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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Season 3
"Wizard For A Day"
Original Air Date: 09/20/95 Featuring footage from:
Kakuranger #33 - Amanojaku Mura (
The Perverse Village)

*Season 3
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-310
*10th episode aired
*122nd total Power Rangers episode

Writer: Mark Hoffmeier Director: Armand Garabidian
Starring Cast:
Amy Jo Johnson _AS_ Kimberly (Pink Ranger)
David Yost _AS_ Billy (Blue Ranger)
Johnny Yong Bosch _AS_ Adam (Black Ranger)
Karan Ashley _AS_ Aisha (Yellow Ranger)
Steve Cardenas _AS_ Rocky (Red Ranger)
Jason David Frank _AS_ Tommy (White Ranger)
Paul Schrier _AS_ Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
Jason Narvy _AS_ Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch
Additional Cast:
? _AS_ Mr. Wilton
Bob Manahan _AS_ Zordon (voice)
Sandi Sellner _AS_ Alpha 5
Richard Wood _AS_ Alpha 5 (voice)
Carla Perez _AS_ Rita Repulsa
Barbara Goodson _AS_ Rita Repulsa (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Lord Zedd
Robert Axelrod _AS_ Lord Zedd (voice)
Kerrigan Mahan _AS_ Goldar (voice)
Bob Pappenbrook _AS_ Rito Revolto (voice)
Robert Axelrod _AS_ Finster (voice)
? _AS_ Marvo The Meanie (voice)

[Opening Credits]

Coinciding with the Angel Grove Juice Bar is the Gym section of the Ernie owned Youth Center building. Where we find Tommy & Billy practicing a few perfectly choreographed karate moves together, with Adam setting up some cinderblocks nearby. It seems that since his days of early season 1, Billy has progressed to the rank of a red belt. Once they're finished warming up, Billy's ready to try some board breaking, but as Adam points out, nobody should try this without the proper training. That's something I do often in life, you know, I just stop what i'm doing and causally tell my friends with years of proper training to not do something if they're properly trained for it, despite the fact they are. Tommy notes Billy has come a long way, baby, and he's ready to bash some wooden boards till his hands bleed splinters. The only absent male Power Ranger teen, Rocky, makes the scene at last, carrying with him a large overflowing stack of schoolbooks. Tommy queries him on what's up, Rocky sets his books on a table and takes a breather, bringing up the Teacher For A Day project at school. Tommy fills us in on it being the program where a teacher and student switch places for a day at the High School. Rocky reveals he was chosen to be the one (funding for the program must be pretty tight to only do it one day, with one student and one teacher) for it and now he'll be trading places with a teacher!

Said teacher enters the Youth Center, a tall, blonde, close to middle-aged man in a business suit, explained to us to be Mr. Wilton, the brutally strict school science teacher. Tomorrow, Rocky will be teaching his classes and Wilton will be attending all of his for him, an event the Rockster isn't happy about, though Billy thinks it sounds like fun. Mr. Wilton drops by the gang of three Ranger teens, and comments about this going to be an intriguing experiment, sending the guys on edge around their intimidating tutor. Wilton just wants to see if he can fit in as a modern day teenage student, though his stern teaching abilities have a bad habit of popping up and reminding the guys he's anything but. Rocky mentions Mr. Wilton was kind of enough to loan him his teacher's edition books to help him with the classes (though "kind enough" is a little broad of a term, wouldn't that be a required thing to give?). Mr. Wilton turns to Rocky and places his hand on the teen's shoulder, telling him to listen to a bit of advice. He says that discipline is the most important thing for a teacher to maintain order, and his students won't respect him unless he remains tough! While saying "tough" several times over, Wilton walks around and hammers his fist in the air, and manages to shatter the wooden board between the cinderblocks the guys had just set up! The Ranger teens are left mouth agape at the sight, and Mr. Wilton merely rubs his hand, before telling the guys that for the experiment to work they're going to have to treat him just as they treat Rocky. He angrily returns to teacher mode, shouting if that's clear, to which Adam, Billy & Tommy bark back a definite "Yes, Sir!, Perfectly Clear, Sir!". Tommy ends the scene by kissing up, telling Wilton he likes his tie.

