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Power Rangers In Space
"Mission To Secret City"
Original Air Date: 11/12/98 Featuring Footage & Some Story Elements From:
Megaranger #47 - Tobiko Me! Kyoufu no Hinera tsutei
(Jump Into It! Hinera's City Of Terror)
*6th Regular Season
(Same as the Season By Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-722
*38th episode of PRiS
*288th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Judd Lynn Director: Koichi Sakamoto
Starring Cast:
Tracy Lynn Cruz **AS** Ashley (Yellow Ranger)
Patricia Ja Lee **AS** Cassie (Pink Ranger)
Christopher Khayman Lee **AS** Andros (Red Ranger)
Roger Velasco **AS** Carlos (Black Ranger)
Selwyn Ward **AS** T.J. (Blue Ranger)
Melody Perkins **AS** Astronema
Paul Schrier **AS** Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
Jason Narvy **AS** Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch
Additional Cast:
Jack Banning **AS** Professor Phenomenus
Juliet Naulin **AS** Silvy Larson
Donene Kistler **AS** Alpha 6
Wendee Lee **AS** Alpha 6 (voice)

Julie Kliewer **AS** D.E.C.A. (voice)
Walter Lang **AS** Ecliptor (voice)
Kenny Graceson **AS** Elgar
Patrick David **AS** Red Psycho Spirit (voice)
? **AS** Vacsacker (voice)


[Recap of "The Enemy Within" & "Andros & The Stowaway"]
Under the light of the moon, in the warehouse district of Angel Grove, suddenly there appears the wraiths of Psycho Rangers! The mysterious apparitions set off scanners on the Astro Megaship, detecting a faint energy reading. Cassie, Andros & TJ teleport & Morph to the scene, but all they find are the darkened deserted streets. Psycho Pink swoops toward Pink Ranger, but goes right through her. Cassie feels a cold breeze come over her after the ghost crossed her path, but the Rangers are oblivious to the specter's surrounding them. Psycho Blue & Red attack their counterparts, but the twisted translucent poltergeists do no damage and don't even stir the Rangers. Psycho Red vows to regain form and finally destroy Andros, as the entire Psycho Ghost team dissolves into energy form, floating around maniacally as the three Rangers return home. Little do they know....
[opening credits]
Another Angel Grove afternoon, our teenage Ranger friends are taking in a meal at the food court at Angel Grove Mall (or some other place like that, bare with me on the details). Silvy is Carlos' guest, as the teens eat Chinese food. Andros can't grasp the concept of chopsticks, but Ashley (who's sitting at the table with him alone, I might add) shows him the proper way to eat with the sticks. Too late, his box of food is already empty! Carlos takes Silvy, as they and Andros go off to get some more food for the growing boys & girls. Not far off, Monster of the day Vacsacker appears, apparently up to no good. He begins to chase the innocent citizens of Angel Grove, when Bulk, Skull & Professor Phenomenus tell him to halt! Bulk's holding a weird device, which he believes is an alien blaster. Phenomenus realizes it's his new toaster, and not a blaster, too late, as Vacsacker fires a beam from his arm that sucks the three up! The monster then begins teleporting crowds of people, when Andros, Carlos & Silvy head his way, they attempt a run from it, only to be back vacced! Ash, Cass & TJ witness more people fleeing and getting sucked up by Vacsacker, so with quick timing they rush behind a building and Morph. Treading through a river of scared citizens, the Rangers come face to face with the monster, whom fires again and teleports all of the people away, except the Rangers! Somehow their Morphin' suits deflect the ray, which is good news, but Vacsacker has other uses than just household cleaning, and that's firing concussion blasts! After a short tussle with our heroes, the monster teleports off, too busy to fight. The three Rangers have no idea what to do now, so they head home to the Megaship.
