I roamed the Earth in SHAAAME... But I've HEARD he's returned. Is it true?! TELL meeee!!" Jindrax delightfully informs him, "Heheha, that's RIGHT! Heee's BACK!" Retinax subduedly cheers, "That's great!" Toxica grins, and offers, "COME with us. We'll BRING you to him." Retinax refuses, claiming honorably, "NO! Now is not the time. First, I must prove myself by defeating Master Org's arch-nemesis in BATTLE!" Jindrax strokes his beige chin, and exchanging glances with Toxica, he asks in a rhetoric tone, "ANYone come to mind?" Toxica gives a nod & a positive grunt of, "Hmm!", before sinisterly suggesting to Retinax, "We know who JUST who that is!" She ends this with a wicked giggle, before stepping forward and taking one of his arms. Jindrax takes the other, and urges, "WALK this way... HEHeheh." Retinax does as proposed, and journeys back the way he just came. The Duke Orgs stay close to him, though Jindrax points at Toxica behind his back, and wonders, "What're YOU smiling about?!" Toxica admits, "Retinax knew Master Org from the OLD days. HE'LL know for SURE if there's something DIFFerent about him!" Jindrax gives a sly chuckle of agreement. Unbeknownst to any of them, the topic of their discussion is nearby, and eavesdropping on this scene! Master Org steps down from the exit of one of the cars at the far end of the mysterious train, glaring at the departing trio with grim indifference, having heard every word.

Daytime on the Animarium, Princess Shayla paces through the outer jungle edge of the Temple Ruins, cradling the purple & violet egg of the Soul Bird to her chest. She strokes it softly, holding it with both hands very lovingly. Cole awaits her (wearing a duplicate one-armed shirt of the one he has shredded last ep), putting his arms out, visibly anxiously in his desire to get the egg hatched and curing his Lionzord as soon as possible. Shayla simply smiles, and gently bows her head, as if silently assuring him that the egg is in literally good hands. The Princess continues on past him without stopping, causing Cole to become visible frustrated over his helplessness in speeding the hatching process along, punching his arms into the air with an angered expression. Suddenly, the sacred waters within the viewing pond begin to violent fountain up. All five of the Wild Force Activists, plus the egg-holding Princess Shayla, race up and gather around to witness the disturbance. Appearing within the shimmering rainbow of the rippling surface, is a vision of Retinax marching through the city streets, with Putrids hopping about in front of him, sending people fleeing in a mad panic. Shayla comments intuitively, "I sense something DIFFERENT about this Org." She looks to our heroes, and states urgently, "It seems more POWerful than the others. PLEASE be careful." Cole nods, and promises, "We WILL." He turns to his teammates, and as he begins to hurry to battle, says, "Let's GO, guys!" In a plaza, somewhere in downtown Turtle Cove, Retinax is casually walking around, now lacking a Putrid entourage. Numerous men and women frantically race screaming away and around him, with multiple chunks of smoking debris littering the area. Retinax, now holding a large axe in his hand (which has the same coloring and design as his upper-body), enjoys their terrified misery, taunting, "Hahah! RUN away, you pathetic creatures!" As the citizens make a hasty retreat, some even tripping briefly, the Wild Force Rangers courageously arrive to face the wicked Org, directing some of the people to safety. Red Lion Ranger demands to know, "Stop RIGHT there! WHO are you, and WHAT do you want from us?!" Facing them across the wide, deserted, rubble-littered courtyard, Retinax slowly ventures a little closer, while revealing, "I am Retinax. I WAS leader of Master Org's guard, and his personal bodyguard! ONCE I defeat you, I can return to his service!" White Tiger Ranger valiantly proclaims, "Oh yeah? I don't care who you USED to be, the Power Rangers will NOT be defeated!" Retinax boasts softly, "Simple Ranger, you HAVEN'T a clue!" Red Ranger retorts, "YOU'RE the one without a clue!" Retinax returns the scathing remark with a grunting extending of his hand, firing a flashing beam with a dangerous laserbeam red center at all five Rangers! They're bombarded with painful sparks bursting up from the cement all around them.

Retinax comments with a gesturing of his axe, "It feels WONderful to do battle again. After destroying you Rangers, I'll have earned my rightful place, back in the Nexus!" Red Ranger repeats this remark, "The NEXUS?!", in understandable confusion & curiosity. White Ranger notes, "He's STRONGER than any Org we've ever encountered!" Cole immediately pulls out his fist-gripped Red Lion Fang weapon, and proclaims, "It's time to combine our powers!" The Jungle Sword is assembled quickly, and with the other four braced behind him, Red Ranger commands, "Jungle Sword! Savage Slash!" The blade is encircled glowing, then slices downward with an extending piercing beam of gold. Retinax merely raises his axe, and smacks the oncoming slashing bolt of intense energy up and away from his body! He then heaves back, howling as he hurls a charge of surging reddish electricity from his axe at all five of them at once. Our heroes are struck directly in the chests by this cloud of crimson bolts, sending them smokily & sparkily falling off their feet, the Jungle Sword vanishing completely between shots. The Rangers lie on the ground, grasping their bodies and moaning, trying desperately to recover as quick as possible. Just then, Jindrax, Toxica, and a new friend named Freezer Org appear on the second level of a nearby outdoor stairwell. Freezer cackles a bit, while the Duke Orgs step in front of him, with Toxica commending, "ImPRESSive work, Retinax! Hahahaha!" Turning and seeing them, then pointing his axe at the new third creature, Retinax wonders, "What is THAT thing?" Jindrax gestures to the new guy, and explains, "He's Freezer Org! Today's Org spirits inhabit MODERN things... Watch his power!" Freezer Org, with white & silver arms & legs, a rectangular body with red blocks carved in, icy eyes, a large iced-teeth mouth, and two huge horns with icicles hanging off them. The blocks around his eyes snap forth, opening and revealing red muscle tissue, as well as a spiked hole between the eyes. This hole begins to spew forth a white gust of subzero air, which engulfs the Rangers just as they get on their feet. They cry out, and leap out of the path of the gusting frozen wind before too long, but sadly a tall potted plant isn't so lucky, and ends up getting a bad case of frostbite.

