Power Rangers Turbo

#220: PRT 445: "Cars Attacks".

Features Footage from (bold = new footage):
Carranger, episode 2.

The complete program, from opening to end of Saban logo, lasts roughly 20:48;07.

Opening is about 0:30; by itself.

Ending is about 0:30; by itself.

Opening Credits

Source Description Edit Note


Here is the only establishing shot of the Subcraft in this episode.

Number of uses: 1.

Source Description Edit Note
Original stock.

Exterior of the Youth Center, two vehicles parked, but no visible people entering or exiting.

Fades in from black; dawn tinted; part of same shoot as stuff from 105/107.

MMPR 217.

Darkened Command Center exterior, close, ground level angle.


PRZ 346.

The Power Chamber's four-light alarm turns on and spins around, clockwise.


CAR #02.

Wolfgang Amadeus Griller conducts into the air above a motorcycle.

Altered to fit in Viewing Screen.

CAR #02.

A ring of what must be gigantic cars drive around the planet Earth.

Altered to fit in Viewing Screen; cuts follow-ups of UFOs blowing up buildings.

CAR #02.

Griller conducts some more into the air.

Altered to fit in Viewing Screen; cuts before pan down to Red fighting Chromites.

CAR #02.

Cars and trucks and vans and the like fly in a large swarm slowly above the city.

Altered to fit in Viewing Screen; fades to black.

CAR #02.

Griller conducts even more toward the sky.

Altered to fit in Viewing Screen; fades in from black.

CAR #02.

Cars fly and spin in perfect timing above the streets of the city.

Altered to fit in Viewing Screen; quite a lot more shots of flying & dancing cars are cut.


Four-screen shot of Justin, Adam, Tanya & Kat finishing morphing into Turbo Rangers.

Recycled footage, but first time this effect is used; trims off power calling and Justin's growth.


Tommy morphs into Red Turbo Ranger.

Recycled, trims off power calling.

CAR #02.

A car dive bombs behind the Rangers, exploding massively in repeated shots.

Prior shots of Rangers dodging flying cars are cut.

CAR #02.

Another car dive bombs behind the Rangers, this one crashing into a parked car, both of which explode, knocking our heroes down.

CAR #02.

A pair of flying cars drop down onto the camera.

Follow-up shot of Rangers struggling with lowering cars is cut.

CAR #02.

The floating cars lower upon Red & Blue, and Yellow, Green, and Pink, slowly crushing them as they attempt to resist.

Follow-up shots of more struggling are cut.

CAR #02.

The Rangers put their Turbo Weapons together, and form Turbo RAM in Cannon Mode.

First shot is trimmed to remove them turning around; prior footage of Rangers vs Griller cut due to Chromites.

CAR #02.

The Rangers fire the Turbo RAM cannon forth.

Surrounding shots of Griller replaced by US footage.

CAR #02.

The giant rotating car ring around Earth fades away.

PRT 445.

30 second montage of bloopers from the episode.

Altered to fit in end credits.