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The Lost Episode)
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Original & Only Air Date: 05/22/99 Pilot Features Footage From:
Zyuranger #01 - Tanjou
(The Birth)
Zyuranger #06 - Tate!! Daizyujin
(Arise!! The Great Beast God)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number KS-138 (Kids Special)
*FK Promo featured Austin St. John only, with no mention of Walter Emmanuel Jones at all!
*Aired in the "Power Rangers Power Playback" Saturday Morning Timeslot.
*Original Pilot episode produced in late 1992/ early 93. It was Haim Saban's second attempt at bringing Sentai over to America, after a failed try in the late 1980s. All other networks turned this pilot down, except Margaret Loesch of Fox Kids. After some rewriting and some slight recasting, roughly the same episode was made.
*Big Note: Some scenes of this were edited from the original product, i'll note some of the audio changes, but the others involved the cutting of some small parts of the fight scenes. The "punks vs. the Ranger teens" battle in particular was too 'violent' for FK's standards. The original version supposedly ran about 16 minutes, while this cut here is a little under 14.
*One last note, there was one more alternate version of "Day Of The Dumpster". The final one we all know and love had some different scenes between the Ranger teens and Bulk & Skull. They were reshot a while before the episode aired, since it was felt they were being too cruel to the bullies! No fan footage of this version exists, though two shots of the second pilot Morphing Call are around, somewhere. I wonder where? Wink wink, nudge nudge.
Special Title: "Power Rangers: The Lost Episode"
Special Writer: Tony Oliver Special Director: Tony Oliver
Pilot Title: "Day Of The Dumpster"
Pilot Writer: Tony Oliver Pilot Director: Strathford Hamilton
Check out the odd title font!
Austin St. John
Walter Emmanuel Jones

Amy Jo Johnson _AS_ Kimberly (Pink Ranger)
Walter Jones _AS_ Zach (Black Ranger) [Not "Zack" as in the regular series]
Austin St. John _AS_ Jason (Red Ranger)
David Yost _AS_ Billy (Blue Ranger)
Audri Dubois _AS_ Trini (Yellow Ranger)
Paul Schrier _AS_ "Punk #4" aka "Bully #3" [Not Bulk, according to Paul himself]
David Fielding _AS_ Zoltar
Richard Wood _AS_ Alpha 5 (voice)
Barbara Goodson _AS_ Rita Repulsa (voice)
Dave Mallow [As Colin Phillips] _AS_ Baboo (voice)/ Flyguy (voice?)
Michael Sorich _AS_ Squatt (voice)
Robert Axelrod _AS_ Finster (voice) [?!]
Austin St. John
Jason David Frank
Christopher Khayman Lee
Amy Jo Johnson
Catherine Sutherland
Patricia Ja Lee
David Yost
Steve Cardenas
Blake Foster
Selwyn Ward
Justin Nimmo
Walter Jones
Johnny Yong Bosch
Roger Velasco [Typo'ed as "Valasco"]
Thuy Trang
Karan Ashley
Nakia Burrise
Tracy Lynn Cruz
Jason Narvy
Paul Schrier
David Fielding
Melody Perkins
Hilary Shepard Turner [Credited, but doesn't appear!]
Gregg Bullock
Julia Jordan
Michael Gotto
Michael O'Laskey
Matthew Sakimoto
Sicily Sewell [First time her last name has ever been on PR!]
Justin Timsit
Richard Genelle (uncredited)
Royce Herron (uncredited)
Henry Cannon (uncredited)
Rajia Boroudi (uncredited)
Carol Hoyt (uncredited)