Red Lion Ranger notices, "He's FREEZing things! Watch out!" Freezer Org exhales another gust of icy air, aiming at the five Wild Force Rangers. They're unable to leap out of the way this time, and are forced to stand there, jerking their arms about in an attempt to shield themselves against the frozen wind. The blast of arctic air cuts off quick enough, and our heroes roll away without being permanently chilled. They wearily get into defensive positions, as Cole encourages, "HOLD on, guys. We can DO it!" Jindrax (with sword in hand), Freezer Org (eye-section closed), and Toxica (staff jutted forth) charge at the Wild Force Rangers as a team, letting out battle cries and grunts of wicked laughter. Retinax motions his axe, and demands, "DESTROY them!" Everybody splits up, as per impending grudges. White Tiger Ranger faces Toxica, with the two locking weapons (White Tiger Baton to the Tox-sticker or whatever you wanna call her staff). Alyssa revisits a previous taunt, egging her opponent on by urging, "COME on, GRANDMA!" Toxica whirls her staff around, unlocking the Baton, then repeatedly bashing the spiked tip of her weapon into White Ranger's chest. The third hit with it is a sharp poke to the shoulder, sending Alyssa's groaningly rolling away, but she recovers smoothly. Toxica charges up her staff's tip with a flaming energy, and fires it forth as a jolt of crackling violet electricity. This surging bolt wraps around White Ranger's body, and ensnares her within its frying tendril of power. Toxica has her revenge at last, declaring vengefully, "It's TIME you learned to reSPECT me!" Alyssa writhes about in her electric restraints, losing grip of her WT Baton, causing it to drop to the cement as she's lifted off the ground. Toxica reels the White Tiger Ranger around in the air above, guiding her journey through the controlled power of her staff. Alyssa eventually slams into the upper section of a tall shipping girder, and is released from the violet energy binds, causing her to plummet to the ground screaming. She hits the pavement hard, right as Toxica dashes toward her, crying out and readying her staff for another round of blows. White Ranger spots her coming, and blocks the attack by reaching up and gripping the end of the staff, and readjusting its position to point away from her. With the Duchess Org held safely in place for a moment, Alyssa wonders puzzledly, "Now what'd you go and do THAT for?!" Toxica supports her assault, by furiously remarking with a scoffing snarl, "HEH! THAT was for calling me GRANDMA!"

Elsewhere in this decidedly construction-based section of the city, Jindrax takes on Yellow Eagle Ranger. It's blade vs. blade, as Taylor locks her Golden Eagle Sword in combat with Jindrax's jagged saber. They break off, and pass by one another, with Jindrax getting a sparkily slash into her chest with his weapon. Yellow Ranger is undaunted, swiftly turning around and raising her blade to strike back. Jindrax's jagged saber gets locked against her GE Sword again, bringing them nearly face to face while gripping their weapons tightly (causing the tip of her blade to scrape against his long horn a few times). He takes the moment to snidely remark, "Has anyone ever told you that YELLOW is the color of FEAR, as in: Yellow-Bellied Power Ranger?" Yellow Eagle Ranger returns to a previous taunt, by retorting, "At least I don't look like a CLOWN!" With a shaking shrug, Taylor & Jindrax break apart their blade-lock, but immediately attack each other once more. Just to show how even a match for sparring partners they are, they each land their swords against the other's shoulder, and when pushing back to pull away from their opponent, both get sparkily slashed by the blades! Taylor tumbles gruntingly into a fence, knocking it down. She recovers quickly, and with a mighty leap into the air, she summons, "Soaring Eagle!" Golden metal wings sprout from beneath her arms, allowing her to swoop across the way, and snatch Jindrax up before he can properly react. He lets out an angered grunt, as he's flown into a stack of thick barrels by his soaring enemy.

Elsewhere, Red Lion Ranger, with Crystal Saber in hand, rushes up to attack Freezer Org. He tries to slash, the Org smacks the tiny blade away with his big arms, followed by a pair of direct punches to his chest! Cole is thrown into the air, hurling into a wide-opened warehouse, hitting the cement harshly. Blue Shark & Black Bison Rangers bolt to his side, and help their leader to his feet, with Max asking, "Cole, are you okay?!" All three have very faint frost on their morphed costumes. Red Ranger pants a little, but manages to get into a defensive position, replying back, "Yeah." Freezer Org faces them, very literally, as he opens the door to his eyes again, and coughs up another chilling breeze. Trapped by boxes and walls at all sides, our trio of heroes are enveloped in the brunt of the icy-cold wind, with clumps of snow falling upon their bodies. Cole comments wearily, "It's TOO... cold!" They can do nothing but remain in the arctic gust of evil air, their entire costumes eventually becoming covered in a thin layer of snow-white frost. Finally unable to maintain consciousness, Black, Red, and Blue Rangers go limp, and topple over onto the cold hard ground. Freezer Org closes his eyes-section, and in a jolly voice, commends himself, "Woooh, YEAH! I'm GOOD! Three Rangers flash-frozen like mixed vegetables!" He marches over, and steps upon Red Ranger's chilled chest as Cole lays on his back. Freezer Org starts to snicker wickedly, until suddenly, Red Ranger pops up, grabs his leg, and shouts, "GOT him!" The creature struggles in shock, giving Blue Ranger time to get up, pull out his Blue Shark Fighting Fins, and urge, "Let's GO, Danny!" Black Ranger also arises despite his frostedness, wielding his Black Bison Axe, eagerly replying, "You GOT it!" While Cole holds Freezer Org in place, Danny & Max attack the beast from both sides, ripping into his chest and back with their respective weapons in rapid succession. Red Ranger heaves Freezy off of his chest, causing the Org to fall and roll. Right when he recovers, Cole has his Red Lion Fang weapon out, and has it splits into two components, one gripped on each fist. Utilizing these as boxing gloves, Red Ranger punches into the Org's chest a half-dozen times, with the final blow using both fists at once.

Freezer Org goes flying out of the warehouse from that barrage of blows, letting out a goofy yelp of, "Whoooh!", before hitting the pavement harshly. Defrosted, Black, Blue, & Red Rangers step out of the warehouse together, intimidatingly motioning their arms, and Max going, "Unh. Yeah!" Red Lion Ranger pulls his Lion Blaster weapon out of thin air, and proclaims, "There's only ONE way to defeat a Freezer Org... that's by turning up the HEAT!" Freezer Org resumes standing, though is still quite punch drunk. Aiming his rifle at the creature, Cole commands, "Lion Blaster, Gatling Mode!" The eight or so tiny cannons around the golden lion-faced front begin to pulse forward in a blinding burst of bright green blasts! Freezy shrieks, as he's struck by multiple smoking & sparking shots all over his body. Retinax watches from nearby, concernedly yelling out for his fellow Org, "Oh, NO!" Red Ranger activates, "Cannon Mode!" The Lion Blaster's golden lion-face front opens its mouth, and pops forth a silver lasergun barrel while its eyes flash green. Amid a warping spectrum for a background, Cole cries, "FIRE!", as the Lion Blaster unleashes a spiraling ball of red & gold energy. It slams into Freezer Org, causing several areas on his body to burst with thick plums of scarlet smoke. He spins around, and whines with trembling groans, "O-VER...heating!" Retinax is off in the distance, shouting in protest, "Freezer ORG!" As his body begins to spark with rapid bursting, Freezer Org falls to his knees, uttering with his last breath, "MUST... cool... Euhhuh... down...!" Black, Red, and Blue Rangers remain frozen (but not 'frozen') in place in the background, as Freezy explodes massively the second he hits the cement. The enormous cloud of fiery smoke soon clears, exposing the only remains of the Freezer Org: an electrically crackling pile of green goop. Looks like someone kept that in the freezer way past the expiration date!

