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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Season 2
"Return Of The Green Ranger, Part III"
Original Air Date: 02/22/95 One bit of White Ranger footage from:
Dairanger #29 - Haha Ko Namida No Maruhi Urabanashi
(The Secret Inside Story Of The Mother And Child's Tears)

*Season 2
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-246
*46th episode aired
*106th total Power Rangers episode
*Production Note: The final "Filming of MMPR:TM was delayed so we've got to film some episodes partially down in Australia" fun. The majority of the footage was filmed there on location, cept the Moon Palace and stock footage stuff, of course.

Writers: Shuki Levy & Shell Danielson Director: Shuki Levy
Starring Cast:
Amy Jo Johnson _AS_ Kimberly (Pink Ranger)
David Yost _AS_ Billy (Blue Ranger)
Johnny Yong Bosch _AS_ Adam (Black Ranger)
Karan Ashley _AS_ Aisha (Yellow Ranger)
Steve Cardenas _AS_ Rocky (Red Ranger)
Jason David Frank _AS_ Tommy (White Ranger)/ Tommy's Clone (Green Ranger)
Paul Schrier _AS_ Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier/ Uncle Ben
Jason Narvy _AS_ Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch/ British Captain
Additional Cast:
? _AS_ Marissa
Bob Manahan _AS_ Zordon (voice)
Sandi Sellner _AS_ Alpha 5
Richard Wood _AS_ Alpha 5 (voice)
Robert Axelrod _AS_ Saba (voice)
Carla Perez _AS_ Rita Repulsa
Barbara Goodson _AS_ Rita Repulsa (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Lord Zedd
Robert Axelrod _AS_ Lord Zedd (voice)
Ryan O'Flannigan [Kerrigan Mahan] _AS_ Goldar (voice)
? _AS_ Wizard Of Deception

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[Last time on MMPR; Opening credits]

An aerial stock shot of Angel Grove Park welcomes us to the conclusion of this epic mini-series. Tommy Oliver remains wearily struggling to regain full consciousness, as he lies on his stomach, grunting and groaning. Meanwhile, up on the Evil Moon Palace, the neurotic newlyweds, Rita Repulsa & Lord Zedd, are laughing maniacally. Rita sits in Zedd's lap, as he sits on his throne, his hand in hers. She exclaims, "Oh yes! Bliss is a world without the Power Rangers!" They cease embracing, and rise from the iron cast chair, Zedd promising, "Ahh, soon, my little snookums. Soon." He begins to walk over to the balcony, with his wife following, saying warmly, "Zeddie, baby. Why don't you go and check up on that wizard. See what he's up to next. I LOVE that wizard!" He pauses and picks up her magic wand, handing it to her and taking his Z-Staff, which is placed next to it near the throne. Zedd remarks, "Yes! That WAS one of my best ideas, if I do say so myself! Haha!" He rushes up to take a closer view at the planet Earth, as Rita follows behind, shouting in anger, "Well, DON'T say so yourself! That was MY idea!" Zedd tries to play things lovingly, "You aren't contradicting me? Are you, my love?" Rita, who is both in the right and not exactly (Zedd's idea was to send the Rangers out of time, Rita's was the second Tommy plan, so they're BOTH right), replies loudly, "YEAH!" Zedd turns to his right hand monster, asking, "Goldar, whose idea was it?!" Goldar, his loyalty only to Zedd since "The Mutiny", quickly answers, "Uhh, YOURS, my lord!" Zedd gets childish, telling Rita, "THERE! That proves it!" She responds equally immature, saying "Not!", and then turning over to Goldar and calling him a, "Spineless gold goober!" They both sigh with growls, ending the discussion when Zedd looks to Earth with his red vision ray, stating, "What difference does it make as long as it's working!" Rita's evil sneer turns to a wicked grin, as Zedd calls out, "Wizard! What is our status?" Now back in Angel Grove in the present time, the Wizard Of Deception informs his boss of the day, "All is well, Lord Zedd. The Green Ranger's about to start the destruction of Angel Grove!" Zedd breaks off the Z-Vision transmission, throws his arms into the air, and exclaims, "Ahh! Hahahaha! Excellent! First, Angel Grove. And then, the world!" He erupts with diabolical laughter, as does Rita, as they embrace once again, excited about the prospect of succeeding for a change.


Atop a large metal construction loading girder thing that I don't quite know what it's called except it's orange, the Evil Green Ranger has apparently taken a break from Dragonzord calling. He whips his arms around again, and begins blowing into the Dragon Dagger once more. With that classic chime (see the last spoiler for how it goes exactly), the mighty green Dragonzord starts to arise from the bottom of the harbor. His bubbily arrival causes waves to splash up onto the docks, dousing workers. The Dragonzord's head finally peeks up from out of the water, coming up for air for the first time in as many months. To offset the overuse of the Japanese loading dock workers, two Caucasians are shown ordering the other men to clear the area, by use of a bullhorn. The splashing gets worse, knocking loose metal frames down atop the fleeing men. The Dragonzord has its entire upper body out of the water now, and starts thrashing its stunted arms around, while letting out a ferocious roar. The two white guys beat feet, rushing off and joining the Asian deserters as well, likely planning to fail to claim this time off on their time cards later. The Green Ranger removes the Dagger flute from his morphed masked lips, and shouts the same thing he did last time, "Angel Grove, prepare for your destruction!" Tommy's clone then resumes playing the fanfare, continuing to summon the Dragonzord. Poor guy's been napping for so long, it's gonna take a cup of coffee the size of the Command Center to get him moving.

