Masked Rider

#24: MR 124 "Testing 1, 2, 3".

Features Footage from (bold = new):
Kamen Rider Black RX, episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 13, 18, 22, 25, 26, 27, 29, 31, 40, 44, & 46.

The complete program, from opening to end of end credits, lasts roughly 21:01;16.

Today On is about 0:30; by itself.

Opening is about 1:00; by itself.

Ending is about 0:30; by itself.

Opening Credits

Source Description Edit Note
KRBRX #29.

Gork stands next to Cyclopter, while talking, gesturing his left hand, then pointing with it, then spreading arms.

Cuts before he gestures to Cyclopter.

KRBRX #03.

Close on Cyclopter, breathing heavily as he talks.


KRBRX #04.

Spiderbase flies from our upper right to lower left over the city.

Recycled; Transitions in.

KRBRX #22.

Count Dregon talks to his minions, as he walks between them across the bridge, stopping at the middle and spreading arms suddenly.

Recycled; still cuts before zapping minions.

KRBRX #18.

Close on Gork, talking, as he raises his left fist, then raises a finger on the same hand.

Recycled; shortened; plays in reverse; mirror-flipped.

KRBRX #40.

Close on Cyclopter, talking and pointing directly to our slight left.

Recycled; mirror-flipped.

KRBRX #18.

Gork talks as he points, spreads arms, then points again, holds his palm out.

Recycled; shortened; mirror-flipped.

KRBRX #25.

Close on Doubleface silently looking on.


KRBRX #31.

Close on Cyclopter as he turns and looks to our slight left.


KRBRX #44.

Spiderbase drops its jaws while firing a green energy beam downward.

Recycled with green beam from MR 101.

KRBRX #01.

A green energy bolt beams down upon the planet Earth.

Recycled with green beam from MR 101.

KRBRX #29.

Gork and some Commandoids finish teleporting into the factory, Gork approaches Fleazoid, talking and gesturing. Fleazoid responds by firing eyebeams forth, exploding the factory.

Green beam effect initially added to shot 1.

KRBRX #29.

Fleazoid grabs a Japanese worker, hauls him up to his feet, and hits him.

Altered to fit TV; cuts before he flings worker into air.

KRBRX #29.

Cyclopter talks close in another factory.

Altered to fit TV.

KRBRX #29.

An explosion in a factory, followed by a model building exploding to bits.

Altered to fit TV; shot 1 is recycled.

KRBRX #29.

As they stand amid smoke, Gork talks and gestures as Fleazoid and the Commandoids listen.

Altered to fit TV; shortened heavily.

MMPR 301.

Masked Rider's Ectophase sequence.


KRBRX #29.

Masked Rider flips over the camera twice, landing on a wall above Fleazoid, who reacts as our hero poses and talks.

Cuts end before zoom in on him posing; cuts follow-up zoom in on Fleazoid, then more posing and talking from Masked Rider.

KRBRX #29.

Fleazoid leaps up, flips over Masked Rider as he punches up at her, causing her to fall and roll, but recovers quickly as Masked Rider strikes. The pair fight for a bit, Fleazoid taking a few kicks and hits from Masked Rider, before finally grabbing him in a hold from behind. Gork leads some bazooka-armed Commandoids out of a nearby structure facing the pair.

KRBRX #29.

As he stands with the Commandoids, Gork talks, gesturing about during slow zoom in.

Used ahead of source.

KRBRX #29.

Masked Rider reacts, as the Commandoids fire their bazookas forth, the green energy goop from them striking him, causing him to glow green. Fleazoid releases her hold, and Masked Rider's body suddenly appears with slime all over it!

Cuts prior shot of Gork gesturing for them to fire.

KRBRX #29.

As he stands with the Commandoids, Gork talks, gesturing about during slow zoom out.

Recycled, but first time in context; plays in reverse.

KRBRX #29.

Gooped stiff, Masked Rider is stuck in place, until Fleazoid comes over and knocks him aside. He turns around to watch as Fleazoid taunts him some more.

KRBRX #29.

Close zoom in on Gork talking and gesturing.

Recycled again; trimmed to end.

KRBRX #29.

Masked Rider is still gooed, Gork orders Fleazoid to attack, which she does by firing her stinger forth a few times.

Trims start; shots 3 & 4 are mirror-flipped; cuts follow-ups of Masked Rider getting impaled by stinger and bursting.

KRBRX #29.

Masked Rider falls to the ground in view of a Japanese lady.

Trimmed to remove zoom out from her; slowed.

KRBRX #29.

Gork speaks beside Fleazoid, who replies.

Used ahead of source; shortened heavily.

KRBRX #29.

Masked Rider, body smoking, reaches out, then falls limp.

KRBRX #29.

Masked Rider unclenches his smoking fist.

KRBRX #29.

Gork speaks beside Fleazoid.

Recycled; cuts before Fleazoid replies.

KRBRX #29.

Zoom in on Masked Rider lying in a field beside dead Japanese workers.

Cuts before he stirs.

KRBRX #29.

Fleazoid fires eyebeams down at Masked Rider, who sits up, his Ecto Accelerator glowing blue, as a dirt burst explosion erupts around him, but he's already converted to Super Blue and in energy liquid form, streaks upward.

Trims start to remove Gork talking from previously used bit; cuts final shot before our hero streaks through Commandoids.

KRBRX #29.

Super Blue streaks past Gork & Fleazoid, then returns to physical form, crouched and posed, turning to face them. Gork reacts, talking and pointing. Super Blue crosses arms while posing. Fleazoid stands ready.

Cuts shot 3 before he uncrosses arms and poses more; final shot is slowed.

KRBRX #29.

Super Blue pulls out his Blue Saber, Fleazoid fires eyebeams at him, hitting the Saber, which absorbs the energy, then Super Blue flings it back at Fleazoid & Gork, bursting them, Fleazoid writhing through the smoke.

Cuts follow-ups of SB leaping over Fleazoid, cutting off her tail, then as regular Masked Rider, stabbing her.

KRBRX #29.

Close on Fleazoid writhing in agony.

Cuts follow-ups of Fleazoid exploding.

KRBRX #46.

Super Blue poses a bit with his glowing Blue Saber, firing off bolt from it at the end.

Recycled; energy effects added to saber, including firing off bolt.

KRBRX #29.

Close on Fleazoid, reacting while getting struck by a bolt and crackling.

Recycled; bolt and crackling effects added.

KRBRX #13.

Close on an explosion in a quarry.


KRBRX #26.

As the smoke clears, Super Blue stands with his glowing Blue Saber, speaking up close quickly.

Recycled; glowing added to saber in shot 1 (via MR 122).

KRBRX #02.

Spiderbase flies toward us in front of huge swath of disturbed storm clouds.


KRBRX #18.

Gork points and nod-talks.

Recycled; shortened; mirror-flipped.

KRBRX #27.

As Doubleface & Cyclopter watch, Gork flees behind a pillar in fear.

Previously unused portion of shot (stuff cut that follows was used prior).

KRBRX #05.

Close on Cyclopter looking above us to our right, then turning around.

Recycled; plays in reverse; slowed.

KRBRX #31.

Close on Doubleface, blinking with his head slightly lowered.