Power Rangers DinoThunder

#530: PRDT 1434 "Drawn into Danger".

Features Footage from (bold = new):
Abaranger, episodes 31 & 47.

The complete program, from opening to end of end credits, lasts roughly 21:27;00.

Opening is about 1:00; by itself.

Ending is about 0:30; by itself.

Opening Credits

Source Description Edit Note
PRDT 1402 / 1405.

All four full Dino Rangers morphing sequences: Red, Blue, Black, Yellow.

Recycled, but first time montage in this order. Rotoscoping comic effect overlayed.

ABA #47.

Fridgia talks up close.

Rotoscoping comic effect overlayed over all Sentai footage used in this episode starting here; textless, unlike source; cuts before she fires forehead blasts.

ABA #47.

Red, Blue, Yellow, and Black react quickly.

Pushed back from source position.

ABA #47.

Black speaks and springs into action.

Also used ahead of source.

ABA #47.

Close on Fridgia talking, then firing her forehead blast, which bursts the ground around the Rangers, sending them rolling out of the way. Red whips out his Thundermax Blaster and he and his teammates fire upon the monster, spark bursting her, but she doesn't cease walking forth. The Rangers get up and prepare to act, with Blue readying his Tricera Shield and leaping up, punching it at her, only for her to block, and use the leverage to fling him away. Red readies his Tyranno Staff, leaps up and jabs it forth, but she blocks its chomping jaws with her arm. Fridgia then sparkily kicks him in the chest.

Shot 1 is recycled, but runs fully; cuts follow-ups of her punching Red.

ABA #47.

Red is flung down to the snowy ground. Yellow readies her Ptera Grips, leaps forth, and strikes, but Fridgia blocks her arms, causing Yellow to react.

ABA #47.

Fridgia jerks Yellow to the side, then tosses her down, where her teammates regroup around her. Black readies his Brachio Staff, does the energized circle attack, slashing it forth, only for the monster to bounce it back, bursting the four down. Red lies there on the snowy ground, talking, as does Yellow, Blue gets up to talk, as does Black. Fridgia then forehead blasts forth.

Trims start to remove Fridgia headbutting Yellow; trims final shot; US replaces follow-ups of Rangers exploding due to explosion in front of them.

ABA #47.

Fridgia forehead blasts.

Transitions in from far more detailed comic panel effect; trims start; used ahead of source position.

ABA #47.

Fridgia zaps all four Rangers with greenish electricity, bursting them down.

The only good thing to come of this comic effect is hiding Bad Red Girl in background in shot 1.

ABA #47.

Black sulks, then slowly gets up and stands, spreading his arms while talking.

Shot 2 cuts before more happens (splits it for later, in fact), transitioning out to detailed comic panel.

ABA #47.

Black readies his Staff and rushes forth, Fridgia scoffs and foreheade blasts, sparking him but he refuses to stop, racing past and sparkily slashing her as he does so.

First shot transitions in detailed comic panel; first shot is also split from prior shot.

ABA #47.

Zoom in on the other three Rangers reacting, Blue speaks to Red, who pulls out his Shield of Triumph. Fridgia turns and forehead blasts forth, exploding behind the trio.

Shot 3 is recycled, but runs fully and in context; cuts final shot before explosion erupts in front of them.

ABA #47.

Circle around, close on Fridgia, as she speaks.

Trims start so we don't see unmorphed counterparts; cuts before she looks upward.

ABA #47.

Glowing fades, as the five Rangers stand in Super Dino Mode. Fridgia watches, as each Ranger gestures, then poses, doing their roll calls.

Cuts follow-ups of Rangers posing as a team, then quick shots of their Zords.

ABA #47.

The five Super Dino Mode DinoThunder Rangers pose together in front of a flaming, glowing symbol.

ABA #47.

The five Rangers race forth, then leap up and sparkily slash Fridgia a few times as a group. Red sparkily kicks her, Yellow sparkily claws her, Blue roundhouses her sparkily, Black gut punches her sparkily, and White jabs his arm-blades at her, knocking Fridgia down, then back up. White then charges up his arm-blades, and whips purple energy at the monster, bursting her.

Cuts final shot before White wraps energy around Fridgia's neck and hoists her up; US replaces it in fact.

ABA #47.

Fridgia slams into a tree and falls down, the five Rangers regroup to face her. Red speaks, as his chest symbol glows, all five of their chests glowing, White reacting as his whole body glows. Fridgia watches as she stands back up.

ABA #47.

The glowing Rangers follow White's lead, and fire their golden power forth at Fridgia, striking her and causing her to glow as a result.

Comic rotoscoping effect ends in the US footage following this.

ABA #31.

Red morphs into the Triassic Ranger.


Ending Credits