Power Rangers Time Force

#410: PRTF 1132: "Beware the Knight".

Features Footage from:
Zyuranger, episode 32;
and Timeranger, episode 3.

The complete program, from opening to end of Saban logo, lasts roughly 21:19;15.

Opening is about 1:00; by itself.

Next Time On is about 0:30; by itself.

Ending is about 0:30; by itself.

Opening Credits (version 2A becomes the standard)

Source Description Edit Note

PRTF 1131.

Red flips over onto the Red Strata Cycle inside a time tunnel.


TIME #03.

Zoom into the face of Red's Chrono-Morpher, where a time portal awaits, zoom out again and out pops his Chrono-Sabers.


ZYU #32.

Sun setting at dusk over a mountain.

Recycled, retinted to remove dusk redness.

Ending Credits