Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

VIDEO #4: "Lord Zedd's Monster Heads: The Greatest Villains of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers".

Features Footage from:
Ignoring the recycled flashbacks, Zyuranger #2, 5, 15, and 19.

The complete program lasts roughly 24:39;23.

Opening is about 1:05;00 by itself.

Ending is about 0:30;00 by itself.

Source Description Edit Note
ZYU #19.

Storm clouds race at us on the horizon, blue lighting erupting amid.

Fades in from black, fades out. Everything in the video is recycled, so I'm not going to note that at all this time.

ZYU #02.

Static shot of Earth from the Lunar surface.

Fades in from prior shot, fades out.

MMPR 201.

Slow push in on the Lunar Palace, close on Zedd's balcony, lightning briefly crashing in.

Fades in from prior shot, fades out.

MMPR 201.

Goldar enters palace via balcony, then walks over and faces throne dias, as Squatt & Baboo hang out on rafters, shush each other, then teleport out.

Fades in from prior shot.

MMPR 201.

Crooked angle as dias is struck by lightning, causing an explosion that reveals Lord Zedd's throne.

MMPR 201.

Closer repeat of explosion, revealing the back of Lord Zedd's throne, the Z upon it glowing.

Fades out.

MMPR 201.

Zedd's throne rotates around completely to its right, the Z on the back shimmering briefly. When it finishes turning, Zedd, sitting on it the whole while, remains still and looking to our slight left.

Fades in.

MMPR 201.

Close pan left as Zedd holds snake in his lap.

MMPR 201.

Crooked left angle as Lord Zedd stands from throne, spreads snake out, and in a red gleam it transforms into his Z-staff, which he stands up then begins to raise right hand toward partially-visible Goldar.

MMPR 201.

Zedd stands at throne, pointing slowly to our slight left with his right hand, then lowering arm.

MMPR 201.

Close on Zedd in front of throne, barely moving his head while talking to our slight left.

MMPR 201.

Wingless Goldar nods a little.

MMPR 201.

Lord Zedd stands at throne, turning from our left to our right as shot zooms in, and he emits his red ray vision.

MMPR 201.

Lord Zedd stands beside his throne, back to us, looking at the cut-out of Earth, emitting his eyebeam.

Fades out.

MMPR 102.

Aerial exterior of the Youth Center.

Fades in; Altered via Zedd Vision.

MMPR 123.

Throng of costumed teens dance in Youth Center.

Altered via Zedd Vision.

MMPR 123.

Pan left along mass of costumed teens dancing in Youth Center. Oh look, Sherlock Billy.

Altered via Zedd Vision.

MMPR 123.

Close on dancing bee girl.

Zedd Vision fades away during start of this shot.

MMPR 123.

Quick pan left across dancing idiots.

MMPR 123.

Close on dancing idiots.

MMPR 123.

Quick pan right across dancing idiots.

Plays in reverse.

MMPR 123.

Gaggle of dancing morons. Oh look, I can see Kim & Trini.

Fades out.

MMPR 203.

Facing the Earth cut-out, Lord Zedd spreads his arms out, then turns around, slowly steps down the balcony stairs, raises his arms again, and steps toward Goldar on our left.

Fades in.

MMPR 206.

Close-up of Goldar's face, held high, talking while lowering head for a moment, then back up high, sword coming into view also.

MMPR 206.

Continued nonconsecutively from two shots ago, Zedd is on balcony steps looking at Goldar talking, before shoving him back, then walking onto throne room floor, between Baboo & Squatt, shoving the former aside as he raises his right arm and heads up onto the throne. Zedd turns around toward us, as Squatt comes into frame.

ZYU #05.

Close up of Squatt in workshop, pointing up with his right index finger, then up higher, before doing the same with his left hand, then back to the right.

MMPR 206.

Concluding nonconsecutively from two shots ago, push in past Squatt as Zedd slowly sits down on his throne, and sits back into the chair.

Flashback-warps out.

MMPR 220.

Gatekeeper stuff

all the way to Tommy escaping trio.

Then from Tommy running up tree

to him getting knocked down by Doomstone.

Then from white flash fade-in of Pink & Blue teleporting onto the scene

to White, Blue & Pink taking down revived Snizzard.

Flashback-warps in at start, and out at end.

MMPR 234.

Crooked tilt left angle push in on Lord Zedd sitting at throne, facing our right, then getting up into his face as he looks right at us! GAH!

Flashback-warps in, and out.

MMPR 112.

Lightning in night sky

all the way to Knasty Knight posing with sword.

Fades into close on Knasty Knight.

Then from Black with smoking Axe

to him getting sparking and bursting.