Meanwhile, 200 years ago, the British Redcoat Soldiers that were hunting the five time displaced Power Rangers earlier, are now on lunch break in the colonial Angel Grove Township. The four of them stand next to a man, who is in his underpants and has his head and arms locked in a vice. One of those torture chamber style things, you know, gallows. Anyway, the Soldiers, including the Skull-ancestor Captain, are beholding the power of cheese! Eating big hunks of cheddar, among other flavors. The prisoner guy talks like he's one of those Jewish comedians, saying, "Every day it's the same stinking cheese! Oy vey!" (well, not that last part). One of the soldiers actually speaks in a non-dubbed voice, yelling at the shackled man, "You be quiet!" He turns back towards the Captain, who begins to give orders, "The witches are still in out midst. We'll split up into two groups. Group one, (motions to himself and another soldier) will take the North side of town. Team two will..." He gets cut off when he spots a line of panicking townsfolk racing down the street nearby. One of the two soldiers asks, "Permission to speak, sah! Whut would ya like team two to do, suh?" The Captain's staring at the crowd leads to him witnessing the source of the disturbance, two of the Teenage Mutant Ninny Rodents! The magically enhanced Rat Monsters cease chasing and terrorizing the townsfolk, once they get a whiff of the cheese the soldiers are eating. The Captain stammers, blinking his eyes stunned and replies to soldiers calmly, "Run." They're confused, until they turn to see the stupid, stupid Rat Monsters rushing their way. The Captain cries, "Runnnnn! Ruuuuun!", and that they do, fleeing around the back of the building. The Rats chase the former witch hunters, passing by the prisoner who, still locked in the gallows, shouts, "Give 'em the cheese! C'mon, just give 'em the cheese!" The Soldiers fail to hear him, and also fail to drop the pasteurized dairy products. The Redcoats (of which there appear to only be four, including the Captain. I wonder where all the others are?) soon join the crowd of escaping citizens, running for their lives from the horrible looking Rat Creatures.

Momentarily, 200 years in the future, below a pole containing the American Flag, the modern day Bulk & Skull head down a stairway outside a massive complex. Skull slides along the handrails, landing at the bottom successfully, and barely misses hitting two young girls. The bumbling duo has apparently gotten over their encounter with the Wizard Of Deception, and causally walk along, until they spot Tommy staggering towards them. He's finally managed to find the will to get off his sorry butt and attempt to track down his teammates. Bulk & Skull stop before him, one of them whistling as they notice he appears to be quite drained of his normally extruding energy. Tommy, his vision very blurry, asks the moronic misfits, "Have you guys seen the guys?" Bulk replies, "No, have YOU?" He turns to Skull, who laughs with his trademark giggle, the two getting a chuckle at Tommy's expense. As wiped out of patience as he is power, Tommy sternly states, "I mean it, Bulk. Have you seen them?" Bulk responds with an attitude, "No! I do not KNOW where those geeks are!" Skull notes, "And might I add, we don't CARE!" Bulk agrees, and they return to walking down the steps, as Tommy stumbles his way up them. Skull comments to his pal, "Boy, did HE look off!", while banging his finger against the top of his head. Bulk concurs, "I'm tellin' ya, man, it's the martial arts!" The bumbling duo depart, making this eight episodes in a row that they didn't spend trying to find the Rangers' true identities! Tommy goes up towards the larger flight of stairs (just WHERE is he heading, anyway?!), rubbing the back of his head again. Elsewhere, at the Command Center, Alpha 5 glances uncomfortably close to the Viewing Globe. Zordon asks him, "Are you having any luck, Alpha?" The wily automaton exclaims, "Yes! I've found Tommy, Zordon!" The Eltarian sage adds, "What about the rest of the Rangers?" Alpha shuffles back over closer to Zordon's tube, and mentions, "No, no sign of them yet." Suddenly, the sirens sound and the alarms flash. Alpha presses some buttons and shouts, "Ay-yi-yi-yi! What's going on, Zordon?!" The big blue head explains, "It's what I feared most, Alpha. The Green Ranger is attempting to call upon the sleeping Dragonzord." The robot cries, "Oh, no!", as he continues pressing buttons. Zordon says, "If he's successful, there could be a disaster. Alert Tommy immediately!"