[Astronauts Finding & Opening Rita's Dumpster scene plays]
ASJ does a voice over, "10,000 years ago, Rita Repulsa was imprisoned in a Space Dumpster on the moon. She remained there until two unsuspecting astronauts opened the dumpster and changed the world, forever..."
[The rest of the first season MMPR Opening Credits plays, until after the five teens are shown Morphing into Rangers demonstratingly in the Command Center.]
[Four squares suddenly roll over the Lightning Bolt symbol striking, showing various clips from MMPR, PRZ, PRT, PRiS, and PRLG. VERY many clips, too numerous for me to name without boring you!]
WEJ voices over this, "For over 300 episodes, courageous teenagers from Angel Grove have taken on evil villains, fought desperate battles, and have turned it into the most watched kid's show in TV history: Power Rangers!"
[The MMPR logo finally forms with a bang, followed by the "Power Rangers: Lost Episode" logo, which is just the PRLG logo altered slightly.]
["Hosted By" shots pop up, showing ASJ & WEJ then and now.]
[Various PR clips roll by, followed by a quick showing of EVERY PR logo, sans MMAR.]
[As a red blazing fire serves as a backdrop, the second season ASJ, third season JDF, and PRiS CKL opening credits cast shots pop up together.]
[With a pink blazing fire backdrop, the third season AJJ, third season CS, and PRiS PJL cast shots pop up.]
[Blue blazing fire backdrop, with the second season DY, third season SC, PRiS SW cast shots popping up. Strangely, a shot of JN also appears, non-cast shot, despite how he's Silver, not Blue!]
[Black & white fire blazes in the background, as the second season WEJ, third season JYB, and PRiS RV cast shots pop up. Roger's last name misspelled, see above.]
[Yellow fire burns while the second season TT, third season KA, PRZ NB, and PRiS TLC cast shots appear. AD also gets her own cast shot, since she is technically a Yellow Ranger!]
[Orangy red fire blazes finally, as the PRT cast shot for JN & PS appears, with an "&" for DF, MP, and HST, all without cast shots.]
[The PR:LE logo appears one last time, and the MMPR theme song ends.]
Inside of the Saban Audio Recording studio, with the Gold Ranger suit on a dummy over in the left corner and the Catzord from PRT on the right, we find ASJ introducing himself to us. The giant screen behind him, and several monitors, runs a continuous stream of various PR footage specially edited to highlight various eras in the usual grid layout. ASJ states, "I'm Austin St. John of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. From studios like this one, came HUNDREDS of Morphinominal Power Ranger adventures. I tell you what, a lot of them included my bro-- the Zack Man!" WEJ walks in and shakes his pal's hand with a chuckle, while reminding us, "The Power Rangers have battled Rita Repulsa, Lord Zedd, the Machine King, Divatox, and lots of other villains to save the Earth. And, in the process, become a history making TV series. Not bad for a bunch of 'Teenagers With Attitudes'! Heh!" ASJ then informs us, "In the next half hour, we're gonna do a little retro look-back on the history of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Not to mention, the never-before-seen Pilot Episode." WEJ states cockily, "All brought to you by the coolest Ranger there ever was!" ASJ blushes, and tells his pal, "Hehe. That's cool. I'm... I'm touched. I... I NEVER knew you felt that way, man." WEJ snickers, "You ARE touched, man! I meant ME!", remarking to us, "Hehe, he's trippin'!" ASJ retorts, "Nah, see, that's not right. You got problems!" WEJ scoffs, then threatens playfully, "Hey, man. Hey, look, don't make me Morph!" ASJ reminds him, "You're retired!", he notes to us, "He don't have a Morpher anymore!" WEJ proceeds to gyrate his body, promising, "Watch out, man! I can get my Morph on! Hip-hop Kido!" ASJ tells us, "I'm a' Morph somethin' here in a minute!", playfully angrily, as his pal continues boogying.
[Clips from various MMPR Season 1 episodes plays.]
ASJ voices over, "When the show first started almost everybody thought that it was really... unique! And well, they were right! In fact, in the beginning, it was a 'different' kind of show."
[Bulk & Skull blubbering while getting brain swapped from "Switching Places" plays]
[Various scenes from Zyuranger begins to play, most from its Opening Credits.]
WEJ states, "The look and feel of the original Power Ranger Superheroes started in Japan on a popular program called 'GO RANGERS'" (Note, that while Goranger is credited in the end credits, no footage of it was used for the special, due to rights issues)
[The Zyuranger footage turns to the Morphed stuff and Zords, stuff we've seen plenty of times on MMPR.]
ASJ chimes in, "Like the Power Rangers, Go Rangers evolved and eventually became 'Zyu Rangers' (Austin properly pronounces it as 'Juu'!). Then our producers took these characters, gave them an updated look, created new stories...."
[Rare clip of all five of the Original Pilot Cast during their first screen test together!]
"...cast English-speaking actors, and a different new show idea was born."
[Mayor Carrington saying "They Are The Power Rangers!" scene from "Doomsday, Part 2"]
The clips end and we're back in the studio, with WEJ & ASJ hanging out near the PRT Cat Zord. WEJ notes, "As soon as Power Rangers took off, it began to change. I mean, there were always new villains, new Zords, and even new Rangers." ASJ anxiously chimes in, "Oh, and great new episodes! Like the one where I became the Gold Ranger." WEJ won't be upstaged and brings up, "OR, my birthday episode. Yeah!" ASJ rebuffs by mentioning, "Well, what about the one where I got to fight Goldar... ALONE!" WEJ asks, "Oh yeah? Well, what about my spider episodes!? I mean, that was cool!" ASJ concurs, talking over him, "Well that was good! But..." This segues the two into getting lost in arguing loudly. They finally calm down, both smiling, while remembering they're still on camera. WEJ states, "Uhh, well, it wasn't as good as your movie performance." ASJ returns the compliment, "But you know what? I loved you Hip-hop Kido episodes!" WEJ agrees, "Yeah! That was cool!" ASJ does a few mock moves, adding, "Thingamajig!" WEJ ends their whizzing contest, "Alright, check it out. Why don't we just... move on to the next segment?" ASJ concurs, "Move on!"
[The Entire Story Of Power Rangers In Just Over A Minute begins. I'd run it down for you, but it's already been done as complete as possible. It's located here: ]
In the studio, the camera zooms out from the Gold Ranger helmet to ASJ, who shouts, "Comin' Up!"
[The grid of infinite PR scenes and logos takes over the screen. Here's what MMPR looks like, here's what PRZ looks like, here's what PRT looks like, here's what PRIS looks like, and here's what PRLG looks like.]
WEJ tells us what's coming up by voicing over, "A tribute to past Power Rangers cast members, and the never before seen ORIGINAL pilot episode!"
In the Studio again, ASJ says, "It all happens...!" WEJ finishes, "... When we get back!" They repeat, "Back here." over and over, while waving to the camera to remind us where they'll be as it pans back in the studio.
ASJ notes, "Through over 300 episodes, there've been a LOT of different actors. MANY different Power Rangers." WEJ says, "We thought it would be cool to do a little tribute, and show you all the faces that made PR the great show it is."
[:45 second tribute to various cast members mixed-up with shots from MMPR, MMAR, PRZ, PRT & PRiS. Mighty RAW's "We Need A Hero" plays vocally over it.]
ASJ informs us, "Okay! Now it's time, for what we've ALL been waiting for: the very first broadcast of the never before seen pilot episode, of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers." (legally, that is. Bootleg copies of it have been around for eons!) WEJ remarks, "Now, you'll probably notice a few differences from the series. The most obvious being the character Trini. She's played by Audri DuBois, instead of Thuy Trang, who actually joined the cast as we finished the pilot. Oh, now, also check out Alpha (causing ASJ to burst out laughing), because Alpha has a different look, as does Zordon, who's actually called 'Zoltar' in this version." ASJ invites us to, "See if you spot some of the other differences as you watch this 'very special' pilot episode, of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Have fun!" He smiles and looks to WEJ. The two of them start giggling, as the camera fades to the multi-screen behind them.

At an unnamed, nondescript Bowling Alley somewhere in Angel Grove, we find quite a busy scene. Balls are striking at pins like crazy, proving this is one happening place for the teenagers of the city. Zach, a young black teenager wearing black pants and an ugly sleeveless vest, slides in, his status being that of apparently one of the most popular youths in the city. He sees a girl he recognizes and grabs her hand, giving her a kiss on the cheek, causing her to giggle and say, "Heheh! Hey, Zach!" He continues smiling and greeting a group of fellow teens, slapping on fellow brotha five, and proclaiming aloud, "Never fear! The Zach Man is HERE!" Zach walks along the front counter, shouting "Wassup?!" & "What's happenin'?!" repeatedly to each and every teen sitting there, also slapping each one five. Have I mentioned how popular this place is? Did the Pilot Universe spawn from the movie "Grease 2"?! Jason, a dark haired and muscular teen, wearing a short-sleeved white shirt with a red one underneath, is getting ready to bowl a ball, but takes the time to show off his martial arts skills by whipping it around in his hand while getting in position. On the next lane, a petite brunette teen, Kimberly, very gracefully gets ready to bowl, while wearing a black tanktop and pink shorts. Zach, who's wearing a black shirt with a multicolored vest, continues on his trip, giving props to all his unnamed homies of various races and creeds, including a blonde girl named Katie. At the double lanes where Jason & Kimberly are bowling, we find Billy & Trini sitting at the scoreboard. Billy, a brown haired teen with Buddy Holly-type glasses and blue overshirt, explains to Trini, a Hispanic (or French, quite possibly an Eskimo) masculine female who wears a white top and yellow pants, about the proper way to bowl. He explains overintelligently, "And then the sphere will have an angular decay of 3.1 to the minus 10 with a drag coefficient of .9875." Trini understands completely, and translates into laymen's terms, "Oh! So, in other words, if I spin the ball and I aim for the pocket, i'm gonna get a strike?" Billy agrees, "Affirmative!" Zach then comes up behind them and pats them on the back, saying, "Yo, Trini! Billy! Wassup?!" The three are apparently intimate pals, replying happily to him, "Hey, Zach!" Jason is still achieving meditational status with his ball, about to reach a moment of perfect strike-bowling Zen, when Zach sneaks up behind him and shouts, "Yo Jase!" Jason is stunned, and his ball miserably rolls towards the gutter. Jason playfully beats into Zach's chest, complaining, "Very funny! I had a PERFECT game goin'!" They shrug it off with a powerful buddying handshake and hug. Kimberly calls out snobbily, "Excuse ME?! I'm trying to bowl a strike over here!" Jason blames Zach, saying, "Hey, it's HIS fault!" Zach squabbles back playfully, "Say what?! Nah, HEY!" Kimberly ignores them, and returns to her swanlike stance. She proceeds to bowl, only to have the ball slip out of her delicate fingers on the underswing. It flies back behind her, landing on a nearby table, smashing the chili-dog and sending its contents heaving into the face of a nearby leather jacket-clad dark haired punk. Kimberly whines, "Ohhhh! I BROKE my NAIL!", turning her attention only to her pretty pink fingernails.

