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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Season 2
"Wild West Rangers, Part I"
Original Air Date: 05/08/95 Featuring footage from:
Dairanger #34 - Togetoge Shoujo Gari
(A Prickly Maiden Hunt)

*Season 2
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-258
*50th episode aired
*111th total Power Rangers episode

[Note: I can't explain why this had such an odd show numbering. There are no PR-251 to 257, nor are any episodes missing. It might be possible that Fox allotted 4 shows for the Movie, and 3 for "A Friend In Need", but that's just speculating. Nobody knows!]
Writer: Mark Litton Director: Armand Garabidian
Starring Cast:
Amy Jo Johnson _AS_ Kimberly (Pink Ranger)
David Yost _AS_ Billy (Blue Ranger)/ William
Johnny Yong Bosch _AS_ Adam (Black Ranger)/ Abraham
Karan Ashley _AS_ Aisha (Yellow Ranger)/ Miss Alicia
Steve Cardenas _AS_ Rocky (Red Ranger)/ Rocko
Jason David Frank _AS_ Tommy (White Ranger)/ The White Stranger
Paul Schrier _AS_ One Eyed Bulk
Jason Narvy _AS_ Doc Skullovitch
Additional Cast:
Richard Genelle _AS_ Ernest
Ed Neil _AS_ Cowboy In Red Longjohns
Bob Manahan _AS_ Zordon (voice)
Sandi Sellner _AS_ Alpha 5
Richard Wood _AS_ Alpha 5 (voice)
Carla Perez _AS_ Rita Repulsa
Barbara Goodson _AS_ Rita Repulsa (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Lord Zedd
Robert Axelrod _AS_ Lord Zedd (voice)
Kerrigan Mahan _AS_ Goldar (voice)
? _AS_ Needlenose (voice)

[Today on MMPR; Opening credits]

It's another Morphinominal day at the Angel Grove Youth Center. Kimberly & Aisha are sitting at one of the tables up near the Juice Bar section, doing homework or something else involving writing with pens. They're so wrapped up in their work, that they fail to notice Tommy enter the building. He holds up a small, rather dark-colored crimson cactus plant, with two yellow flowers on it and a white ceramic pot. He smiles while admiring it, and admiring his girlfriend from afar. Tommy walks up to the bar itself, where his three male Ranger teammates are sitting, all reading the menus. They act like they don't frequent the place, or something! Rocky should have that thing memorized by now. Tommy steps up to them and sets down the cactus, greeting them with a, "What's up, guys?" Billy turns and says "hey!", and Adam asks about the plant. Tommy explains, "Ah, it's a cactus my dad brought back from Arizona." Billy brainily notes, "That's not just any cactus. That's a Cactal Vociferous Spinoctera." Though proving he's not the brightest guy on the planet, Billy runs his fingers across the cactus surface, and gets poked by one of the needles. He sucks on his thumb, as Tommy mentions, "Yeah, it's supposed to be really rare." Billy points out, "It IS, extremely." Adam nasally remarks, "I didn't know you were into plants!" Tommy admits, "I'm not. See actually, it's for Kimberly. She's been looking for something really special to finish her garden." He smiles to himself, and heads over to the table to give his galpal her gift. The three male Ranger teens follow along, making me wonder why they were unusually off by themselves when usually the gang sticks together at the Juice Bar. Tommy holds the cactus behind his back, likely getting an ass-full of needles, as he says, "Kim, close your eyes. I've got a surprise!" She grins and replies, "Really!? I love surprises." Kim covers her face, and anxiously awaits the present.

Tommy tells her, "Okay, open them!", and she uncovers her eyes to find nothing before her! He chuckles slightly and remarks, "Just kidding! Here.", as he hands her the cactus. She giggles, exclaiming, "Wow! Where'd you get this?" He mentions, "Arizona. Do you like it?" Kim eagerly states, "YES! It's incredible! I know exactly where i'm going to put it." She stands up, gives him a kiss on the cheek, and graciously says, "Thank you! Thank you so much, that was real sweet." The other four Ranger teens are so caught up in watching the lovebirds barely show affection to one another, that nobody notices as a few of Lord Zedd's trademark white bolts of lightning strike the table, less than an inch away from Adam & Aisha! The energy sucks the cactus plant into a sort of evil teleportation, zapping it into the streak of white electricity and lifting it into the air. Right after it vanishes, Kimberly turns around, finds it missing, and asks, "Where'd it go?! Come on, guys, quit joking." Aisha innocently lifts her hands in the air and says, "Don't look at me!" Rocky looks down and notes, "Yeah! Well, that, right on the table. What's that stuff?" The six glance over and notice what he sees, Billy being the first to approach it. It's a small, thick glop of lime green slime where the cactus once sat. Billy dips his fingers in it, and begins to sniff the bit still on his fingertips (Rocky will probably dare him to eat it, next). Kim is disgusted, saying, "Ew! What is it?!" Billy winces from the smell, and replies, "I dunno. We should take it back to the Command Center and analyze it." Tommy nods and agrees, "We should get going, then." Kim is grossed out, backing away from it and getting closer to Tommy, and they walk off from the table. Billy lags behind, takes a napkin, and scoops up the rest of the gak. He's likely planning to sell it to Nickelodeon for lots of money. Once the goop is safely tucked in his pocket, he joins his teammates in the hallway.