With the Duke Orgs joining his side, Retinax commands, "DO your magic, Toxica!" She aims her staff at the puddle of Freezer Org pudding (There's always room for Jell-Org!), and waving it from side to side, Toxica incants, "Evil spirits of toil and strife, give this fallen Org new LIFE! YAAAAH!" Five seeds are shot from the staff's rosebud tip center, they land on the green goop, sprout spiraling beanstalks, and form together to revive Freezer Org in giant form. He waves his arms around menacingly, and grunts out an evil laughter, glaring down at the tiny humans below. The Wild Force Rangers alertly get into defensive stances. Freezer Org pops open his eye-compartment, and quips, "COOL it!", while blasting an icy wind out of his blow-hole. Our heroes are caught downwind of the subzero breeze, and struggle beneath it for a moment, before simultaneously rolling out of the way. Yellow Ranger holds up her left hand, and with the Polar & Black Bearzord crystals wedged between her middle fingers, she proclaims, "We need the Wildzords!" White Ranger takes the white orb, and Blue Ranger takes the black one, each placing it within their Crystal Sabers, as Red Ranger inserts the green Gorillazord crystal into his own Saber. The Wild Force Rangers motion their Crystal Sabers into the air, and command, "Wildzords, descend!" The summoning chime rings out just once, and the Wildzords are already on Earth, racing together through the woods, roaring in unison! Freezer Org turns and spots them coming, stiff in reaction. Green Gorilla Wildzord lets out a primal snarl, before grabbing Freezer Org's right arm, then his left thigh, and lifting him high above his head. Gorillazord howls, as he hurls the Org across the city, dropping him harshly on his side. The Rangers witness the battle from below, with Red Ranger pumping his fist into the air, and exclaiming, "All RIGHT, Gorillazord! That was GRRReat!" Green Gorilla Wildzord leans back and pounds his chest, roaring mightily. He then barrels over to the grove of gigantic palmtrees he 'planted' in the outskirts of Turtle Cove last episode. Climbing the closest tree, he scales to the swaying top, snatches up two bundles of huge bananas, and pitches them toward the city. Freezer Org is caught in the sparky explosion of these Banana Grenades, which burst all about his feet. Gorillazord tosses another pair of banana bunches, blasting the Org intensely, causing him to yelp out in pain. Apparently, a stray banana misses its target, and plummets toward the Rangers! The oddly smaller (but still as big as a person) banana falls onto the stunned Black Bison Ranger, pinning him down against the cement with a winded groan. He struggles to get out from under the heavy giant fruit bomb, apparently a dud, to no avail. His teammates assemble around him, with Max pointing at his periled pal and laughing considerably at his expense. Danny, likely thinking the banana is still dangerous, pleads frantically, "GUYS... G-get this OFF of me! HURRY!"

Meanwhile, up in the Temple Ruins on Animarium, Princess Shayla sits on the edge of the viewing pond, cradling the Soul Bird egg close to her bosom. She very gently rocks her arms back and forth, humming a soothing lullaby very motheringly. The ostrich egg-sized... umm, egg, begins to gleam with an audible light, the spectrum of colors on its marble-hued shell being illuminated beautifully. The glow lasts only but a moment, enough to catch Shayla's surprised attention. She lifts the egg up with her right palm, and stares at it in amazed awe, as it shines once again. The Princess is at first agape, blinking a lot, and asking the ovulatory creature in confusion, "W-what are you trying to TELL me?!" The egg starts pulsing more rapidly, inspiring Princess Shayla to stand, holding it between both her hands with her arms raised slightly & held forth. She gasps softly, and appears to be following the guiding of the glowing of the Soul Bird egg. Treading carefully across the temple floor, Shayla then turns and heads down the path into the jungle. She repeatedly looks ahead to make sure she doesn't run into anything, but keeps her wide eyes on the pulsing egg, seeking wherever it is the embryonic creature inside desires to go.

Over in the city, Freezer Org staggers back, body smoking, and boasting, "I'm THROUGH monkeying around! COME on!" The Wild Force Rangers aim their Crystal Sabers to the same point while in a circle, as Red Ranger summons alone, "WILDzords, combine!" The Gorillazord shifts around, the Polar & Black Bearzords become the arms, and Black Bison with Yellow Eagle round out the formation of the Wild Force Kongazord. Within the cerebral cockpit, the Rangers place their Sabers into the consoles, and activate in unison, "Kongazord!", causing it to flex its arms flashily. The giant enemies face one another over several rows of buildings of varying sizes, each opponent pacing to their left, as Freezer Org scoffs at the new Megazord, "W-hatEVER! Like that's supposed to frighten ME. I've got something ELSE in mind... Chill out!" The Org pops open his eye-blocks again, and exhales an extended gust of arctic air at the Kongazord. Being blown back a bit, the Kongazord braves the biting breeze, and is able to slip out of its direction. It then charges toward Freezer Org when he reseals his eyes, getting ready for close cold combat. Kongazord rushes up, wraps its arms around the Org's waist, and clamps down into his sides with the Polar & Black Bearzord hand-jaws, causing sparks. Caught in this makeshift Bearzord Hug attack, Freezer Org claims defiantly with his hands around the Kongazord's neck, "Got you RIGHT where I want you!" Witnessing this from below are the Duke Orgs, along with Retinax, who suggests, "Freezer Org! Use your icy GRIP!" The two giant opponents locked in a tight stalemate, the Freezer Org removes his hands from Wild Force Kongazord's neck, and places them firmly upon its Bearzord arms. In the cockpit, Red Ranger wonders in a panic, "WHAT's he doing?!" Held firmly in place by the Org, the Kongazord becomes overwhelmed by the subzero surge of wind, appearing to be coming up from the ground. Somehow, this icy air pipes into the cerebral cockpit, filling the room with the frosty fog. The Rangers flay about in the quickly-chilling cockpit, with Cole noting, "He's freezing the entire ZORD!"

Freezer Org holds onto the Wild Force Kongazord as this unrelenting arctic breeze blows harshly against the both of them. In hardly no time, both Freezey & Kongazord's bodies are covered in thick white sheets of ice, neither one of them displaying any motion anymore. Retinax comments for those who're unclear as to what's happening, "He's freezing himself in order to freeze the Megazord!" Honorably, he then vows aloud to the suicidal Org, "Your sacrifice will NOT be forgotten!" The arctic wind finally dies off, leaving the pair of giant frozen opponents trapped in their violent embrace, both encased in ice. Suddenly, Freezer Org's body explodes into a brief but wide burst of snow, covering about a block of the city. This doesn't damage the Wild Force Kongazord, but does cause it to topple forth, no longer attached in combat to the self-destructed Org. The white-frost coated Kongazord falls into the outskirts of Turtle Cove, crashing against the mountainous forest without much incident, save for a stifled quake upon impact. Though, inside, the cerebral cockpit is almost totally dark, with the walls iced over, icicles hanging from the ceilings, the consoles covered in frost, and even the Wild Force Rangers peppered with frost on their suits. Our heroes frantically realize their surroundings have become glacial, with Red Ranger pointing out in another panic, "Huh? Oh, NO! He's frozen the Kongazord SOLID!" Their icy predicament is enjoyed by the Duke Orgs, who appear pleased while watching from afar. Retinax smugly declares, "You'd better give up, Rangers. Without your precious Kongazord, you haven't a CHANCE! Hoohaha!" In the chilled cerebral cockpit, Cole replies valiantly, "We STILL have our crystals!" Each of the five Wild Force Rangers remove their Crystal Sabers from the snowbound consoles, discovering that not only have their weapons iced over, but the animal orbs within them have remained stuck to the console slots like tongues to telephone poles on a winter day! Our heroes are puzzled by this, with Blue Ranger going, "Huh?!" Yellow Ranger blurts in disbelief, "I don't believe it! They're all FROZEN!" Red Ranger plucks his (formally green but now solid white) Gorilla orb out of the console, and holds it up, lamenting, "It's NOT possible!" He begins to cry out, "Gorilla? GORILLA?!" Black Ranger asks, "What IS it?!" Cole replies concernedly, "I can't hear his voice anymore!" The Rangers stare at their frostbitten Animal Crystals, and judging by Max & Alyssa looking at both their hands at once, they discover that even the orbs not used for the Kongazord have been frozen somehow.