Up on the Moon Palace, Rita Repulsa's been scoping out the scene, and discusses the plot of Rocky switching places with his science teacher with her husband, Lord Zedd, and brother, Rito Revolto. She calls the situation cute, and it inspires a thought in Rito's boney head, as he suggests they try the same thing, where he's the evil leader and they both be his sidekicks! Rita laughs and asks if he's nuts, Zedd gets up from his throne and gets a hearty chuckle over the idea of Rito as emperor of evil, saying he'd like to see him try it. Lord Zedd figures he might as well give it a try, maybe it'll teach the bag of bones a lesson, and besides, he could use a vacation. Zedd agrees to do it, Rita's shocked, Rito's ecstatic and quickly tosses his bonesword away and snatches Rita's wand & Zedd's staff for his disposal. Rito warns that those Mighty Morphin Meatheads had better watch out, because as of this moment on, he's in charge, and he's their worst nightmare!


There's no parking any time outside of the Ernie's Outdoor Cafe section of the Juice Bar! Why? Because it's essential to the start of the Bulk & Skull side-plot of the episode! The bumbling Junior Police duo are stuck on parking detail, and Skull is complaining about his feet hurting as the two place ticket after ticket on illegally parked vehicles. Bulk just tells his pal that they're testing them, the officers in charge of the Police Patrol (namely Lt. Stone, who is oddly absent this ep) want to see if they crack under the pressure of parking detail before they give them the really big cases. Skull notes he cracked about four cars ago and wants to go home, but Bulk won't even let him think about it, they're going to keep their eyes wide open for the first sign of trouble and when it happens they'll be right there, leaving the higher-ups no choice but to start giving them the big cases. Rocky exits the Juice Bar wearing a business suit, carrying the large stack of teacher's edition books, of which Bulk notices and points out to Skull. Skull just thinks there's a new teacher in school who looks just like the "dweeb" Rocky! Bulk corrects his simple-minded partner, that it appears Rocky is cheating by using the books (cheating is something B&S know a lot of, while using books isn't), and this calls for some investigation. With their badges shining in the sunlight, Bulk & Skull embark on what they think is going to be their chance to prove themselves.

To spy on Rocky, Bulk & Skull go undercover as trash cans in the Angel Grove High School hallways! Bulk spits out some of the garbage thrown into his disguise and stands up after the teens have all cleared out. He and the equally junk-covered Skull jaunt over to Rocky's locker, Skull gives it a good hard knock and the door pops open. Inside they find the teacher's books, take a picture of them, and confiscate the evidence of Rocky's academic ruse. Not far away, Rocky is walking to class with Tommy & Adam, when he realizes he left the books in his locker. He highlights his Tommy-sized memory-loss moment by stating "aw man" in a Tommy-like way, before taking leave of his pals and going to retrieve the books. Bulk & Skull quickly duck back into trash can mode, just as Rocky shows up, looking suspicious at the garbage littering the hall and the two cans situated near his locker. He ignores the obvious and looks into his locker, finding Mr. WIlton's books completely gone! Left with no options, Rocky is soon in the science class, with his labcoat on, standing before the assembled teens (Tommy & Adam included, which is odd, you'd think given the MMPR rule of schooling all 6 Rangers would be in the same class together), and presenting a chemistry project. Chemistry not his forte, Rocky wings it as best he can by nervously mixing carbon sulfur dioxide and a yellow liquid (ewww, how much do you want to bet Skull planted that there?) together. The resulting reaction sense the tube overflowing with fizz, which Rocky drops on the table, spills onto some other chemicals, and sends smoke flowing up into the disturbed teacher for a day's face. The class is laughing like a bunch of hyenas, except Tommy & Adam, who simply look at each other and rush up to aid their teammate in cleaning up the mess.