As per usual, the six teens stand directly in front of the doorway to the Youth Center, with the set of lockers behind them. That must be a blindspot for people, since they use it so darned often with such positive identity-saving results. One quick look around, and the six each press a button on their Communicators. Instantly, five streaks of Ranger-colored light stream off into the sky, teleporting our heroes to their homebase destination. For some odd reason, Kimberly, who was standing on the farthest left (their right) of any of them, doesn't teleport at all. She notices everybody else but her has gone, and wonders, "What's going on?" Kim quickly presses her Communicator again, this time sending a signal out to her friends, crying, "Tommy? Anybody?" As stands confused, at a loss for answers as to what went wrong, when suddenly, a yellow circle of energy forms behind her! Kim's unaware of it until it's too late, as she's immediately sucked into a swirling vortex. The spectrum of colors spinning about within the yellowish wormhole, with Kim screaming, "Whoo!" upon being taken by surprise and removed from reality. Boy, it's a good thing nobody ever used those lockers, or else they'd lose their schoolbooks into the timestream! Meanwhile at the Command Center, the five remaining Ranger teens touch down safely, all seemingly aware that their sixth companion is absent. Tommy turns to Alpha 5, who is walking across the room, and asks, "Alpha! What happened to Kimberly?!" The automaton assistant cries, "Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi! Her teleport signal accidentally got swept into a Time Hole!" Rocky queries, "Time Hole?" Billy replies knowledgeably, "Yeah, a tear in the fabric of time. If someone falls through it, they could end up in the past, or the future!" He leads the group over to the Viewing Globe, and there they witness the open Time Hole, still apparent in full view where it had engulfed their Pink Ranger pal. Billy notes, "For some reason, this Time Hole is located at the lockers in the Youth Center." The reason behind this is revealed to us, up on the Evil Moon Palace. The white bolt of energy carrying Kim's cactus arrives, and deposits said plant perfectly on a small pedestal in the throne room. Lord Zedd, standing aside his horrible wife Rita Repulsa, comments, "That befuddled Blue Ranger! He'll soon learn that the Time Hole appearing in Angel Grove is our gateway to conquering the Earth." Rita can only exclaim, "Yes! Oh, wicked husband!" Zedd raises his Z-Staff into the air, fires off some dark magic, and proclaims, "Behold the latest blossom of my creativity!" The rare cactus Tommy gave to Kim is transformed from a normal plant, into an ugly, single-eyed monster named Needlenose (or Needle Nose, if you wish). He heavily resembles the blood-red cactus he was created from, with a few military medals pinned to his chest. The monster dances around upon coming to life, as Lord Zedd mentions, "I'll send Needlenose back in time to destroy Angel Grove. Instead of wishing the Rangers had never been born, we'll make sure they never were!" Rita laughs diabolically.


At the Command Center, our heroes remain staring at the Viewing Globe. Tommy asks, "What's happening to the Time Hole?" Adam notes, "It's disappearing!" The Globe shows such, the yellow & multicolored vortex vanishes from sight, leaving the lockers as if it were never there. Alpha says otherwise, "No, it's not, Rangers! My readings show the Time Hole is invisible when not in use!" Tommy sighs his trademark line, "Aw, man!", and laments, "Kim's lost somewhere in time. And we don't even know where!" Their robotic assistant stresses, "I'm TRYING to locate her, but these Time Holes form randomly in the universe. And their timestreams are unpredictable." Tommy turns back towards the Viewing Globe, worried about the fate of his girlfriend. Meanwhile, at the other end of the Time Hole, the vortex opens up in the middle of nowhere. Kimberly drops out of the mouth of the swirling tunnel, falling to the ground and landing on her stomach. The vortex closes behind her, and she instantly begins looking around alertly, trying to figure out her new location. She sees no signs of civilization, only trees, bushes, rocks, and mountains as far as the eye can view. Kim gasps, "Whoa. Oh, my gosh. Where am I?!" She stands up and presses her Communicator button again, calling out, "Zordon? Tommy? Anybody?!" No answer is received, namely due to the fact that the Command Center didn't get its communication frequency introduced until Billy became a Ranger! Kimberly continues searching for signs of life, finally spotting two men in the distance. They appear to be shady characters, both riding burros, prompting Kim to sneak off behind some bushes so they don't notice her. As if the westernized version of their theme song didn't give it away, the screen speaks for itself, as the two men are revealed to be dead ringers for Bulk & Skull! Skull, or Doc Skullovitch as this ancestor to the bumbling teenager is named, wears a black outfit (similar to Doc Holiday's), and has a bushy mustache. Bulk, or One Eyed Bulk as this ancestor to the bumbling teenager it named, wears a sand-colored outfit, a rather tall cowboy hat, and has a small patch over his right eye. Both speak in predominantly southern accents, of course.

