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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Season 2
"Rangers Back In Time, Part II"
Original Air Date: 02/11/94 Featuring footage from:
Dairanger #25 - Zorozoro Ura Sentai
(Opposite Teams In Great Numbers)

*Season 2
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-230
*40th episode aired
*100th total Power Rangers episode
*Production Note: This two parter was the last set of
episodes shot of the series before the cast went to
Australia to begin work on MMPR:TM. Thus, they had
them do very little, and fill out the rest with their
younger selves, the usual stock footage, and 2nd unit stuff.

Writers: Shuki Levy & Shell Danielson Director: Terence H. Winkless
Starring Cast:
Amy Jo Johnson _AS_ Kimberly (Pink Ranger)
Maxxe Sternbaum _AS_ Young Kimberly
David Yost _AS_ Billy (Blue Ranger)
Justin Timsit _AS_ Young Billy
John Bosch _AS_ Adam (Black Ranger)
Matthew Sakimoto _AS_ Young Adam
Karan Ashley _AS_ Aisha (Yellow Ranger)
"Sicily" _AS_ Young Aisha
Steven Cardenas _AS_ Rocky (Red Ranger)
Michael O'Laskey II _AS_ Young Rocky
Jason David Frank _AS_ Tommy (White Ranger)
Michael R. Gotto _AS_ Young Tommy
Paul Schrier _AS_ Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
Cody Slaton _AS_ Young Bulk
Jason Narvy _AS_ Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch
Ross J. Samya _AS_ Young Skull
Additional Cast:
Henry Cannon _AS_ Mr. Kaplan
Bob Manahan _AS_ Zordon (voice)
Sandi Sellner _AS_ Alpha 5
Richard Wood _AS_ Alpha 5 (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Lord Zedd
Robert Axelrod _AS_ Lord Zedd (voice)
Ryan O'Flannigan [Kerrigan Mahan] _AS_ Goldar (voice)
Michael J. Sorich _AS_ Squatt (voice)
? _AS_ Photomare (voice)
? _AS_ Invenusable Flytrap (voice)
? _AS_ Dramole (voice)
? _AS_ Oysterizer (voice)

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[Last time on MMPR; Opening credits]

At the ever-viable Command Center, the ever-affable Alpha 5 toils away while the ever-askable Zordon quizzes him on his progress. Big blue head asks, "Alpha, is the Molecular Descrambler complete yet?" Alpha has the sparkly beams of his high-tech tool hard at work on said device, prompting the automaton to reply worriedly, "I'm working on it as fast as I can, Zordon! Ay-yi-yi! This is a disaster!" Zordon reminds him, "You must hurry, Alpha. The Rangers' rescue depends on this device. There is no time to spare!" Alpha sighs in response, "You're telling me! Oh, woe is Alpha!" Zordon makes firm on the fact that we know what happened in part 1, by saying, "With Zedd having turned the Rangers into children and imprisoning them in a photograph, there is no one to destroy his evil Rock Of Time." Alpha takes a break from his device making to take a peek at the Viewing Globe, where the image of the golden throbbing Rock Of Time is shown. Alpha exclaims, "Ay-yi-yi! This is a terrible situation!" Zordon adds, "Our only chance is to recover the photograph and use the descrambler to turn the Rangers to normal. Now back to work, Alpha." Whoa, that last line was a little rough coming from the usually calm Eltarian! Alpha takes it stride, starting up his sparkly drill and replying, "Right, Zordon!" Elsewhere, the photograph containing the six de-aged Power Rangers lies perfectly still on the lawn of the Angel Grove Park. That is, until the wind whips up, and causes it to blow across the yard, and land in the hands of the equally de-age Bulk & Skull! Bulk gasps, "Whoa! The picture! We've got it!", as he quickly runs away with the pic in hand. Skull remains behind, still peering through the bushes at the Photomare monster. The creature, hindered by the fact that she only exists in stock footage from Dairanger, and thus couldn't have picked up the picture to begin with, shouts, "Bring that picture to ME, you little twerp!" Bulk backtracks when he realizes Skull has lagged, so he returns to his frozen pal and grabs his shoulder, urging, "C'mon, Skull! We've got to get this thing to a grown up!" Skull is taken a bit by surprise, and tumbles over, but manages to recover in time to follow his pal as they retreat with the pic. Boy, imagine how scared they'd be if that monster could actually move! Up on the moon, Lord Zedd sits at his throne and realizes that the monster he sent down is unable to do squat (which is even less than Squatt & Baboo can do) due to being without an American suit to use. He orders his right hand ghoul to do the deed, shouting, "Goldar! Get down there and capture those two little brat human. I MUST have that picture of the Runt Rangers!" Goldar obeys, lengthily to kill time, "Yes, with pleasure, my lord! I go now to do your bidding!" He exits, and Zedd arises from his throne, proclaiming, "When the picture is mine, the Power Rangers will exist no more! Hahaha!"


