Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

VIDEO #5: "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, All-Time Favorites: The Good, the Bad and the Stupid! (The Misadventures of Bulk and Skull)".

The complete program lasts roughly 51:15;21.

Pre-Opening of the Saban Home Video, MMPR logo, and All-Time Favorites name, is about :14;00 by itself.

Opening is about 1:03;00 by itself.

Ending is about 0:27;00 by itself.

The Opening Credits

Source Description Edit Note
MMPR 227.

Bulk & Skull dance with Gypsy Abbolonia.

Fades in from black.

MMPR 311.

Bulk & Skull are goofing off at Ernie's outdoor cafe when Lt Stone surprises them from behind.

MMPR 319.

Bulk & Skull turn around when realizing Kat is gone.

MMPR 307.

As Lt Stone encourages him, Bulk bounds onto the obstacle course wall, getting stuck at the top.

MMPR 319.

Bulk & Skull dive into Angel Grove Lake together.

Title comes on-screen, the S of "Stupid" flipping around from backwards to normal.

MMPR 314.

In their waiter disguises, while fumbling with Skull, Bulk drops food on patron.

MMPR 310.

In their trash can disguises, Bulk & Skull strut down the high school hall.

MMPR 322.

As Lt Stone walks between them, Bulk & Skull turn to their sides to let him through.

MMPR 313.

Bulk peeks out from behind a pillar Ernie's cafe, in stealth detective mode.

MMPR 314.

Skull rises up from behind the counter as Bulk fumbles with evidence envelope.

MMPR 317.

Bulk & Skull rises up from beneath table beside Aisha & P.C.

MMPR 323.

Bulk & Skull uncover their fake-palm-leaf covered faces.

MMPR 310.

Bulk pops up out of his trash can disguise, spitting out wad of paper.

MMPR 305.

At Police Academy entrance, Bulk nods seriously, while Skull bears his teeth and gives two thumbs up.

MMPR 214.

Bulk gets wet plaster splashed onto his face.

MMPR 311.

Bulk & Skull bounce football between each other in fear.

MMPR 258.

As Doc Skullovitch watches on, One-Eyed Bulk lifts up his eyepatch for a better look.

MMPR 319.

Realizing Kat teleported, Bulk looks stunned and Skull passes out.

Original footage.

Cast credit shots for the video's three stars, footage from said video.

MMPR 138.

Skull opens soda can, which sprays into his face.

MMPR 111.

Bulk gets bathed in pink lava from Billy's home-made volcano.

MMPR 106.

Skull gets pie tossed into face.

MMPR 250.

Skull turns around with large drum on back, bumping Bulk down the steps.

MMPR 235.

Hollywood star-styled Bulk & Skull cooly enter classroom.

MMPR 227.

Gypsy Skull lifts up Gypsy Bulk's head while lying on floor.

MMPR 244.

Bulk & Skull have a thumb war outside.

MMPR 317.

Bulk & Skull gasp in horror as they spot Rito and duck behind the bushes.

MMPR 313.

Underneath a table, Skull pulls out his shoe phone and puts it to his ear.

MMPR 244.

The spellbound Skull & Bulk bounce around with scissors in hand and a hand of scissors.

MMPR 322.

Skull & Bulk salute in the street.

MMPR 323.

Behind the counter, Skull & Bulk turn around and slowly lower to the floor.

JDF, AJJ, & DY credits.

MMPR 309.

Arms twisted together, Skull & Bulk slip on the wet floor and fall down together.

JDF, AJJ, & DY credits turn to WJ, ASJ, & TT credits.

MMPR 250.

As Skull announces him, Bulk slides down stair railing in high school and puts on top hat.

WJ, ASJ, & TT credits fade out.

MMPR 316.

Junior Police Skull & Bulk turn around, looking serious, push out as they raise up donuts and get excited for them.

KA, JYB, & SC credits fade in.

MMPR 310.

Bulk & Skull rise up out of their trash can disguises.

KA, JYB, & SC credits fade out.

MMPR 250.

Pan up as Skull slides in and raises bullhorn.

MMPR 321.

Skull & Bulk in comedic-fast speed, fake panic while running away across park, stopping to shake hands of picnickers, then resume fleeing.

Tony Oliver's producer credit.

MMPR 310.

Skull & Bulk expose their Junior Police badges with looks of... justice? On their faces?

Source Description Edit Note
MMPR 321.

Same exact KAKU #06/#12 combo, from the top image to the bottom, with all cockpit shots and a shot of the Zords nod-talking cut.

Fades in from black, fades out. Series writer & director credits appear on-screen, along with Tony Oliver's written/directed by credit at end.

MMPR 117.

Bulk & Skull take Juice Bar van for a ride, giant Goldar captures them, the Rangers free them. Pretty much the whole ordeal, limited to mainly just the Bulk & Skull stuff.

MMPR 211.

In disguise as a dragon, Bulk menaces Princess-disguised Skull. Later, Guitardo appears to menace them.

MMPR 106.

The complete, ever-popular food fight, from the episode aptly-named "Food Fight".

MMPR 108.

Bulk & Skull sneak into Billy's lab, use the mind switcher device, are mind-switched at the Juice Bar, then come crawling back to Billy who puts them back in their right minds.

MMPR 247-248.

Bulk & Skull buy a monster-making book, Skull uses the wrong book, they bring to life Turkeyjerk and flee from him.

MMPR 138.

Bulk & Skull have a typical day in detention, with special guests, the Power Teens.

MMPR 139.

Bulkster & Super Skull crash the Power Rangers' Day festivities.

MMPR 123.

Bulk & Skull try on a variety of costumes.

MMPR 133.

Bulk & Skull rock out at the talent show.

MMPR 303.

Bulk & Skull attempt to impress a pair of girls by pretending to be Power Rangers, until Repellator appears.

MMPR 148.

Bulk & Skull display their abilities at Cockroach Kung Fu, then try to sell classes.

MMPR 238.

Wanna-Be Fire Fighters Bulk & Skull crash Aisha's classroom safety demonstration, then later walk through the park where they encounter Flame Head.

MMPR 235.

Bulk & Skull lurk behind the scenes at the Harvey Garvey Show, and fail to yank the helmets off the Rangers.

MMPR 122.

His nose irritated by the flowers of Kim's float, Bulk sneezes and blows his nose on Skull's neckerchief.

MMPR 111.

While catching Mr Ticklesneezer thrown by Skull, Bulk gets a face-full of Billy's volcano lava.

MMPR 119.

Bulk & Skull tumble off the basketball court, into a food cart, wearing the contents.

MMPR 214.

While trying to take impressions of the Rangers' feet, Skull heads down the hill, splashing plaster onto Bulk.

MMPR 305-307.

Pretty much the entire "Bulk & Skull join the Junior Police Academy" storyline, save for how it started and how it ended.

MMPR 323.

Bulk & Skull watch and discuss Coach Gunther Schmidt, whom they think is a spy.

MMPR 324.

After watching Coach Gunther Schmidt from a hospital laundry cart, Bulk, Skull, & Lt. Stone end up pushed into the soiled linen chute.