Instantly, the WF Rangers are ejected from the Wild Force Kongazord, which remains lying frosted-over while on its stomach, from beneath the toe-cannons slung over the shoulders (Red, Yellow & White falling out of its right side, with Blue & Black plummeting out of its left). Our heroes cry out while being reluctantly dumped onto the dirt, turning those yelps into equal grunts upon hitting the ground. Less than a second or two later, the Wild Force Rangers demorph in unison from the stress of the defrosting fall. They lie in a crooked circle, writhing about and moaning in agony. The five Wild Force Activists recover slowly onto their feet, each panting in breathless pain, all of them clutching their chests or stomachs with an arm. Max staggers across the patch of dirt they landed upon, while Cole briefly put touches Alyssa's back in comfort. Our heroes frantically glance about, searching the area for any signs of impending attack. It finally arrives in the form of the Org trio, with Jindrax aiming his sword at them, and quipping, "Hel-LO, Rangers! GLAD to see you could 'drop in'." Retinax, Toxica, and Jindrax are in the near distance, slowly approaching across the desolate acre of land in the outskirts of town. Cole whips his Growl Phone outward, and snaps it open, pressing the center button. The cellphone morpher beeps loudly, before letting out a weakly dying noise. Cole jerks his arm back up, and tries to press it again, with the same non-morphing results. He looks at it in shock, discovering that his golden Growl Phone is now frost-white, having been frozen over just like the orbs! Taylor stands at his side, placing her hand on his right shoulder, and gesturing silently with her battle-ready expression. Cole nods, she steps back, and the other three step up, as the whole gang assembles shoulder to shoulder. Alyssa puts her arms into a defensive stance, and shouts, "Ready?!" Danny & Cole mimic her, replying in loud unison, "READY!"

All five of the unmorphed Wild Force Rangers charge into action, causing the Three Org-migos to pick up their paces as well. No colliding just yet, thanks to Retinax firing another of his red lightning bolt blasts their way. Cole is knocked off his feet by the sandblasting spark bursts at his feet, but Danny & Max manage to roll away unscathed. Jindrax leaps through the air, and encounters them when he lands. He snarls viciously, while slashing his sword down at Danny, who's in a crouched position at the moment. This enables him to dive against the dirt to dodge the slice, and kick his leg up to knock the blade away as he rolls to the side. Max rises up and throws a spinning high kick at Jindrax, which the Duke Org simply ducks back away from. Jindrax then spins and jumps in counter motion to avoid Max's spinning footsweep, loads of dust being kicked up by this double twirling. Not far away, on a hillside, Alyssa takes on Toxica solo again, though this time without the benefit of being morphed with weapons. Toxica swipes her staff over Alyssa's head, to which she ducks down with a grunt. The undaunted Duchess Org cuts back with her staff, trying to hit her legs, prompting Alyssa to leap over it. She hits the dirt and somersaults right back up into a turned and focused position. Also elsewhere in this vicinity, Taylor throws a swift kick into Retinax's chest. He takes the blow and slaps her leg away, returning the gesture by punching her in the breasts, knocking her away with a loud winded noise. I have noted that through this entire set of scenes, the music is somber and quelled, while the battle noises everyone makes are echo-y, to stress the dramatic desperation and helplessness of the situation? Well... there ya go. Cole hops up to Retinax, and tosses a quick kick at him, which he blocks with his hands. He then tries to kick at the Org's feet, only to have him raise his shin to shield the blow. Cole lifts his leg he used to just kick, and tries to hit a little higher, but again Retinax swats his appendage away. The human throws a sharp punch at the Org, but Retinax slips out of the path of the fist, and gives Cole a heaving shove in the back. Cole is thrown into the air, hitting an old telephone pole painfully with his back! He plops to the gravel, grunting aloud and rolling into a weakened heap on his side.

Meanwhile, Danny throws a punch at Jindrax, who grabs his approaching fists, spins around, kicks at Max, Max ducks, and hastily tosses a kick back at him. Jindrax anticipates this, spins back away, and still gripping Danny's hands, guides him right into the path of Max's striking foot! Danny's knocked off his feet, hitting the ground on his back, and grasping his chest in agony. Max is frozen in terror over this friendly 'fire' (poor Danny's second in one day!), holding his hands out cautiously with a deeply regretting and worried expression on his face. Jindrax stands behind him, chuckles bemusedly, and kicks distracted Max down, causing him to flip while stumbling. The blue vested teen clenches his shoulders and cries out in pain when he hits the dirt, momentarily unaware that his Blue Shark & Orange Giraffe crystal orbs, currently looking like spheres of colored ice, have been dislodged from his possession upon impact! The pair of orbs roll away from Max, coming to a rest just a few feet in front of him. Lying exhaustedly on the ground, he gazes upon them, and in a heavily windedly voice, he grunts and moans, "... My crystals...!" Weakly, he attempts to crawl after them. Toxica, having disposed of Alyssa as her sparring partner offscreen, strolls over, and causally picks the pair of Animal Crystals up. Max watches helplessly, as she holds them to her veiled face, inspects them closely, and gives an unimpressed laugh of, "UHEH!" Danny is on the opposite side of her from Max, and reaching out with all his might, he protests angrily, "NO! Those aren't YOURS!" Toxica glances over at him, just before Jindrax forcibly grabs Danny, drags him back to his feet, demanding sadistically, "GET up! So I can knock you back down again!"