Tommy, intensely groggy from the battles and magical draining he's been through in the past few hours, takes a rest next to a flowerbed. Behind that, is a huge statue of a lion's head. After as lengthy a breather as he's going to get, Tommy hears the familiar chime from his Communicator. It takes him a minute to answer it, first opening his eyes, and then taking a look around to be sure nobody is listening. He presses it and asks, "Zordon, come in." Good thing Alpha wasn't the one calling, since Zordon answers, "Tommy, we have an emergency and can't locate the other Rangers. The Green Ranger is calling on the Dragonzord. Once in control, he will use its powers for evil." Tommy, seemingly given a second or third wind by the mentioning of his dark double, proclaims, "I'll do my best to stop him, Zordon." The Mighty Morphin Mentor wishes him luck, "Be very careful, White Ranger. And may the power protect you." The transmission between them ends, and Zordon quickly tells his assistant, "Alpha, i'm very concerned about Tommy. Maintain continuous visual contact." Alpha okays this plan, pressing some buttons and saying, "Establishing visual contact now!", as he walks back over to the Viewing Globe. Zordon explains, "When the Wizard created the Green Ranger, it drained Tommy of some of his energy. All of his senses could be effected." Alpha ay-yi-yi's, "You were right, Zordon! Look!" The Viewing Globe shows Tommy attempting to climb that tall flight of stairs from earlier, and tripping when he reaches the seventh step. He slams hard against the stone slab stairs, rolling down them harshly and plopping down onto the cement. Tommy recovers slowly, wondering, "Man, what's wrong with me!?", as he uses the handrails to drag himself up. Alpha asks his Eltarian companion, "What are we going to do, Zordon?!" Big Z says, "Once Tommy morphs into the White Ranger, he will be reenergized. But only for a short time. We MUST find the other Rangers, Alpha." Alpha agrees, "Right, Zordon. I just wish I knew where to look!"

Heard enough of the Dragonzord Call, yet? Green Ranger plays it some more on his Dragon Dagger, and the Dragonzord roughly whips his arms around, almost dancing to the tune. What's taking him so long to make landfall seems to be explained in this scene, that, being sentient, he's fully aware that he's being called in to do evil. Thus, he's dragging his dragon feet! The Wizard Of Deception stands on the docks, and proclaims, "Energize yourself with evil, Dragonzord. Energize yourself with EVIL! Ahaha!" He fires his Ghost Of Darkness wand into the sky, firing a beam of power into the Dragonzord. The mighty metal beast can do nothing but growl helplessly, as he's overcome with a spell. The Dragonzord's eyes get all goofy, flashing from pure bright red, to red with dots for pupils! He looks downright weird, I half expect the dots to be closer to make him look cross-eyed. The Green Ranger gestures his gloved hands, stating, "Dragonzord! We are now united by the forces of evil!" The Dragonzord's dotted eyes flash again, and he whips his massive tail around, smashing through various abandoned sections of the dock. The explode, before his tail drops back into the sea, causing another tidalwave to splash up and flood the buildings. The Dragonzord presses onward, step by step, slowly, taking forever just to reach dry land! In the Command Center, Zordon speaks to the last remaining Power Ranger through his Communicator, saying, "Tommy, even though you feel weak, if you can manage to Morph, you will be reenergized for a brief time." In the city, Tommy, facing to the side instead of into the camera as normal, shouts, "It's Morphin' Time!". With a surge of Tigerzord power, the White Ranger is reborn instantly. He takes a look at his body like it was the first time he'd seen it, waving Saba around in the air and exciting shouting, "You're right! It worked, Zordon! Now to put an end to this Green Ranger, once and for all!" He swiftly resheaths his enchanted Saber named Saba, why he had him out in the first place is anyone's guess.

The green Dragonzord marches viciously onto the docks of Angel Grove harbor. It steps foot onto the dry land, and crushes a packing trailer beneath its sole, causing a small burst. There goes the drug business! As he stomps around the docks, more fires kick up around him, flames pocketing the warehouses in the area. Green Ranger shouts, "Destroy it, ALL!", and that the Dragonzord does. Whipping its mighty metal tail against the side of a building, with the pointed end spinning rapidly. Yes, it's the same old "cutting with the tail" footage as we've seen hundreds of times before, but it never gets old. Well, it DOES, but that's besides the point. Tommy's Clone cries, "Perfect!" upon witnessing this, and the Dragonzord's dotted spellbound eyes flash in response. It next moves on to grab the orange & white striped smokestack. Possibly looking for a dead Spider-Man clone inside of it. Dragonzord picks it up, and chomps down on it with its sharp cast iron teeth. He must think this is Fraggle Rock and Angel Grove was built by Doozers or something. Anyway, he's ate this same exact smokestack before, so it must be quite yummy, as he munches on it for some time. Up on the Moon Palace, Lord Zedd discovers that Tommy is back in action, and tells Goldar, "White Ranger mustn't be allowed to interfere. Send down the Putties!" Goldar bows and obeys, "With pleasure, my evilness!" Why Goldar is too chicken to fight himself today is unmentioned, but he does do as told and sends down some Putty Patrollers. A whole three of them! Interestingly, they are indeed the same three that teleported away earlier in Part One, after having beaten Tommy down and clipped his hair. They show up in the park, shaking their rear ends in the air, literally. White Ranger remarks, "Whoa! Not YOU guys again! Well. First things first!" He does a flip into the air, narrowly avoiding a powerline, and lands amid the trio of Putties. More of that white powder is kicked up, as Tommy very easily throws a few punches and kicks into the claybrains, striking all three of their Z's. The Putties explode into pieces, and White Ranger comments, "Haha! Nice try, Zedd. But you'll have to do better than that!" On the moon balcony, Lord Zedd overhears him, and replies, "Ahh, I WILL, White Ranger. Haha! Trust me, I WILL!"