Doc & One Eye pull their donkeys over to the side of the dirt road, Bulk calling his "Tonio". Doc takes out a pocket watch from his coat, and notes, "Well, it is 12:35, One Eyed Bulk. Time for the noon carriage." Just down the hillside, said horse drawn carriage is making its way along the road. One Eyed Bulk proves that the name is just for show, as he lifts up his patch and peers out with both his perfectly functioning eyeballs. He's wowed by the sight he beholds, and after lowering the patch again, he pulls out a revolver and remarks, "Come on, Doc Skullovitch! We got a robbery to get ta!" Kim overhears this, and glances over at the oncoming stagecoach, the two drivers totally unaware of trouble ahead. Doc breathes in deep and comments, "I love this mountain air!", before instantly coughing. The bumbling robbers get their mules moving, leaving Kim behind to remark to herself in astonishment, "Bulk and Skull!?" One Eyed Bulk remarks to his partner in crime, "Look yonder, here comes our pot of gold!" Doc, as ditzy as his descendant, replies, "I think your one eye needs glasses, One Eye. That ain't no pot of gold, THAT'S a stagecoach!" Bulk maliciously states, "I don't care what it is. Let's rob it!" Kimberly wants a better look at the upcoming robbery, and races out from behind the bushes, hiding out behind a large rock. Notice there's another large boulder behind her. That some kind of Spaghetti Western Stonehedge or something? Doc Skullovitch & One Eyed Bulk rest on their jackasses by the side of the road, awaiting the noon carriage as it grows closer. Skull coughs for a third time this episode, since as we later learn, he's quite parched. Once the stagecoach gets close enough, both Doc & One Eye whip their revolvers out and aim them at the drivers. Bulk shouts, "Hold it! Reach for sky, pardners!" Coincidentally, the drivers of the noon carriage just happen to resemble Rocky & Adam! The one with the red shirt is obviously the Rocky lookalike, and the one with predominantly black & grey on is a twin of Adam. They both do as ordered, raising their arms into the air, with Adam's double still holding the reins in his hands. Bulk warns the two stunned drivers, "Nobody tries nothing funny, and nobody gets hurt!"

The William Tell Overture suddenly plays. No, "You Can't Do That On Television" isn't airing. Instead, a man on a white horse, dressed in a pure white cowboy outfit, races along through the desolate landscape. Kim peeks around the rock, and can hardly believe her eyes, questioning the constant deja vu she's going through. The White Stranger, as he's later called, rides up towards the stagecoach, and says in a southern accent, "Somebody here about to call for help?" His horse whines, as he pulls it to a stop, lifting up on its hind legs and making a spectacular heroic entrance. Doc Skullovitch turns his gun to the man in white, and One Eyed Bulk remarks, "The White Stranger!" Kim overhears this and whispers the name aloud to herself in amazement. The White Stranger is, you guessed it, a dead ringer for Tommy! He even has the same long hair, and his white cowboy hat has a green band around it. Makes you wonder what connections this guy has to Tommy's clone, if any. Doc & One Eye fire their revolvers at the White Stranger, only to find out their guns have been switched with novelty Bang guns! They stare at the red colored flags hanging out of the barrels of their guns in shock, as the White Stranger mentions, "Maybe you boys ought to look for another line of work!" Bulk yells at his partner, "You brought the wrong ones, you dimwit!" The White Stranger gets a chuckle out of their stupidity, as does Adam's double. Oh hell, no sense trying to play the revelation off, he & Rocky's twin are later revealed to be the ancestors of the ones we know and love. Just about EVERYONE in this two-parter who resembles someone from modern day is the ancestor of their lookalikes. Doc Skullovitch tells Bulk, "Sorry", and begins coughing. One Eye gets his burro moving, and Doc follows, the two making their rather slow getaway into the nearby field. Bulk screams at his pal, "NEVER have I been so embarrassed in all my life, and it's YOUR fault!" Doc reminds him, "I SAID I was sorry!", and he replies, "Well, sorry isn't good enough!" Doc's donkey starts to spin around in a circle, as he loses control of the wily animal. Bulk comments to him, "This way, this way! Will you PLEASE learn to ride!" The White Stranger just lets the bumbling burglars go, and while watching them ride off, he spots Kimberly hiding behind the boulder. He smiles gently, and gallops over to see her. She stands up, locking eyes with him, causing her to freeze at the confirmation of his uncanny resemblance to her boyfriend/ teammate. The White Stranger tips his hat, and says, "May I help you, Miss?" Kim can only reply with a sigh, as she passes out, and falls onto the grass (a reference to "White Light 2").

