Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

Opening credits scenes, PRLG Opening Credits V2.7.

Opening is about 1:00;00 by itself.

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PRLG 813.

Blue & Yellow Jet Jammers pass over the camera.

PRLG 805.

The five Jet Jammers fly away from the Terra Venture docking bay.

PRLG 813.

The five Jet Jammers fly toward the Scorpion Stinger.

PRLG 802.

Furio stabs his crackling sword into the ground, causing the Mirinoi village to turn to stone.

Original footage.

Working at a console, Kai stops and stares at us.

PRLG 808.

Kai does a running morph.

GINGA #01.

Blue Galaxy Ranger poses in front of a bluish waterfall.

Original footage.

Working on his Jet Jammer, Damon stops and smiles at us.

PRLG 813.

Damon throws a punch over a Stingwinger's head.

GINGA #01.

Green Galaxy Ranger poses in front of green whirlwind.

GINGA #47.

The five Rangers fire their Galaxy Quasar Launchers forth at once, shooting a golden ball of light our way.

PRLG 801.

GSA soldiers race about the embattled practice moon.

Original footage.

Throwing a punch in front of a small waterfall, Leo sweatily smiles at us.

PRLG 907.

Leo rips off his shredded shirt.

GINGA #01.

Red Galaxy Ranger poses in front of a raging fire.

Original footage.

Kendrix takes off her glasses and smiles at us from the Science Division.

PRLG 807.

Kendrix hops down, arms ready for action.

GINGA #01.

Pink Galaxy Ranger poses in front of pink blooming flowers.

PRLG 806.

Red revs up his Red Astro Cycle.

PRLG 906.

An explosion erupts behind the Rangers in a warehouse.

Runs longer than in episode.

Original footage.

Maya steps out from behind a tree holding a yellow flower, smiling at us.

PRLG 801.

Maya swings over Stingwingers on a vine.

Deleted footage.

GINGA #01.

Yellow Galaxy Ranger poses in front of yellow lightning.

GINGA #37.

The five Rangers, their Orion Armor glowing golden, fire forth golden beams, coming together before them in a bright light.

Cuts before it forms Capsular Cycle.

Original footage.

Sitting at his station, Mike turns and smiles.

PRLG 815.

Scorpion Stinger fires upon Terra Venture.

Original footage.

In the girls' quarters, Karone turns and smiles at us.

GINGA #32.

Red Ranger charges up the Red Capsular Cycle.

PRLG 903.

The GSA shuttle flies away from the exploding alien freighter.

GINGA #18.

Magna Defender flips over, slicing an energy slash downward.

GINGA #18.

Magna Defender walks forth as he comes into focus.

GINGA #31.

Centaurus Megazord lifts up as its legs connect in motion.

Original footage.

CGI Terra Venture flies past us, heading for a bright galaxy cluster in the distance.

GINGA #31.

The Stratoforce Zords fly forth across the horizon.

PRLG 923.

Red Armored Ranger marches forth away from a massive explosion.

GINGA #38.

Zoom out as Galaxy Megazord's Orion Armor finishes forming in a flash of light.

Original footage.

The lightning bolt symbol creates in a crackle of power the words "POWER RANGERS", then summons forth the words "LOST GALAXY"... in space!

Fades to black.