Power Rangers Wild Force

PRWF Ending Credits.

Ending is about 30 seconds by itself.

Source Description Edit Note
GAO #02.

The five Wildzords race through the forest, Bison roars, then begins to shift open his back, the background changing to a volcanic wasteland, as Red Lion jumps forth with ignited back thrusters, he then shifts about, Shark, White Tiger, and Eagle doing the same, all connecting together atop Bison.

GAO #02.

Red Lion roars, Bison's back shifts around into legs, Eagle locks in her wings behind Red Lion's chest head, causing the Wild Force Megazord's head to the pop up out of her, eyes glowing, before the Megazord then flies forth.

Cuts before it flies forth.

GAO #02.

Wild Force Megazord stands completed in front of a shimmering buckle symbol.

Fades to black.