Elsewhere, Retinax grips Taylor painfully in place with his right hand, and both backhands & kicks Cole into toppling over onto the dirt with his left. He then heaves Taylor across the lot, causing her to flip over onto her back midair. She crashes against the ground with a loud thud, whining achingly aloud as she hits the dirt right in front of Max, who remains lying on his stomach, but quite aware of his surroundings. The fall and beating causes Taylor's Polar Bearzord & Black Bearzord (slightly frosted) crystal orbs to slip out of her yellow vested pockets, and roll off away from her. Jindrax has Danny standing up, and is hauling him around in a circle by his vest collar. Danny becomes quite visibly fumed, as he breaks out of the Master of Blade's hold, and tries to punch him in the head. Jindrax blocks this with his arm, and proceeds to toss his own punch directly into the black vested man's chest. Already weary enough, Danny yelps out as he twirls in the air, and rolls along the sand, coming to a rest beside Taylor & Max's equally drained forms. Toxica scoops up a fully white-frosted discarded Animal Crystal (the Black Bison's), causing her to coo, "Ah-HA!," with sinister glee. Jindrax discovers the two Bearzord orbs laying side by side, and picking them both up with one hand, he remarks bemusedly, "Ahhh... WHAT do we have here? Hmhm!" As he crosses Toxica's path, and the two Dukes come to a stop in front of the pile of three Wild Force Activists. Jindrax takes one orb in each hand, and holding them up, he comments, "We haaaave... a Bear, and... a Bear." Looking down at blonde Taylor with his arms held out, he wonders mockingly, "What does that make YOU... Goldilocks?!" Toxica giggles, and Jindrax sniggers, mumbling, "Good one" to himself. They both walk away, just as in the near distance, Cole's agonized screaming signals his & Alyssa's Org-tossed arrival. He helps her to her feet, as Retinax approaches, laughing at them, and aiming his axe their way. The axe surges with a red energy, and fires a bolt of crackling crimson electricity at them. Cole & Alyssa are bombarded by sparky explosions, which launch the two of them screamingly into the air. They fall perfectly in such a way to roll right up against their three equally-weary teammates, with the Duke Orgs standing behind them (Jindrax is up on some wreckage, sharpening his daggers together and nodding). Two more frosted-over Animal Crystals roll into the dirt together, one pinkish & one reddish (the White Tiger & Red Lion orbs). Retinax reaches down, and recovers both with a single hand.

So, we've got five beaten-down Wild Force Activists lying in huddled together in a near-heap on the dirt. None of them have enough energy to rise up and fight back, figuring it futile at the moment. Jindrax hops down off the junk behind them, and while walking toward them, scraping his jagged daggers together, he snidely comments to his partner, "LOOK at them, they're so helpless, it's almost UNfair..." Toxica approaches the panting Power Team as well, remarking smugly in reply, "HMM! Since when did WE care about being FAIR?! HeHEhehe..." Jindrax points a dagger at the five weary heroes, and notes, "GOOD point! HahaHA!" Retinax marches slowly forth from the other side of the pile of humans, boasting, "If I had known it would be THIS easy to win back my honor, I would have returned MUCH sooner! Good-BYE, Rangers!" Max & Taylor tremble, both visibly frightened as they find themselves facing the weapons of both Duke Orgs at once. Alyssa backs up against the equally scared Danny in terror, with Cole sort of off to the side a bit, the least likely to be hurt in the impending massacre. Toxica slashes her spiked-tipped staff at our heroes with a yelp, Jindrax stabs his daggers downward with a howl, and Retinax slices his mighty axe down with deadly intent. Cole cries in protest, "NOOOO!", and leaps up with his last ounce of strength, diving atop his teammates, attempting to shield them from the brunt of blading impact. All three Org's are about to dice the Wild Force Activists into a triple chopped human-salad, when suddenly, a high-pitched squealing noise rings throughout the ravine. The Orgs pause their weapons mere inches from our heroes' heads, as this deafening sound strikes their ears, relentless in its crystalline tone of eardrum-damaging decibels. The trio of evil is taken aback by this mysterious noise, all crying out, pulling back their weapons, and clutching the sides of their heads in agony. The Wild Force Activists are a bit baffled by this strange reaction, as not a one of the five of them are experiencing any discomfort from the sound! Cole reactes quickly, urging as he rushes to his feet, "C'mon! Get up!" He grabs Danny's arm and helps his teammate to stand, as the others manage to do the same without aide. Toxica squeals (using only one hand to hold up beside her half-helmeted head), Jindrax groans aloud (grasping both sides of his head with his dagger-wielding hands), and Retinax grunts deeply (pressing his axe & hand to the areas around his prominent central eye), as he staggers over to his fellow Orgs, joining them in standing in writhing ear-splitting torture where the Rangers had recently been lying.

Our heroes spot the source of this life-saving sound, as they turn their attention to the peak of the tall hill to their right, and witness standing near the edge, none other than Princess Shayla! She's holding the Soul Bird egg up and out with both hands supporting beneath it, this mystical ovulation somehow creating the Org-crippling sound. The breeze blows against Shayla's wavy black hair and trailing white dress, as she smiles joyously, and carefully shifts the egg into her right palm, raising her arm up as high as it will go. The Soul Bird egg continues to release the trilling monster-deafening noise, even while held toward the bright blue sky, and cradled over the side of the cliff. This shot is shown from above: the five Wild Force Activists standing on the left, the three quivering & agonized Orgs on the right, and the Princess-held egg lifted high in the middle. Within an earshot of this scene, the Wild Force Kongazord remains frosted over, lying on its stomach. Slowly, the ice over its metal skin begins to melt away in a faint golden heat, defrosting the entire quartet of Wildzords in less time than it took to put to freeze them! Within the cerebral cockpit, the blinking Ranger-colored lights on the back wall start to pulse to life with energy, as the whole room is thawed out. The consoles and wall-lights are re-illuminated, with mechanical devices humming back to power (little mistakey-wakey for youse guys, the consoles still have the not only the crystal orbs for the Gorilla & Eagle in them, but the Bison & Bears also, which are currently pillaged! Whoopsies!).

Speaking of which, the Soul Bird's song of Org torment causes the seven stolen Animal Crystals to not only unfreeze, but to float out of Jindrax, Retinax, and Toxica's pockets, and zip off through the air, back to their Ranger owners! They manage to catch the mystically pitched orbs with perfect precision (though Max & Taylor jerk back upon snatches theirs in midair). Each of our heroes admires their reclaimed crystal (or crystals) as they rest on their palms: Alyssa, the transparent-pink orb of the White Tiger; Cole, the transparent-red orb of the Red Lion; Danny, the perfectly clear orb of the Black Bison; Max, both the transparent-orange orb of the Giraffe, as well as the transparent-blue orb of the Blue Shark; and lastly, Taylor, with the clear Polar Bear & darkened-but-see-thru Black Bear orbs held in one hand. Alyssa lowers hers and clenches it tightly, while looking up at the Princess, smiling widely, gasping in excitement, and noting with delight, "It's the SOUL Bird egg that's making the sound!" Taylor holds her golden morpher in her hand, and with the most joyful emotion we've ever heard speak with, points out, "It defrosted our Growl Phones!" The others pull theirs out to confirm, happily conversing together in murmurs of relief. The Soul Bird egg remains held up in the air by Princess Shayla, the piercing noise never once faltering in its keeping the trio of Orgs safely at bay. Our five heroes fall into a shoulder to shoulder line-up, face their enemies, Cole shouts, "Ready?!", and they reply in enthusiastic unison, "Ready!" Whipping out and snapping open their Growl Phones, they press the button and command simultaneously, "Wild Access! Huh!" A five-in-one screen morphing sequence plays, with White at top left, Blue at top right, Black at bottom left, Taylor at bottom right, and Cole dead center of all of them (his 'square' actually diamond shaped so as to not block as much of the other four's own mini-screens). The three Org-migos, freed from the audible grip of the Soul Bird egg's torture-tone, ready their weapons, charging forth as Retinax demands, "GET them!!"