Young Bulk & Skull race through the park. They eventually reach a tree, where they stop to rest for a moment, no sign of the monster behind them. Skull asks, "Do you think that camera creature's behind us?!" Bulk replies, "Of course it is, you dolt! We have something it wants!" They return to sprinting through the rather vacant park, only to end up slamming into Goldar's chest when he teleports directly in front of their path. They fall to the ground, and are greeted by Goldar's cheerful, "Hold it right there, you little ankle-biters! Hehehaha!" As they lay there, the sound of Photomare's laughter also comes into play, as they turn to see her also on the scene. In fact, that same building that was behind her earlier has followed along! She points at them and remarks, "You're mine!", prompting both Bulk & Skull to cry, "Mommy!!!" Goldar chuckles, quipping, "That's a name i've never been called before!" Bulk just has to ask, "I don't suppose you're a good guy, are you?" Goldar shakes his head, "Uh-uh! Definitely a bad guy!" Skull remarks, "I was afraid of that!" Goldar orders, "You'd better hand over that picture if you know what's good for you!" Bulk clutches the glossy in his sweaty palms, refusing to give the evil space alien what he wants. On the Moon Palace, Lord Zedd arises from his throne once more, stating to himself, "With those meddling Power Rangers imprisoned in the photograph, and the photo locked away forever, the entire universe shall at last be mine!" Makes you wonder why he doesn't just blow up Bulk, and destroy the picture along with him. Likely sadistical intent, with his evil mind figuring he'll get more joy out of keeping his worst enemies trapped for eternity in a picture than to just kill them. Baboo & Squatt are on the sidelines, as always. Squatt exclaims, "Oh boy! If he gets the whole universe, maybe we can get some cookies, or even a box of doughnuts!" Zedd approaches his balcony, and grumbles, "That great goon Goldar should be back here by now! I'd better take a look and see what's taking him so long." With one quick flash of his red-ray vision, Zedd views the scene at the park. He witnesses Goldar terrorizing Bulk & Skull, demanding they give him the photograph. Zeddy's disgusted by what he sees, as he cuts off his Z-vision and shouts, "You're seven feet tall, lamebrain! Just take it from them!"

At the Command Center, Alpha finally finishes work on his task for the day. He holds the golden box with various protruding items atop it, including spinning silver metal rings, in his grubby little paws. Alpha exclaims, "Zordon, i've done it! The molecular rescrambler is ready for action! I hope." Zordon replies, "Just in time, Alpha. Right now you must teleport to the park and stop Goldar from taking the photograph from Bulk & Skull. We need that picture to bring back the Power Rangers! Use the laser stun scanner." Alpha sets down the de/re scrambler, walks over to one of the consoles, and picks up a strange hand held weapon, before teleporting out in a blink of light (which sorta implodes him, rather than streaking up into the sky like the Rangers do). At the park, Goldar continues lording over Bulk & Skull. His breath becomes visible, a stench of putrid green floating down with each exhale the golden armored space alien releases. The two young boys cough deeply upon getting a whiff of this, with Bulk asking, "Haven't you ever heard of breath mints?!" Goldar tells him, "I'll take that as a compliment!" The kids finally get up off their backs, and rise to their feet, standing in front of Goldar as he eventually grows impatient and warns, "Now, give me that photograph before I have Photomare freeze you into one, too!" Alpha instantly teleports onto the scene, a mere foot away from Bulk & Skull, who stare at the barely 5-foot tall automaton as frozen as they would be if attacked by the monster. Alpha aims his laser stun scanner at Goldar and shouts, "Hold it right there, you big golden gorilla!" Goldar's taken a bit by surprise, commenting, "Zordon's bucket of bolts! Well, I..." Alpha quickly fires the stunner at him, while ordering him to "freeze", which is what he does, albeit reluctantly. A white beam strikes Goldar, covering him in a stasis field, preventing him from moving or speaking. Alpha then turns the stunner on Photomare, remarking, "And here's a little something for you too, sister!" Bulk & Skull race away from the laser firing robot, while he's busy taking on the monster. Photomare, trapped in that single few seconds of footage, aims her hands at Alpha, asking, "What do you think you're doing?! I...", until she becomes frozen by the stun scanner ray. Alpha turns and spots Bulk & Skull fleeing. He gives chase as quick as his stubby legs will take him, crying, "Ay-yiyiyi-yi! Wait, you two! I need that picture! Please, wait, don't run away! Oh!"

