Power Rangers Mystic Force

#573: PRMF 1601 "Broken Spell".

Features Footage from (bold = new):
Magiranger, episodes 1, 7, 17, 18, & 34.

The complete program, from opening to end of end credits, lasts roughly 22:36;00.

Opening is about 1:00; by itself.

Ending is about 0:30; by itself.

Opening Credits

Source Description Edit Note
MAGI #34.

Pull out from tunnel to the Underworld, as a blinding white light shines from within it, spreading outward.

MAGI #17.

A red misty room is sealed within the walls of a giant gate.

Trims start to remove zoom out from tentacle-y movement within.

MAGI #17.

The seal on the gate gleams then flashes, signifying its sealing.

MAGI #18.

The gates to the Underworld begin to lower into the ground.

US (or rather, NZ) ground added to shot.

MAGI #18.

The gates to the Underworld finish lowering into the ground.

US/NZ ground added to shot; fades to black.

MAGI #17.

A purple orb breaks out of the sealed gate to the Underworld.

Recycled; purple orb added.

MAGI #07.

A purple orb flies away from us through the Underworld.

MAGI #01.

Necrolai flies ahead of us as we soar through the Underworld, into the tunnel that leads to the Morlocks' lair. She then flips over and lands before the throne of Morticon, glancing up at the rows and rows of Hidiacs and Styxoids above her.

Trims start; US replaces follow-up close-up of Necrolai, as they're often going to do because of boobage.

MAGI #01.

Push in on Morticon sitting back on his throne and talking. Necrolai approaches him, and he slams his arms down. He sits up and jerks arm, as his head piston pumps and releases steam.

Shot 1 is textless, unlike source; shot 2 is trimmed; cuts follow-up close-up of him.

MAGI #01.

Track right around Morticon as he speaks, then slams his sword down into the ground. Morticon then stands up and walks across the room, past Necrolai, waving his sword around. He waves his sword around while looking up at the minions above, pan across the Hidiacs & Styxoids as they cheer for their master. As Necrolai paces around, and Morticon works up the crowd, Koragg enters the room, stopping and watching.

Cuts shot 3 before he passes to our left again and waves sword more; cuts shot 4 before he waves more; shot 7 is textless, unlike source.

MAGI #01.

Koragg opens his shield up, and fires energy wolf-heads from it.

Ending Credits