Elsewhen, back in the present day, at the Command Center, our heroes anxiously await word on their teammate. Billy helps Alpha in searching for her, and in fact does more button pressing than the usually button-happy robot! Tommy asks, "Billy, any luck locating Kim?" He states, "I'm having trouble moving my signal through the time barrier. Here, let me try this. Something should come up on the Viewing Globe." That it does, the five teens rushing over to check out whatever he managed to do. A very staticy image of Kimberly appears, showing her unconscious. Tommy exclaims happily, "There she is!" The transmission from the past suddenly cuts out, prompting Adam to ask, "What happened?!" Billy admits, "I'm not sure. I may have to check the power transformer. We may need to increase the voltage surge to carry an ongoing signal." He bites his lip, and continues brainstorming for ideas. Meanwhile, back in the old west, Kimberly is brought to a tavern by the stagecoach drivers. She's still passed out, lying down on a bench beside a table, where four other people are sitting. One of the drivers, the one in black, gently taps her cheek and asks, "Excuse me, ma'am? Are you alright? Can I get you somethin'?" Kim slowly opens her eyes, and her faded vision becomes clear, as she recognizes the man as one of her teammates. She looks at his oddly combed black locks, and asks groggily, "Adam? What did you do to your hair?" His smile quickly droops, and he self-consciously puts his cowboy hat back on. Kim sits up and asks, "Where's Tommy?!" The man in black, speaking in a southern accent (as do they all, I can't stress enough), says, "Tommy? There's no Tommy here, ma'am. And my name's not Adam, it's Abraham." He introduces the other people at the table, "This here's William...", the man with a blue shirt on and resembles Billy nods & winks. Abraham continues, "... Miss Alicia...", prompting the African-American girl in a fancy yellow dress with Aisha's face (and hair extensions!!) to reply, "Howdy!" The introductions conclude with, "... And Rocko", the second stagecoach driver, the Rocky twin, named such. He tops his hat and winks with a smirk. Apparently, at least in Angel Grove, in the PR Universe, racism was abolished in the 18th century. Or else toleration was high in the area, to allow such mingling of various races.

Kim exhales stressfully, rubs her temple and wonders to herself, "Where am I?!" The bartender standing behind her (above the bar is a sign saying "Dancing Dog", I gotta see that!), who looks exactly like Ernie (cept dressed without the flowery shirts and has a tiny mustache), answers her question, "Angel Grove's finest, Ernest's Juice Saloon! We serve the BEST fruit juices in the West!" He places a drink down at the table in front of her, and the other four teens lift their own juices up (some in bottles) to show off said finest beverages, possibly toasting one another silently. Abraham mentions to the timeshocked Kimberly, "Rocko & I hauled you in after the White Stranger saved us." Kim massages her forehead some more, and begins to focus, "The White Stranger. Where is he?!" Abraham explains, "Don't know. No one knows! He just kinda appears whenever we need help." Miss Alicia asks her, "Where'd you get them there clothes?", and Kim causally remarks, "At the mall." This causes Alicia some confusion, as she wonders, "What's a mall?" Kim looks at the backwoods girl, and crinkles her face up distraughtly, telling them all, "I think I need some air!" Ernest provides her with the space she desires, by saying, "You heard her, everyone. Give the little lady some room!" William, Rocko, and Abraham quickly scoot their seats out and stand up. Not exactly what Kim expected, causing her even more distress at what appear to be he friends' strange actions. She gets up and runs out of the Juice Saloon, exiting through the two little wooden swinging doors, and rushing out into the street. Kim begins to spin around in a circle, as she absorbs her surroundings. The first thing she takes a close look at is the Ernest's Juice Saloon sign, which has a small notation of "Est. 1880". She looks at other signs in the area, such as "Feed & Sale Stable, W.H. Bayless Property", "Blacksmith & Wagon Shop, Ox Shoeing. Proprietor- George Trekton", "T. Lubelski, General Merchant", and "Manufacturers And Canvas Pluming. Made To Stay Length, OR Width Nozzles and Funnels Attached!" It's a pure western town, alright, looking like a normal sitcom ghost town would, except alive with people. They're your typical western townsfolk. Horses everywhere, and likely lots of manure.

Kim holds her hand to her heaving bosom, as she gets gawked at by the passerby's. Conservative women give her dirty looks upon witnessing her very short denim skirt, and her rather flimsy pink top. Floozy! Harlot! Tart! Parading around in her skivvies! Kim staggers down the dirt road, with all eyes on her, especially the guys', who are likely admiring her midriff. She wanders around, dazed, confused, and extremely culture shocked. Back in the present day, on the Evil Moon Palace, Lord Zedd says, "We must begin before the Time Holes close." Goldar nods, and agrees, "I agree, sire! This is your most brilliant plan!" Rita seems to also agree, exclaiming, "Yes!", and laughing quite maniacally. Zedd makes reference to that odd clip of his wife laughing, as he sits on his throne and comments, "I wish I could amuse myself like that. Oh, well." He ceases tapping his metal fingertips on the armrest, and lifts his Z-Staff into the air, firing his surging energy into the air, and shouts, "Needlenose! Be on your way!" The evil electricity hits Needlenose, who speaks in a Mexican style accent, remarking, "Okay, your unruliness! Adios!" His teleports to Earth instantly, while back in the Palace, Goldar mentions, "But, master. What about the Pink Ranger?" Zedd, fully aware of the accidental time-tourist, proclaims, "You are going back in time to destroy that proprius pink parasite, so that she will not derail my plan!" Elsewhere, in the Command Center, Billy's button pressing and switch flipping finally pays off. He exclaims, "We found her!", to his teammates, as they watch attentively, as he explains, "Kimberly's IN Angel Grove... But it's, uhh, 1880." Tommy turns to Rocky & Adam, and nods at them while saying, "Great work, guys! Now let's go rescue her!" (what did THEY do to help find her? Billy & Alpha did all the work!) He & Aisha are preparing to Morph, as they stand into position with their right arms around their backs, when suddenly the alarms go off. Alpha ay-yi-yi's, "Goldar and his goons are heading straight for the Time Hole!"

