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Power Rangers In Space
"The Rangers' Leap Of Faith"
Original Air Date: 10/24/98
*6th Regular Season
(Same as the Season By Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-712
*28th episode of PRiS
*278th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Judd Lynn Director: Jonathan Tzachor
Starring Cast:
Tracy Lynn Cruz **AS** Ashley (Yellow Ranger)
Patricia Ja Lee **AS** Cassie (Pink Ranger)
Christopher Khayman Lee **AS** Andros (Red Ranger)
Roger Velasco **AS** Carlos (Black Ranger)
Selwyn Ward **AS** T.J. (Blue Ranger)
Melody Perkins **AS** Astronema
Additional Cast:
Bob Manahan **AS** Zordon (voice)
Donene Kistler **AS** Alpha 6
Wendee Lee **AS** Alpha 6 (voice)

Julie Kliewer **AS** D.E.C.A. (voice)
Walter Lang **AS** Ecliptor (voice)
Steve Kramer **AS** Darkonda (voice)
Christopher Cho **AS** Dark Specter (voice)


[Recap of "Always A Chance," "Secret Of The Locket" & "Astronema Thinks Twice"]
Completely relive the final scene from the previous episode, all the way from when Andros shows up on the Megaship bridge with Astronema, until after DECA sets a course for Yotoba. This time we get a bonus shot of the Astro Megaship taking off on a hyper rush trip to find the long lost Morphin master, Zordon!
[opening credits, Justin Nimmo gets a new Silver Ranger scene: Galaxy Rover making a turn with an explosion raging behind it!]
Down in the Engine Room of the Megaship, Astronema sits on the floor, her hands chained to a metal bar. Andros comes in with a plate of food, a variety since he didn't know what she liked. Doesn't matter, she's not hungry despite Andros' objections of it being a long trip. He then apologizes for her prisoner status, and she understands since his friends don't trust her. She asks him if he trusts her, and he profoundly states that he does, but when the question is reversed, she explains she's still working on the concept of 'trust.' As Andros begins to walk away, Astronema asks him about their parents. He explains he doesn't know where they are, only that he hoped they escaped KO-35 before the Dark Specter battle, and that they'd be relived to know he'd finally found Karone. He sits down on the floor across from her, and she asks questions about their mother & father, which he happily tells her. Supposedly, he sees a lot of his mom in her, so I guess she had a perchance for weird colored wigs! They continue talking about what their parents were like, Andros saying they were the best any kid could have hoped for. The next morning, they're awakened by DECA, having fallen asleep in the Engine room while talking about the family Karonema never had. He proceeds to unshackle his sister, and brings her up to the bridge. The Megaship has finally reached Yotoba, which is encased in a geometric dome field. Andros brings Astronema, as well as some handcuffs & chains, to the Ranger teens, stating it needs to look like she's captured them. TJ doesn't think this a good idea, but Andros' silent stance on the issue of trusting Karonema changes his mind, so the Rangers reluctantly cuff themselves, pretending to be captive. Astronema calls forth her Wrath Staff, and orders the 'robot' to open a communications channel. Alpha tells her to call him 'Alpha,' and walks off to open the channels, mumbling and grumbling about it not hurting to say 'please' once in a while. Astronema overhears, and gives what seems to be her first ever usage of the word by saying 'please, Alpha.' This startles Alpha, who quickly opens the communications, as Andros smiles, knowing his choice in trusting her may be completely correct after all.
Dark Specter appears on the screen, and expresses his pleasure in seeing Astronema is back to evil and has the Rangers her prisoners. He lowers the force field, and the Megaship begins entering the atmosphere. The second Dark Specter is off the screen, the Rangers drop their shackles and head to man their stations, TJ giving orders like the commander of the ship. Astronema slinks back to her brother, who's ready to bring her back to her chained area below. Suddenly, Velocifighters surround the Megaship, alerting the Rangers. Astronema explains they're escorts, which they need to follow to their destination. They hastily comply, as the princess of evil formally known as Karone is lead by her brother back down to the Engine Room. If all the tension in the air wasn't enough, the atmosphere around the ship is highly unstable, and a storm rages around them. As lightning crashes through the clouds surrounding, TJ begins to grow suspicious of where the Velocifighter escorts are taking them, and quickly changes the Megaship's course. This throws everyone offguard, including the Quantron pilots who lose track of the Rangers in the storm. Just as our heroes think they're gonna land safely on Yotoba, a lightning bolt strikes the ship, shutting down most of the lights of the interior and knocking the guidance system offline (hope it didn't hit the SimuDeck)! TJ fights to keep the Megaship level, and Carlos rushes off to try to fix something in the main computer terminal. Andros runs back to the bridge, leaving his sister chained in the Engine Room. Time's running out, as the Astro Megaship slams into the jungle surface, throwing most all the Rangers over their consoles and when it comes to a halt, most everyone's floored! Most of the power is down, but the viewing screen shows the surrounding jungle to be pretty much clear of any troops. Andros makes a dash to see how his sister is, but he finds only her chains left, and the outer hatch open to jungles outside! The other Rangers come down too, and think Astronema played them for fools and made a getaway when they changed plans. Andros still refuses to believe she could betray him so easily.
The Rangers scout out, searching through the heavily overgrown jungles of Yotoba, trying to find Zordon. First, they almost bump into a ton of Piranahtron marching through the forest, possibly looking for our heroes. Just as they think the baddies have passed, out of nowhere appear a fleet of P-Trons, and when the Rangers try running the other way, Darkonda pops ahead of them! Nowhere to run, the five brave teens quickly Morph into their respective Ranger colors, and try fighting off the endless horde of Piranahtron. They don't do any better than they did in "Chase Into Space," Andros dealing with the relentless Darkonda at the same time. Darky blasts Red Ranger to the ground, and almost has him, but Yellow Ranger grabs Darkonda and gives Andros a chance to run off and find Zordon. Darkonda is off balance for a second, but just as quickly lays waste to Ashley and fires a bolt at Andros, knocking the running Ranger down. The other Rangers try rushing Darky, but the P-Trons overwhelm them, and give Darkonda a chance to do some damage on our heroes. Andros is injured, but gets a helping hand by his sister, Astronema, whom lifts him up and helps him escape through the bushes. Darkonda spots this and angrily sends some Piranahtron after the KO-35ians.