In the halls of Angel Grove High, err, Elementary (notice the sign in the hall still reads AGHS, so not TOO much has changed), the janitor puts on his headphones and rolls a bucket and mop out to do some cleaning. Suddenly, Bulk & Skull come barreling around the corner, narrowly avoiding collision with the soapy water in the bucket. They do end up slamming into Mr. Kaplan, who is walking around minding his own business. He looks pretty much the same, except his hair is black, including his toupee. He silently listens as Bulk & Skull calm down from their frantic run, with Bulk informing him breathlessly, "Mr. Kaplan, there's a gold baboon and a camera monster chasing us!" Skull adds, "And a red little Martian is after us and the camera monster took a picture and captured Tommy & the others. Look!" He shows the picture to the principal, but the man ignores it, as he snatches both of them by the earlobes, and asks, "What have I told you two about telling lies?! Hmm?! Detention for both of you!" He drags them over the classroom nearby, with a sign outside it saying "Science", prompting the two hoodlums to whine, "Aw, man!" Kaplan opens the door and orders, "Yes, I want each of you to write an essay on the evils of lying. Now get in there! I'll be back to check on you soon!" More child abuse fun as he shoves them into the room and slams the door behind them. He straightens up his posture and returns to walking the halls stern & tall, when Alpha 5 suddenly teleports in front of him! He casually pays no attention to the strangeness at first, simply greeting the automaton with a friendly, "Hello!" Alpha, holding the molecular descrambler in hand, realizes, "Eh, whoops! Wrong hallway!" He quickly teleports away again, just as Mr. Kaplan pauses, reality hitting him like a ton of bricks. He turns around, sees no sign of the strange man, and shrugs things off, continuing on his way.

Inside the science room, Skull sits at one of the desks (notice, all but two of the desks are against the wall. This is the room the janitor came out of a few minutes ago, he was apparently cleaning the floors), drawing mustaches on the picture of the Ranger kids with a marker! He's finished giving Rocky & Billy handlebar mustaches, and is working on Kim's. Bulk stands around, staring out the window, as he complains, "The ONE time we're really telling the truth, and no one believes us. I can't believe it! It's not fair! It's just not fair!" Skull agrees, and continues to scribble away. Bulk walks over and spots it, chuckling at the sight and saying, "Hey, that's great, Skull! Lemme draw some on, too!" He swipes the picture from his pal, sits in the desk next to him, grabs the marker, and gets to work, while Skull sulks. Suddenly, Alpha teleports right in front of them, causing the bumbling boys to scream to the top of their lungs, "Ahhhh! Martian!" Alpha tries to calm them, stating, "Relax. I'm not here to hurt you. I MUST have that picture. When I count to three, you'll fall asleep, and when you wake up, you'll remember nothing." He shifts the molecular descrambler around, and aims a small swirling disc at them, which fires twin purple beams at the two kids. Bulk & Skull express emotions of disbelief, until the beams are fired, and they both are rendered unconscious, their heads falling onto the desktops. Alpha remarks, "Works everytime!", as he retrieves the photograph from under Bulk's drooling & snoring face. He heads over to the center of the room, and utilizes the large open space left by the custodian. Holding the magically enhanced photograph in front of another ray of energy emitted by the molecular descrambler, Alpha enthusiastically exclaims, "Okay, now! C'mon, Rangers!" As he waves the picture in front of the ray, six beams of Ranger colored light streak out, and form physically before him.

The lights fade, and the Ranger kids are all standing in the same position they were in the photograph! A split second later, the kids notice how the scenery has changed, and all quickly back up together in fear (Kim goes right into Tommy's arms, of course). Aisha shouts, "I'm outta here!", as she bunches up together with her friends. Billy, sporting an ink mustache (as are Kim & Rocky, ala the picture), tells his pals, "Wait! Let's check him out." The kids ease up slowly, while Billy walks closer to Alpha, circles around him, exclaims, "Amazing!", and starts to poke his fingers at the robot's chest. Alpha responds, "Ooh! That tickles! Hey listen, I have to change you back to your real ages!" Adam asks, "What are you talking about?" Billy regroups with his teammates, as Alpha replies, "Well, it's kind of complicated, but let me try to explain..." We're spared hearing what we already know again, as the scene shifts back to the park, where the stun-frozen Goldar & Photomare finally come out of their trances. Goldar's sword swipes into the air, his last movement before being zapped. He realizes something's amiss when he strikes no one, asking, "Huh!? What happened?!" The Photomare footage monster also asks, "Where have they gone?!" Goldar motions his arms in frustration and shouts, "Dohhhhh! That little goody-goody no-good tin man is going to PAY for this!" Back at the classroom, the three mustached Ranger kids wipe off the ink from their upper lips with tissues, as Alpha's explanation reaches the climax, "So you see, it is imperative that you allow me to rescramble your molecular structure. You must believe me! There isn't much time, and the world needs the Power Rangers!" The kids try to wrap their minds around the logic, with Adam stating, "So you're telling us we're superheroes called the Power Rangers?" Kim reacts the only way she knows how, smiling and remarking, "This is SO totally cool!" Meanwhile, we see Skull is snoring. Why this is important for us to see, I have no clue. Alpha begins to say, "Yes, but what we must do is...", when Zordon's voice rings out from somewhere on the automaton. He says, "Alpha, the effect of the laser stun scanner has worn off. Goldar & Photomare are back to full power. You must act quickly to restore the Power Rangers. Photomare has begun capturing innocent people on film in the park." We'll REALLY have to take his word for that last thing. I mean, they could do more with Photomare if someone printed out a picture of her and used it in the episode to attack people, than they have with her stock footage!

