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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Season 2
"Return Of The Green Ranger, Part I"
Original Air Date: 02/20/95

*Season 2
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-244
*44th episode aired
*104th total Power Rangers episode
*Production Note: More "Filming of MMPR:TM was delayed so we've got to film some episodes partially down in Australia" fun. Though this time, the vast majority of the footage was filmed there on location.

Writer: Shuki Levy Director: Shuki Levy
Starring Cast:
Amy Jo Johnson _AS_ Kimberly (Pink Ranger)
David Yost _AS_ Billy (Blue Ranger)
Johnny Yong Bosch _AS_ Adam (Black Ranger)
Karan Ashley _AS_ Aisha (Yellow Ranger)
Steve Cardenas _AS_ Rocky (Red Ranger)
Jason David Frank _AS_ Tommy (White Ranger)/ Tommy's Clone (Green Ranger)
Paul Schrier _AS_ Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
Jason Narvy _AS_ Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch/ British Captain
Additional Cast:
? _AS_ Marissa
Royce Herron _AS_ Ms. Appleby
Bob Manahan _AS_ Zordon (voice)
Sandi Sellner _AS_ Alpha 5
Richard Wood _AS_ Alpha 5 (voice)
Carla Perez _AS_ Rita Repulsa
Barbara Goodson _AS_ Rita Repulsa (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Lord Zedd
Robert Axelrod _AS_ Lord Zedd (voice)
Ryan O'Flannigan [Kerrigan Mahan] _AS_ Goldar (voice)
Colin Phillips [Dave Mallow] _AS_ Baboo (voice)
Michael J. Sorich _AS_ Squatt (voice)
Robert Axelrod _AS_ Finster (voice)
? _AS_ Wizard Of Deception

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[today on MMPR; Opening credits]

Another bright & shiny day at Angel Grove High School. Inside Ms. Appleby's classroom, the burly teacher erases writing on the chalkboard, and reveals the homework to the students. She says, "Which period in history would you have liked to have lived? These are the subjects for your assignment. So, enjoy your three-day weekend, everyone!" Billy seems especially excited to be getting extra homework for the added school-less day. The room full of students comes alive with the teens exiting at the sound of the bell. Notice Bulk & Skull in the back of the room. Seems this bit of footage is recycled from "When Is A Ranger Not A Ranger?", as Bulk has his hair down and is playing with the pencil in his mouth. He stands up, and the entire top of his desk comes off! When the scene cuts, we find the Ranger teens walking around an area of the school we've never seen before, with Bulk & Skull following behind, along with other nameless extras. Billy, Bulk & Skull are wearing totally different outfits than they just had on a few seconds ago! Err, ignoring that, Bulk mocks Appleby's statement to his pal in a funny voice, ""Enjoy your three-day weekend everyone!"" Skull scoffs, as he sips a drink from a plastic cup, remarking, "Yeah! The stupid assignment!" The Ranger teens break off from the bumbling duo, and proceed to sit down a table in a park like section of the school, that we've never seen them at before. Kimberly starts discussing Appleby's assignment, saying, "Let's see, if I were to go back in time... I would definitely go back to last year when they had that huge sale on at the Galleria, remember, and I was out sick with the flu?" Aisha laughs at her best friend's squandering of time travel plans, noting, "Kim, I think we're supposed to go back a LITTLE farther back in time." Kim giggles, and the girls sit next to Adam & Billy at the table. Rocky & Tommy take their time approaching their pals, with Rocky stating, "I think i'd like to be in... Viking times. I always loved those books!" Tommy chuckles, and adds, "I'd like to have lived in the days of... King Arthur!" He then proceeds to swing his arm around like he was carrying a sword. His friends get a laugh out of his enthusiasm, but secretly harbor intense resentment for his predictable mindset.