Back on Earth, the White Ranger whips out Saba the Saber from his belt holster. Tommy talks to the sentient, yet usually quiet, enchanted blade, asking, "Hey, Saba! You okay, buddy?" The saber replies, "Yes, quite!" White Ranger tells him, "Good! We'd better put a move on the Green Ranger, before Zedd decides to turn up the heat." Aiming Saba's head into the air, Tommy shouts, "Tigerzord power, NOW!" The White Tigerzord comes to life amid a bright shining light, and races through the rocky desert. White Ranger's theme plays, as usual, and Tommy leaps atop his Tigerzord, saying, "Okay, Saba. Let's prove to him that good always triumphs over evil." Holding Saba in his hand, together the White Ranger and the saber say in unison, "White Tigerzord, battle ready, now!" The Dragonzord is in the distance, roaring aloud as he becomes aware of the second Zord on the scene. Just to make things clear, neither the Tigerzord nor the Dragonzord ever appear onscreen together. It's purely a battle between stock footage. Tommy proclaims, "Let's do it!", and he drops through the roof of the Tigerzord, entering the spacious cockpit, with Saba in hand. White Ranger speaks to the Dragonzord with remembrance, as he should, by saying, "Sorry, old friend. But i've got to shut you down!" The Dragonzord, still under the evil spell, merely growls, and stomps through the city. The White Tigerzord speeds towards the city, vibrating intensely and roaring deeply. The Dragonzord smashes a cardboard building into chunks of debris, sparks and smoke, as the Tigerzord supposedly passes underneath. Tommy ducks his head down in the cockpit, as the destruction stirs overhead. Saba, inserted into the console, says, "Ahh! I think you need a bit more power!" White Ranger does as the wise blade recommends, and motions his hands, shouting, "Convert to Warrior Mode, now!" The White Tigerzord shifts its body parts around, and switches into the tall humanoid figure known as its Warrior Mode. It lands in the city, and faces the well-dried Dragonzord.

Immediately, the Tigerzord's red chest-mouth glows with a Japanese symbol, as within, Tommy has already tossed a power sphere into the console, and initiates, "Thunderbolt, FIRE!" Not one, but three flaming balls of energy are discharged from the chest of the White Tigerzord, each one striking the Dragonzord perfectly. Tommy pumps his fist into the air and exclaims, "Direct hit! Alright!" The smoke clears, and the Dragonzord is relatively unharmed by the attack. Though it is quite peeved, as its six red chest lights begin to blink. This signals the activation of the spinning tail drill, and with a quick snap of the back, the dragontail rips around and cuts into the Tigerzord (between the scenes). White Ranger is shaken up quite roughly within the cockpit, as his Thunderzord starts erupting with sparks. The ancient, and quite more experienced, Dragonzord's single attack has proven to be lethal indeed. So much, that the White Ranger has been thrown clear of the cockpit, and hurled into the air! Tommy, his lack of power and concentration from the Wizard's assaults earlier likely a cause for this quick defeat, drops to the ground, with Saba in hand. The White Tigerzord isn't seen again, so it must have retreated to its hiding spot offscreen. Over at the Command Center, Zordon tells his robotic assistant, "White Ranger is growing weak." Alpha, pressing buttons as per his usual TV's Frank style job, cries, "I CAN'T find the Rangers!" Zordon urges him, "Keep trying, Alpha. Without the other Rangers, the White Ranger will surely be defeated." Alpha shuffles his big feet across the floor and approaches a different sector of the consoles, whining, "Oh, no!" Meanwhile, in 1790s Colonial Angel Grove, more running from the Rat Monster fun. I'd describe it in detail, but you'd be even more bored than you are now. Needless to say, the five Ranger teens, Uncle Ben, Marissa, various townsfolk, and some of the Redcoats are shown fleeing from the Ratmen. We cut to commercial with the Ranger teens running along side a slow moving stagecoach, and Uncle Ben comedically trailing behind as two of the rodent raiders near gnawing range.


White Ranger remains where he landed, in the wooded area, possibly the park again. He's crouched down, in a bit of pain, clutching Saba in his grasp. The saber keeps an eye out, alerting his partner, "Tommy, look out! The Wizard!" It's not only the Wizard Of Deception, but the evil Green Ranger as well. The Wizard asks the weary hero, "So, White Ranger. Are you ready to surrender?" Tommy proclaims, "Never!" His clone mentions, "Remember, only ONE Tommy can survive!" The White Ranger stares at the two masterminds behind his downfall, his vision blurring, as the Wizard asks, "What'll it be, you pitiful excuse for a Ranger?!" Tommy's mind clears enough to utter a request, "Well, I, uhh,... I might surrender. If you can send me to the same place as you sent my friends." The Green Ranger falls for the bait & switch routine, asking in disbelief, "You want to travel 200 years back in time?" White Ranger whispers to Saba, "YES! Just what I wanted to know." On the Moon Palace, Lord Zedd remains glued to his balcony seat. Rita Repulsa, anxious to find out the situation with Tommy, asks, "What's going on?!" His steel clad facemask tinges with a red glow of anger, as he informs her, "The White Ranger is not giving up!" Rita groans, and tries to find a bright ray of darkness, noting, "As long as the Rangers are gone, he won't be able to keep it up much longer!" She grumbles frustrated some more, and wanders down the steps, as Zedd replies, "Yes. And only our wizard holds the power to transport across time. The White Ranger has finally met his match!" At the Command Center, Tommy's tip pays off. On the Viewing Globe, the five time displaced Ranger teens are shown running away from the Rat Creatures (Adam holding Marissa's hand, of course). Notice, due to relativity, we see them in the past at the exact same point in time as we would if seeing them now. Other words, the same amount of time they've been there has passed in the present time for everyone else. Hence why their presence in the past hasn't done much of anything to change the future so far. Alpha exclaims, "Zordon! I've found them! And they're all safe and sound... I think. That was brilliant the way Tommy tricked the Green Ranger." Zordon appears to be a bit jealous that his own attempts at tricking the clone into admitting where the others were didn't work, as he doesn't talk about it at all, simply saying, "Contact Tommy immediately. He must gain control of that magic wand."