Anyway, Young Kimberly looks especially excited upon hearing this strange voice confirmation of their true identities. With Zordon's transmission over, Alpha turns to the kids and cries, "Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi! NOW do you believe me?!" Tommy speaks for the others when he exuberantly says, "We're in!" Kim asks cautiously, "Will it hurt?" Alpha gently replies, "No. But you can close your eyes if you would like to." Kim does just that, shutting her eyelids, as do all six of the Ranger youths, with all holding hands as well. With the targets lined in a row, Alpha picks up the molecular de/re scrambler, charges it up and fires it, while saying, "Okay. Here we go!" Six quick bursts of power are shot out, each one hitting one of the de-aged Power Rangers. Instantly, every one of them are reverted to their normal ages & sizes in a flashing whirl of their Ranger colors. Alpha immediately shouts, "Rangers! Thank goodness!", upon seeing the molecular restructure was a success. So are our heroes, who take a look at their restored bodies with intense relief. Aisha exclaims, "WHOA! That was weird!", Kimberly giggles, "Yes! We're back!", and Rocky is eager to get back to action as he yells, "C'mon guys, we gotta KICK it!" Tommy agrees, stepping in front of his teammates, and screaming, "Alright! It's Morphin' Time!" The usual Morphing scene plays, and before you know it, all six of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are leaping back onto the scene in the park. They stand before Photomare, who has a new bit of footage (her hand gestures are the same, but the background's new at least). She says, "Try and picture THIS!", as her chest-eye starts glowing. A bunch of people are shown sitting at some picnic tables in the park, and judging by the time reversal and their ages, this was probably a senior citizens day event originally. The people panic and flee, but not quick enough, as we see Photomare's chest plate begins to spew forth paper after paper. Each one features a drawing, err, photo of a single person with a white background. The monster jokes, "You people are all so two-dimensional! Ahahaha!"

As the citizens run for their lives, the Power Rangers stand around. Yellow Ranger shouts, "Hey, what do you think you're doing?!", likely at the monster, but possibly at the panicking populus (one guy jumps up and down for no reason. Pink Ranger notes, "These people are, like, totally freaking out! You guys, we gotta stop that thing!" She puts her hand on Black Ranger's shoulder, as Red Ranger replies, "Don't worry, we will!" Between shots, the entire grassy field has now become littered with paper, each one with an innocent human trapped inside. Photomare puts her hands together like she's about to pray, as she remarks, "So, we have some NEW subjects!" Red Ranger turns and spots the monster, pointing out, "There she is, and Goldar, too!" Goldar is quite annoyed, asking, "How'd you escape the photograph?!" Photomare readies herself, adding, "I'll just shoot them again!" Red Ranger aims his finger at the evil creature, telling her, "We didn't come here to pose, flashbulb-brain!" White Ranger agrees, "That's right! Cause we're here to shut down your photo shoot, permanently!" On the moon, Lord Zedd angrily notices the recent events, stating, "Blast! Those pesky power punks are back to full strength again! I'll just have to try a bigger camera!" He lifts his hand into the air, creates a monster bomb from his wicked magic, and heaves it to Earth. It falls through the sky, and apparently explodes upon hitting he ground. Photomare grows gigantic from this, standing tall and laughing diabolically now that she has the footage to move around! The Rangers look up, with Black Ranger gasping, "Whoa! This job just got bigger!" Goldar seems to not like being ignored, as he yells, "You escaped me before, but now you're going to pay!" White Ranger takes notice of him, saying, "That's what YOU think, Goldar. You and your camera are through!" Tommy turns to Red Ranger and motions to the huge Photomare, saying, "Rocky, time to call your Zord and bring him down!" For a refreshing change of pace, Rocky flies solo, looking up at the monster and replying to the leader, "Right, Tommy. I'm on it!" Tommy encourages him, "Go! We'll take care of Goldar!"

Seconds later, Red Ranger summons forth Tyrannosaurus/ Red Dragon Thunderzord Power. Now, given the time reversal, does this mean that he's calling on the Tyrannosaurus from hiding physically about ten years earlier? Or are Zords exempt from this weird Earth de-aging process due to their Morphin Grid connections? Possibly the latter, since the T-Rex morphs into the Red Dragon in a flash of lightning, and roars into battle like it always has. It then shifts around and restructures itself into Battle (or Warrior) Mode, standing ready for a fight in what looks to be the outskirts of town. Red Ranger calls out, "You've taken your last picture, Photomare!", as the Red Dragon Thunderzord faces off with Photomare. The monster replies, "Ooh, but I have a special one for you, Red Ranger! Hahaha! Take a look!" She opens up her headpiece, which resembles her chest in its Xerox-like design, as it pops open and drops a paper with a picture of the Red Dragon Thunderzord in Battle Mode on it. The picture, which is likely massive in scale to where it landed, gets a boost when Photomare beams down rays of energy from her eye-visor with the flick of her wrist. The rays strike the picture, and cause the image on it to zap to life! Seems she can create doppleganger copies from images, as the second Red Dragon Thunderzord in Battle Mode (hereafter referred to as RDTBM) stands opposite of the real one! Not only that, but it moves around sentiently (does this mean there's a tiny Rocky somewhere inside of it? Probably not, but interesting to ponder)! Red Ranger is shocked by this course of action, remarking, "Talk about double exposure! I'm gonna have to take MYSELF out!" Photomare laughs maniacally, before ordering the evil copy of the RDTBM, "This town's not big enough for you both. Destroy him!" The RDTBM double prepares to do just that, whipping its arms around into fighting stance.