Meanwhile, on the Evil Moon Palace, Lord Zedd eavesdrops on our heroes, remarking aloud in equal resentment, "If I could, I would send them ALL back in time! Then they would be out of my way forever!" Goldar, who fails to point out Zedd did sort of try to send the Rangers back in time recently and pretty much failed, does bring up something we weren't privy to. He says, "Didn't the Ghost Of Darkness conjure up some wizard once that had those special powers, my lord?" Zedd confirms, "Yes, but the Ghost is Rita's creation, but she's been so touchy lately I don't know if she'll talk to him!" Goldar gets testy, saying, "Why don't you ORDER her to talk to him, sire?!" Zeddy grumbles, "You fool! You know Rita! That won't work!" Goldar apologizes, nodding and saying, "Yes, I forgot!" The flesh & metal master of evil notes, "If you want something nice out of Rita, you have to ask her nicely. Deliver my request with my warmest regards. Hahaha." Goldar departs to do his bidding, when Zedd adds, "And one more thing, Goldar. Remind Rita that no wife of mine shall EVER be allowed to fail me!" Goldar obeys, raspily saying, "Yes!" This causes Lord Zedd to pause, as he scratches his exposed brain tissue and asks himself, "Why DID I marry her, anyway?" Goldar remarks, "Good question!", prompting his overlord to shout, "What?!" The henchmonster backs off and stutters, trying to play off his remark by stating, "Uhh, I was just saying.. we could send the Power Rangers back in time!" Lord Zedd screams at the golden goon, pointing out, "I already said that! Now go! And don't come back until you've delivered my request!" Goldar growls and grovels, leaving to do the deed assigned to him. Zedd breathes heavily through his silver grilled facemask, and sits down on his throne, while talking to himself, "The Power Rangers will become nothing more than a faded memory. And I will finally control the world. AhaheheheahahHahahahhAHEHEHAHAHAH!" He spins his throne around, and we get a fullscreen image of the big golden Z on the back of his chair.


Back at the park area of Angel Grove High, we find Bulk & Skull sitting on a bench, playing thumb wrestling against each other. Bulk pins Skull's thumb down, and wins the round. A few feet away, the Ranger teens are lounging at the table, continuing their discussion of the topic from class. Rocky asks, "So what about you, Billy? What period of time would you like to have lived in?" Behind him, one of the buildings has a sign that reads in big letters "MacArthur Pavilion". Billy replies, "Well, that's an easy one. Back in the '30s with Albert Einstein. Course, uhh, I'd have to be his assistant." His teammates snicker over his statement, while Skull loudly struggles to free his thumb from Bulk's clutches in the background. Adam continues the discussion, saying, "Of course. Man, this is a tough one for me." Aisha eggs him on, mentioning, "C'mon, Adam! There's gotta be SOME period of time you'd be interested in." Kim wiggles her eyebrows and encourages by telling him, "Don't be shy!" Adam finally breaks out, saying, "I'm not! Okay, maybe the Renaissance time. Everything seemed... I dunno... romantic?" Aisha can only reply by saying, "Awww!", Kim calls it, "That's so sweet!", and the guys all laugh at his sensitivity. Behind them, Skull loses another round, and forces his hand out from Bulk's with a strong pull. Bulk overhears Adam's words, and brings them up to Skull, as he says, "Ehh, did you hear that?! That makes me sick!" Skull scoffs, "Romantic?! Heh! Get a load of that geek!" Bulk tells his buddy, "Let's get out of here!", and the two quickly rush as far away from our heroes as they can waddle. Kim lets us know how her homework is going, as she says, "Okay, I finished all my math, my history... that means I just have.. English!" Her teammates/ friends don't look too excited by her revelation, likely because the line was dubbed in weeks later.

Meanwhile, images of star clusters and galaxy swirls (which Joe Rovang would end up using prominently on his Writer's Guide) appear, implying that Rita Repulsa is off on some planet far away or something. She's on her knees before a very creepy altar, made up two rock slabs, with a set of red crystals between it, and another blue set atop a platform above them. A large skull head is placed against that, with glowing humanoid eyeballs within it. The entire altar seems to glow with constant evil magic, fog and mist swarming all around the area, as well as flashes of lightning. This entire scene contradicts the earlier statement of the Ghost being Rita's creation, as she seems to worship this entity like she did with Lokar back in season 1. She bows continuously and proclaims, "Oh, Ghost Of Darkness, my husband, Lord Zedd, has sent me before you." The skullhead talks in a deep, echoing voice, saying, "I heard about the wedding. What can I do for you, my evil child?" Rita puts it bluntly, "Zedd has come up with a ridiculous plan to get rid of those Power Brats by sending them back in time!" The Ghost Of Darkness tells her, "The Wizard Of Deception can carry that out. But as long as the White Ranger leads them, you will never get rid of them completely." Rita agrees, "My point exactly! You can send the Rangers back in time, send them to the moon, send them anywhere, but they always have the White Ranger to lead them back!" She gets rowdy with her hands, gesturing them around, and causing red magic energy to course out from her palms as she says all this. The Ghost puts things straight, "Therefore, you must destroy the White Ranger." Rita exclaims, "At last! Somebody as intelligent as I am! How do we do it?" The Ghost Of Darkness, aka Skullhead Jones, explains, "The White Ranger is quick-thinking, wise and strong. He can only be defeated by another such as he. The Wizard Of Deception will get rid of the others and create the being who will finally destroy the White Ranger." The red set of crystals below his head seem to be focused on by the camera a little too much during this scene, so perhaps that is where the Wizard springs from. A huge flaming fireball streaks to the planet Earth, and lands rather incognativly in the bushes somewhere in Angel Grove. The ball forms into the humanoid demon creature named the Wizard Of Deception, who exclaims, "Surprise, Zordon! I'm back!" They seem to be old rivals or something, but their history isn't elaborated upon. The Wizard wears a long, body concealing black robe & cape, with his face rather yellowish and alien-like jack-o-lantern-esque skull face. Inside the eyesockets, and between the fanged teeth, it appears that an eternal fire is raging within. We know that it is but a deception, since he's got rather long black hair which would burst into flames were this true. He also has a tiny wand in his possession, which has a skull on it resembling the Ghost Of Darkness. Rita continues bowing before the Ghost, and cries, "Ghost Of Darkness, thank you! Lord Zedd's gonna love this!"