As Astronema & Andros make a break for it, they bump into Ecliptor, his sword drawn and ready to destroy Red Ranger! Astronema pleads with him not to hurt her brother, and the side of Ecliptor which loves and cares for her prevents him for doing evil against them. He tells them to go, which they do, but as he turns to watch his beloved princess escape, Darkonda leaps from behind him, and slashes Eclipty across his back with the Extenda-Sword! The wound is extensive, wires hanging out and everything. Ecliptor turns around, only to get another sword slash in the chest, sending Ecliptor down for the count. Darkonda then stomps on Ecliptor's wounded back, giving the traitor his due. He then sends the Piranahtron back out to find the Ranger and his sister. Those he seek have finally come across the area where Zordon's energy tube is being held, and he sounds drained! Red Ranger thanks Karone for helping him find the Ranger mentor, and walks over to his containment tube, the bottom of which is partially full of lava. Andros & Zordon appear to know each other, but straight out of left field, Zordon calls Andros a fool! in case you can't tell by that line, Dark Specter suddenly drops the fake image, revealing himself inside the tube, both Andros & Astronema are shocked! If this wasn't enough, Darkonda and his band of merry minions have caught up with them. The other four Ranger are also there, captive of the P-Trons, which soon overtake Red Ranger as well. Astronema looks concerned one minute, and right after Dark Specter continues mocking Andros' line of 'how could you, Karone,' her whole mood and stance changes back to that of the princess of darkness! She gives the evil stare we've come to know well, and the Rangers call her a liar they never should have trusted. Andros begs why his sister did this, but the evil Karone gives no answers.
Darkonda doesn't believe Astronema, and still thinks she's gone good. A quick slip of the Wrath Staff sends Darkonda to the ground, and she boasts she fooled him as easily as he fooled the Rangers. He thinks he may have misjudged her loyalty after all. Astronema brags about her plan to trap the Rangers working perfectly to Dark Specter, who orders her to finish them off, right before finally emerging from Zordon's transport-tube and regains his real size, teleporting away. Astronema walks over to her restrained brother, who still can't understand how she could dupe them so badly. She takes care of this, by ordering Darkonda to destroy the Ranger right now! He turns around, trying to decide on which one he should kill first, when suddenly a purple blast fires Darky in the back, taking him by surprise and taking him down. Of course, this is the trademark power of Astronema's Wrath Staff! She astonishes Andros by switching sides yet once, again, yelling for the Rangers to duck before tossing her Wrath-arang, taking out some Piranahtrons! Red Ranger's confidence is renewed, and he beats his P-Trons captors up and away. Astronema heads over and helps the Rangers out of their chains. TJ is amazed she was on their side after all, to which Karone gives him a quick wink. They may be free, but they're still surrounded by enemies, as Darkonda regains footing, ready to kill the traitor once and for all! Turnabout is said to be fair play, as a set of green laser blasts trash Darky from the sidelines, causing him to explode and lose another life (he's only got four left)! The owner of the green beams is none other than Ecliptor, who's badly damaged, but makes his way through Piranahtrons, before collapsing in front of his Princess. She, as well as the Rangers, are surprised and happy to have his help. She tries comforting him, but he knows Dark Specter will be after them so they must retreat and leave him behind. Karone has no choice in the matter, and leaves her green guardian behind to face an endless wave of Piranahtrons, which overrun him. The Power Team & Astronema are able to escape the circle of P-Tron, and beeline to the Megaship, using their Astro Blasters to clear the way of the fishy foes. As our heroes enter the safety of their home base, Astronema whips out her Wrath Staff and gives her old allies a taste of purple power! Once everyone is aboard, the Megaship takes off of Yotoba, ready to get as far away from Dark Specter's troops as they can!
Later on the Dark Fortress, Dark Specter contacts Darkonda about a darkening situation of the darkened space of commander of the Dark vessel of the Dark Fortress (was that too dark?)! Until Astronema comes back, he will be in command of the warped ship. He can't understand why, considering how Astronema's gone and betrayed them for the last time. Ecliptor is brought in by some Quantrons on a stretcher, torn up, but still kicking. Darkonda yells at Eclipty for taking away another one of his lives, but Dark Specter won't let him destroy Ecliptor, for he has plans for both him and his princess, which will mean they never stray from evil again! The treacherous Darkonda has plans on his own, and schemes to rule in Specter's stead. Elsewhere on the Astro Megaship, Andros & Astronema return to the bridge, where the Ranger teens confront them. TJ is the first to apologize to Karone, followed by Ashley who offers the apology of the whole team for not trusting her. Astronema explains that she was never allowed to have friends before, and she doesn't expect them to like her or trust her, but she hopes one day she can convince them she never wanted to hurt them. Cassie & Carlos confess they believe her, not 'one day,' but now. TJ states she now has five friends, and Ashley takes Karone's hand and tells her she deserves every one. All smile, ready to make a new beginning, with Alpha giving us a happy and sighful "Ay-yi-yi".
[no scenes; end credits]

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