One of the other Bullies (the "Bulk" one, aka #3), is a bit disturbed, and i'm not talking just about his freaky hairstyle! He calls out, "Hey, man!", as he stands up, slipping on the chili debris and causing him to fall to the ground harshly. Kim continues whining about her nail, "Ughhhh!" The first Bully wipes off his chili-covered face and leather jacket, and calls out to his posse, who are all sitting at the booth parallel to our five new teenage friends. What a bunch of badass punks worth their salt would be doing hanging around a bowling alley, I dunno. Anyway, one guy says, "Yo, Spazzo!", and another claims, "C'mon, let's mess 'em up!" The group of bullies oblige, including #3, who recovers from his slip rather angrily. The Chili-covered First Bully walks over to Kim, who is still mourning the loss of her nail. He tells her, "Hey, you're gonna pay for this," showing her his messy outfit, "BIG time!" Witnessing this confrontation, Billy stands up and nervously asks, "Excuse me, may I interrupt?" Bully #3 comes up behind him, grabs his shoulder, belches, and yells, "Sit down, Dork!", physically forcing the geek back to his seat. Bully #1 clenches his fingers around Kim's chin, telling her, "Yeah, well, you can make it up to me tonight. At the movies..." She won't have any of that, slapping his hand away and telling him, "Sorry, but I don't date non-humans." He won't take no, attempting to force a chili-covered kiss on her, before she shoves him off with a loud squeal of, "Ahh! Get out of my face, you...!" Bully #2, wearing blue flannel and a headband, walks up close to Zach and asks, "What are YOU lookin' at?!", prompting Zach to push him with a yell of "Yo, back off!" Trini takes on #1, slapping her hands against his chest and sticking up for Kim by telling him, "Hey! Leave her alone!" He has, as the blonde Female Bully (who, IIRC, appeared on some early MMPR episodes as well) then starts to get up on Kimberly, pushing Kim around personally. Kim cries, "Cut it out!" #2 shoves Zach, inspiring Jason to intimidate the bully with a shout of, "Watch it!" Zach cuts his pal off, telling him, "I got this." #1, a face-friendly Bully, places his hands around Trini's head, rubbing her skin and asking, "You gonna MAKE me, little girl?" Trini replies with a confident, "uh-huh!", and a swift, loud kiyaahing chop to his arm, then another, a face swipe, followed by a full body toss. Bully #2 and #3 have teamed up in front of the lanes, as Jason now tells his partner, "Take 'em out, Zach!" Zach remarks to Jase, "Yeah, man. Check this!" He begins jiving some Hip Hop moves, shaking his groove thang (not to be confused with Thuy) to an imaginary beat. #3 asks, "So, you gonna DANCE, or ya gonna FIGHT, sissy?!" His answer comes when Zach drops to the ground and sends his feet flying upwards into #2 & #3's faces, shouting, "I'm gonna FIGHT!" Nearby, Kimberly is still tangled with the Female Bully, they're locked in Mortal Cat Fight, with Kim remarking, "Let go of me, Bleach Head!" #1 throws a punch at Trini, but she ducks and tosses a kick into him, sending his body into the Ball Return, knocking him over once more. Billy, sitting safely at the scoreboard, makes funny faces at the sight of each painful blow, as the crowd of onlookers gathered behind him let out "Oohs" and "ahhs" and "that's gotta hurt" type sound effects.

Zach flips away from the laid-up Bully #2 & 3, before slapping Jason's hand and tagging him, claiming, "My turn!" Jason waits for #2 to stand, and he fakes him out by almost throwing his bowling ball in his face, followed by an actual kick to the head. They don't show it (apparently, on the uncensored 90th generation bootleg of this pilot, blows to the face are indeed shown) but instead let the sound effects speak for themselves as Billy makes some more faces for us. With #2 down, #3 staggers his hefty self up. Jason uses his bowling ball in action, blocking the bully's attacks and keeping his eyes busy by dropping the ball and kicking the crap out of him. This is concluded with a kick to the ass, as Jason shouts, "See ya!", Billy makes another wowed face, and Bully #3 slides down the bowling aisle, screaming until his messy-haired head smashes into the pins. Billy pumps his fist and cries, "Strike!" Trini jumps at #1 and kicks him back to the floor. Billy shouts, "Strike 2!" for that one. Kimberly & Female Bully continue shoving. Kim finally does a full backflip, kicking near the bully's face with her feet as she does. The female bully charges at her, but Kim simply shoves the girl down and flips over her weary body. Billy swipes his arms at this with a shout of, "Safe!" Trini, quite the angry feminist, screams viciously as she punts Bully #1 against the large television set nearby. Billy yells, "Strikes 3! You're out!" so excitedly, that his flying fist ends up striking the gut of Bully #2, just as he lunges for the brainy boy. Billy is taken aback, until he hears the large crowd of people behind him begin to applaud. Bully #1 has been knocked unconscious, and as his body slides down the front of the television, we see that Samurai Pizza Cats is on. Or at least, it was on, until it gets cut off by a special report! Footage of the moon is shown, as the unseen anchorman exclaims, "We interrupt this program with a special report! We take you LIVE, to the moon, where astronauts are about to uncover what may be the first alien object ever found!" We next see two astronauts on a desert landscape, with their space shuttle landed far behind them. The Earth is within view, but then again, so is the Moon! On MMPR, this scene takes place on Rita's Planetoid (aka Nemesis). Perhaps in the Pilot Universe, the location of her Dumpster was switched! Anyway, the lack of any camera kinda prevents this from possibly being a "live broadcast", and since nobody on Earth reacts to the next events, apparently the news-crew must have cut off the signal early! Or maybe it's all just a voice transmission? Anyway, the first astronaut asks his partner, "Hey, you smell something funny?" To which the other astronaut replies, "Nah, maybe it's your space suit!" The first one takes a look around and when he spots a glowing red ruby shining in the distance, he points out, "I think it's coming from THERE!" The second one gets a whiff (which might be hard, since he's in a controlled environment suit, not to mention the lack of air outside) and realizes, "Yeah! Now I smell it! Check it out!".