The Wizard Of Deception ducks down in the bushes, and laughs diabolically, as he awaits the arrival of two very strange individuals. It's Bulk & Skull, who wander through the park (passing over a small bridge and pond that looks oddly out of place for Angel Grove. You know, why didn't they just stretch out the "we're on vacation in Australia" plot from "The Wedding" instead of trying and failing to make us think this is California?!). Bulk tells his pal his latest scheme, "Okay, Skull. It got an idea. From now on, we go to school every day and we try to get... an education!" Skull can't help but laugh in his trademark hyenia-like manner. Bulk appears serious on this idea, until the two of them bump into the Wizard! He lets out a wicked chuckle, and tells them, "Look into my eyes!" His flame-covered eyes suddenly burst out two bolts of orange energy bolts. The both of which lock on to Bulk & Skull's eyes, snaring them in a trance before they can react. The bumbling duo can only let their mouths go agape, as they're placed under the Wizard's spell. He informs them, "You will do as I command!" Bulk & Skull obey, speaking in unison in monotone, "Yes, Master." The Wizard goes on to say, "You will go and seek a human named Tommy, and bring me a sample of his hair, so that I may clone another of his image and strength!" He hands over a rather normal looking pair of scissors to Bulk, his arm glowing as he does this. Note though, the Wizard Of Deception has perfectly normal looking humanoid hands, his skin appearing Caucasian with a bit of scorching. Bulk holds the scissors in his hand, and Skull, also obeying the same orders, holds his two of his own fingers outward like they were scissors as well. The now-mindless lackeys speak together again, "Yes, master!" The Wizard orders them, "Now go!" They say once more, "Yes, master!", but remaining standing before him. He repeats himself, they repeat themselves, and he grows quite frustrated and angry. Aiming his wand at their feet and zapping some magic at them, the Wizard causing both Bulk & Skull to leap up into the air, as their legs are placed under what appears to be a walking spell, their legs leading their zombie-like bodies quickly through the park. The WoD watches them stumble away, and he shakes his head, sighing in disgust, "Humans."

Meanwhile, inside the Evil Moon Palace, Finster is wasting time mixing up some strange concoction in his workshop. I guess he's planning a career as a bartender on Onyx or something. Rita Repulsa enters and says in her usual loud scratchy voice, "Oh, Finster!" He turns his attention to her, as loyal as ever, asking, "Yes, my queen?" She tells him with an evil smile and maniacal glee, "I did it! The Wizard Of Deception is going to create another Tommy!" Finster claps his white paws together and exclaims, "Why, that's a brilliant idea, my queen!" Rita concurs, "Yes! With our own little Tommy I can recreate the evil Green Ranger and defeat those Power Brats once & for all! Ahahaha!" It's so refreshing to not have to deal with a Rita who's made up of the same stock footage shots over and over, isn't it? Back on Earth, Tommy & Kim walk hand in hand over a small bridge in the park. He asks his girlfriend, "So, what are you up to this weekend?" She replies, "Well, the weather's so nice I might just sit outside and read a book! Want to join me?" Tommy's all for it, telling her "yep", and the two laugh & smile, as they make their way over to a bench in the rather lovely plant decorated section of the city. Little do they know, that the zombified Bulk & Skull are trailing behind them. Bulk has the scissors cutting into the air wildly, and Skull does the same with his own two fingers (look close enough and you'll see that several times he almost gets cut by Bulk's aimless chopping!). Tommy asks his galpal, "So, what about me and you catch a movie later?" Kim turns him down, "Actually, you know what? I promised Aisha i'd go to the mall with her. Wanna go?" He's reluctant to shop, and gives a slight groan. Before he can answer, they both spot Bulk & Skull crawling on the ground, trying in vain to sneak up on Tommy. Kim cheerfully greets them, "Hi guys!" They rise up onto their knees, and stare at the Ranger teens, still in their spell state. Tommy asks, "Are you guys okay?" The bumbling duo glance at each other with mindless faces, before saying in unison, "Yes, we're okay." They then quickly stand up and rush away from the scene before their plans can be further spoiled by questioning.