In another classroom, a female teacher (other than Ms. Appleby, what is this world coming to?!) asks the class what that date would be, obviously to the question of when D-Day was. The teens in the class raise their hands, but Mr. Wilton, a student for a day (and wearing a red shirt, ala Rocky), speaks the answer aloud of June 6, 1944. He then goes on to answer question eight with Dwight David Eisenhower, causing the teacher to angrily ask him to please let some of the other students answer. She calls him Wilbur, prompting Billy (who sits behind him, with Aisha sitting to his side, and Kimberly nowhere to be seen, as usual lately) to whisper to Wilbur to lighten up. Mr. Wilton returns to disciplinary teacher mode by telling Billy to stop talking in class if he'd like to stay out of detention. He also spots a guy sitting next to Aisha who giggles at that remark, telling the boy to sit up straight (which he quickly does). Wilbur states this is no way to run a classroom, which causes the teacher to tell him that he's disrupted class quite enough for one day and he should report to the principal's office for the rest of the period. Wilton tries to reason with her, but she just orders Wilbur to get moving right away, which the entire class (even the two Ranger teens) find highly amusing.

It's just an amusing day all over the universe, as we see up in the Moon Palace, Rita & Lord Zedd sit together, chuckling, at the foot of the throne. They're getting a kick out of Rito's temporary reign, Zedd asking the "master" what he's going to do about those Power Rangers. Rito is checking out the Earth via the Repulsascope, and turns around to shout that he's going to destroy them with a monster! Rito realizes he's broken off a piece of the scope in his hand, and quickly hides it behind his back. Zedd remarks to Rita that he wishes he thought of that, no wonder Rito gets the big bucks! Rita & Zedd continue laughing, while Rito takes his Bonesword (swinging it like a cane) and claims everything is going swell, but he has just one teeny weeny problem with his plan. Zedd asks what that could be, that it's completely inadequate? Rito tells him no, that's not it, but he just doesn't have the slightest idea about how to make a monster. He walks over towards the throne, passing between Rita & Zedd, Rita asks if he doesn't pay attention to anything they do. Rito seems to take the hint, and as he sits on the throne (which has the Magic Wand & Z-Staff propped up against it), he decides to call on Finster, by screaming out Finster's name. Finster comes as requested, carrying a plate with a new monstermatic clay structure for a large monster on it. Rito gets back up, pushes his way through the nonstop laughing Rita & Zedd, and tells Finster to his doggy-face that he wants him to make him a monster that'll defeat the Power Rangers. Finster firmly says that he will not, as he will only serve Lord Zedd & Rita, not the likes of him! Rito gets frustrated, but figures he'll do it himself, how hard can it be anyway? Rito grabs he clay statue off of Finster's plate and fiddles with it, causing the head to break off and Rita to laugh at out loud in the background with her husband.

Down in Angel Grove Park, Rocky takes a stroll after school, and finds Mr. Wilton sitting on a bench, looking as perturbed as he does. Rocky asks him what he's doing here, and Wilbur tells him that he never realized just how hard it is to be a teenager today, it was all so much simpler when he was young. He asks Rocky how his classes were, to which Rocky says that other than the fact he forgot his books and the lab looks like a complete disaster area, no problem. Back on the Moon, Lord Zedd (holding his Z-Staff, though I don't know why) asks Lord Bonehead what his next move will be. Rito now has a huge chunk of clay that he's beating on and trying unsuccessfully to mold into his greatest creation. He says it would be nice to get some help around here instead of someone breathing down his neck, and luckily the one who's doing the breathing, Goldar, informs the makeshift-master that right now Rocky is in the park, separated from the other Rangers. Rito says that's excellent, just the kind of help he needed, but panics a bit when he notices his monster isn't done (though I think they could be defeated easily by the menace of Claychunk!), asking what he's going to do. Goldar tells the dolt to send in the Tengas, Rito stands corrected and thinks that unbelievably goofy of himself to forget such an obvious and cliched plan. He orders the Tenga Warriors sent in to attack the Red Ranger and defeat him!