Reprising what we just saw, Photomare orders the evilly duplicated Red Dragon Thunderzord in Battle Mode around, telling it, "Attack him while he's still confused, Copyzord! Tear him apart!" Red Ranger seems to make the real RDTBM jerk in place wildly, a little TOO confused by the events, it seems. Somewhere below, we've been missing something. Only White Ranger faces Goldar, with the battle now taking place somewhere in a field near large powerlines! Goldar calls out, "Putties please?", and instantly, a gang of Putty Patrollers pop out of thin air, to which he replies despicably, "Thank you!" Tommy's a little too pumped up today, as he boasts, "I'll take on ALL of you clay-heads!" Goldar orders the Putties to attack, and that they do, rushing into battle with their strange wailing noises. Tommy boasts some more, "You'll be sorry you messed with the White Ranger!", before following suit and charging towards them. There's lots of White Ranger Vs Z-Putties action, with fancy leaps, kicks, and Tommy grunting, "Hi-ya!" over and over. I won't describe it, since it's tough to do, and it's just stalling for time. I mean, Tom, if you're going to hit them? Hit on them on the Z and get this fight over with! I suspect the time reversal is mucking with his priorities. Anyway, the other Rangers, seemingly forgotten, decide that Rocky's screwed up his one chance at being a solo hero by getting an evil copy of his Zord made before he could blink. The four others call on their Thunderzords, which lightning bolt their way onto the scene. Meanwhile, White Ranger fights putties. He knocks them down. They get back up. Tommy does not learn. Eventually, almost by accident, he hits a Putty n the chest, causing it to come apart and explode into clay debris. Oops, he does it again, and before we know it, a whole gang of them are lying on the ground, their Z-plates glowing as they writhe about. He pushes the last one over, and remarks, "You guys never learn!", when we all know it's he with the learning disability. The remaining Putties explode, and with all of them cleared, White Ranger yells, "Alright, guys. Thunder Megazord power now!" The four remaining Thunderzords shift around, and lock on with Rocky's Red Dragon. We must assume a big, supercool battle between RDTBMs occurred offscreen. Make it as violent as you want, folks.

Anyway, the Thunder Megazord is formed, and the Power Rangers inside it shout that it is "battle ready". Photomare shouts for the Copyzord to, "Get them!" As you can tell from this shot, the RDTBM double hasn't really moved an inch since the last two times the monster ordered it to attack. Stock footage betrays us again. You realize, cutting out repetitive shots and chopping unneeded Zord calling sequences, this two parter is probably ten minutes long? Oh well. Ready for some Zord Vs Zord action? Well, wait some more, as the scene shifts over to Tommy again. Goldar has apparently been relaxing under the powerlines, soaking up radiation as the Putties were fighting. He swings his sword around, remarking, "I'll enjoy finishing you myself!" Tommy faces the evil space alien, envigoriously flexing his arms around, kiaaing and grunting, "Then come and get me!" Goldar vows, "I will not let you foil Zedd's plan this time, White Ranger!" They begin to circle each other. Speaking of circle, seen that shot of the Copyzord's face as it prepares for action enough times yet? Well, here it is again, as the doppleganger of the RDTBM finally makes a new move. It leaps into the air, and slams its red metal leg into the Thunder Megazord's chest twice in a row! The Ranger within are rocked around, with Rocky getting the most rocky of all the rocks, groaning aloud. The Megazord stumbles a bit, but recovers in time to see that the Copyzord has now pulled out the massive Dragon Staff! I guess it can copy all weapons the Red Dragon has, even if they weren't visible during the photocopy process. Below, White Ranger tells his rival, "Well, Goldar. If you're going to make your move, then make it!" Goldar does just that, groaning loudly as he races right at Tommy, who returns the gesture, with the two becoming locked in combat momentarily. White Ranger tries doing his best to block the sword slashes flung at him, but Goldar manages to kick his opponent off while keeping Tommy's hands busy with the sword. Above, the Copyzord starts to bash its Dragon Staff into the Thunder Megazord. This causes more smoke & explosions around the Rangers. Rocky peps the team as best he can, saying, "This thing's really tough. C'mon guys, we can't let up!" They try not to, but all the manage to do is make the Megazord walk a few feet, just to get Staff-struck a few more times. They finally get the hang of things, by making the Megazord dodge another blow, reach over, grab the Copyzord by the neck, and fling it into the air!