Tommy looks at Kim and gestures his hand to his head in such a way to imply calling Bulk & Skull crazy. She laughs heartily, especially when he tells her, "I worry about them sometimes." Bulk & Skull haven't gone far, as they try sneaking up on him again, with the pair of pinking shears getting slowly closer to Tommy's long locks. Tommy's preoccupied with Kim, telling her, "Anyway, uhh, so you and Aisha are going to mall, huh? So, uhh, i'm gonna go work out, and i'll meet you guys there." Just before Bulk is about to trim off a piece of his hair, Tommy snaps his body around and demands to know, "What are you guys doing?!" Bulk hides the scissors under his armpit, and Skull presses his two fingers up against the lenses of his sunglasses, both trying to conceal their intentions. They reply to his demands by simply stating together, "Nothing." They then crawl on their knees away from the bench, leaving Tommy shaking his head in confusion, and Kim wondering, "What was all that about?" Tommy scoffs, "With those two, who knows!" Bulk & Skull are back on their bedazzled feet, and stumbling off through the park, with Bulk mumbling, "Must find the master!" Kimberly appears to have lost her short term memory from this distraction, as she tells Tommy, "Alright, well, I better go meet Aisha. You want to go?" Tommy says roughly what he just told her again, "No, you know what? I gotta go work out. But I tell ya what, i'll meet ya there." He playfully slaps her hand, she giggles, and they bid goodbye to each other, going their separate ways. Tommy ends up heading in the direction Bulk & Skull went, and speaking of them, the bumbling duo wind up back where they started from. They march over to the Wizard Of Deception (who hasn't moved an inch from his bush-side spot), standing before him without a single strand of White Ranger's hair. He scolds them, "You miserable, useless humans! Why do I have to do everything myself?!" The Wizard aims his wand at Bulk & Skull, apparently freeing them from both the servant and walking spells he placed earlier. They tumble over each other, and fall to the ground in a heap, knocked unconscious by the magical liberation.

Tommy walks around the pond, says hello to a couple of passing girls, and continues on his merry way. He's alone when he ends up at the area where the Wizard Of Deception is hiding, the strange & evil creature popping up from the bushes in a flash of fire. He tells the surprised Ranger teen, "Ah-ha! Hello, Tommy. I can't tell you what a pleasure it is to meet you!" As the Wizard laughs wickedly, Tommy remains frozen in his tracks, looking around alertly, and standing poised for battle the minute this odd creature makes the first move. On the moon, Lord Zedd is checking out the scene with his Z-Vision. He turns from the balcony and (with Goldar at his side) faces about six of his Putty Patrollers. Zedd commands, "Excellent! The Wizard has the White Ranger cornered. Putties! Get down there, on the double!" Back down in the park, the Wizard Of Deception informs Tommy, "I have something very special planned for you!" Tommy finally snaps back to reality, and lifts his wrist, pressing the button on his Communicator. He calls out, "Zordon, Alpha, come in! I need your help!" At the Command Center, Alpha stares at the Viewing Globe and exclaims, "Ay-yi-yi! Tommy's in trouble!" Zordon confirms, "Right, Alpha. That's my old rival, the Wizard Of Deception." Alpha gasps, "Oh dear! I had better call the other Rangers immediately." Zordon tells him to hurry, and Alpha quickly presses a few buttons, before raising his hands into the air and lamenting, "The Wizard Of Deception! There's no telling what he'll do!" At the park, the Putties are all lined up in two rows, with the sixth Putty backflipping down the center. Tommy spots their entrance, and instantly leaps into the air, launching himself into unmorphed combat. He starts thrashing his legs into a lone Putty, knocking it down, and awaiting battle with the rest of them.