Rocky stands up after a short rest on the bench beside Mr. Wilton, and asks him if he wants to go to the Youth Center. Wilbur promises to be along in a minute, so Rocky departs by himself. Wilton remains alone on the bench, quietly thinking about all he's learned today about his students, when he hears the cawing of the Tengas nearby. When he looks up and around to find the source of the sounds, he finds nothing, that is until a Tenga races up and gets right up on him, causing Wilbur to scream in fear at the sight of the purple-faced pigeon-brain. The Tengas gang up on Mr. Wilton and grab his arms, holding him back from fighting or fleeing, but allowing him to yell as loud as he can. Rocky hears this, and realizes they must think his science teacher is actually him! He races back to the park area where Mr. Wilton is and contacts Zordon over his Communicator while running, informing him of the situation, to which Zordon will send the others to aid him at once. Mr. Wilton is being carried off reluctantly by the Tenga troops, that is until the off-camera powered-up Red Ninja Ranger leaps onto the scene! He stands in the way of their progress, threatening the feathered fatheads to put him down or be prepared to get plucked! The Tengas would like to see him try, so they gently lower Wilbur to his feet and get ready to rumba. The Red Ninja tangles with the Tengas, as Mr. Wilton is lead away by two of them, off into the wooded park.

At the High School, the other Ranger teens (minus Kim) walk through the halls, Adam states he's worried about Rocky after not doing so well today. Aisha notes Wilbur didn't do so hot either, when suddenly their Communicators go off. A quick look around confirms no prying eyes are watching (though if anyone's hiding in any garbage cans, look out!), and Billy answers the call. Zordon tells them Rocky & Mr. Wilton need their help, they're being attacked by Tengas in the park. Billy says they're on it, and has Tommy contact Kimberly (though why Zordon didn't do that himself, I dunno). Tommy calls her up on her Communicator, she's over in the Youth Center, having just completed a long gymnastics training exercise, it appears. Taking her Communicator out of her bag, she sneaks over to the hall and answers the call about Tenga trouble. Kim calls on Ranger Ninja Power, as do her teammates a scant few miles away, all five Morphing into Ninja Mode. Over in the park, the Red Ninja is thrown around, the group of birdbrains prove too overwhelming for him. The Tengas huddle around Rocky and close in for the kill, only to have the other five Ninja Rangers teleport in around Rocky, just in time to shove the Tengas off, stunning them as to how our heroes did that. Tommy asks Rocky if he's okay, he says never better, and Tommy notes they still have work to do, and after a quick pose, the Ninja Ranger flip into action!

"Tenga Bye-bye" plays during this lakeside park battle. Red Ninja tangles with two Tengas briefly, before motioning his arm, and zipping up a tree in a crimson blur. His sudden Ninja teleportation baffles the birdbrains, who squawk for him to come down and fight. He happily obliges by leaping from his perch on a branch and landing in the middle of the dodo duo, flipping them over with ease. White Ninja does some high flying leaps into several Tengas, tackling one on the way down, and then extending his arms out and double punching a pair floating his way in midair. Black & Blue Ninjas bounce around a grouping of Tengas in perfect unison, before springing themselves off the sides of surrounding trees and knocking the entire set of featherheads in an instant. Pink & Yellow Ninjas copy each others' moves as well, flipping across the park and generally avoiding direct contact with the Tengas for the time being, perhaps trying to wear them out. As they do this, Rito teleports onto the scene, carrying Zedd's Staff with him and cackling evilly. He sees that everybody's here and it's time to get rid of them. Rocky spots Rito and points him out (and that he is holding Zedd's staff, though how Rocky recognizes it, given he's never seen Lord Zedd, is unknown) to his teammates as they finish up the Tenga battle and regroup. Tommy asks Rito what his game this time is, Rito tells him that it isn't and that the 'hooded has-beens' are looking at the new Top Banana. Tommy calls him a 'rotten apple', and Rito silences him, warning that as soon as he figures out how Zedd's Staff works he's going to turn them all into monsters! Rito aims the wrong end of the Z-Staff at the Rangers, causing power to blast out of the opposite direction. It just so happens that at the other end, is Mr. Wilton, who is being held captive by two Tengas behind Rito at the time! The energy released strikes the teacher perfectly, morphing him into a strange elfish creature with an 'infinity' symbol on his chest and forehead. The Ninja Rangers gasp, Rito turns around confused, and the monster once known as Mr. Wilton proclaims himself as Marvo, The Meanie, welcoming them to their last science class!


