Power Rangers SPD

Opening credits scenes, PRSPD Opening Credits V1.2.

Opening is about 01:00;00 by itself.

Source Description Edit Note

Original footage.

The SPD SUV drives around amid giant letters, before driving straight into the camera with its SPD emergency lights.

DEKA #01.

The five SPD Rangers race forth as the camera zooms in. Each Ranger continues to race forth.

Logo superimposed initially on shot 1 until it fades out; additional zooming in added near end of shot 1.

PRSPD 1504.

Red leaps his Delta Patrol Cycle away from an explosion.

PRSPD 1502.

Pink energy slashes a Krybot in midair.

PRSPD 1506.

Blue pops a wheelie as he spins his Delta Patrol Cycle around.

PRSPD 1504.

Green explosively kicks a pair of Krybots in midair while hanging on the front of his Delta Patrol Cycle around.

PRSPD 1507.

Yellow battles an Orangehead as Red lies on the ground nearby.

PRSPD 1519.

Shadow Ranger skids his Delta ATV to a halt beside an explosion.

Lacks added effects.

PRSPD 1512.

An explosion erupts behind the posed Shadow Ranger.

DEKA #16.

The six Rangers stand in the Delta Command Megazord cockpit as the lights glow to life.

DEKA #14.

Each Ranger, counting down from 5 to 1, get their number highlighted.

DEKA #08.

Delta Squad Megazord energy slashes its Saber downward diagonally.

DEKA #16.

Shadow Ranger's helmet's light flashes red.

DEKA #02.

Five screen montage of all five SPD Rangers' helmet's lights flashing red.

DEKA #05.

The five SPD Rangers point forth as they hold the Canine Cannon together.

DEKA #05.

The Canine Cannon is fired at us.

Original footage / PRSPD 1502 / 1503 / 1501.

Jack folds his arms in foreground; background: Red SPD Ranger's morph, Jack lowers his sunglasses, Jack walks through a wall.

Original footage / PRSPD 1502 / 1509 / 1501.

Sky turns around with his arms folded in foreground; background: Blue SPD Ranger's morph, Sky holds his Deltamax sidearm, Sky projects a force field.

Second background shot is unused footage.

Original footage / PRSPD 1502 / 1501 / 1506.

Bridge smiles slightly as he folds his arms in foreground; background: Green SPD Ranger's morph, Bridge uses his psychic sensory ability, Bridge looks into a magnifying glass.

Original footage / PRSPD 1502 / 1508 / 1501.

Z smiles slightly then gives us a wink in foreground; background: Yellow SPD Ranger's morph, Z smiles downward, two Zs pose battle ready.

Original footage / PRSPD 1502 / 1504 / 1504.

Sydney smiles slightly in foreground; background: Pink SPD Ranger's morph, Syd turns her head sharply and smiles, Syd charges her hand up.

Second background shot is unused footage.

Original footage / PRSPD 1512 / 1511 / 1513.

Doggie Cruger grips fists, then stands at attention in foreground; background: Shadow Ranger's morph, Doggie fights Krybots in his last stand on Sirius, Doggie clasps his hands in front of him.

Second background shot is unused footage.

PRSPD 1502.

Emperor Gruumm glows his eyes angrily while making a fist.

PRSPD 1501 / 1501.

On the left: Kat Manx smirks; on the right: Boom writhes in agony in his hologram bodysuit.

Both shots run longer than source.

PRSPD 1521 / 1502.

On the left: Morgana turns and raises her head proudly; on the right: Piggy talks as he leans out of a dumpster.

Both shots are unused footage.

PRSPD 1509.

The five SPD Recruits hold their Delta Morphers forth.

PRSPD 1502.

Jack's Delta Morpher opens.

PRSPD 1502.

The five SPD Rangers' morphing sequences.

Montage from 1504.

PRSPD 1511.

Track away from Doggie fighting Krybots during the last stand on Sirius.

PRSPD 1519.

An explosion erupts behind Shadow as he leaps his Delta ATV forth.

Lacks added effects.

PRSPD 1504.

An explosion erupts behind Green as he rides his Delta Patrol Cycle.

PRSPD 1504.

While midair on his Delta Patrol Cycle, Red fires his Delta Blasters at Krybots.

PRSPD 1526.

The five B-Squad teens are flung away from an explosion.

Lacking added effects or planet recoloring.

DEKA #05.

RIC transforms into the Canine Cannon / RIC races along from the Delta Base.

DEKA #01.

Each Delta Runner speeds or flies through the city.

Comic panel transitions added.

DEKA #15.

The five Delta Runners exit the transformed Delta Command Crawler.

DEKA #16.

Delta Squad Megazord stands beside the much taller Delta Command Megazord.

DEKA #16.

Delta Command Megazord salutes.

DEKA #02.

Delta Squad Megazord fires its blaster while flanking sideways.

DEKA #03.

The five Rangers pose with their Delta Morphers held out as they stand in front of a giant SPD Badge.

Original footage.

The Power Rangers SPD logo appears on a black background, then gets run down by the SPD SUV.