Elsewhere, back near the school, Billy, Adam & Rocky are still sitting at the outdoor table. Adam remarks, "Well, this isn't a bad assignment, but I can think of a lot more fun things to do on a three-day weekend." Rocky smiles and nods, hopefully realizing that since they'll probably all be done with the homework by the time the three-day weekend finally starts tomorrow. Their Communicators go off, and with a precautionary peek to their surroundings to be sure no one is watching, Billy answers the call, "Alpha, what's going on?" Alpha 5 replies, "Teleport to the park! Tommy's in trouble!" Adam asks, "What about Kimberly & Aisha?" Alpha answers, "I'll contact them. Hurry!" The three seem a bit reluctant, silently questioning Alpha's signal, for good reasons. Remember, in the mini-series before this, Alpha had gone evil and sent the team into a trap. They take a leap of faith, trusting the automaton's guidance, and picking up their backpacks before rushing off to find a more secluded area to teleport out of. At the CC, Alpha tells Zordon's giant blue head, "The Rangers are in their way, Zordon!" He states, "They must be careful, Alpha. The Wizard has the power to create illusions that become reality." He sounds like a Phasm! Say, those crystals the WoD popped out of sorta resembled the top of a pipe organ. He's not Flabber's evil cousin, is he? Anyhow, Alpha raises his hands again and cries, "Oh, this is terrible!" The five remaining Ranger teens teleport to the park and are greeted by several Z-Putties. The immortal fight ballad by Mighty RAW, titled "541" plays in the background, as the traditional fight scene begins. Can't really do it justice in writing, but i'll break down the basics. Kim fights a couple of Putties at once, concluding the shot by kicking one into a chainlink fence. Tommy rips into a gang of Putties near a large electric windmill. Billy does an impossible backflip into the air, and lands just in time to start knocking Putties around. He concludes that by grabbing one and tossing him into the air. Speaking of which, Tommy is towering above a downed Putty, about to punch its Z-plate, when another snatches him from behind, and sends him hurling off into the distance. Tommy doesn't just fly across the field, he literally spins vertically like a human tornado, his feet just inches off the ground, before dropping to the grass harshly. He shakes off the attack, hops back on his feet, and rushes back into battle.

Elsewhere, Rocky takes on a few Putties, mostly tossing kicks around, before concluding his sparring match with the claybrains by throwing a jump kick into one of them. Aisha does a reverse footage backwards leap onto a treestump, before launching herself into the air and kicking two Putties in the upper chest at once. She lands, kicks them down again, knocks another down as well, and stands triumphantly, with a stern glare in her eyes as she searches out whoever else wants some ass whooping. Over near a hill, which appears to be just below a roadway, Tommy kicks a Putty to the ground. Distracted by this, two other Putties grab his arms from behind, and hold the Ranger teen firmly in place. Adam isn't far away, but is quite busy with some of the clay drones, kicking and spinning his body around in a large green field. He finishes things up with a kick to a Z, causing the first and only Putty destruction in the entire episode. Tommy struggles between the grasp of the two Putties, unaware that the Wizard Of Deception has teleported himself to the top of the hill behind him. The Wizard merely laughs as he aims his wand at Tommy, and floods his body with his evil, orange glowing sorcery. Tommy falls onto his back, his feet kicked out from under him by the Putties, who then pin his arms down as he seems to lose consciousness. The Wizard orders the Putties (who are crouched atop him with their hands on their waists, acting quite tough) to, "Bring me a lock of his hair!" The last Putty that was knocked over finally recovers, and pulls the pair of magic scissors from out of his back. He hops over to where Tommy is lying, and proceeds to trim out a small, but rather thick, chunk of his brown hair. They seem to also repair his hair, as anytime we see him later, it looks completely untouched by any unprofessional evil space barbers. The Putty follows the Wizard's orders and brings the lock of Tommy's hair to him, prompting the Wizard to take it into his possession with a rather twisted laugh as a result. The WoD teleports away with his new prize, as do the three Putties, who do a little dance of joy before vanishing from the scene.