The five teens (plus the one robot) turn to the Viewing Globe, and get to see Needlenose with Goldar, and a gang of Putty Patrollers, marching down a dirt road. Rocky yells, "Whoa! A walking cactus!", and Billy figures, "Zedd must have created it out of Kimberly's cactus." Zordon deduces the evil scheme, "If Zedd's monster destroys Angel Grove in the past, it will alter Angel Grove's future. And all of you will disappear because you will have never been born!" Alpha stresses, "You MUST stop Zedd's creature from reaching the Time Hole!" Tommy agrees, "Alpha's right. If the monster goes back in time, no one will be able to stop it. We have to get there before IT does!" Aisha wonders, "But what's going to happen to Kimberly?", and Adam notes, "We can't just leave her there!" Tommy makes the tough decision, "We just have to hope she's okay until we can get to her." The team silently and somberly concur with his choice, as Tommy shouts "It's Morphin' Time!", and the five Morph into the Power Rangers once again. They immediately flip through the air, and land directly in front of the marching monsters in the outskirts of town. What they're doing out there is unclear, but it probably had something to do with an attempt to not get noticed by our heroes on their way to the Youth Center. Perhaps teleporting straight to the location would cause some sort of disruption to the Time Hole, as well. Whatever the case, Goldar and his gang of goons stops in their tracks upon nearly bumping into the Rangers. Goldar growls at the White Ranger, who informs the henchmonster, "Goldar! Forget about going BACK in time, your time HERE has run out!" The golden warrior boasts, "You miserable misfits! You're no match for us!" Tommy gets extremely cocky, boasting right back, "Huh, really? We're going to turn you, your Putty pals, and that dainty dandelion into mulch!" He begins to eat his words seconds later, when five more Putties teleport in behind the Rangers. Tommy exclaims, "We're surrounded! Keep your eyes open!" Goldar gets to gloat, "Things don't look so rosy now, do they?! Time for cactus to practice his stinging surprise!" Each of the Rangers stand alert, with Putties dancing around them, as Needlenose quips, "Quite a sticky situation, eh?" Goldar is feeling pretty good, as he proclaims, "This is SUCH a glorious moment!" White Ranger grips his glove and leads us to commercial with, "If the other Power Rangers and I can't keep the past from the future, then this present is doomed!"


Here's the scene again for those who tuned in late. The five Power Rangers, sans Pink, are surrounded out in the middle of nowhere by a horde of rowdy Putties, Goldar, and a monster named Needlenose. Goldar growls, "Power Rangers, I hope you're prepared to be weeded out!" White Ranger tells his team, "Okay, everybody. Just be careful. Hi-yah!" He charges into battle, as do his four teammates. Mighty RAW's immortal "541" plays in the background, and if you're in the mood for a good laugh, learn the words to the song, and then read the Closed Captioning. They are SO off here, it's hilarious. Anyway, the fight itself. Tommy takes on several Putties at once, throwing kicks, punches, and elbow jabs at them, left and right. One tries to get a hit in on him, and the White Ranger grabs the clay-arm, twists it around, and uses it as leverage to knock the entire drone over with a quick sock to its fist. It's tough to describe, but Tommy seems to like it, posing ferociously afterward. Yellow Ranger leaps into the air, and lands her kicking foot directly into the Z-Chest of a Putty. We don't see it explode, so it must be offscreen, as she lands amid about six Putty Patrollers. Aisha keeps them off her with a few well placed kicks and punches, knocking them off, until one kicks her in the back while she's distracted. She quickly turns around, does a double kick into the air, and sends two Putties at once flying high backwards. Blue Ranger also has a ludicrous amount of Putties to deal with, throwing a few weak punches and kicks into them. He eventually starts to backflip down between the line of them, finally landing perfectly away from their outnumbering vantage point. He pauses to threaten them by punching his fist into the air, or just generally posing with a grunt. Black Ranger has more immediate concerns, as a single Putty is attacking him physically. He dodges all hits, as they become locked, arm to arm and shoulder to shoulder. Adam soon knocks the drone away with a knee punch, only to be greeted by another Putty behind it, which throws a kick at him. He blocks it with a cross-handed defense maneuver, turns around and punches the one he was just fighting, kicks the other one in front of him, and then whips that same right leg back around to the one behind him. Adam concludes this with a grabbing of the front Putty's arm, flipping its entire body to the ground, and then posing victoriously for us. Don't forget Red Ranger, who takes on many Putties, tossing as many punches & kicks into them as he can release. He even knees one in the Z-Plate, but we see no explosion, instead three others take its place in swarming on Rocky. He kicks them off, and even though there are still several more to deal with, he stops to strike a pose. C'mon, Vogue!