Below, White Ranger leaps back onto his feet, and blocks around sword-slash attack by Goldar. They battle just underneath a large powerline, as Tommy begins to gain the upper hand, soon throwing as many quick punches as he can muster up into his enemy. Goldar gets bopped in the chest, and stumbles backwards, whining, "I'll get you for that!" Tommy gloats, "You'll never catch me!", as he jumps up, bounces his feet off the metal structure of the electricity lines above, and ricochets back into Goldar. He knocks the villain around, before landing perfectly out in the open. White Ranger comments, "See? You're too slow, Goldar! Now to send you back to where you came from! See ya later!" Tommy whips out Saba, his enchanted Saber, from his belt holster and prepares to duel. He charges at Goldar again, and they proceed to clash blades, sword to saber! Not far away, Copyzord retreats to its maker's side, prompting Photomare to ask angrily, "What are you doing?!" The Power Rangers call on the Thunder Saber, getting it battle ready. The Thunder Megazord takes a cue from Tommy and pulls out its own saber, lifting it up in front of its face, and surging the entire slender blade with powerful electricity. The Megazord then whips the saber outward, causing the electricity to explode outward in a hail of lightning bursts! The bolts overwhelm Photomare & Copyzord, both of them engulfed in the energy strike, with painful sparking. Meanwhile, White Ranger & Goldar continue sparring. Sword to saber slicing leads to kicking and punching, with Tommy emerging as the victor after kicking Goldar in the chest. Goldar rolls to the ground and shouts, "A lucky hit!", with Tommy replying, "Ha! You wish!" In the cockpit of the Megazord, the Rangers engage the Thunder Saber. Photomare & Copyzord recover from the barrage of power, and begin to rush towards the Megazord. The Thunder Saber charges up with its usual waterfall background attack, dropping the yellow glowing blade with double the energy and double the slashes. The targets are struck, as both Photomare & the Copyzord begin to writhe around. Photomare screams loudly, as she and her Red Dragon copy companion drop into a heap on the ground together, and immediately explode. Nothing is left behind after the fires die out, not even a picture, only bad memories of overused footage. In honor of Photomare, the Thunder Megazord sheaths its Saber in footage we've seen a billion times before. Our heroes pat themselves on the back, by exclaiming, "Way to go, Power Rangers!"

Back down near the power lines, Goldar takes things sorely, growling, "This isn't over yet, Wretched Ranger!" White Ranger notes otherwise, "It's all over. You're outnumbered now!" The other five Power Ranger leap onto the scene, and join their leader's side. They all face towards Goldar, with Rocky asking, "Tommy, you got everything under control?" White Ranger replies triumphantly, "Yeah! Thanks guys!" Elsewhere, in the Command Center, the alarms begin to blare. Zordon becomes aware, stating, "Something is wrong, Alpha. Observe the Viewing Globe!" Alpha does so, turning and walking all the way over to the Globe (he must have nearsightedness or something) while replying, "Right away, Zordon!" Once he reaches the Globe, he sees the image of the golden fuzzily throbbing Rock Of Time. Zordon explains, "I fear that the Rock Of Time's reversing effect has begun to destabilize the planet's foundation." Alpha agrees, "Ay-yi-yi! You're right! If we don't stop it, the planet is doomed!" Zordon orders his little assistant, "The Power Rangers must be made aware of this new threat. Contact them immediately!" Alpha obeys, saying, "Right, Zordon. I have their coordinates locked in. Sending now!" He presses a few buttons on the console, and opens a communications channel to the Rangers' communicators. Adam takes the call on his Morphed Gloved wrist, the others listening in as Zordon tells them, "Sensors indicate that the Earth is becoming unstable due to Zedd's time reversal. You must locate and destroy the Rock Of Time, before it is too late." Tommy answers, "We're ready, Zordon. We're through with Goldar!" Rocky seconds that, saying, "Yeah! Let's do it, Rangers!" Goldar isn't quite beat, though he's still down on bended knee, ready to ask the Rangers' hands in marriage. Or rather, the same position he was beaten down to a minute ago, as he boasts, "You will NEVER succeed!" With a twinkle in his eyes and a flash of fire emanating from his sword, Goldar flame-teleports out of sight, leaving the ground scorched where he once was crouching. White Ranger speaks into his own wrist, pointing out, "But Zordon, we can't destroy the Rock Of Time if we don't know where it is!" Zordon mentions, "You will teleport to the coordinates Alpha is sending now. But beware. The Rock Of Time is guarded by Zedd's most powerful monsters from the past." Black Ranger speaks for the team, saying, "We can handle it, Zordon!" They shout in unison, Billy the loudest, "Let's do it!". Notice, in the teleporting shot, Blue Ranger has some kind of weird device in his hand, which looks like the laser stun scanner from earlier! Instantly, all six teleport from the park in six streaks of light.