Tommy slowly awakens from his first physical defeat in ages, just as his teammates wander over and witness the stunning sight. Kim gasp, "Oh no, look!", as she's the first to notice him. Aisha is also shocked, asking, "What happened to him?!" Adam & Billy are the first to rush to his side, with Adam asking, "Tommy! Are you okay?!" Tommy groggily arises, rubbing the back of his head and saying, "Yeah... I think so." Billy thinks, "I think we'd better contact Zordon." Rocky agrees, "Yeah, and maybe he can tell us who that lizard dude was!" I assume he means the Wizard of Deception, though he looks nothing like a lizard at all! Kim adds, "Yeah, and why he seems to be after Tommy." Tommy shrugs his shoulders, and rubs his bare arms, at a loss for why he was targeted. At the Command Center, Alpha is in front of the Viewing Globe, noting, "The Wizard disappeared as quickly as he appeared!" Zordon informs him, "This is not over yet, Alpha. Unfortunately, all we can do is wait." The good-natured robot sighs, "Ohh. I just HATE waiting!" Had he been doing his usual job of scanning the area, he might be able to find out where the Wizard went to. We see that the Wizard has flame-aported over to a small mound of grass, where he growls evilly and tosses the small knotted lock of Tommy's hair to the ground. He then aims his Ghost Of Darkness wand at it, and charges the hair with bluish magic. Instantly, the hair sprouts off a human body, an exact duplicate of Tommy Oliver! Well, almost exact, as his clothes are quite different from what the real one had on a few minutes ago. He has a green bandanna over his head, his hair tied in a ponytail, and a sleeveless red, white & black flannel shirt on with dark green pants (compared to the real Tommy's loose hanging hair, white & black sleeveless flannel shirt, and black pants). The Tommy clone opens his eyes, and they flash with energy, as he grunts for the first time. The Wizard greets him, "Welcome to your new reality! From now on, you are Tommy, keeper of the Green Ranger's evil powers! You shall follow ALL of my commands." The Tommy Clone arises from the ground and faces his creator, promising, "I am here to serve you, Wizard Of Deception." The evil Wizard replies, "Now, here is what I want you to do....!" Small point, you can see the mouth movements of the actor inside the Wizard suit if you look close enough at the eternal flaming inside the over-skull face.


Still at the same spot in the park, Kim & Aisha stand around gabbing, while Adam & Rocky are crouched down resting, and Tommy remains rubbing his noggin. Billy walks in from offscreen (what, was he off taking a whiz of deception?), and urgently informs his teammates, "Guys, listen. According to Zordon, the Wizard has the ability to create an illusion that then becomes reality." Aisha queries, "Like a nightmare that becomes true?" Billy confirms, "Exactly!" Kim notices Tommy's constant neck and head rubbing, and asks him, "Are you okay?" He groans and says a bit under his voice, "Yeah, I just got a headache." Rocky & Adam finally stand up and walk over next to the rest of the team, with Rocky stating, "Look, about this Wizard. Maybe if we all stay alert, we can beat him." Aisha remarks, "I hope you're right." Adam wonders, "So when's the next move?" Billy mentions, "Well, Zordon said there's nothing we can really do right now. So I say we just go on with our day." Tommy seems eager to find a place to nap, quickly saying, "Alright, but remember. Keep an eye on your Communicators at all times." Both Kim & Billy nod and say, "Okay" to this, and presumably the others do so as well. Tommy walks over to Kim and pats her on the shoulder, stating, "I'm uhh, I think i'm gonna skip out on the mall today." She's fine with it, concertedly replying, "Alright, catch ya later." Tommy explains while massaging the base of his skull, "I think i'm gonna go home and take care of this headache." He starts to stagger off, as Kim shouts, "Aspirin!", and Adam says, "See ya, Tommy.", all waving. As Tommy slowly shuffles his feet through the sparsely wooded area, more goodbyes are exchanged through quickly dubbed in lines, mostly just "bye! hope ya feel better!" things from Kim & Aisha. Tommy's so wrapped up in his woozy mind, that he fails to notice his clone standing in the bushes past where he walks! The Tommy Clone has that trademark Evil Green Ranger smirk on his face, as he places a small blade of grass between his teeth, takes a look over to where the Ranger teens are, and then looks back to watch his original self walking off. The Clone chuckles diabolically, grinning with malicious intent as he stares toward his double's friends.

On the moon, Lord Zedd is quite pleased, stating, "Ahh! This is all going so much better than I expected! Perhaps I HAVE been underestimating Rita. Wizard, what comes next?" He glances down at Earth with his Zedd-vision, and checks out the Wizard Of Deception's head. The demonic figure replies, "To proceed without plan, we must make sure the rest of the Rangers are out of our way." Zedd let's him know, "I warn you, that is easier said than done!" The Wizard gets cocky, "Oh, trust me, Lord Zedd. The Power Rangers are going far. VERY far, indeed!" Lord Zedd cuts off his red-ray transmission and turns from the balcony, exclaiming, "Hahaha! This is unbelievable! The sheer magnitude of evilness, with Rita & I joined together, has made us unstoppable!" Goldar stands there watching him rather quietly, as Baboo & Squatt are behind the wall again, peeping on the situation. They seem quite excited, as Baboo notes, "You know, this marriage must just work out after all!" Squatt agrees, "Yeah!" And I begin to wonder who thought the over-usage of footage concerning Squatt & Baboo as voyeurs was a good idea. Back down at the pondside area of the park, Tommy's Clone approaches the exact bench in front of the bushes where the Wizard is hiding. With several citizens passing by, he waits for the right moment, sits down, and contacts the other Rangers on his Communicator. Apparently, his cloned body came with a Communicator, with green stripes on the sides! Tommy's Clone, speaking in a quite angry voice, says, "Rangers, come in. This is Tommy." Billy answers, "We read you Tommy, what's up?" The Clone removes the piece of lawn from his lips, and plays leader, ordering, "Listen, something's come up. Meet me at the Angel Grove city limits sign on the outskirts of town, right away! See ya there." Billy tells him, "You got it, Tommy", and the Clone reinserts the grass into his mouth, smiles evilly, and heads to the rendezvous point.