Yellow Eagle Ranger sprouts golden wings beneath her arms, while proclaiming, "Soaring Eagle!" She leaps into the air, and dives directly into Jindrax, shoving him with gliding force across the hillside. Jindrax rolls and recovers in a slight daze, allowing Taylor to summon her, "Golden Eagle Sword!" Yellow Ranger sparkily slashes the Sword twice, downward then upward, into the Duke Org's chest at close range, followed by a turn and a sharp kick straight back into him. The Blue Shark Ranger appears to aid his teammate, while pulling out, "Blue Shark Fighting Fins!" Gripping the twin bladed fins in his hands, Max crosses his arms, and chops into Jindrax's gut with the both of them at once. Jindrax staggers back, and begins to burst considerably, his body jerking about right before he explodes into a series of flamey fireballs. Blue & Yellow leap around and turn their backs to him, posing as he falls ablaze. Just around the corner, Black Bison & White Tiger Rangers roll into a field together, facing Toxica, who cowers just ahead, giving stifled squeals of shock. Danny, with glove-claws, slaps the ground, and proclaims, "Iron Bison!", before leaping up. Alyssa, with glove-claws, slaps the ground, and proclaims, "Noble Tiger!, before leaping up. Black Ranger slashes his finger-claws into Toxica's chest, causing her to cry out and spark. White Ranger slashes her finger-claws into Toxica's chest, causing her to fall back while sparking. The moment the Duchess Org lands on her back, Danny & Alyssa crouch down, and each grab one of her shoulders! Toxica screams in protest, demanding between grunts, "Let GO of me!", as the two Wild Force Rangers grind her body against the gravel, dragging her between them while on all fours like animals as they scamper off. The pair plows her right into a junkyard full of rusted old cement blocks, sending a puff of dirt bursting out upon impacting against it.

Finally, Red Lion Ranger faces Retinax by his lonesome. Utilizing the Red Lion Fang in his left hand, and the Crystal Saber in his right, Cole interchanges between slashing the Org's chest with the blade or bashing into him with the Fang. This continues with mild sparking & smoking results, until Red Ranger uses both weapons at once, knocking Retinax back gruntingly. The opponents pause for a moment to breathe, then get ready for more action. They barrel back toward one another, howling furiously. As the two pass, they slice into their enemy's chest with their respective weapon. Both the Retin-axe & the Crystal Saber's blows result in the same spark & smokey burst in the other target. Retinax & Red Ranger then spin around and try to get in the last strike at once, but the Org's axe is too slow compared to Cole's Lion Fang, which bites down on the blade, clenched tightly. He then elbows Retinax's hand, causing a burst of sparks that painfully causes him to release his grip on his weapon. The Retin-axe drops to the ground, as Retinax grasps his smoking arm, and cries, "My AXE!" Red Ranger punches his Lion Fanged fist forth, the shot rapidly repeating for emphasis, hitting Retinax directly in the center of his chest, causing a loud blast of sparks from the spot he hit (that bluish round bellybutton type thing). Retinax's central eye flashes in pain while being surrounded by a crackling of bluish electricity. He musters up enough strength to raise his arms, and grabs hold of Cole's shoulders, viciously stating, "I'm TIRED of you, Ranger! This fight is OVER!!" Red Ranger breaks out of the hold, kicks Retinax , and spins around, turning the Red Lion Fang into the Lion Blaster in the blink of an eye. He bends down, grips the cannon with both hands, and replies, "You're right! Lion Blaster!" Numerous bolts of green laserpower are shot at Retinax, a few streaking past him, but most crashing right into him, causing warping ripples of green upon impact. While the Org is engulfed in smoke, Cole activates, "Cannon Mode!", causing the gun-barrel to pop out of the Lion Blaster's jaw. Retinax threatens, "I'll GET you..." Red Ranger shouts, "Annnd, FIRE!" The Lion Blaster blows another twirling red & yellow ball of energy at the Org, hitting him hard, causing a burst of crimson smoke. Retinax, with his drained body smoking, limply topples onto his stomach. Cole raises the Lion Blaster, and cheers, "All RIGHT!" He gently remarks with a touch to his yellow lion breast patch, "I KNEW we could beat 'em if we JUST put our hearts into it," followed by a victorious punch and yell of, "Ye-ah!"

Retinax lies still, steam rising from his beaten form. Slowly, his hands begin to move, scraping against the dirt as he lets out a groan of agony, preparing to rise up despite his heavy injuries. Instantly, Retinax is standing amid a background of dark palettes, his body shining brightly with a light green glow. His tall horn and central eye, basically his whole head, smashes open, shooting red vein-like tendrils upward. They slither about, and when the rest of his glowing body explodes into green sparkles, those nerve-endings remain attached to an emerald eye-shaped ball in the center. This eyeball of light green energy suddenly expands into a swarm of bubbles, which reconstruct Retinax's glowing green body! He then begins to grow upwards and outwards, with the green energy fading away once he's gone gigantic. All five of the Wild Force Power Rangers have regrouped around their leader, and are taken aback when witnessing the Org's self-growing, needing no seeds. White Ranger exclaims in awe, "It's HUGE!" Retinax rises up, snarling deeply, before declaring, "Now ALL of you will face the wrath of Retinaaaax!" Reddish electricity crackles from his big blue horn and three curled shoulder-claws, surging into his central eye, which then fires a bolt of energy forth. Master Org's former bodyguard blasts into the unoccupied mountain range, and whirls around, spark-frying every bit of land within 360 degrees of his towering form. The Wild Force Ranger race away from the danger zone, but run smack dab into an avalanche of large square cinder blocks (he must have blew up Big Rock Cement Mountain!). Our heroes cry out as they desperately attempt to dodge the falling debris, luckily managing to leap out of the way before getting buried beneath. Retinax turns some more, eyebeam blasting another area of the Turtle Cove outskirts, causing more boulders to rain down upon the land. Toxica & Jindrax are caught below the downpour of blocks, though unable to escape, try as they might. She squeals in dismay, as he grouses to the cause of it all, "Retinax! WATCH what you're DOING!" Bonked on the head, Toxica collapses beneath the shower of cement stones. Moments later, all that remains is a large heap of rubble, with Jindrax's left hand reaching out, frozen in place. It begins to tremble, as Jindrax lets out a defeated groan, that dies off just as his hand drops lifelessly against the debris. The fact he didn't turn into a puddle of goop makes it pretty clear he's not dead, just taking a well deserved nap.