Marvo stomps forward with rage, heading for our heroes, rambling about his formula for world domination: one part Marvo, no parts Power Rangers! Rocky tells his team that since the creature is Mr. Wilton, they can't destroy him, but he thinks he knows how they can slow him down. Following his lead, the team of six Ninjas call out "It's Morphin' Time" and quickly Morph into their Power Ranger costumes. Immediately after the Morph, Red Ranger shouts for Mr. Wilton to stop, but Marvo keeps on coming, forcing the Rangers to leap out of the way as Marvo hops in and punches a tree. Rocky tries to get Wilton to listen, completely ignoring how Marvo keeps reminding him that he's not his teacher every five seconds. This leaves his guard down for Marvo to beat the sparks out of him and his teammates. White & Pink Rangers jump in from behind and restrain Marvo's arms, carefully trying not to harm him. Mr. Wilton's face appears inside Marvo's chest, calling out for the Power Rangers to help him. Marvo flips Kim & Tommy over and tells his 'inner friend' to put a cork in it. Blue Ranger tells Marvo to listen to reason before something terrible happens, prompting Marvo to smash Billy across the park. The Rangers regroup, Tommy boasts that he's forcing their hand, and Marvo tells them that he thinks they should attend his chemistry class instead, since it'll definitely change them. Billy is ready to go get him, Aisha's with him on this, and both race towards the monster without hesitation and failing to heed the caution of Kim & Tommy. Marvo suddenly fires a blast of energy from his hands, transforming Billy & Aisha into small plastic science beakers filled with a liquid matching their Ranger colors, in a puff of smoke! Rocky tells his pals to cover their faces since they might be noxious liquids, and Marvo laughs at this, stating that he's just having fun scrambling molecules. Rocky thinks they've run out of options, and that they must neutralize his teacher-turned-monster to save Angel Grove, and worry about turning him back later. Marvo suddenly fires his hand-beam at them, it hits Adam & Kim, and would have also done so to Rocky, if not for Tommy shoving him out of the way before he too was transformed into chemicals.

Red Ranger watches in despair as Rito wanders around the area, picking up each of the beakers filled with liquefied Power Rangers. All the while he does his Bogart impression, saying that it doesn't take a scientific genius to see the problems of six little Rangers doesn't add up to a hill of beans in this crazy world, in fact, they don't even add up to a pint! I should mention that the Blue liquid resembles 2000 Flushes, the Pink looks like Pepto Bismol, the White is rather milky, the Black is much like Coke, and the Yellow.... well, take a guess. Marvo tells his master that they still have one more Ranger to liquefy, which he could obviously see standing in front of him. Rocky is sorry to disappoint them, but their bottle is going to remain unfilled. Rito tells him to cork it, as he still has a space on the holder (containing the other five H2O Rangers) waiting for him. Rocky notes that the only space he has is between his ears, and now he's going to pulverize him! Red Ranger rushes at Rito, kicking at him and managing to do well enough considering Rito's hands are full with the Z-Staff & Beaker-holder. Rocky soon grabs said holder out of his hand and kicks Rito off, promising to take good care of them for him. Marvo, having stood in the background useless during all of this, stands next to Rito as they prepare to double team the remaining Ranger. But Rocky, having remembered a previous engagement, presses his Morpher-belt, aims his arm to the sky, and teleports away, taking his watery teammates with him. Rito whines afterwards, calling Rocky "the wretched rotten Red Ranger" and complaining that he can't just disappear like that!