Did I say teleport? Well, so did they, but in fact, they try out that rarely used useless art of Jetting! Yes, where the Rangers fly through the air like Supermen, searching for a target visibly within their line of sight. They land somewhere near the mountain range, below a steep hill which top notes the Rock Of Time is atop of. The team races up the side of it, though why they didn't just teleport right next to the rock is unclear, but likely due to magic interference. On the moon, Lord Zedd spots this and remarks to his henchmonster, "Goldar, you worthless weenie! The Rangers are heading for the Rock Of Time! Take your Putties back down there, and stop them for once!" Our heroes crawl the top of the hill, and reach a plateau on the mountain side. Tommy notes, "We're almost at the location Alpha gave us, guys. Everybody just keep your eyes peeled." Indeed they do, as less than an instant after stepping foot on solid ground, they spots Goldar & the Putties, back for an encore! He asks, "Looking for something, Rangers?!" Tommy remarks, "You again?! I was expecting someone tougher." As his Putties roll around the gravel comedically, Goldar exclaims, "I am the greatest warrior of all!" On the moon, Lord Zedd is embarrassed by his lackey's statement, causing him to groan, "I can't believe that bubble-head said that! I need some REAL defenders down there!" Zedd aims his Z-Staff towards Earth and fires a few lightning charges, proclaiming, "Monsters, arise!" Notice how Zordon said earlier that Zedd's most powerful monsters from the past were guarding the rock? Well, seems he was psychic, as only now does Zedd actually summon these creatures back into existence! They're created from thin air and evil magic, and as with any hastily resurrected monster, they all come back barely half as strong as they were before. First up, is the Invenusable Flytrap, who has a deeper, more gruff voice than before (considering this is the second time it was brought back to life, after "Zedd's Monster Mash", changes are expected). Pink Ranger, who was the last person onscreen to fight Flytrap, cries, "Not him again!" The monster shouts, "You better believe it!", as he dances around, laughing maniacally.

As White Ranger is telling Invenusable Flytrap, "Look, we took care of you once before...", another resurrected monster appears behind him & Kim. It's the Dramole monster, from "Return Of An Old Friend!" This is his first revival, and all he's got to say about it is "growl! grr!" and such. The Rangers turn around to see him standing there, all shocked, especially Kim, who says, "I can't believe it!", even though she's seen such returns before. Adam points out, "Another one!", just before yet another appears, which he notes as well. It's the Oysterizer, also making his first return (though it won't be his last), and sports his usual voice, as he spins his large pearl on a chain around and yells, "At your service!" White Ranger spouts orders, saying, "Alright guys, let's split up and take these clowns!" Red Ranger enthusiastically agrees, shouting, "Right!", right before leaping into the air for no good reason. He lands next to Pink Ranger, and the two begin to fight Putties. "We Need A Hero" plays in the background, as White & Yellow Rangers also take on Putties together, and Black & Blue Rangers do the same with yet more Putties. Between knocking and socking the claybrains around, Oysterizer hops into the fight, and faces Billy. Nearby, Invenusable Flytrap starts sparring with Rocky, knocking him down. Kim clears out a Putty, and rushes over to fight the restored monster in her teammate's stead. Meanwhile, Aisha gets grabbed by two Putties and held in place, as Goldar prepares to slash her with his sword. Tommy prevents it, blocking the attack with Saba. Nearby, Adam joins Billy in fighting Oysterizer after the Blue Ranger gets pushed over. Back at that other thing, Aisha & Tommy team up in attacking Goldar. Back at the Oysterizer party, the replacement Black Ranger takes up where Zack left off by fighting said creature one on one. Oysterizer's pearl chain with a large clip on the end is used as a weapon, until the pearl breaks off by accident during the skirmish. Elsewhere (and I should note, we see Putties lying around all over the place, yet not a single one of them have exploded into pieces yet!), Goldar manages to swipe his sword at Yellow & White Rangers' legs, causing both to slip and fall. He gloats over this, feeling victorious in his earlier boast of being the greatest warrior. Not far away, while Red Ranger recovers, Pink Ranger throws some hits into Invenusable Flytrap. They don't do as good, since she winds up slapped aside like an afterthought.

Our heroes regroup around White & Yellow Rangers, all weary from battle, every one of them in the losing category at the moment. Above them slightly, atop the hill, their enemies bask in their wins, standing around waving their arms and laughing evilly. Tommy tells his team, "We're gonna need some extra firepower, guys!" They agree, and proceed to pull out their Power Weapons. The fight with the three resurrected monsters and Goldar is resumed, though this time, Blue Ranger faces Oysterizer with his Power Lance, Black Ranger fights Dramole with his Power Ax, White Ranger fights Goldar with Saba, Yellow Ranger adds her Power Daggers to the Goldar bashing, and Red & Pink Rangers scuffle with Oysterizer using their Power Sword & Power Bow. That's pretty much how it goes, coupled with the usual added kicks and punches, the upperhand goes to the Power Rangers. Kimberly aims her Bow, remarks, "This'll put you back in your shell!", and fires an arrow. It lands in the dirt just below Oysterizer's feet, and explodes, sending a blast upwards towards the monster. He screams in agony, and falls onto his back, before reverting back to nothingness in a quick flash of Pink energy. Black Ranger slices into Invenusable Flytrap with his Power Ax, and Blue Ranger cuts into Dramole's leg. The two monsters topple, and blinking out of existence again, each in a flash of color matching the Ranger who killed it. Adam notes, "Alright, that's the last of them!", and Billy decrees, "Let's go help Tommy!", like Tom ever really needs it. Speaking of which, White & Yellow Rangers take Goldar down once more. He arises from his fall and proclaims, "You may have won the day, but you have not seen the last of Goldar!" Tommy resheaths Saba, and says, "Yeah! Good job, everyone. Now let's get rid of this Rock Of Time!" Aisha provides us with the millionth "Right!" this episode alone, as the six Rangers regroup atop the hill.