Soon at said Angel Grove City Limits sign (with notations, "Pop. 367, 000" and "Elev. 241 Ft"), Tommy's Clone sits under the sign, against a large tree that it rests against. You know, just to make things easier, let's call Tommy Oliver's Clone, Oliver Thomas from now on. Got it? So, he sits there, chewing on his blade of grass, and tossing a small rock into the air and catching it in the same hand, wasting time. He finally hears the other five Power Rangers on their way to him, rushing down the street (which leads to a rather large stadium in the distance), calling out to him in a hurry. They reach his side, and Kim asks, "What's going on?!", with Adam adding, "Yeah, what's up, Tommy?" Oliver (remember, he's the clone), removes the lawn debris from his mouth and stands up, acting serious in pretending to be the real Tommy. He says, "I'm not too sure. Zordon said we should all meet here." Billy is eager to learn why they were summoned to the location, and states, "Alright. Well, let's contact him. See what's happening." Just as he's about to press the button on his Communicator, Oliver shouts, "No! I mean... look. He gave us our orders, right?" Adam buys it, noting, "Tommy's right. Zordon must have a reason." The Wizard Of Deception ends the deception himself, by laughing wickedly, as he stands perched atop the trunk of the large ancient tree before them. He remarks, "You fools are so easily deceived!" Adam shouts out, "Quick, let's Morph!", but before his hand can reach his Morpher, Oliver grabs his arm. The team turns their attention to what they believe is Tommy, all given a double shock by this odd betrayal. Billy asks, "Tommy?! What's going on, man?" Oliver shakes his head and grins evilly, telling them, "You're way too late!" He backs away from Adam and the rest (all apparently too stunned to try Morphing or calling for help). As the Wizard laughs maniacally over this, Kimberly cries, "Huh!? Tommy... NO!" The man with the face of the White Ranger stands before them, smirking devilishly.


Right next to the Angel Grove City Limits sign, the six Power Ranger teens are together, but being torn apart at the same time. No, not because what appears to be Tommy is crossing over out of their jurisdiction by exiting the town! Kimberly walks closer to her boyfriend's clone and asks him worriedly, "Tommy, what's going on?!" He ignores her and continues smiling evilly, as Rocky points out, "He's turning on us, that's what!" Before they can have time to fully react, the Wizard Of Deception, still on the tree limbs above them, yells, "It doesn't matter now!" He waves his Ghost Of Darkness collector's wand (available from the Danbury Mint at a low price!) around, causing the area surrounding the tall tree to begin to warp strangely. Our four heroes stumble around, the weird time travel spell being woven over them like a torrential rain. They stagger to the Angel Grove City Limits sign, clinging to it for support as they appear to be overcome with vertigo. Aisha is the loudest with the grunt and groaning, upstaged only by the Wizard's constant laughter. Billy hugs the sign the closest, with Aisha grabbing his waist, and Kim grabbing hers. Adam has ahold of the base of the sign, with Rocky attached to his arm for support. The reality warping increases, and finally subsides as quickly as it began. The five open their eyes to find that everything is safe and sound in Angel Grove.... 200 years earlier! Zedd got his wish, the Power Rangers are now trapped back in time. The area is quite different than how it looks in 1995, the only remaining landmarks recognizable are the Angel Grove City Limits sign and the tree behind it (which is obviously much smaller at the time. Seems the Wizard needed a proper point of reference to send them back at, hence using that location with the old tree and the historic location of the boundary line marker). The location is quite wide open, with small houses and horse drawn carriages wandering about. The townspeople are all dressed in ye olde style clothing, fitting the period this is set to be. Though, as you may know, in history, there were no towns in California inhabited by settlers from England in the 1700s. It seems that history as we know it, for the PR Universe, is slightly more skewed in some respects. Makes you wonder what other conflicting events with our world there are in this fictional dimension.