The giant Retinax marches along, cackling wickedly to himself. The Wild Force Rangers brace for another blast attack, when Red Ranger reminds them, "QUICK, guys! We've GOT to get to the Kongazord! Come on!" The team races over to their abandoned Megazord, finding its green metallic coating glistening in the sun, frost-free. Once inside the cerebral cockpit, our heroes place their Crystal Sabers back into the console slots, and command in unison, "Kongazord! Power up!" The Wild Force Kongazord, back on its feet, motions its Bearzord arms and charges into battle. It steps into Retinax's path, blocking his way toward the city. In the cockpit, Yellow Ranger proclaims with a punch to her palm, "We can BEAT him this time, guys! Kongazord, Double Knuckle!" The Kongazord gets up close to Retinax, and begins to repeatedly punch into his chest, using both the Black & Polar Bearzord arms in succession. Retinax stares unflinching through the tiny puffs of sparks resulting from the minor hits. When Kongazord winds up its Polar right-arm for another hit, Retinax holds out his hand, and grabs the bear-faced fist with ease, holding it back. The Kongazord appears to shiver in shock at this sight, struggling in vain to release its arm from his hold. Retinax boasts, "You may have your Kongazord back, but you're STILL no match for ME!" Red Ranger retorts, "We'll SEE about that!" Retinax, with all them eyes is quite adept in seeing about things, charges up his horn, and eyebeam blasts the Kongazord with a streaming bolt of reddish lightning. The Kongazord's arm is released from his grip, as the beam of energy flows into its chest, causing it to burstingly stagger backwards. Inside the cerebral cockpit, sparks flash about, causing the Rangers to gasp in horror and cover their heads while being shaken around. The Wild Force Kongazord topples over for a second time today, dumping our heroes right back onto the ground. They fail to demorph this time around, though, and Red Ranger quickly gets back on his feet, urging bravely, "We CAN'T give up! The fate of the Earth... lies in our HANDS!"

Did someone say, fate lying in hands? Up on the hill, Princess Shayla smiles as she raises the Soul Bird egg above her head with both hands. It begins to gleam with a blinding gold glow, transforming into a ball of pure energy, brighter than the sun. The egg hovers gently out of Shayla's hands, and soars away, leaving her grinning in breathless wonder. Retinax notices the sphere of gold approaching, and turns to look at it. The gleaming-gold egg swoops down and passes right through the Org's chest, causing a painful explosive blast to erupt before exiting out his back! Retinax writhes in place, swallowed up by smoke, while the ball of golden light simply accelerates & ascends above him. Below, the Rangers spot this, with White Ranger noting confused, "Something's attacking Retinax!" The shimmering gold Soul Bird egg flies high into the atmosphere, where, in a flare of light, it suddenly converts into a stout, VW Beetle-sized, silver-metal craft! It has large, black-rimmed, yellow eyes with red pupils and black irises on its front, with a curved nose section, two fins on its far back, two small yellow-clawed ski-shaped feet below it, and a golden-pulsing thruster at its rear. Curling its front section around like a neck, it lets out a birthing bird-like screech into the air with its hatch-like mouth opening. The Wild Force Rangers stare in both awe and puzzlement, with Black Ranger asking, "But, what IS it?!" The silver sentient craft squelches again, before tightening up its body, and blasting its thruster into full speed. It zooms through the cloudy blue skies, sporting two Power Animal emblems on each side, with the golden amalgamated animal oval symbol on its back between its fins. Maneuvering through the air, the craft does a twirl, causing its whole metal form to malleably wring as it spins, leaving a trail of golden sparkling flames behind it. Red Ranger, having only encountered the egg's Eaglezord-resembling mother, wonders, "Is THAT the Soul Bird?!" Princess Shayla excitedly confirms with much arm gesturing, "Yes, it IS! It's FINALLY hatched! Go ahead! Climb aboard!" Cole nods to her, and obeys, "You GOT it!" He crouches, slaps the ground, and leaps high into the air.

The Soul Bird snaps down its Power Animal emblem ports on its sides and tail end, turning them into notches for the Wild Force Power Rangers to ride upon. All five of our heroes land within their reserved spaces, touching down gently at the same time, despite the craft zipping along through the air at about mach 150. White & Blue on Soul Bird's left, Black & Yellow on its right, and Red Ranger in the back between the tail fins. Cole calls out, "Alright, Kongazord!", causing the Wild Force Kongazord to recover to its feet without anyone piloting it. Red Ranger presses something on the Soul Bird in front of it, and commands, "Prepare for Soul Drive Merge!" The Soul Bird, via a crummy model toy, swoops around into position. Kongazord waits for it to approach, and turns its back toward it, allowing the Rangers to crash... err, dematerialize the Soul Bird into the Kongazord's body with a warping flash of light. Having returned to the cerebral cockpit, the Red Ranger proclaims, "Just what we NEEDed! The Soul Bird's given a WHOLE new level of power to the Kongazord!" The entire Soul Bird has replaced the décor within the cerebral cockpit, eliminating the consoles and another stuff to make room for it. Yellow Ranger notes in astonishment, "Now the Soul Bird's our cockpit... whoa! I wonder what it can do!" Blue Ranger eagerly asks, "Well what're we waiting for?! Let's find out!" Black Ranger concurs, "Yeah!" Cole commands, "Crystal Sabers!", as he places his sideways onto the large green glowing control console he's stationed at in the tail section. The other Rangers do the same with their Crystal Sabers, at their own much smaller craft-based console stations, though the slots to stick the Sabers in are actually molded to perfectly fit the weapons' ridges. Soul Bird's eyes glow a little brighter when all the crystals are in place (for some reason its nose section is blacker while in Soul Drive Merge form), a mechanical humming signaling that it's powered up. Danny motions his arm, and shouts triumphantly, "We're stronger than EVER!" (you've been getting stronger EVERY week, Danny-boy. Contain yourself!)