The two astronauts find the source of the stench, a large golden cylinder, which the second astronaut claims, "It looks like a big trash dumpster. Wow! It stinks! Let's open 'er up!" He quickly clasps his fingers around the shining ruby atop the dumpster, just before the two of them manage to lift the lid off the object. The astronauts tumble to the dirt as a forcewave explodes from within the dumpster, releasing several streaks of energy! They spin around and form into four solid, evilly laughing creatures on the horizon. One of the astronauts wonders, "Hey, what's THAT?!", but the other one cries, "I'm not waiting to find out!" The two astronauts (more like astronuts!) quickly stumble and crawl away, attempting to escape from the newly freed Evil Space Aliens. Squatt, the runty blue dwarf, returns to the dumpster, banging on the rim and grunting in a raspy voice, "Hey, Rita! Wake up! C'mon, c'mon, we're FREEE!" Suddenly, a strange old Asian looking alien witch with vikingy attire, named Rita Repulsa, emerges from inside the dumpster. She lets out a loud yawn, prompting Squatt to denote, "Ahh, morning breath!", as he scrambles into his bag, claiming, "Here's a mint!" Baboo, the blue baboon, waddles over and slaps him on the head. Finster, the white dogfaced one, slaps his forehead, chuckles, and remarks in a deep, gravely voice (NOTHING like his MMPR voice), "After 10,000 years, it's GOOD to be free again!" Baboo offers assistance to Rita, "Let me help you, oh, powerful one." He takes her hand and guides her out, crooning, "Walk with MEEE, talk with MEEE..." She's annoyed, as when helping her out, she staggers, remarking, "Ohh, geez. You made me step in a PUDDLE!" She shoves him aside, and urges (sounding oddly more calmer here than in MMPR, almost Joan Rivers-like), "Out of my way, monkey face!". Rita uses her roundish magic wand to shoot off a blast of power, which reduces the entire space dumpster prison to smithereens! The two astronauts are still lurking around, groveling in terror next to one another just a few feet from the exploding remains of the dumpster. The Evil Space Aliens cheer at the destruction of their longtime home. Rita turns to the astronauts and mentions, "So, you want help getting away, do you? I think I can arrange THAT!" She instantly spews forth a toxic breath burst, causing the astronauts to tumble off along the ground, never to be seen or mentioned again. They're probably still up there, searching for new ways to accidentally doom mankind by their ignorance. Or perhaps they returned to Earth safely, and began wandering the deserts of Egypt, seeking ruined oasis's. Anyway, Rita Repulsa and her minions turn towards the big blue orb in the sky, the planet Earth, with Rita saying, "To celebrate our freedom, I think we should pay the Earth a visit. And then... DESTROY it!" Rita Repulsa aims her magic wand at the planet, and fires off a huge beam of pink energy.

The beam hits Africa, but in actuality, it swings around and strikes Angel Grove. This blast of energy causes a tall skyscraper to begin driving itself down the street, until it reaches a dead-end, and takes off like a rocket into space! The magical disturbance shakes the entire town like an Earthquake, the bowling alley hit especially hard. How the TV was showing scenes of the moving building when it happened so suddenly is a mystery (Pilot Universe has magical psychic reporters!). Anyway, the building quakes, the pins topple, the people cry and flee in a panic. Our five young bully fighters have rounded the group of four beaten punks into a small heap. What they were planning to do to them there was unclear, but I get the feel much ball breaking was in store. The five courageous teenagers with attitudes start to wobble and fall over as the waxed laned Earth moves violently beneath their feet. Zach & Jason help Kimberly up as she remarks, "Great, just what we needed, an Earthquake!" Billy helps Trini up and notes ominously, "No. That was no Earthquake", despite how the Earthquake continues to occur! Meanwhile, on the outskirts of the city, we find the Command Center (with the same "mountain exterior" shot as would be used for years), also being rocked. Inside, in the central console room (which is designed with far more blue, green and pink neon lights than in MMPR, plus taller pillars, and lots of static-y small TV monitors in the consoles). It's much better lit, showing the scope of the futuristic styled room as being quite large), Alpha 5 exclaims in fear, "Oh, my! Oh, my! What is all the shaking? It's the BIG one! I know it! I know it! We'll shake apart!" Alpha is, well... Alpha's quite a mess in terms of design here. He's got the similar gold domed head with blinking red-lights in his visor-line eye, but has a fin running down the top of his head. His body looks like it's made of tons of padding, with a few grids of lights and wires strew in various areas. It's quite crude, but if you squint real tightly, he pretty much looks the same. The massive GREEN tube located directly against the wall facing the circle of electric consoles suddenly has a giant head inside of it. The head looks warpy and wavy, like it's strained through water or some such. The head inside, is of a creature named Zoltar, his facial transmission appearing quite clearer than Zordon's ever did on MMPR, as he can truly see his mouth and lips moving in time with his speech! Zoltar pops on the tube, and just after the Earthquaking ceases, he stresses in a deep, booming voice, "Calm down, Alpha! It's Rita. She's escaped and she's attacking the planet." Alpha nervously hits a few buttons, and asks, "How can you be so sure, Zoltar?!" The big green head replies, "My sensor array picked up her evil vibration!" Alpha whines, "We'll be destroyed! I KNOW it!" Zoltar tells the robot, "Initiate Plan B, immediately!" Alpha sighs, "Ahh, what IS Plan B?" Zoltar frustratedly references Doctor Forrester, by demanding, "Just PUSH the button, Alpha!" Alpha still wonders, "But what will THAT do?!" Zoltar explains (with Alpha anxiously adding 'yes, yes!' repeatedly throughout), "Teleport to us the most DANGEROUS group of ruthless, underhanded, overbearing, self-absorbed and overemotional humans in the area." Alpha clutches his domed head in shock, exclaiming, "NO! Not... TEENAGERS!" Zoltar confirms, "Cor-rect!" Alpha focuses on the console, and obeys, complaining seemingly playfully, "I was AFRAID of that..."