In the park, White Ranger has finally arisen from his landing spot, and is ready for action. He swings Saba around in the air, while making "he-yaa!" sounds. Green Ranger seems to be eager to spar with his twin again, but backs off. Tommy's Communicator beeps (I wonder why Alpha doesn't try contacting Oliver on his, talk some reason into him?), and he takes the time out to answer it. The baddies, proving themselves patient, just stand there and let him take the call. Tommy answers, "I read you, Zordon. Hope you got good news!" Zordon replies, "Yes, Tommy. We located the other Rangers. Capture the Wizard's magic wand, and use it to transport back in time to rescue them." White Ranger, seemingly invigorated by the mention that his teammates have been found, shouts, "Right!", right before delivering the crucial blow. Green Ranger can only extend his hands out in protest, as the White Ranger leaps into the air, and kicks his right foot into the Wizard Of Deception. The white boot strikes the Ghost Of Darkness Wand, which the Wizard so carelessly had out in the open, within kicking range. There's a discharge of multicolored magic, as the wand is knocked out of his clutches. Taken by total surprise, the Wizard is helpless to do anything but get smacked aside by Tommy, as he aims himself for where the Wand fell. His clone, Oliver (as I call him), isn't about to let this happen, mirroring his movements and grabbing the White Ranger's gold & black stripped wrist. Green Ranger shouts, "Oh no, you don't!", as he yanks Tommy's hand away from the wand, just inches from the target. His whole body is tossed backwards, and the doppleganger Rangers face one another once again. White Ranger immediately jumps into the air, hopping over his green clone, and landing exactly next to the wand. The Wizard is noticeably still on the ground, writhing about like he's that too bundled up kid who can't get up from "A Christmas Story". Tommy takes the wand in his hand, and boasts to his twin, "You of all people shouldn't underestimate me! Hahaha!" He then speaks into his left wrist, saying, "Zordon! I've got the wand. I'm on my way!" The White Ranger, with wand in hand, crosses his arms, and causes the magic stick to surge to life. He's wrapped in the same style of warping the other Rangers were when transported through time. The Wizard Of Deception, still lying on the ground (better rename him the Wuss Of Decreption!), cries out, "Noooo!", as he and the Green Ranger witness Tommy's victory. Why neither one of them even attempt to stop him is unclear, but it probably has something to do with them desperately wanting this mini-series to finally end. White Ranger is engulfed by the temporal distortion, and warps through history, vanishing instantly.

Meanwhile, the Power Rangers are partying like it's 1799, 200 years ago. They, along with a ton of colonial Angel Grove citizens, including the four Redcoat Soldiers, race through the unpaved streets like they were filming an ancient version of the Drew Carey Show opening. The Rat Monsters follow along, and after covering every single inch of the 18 century township, our heroes wind up directly in front of an open wooden platform. It's got a tall post on the center of it, and as you can tell, it's where they string people up and hang them! The White Ranger time-teleports just underneath the hanging post, and draws the attention of everyone, including his teammates, to himself by yelling, "Hey you guys!" Hardly few of the people scream at the sight of a masked man in white spandex warping onto the scene, when just a little while ago, they were running scared from five regular teenagers. What, did seeing the rats numb them to oddities, or something? Anyway, our heroes all smile upon noticing their leader has come to save them as expect, with Kim gasping, "Tommy!" White Ranger, wand in hand, states, "I'm SO glad you guys are safe!" The Rat Monsters regroup, and scurry off into the woods, planning to do some more terrorizing elsewhere in the village. Tommy tells his friends, "I've come to take you back. But we gotta hurry! The Green Ranger has unleashed the Dragonzord on Angel Grove!" Aisha remarks, "But we can't just leave these people here with these giants rats running around!" White Ranger, seemingly realizing the relative nature of their magical method of time travel, tells her, "There's no time to deal with that now, Aisha. We'll come back and finish off those dirty rats." Adam, who despite just being told will be coming back to face the vermin, turns to his instant girlfriend Marissa, and pleads, "Come with us. There's so much I want to show you." She shakes her bonneted head, and sighs, "No, Adam. This is MY world. You must return to yours and save YOUR township. I'll always remember you." She leans in and gives him a peck on the cheek, humbling the Black Ranger speechless. Rocky rushes over and takes his pal by the hand and urges, "C'mon, Adam!" Billy notes, "We gotta go!", and Kim shouts, "C'mon!", from up above the platform next to her hero. Adam's dragged away from Marissa before he can return the kiss, as he and his teammates join Tommy under the brutal hanging post. White Ranger tells the quite calm crowd, "Don't worry, everyone! We'll come back and take care of those rats!" His teammates lock arms together with him, and prepare to travel back... to the future! Adam manages a quick, "I'll never forget you, Marissa!", causing her to smile, just before the wand creates a warp field around the six Rangers, and teleports them into the timestream. Marissa is distraught, and is comforted by two fellow townswomen. The other citizens are stunned, shouting in confusion, "They disappeared!" Uncle Ben takes off his spectacles, and questions what he saw with his own eyes. The three British Soldiers (sans Captain, who is behind the camera directing) walk around the area where the six strangers vanished from, baffled and searching for clues which they never find. They should be off using those muskets to shoot the Rat Creatures, but I suspect this is like F-Troop and they aren't given bullets or something.