The Wild Force Kongazord, reinvigorated, straightens out its posture, and begins to march forward. Retinax holds up his fist, growls, and opens his palm at the oncoming Kongazord, firing pulsing bolts of reddish energy its way. Kongazord ignores the explosions bursting up around it, and merely charges forth, relentless. In the cerebral cockpit, Black Ranger announces anxiously, "We don't want to destroy you! Give UP, Retinax!" Like an honorable warrior, Retinax raises his axe and responds bravely (ripping off Danny & Max's slogan), "I'll NEVER give up. I'm too close to redeeming myself with Master Org. Bring it ON!!!" The Kongazord does as ordered, and lunges at him, snapping its Bearzord arms around Retinax's tall blue (well, it's more purple here) horn! In the cockpit, Red Ranger plays with the main Soul Bird controls, which consist of a white throttle that he wiggles around using his left hand, and a clawed latch he grips and turns using his right. Cole quips, "Don't say we didn't warn you!" Snatching Retinax up by his horn, the Kongazord heaves the Org powerfully over its head, causing him to cry out, "Whooooaaahhh!", until he's bodyslammed onto his back. Kongazord shifts its arms into position, ready for the villain's next move with enthusiastic eagerness. Retinax predictably recovers to his feet, and facing his equally sized opponent, he declares passionately, "Your warnings mean nothing. I'll defeat you or be destroyed trying!" In the cerebral cockpit, Taylor retorts, "If that's the way you WANT it...", allowing Danny to finish, "... Then I guess you're gonna GET it!" Suddenly, the Soul Bird's eyes begin to pulse brightly, letting out a soft trilling hum, catching the Rangers' attention. Red Ranger wonders, "Soul Bird, what IS it?", before touching his chest patch, and mentally hearing another creature's communication, stating with surprise, "WAIT a minute... the Red Lion is calling me!" The Red Lion Wildzord appears briefly, his eyes flashing green as he roars into the air. Cole relays what his companion Power Animal informed him to his teammates, "He says the Soul Bird needs to MERGE with him, so he can be healed!" Alyssa wracks her brain, figuring, "So THAT means, we have to form the Wild Force Megazord!" Max impatiently asks, "Well WHAT're we waiting for?! Let's call the Zords!" Taylor agrees, "Good idea!" Cole concurs, "Right!", telling his beast, "HANG in there, Red Lion! The cure is on its way!" All five Wild Force Rangers remove their Crystal Sabers from the Soul Bird, and gesture them into the air, while commanding, "Wildzords, descend!"

Leaping off the Animarium, Red Lion, White Tiger, Blue Shark, Yellow Eagle & Black Bison glow red hot from reentry, following the sound of the summoning chime. You're probably saying "Hey, wait, Yellow Eagle & Black Bison are currently being used in the Kongazord, which hasn't disconnected yet! How'd they get up to the Animarium to appear in this shot?!" Beats the Soul Bird droppings outta me. Though you do gotta wonder why Black & Yellow just raised their Sabers into the air during that summoning shot if they already had their Zords right there! You could pretend the Eaglezord & Bisonzord broke off, leaving the Kongazord's upper torso floating there, while they went back home and picked up their three friends. Yeah, that's the thinly-stretched ticket! Whatever, Red Ranger crosses his arms in the cerebral cockpit, and commands, "Soul Bird... detach!" The Soul Bird exits the Wild Force Kongazord's back the same way it went in, via a warping light and dematerializing through the solid metal mass. It backs up, thanks to this being cheaply reversed footage, followed by an equally cruddy model toy shot with five action figures glued to it as it spins around. The Wild Force Megazord comes together quickly, and Cole presses a button on the Soul Bird, calling for, "Soul Drive... MERGE!" The WF Megazord turns its back to the oncoming Soul Bird, and lets it dematerializedly enter with a flash of gold light that faintly gleams the Megazord's golden-crowned head, as its whole body jerks when probed by the craft. With the Soul Bird now within this cerebral cockpit, our heroes shout, "Wild Force Megazord, power up!" The WF Megazord raises its Shark & Tiger arms into the sky, and drops them back down while stepping ahead, preparing for action. Retinax waves his axe, and mockingly scoffs, "Oooh, I'm so SCARED!" In the cockpit, Cole tells him cockily with an uppercut, "Well you SHOULD be! Activate Soul Cannon!" The other Rangers raise their fists, and reply in unison, "Ready!" Red Ranger cries, "NOW!" The Wild Force Rangers in their stations all around the Sold Bird, are all that appear suddenly, as their surroundings turn to a vortex of ice blue streaks of light zipping past. Soul Bird's nose section pops open, causing a pole to extend outward, with about eight blades folding out away from it in a windmill or turbine style design. They glow golden, as does the tip of this pole, as our heroes motion their arms, and activate over the loud charging noise, "Mega ROAR!" The rapidly spinning blades spew a spiraling beam of pure golden light, which fires across the vortex, reaching the darkened end and slamming into the Red Lion-faced chest of the Wild Force Megazord! This surge of Soul Bird power infuses into all five of the Wildzords that make up the Megazord, causing them to blast out bright streams of their particular colored energies. The Megazord's body is then engulfed in a torrential onslaught of a massive golden wave, following behind those five beams. Retinax is struck by all five, then the Soul Bird-juice chaser, making him belt out a bloodcurdling scream. He topples onto his back, his body surging with a light-blue electricity all the while. The moment he hits the ground, Retinax explodes massively into an erupting fireball not once, but twice! As the updraft of smoke clears, all that remains where he fell is a blazing fire in the forest. The Wild Force Megazord stands triumphantly in the haze, while the Rangers within its Soul Birded cockpit amazedly cheer for themselves.

Soon on the Animarium, in the Temple Ruins, the five Wild Force Activists stand together in front of the green-moss covered rock carving of their Power Animals, while being commended by Princess Shayla, who approaches from across the temple floor, saying happily, "I'm VERY proud of you, ALL! Today, you fought VALiantly... even when it seemed all hope was lost!" Taylor grins, and speaks for her teammates when she remarks graciously, "We were lucky the Soul Bird hatched when it did." Shayla informs her, "That was NO accident.", causing Taylor to appear a bit stunned. The Princess continues, stating very softly, "The Soul Bird sensed your real EFFORTS, and courage." Cole steps aside from the group, and looks down at his hand, saying thankfully, "I'M just glad you're cured, my friend." He smiles upon the Red Lion crystal orb resting on his palm. All is well for our heroes, once more. Or so it seems, as back on Earth, a hand frantically stirs beneath a heap of rocky debris. Grunting deeply, Retinax crawls out of the rubble, back to normal size, having managed to survive the most intense beating the Wild Force Rangers have dished out thus far! Boy, Shayla wasn't kidding about him being powerful. With what little power he's got left, he raises up onto his knees, just as a figure in a flowing yellow & peach colored robe strolls up to him. Retinax blinks his central eye and stares at the man, who's identity is obvious even before we see his three-eyed, pale, scarred, one-horned face: it's Master Org! Retinax coos in delight, "Oooh!", at the sight of the familiar fellow. Master Org sneers, then turns and walks away. Retinax holds out a hand, pleading puzzledly, "Wait! Who ARE you?!" Stopping in his tracks, Master Org turns and glares at the creature who claimed to be his bodyguard, with intense distain. Did Retinax hit his head during the battle and now has amnesia? Nah, he just doesn't recognize this human, despite how he's dressed like and has all the same powers (and seemingly some memories) of the original Master Org. Retinax blinks once, blurting, "Huh?!", baffledly. Suddenly, a powerful bolt of orangeish energy surges into him from afar, overwhelming his already frail form with frying mercilessness. Retinax lets out a death cry, as he falls back, and explodes into a burst of mostly smoke, dust, and flying pebbles. Master Org watches this failed former bodyguard of 'his' ignite into nothingness, shielding his face from the stray rocks flying about by shrouding his face with his cloak. Once the dust settles and Retinax is nothing but a memory, Master Org walks, in slow motion, away from this scene, putting behind him this event in plenty of mysterious ways.
[Scenes from "Curse Of The Wolf"; End Credits]

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