Power Rangers SPD

#569: PRSPD 1532 "Wormhole".

Features Footage from (bold = new):
Abaranger, episodes 31 & 46; and Dekaranger, episodes 5, 23, 25, & 30.

The complete program, from opening to end of end credits, lasts roughly 22:36;25.

Opening is about 1:00; by itself.

Ending is about 0:30; by itself.

Opening Credits

Source Description Edit Note
DEKA #25.

Krybots jerk arms, then rush forth.

DEKA #25.

Krybots scramble forth at the camera.

DEKA #25.

Flying horizontally, Green sparkily slashes his way through Krybots, then flips over, bounds off a rock wall, and lands in combat with a Bluehead, sparkily slashing it down, then clashing blades with another, ducking under its kick.

Cuts before Bluehead sparkily slashes Green down, then he gets up and tangles with another one, also cutting a follow-up of the pair fighting.

DEKA #25.

Green sparkily slashes Bluehead down, when an Orangehead leaps in and sparkily slashes him in the back. Green falls and recovers quickly, only for the Orangehead to whip out a blaster-device attached to its left arm, firing it at him burstingly, sending Green over the side of a cliff. He hits the bottom and rolls, recovering and looking upward.

DEKA #30.

Orangehead readies its twin Chrono-Saber-esque blades.

DEKA #25.

Orangehead flips over the side of the cliff.

Cuts follow-up of Green leaping up.

DEKA #25.

Green leaps forth and slashes, as Orangehead does the same, both sparkily slashing each other on the way by. They land, turn, and dash in after one another.

DEKA #30.

Orangehead jabs both its Chrono-Sabers forth, sparkily jabbing Red, knocking him into rolling on the ground.

DEKA #30.

Close on Orangehead approaching.

Mirror-flipped; trims start to remove visibility of alien woman.

DEKA #30.

The Orangehead watches as Red, smoking, recovers to his feet.

Cuts pair of follow-up shots of Red talking.

DEKA #30.

Red readies his Blasters and rushes forth, so the Orangehead fires orange electricity from its Chrono-Sabers, rapidly bursting the ground around Red as he races past the sparks.

Cuts some follow-up Orangehead / Red fighting.

DEKA #25.

Green and Orangehead sparkily slash each other, then Orangehead kicks Green, first one blocked but second one hits, they lock blades, then exchange sparkily slashes.

Cuts before they place blades on each other's shoulders and slice sparkily (US replaces it, in fact).

DEKA #25.

Orangehead staggers back and readies weapon.

US replaces follow-ups of pair sparkily stabbing each other.

DEKA #30.

Red leaps in and jumpkicks Orangehead down, but it quickly recovers.

Cuts follow-ups of Red blasting Orangehead repeatedly.

DEKA #30.

Red readies his Blasters, then leaps up, twirls his body around, and spinning above Orangehead's orange head, rains laserpower down sparkily upon the grunt, before landing on the other side, posing, then turning his back to him and posing again as Orangehead sparks, bursts, crackles, collapses, and explodes massively.

Shots 3-5 are given added laser effects; final shot given added spectral sparkles; transitions out.

DEKA #23.

Omega grips the Morpher's handlebar, charging it up.


ABA #31.

On the left, Red SPD morphs into Battlizer Mode; on the right, Red DT becomes Triassic Ranger.

US original montage of recycled footage.

DEKA #05.

RIC leaps in and chomps on the bite bone thing, and transforms into the Canine Cannon.


ABA #46.

The Super Z-Rex Blaster is brought together.


Ending Credits