At the bowling alley, the Earthquaking has apparently never halted. The five bully beating teens are still standing together, and from what we see, they're totally alone now. Jason urges, "Everybody, chill out!" Suddenly, Zach's body stretches into the sky, warping strangely for a moment before being yanked into the air! Kim, Jason, Billy, and Trini all follow in succession, each one gasping in fright. Before they know it, all five have been converted into streaks of pure energy, surging across the city, and past the range of mountains. The screen is tinted crimson, as the five bolts of energy (matching their Ranger colors, this scene shown on MMPR) zoom towards their destination. After a collective, "Whooooah!", Kim asks, "What's happening?!" Billy explains, "We seem to be demolecularized!" Jason wonders, "What's that?", and Billy replies dumbfoundedly, "Nevermind, I don't understand it MYSELF!" The five streaks of light converge on the Command Center, entering through the hole in the roof, and dropping down in the console room. The two adjacent pillars flash their energy forms with charges of electricity, reverting all five into their normal human forms in a sudden heap. The teens recover, groaning, and begin looking around. Alpha stands before them, bidding, "Greetings, dudes and dudettes!" Billy walks over to the bot, and gasps wide-eyedly, "Wowww! A fully sentient, multifunctional, automaton!" He presses a random button on Alpha's chest plate, causing the bot to whir loudly and spin around. Billy is amused, remarking with wonder, "Whoahhhh!" Zoltar greets them loudly, "Welcome, humans!" The five teens stare agape, up at the green head in the equally green tube. Another collective, "Whoah!", passes through the lips. Jason points at him and asks, "So... WHO is that?" Kim adds, "Like, WHAT is that?!" Alpha explains, as the humbly floating head simply smiles, "THAT is Zoltar, an inter-dimensional being caught in a Time Warp!" The robot bows before them slightly, and continues, "MY name, is Alpha 5, his trusted assistant." (Closed Captions call him 'Alpha Phi', which could be a fun Pilot Universe differentiation, wouldn't it?) Zach scoffs, "Yeah, RIGHT! And i'm a Ninja Turtle!" (Jason visibly finds this remark quite laughable, as he stands there with his arms crossed) Billy understands everything, excitedly noting about Zoltar, "An inter-temporal, cross-dimensional, super-being with outward verbal communication! How PRODIGIOUS!" Zach asks for a translation, "What'd he say?!" Trini reveals, "He said, this guy's AWESOME!" Kimberly confusedly states, "Excuse me, will somebody come back to Earth and pick me up, because I am REALLY confused." Zoltar ceases smiling silently, by telling her, "It's quite simple, my dear! The planet is under attack, and I have brought you here to SAVE it."

Zach scoffs again, "Oh, yeah, RIGHT!" Zoltar bemusedly looks at the teen, and remarks, "Ahhh. A nonbeliever! BEHOLD!" Instantly a viewing screen appears overhead, just to the side of Zoltar's huge noggin. Billy points out, "Look! A proton projection!" The image on the hologram-like screen shows the flying skyscraper from earlier, as it lowers back down to Earth. Also included is the crazy witch from earlier, with Zoltar narrating, "THIS is Rita Repulsa. An alien bent on controlling the universe. And she's decided to begin... on Earth." The photon screen shows various Asian scientists running around and falling over as the quake occurs. Then, we see Rita, riding on a little flying Penny Farthing bike through the air, as the winged golden-armored Griffin named Goldar swoops along behind her over the city. We also see the skyscraper, which has landed back in the city. It now has a tall, spiraling castle atop it, with the words "Bandra Palace" in neon above the front door. Jason asks, "If she's so dangerous, why don't YOU fight here?" Zoltar, in an obviously redubbed voice by someone possibly other than Fielding, explains, "Because LONG ago, she trapped me in a Time Warp." Rita glides along, and eventually fires her magic wand at a building, igniting it into flames. It explodes, along with several other buildings at once! She laughs wickedly, just before the image cuts off, shrinking like the image on an old picture tubed TV screen when turned off. Trini states enthusiastically, "I KNOW it's scary, but what does all of THIS have to do with US?!" Zoltar reveals, "You have been chosen to form an elite team to battle Rita. As teenagers, the future of the planet is YOURS. And you are now called upon to defend that future! Each of you will be given access to EXTRAORDINARY powers, drawn from the spirits of the ancient creatures YOU call... Dinosaurs!" The captive audience breaks their silence, when they all shouts in shock together, "DINO-saurs?!" Zoltar continues, by saying, "Jason, you shall have the power of the Tyrannosaurus. Bold & Mighty!" We see Jason, minding his own business, when suddenly he morphs before us, turning into the head of an actual T-Rex! Next, Zoltar addresses, "Zachary, the power of the mastodon. Clever & Brave." Zach smiles, before morphing into a woolly mammoth. Zoltar adds, "Kimberly, your power comes from he Pterodactyl. Cunning & Quick!" Kim shrugs her shoulders, and morphs her body into that of an actual still-frame of a Pterodactyl. Zoltar continues, "Billy, you draw from the Triceratops! Patient & Smart!" Billy grins, and turns his head, as he morphs into said frozen tri-horned dino. Zoltar concludes, "And Trini, your power comes from the Sabertoothed Tiger. Fierce & Agile!" Trini smiles and extends her arm out, to match the shot of the ancient Sabertooth she briefly morphs into, before reverting back.

When the five teens emerge from their brief brush with morphing-ness, they find they've each gained unusually large belt buckles. They inspect them curiously, while Billy has his already slipped off, and braces it across his fist, as he asks, "Excuse me, uhh, Zoltar? What is the purpose of these... extraterrestrial energy conductors?" Zoltar explains, "Ahh! Those are your Transmorphers. When in danger, insert the Power Coin, raise it to the sky, and call the name of your dinosaur. A universe of power will be at YOUR command! Together, the five of you will form an awesome fighting force, know to one and all... as the Power Rangers!" Zach tries working this confusing development aloud, saying, "Yo, let me get this straight! So, you zapped us here, so, we could save the world...?" Kim adds, "... By becoming GIANT slimy lizards... ?!" Billy also adds, "... And battling a malevolent sorceress named Rita... ?!" Jason then adds, "... Who destroys cities... " And Trini concludes, "... While riding a flying BIKE?!" Alpha 5 screams in confirmation, "YES!" Zach refuses to have an open mind, looking at the bot like he's crazy, and stating in disbelief, "No! No way, i'm OUTTA here. Uhh, it's been real, but... I gotta go! Ya'll comin'?" Jason appears to have doubts, wanting to remain behind, but is quickly pulled away by Kimberly, who quips to Alpha & Zoltar, "See ya!" Billy hesitantly follows Trini, and continues the snide good-bye, by adding, "Wouldn't wanna be ya." Alpha tries reasoning with them, pleading, "P-please! Uhh, halt! D-dudes?!" They ignore him, and follow the darkened corridor with the trail of runway lights at the bottom, to wherever the exit must be. Alpha sighs in despair, before turning around and defeatedly asking Zoltar, "That didn't go very well, did it?" The optimistic alien sage comforts the robot, informing him warmly, "Don't worry, Alpha. They'll come around." Alpha rubs his ovenmitt-like hands to his eyeline blinking visor, and sobs gently, "Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi...."
The five teens exit out of the dark console room, and find themselves in the sunny exterior of the massive Command Center complex. They wander around, and soon spot a patch of dirt, leading out in the mountainous deserts surrounding the building. They talk over one another loudly, with Jason being most focus, arguing, "I mean, think about it. I'm saying we can do this. C'mon, don't you guys think we can!? We can DO this! What's the problem here? Come on, listen to me! I think we can does this!" Kimberly throws her arms up, and says something the effect of, "What-EVER!" The others also ignore Jason's pleads, replying negatively as they head into the desert. Kim complains, "Great, we're out in the middle of NOwhere!" Billy concurs, "Yeah!" Jason uses this wandering nomadic excuse to note, "We shouldn't have left. I mean, he chose US to save the world! I say we do it!" Trini squintly asks, "Do you REALLY think we could?!" He confirms, "Yeah!" Zach follows behind, staggering along the dusty hillside, asking, "Are you two CRAZY?! Do you hear what you're sayin'?!" Meanwhile, up on the moon (err, I think. We just saw her palace on Earth, so how did it get back to the moon so quickly?!), Rita Repulsa peers through a telescope of her own design, and watches the five teens walking through the desert. She gasps, "What?! It CAN'T be!" Rita turns away from the scope and groans to Goldar, "Teenagers?! Zoltar must be behind this." She glances over to a cuckoo clock with a skull on it, and becomes much happier, remarking, "Hahaha! Gamma rays, and burning gold, let them fight my Putty Patrol!" Squatt rubs his belly, gulps loudly, and wipes his fanged mouth for some reason. Rita heads over to a strange Roman architectured area of the room, with a burning flame nearby. She aims her magic wand into the air, and demands, "Take THAT!" She fires a bolt of pink energy, which blasts into the rocky area behind the five teens! This shot, of the explosion ripping out and shaking the ground in the desert, was actually reused in MMPR (despite how the teens clothes here differ from MMPR)! The teens wobble and cry, "Whoah!" Kim crouches down and screams, "Ahhh!" Suddenly, from the charred blast crate, several grey-skinned creatures pop out and swarm upon the teens. They're the Putty Patrollers, and though they look like they do in MMPR, their outfits a bit cruder (including how you can see the human actors' eyes around the edges of the large eyeholes). Trini shouts disturbed, "Great!" Jason quickly takes command, telling his pal, "Everybody stay together! Zach, those two." Zach dances across the dirt, replying, "Right, these two are MINE!" He faces the pair of Putties, busting a move for them, before swiftly jumping up and attempting to kick one in the chest. The kick slams into what sounds like metal, causing Zach to groan to his pals, "Uh-oh." Trini notes, "This is GONNA hurt!"

