Power Rangers Ninja Storm

PRNS Ending Credits.

Ending is about 30 seconds by itself.

Source Description Edit Note
HURRI #02.

The metal door to the Zord hangar opens.

Fades in from black.

HURRI #02.

A jetliner morphs into the Hawkzord.

HURRI #02.

Hawkzord soars through a wall of flames.

HURRI #02.

Lionzord flies through a swirling vortex of rocks above a mountain range.

HURRI #02.

Dolphinzord floats forth away from a tidal wave.

HURRI #02.

Dolphinzord tail-slaps Mad Magnet away.

HURRI #03.

Storm Megazord in Lightning Mode cartwheels through spark bursts.

HURRI #01.

The Wind Rangers aim the Storm Striker forth.

PRNS 1301.

Dustin rolls up into a defensive position.

PRNS 1302.

Red closes his visor while posed.

PRNS 1309.

Zoom in on Tori gesturing her hand forth.

PRNS 1304.

Yellow leaps off the side of a cliff and flips over.

HURRI #01.

Red fires lasers from his Wind Morpher.

With PRNS 1301 added laser effects.

HURRI #01.

Blue fires her Saber Laser Blaster while running across water.

PRNS 1307.

Kapri & Marah boogie down.

Deleted footage.

PRNS 1301.

Dustin somersaults over into the front seat of Tori's van.

HURRI #10.

The Thunder Rangers ride their Tsunami Cycles away from an explosion.

PRNS #1309.

Dustin & Shane end up back to back against Kelzaks.

PRNS #1301.

Shane, Dustin, and Tori are led into Ninja Ops for the first time by Cam.

PRNS #1302.

While watching a screen, Cam turns around as Sensei Guinea Pig paces about.

HURRI #02.

The Wind Rangers' cockpits all appear together in a three-way split screen.

HURRI #02.

Storm Megazord's head connects to its body.

HURRI #05.

The Wind Rangers pop up out of Storm Megazord's shoulder as we zoom out.

Fades to black.