Power Rangers DinoThunder

#533: PRDT 1437 "Thunder Struck, Part 1".

Features Footage from (bold = new):
Abaranger, episode 31.

The complete program, from opening to end of end credits, lasts roughly 21:27;00.

Previously On is about 0:23;04 by itself.

Opening is about 1:00; by itself.

Ending is about 0:30; by itself.

Opening Credits

Source Description Edit Note
PRDT 1402 / 1405 / 1424.

All five Dino Thunder Rangers morphing sequences.

Recycled, but first time montage in this order; cuts final shot.

ABA #31.

Red morphs into the Triassic Ranger.

Recycled; shot 1 is the US made montage from 1425, 1432, & 1435.

PRDT 1409.

Principal Randal morphs into Elsa while holding a Dino Egg.

Recycled, flares in; green tinted.

PRDT 1424.

Mesogog whispers sweet nothings in Elsa's ear.

Recycled; green tinted.

PRDT 1405.

Elsa fires her sword at the three Raptor Cycle riding Rangers explosively.

Recycled; green tinted.

PRDT 1417.

Principal Randall introduces substitute teacher Anton Mercer to the class.

Recycled; green tinted.

PRDT 1424.

Sparkle bursts erupt beside White and Elsa.

Recycled; green tinted.

PRDT 1435.

Principal Randall fights Tommy.

Recycled; flares out; green tinted.

Ending Credits