They find the glowing Rock Of Time right where Alpha said it would be. Immediately, they stand into position, with Billy & Rocky side by side in the back, shouting, "Stage 1", Aisha & Kim in the middle for Stage 2, and Adam & Tommy in front for Stage 3. Each locked on and lifting their arms, the Power Cannon is summoned from nullspace. Without much ado, the hefty weapon is hoisted over their shoulders, with each Ranger shoving into the ammo hole on the side a ball of their color. Tommy says, "Power Cannon, battle ready! Rangers, lock on target!" That they do, getting a few feet away from the rock (or rather, many miles away since they never appear in the same shot as their target), before discharging the massive cannon. The burst of power is unloaded, the Power Cannon jerking nearly off their shoulders upon firing. As per usual, only five balls of energy are shown streaming together, one of them green, as the cannon's firepower is blasted into the Rock Of Time. The anomalous stone explodes upon impact, blowing up in a spectacular wall of flame. The Rangers continue holding the Cannon, as Adam remarks, "Whoa! We nailed that sucker! That should put us back in the present time!" He reaches back and Aisha slaps his five, as the team cheers for their victory over their childhood. We NEVER see the exterior shot of the planet with the ball of red power circling it again, but it's implied that the destruction of the rock caused that reversal to cease, and the time flow on Earth to be restored to the nearly point it left off at. On the moon palace, Lord Zedd stands at his throne, glowing red with anger, as he growls, "Ooohh! Another perfectly good evil plan ruined! Those Rangers really BURN MY BISCUITS!"


Due to the quirk of relativity, with time now set back to normal, the fates of Bulk & Skull have remained where we last saw them, in detention! Or is that just the natural place they'd be this time of the afternoon? The science room now has all of its desks back in place away from the walls (the janitor likely came in between scenes), with the age restored Bulk & Skull still sleeping with their heads on their desktops. Aisha, Rocky & Kimberly enter the room to check on their semi-friends, and upon finding them still unconscious from Alpha's zapping, Kim can't help but giggle. Aisha helps clear up some confusion, by saying, "I am SO glad everyone's back to normal. Especially those people trapped in the photograph." She means "photographs" plural, but who cares. Photomare's destruction obviously reversed the effects. Kim has made an epiphany from her return to childhood, as she says, "You know what, I kinda liked being a kid, though. Everything seemed less complicated." (except the PLOT of this two-parter! Oy!) Rocky agrees, "Yeah! If I had known then what I know now, I'd be in less of a hurry to grow up." Aisha laughs, and Kim slaps her hand against Rocky's chest playfully. Mr. Kaplan suddenly enters the room, and completely ignores the three honor students standing around in detention. Kaplan, with his natural grayness restored to his hair, marches over to Bulk & Skull's desks, and awakens them rudely. He pinches their ears and asks, "Are we finished with those essays?!" Skull's reaction to this painful abuse is most amusing, as he quickly lifts up his fist and readies a punch into the principal, before groggily realizing who it is. Kaplan releases his lobe-hold on them, as Bulk confusedly asks, "What essays?!... What are we doing in here?!" Kaplan jokes, "This seems to be where you live. We're gonna have to start charging you rent! Uhh... why DID I send you in here?" Skull sheepishly remarks, "To take a nap?" The principal shrugs off the effects of the time reversal and figures, "Makes no difference. I want you BOTH to write on the backboard 100 times, 'Silence is golden, and I will abide by the rules.' The bumbling duo look at each other without a clue as to what they've done in the past few hours. Kaplan tells them, "Now move it! C'mon!", and that they do, dragging their feet, and angrily following him (Skull shoves the sheet of paper on his desk off the side in protest). They stomp slowly until they reach the chalkboard, Bulk stopping only to give Kaplan a dirty look, and Skull walks past the three Ranger teens, giving Aisha a dirty look as well. They begin to write on the board (though notice, Skull's chalk doesn't actually touch it as he pretends to write), and Kimberly jokingly whispers to her pals, "I guess you could say Bulk & Skull have been in detention since the second grade." Rocky chuckles, and Aisha smiles, adding, "Literally!"

[end credits]

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