Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

MMPR Season 2, Version 1 Ending Credits.

Ending is about 30 seconds by itself.

Source Description Edit Note

ZYU #06.

Tyrannosaurus Dinozord rises up above flames and smoke, facing us.

"Associate Producer"; "Casting", "Casting Assistant", "Production Manager", "Director of Photography", "Production Designer" credits fade in and out.

♪MMPR Theme instrumental starts.♪

ZYU #06

Pterodactyl Dinozord flies out of the smoking volcano and heads for the trees, never getting even close to them.

"1st Assistant Directors", "2nd Assistant Director", "2nd Unit Director", "2nd Unit Director of Photography", "Second Unit 1st Assistant Directors"; "Production Coordinator", "Script Supervisor", "Art Director", "Assistant Art Director", "Assistant Production Designer", "Prop Master", "Extras Casting", "Gaffer/Key Grip" credits fade in and out.

ZYU #03

Triceratops Dinozord drives through the desert, approaching us from the distance.

"1st Assistant Camera", "2nd Assistant Camera", "Sound Mixer", "Boom Operator", "Costume Designer", "Make-Up & Hair Supervisor", "Stunt Choreographer", "Location Manager"; "Special Effects", "Creature Effects Supervisor", "Miniature Set Designer", "Assistants to the Producers" credits fade in and out.

ZYU #06

Sabertooth Tiger folds down into leg mode.

"Cast", "Alpha 5", "Ernie", "The Putty Patrollers"; "Featured Voices", "Alpha 5", "Baboo", "Finster", "Goldar", "Lord Zedd", "Squatt", "Scorpina", "Rita", "Zordon", "Additional Dialogue" credits fade in and out.

ZYU #22.

Mastodon, Triceratops, and Sabertooth Tiger race along the horizon together.

"Music by", "Executive Music Producer", "Music Coordinator", "Music Producer", "Assistant Engineers", "Music Editors", "Music Editors"; "Sound Supervisor", "Rerecording Mixers", "Dialogue and Effects Editor", "ADR director", "ADR coordinator", "ADR mixer", "Production Associate" credits fade in and out.

ZYU #06.

Megazord Tank pulls up to camera and parks.

"Executive in Charge of Post Production", "Visual Effects Director", "Visual Effects Coordinator", "Visual Effects Artists";"Editors", "Assistant Editor", "Post Production Coordinator", "Post Production Associate";"Sound Stages", "Lab Services", "Post Production", "Grip Lighting Equipment", "Health Equipment Provided By", "Environmental Consultation", fine print credits fade in and out.

ZYU #06.

Megazord folds up into standing position.

"Renaissance Atlantic Entertainment"; "And, Toei Company, LTD."; "In Association with MMPR Productions, Inc." credits fade in and out.

Saban stock since sometime in the 1980s.

Saban Entertainment logo of gold disc floating in space into marble slab.

♪ ends.