Soon at the Command Center, Alpha 5 analyzes the beakers, ay-yi-yi-ing that this is the worst mess they've gotten into yet. Rocky asks him if he can change them back to their original forms, but sadly Alpha can't, as he doesn't seem to have the formula in his memory banks for this type of conversion, having not been programmed for something like this! Rocky then asks Zordon if he's been able to help Mr. Wilton, the big blue head tells him yes, that if the monster is destroyed then Wilton will return to normal, but if the monster is destroyed before the Rangers are returned to normal, they'll remain liquid forever. The alarm goes off, the Viewing Globe reveals Marvo prancing down the sidewalk towards downtown Angel Grove. Alpha notes that he has all of the elements to help the Rangers, but he doesn't know how to apply them to this problem. Rocky calms the robot down, saying that if they just think clearly they'll get through this. Alpha chills down, and soon, both he & Rocky are working hard to restore the five Ranger teens to their proper solid state. Time passes, what may be hours, the alarm continues blaring in the background, but Rocky & Alpha remain steadfast and focused on mixing chemicals together with what was once his teammates. Eventually, they think they've finished, Rocky tells Alpha to keep his diodes crossed as they await success. The chemicals ignite into smoke that fills the room, and within, suddenly, all five Power Rangers regain their original molecule arrangements. They're still Morphed, though, and all give Rocky a big round of thanks. Billy comments that being teacher for a day really paid off! Rocky cuts the celebrating short by reminding them of Mr. Wilton being stuck as Marvo The Meanie. Tommy cries out a "Back to Action!" and back to the action they go, Rocky taking his helmet with him.

The Power Rangers end up at the park, apparently Marvo didn't go to downtown Angel Grove after all! Unless he did, and decided to come back after finding Fredrick's Of Angel Grove didn't have that teddy in his size. they face him, Rocky telling Marvo the bad news about how they discovered that short circuiting him may actually help Mr. Wilton. Marvo charges up his hands and calls this whole thing 'revolting', before firing a blast of energy at our heroes, which they manage to duck. Tommy is ready to get expelled and Marvo figures this a miscalculation and plans to try another formula. Up on the Moon, Rito watches his monster losing via the Repulsascope, saying that he was supposed to be so precise and asking aloud what's wrong. Rita & Zedd are standing behind him, laughing their evil rear-ends off, Rita answering his rhetorical question by saying that he's what is wrong! Rito ignores her and takes the Staff & Wand, realizing that all he needs is some extra firepower. Blasting some powerful lightning down from above, Rito makes Marvo grow! Oddly, Marvo & The Rangers are now in the outskirts of town, it seems there was quite a bit of action that occurred off-scene here. Marvo towers over our heroes, Tommy seems to be on the same wavelength as Rito when he says that it looks like they're going to need some extra firepower. The Power Rangers call on Ninjazord power, summoning their Ninjazords instantly, and just as instantly transforming them together into the Ninja Megazord. The Falconzord swoops in, and links up to create the Ninja MegaFalconzord. Marvo asks if they're testing him, as the MegaFalconzord drops from the heavens with both its fists charged up. Though it ends up just beating on Marvo's chest with its Red Ape arm several times.