Anyway, the townsfolk spot the strange, transported visitors from another time, and instantly panic. Yes, even in the past, the people of Angel Grove are prone to heavy anxiety. Our five heroes are nearly as stunned as they are, taking a look around in total shock, all having forgotten about Tommy's apparent betrayal, and instead focusing on the problem of the moment. A few yards away is Angel Grove Bay, with a massive ship docked on it. It's filled with British Redcoat Soldiers! They overhear the disturbance, and one solider notes, "Captain, there's a disturbance in the township!" The Ranger teens watch as people scream upon seeing them, and flee with fear at their sight. Not everyone is frightened, and one such person is a blonde girl near the horse stables, later named Marissa. Adam is the first to really speak (aside from Aisha's dubbed in "Whoa! What's going on?!", which I omitted due to grounds that the line has been said far too many times this episode), as he asks, "Where are we?!" Billy checks out the panicking populous, and notes, "Well, from the looks of things... I'd say..." Kim interrupts him, whining, "Wait, don't! I don't think I want to know." Billy does so anyway, "Angel Grove. Late 1700s." Aisha takes a clear reading of the city limits sign, which reads, "Angel Grove Township. Population 124." Some smarmy broad screams and points at them, "Witches! See them?! They came from out of nowhere!" They can't find the words to protest her remarks at first. Marissa's two friends run away, leaving the teenager standing by herself in front of the Coach House, looking quite nervous as she stares at the five strangers a mere few feet away. Rocky replies to the smarmy broad, "Witches?! No, wait! You don't understand!" Billy adds, "We're not witches! We're just from a different place & time!" Nobody listens, except Marissa, who appears to flee with the rest of the people anyway. The Redcoats begin to exit their ship, drawn by the pleas of townsfolk crying, "Help us!" Marissa hasn't fled, but has in fact, snuck around the Couch House, peeked into an empty stable, and remarked to herself, "Right." She then continues searching for something, departing for who knows where.

The British Soldiers slowly march down the dirt road. They follow it towards the source of the phenomenon, just as the future shocking vision of the five teenagers from 1995 sends another couple racing away from the area. Kim spots the soldiers and whines, "Oh no!" Aisha notes, "They're NEVER gonna believe us!" Adam agrees, saying, "Yeah, let's jam!" The six quickly start running, prompting one of the soldiers to say, "They're on the run, men. Take chase!", all of them increasing their pace to match our heroes'. The Ranger teens pass by a fort outpost, many wooden fences, and even cause a woman to order her children into the safety of their own home. Our heroic fugitives continue sprinting down the gravel streets, wandering aimlessly through the township. Meanwhile, Marissa sneaks around near the edge of the bay, following their trail, and looking for something. The British Soldiers, four in all, charge forth, pressing onward, with their muskets drawn. They're lead by what appears to be the Captain, a man of good breeding, and a very familiar face that we'll see more of next episode. He leads the other three down the road, and winds up leading them into an empty dead end. Just around the corner, the six Ranger teens hop a fence, and notice as Marissa pops up and shouts, "This way, follow me!", in an oddly Australian accent. The Soldiers think they see them, and race around the horse-stable building. Our heroes follow Marissa into a large barn, and quickly shut down the door quietly behind themselves. They remain pressed up against the massive door structure, as they remain quiet, trying their best to hide out. The Soldiers are overheard talking, "I can't believe it.", "What happened? They vanished!", "No, they've got to be back here somewhere. They can't just disappear off the face of the Earth!", "No, but they can if they're witches!" The Soldiers appear to walk right past the barn door, causing Adam & Marissa to breath a sigh of relief, and take a first glimpse into each other's eyes.

Elsewhen, in the present time Angel Grove, the real deal Tommy Oliver walks through the park. He passes two girls, who are talking gossip to each other ("did you know that they went out?!"). He's rubbing his neck some more, as he wanders over and speaks to the blonde girl, asking, "Hey, Janet. Have you seen the guys." Janet replies, "No. Have you checked Ernie's?" He rubs his head again, and sighs, "Okay, thanks." As he walks off, the two girls undress him with their eyes, both smiling widely and making contended noises and giggles. Bet you any money they wish there was two of him. They continue on their journey, unaware that this unspoken wish has come true! Just a few feet away, Tommy bumps into his clone! Oliver steps out from the bushes, rather nonchalantly in his approach, now with a small twig in his mouth that he's chewing on. Tommy's taken aback when he realizes that he's looking at his doppleganger, pausing in his tracks and facing the stranger with his face. Oliver removes the twig, and speaks in a deep, diabolical voice, "Hello, Tommy. Allow me to introduce myself." Tommy shakes his head and asks, "What's going on?! Who are you?!" Tommy's twin merely replies, "I'm the Green Ranger." He places the twig back between his teeth, and grins despicably.

[To be continued...; end credits]

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