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Power Rangers Zeo
"Good As Gold"
Original Air Date:11/23/96
*Regular Season 4 Continues(4th Season By Series Finale)
*Official Network Show Number PR-430
*50th and FINAL episode of PRZ
*205th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Douglas Sloan Director: Vickie Bronaugh
Starring Cast:
Catherine Sutherland _AS_ Kat (Zeo Ranger 1, Pink)
Nakia Burrise _AS_ Tanya (Zeo Ranger 2, Yellow)
Steve Cardenas _AS_ Rocky (Zeo Ranger 3, Blue; Voice Only!)
Johnny Yong Bosch _AS_ Adam (Zeo Ranger 4, Green)
Jason David Frank _AS_ Tommy (Zeo Ranger 5, Red)
Austin St. John _AS_ Jason (Gold Ranger)
Paul Schrier _AS_ Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
Jason Narvy _AS_ Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch
Richard Genelle _AS_ Ernie
Gregg Bullock _AS_ Detective Jerome Stone
Additional Cast:
Lesley Tesh _AS_ Emily
Ted, Tim, & Tom DiFilippo _AS_ Trey
Brad Hawkins _AS_ Trey (voices)
Bob Manahan _AS_ Zordon (voice)
Donene Kistler _AS_ Alpha 5
Richard Wood _AS_ Alpha 5 (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Lord Zedd
Robert Axelrod _AS_ Lord Zedd (voice)
Carla Perez _AS_ Rita Repulsa
Barbara Goodson _AS_ Rita Repulsa (voice)
Kerrigan Mahan _AS_ Goldar (voice)
Bob Pappenbrook _AS_ Rito Revolto (voice)
David Stenstrom _AS_ King Mondo (voice)
Alex Borstein _AS_ Queen Machina (voice)
Barbara Goodson _AS_ Prince Sprocket (voice)
Oliver Page _AS_ Klank (voice)
Barbara Goodson _AS_ Orbus (voice)


It's become obvious to both the Machine Empire and Rita & Zedd that Jason's growing weaker by the battle. Both evil forces attempt to ambush him in the woods, to try and assume control of the Golden Power Staff by running him down. Lucky for Jason, the two sides are as much at odds with each other as they are with him. So, he's able to slip away as the Cogs & Tengas sent to try and take him out are caught in fighting one another!

Later, at the Power Chamber, scanning by Alpha reveals that Jason's body is starting to reject the Gold Ranger powers, and taking his own life energy with them. The three Treys are summoned back to the Power Chamber, still not having re-unified. Zordon has a plan to reunite the trio, allowing them to reclaim the Gold Ranger powers, and thus, save Jason: a reflection of a positive energy beam between Earth, Triforia, and Aquitar. This all occurs in the desert, with the Machine Empire attempting to mess it up as best they can. But, all goes well, Trey becomes a whole being once more, and Jason is relieved of the Golden Power Staff, restoring his health to normal. Furious over the loss of the Gold Ranger powers, King Mondo, along with a group of Cogs, grow giant! Trey is able to make himself and the five Zeo Rangers grow to equal sizes, and they all have a big gigantic-height brawl in the desert! Our heroes are triumphant, destroying the hugh Cogs and knocking Mondo down to size.

Later, on the moon, King Mondo (no worse for wear), Queen Machina, Klank, Orbus, and Prince Sprocket, meet with Lord Zedd, Rita Repulsa, Goldar, Rito Revolto, and Finster at their winnebago. Zedd & Rita have decided to give up on trying to conquer Earth, finding themselves no match for the Machine Empire. They give Mondo a small box as a going away present, and quickly hop in their motor home, and drive off. Once the evil space aliens are out of the range, the box explodes, blasting all five of the members of the Royal House of Gadgetry into scrap metal! Zedd proclaims that he, his wife, and his crew, are "back"... but NOTHING ever comes of this. Rito is never seen nor mentioned again after this scene. Zedd & Rita next appear in the Turbo movie, living somewhere similar to their old palace. What happened to their desire to take over Earth is never even hinted at, though do a Google search on the term "Scorpion Rain", and WATCH out! As for the Machine Empire, Mondo's head keeps on talking after they're blown up, vowing that nobody has seen the last of him and his family. Indeed, we hadn't, though none of them would be seen nor mentioned again until "From Out Of Nowhere". They get rebuilt, of course, but as to why they gave up on Earth? It can be surmised that Dark Specter, who seems to rule the Alliance of Evil, forced the two sides to give up their struggle for the planet, since both are shown working for him in PRiS. But even that leaves a lot of loose ends.

Speaking of loose ends, Bulk & Skull, now fully licensed private investigators, stumble into the hands of a French man calling himself "Inspector Klousteau". He hires them for a "secret mission" off the coast of France. The bumbling duo, wanting to prove themselves as real detectives to Det. Stone, take the mission, which will have them going overseas in the next day. But they make the mistake of not telling Stone just where they're doing, merely saying they're quitting for a better offer. Jerome is upset, and tells them to not bother coming back, despite their promising to. The Agency, of course, will fold without them around to help. But, it's never mentioned again after this episode. Nor is the secret mission to France! The next time we see Stone, Bulk & Skull, they're back to being Cops, with Jerome having narrowly gotten them all their jobs back on the force.

Finally, Jason, no longer the Gold Ranger, has a touching scene with Tommy by the lake, bonding over how they've both lost powers. It ends with Jason & Emily, walking together in embrace by the lake's shore, soon followed by Tommy & Kat, doing the same, more or less. Next time we see Jason? It's in the Turbo Movie, and darned if there are any real refs to his time as Gold Ranger. Emily doesn't appear again until sometime during PRT, where she's still working at the Juice Bar.

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