Inside the Megazord cockpit, Rocky remarks that he feels responsible for Mr. Wilton and is going after the monster himself. He departs into the Red Ape Ninjazord, it detaches from the MegaFalconzord and lands on the battlefield with its dual-sabers hooked up into one large one. The Red Ape slices into Marvo a few times, before breaking down its Sabers and reholstering them into the slots on its back. Marvo is having a chain reaction from all of the beating he's been taking, and he begins to slowly explode. The Red Ape poses all simian like, Marvo falls to the ground, shrinks to human size and reverts back into Mr. Wilton by the lake. The Rangers rush in and ask him how he's feeling and if he's alright. He says he is, thanks them, and comments about how this was an "interesting experience". The Ranger nod and seem to agree, though likely agreeing that the Z-Staff fried a few of his braincells. Back on the Moon, Rito is on his knees begging for another chance, saying that he knows he'll do better next time. Lord Zedd is back on his throne, with Rita by his side, mentioning that conquering the world isn't easy and asking Rito if he wants a second chance. Rito uh-huhs, and Zedd shouts that he doesn't deserve a second chance. Rita says that's right, he blew it, and now he's got to go help clean up Finster's lab! She pokes at him with the sharp end of her Wand, prodding him off to do the work. Zedd grumbles to himself that he STILL needs a vacation....


Later that day in the Youth Center, Billy finally gets to break a board, under the guidance of Adam & Tommy. Rocky comes in, still wearing his business suit, congratulating Billy on doing it. Billy tries to remind us he has a brain by saying it was just a matter of focusing his physical energy. Tommy is still impressed by Rocky's mental energy, Rocky laughs and says that it's weird, he thought that teachers were the ones who had all the easy work and they were the ones doing all the studying. But he learned his lesson, if you want to teach, you better be prepared. Billy points out that it seems Mr. Wilton learned something too. Wilbur's over at the bar, telling all of teens there about his rescue at the hands of the Power Rangers. Kimberly & Aisha are by his side, acting all impressed. His story finished, he and the girls head over to the other Ranger teens, Kim mentions that it looks like Wilbur's become pretty popular. Mr. Wilton puts his arm around Rocky and says it's thanks to him, exchanging places really helped as he had forgotten that being a teenager is pretty difficult, he learned to be more understanding. Just then, Bulk & Skull walk in with the teacher's edition books, ordering Rocky to halt, they have questions to ask him about these books he stole. The bumbling Junior Police duo places the books atop the cinder blocks holding a fresh board, awaiting breaking. Rocky was wondering where those books went, and doesn't seem surprised they were behind their disappearance. Bulk thinks this proof that he stole them, until Mr. Wilton starts yelling at he & Skull, explaining the books were lent as a part of the teacher for a day program. Wilbur grinds his teeth and snarls, the idea of them almost ruining the entire experiment makes him so ANGRY (very much like Ninjor, which makes perfect sense. He just happens to be the in-suit stuntman for Ninjor in the American footage!). Bulk & Skull are ignorant to the teacher for a day program, having never heard of it, which causes Mr. Wilton to lash out, slamming his fist into the well placed board, knocking the books on the floor, and shattering yet another piece of wood meant for someone else. The Ranger teens are agape at their teacher's rage, Bulk & Skull almost wet their pants, and Mr. Wilton calms down enough to say that it looks like they learned their lesson. Bulk answers in a high-pitched voice "yes, yes sir, yes we have!", and Rocky shouts out militaristically "thank you sir!", promising to see him in class. Bulk & Skull hobble off, scared and embarrassed, turning back fearfully to see Mr. Wilton waving with a smile. The Ranger teens get a giggle out of this. So what else is new!

[End credits]

Bulk & Skull are on Parking Detail! A large pink Cadillac rolls into a No Parking space outside Ernie's Outdoor Cafe. The duo wave tickets at the car, screaming that he's illegally parked. Skull shouts for the "punk" to show them his license, Bulk reiterating himself up closer to the driver, but stopping suddenly when the driver steps out of the vehicle. It's a huge African American gentleman, who looks like he could slam dunk the both of them without so much as a thought. Bulk & Skull are speechless for a moment, before deciding that his parking violating is perfectly okay! Skull says that he has a really, really nice car, Bulk says that they were thinking of giving him this spot permanently, kinda like VIP parking! The duo notices a spot on the roof of the car, offering to clean it off. The driver walks away from them silently. Bulk calls the car a classic, and once the huge man is gone, both Bulk & Skull wipe the smiles off their faces.

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