The wand-wielding White Wanger, err, Ranger, arrives back in the present time with his five friends, at the same spot he left it. Green Ranger stands around, seemingly awaiting the return, and the Wizard Of Deception is back over in the bushes. I suspect he's trying to discreetly use the little Wizard's room, shrouded by that large black robe. Anyway, once our heroes are all warped back to reality, White Ranger begins to engage Green Ranger in combat, quickly telling his teammates, "You guys Morph and shut down the Dragonzord! I'll handle these two." Kimberly gets the honors of shouting, "It's Morphin' Time!", to the camera. The five teenagers summon their Dinosaur based bodily alterations, and transform into the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers after the usual set of Morphing scenes. Instantly, they begin to call on their Thunderzords, with that same lengthy Dinozord to Thunderzord calling scene. All of the Thunderzords next link up, and form the Thunder Megazord. It's powered up, and on the scene in no time. The green Dragonzord growls upon seeing them, likely disappointed that he didn't get to fight the Red Dragon Thunderzord personally. I guess some things are just too cool to ever happen. Below them, in the woods, the Wizard Of Deception is out of the bushes, and is apparently being helped along by his creation, Tommy's clone. Maybe he's hiding behind his master in an attempt be the last to go, but it looks more like he's comforting the Wizard. White Ranger aims the Ghost Of Darkness Wand at them, and proclaims, "Looks like the show's over, Wizard. And your own evil magic will be your downfall!" Tommy fires the wand at the Wizard Of Deception, sparkily white energy courses outward, and strikes the black robed sorcerer. He screams in agony, as his body dissipates, leaving nothing behind but his robe & cape in a heap on the floor. A bit of orange energy which appears to have once been his flaming skull falls onto the ground, sprinkling like dust. Green Ranger watches this in horror, dropping to his knees next to the pile of Wizard. Tommy informs his clone, "You're finally free from the Wizard's evil spell!" Oliver seems to have paid no attention to the man behind the curtain after all, as he clutches the robed remains in his hand, and says, "I feel like such a fool! I can't believe I let him control me!" White Ranger stands by his side and explains, "You control the Dragonzord! Only you can stop him!" The clone cries in as much defeat as depression, "I can't!" Tommy stresses, "You HAVE to!", but Green Ranger would rather mope next to his creator/controler's clothes.

Above them, in the streets of the modern day city, the Dragonzord roars viciously. His blood-red eyes are still dotted, signifying that while the Wizard's death cut off the spell on the clone, the spell on Dragonzord remains. The Thunder Megazords readies its massive metal fist, and punches it into the Dragonzord's hull. Like the White Tigerzord, the Thunder Megazord & Dragonzord never appear on the same screen together either. Instead of using the excuse "one was from Zyuranger, one was from Dairanger", you could possibly say that Dragonzord had a dispute with the other Zords, and it was in his contract that he not have to be on the set with them to film the episode. Anywho, the punch was a tough one, and sends the Dragonzord toppling over. The five Rangers inside the Megazord cockpit cheer for themselves, acting victorious over one blow to their former partner! Red Ranger figures, "Maybe if we jolt him hard enough, we can break the spell!" In other words, he wants to take out all his frustrations with "power hungry" Tommy vicariously through Dragonzord. Said ancient battle machines is back on its feet, and roars some more. Its six red chest lights begin to blink and chime, as it pulls the same maneuver it used successfully on Tigerzord earlier. Dragonzord whips its drill-spinning tail towards the Thunder Megazord, causing sparks to fly as it cuts narrowly in our heroes' direction. They struggle to keep control of the Megazord as the drilling comes closer, with Black Ranger commenting to Rocky's earlier one, "It hasn't worked yet!" Dragonzord ceases his attack, and appears to get a laugh out of their misery. The Thunder Megazord marches closer, giving its rival Zord time to activate its five finger-missiles! They launch towards the Rangers, but the towering Thunder Megazord mere charges through the bombardment. One or two blasts do strike it, causing the cockpit to be rocked severely. After that hit, Adam cries, "We've lost the computer!", Rocky tells Blue Ranger, "Billy, get the computer!", he nods and replies, "Right!" Rocky orders Black Ranger, "Adam, power up the weapons!", he responds, "Got it!", and Rocky exclaims in general, "Alright, guys, let's finish the job!" With a crossing of his forearms, he motions for the team to proclaim in unison, "Thunder Saber, power up!"