Remember the Alamo? Well, good for you! Cause I need you to remember where we left Kimberly. She's still in the old west, of course. She wanders around the main street of the 19th century equivalent of Angel Grove, looking like quite the loon as she tries to come to grips with being lost in time. Miss Alicia leads the way for William, Abraham, and Rocko to exit Ernest's Juice Saloon, the four of them passing through the swinging doors and watching their new acquaintance run around like a chicken with its tail cut off (not as bad as when it loses its head, but still quite a sight to see). They walk down the steps, with Abraham (quite talkative, compared to his shy descendant!) asking, "Everything all right, ma'am?" Kim turns to them, and stammers, "Uhh... Ahh... Is this really 1880?" Miss Alicia replies, "All year long!", and makes us have to believe that Ernest's Juice Saloon has become the "finest in the West" in less than a few months. Well, I guess it serves the best fruit juices simply because it's the ONLY juice bar on the planet at the time! Kimberly takes this reference to the year in little stride, as she makes a complete U-turn and comments, "Umm, I think I need to sit down." She wanders over to a bench outside of the saloon, with Alicia by her side, and the three cowboy teens behind her. Just around the corner, Doc Skullovitch & One Eyed Bulk are once again on the prowl. They each have small pretzel sticks in their mouths, ala the style of cigars. One Eye points out the teens to his partner, "Look! It's that strange girl and the varmints with the PAYroll!" Doc remarks, "They're just sittin' there like sittin'....", at a loss for words on the rest of the cliche. He looks to Bulk, begins to flap his hands together and quack, prompting his partner to finish, "Like sittin' ducks?" Doc replies, "Yeah!", and then bites into his pretzel stick, unable to chew it before he starts to cough uncontrollably. One Eye looks at him funny for a moment, then looks back over to his target, laughing despicably.

Just outside of Ernest's Juice Saloon, Kim sits a spell, with Miss Alicia by her side. William sets on her other side, and gentlemanly mentions, "Umm, Miss? You seem to have us at a disadvantage. You see, uh, you know our names, but we don't know yours." Kimberly, with her hand against her chest still, looks around, figures she'd better go with the wagon trail flow, and responds in a reference to a certain season 1 episodes, "Umm... Oh... Calamity Kim?" Alicia smiles, Rocko looks quite goofy, and William shakes her hand, smiling and saying, "Well, it's a pleasure to meet you, Kim!" Suddenly, a nameless extra races down the wooden sidewalk overpass thingymabober, until he reaches the five teens, exclaiming, "Clear the street! It's One Eyed Bulk & Doc Skullovitch!" He then hurries off to find a hiding spot, leaving everyone within range in a bit of a commotion. Abraham ducks behind a barrel, Rocko takes Miss Alicia by the hand and helps her hide out behind a crate next to Abraham's barrel. Kim & William stand up, but are a little too slow to panic, as One Eye & Doc appear behind them in less than a moment. Doc greets the two in his most proper voice, "Afternoon!", and then lets out a deep cough, barely keeping hold of his pistol. Bulk takes off his hat and raises his gun, stating with malicious glee, "Alright! All right, everybody, come out! This is a stick up!" Miss Alicia's innocent yet sultry voice calls out, "Don't shoot!", as she stands up with her hands in a surrendering position. She walks over next to William, who also has complied with the thieves' demands. Kim, on the other hand, fails to do so, until One Eye barks, "Hey, stranger! Put those hands up!" She obliges, rather reluctantly. Rocko & Abraham soon follow, hands held vertically. The five colorfully dressed teenagers are held up at gunpoint before the bumbling burglars. Doc Skullovitch lets out a gentle cough, to which One Eyed Bulk responds with a double take.

Meanwhile, back in the present day, even though it feels like an eternity, the Putty Patroller battle wages on. Black Ranger catches a failed punch from a Putty, holds his arm down, and then ends up kicked by another Putty from out of nowhere. The two Putties then stand ready for more, when the second one taps the other on the shoulder, and motions him to follow. They dart off to join their fellow claybrains as they return to their lengthy jogging exercise routine. Adam is at a loss for motives, asking, "Hey! Where are they all going?!" Tommy joins his side and reminds him, "They're headed for the Time Hole! Let's get 'em!" White & Black Rangers lead the way for their Red, Yellow & Black teammates, as they give chase to the fleeing Putties. They don't get far before Goldar yells out from behind, "Stop! Your fight here isn't finished yet, Rangers!" The five turn around and wonder what the henchmonster wants. Needlenose brags, "I'm a pretty good fighter, and a REALLY good shot!" Distracted by conflicting priorities, our heroes are taken by surprise, as Needlenose fires off five green glowing cactus needles at them. Each one of the Rangers are struck, and rendered incapable of moving, collapsing to their knees instantly. Tommy cries out what they are, "Paralyzing spores!" Goldar commends his lackey, "Nice work, Needlenose! Ehahaha!" White Ranger clutches the thick needle protruding from his chest and shakes his other hand in the air, proclaiming, "You won't get away with this, Goldar!" The golden warrior ignores his comments and continues laughing victoriously. Elsewhen, in 1880, Doc Skullovitch approaches Kimberly, noticing the shiny silver Communicator on her left wrist as she has her hands in the air. He remarks to One Eyed Bulk, "Looky what we have here, One Eye. A charm bracelet." Doc looks at Kim with romantic eyes, as he leans in and apparently kisses her hand as he attempts to remove it from her. She warns him, "Don't touch that!", but he ignores her, and unstraps it from her wrist. It slips onto the hand he has his revolver in, and nearly a moment later, starts to vibrate, and begins to shock Doc with pink electricity! That appears to be some kind of security function to keep anyone from removing a Communicator against the wearer's will. Doc feels the jolt, then fumbles painfully while shrieking, and drops the watch-like device on the ground.

