Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers

#153: MMAR 341: "Sowing the Seas of Evil".

Features Footage from:
Nothing! This is the show's ninth 100% Sentai-free episode.

The complete program, from "Today On" to end of Saban logo, lasts roughly 20:37;13.

"Today On" segment is about :30; by itself.

Opening is about 1:00;00 by itself.

Ending is about 0:30; by itself.

Opening Credits

Source Description Edit Note

Zordon Face 1.

Medium shot.

Number of uses this episode: 3.

Zordon Face 2.

Close shot.

Number of uses this episode: 3.

Source Description Edit Note
MMPR 242-243.

The various shots of kangaroos, koala bears, and such, are via previously unseen footage from "The Wedding", filmed in Australia.

MMPR 202.

Straight upward angle on Lunar Palace, beneath Zedd's balcony, as dark storm clouds roll across the skies above.


MMPR 219.

Downward angle on Squatt & Baboo, raising their arms and cheering, Squatt briefly turning to his buddy as they do so.


MMPR 213.

Downward angle on Lunar Palace, Zedd's balcony, with a bit of the red sands of Nemesis.

Recycled; transitions in.

MMPR 301.

Close on Finster, facing our left, swings left fist around affirmatively, then turns around and leaves.


MMPR 102.

Command Center's alarm light spins.


MMPR 335.

Cestro's morphing sequence


MMPR 246.

Zedd turns around from Earth cut-out, steps forth, talking to our slight right.

Recycled. There's unused footage from same shoot following it.

MMPR 217.

Darkened Command Center exterior, close, ground level angle.


MMPR 217.

Darkened Command Center exterior, close, ground level angle.

Recycled again; fades in from black.

MMPR 302.

Downward close shot of Alpha's hand pressing multicolored lighted buttons.


MMPR 308.

Close, downward, on Alpha's hand pressing buttons on small keypad, then reaching up for knob.



That frustrating matte painting of Earth from 301 appears, with a green beam passing by the planet, only for a blue beam to shoot up from the world and cut it off.

Recycled; altered to fit in Viewing Globe; energy beams added.

MMPR 307.

Facing our right in front of throne, Lord Zedd spreads out arms, then punches right fist forth, lowering it slowly.

Recycled, but runs much longer; Freeze frame; TBC & Executive Producer credits appear.

MMPR 341.

30 second montage of bloopers from the ep.

Altered to fit in end credits.