The Thunder Megazord's eyes light up, blinking yellow beneath its facemask. It unsheathes its Thunder Saber, and holds it up, charging the blade with a surge of lightning-like energy. The evil Dragonzord growls, standing with its arms out, like saying, "Come get some!" Below, White Ranger runs through the park in dramatic slow motion, his right arm in the air, crying out, "Wait! Guys! You don't have to do that now! Wait! Stop!" This quick clip is the final bit of "original Dairanger Kibaranger footage", notable because from here out, every shot of White Ranger is either American, or Dai stuff we've seen lots of times before. In the cockpit, the five Power Rangers have their arms held high (also in dramatic slow motion, making me think this fight may have had an original alternate ending different from what we see), as they prepare to chop them down, gesturing what they're calling out, "Thunder Saber, battle action!" The Thunder Megazord continues filling the Saber with electricity, before lifting it up against its left shoulder, and prompting the rushing waterfall background to appear. The formally evil Green Ranger comes to his senses finally, and (in the final bit of Zyu Green Ranger footage ever on the show) realizes, "Tommy's right! I MUST stop them!" He puts his Morphed lips to his Dragon Dagger, and blows, ringing out that familiar summoning call. The Dragonzord's red dotted eyes suddenly lose the unnatural pupils, flashing back to normal, causing the sentient robotic beast to let loose a mighty growl. Oddly, he's next shown with his arms downward, electricity surging throughout his body, as he falls over, as if struck by something! With Dragonzord down, the Green Ranger exclaims, "The Wizard's spell is broken!" His barely conscious Zord lies on the ground, moaning wearily. In the Thunder cockpit, the Rangers cheer for their triumphant win without resorting to destroying anything (Aisha is heard shouting, "Take that!) The Thunder Megazord swings its Saber around, before resheathing it, standing tall over the city victoriously. Green Ranger mentions, "It's time to return the Dragonzord to the sea!" With a last few set of activating fanfares, the Dragonzord hops back up onto its feet, and marches towards the docks. It roars, as it steps back into the water, and heads out to the harbor, where it will remain for another 10,000 years or so, rusting in less than five. Green Ranger lowers his Dragon Dagger for the last time, and remarks, "At least that's over with." White Ranger holds his saber up high, as Saba wonders aloud, "Now, what to do with two Tommy's?" The real Tommy notes, "We'll figure something out." The Dragonzord's head lowers into the ocean, and is fully submerged within moments, the last time we'll ever see that cute bugger on PR. Sniff! That's popularity for ya, old Zords don't die, they just sink away.

The no-longer-evil Green Ranger falls back to his knees, and laments, "I just can't believe I was responsible for all that destruction." White Ranger kneels beside him, gropes his shoulder, and says, "You were under the Wizard's magic spell. It wasn't your fault! No matter how hard they try, Rita & Zedd have NEVER been able to turn me evil!" (I assume he means PERMANENTLY, given the amount of times they HAVE turned him evil). His clone asks, "But me?", and Tommy responds with a slight chuckle, "Not even a PART of me. Now, i've got some unfinished business to attend to in the form of some giant rats. Come with me, together we can free Angel Grove's past from Lord Zedd's evil spell!" Green Ranger remains quite depressingly quiet, but doesn't resist when White Ranger helps him back to his feet. Tommy chuckles again, as he puts his arm around his clone, says, "Ah, come on, Tom." White Ranger activates the Ghost Of Darkness Wand again, causing the warping time dilation vortex to envelope the both of them. One last time to the late 1790s Angel Grove we go, finding people panicking as usual. Even men on horses are terrified by whatever it is that is making everybody else run for their lives. Marissa, the British Captain resembling Skull, and the Bulk-lookalike Uncle Ben, are mere feet in front of one of the Rat Monsters, as they flee down a steep hill. Two of the rodents stand side by side atop the hill, growling as ferociously as they possibly can. The other Rat Monster is more or less herding the humans like future cattle for the slaughter down below. The townsfolk of the colonial township come to a screeching halt, the moment they spot the warping entrance of the White & Green Power Rangers! The Rats don't seem to happy to see them, as the two Tommys make the scene, shouting their usual Karate grunts. Oliver takes a look at his opponents, and proclaims, "One last battle as the Green Ranger!" He leaps up into the air, and jets across the yard with his leg poised outward, howling with power. His body actually trails green behind it as he streaks through the air, his foot perfectly striking the lone Ratfink. The creature is dropped with that single kick, prompting Oliver to remark, "Alright, who's next?!" Uncle Ben, the Captain, and Marissa watch this display, jaws agape.