As this occurs, One Eyed Bulk has his gun pointed at Kimberly's face, as he makes demands, "Alright, now if you do what we say, ain't nobody gonna get hurt! (that's when Skull gets zapped, for comedic effect) All we want is your money!" He presents his turned-over hat, motioning them to put their money inside it. Doc coughs some more, directly in One Eye's face, and points his gun at his incredibly dry throat. Bulk adds, "And a little a juice!", and Doc agrees, "Yeah! Or ELSE!" Kim, fully aware of how harmless the duo are from her own time, asks with an attitude, "Or else WHAT?" A look of confusion comes over the two burglar's faces, as One Eye stammers, "Or else's we'll... we'll... or else we'll... or else we'll do something you won't like!" Kim takes the incentive, upon hearing Doc cough again, to kick her heel up, literally, and kick the guns out of their hands. Guess they'll learn not to hold their weapons so close together next time! Disarmed by Kimberly's "foreign" self defense move, the bumbling robbers are stunned. One Eyed Bulk grabs Doc Skullovitch by the collar and drags him off, urging him to come on with him. Their getaway ends abruptly when Bulk accidentally backs up into a trough full of water! He plops into it, butt first, splashing quite a bit on Doc's outfit. He seems disturbed by this, brushing at it and sighing, "Oh dear." One Eye splashes around, trying to arise from his soaked seat, only to find his dropped gun inside the water, completely useless now. Rocko steps up and helps Bulk out, as Abraham puts his hand around Doc's shoulder and says, "Ya'll going straight to the jailhouse. C'mon, Doc. Don't give me no trouble now." He comes along quietly, though Bulk struggles, whining about his gun being wet, as he's hauled off to prison with his partner in crime by the two people they were trying to rob earlier. Miss Alicia & Kim get a hearty chuckle from this. William bends down and picks up the discarded Pink-striped Communicator, noting, "This here's a right impressive device, Miss.... Kimmy. You're not from around here, are you?" She smiles as he hands her wristband back to her, she puts it back on and sighs, "Guys... I think we'd better talk." Alicia & William look at each other, and follow Kim back inside of the tavern.

Some time later, in Ernest's Juice Saloon, a large wheels spins. It looks similar to the one on Wheel Of Fortune, cept according to the chalk board, all you can win on it is a free juice. Ernest is handed a pitcher of orange juice by a waitress, and heads over to one of the tables. There, Kim and her four new western friends are sitting. She's finished informing them of every true detail on how she arrived there. Ernest places down the pitcher and walks off, just before Kim says, "And that's the whole story." The four teens soak in the knowledge in their own ways. Rocko scratches his chin, Miss Alicia sips her juice from a shot glass, and Abraham plays with his necktie. William asks, "Power Rangers and monsters, huh?", Kim nods and drinks her juice. Alicia gives an eyebrow enhanced look of disbelief at this, and Abraham exhales, making his cheeks big. William is blunt, "Miss Kimmy, you wouldn't be trying to hornswoggle me. Now, would ya?" Kimberly doesn't understand the jive lingo, asking, "Excuse me?!" The four others stress in unison, "Hornswoggle!" Before they have a chance to elaborate, that nameless extra from earlier pops up again, busting through the swinging doors and shouting, "Everybody, come quick!" Kim goes on alert at the sign of trouble, and she's the fastest in rushing out of the building to see what's causing the ruckus. Only she and her four pals do as the extra said, and upon exiting the place, Kim groans, "Oh, no. Not here!" The source of the disturbance is a gang of Z-Putties, terrorizing the citizens of 1880 Angel Grove. About four Putties ride horseback, one of which has a cowboy hat one and his arm in the air, swinging a lasso around. In the streets, Putty Patrollers harasses citizens. One Putty grabs a long haired & bearded cowboy, wraps him in a rope and spins him around until he's dizzy. The man stands there dazed, as another Putty snatches his hat, just before the other one kicks him down. Lord Zedd suit actor and occasional Putty Ed Neil plays the next townsperson, a screaming hillbilly who flees from two Putties into a shack. The camera remains on the door, until seconds later when the townsperson hops out of the place, wearing only his bright red longjohns! He tries covering himself as he races away, leaving his clothes to the Putties. One has his hat and overalls on, while another has his coat and neck bandanna on. Yee-haw, they're the best dressed drones in the old west!