The two Putties that Zach was facing now have Kimberly grasped between their clutches. Zach is unable to fight back, due to one of them striking him with a grab and a kick. He flies off, slamming into Billy, causing them both to fall to the ground in a heap, as two Putties stand calmly guarding in the background. Trini begins to throw quick, hiyaahing kicks into a Putty, getting only metal-slamming sounds in return. Kimberly tries to break out of the Putties' grasp, by flipping herself over in their arms. This fails to twist them up, instead prompting them to simultaneously pitch her aside, sending her squealingly slamming into the pile with Zach & Billy. Trini puts up a good fight with her Putty, blocking his punches smoothly. She tries returning the hits, but it's like striking a brick wall. Trini ends up in a lock with him, allowing the creature to toss her over to her three pals. She lands right on top of Kimberly, rather suggestively. Jason is the last man standing, facing several Putties at once. He gives a direct punch into the gut of a single Putty, but it doesn't even faze the drone. Jase begins tossing kicks and punches in a continued series, all blows taken, and some returned. As Jason struggles to keep things at a stalemate, Kim whines from the pile, "This day is TOO WEIRD!" Trini shakes her head in a daze, just before Jason finally is struck by a kick, and sent tumbling into the stack along with his friends. More "woah"s are exclaimed, and breathlessly, Zach quips, "Well, it looks like we GOT 'em!" Kim adds, "Yeah, right where they WANT us!" Two silent Putties, incredibly calm (compared to the MMPR universe ones, which are always fidgeting and warbling), look at each other, grunting, "He-yuh?!" Trini wonders, "What're we gonna do now?!" (she's pinned down in one shot, but in the next, she's sitting up!) Kim suggests, "How 'bout scream for help?" Trini shakes her head, saying, "No". Jason scoffs, "Nah." Billy & Zach look at each other, and start the charge by screaming fearfully, "HAAAAAAAAALP!" The other three quickly join in. Jason suddenly spots the strange belt buckle Zoltar gave them earlier. His had fallen off his belt in the fall, and is lying in the dirt. Jase picks it up, and shouts, "Wait! Use the Transmorphers! NOW!" The five teens hurry to stand on their feet, while the Putties remain silent and still, surrounding them quite patiently (most stand with their arms on their hips, in Superman-pose).

Inspired by Jason's determination, the teens do as he says. Using a four-grid screen (showing the Zyuranger actors in each one, aiming their buckles at the camera, with the coins within glowing continuously the individual Ranger power color), they call upon their powers. Top left: Kimberly holds her Transmorpher up in her right hand, shouting, "Pterodactyl!" as her buckle pops open, with the coin inside. Bottom right: Trini does the same with her Transmorpher, shouting, "Sabertoothed Tiger!" Top right: Zach also aims his Transmorpher, summoning, "Mastodon!" Bottom left, Billy holds his Transmorpher up, and steadily says, "Triceratops." The four grid is replaced by a single shot (of ZyuRed holding his buckle out), with Jason appearing inside it, stating, "Tyrannosaurus!" A blurry image passes by, showing Jason with a Red Ranger helmet on, but his normal clothes on the rest of his body. The image quickly fades, into the fully morphed mighty team, proclaiming their names as, "Power Rangers!!!" The Pink, Yellow, Red, Black, and Blue Rangers stand together in the desert, holding their special weapons in hand. Notice, the Sentai footage on the pilot is very grainy, even more so than any other episode. Anyway, the two Putties from earlier watch this, and grunt confusedly at one another. One of them even scratches his head, confused as to why they keep showing these guys up close when you can see the human eyes within their crappily designed suits (this clip, a tad few around it, were reused in "Foul Play In The Sky" for Kim's flashback!). The five Rangers scramble, and suddenly regroup, to hold their weapons and proclaim again, "POWER RANGERS!" At the Command Center, Alpha 5 excitedly presses some buttons, exclaiming, "Zoltar, they've DONE it! They've MADE the metamorphosis!" The giant green head replies, "Good! Teleport them to downtown Angel Grove City. Rita just sent down Flyguy!" Alpha holds his hands in the air, as always, and obeys, "Right away, Zoltar!" In the desert, the five Power Rangers leap into the air, completely leaving us out of whatever happened with the Putties. The traditional, "Go Go Power Rangers" theme-song plays, mostly instrumental. The teens revert to streaks of light, as seen earlier. Billy notes, "We're teleporting again!" The five Rangers suddenly land atop a building, and though Red Ranger holds his hand outward, he remains silent. Goldar (or whatever he's called in the Pilot Universe. He and the other Evil Space Aliens could all be named Frankenbeans for all we know) leaps off an upper level, and lands on the roof the Rangers are standing on. He's quite silent as well, causing a group of much more active Putty Patrollers to appear around him. Red, Black, Blue, and Pink Rangers take on these Putties, which swarm around them rapidly. Kicks, punches, and even flips are thrown, and somehow, the energy from their new Morphed bodies makes the teens much better fighters against the claybrain drones. Yellow Ranger actually has something to say, as she hops on a Putty, takes him down, then leaps atop an upper level. She pulls out her red Saber weapon in her holster, switches it around to Blaster mode, and aims it down at the Putties below. Trini demands violently, "Alright, Dweebs! DANCE!", as she fires bolts of laserpower at the feet of the three Putty Patrollers.

