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#500: PRDT 1404 "Legacy of Power".

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Technically, nothing! This is the show's nineteenth 100% Sentai-free episode (there is indeed Sentai footage in this one, but all of it comes from prior episodes' usage via the clips).

The complete program, from opening to end of end credits, lasts roughly 21:27;00.

Opening is about 1:00; by itself.

Ending is about 0:30; by itself.

Opening Credits

Source Description Edit Note
MMPR 101.

Footage from "Day of the Dumpster", covering the Rangers' first battle mostly.

MMPR 114.

Footage from "Green with Evil, Part I", covering Tommy meeting Kim, then getting kidnapped by Rita and fighting the Rangers.

MMPR 118.

Footage from "Green with Evil, Part V", covering Kim outing Tommy, Green Ranger getting defeated and the spell getting broken as he joins the team.

MMPR 213.

Footage from "Green No More, Part II", covering Green Ranger being cradled by Pink after his laser attack on Turbanshell.

MMPR 217.

Footage from "White Light, Part I", covering Tommy being painfully kidnapped by Zordon.

MMPR 218.

Footage from "White Light, Part II", covering Tommy being unveiled as the White Ranger.

MMPR 232.

Footage from "The Power Transfer, Part II", covering the Rangers retrieving the Sword of Light and transferring the power to Rocky, Adam, and Aisha.

MMPR 304.

Footage from "Ninja Quest, Part I", covering the Rangers watching helplessly as their Megazords explode.

MMPR 306.

Footage from "Ninja Quest, Part III", covering the Rangers gaining the power of Ninja from Ninjor and using them on Tengas.

MMPR 317.

Footage from "A Ranger Catastrophe, Part I", covering Tommy meeting Kat.

MMPR 325.

Footage from "A Different Shade of Pink, Part III", covering Kim giving up her powers to Kat.

MMPR 343.

Footage from "Hogday Afternoon, Part II", covering the destruction of the Command Center.

PRZ 344.

Footage from "A Zeo Beginning, Part I", covering the Rangers finding the Zeo Crystal in the Command Center wreckage.

PRZ 345.

Footage from "A Zeo Beginning, Part II", covering the Rangers gaining the power of Zeo.

PRZ 412.

Footage from "A Golden Homecoming", covering Tommy perilously getting Jason to the Power Chamber.

PRZ 406.

Footage from "The Power of Gold", covering Gold Ranger doing poses and flips.

PRT 432.

Footage from "Shift into Turbo, Part II", covering (a few of) the Rangers graduating.

PRT 431.

Footage from "Shift into Turbo, Part I", covering footage from "Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie".

PRT 502.

Footage from "Passing the Torch, Part I", covering Tommy getting knocked out as Kat, Cassie, and TJ watch.

PRT 503.

Footage from "Passing the Torch, Part II", covering Ashley & Carlos doing some heroics then the power transfer itself.

PRT 529.

Footage from "Chase into Space, Part II", covering the fall of the Power Chamber and the Rangers going to space.

PRiS 601.

Footage from "From Out of Nowhere, Part I", covering the Rangers meeting Andros for the first time.

PRiS 602.

Footage from "From Out of Nowhere, Part II", covering the debut of the Space Rangers.

PRiS 704.

Footage from "Survival of the Silver", covering the thawing out of Zhane, the Silver Ranger.

PRLG 801.

Footage from "Quasar Quest, Part 1", covering the portal to the Quasar Sabers.

PRLG 802.

Footage from "Quasar Quest, Part 2", covering the first morph of the Lost Galaxy Rangers.

PRLG 928.

Footage from "Journey's End, Part 1", covering the crashing of Terra Venture.

PRLG 930.

Footage from "Journey's End, Part 3", covering Leo destroying Trakeena.

PRLR 1001.

Footage from "Operation Lightspeed", covering the recruitment and first battle of the Lightspeed Rangers.

PRLR 1040.

Footage from "The Fate of Lightspeed, Pt. 2", covering Ryan morphing as Titanium Ranger and joining his teammates.

PRTF 1101.

Footage from "Force from the Future, Pt. 1", covering the Time Ship going back in time.

PRTF 1102.

Footage from "Force from the Future, Pt. 2", covering Jen recruiting Wes and the Time Force Rangers' first battle.

PRTF 1113.

Footage from "The Quantum Quest", covering Eric's debut as the Quantum Ranger.

PRWF 1201.

Footage from "Lionheart", covering the first battle of the full five Wild Force Rangers.

PRWF 1216.

Footage from "The Lone Wolf", covering Merrick's debut as the Lunar Wolf Ranger.

PRWF 1240.

Footage from "The End of the Power Rangers, Pt. 2", covering the Wild Force Rangers' final battle pose.

PRNS 1301.

Footage from "Prelude to a Storm", covering the Wind Rangers gaining Morphers then their first battle.

PRNS 1305.

Footage from "Thunder Strangers, Part I", covering the debut of the Thunder Rangers.

PRNS 1306.

Footage from "Thunder Strangers, Part II", covering the unmasking of Hunter & Blake.

PRNS 1312.

Footage from "Return of Thunder, Part III", covering the team-joining of Hunter & Blake.

PRNS 1317.

Footage from "The Samurai's Journey, Part II", covering Cam gaining the power to become the Green Samurai Ranger.

PRNS 1338.

Footage from "Storm Before the Calm, Part II", covering the Wind Rangers defeating Lothor unmorphed.

PRDT 1402.

Footage from "Day of the Dino, Part II", covering the morph sequences of the three Dinos and headshots of each one of them.

Not really technically clips from the episode, but whatever!

Ending Credits