More Putty pandemonium in the township, more people running for their lives, and if you look closely, you'll see Ed as a different cowboy fully dressed again. One other cowboy leaps over two barrels, and hides behind them. He breathes rapidly, thinking himself free from the assault from the strange creatures. As he rests there, a single Putty sneaks up above the barrels, warbling its nonsensical babbling. The cowboy spots him, screams, and runs, just before the claybrain can make contact with him with its fist. So, we've got Putties on horseback, and we've got Putties on foot. We've also got your typical western panicking populus. It should be noted, these Putties are the ones that our heroes failed to stop from getting to the Time Hole. Nearby, William lifts a monocle to his left eye, as he stares amazed by the scene, stating, "Well i'll be! It IS true!" Both his eyes are wide with astonishment as he witnesses proof of the stories Kim revealed to them. Elsewhen, in the present (or 1995, whichever you want), the five Power Rangers still are grounded by the monster's attack. Tommy tries encouraging his teammates, "You gotta fight it! Don't let it paralyze you!" Goldar & Needlenose remain a few feet away, savoring the taste of needlepoint victory. They laugh evilly at our heroes' plight, until Goldar finally bids, "Adios, rigid Rangers!" He runs his hand across the blade of his sword, and flame-aports away, with Needlenose also teleporting off beside him. Maybe they figure now that their troops are through, teleporting near the vortex isn't such a bad idea, since they have to wait for no one and can hop in just before it closes. That's if you believe my theory of teleportation signals being the activator of the Time Holes. Anyway, the Rangers are able to remove the thorns from their Morphed bodies, and eventually rise up to a stand position again. White Ranger exclaims, "C'mon! We gotta catch them before they turn back the clock!" He grunts, still clutching the point on his chest where he was struck. The others do pretty much the same, staggering slowly along behind him.

Momentarily in the hallway of the Gym & Juice Bar, Goldar & Needlenose stand before them (the cactus monster nearly slips on the well waxed floor). Goldar states, "There's the Time Hole portal! Let's go forward into the past!", and that they both do, entering the swirling vortex, and vanishing from sight. The five Power Rangers arrive only seconds too late, with Tommy crying, "Oh no! We missed it!" He and the others hurry to the lockers, and start feeling around all over, searching for the opening to the vortex. Billy sighs, "Oh no!", and Tommy notes, "The Time Hole's closed!" Aisha keeps hope alive, saying, "There's GOTTA be another way in!" Billy explains, "Not from here. The energy's dispersed." Rocky realizes, "If that's true, we've lost Kimberly." Adam mentions, "We'd better go back to the Command Center and tell Zordon." Tommy's reluctant, "I don't want to leave here, cause it's our only link to Kim. But Adam's right. Maybe Zordon can help!" They all agree, and luckily for them, nobody seems to be in the Youth Center at this time to overhear all of these public admissions of secret identities! Elsewhere, up on the Evil Moon Palace, Lord Zedd stands at his balcony saying, "Goldar and the cactus shall soon destroy old Angel Grove! Haha!" He skips as he walks down the steps, clicking his heels together quickly in midair. He approaches Rita at the bottom, and as she snickers sinisterly, he continues gloating, "The world will be ours and the Rangers will be no more!" What they don't realize is, that by altering history's events, a ripple effect could occur. The monster disturbance could cause the astronauts to never open Rita's dumpster in the first place. Or perhaps the monster disturbance would cause even stronger new Rangers to be born and chosen in their stead! Rita & Zedd sure wouldn't be married anymore, that's for sure. Rita adds to her husband's list of upcoming excitements, "And then we'll take a vacation!" She begins to tickle his muscle-covered ribcage, causing Zedd to giggle uncontrollably.


Soon at the Command Center, the five Power Rangers stand before Zordon, all Morphed but holding their helmets under their arms. Tommy laments, "Zordon, we blew it! Kimberly's trapped in the past!" Zordon assures them, "It's not time to give up yet, Rangers." Aisha, thinking one-dimensionally, agrees, "That's right. If Goldar and the monster had won, then the world would already be destroyed." Alpha also falls trap to the easy explanation, saying, "Then Kimberly MUST have defeated the monster!" Zordon states, "No, Alpha. I have no evidence upon which to base that conclusion." Billy has to explain time & relativity to them on a fourth dimensional scale, mentioning, "It's a paradox. Our world won't change until Kimberly battles the monster in HER time." Which of course means, that however long Needlenose is back in time that it takes him to destroy the city in a linear timeframe, is how long until the effects on the present begin to take shape. He goes back in time, it won't be just BAM, the Rangers vanish. If he kills their ancestors in 50 minutes after going back in time, then it'd take 50 minutes for those in the present to vanish or become Space Phantoms or whatever. None of the Rangers aside from Billy seem to understand this, course he doesn't explain it. Tommy just wishes for a miracle, commenting, "There must be SOME way we can help her." His teammates are at a loss for ideas. Time travel isn't their field of expertise! Finally, back in 1880, the Putties horse around with the Angel Grove settlers. Kim has to open her big overbiten mouth and whine, "Oh my gosh. What's next?!" Her answer comes in the form of Goldar & Needlenose, who both exit the Time Hole just in front of the Juice Saloon! How the portal got there when it was way out in the middle of nowhere earlier is unclear, though it might have something to do with them teleporting while nearing the end of the time tunnel or something. Anyway, there's evil laughter by Goldar, there's citizens slamming into each other in a fleeing panic, there's Putties prancing about, and there's Kim with the four ancestors of her future teammates. They merely stand around, watching the display in total horror. Kim runs her hand through her hair, exhaling exuberantly. With Needlenose at his side, Goldar closes out the show by proclaiming, "Take cover cause there's a new top gun in town... Lord Zedd!" Ya'll come back in time now, ya hear?

[To be continued...; End credits.]

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