The remaining two Rat Monsters chatter, knowing that they're up next for a Tommy toasted tushie trashing! White Ranger does the honors on them, throwing several kicks and punches into the furry rodents. They try to fight back, scratching their claws at him, but not a single cut is inflicted. Tommy even reaches underneath one of them, yanks its tail, and sends the creature hurling into the air. It lands next to its fellow Rat Monster, just feet away from Green Ranger, who is beating the cheese out of his Ratty. He soon flips the mutant creature over onto its back, joining its two brothers on the ground nearby. As the Rats appear to throw a tantrum, kicking their feet rapidly against the floor, Oliver comments, "I think it's time to shrink these guys BACK to size!" Tommy agrees, "I think you're right. Let's do it!" He aims the wand at the vermin trio, firing a bluish white beam, and reverting them all to their original, sewer-dwelling-size forms of regular rats. The townspeople cheer graciously for their saviors, the exterminating witches. Marissa is also quite happy, as is Uncle Ben, and the Captain cries, "Hurrah! Haha!" White Ranger and his clone stand, face to face where the rats once where (wanna bet they stepped on them?). Tommy commends his double, "Congratulations on a job well done, Green Ranger! But now, I think it's time we headed home." Oliver shakes his head, and sighs, "I can't, Tommy. You said it yourself. Only ONE of us can exist at the same time." Tommy places his hand on his clone's arm, and tries protesting, saying, "Zordon will think of something!", as the crowd of townsfolk begins to flock closer to them. I should point out that the Rangers have openly spoke their names in front of these people. What would happen should someone write all this information down, or tell the story to their children, grandkids, and so on? They must just get REAL lucky that Angel Grove was populated by morons during this time period. Oh, hey! That describes AG throughout history! Silly me.

Back to the story, Green Ranger gently pushes his twin's hand off, noting, "There's no place for me there. Let me stay here where I can do some GOOD for a change." The Redcoat Captain with Skull's face speaks up, looking at Marissa quite disturbingly, and saying with his hat off, "He's always welcome to join.... my regiment." Uncle Ben is the first to cheer, and cheers loudest, at the kind gesture. Everyone else soon raises their hands, cheering and shouting, all wanting to welcome the witch in with open arms, when earlier they were fleeing from them. Green Ranger puts his hands against his golden cloth shield chest, remarking, "I don't think i'll be needing THIS is anymore." White Ranger is a bit reluctant, taking a moment to think, before sighing and caving in to his dark side's demands, "Well, if your mind's made up...." Tommy presses the wand to the Green Ranger's body, causing a surge of green energy to flood over the clone's body. It is seemingly sucked into the skull-head of the wand, leaving behind Oliver, dressed in a green colored colonial style suit! Tommy tells his twin, "There you go. I wish you nothing but luck, my friend." Oliver, who aside from the ponytail and earring, fits in fine with everyone else in the township. They shake hands, and the clone parts ways with him. White Ranger states, "I hope everything works out for you. Hey, i'll never forget ya!" Oliver ceases walking, turns around, smiles and says, "You don't have much of a choice. I'm a part of you!" Tommy salutes his doppleganger, chuckling to himself, "I don't know if the history books are ready for this!" Oliver, proving he still is a being of magical construct, and the physical embodiment of what remained of the Green Ranger powers, raises his hand, snaps his fingers, and causes a black felt three-rimmed hat to form out of green energy! The clone places it on his head, continuing to smile, as he walks off into the crowd. Several townspeople are heard gasping, "Wow!" White Ranger bids goodbye, "Take care, buddy.", before activating the wand and warping back through the timestream the way he came.

The colonial Angel Grove citizens are amazed by his disappearance, despite how they saw him do it once already. Oliver begins to shake hands with people (one lady even tugs on his ponytail!), as Marissa approaches the crowd also. Uncle Ben walks with the Redcoat Captain, who, in a cheaply dubbed in line trying to make sure Tommy's clone does no damage to history, says, "Perhaps I spoke too soon about that regiment thing. Ahh well. All's well that ends well!" He turns to Ben, and they shake hands, unaware that 200 years later, their lookalike possible descendants are best buddies, and would KILL to see a Ranger demorph like they did! Finally of note, many wonder what happens to the clone after this. Does he end up becoming Tommy's great-great-great-great-great grandfather? Does his Power Coin end up in the hands of someone else? Will his presence there disrupt the timestream too much? None of these have any true answers, except for the occasional fanfic writer.


Once again in the present day (literally, this entire mini-series has occurred in one afternoon!), Tommy appears to be rested up, as he does some spar-punching with Rocky. Nearby, the other four Ranger teens are sitting at the outside table they were at earlier, working on homework again. Aisha remarks, "You guys, I am SO glad Zordon destroyed that magic wand." Kim agrees, "No kidding, that thing was BAD news!" Aisha nods, and continues reading her book, likely wondering why she & Kim aren't off at the mall like they planned. Tommy stops sparring and laughs, noting, "There was some good that came out of it!" What good he means exactly isn't elaborated on. Adam, the only one not doing something, sits with his hand against his head, sulking. Rocky asks his pal, "Hey Adam, what's with you?" He replies defensively, "NOTHING! Just... thinking." His teammates realize he misses Marissa badly, even though he didn't even know the girl! Billy, an expert one single-episode relationships, pats him on the back and says, "Come on, man. At least we know they're all okay now." Adam grumbles, "Yeah, I guess", and returns to moping. Suddenly, a leggy teenage girl walks by, and drops her books on the ground beside him. She cries, "Sorry!", and Adam quickly crouches down, offering, "Here, let me help you." Aisha smiles when she sees the girl's face, pointing her out to Kimberly. The girl, predictably, is a dead ringer for Marissa! Sure, one could say Marissa was her ancestor, though that would likely mean this girl is related to Bulk, or even Skull! Anyway, Adam & the Marissa double lock eyes, both giving each other wide smiles. Since she's neither seen nor mentioned again, we must assume their possible relationship is, no pun intended, history.

[end credits]

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