Then from Knasty Knight firing beams from sword

to Black soaring in front of fireball.

Black twists and falls down hill

to more falling down hill.

Rita laughs and teleports away.

Then the other four Rangers flip in

to the team regrouping around Black.

Then from Knasty Knight getting smoke-grown

to the zoom in on the Rangers summoning.

From the Megazord finishing forming

to the Megazord staggering back.

Then from the sword coming from the sky

through to Megazord & Knasty Knight clashing swords.

Then from Knasty Knight approaching

through to Megazord lying on its side.

Then from Knasty Knight pointing sword down

through to Knight getting blowed up.

Flashback-warps in at start, and out at end.

MMPR 219.

Downward distant angle on Zedd sitting on throne, then zoom out as he gets up, passes through Baboo, Squatt, Finster & Goldar, and makes way to balcony, then turns to face his henchmonsters, raising arms to them.

Flashback-warps in, and out.

MMPR 109.

Eyeballs float into workshop

all the way to Eyeguy unbowing in close-up.

Then from zoom out of Rangers posing

to Rangers landing on hilltop above monsters.

Then from Baboo & Eyeguy looking upward

through to Power Weapons coming together.

Then from zoom in on Eyeguy

through to close on Rangers rolling into ditch.

Then from Rangers in ditch getting spark bursted

through to Eyeguy bursting.

Flashback-warps in at start, and out at end.

MMPR 246.

Close on Zedd facing Earth cut-out, turning around to face our slight right, talking with a slight hand motion.

Runs longer than original use.Flashback-warps in.

ZYU #15.

Close up of Squatt, pointing at temple, then raising right index finger up, talking and nodding.

MMPR 246.

Continued from two shots ago, close on Zedd facing our slight right, pointing that way briefly, before turning around, facing Earth cut-out, and pointing at it.

Previously unseen footage from "Return of the Green Ranger" shoot. Flashback-warps out.

MMPR 242.

Lightning crashes outside theater.

Then from Rangers heading down stairs

through to Snizzard & Robogoat following them in hall.

Fade into six Rangers surrounded by bunch of singing monsters

all the way through to Pink fighting Invenusable Flytrap.

Flashback-warps in at start, and out at end. Includes textless version of shots that previously shown had credits over it.

MMPR 208.

Close, slow pan up, as throne turns toward us, Lord Zedd sitting on it, raising his right hand, and gesturing his fingers menacingly.

Flashback-warps in, and out.

MMPR 121.

Three Rangers pose with Blades

through to Black & Red retreating.

Then from Black & Red facing Terror Toad with weapons

through to pan up from Terror Toad's stomach showing Black's helmet.

Flashback-warps in at start, and out at end.

MMPR 216.

Pan right, from fan vent, to distant shot past throne of balcony, Zedd turning around and talking & pointing to nodding Goldar as shot slowly zooms in.

Flashback-warps in, and out.

MMPR 232.

Silverhorns fires beam

through to Silverhorns firing wildly in the air.

The Rangers talking to Red who soon summons.

Then from pan up of RDTZWM posing

through to other five Rangers looking up

Flashback-warps in at start.

MMPR 231.

Serpentera against the moon

through to Serpentera flying down in space.

Fades into close pan on Serpentera charging up

through to Tor scuttling away.

Then from Serpentera firing

through to pass behind pyramid thing being fried.

Then from side shot of Serp frying pyramid thing

through to red destruction spot expanding in city.

Freeze frame at end; flashback-warps out.

MMPR 243.

Close on Zedd, sitting at throne, facing our slight left, holding right arm forth, doing a lot of gesturing with his fingers.

Flashback-warps in. Runs far longer than prior use (said shorter use reappears two shots from now).

MMPR 243.

Distant shot of throne room with bunch of monsters hanging around.

Then, from shorter Zedd finger gesturing shot

through to push out from Zedd on throne with staff across armrests.

Though I'm presenting it like it's a flashback, this is all treated with a new narrative.

MMPR 242.

Close on snakehead & live mouse

through to zoom out as monsters enter throne room.

Then from pan left along monsters

through to zoom in on Zedd sitting down on throne.

Cuts shot of cake.

MMPR 243.

Fireworks explode outside Palace

all the way through to close side angle on Rita & Zedd dancing.

Then from pan and zoom out as whole room dances

through to Eyeguy's eye landing in soup.

Cuts shot of Goldar beating head.

MMPR 243.

Straight upward angle on Lunar Palace, beneath Zedd's balcony, colorful fireworks bursting about in the dark storm clouds in the skies above.

Executive Producer credits fade in. Both it and the shot fade to black.