On the moon (?!) palace, Rita Repulsa readies her magic wand, angrily snarling, "Ooh! I'll show you teenagers. You'll see how it goes when Flyguy GROOOOOWS!" Goldar is standing behind her in this shot, without his wings. Did he get them clipped off in battle and returned home to cry to mommy? Anyway, Rita pitches her wand off the side of the balcony, sending it flying through space, slamming into the desert ground. It sends a surge of power into the dirt, causing the ground to rip open and for fire to spew forth. A brand new monster suddenly appears (King Sphinx in MMPR), apparently the Flyguy she referred to. The energy from her wand causes the creature to become a giant, grunting and growling through the mist. Red Ranger is standing near a very brightly reflecting pool of water in the desert, holding a red popsicle into the air. Jason commands, "I call on the power of the Tyrannosaurus!" The ground rips open again, and through the molten hot Earth, springs a robotic T-Rex! In our universe, it's the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord. Here in the Pilot Universe, it's known as the Tyranno-Droid! It growls quietly, and soon appears on the scene, allowing Red Ranger to hop atop its head. He yells, "Alright, let's GO, guys!", before slipping through a door in the T-Rex's head, and falling into the cockpit. It's a roomy single-occupant cockpit, with a red T-Rex symbol behind it. Jason admires, "Whoah! Cool!", as he does some control clutching. After a flash of light, the other four Power Rangers race through the yard, with Pink Ranger crying, "Hey, wait for us!" Each one leaps into the air, and lands in an unseen Dynodroid. Red Ranger shouts, "POWER Rangers! Count off!" Black Ranger falls into a Masto-Droid cockpit, claiming, "Zach, here! This is KICKIN'!" Blue Ranger slides into a Tricera-Droid cockpit, and replies, "This is Billy. I'm nominal!" Yellow Ranger hops into a Sabre-Droid, exclaiming, "Trini, here. This is GREAT!" Pink Ranger lands into her Ptera-Droid cockpit, and remarks impressedly, "Hey, nice STERE-O!" Red Ranger tells them, as he clutches his red popsicle, "Use your crystals to activate the dyno-power, NOW!" He inserts his pops..err, crystal into a slot, as do the others with their own colored crystals, all shouting in unison, "Rock and ROLL!" Jason shifts the gear, and asks, "Is this a great ride... or WHAT?!" The five Dyno-Droids are shown racing along, and preparing to come together. It should be noted, that in the Pilot Episode special, all vocal remarks to the Zords being called Droids are erased. They actually loop in Thuy Trang's voice of saying, "Trini here! Ready to ROCK!" Cutting into Pilot Trini saying in a different tone, "Comin' AT ya!" This was to hide a line (which, btw, is oddly Closed Captioned!) where Pilot Trini states, "Trini in the Sabre-Droid. Comin' AT ya!" Again with the looping, as Pilot Billy says, "Billy in the Tricera-Droid. All systems GO!", but is replaced by, "This is Billy. All systems GO!" One more time, with Pilot Zach claiming, "Yo, this is Zach! Me and my Masto-Droid are right on target!", while normal Zack says, "Zack here! This is KICKIN'!"

The five Droids come together, into the Megazor... err, MegaDynoDroid in, uhh, tank mode. The Rangers sit together in the combined cockpit, all grunting as they're suddenly deposited into it. Red Ranger urges, "Let's nail some BAD guys!" The team responds in unison, "Morphin'!" Blue Ranger notes, "This leaves me quite ebullient!" Pink Ranger figures, "I guess that means he LIKES it!" Their attention turns to Flyguy, who stands aside as a now-giant Goldar joins the fight. He charges up his sword, and fires it at the approaching Megadroid. Black Ranger remarks, "Uh-oh! It looks like ugly man brought a friend!" The cockpit is rocked for a moment, until Zach orders, "Hit 'em with the Dyno-power!" The Megadroid unleashes a burst of energy, which hits both Goldar & Flyguy. Yellow Ranger wonders, "What do we do now?!" Red Ranger states, "Activating the MegaDynoDroid!" (though the MMPR Jason voice is cut in to say instead "Activating Megazord BATTLE Mode!") A computer voice announces, "MegaDynoDroid transformation has been initiated!" (but instead, the MMPR voice cuts in, and says "Megazord Mode has been initiated") The structure shifts around, into humanoid stance, and once the Ptera-Droid flies in to lock on the chest and head pops out, the computer voice claims, "MegaDynoDroid activated!" (the line's cut, but nothing is filled in. Also notice numerous sound effects changes from the normal version, despite how the music remains the same) Flyguy charges forth, only to get a jolt from a surge of energy fired from MegaDynoDroid's horns! While he and the ever-silent Goldar recover from the blast, the Megadroid pulls out a large sword, which sparkles magnificently. Flyguy gasps, "Uh-oh", which seems to be the secret word for today. Rita, watching this through her scope, also gasps, "Uh-oh", officially making the Pilot Universe's nickname as "The Uh-Oh Cosmos". The five Power Rangers, in the cockpit, chop into the air with their right hands, shouting, "Hiyaah!" Megadroid raises its Sword, charging it up as its eyes flash and a crimson squall of clouds converge behind it. Just before lightning strikes the sword, Jason asks, "Hey, ugly. How 'bout some Mega DYNO power?!" Flyguy growls, and trembles, as the sword is lowered, and a slash of energy tears through him. He cries, "Owwww, that HURT! Awwww...", as his body falls limply to the ground, and explodes massively. Goldar appears to have snuck away yet again, the slippery mute. Our heroes cheer, "Wooo!", "Yeah!", "We did it!", "Alright!" On the moon, Rita Repulsa lifts her leg up onto something, and screams, "Oh no. UGHHHH! I've got such a... a headacheeeeee!" Baboo & Squatt grovel in fear at the sight of her nearly lifted up skirt. The MegaDynoDroid stands triumphantly on the battlefield, as we hear "Yeah, alright!", and "We got 'em! Hahaha!", among other cheers from within.

Soon, at the Command Center, the five teens have demorphed, and reenter the console room, chattering amongst each other excitedly. Zoltar watches them suspiciously. The other teens quiet down, as Billy tells Alpha & Zoltar, "And then the energy surge reversed the polarity of our product's protons, and we countered are inertial direction, and landed like THIS!" Billy jumps up slightly, and lands on the floor, doing the splits with each leg going in a different direction. The sound of nuts being crunched rings heavy in the air. The four teens grimace, with Zach crying, "AW!", before helping the injured boy up. Alpha 5 quips, "Huuuh, he's got an OWIE!" Billy slowly stands back up, clutching his near-crotch thigh, and groaning, "I believe I pulled my medial dorsalus tendon." Zach remarks empathetically, "Oooo, I heard THAT!" Zoltar, always a lover of groinal-pull jokes, smiles and chuckles softly above them. Kim giggles loudly, and Zach cries, "Ow!" again. Jason tells the giant floating head, "We've been talking it over, Zoltar. And, well...., some of us aren't sure we're up to this!" Zach confirms pessimistically, "Yeah, Zoltar. I mean..., we were pretty LUCKY this time!" The others nod in agreement. Zoltar argues, "Luck had NOTHING to do with it! You five have come together to make as fine a group of Superheroes, as there has EVER been." Kim shamelessly responds, "No WAY!... Really?!" Zoltar mentions, "Each of you brings something UNIQUE to this team..." We see a fuzzy flashback to Jason kicking the crap out of Bully #3 (in footage, IIRC, that involves blows to the head, and was therefore excised out of the earlier scene), and Zoltar narrates, "Jason brings leadership and courage!" We see Kim getting ready to bowl, and Zoltar remarks, "Kimberly: Beauty and grace!" A replay of Zach dancing out to attack the Putties is shown, as Zoltar states, "Zachary-- a love for life!" A clip of Billy informing Trini of the ball rolling earlier plays, while Zoltar proclaims, "Billy: A knowledge of the ages." And finally, footage of Trini beating up Bully #1, and flipping him over. Zoltar's choice of words here are ironic, as he claims, "And Trini..., lightning hands & a peaceful soul." The five look at one another, smiling, as they slowly begin to realize his words ring true. Zoltar concludes, "You've been through an EXTRAORDINARY experience. You NEED each other now, and the WORLD... needs YOU." Jason's convinced, replying, "Yeahaha! Alright, I'm IN!" Zach hesitates for a moment, before confirming anxiously, "Me TOO!" Trini simply states, "You can COUNT on ME!" Billy gives a thumbs up, saying (in a tone which differs from the MMPR Season 1 Billy this whole ep, I should note), "Affirmative." Kim materialistically smirks and replies, "I don't know, guys. I REALLY have some SERIOUS shopping to do. I mean, even though the outfits ARE cool, and everything..., my hair gets ALL tangled up inside the helmet. I don't think I can do it!" The other four try talking her out of her change of mind, with Alpha sobbing, "Oh, Kimberly! Say it's not so!" Kim waits for a moment, before shouting, "Psyche!" She hugs Alpha, who happily remarks, "Oh, what a relief! 'Psyche'!" The others give good natured groans, having been teased by their final teammate. As the humans and robot laugh heartily below, Zoltar rolls his eyes, seemingly disgusted by this entire display of humor and frolic. Personally, I suspect that if his tube was shattered by Andros, the good guys would have been reduced to dust and the villains would be ruling! But enough cheap unfounded theories about how the Pilot Universe could actually be the Lost Galaxy!

The show quickly closes out, in a standard in all universes: The five teens huddle their hands in a circle, and break away by jumping up and exclaiming, "POWER RANGERS!" Alpha even joins in on the jumping. The scene of the console room freezes, and the usual Go Go PR instrumental chime plays in the background.
[pilot end!]

One last time to the studio we go, with ASJ proclaiming, "5 and a half years. Over 300 episodes! Power Rangers has captured the imaginations of children around the world. So what's next?" WEJ explains, "Well, the ONLY thing that we know for sure, is that wherever evil threatens the universe... you can bet that the Power Rangers will be there to save the day. I'm Walter Emmanuel Jones!" ASJ smiles and nods during this speech, soon adding, "And i'm Austin St. John. Thanks for watching." They both wave to us, as the camera pans backwards. The two original cast members proceed to turn around and watch the massive video screen, as shots from PRIS play amid the grid.
[end credits, which goes through crediting nearly every writer and director who ever worked on the show, among other essential information.]


Produced, Written, & Directed by: Tony Oliver

Series Producer: Jonathan Tzachor

Casting: Julie Ashton, Iris Hampton, Katy Wallin

Series Writers [not a complete list!]: charlotte, Shell Danielson, Jeffrey A. Deckman, John Flechter, Gary Glasberg, Mark Hoffmeier, Julianne Klemm, Steve Kramer, Shuki Levy, Mark Litton, Judd Lynn, Jackie Marchand, Cindy McKay, Barbara A. Oliver, Tony Oliver, Kati Rocky, Cheryl Saban, Jim Suave, Doug Sloan, Ronnie Sperling, Stewart St. John, Gilles Wheeler, Colleen White, Al Winchell.

Series Directors [also incomplete]: Yuri Alexander, David Blyth, Vickie Bronaugh, Adrian Carr, Isaac Florentine, Armand Garabidian, Marco Garibaldi, Robery Hughes, Worth Keeter, Shuki Levy, Chip Lynn, Bob Radler, Jeff Reiner, Koichi Sakamoto, Doug Sloan, Blair Treu, Jonathan Tzachor, John Weil, Al Winchell, Terence Winkless.

Action Directors [incomplete as well]: Jeff Pruitt, Koichi Sakamoto, Makoto Yokoyama

Director Of Photography: J.B. Letchinger
Assistant Director: J.B. Levine
Gaffer: Eric Kay
Key Grip: Marc Christy
Swing Grips: Brian Scott, Richard Johnson
Make-Up Supervisor: Cindy Adams
Waredrobe Supervisor: Carrie Proffer

Executive In Charge Of Production: Eric Rollman
Editor: Greg Guzzetta
Post Production Coordinator: Tara McQuade
Graphics: Camille Chu
HAL Artist: Sherry E. Thompson

Music By: Shuki Levy, Kussa Mahchi
Executive In Charge Of Music: Ron Kenan
Music Supervisor: David Leon
Music Editor: Mark Ryan

Executive In Charge Of Post Production: Clive H. Mizumoto
Director Of Sound Operations: Xavier Garcia
Re-Recording Mixer: Mark Ettel
Dialogue Editor: Michael Garcia
ADR Recordist: Kevin Newson
Sound Effects Editor: Ron Salaises
Sound: Brad Bryran

Pilot Episode:
Executive Producers: Haim Saban, Shuki Levy
Producer: Ronnie Hadar
Writer/ Supervising Producer: Tony Oliver
Director: Strathford Hamilton

Series Developed From: Galaxy Rangers [aka Zyuranger], Star Rangers [aka Dairanger], Kaku Rangers, O-Rangers [aka Ohranger], Car Rangers, Mega Rangers, Gingaman
By Toei Company, LTD.
Go Rangers Footage Courtesy Of: Toei Company, LTD. [despite not being used on the show!]
Select SFX Sequences By: Junichi Yajima
Original Concepts By: Saburo Yatsude

Terra Venture Constructed By: Stargate Films, Inc.
Scorpius Fabricated By: Steve Johnson's XFX Group
Chimps Provided By: Critters Of The Cinema
Lab Services: Foto-Kem Industries
Camera Package: Keslow Camera, Plus -8 Video
NASA Footage Prodvided By: Chryel Coker at NASA, Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center Media Services Corporation.

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(C)opyright 1999 Saban Entertainment, Inc.
Renaissance Atlantic Entertainment
and Toei Company, Ltd.
In Association With: MMPR Productions, Inc.

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