Inside a force field domed city, lies many odd structured buildings. The Vacsacked people begin to awaken from their teleportation, Carlos included, whom quickly finds Silvy & Andros nearby. They're not the only familiar face, as Ecliptor marches in with a squad of Quantrons. He welcomes everyone to Secret City, and as they are handcuffed by Q-Trons, he informs them they are now subjects of Astronema! Carlos tells Silvy to stay hidden behind some bushes, as he & Andros rush off behind a wall to Morph. None of the buttons on their Astro Morphers work, so the two teens are powerless when a few Quantrons spot them and attack! Silvy watches as her friends defend themselves against the metallic minions, but despite their well trained moves, the Quantrons overtake the two, Andros losing his Battlizer in the commotion. Silvy comes into possession of it, and hides it in her dolly's clothes, just as she too is captured. Soon, all of the Angel Grovians are being herded like cattle by the Q-Tron brigade. Silvy sneaks to the side with Carlos, and mentions to him she knows Andros is a ranger too. Carlos tries playing dumb, but when she shows him the Battlizer, he gets annoyed (oh come on, like she couldn't tell? Hmm, they all hang around each other all the time, they all wear matching colors and they all have similar Morphers on their arms. Sheesh, she's a kid, not stupid). He takes the Battlizer, thanks her, and she promises not to tell anyone about her discovery.
On the Megaship, scans finally locate Andros & Carlos, and the three remaining Rangers (Zhane? Zhane who?) makes preparations to get them out. Problem is, the dome shield around the city prevents them from contacting their friends. Their target is an antenna inside the city which is generating the force field. They won't be able to Morph once inside, so Alpha whips up a few backpacks containing Astro Blasters, Aerial Probe to find the target, and some detonators to take it out. The three teens rush down to Earth to rescue Carlos, Silvy & Andros. Vacsacker is at it again, and all it takes is for him to fire the teleport ray on their unmorphed bodies to send them straight to Secret City. They awaken along with others, Quantrons readily handcuffing people and sending them off. TJ pulls an Astro Blaster out of Cassie's backpack, and the three Ranger teens fight and fire through the robotic drones. They run behind a building, and Cassie pulls out a gun which fires the aerial probe into the sky, parachuting downward. TJ uses his AMScanner to track the probe's findings, which locates the antenna ontop of the main tower. Quantrons are on their trail, and Cassie dropping the gun alerts them to our heroes presence. They run for their lives, approaching the stairs to the tower. Cassie fires a few shots off at the Q-Trons with the Astro Blaster. Ashley opts to stay behind and keep them busy while Teej & Cass head up to the antenna. Just as she begins to attack the Quantrons, they beat her to it and knock the Blaster out Ashley's hands, leaving her to fight manually. TJ & Cassie trek up the steps, through Quantron after Quantron, their mission cannot fail! Elsewhere in the holding area, Ecliptor leaves with the majority of Q-Trons to attack the intruders, so Andros, Carlos & Silvy slip off to talk in secret. Carlos returns the Battlizer to Andros, whom questions Silvy's knowledge of his identity. She in turns zips her lips (she kept one Ranger's secret so far, what's the deal if she knows it about all of them?) and Andros plans to use the Battlizer to break free. He mentions the 01 button should be enough, but 02 is just in case they need the extra power. Silvy asks the question we've all wondered, what about 03? Andros has never used it, for fear of it being too powerful. He presses 01, his fist glows red and he uses it to break Carlos & himself out of their binds. The two Rangers then leave Silvy behind and start to fight their way out of the area through the remaining Quantrons. Elsewhere in the city, Ashley keeps putting up a fight, same as with Cass & Teej. They're almost to the top of the tower, the mission becoming impossible!
TJ and Cassie make it to the antenna, and immediately begin placing the detonators around the dish. Below, Andros & Carlos bump into Vacsacker, who fires a blast at Andros, when Carlos pushes him out of the way and takes the brunt of the explosion. Andros is angered, firing up 02, he jumps with his fist charged from the Battlizer. Vacsacker grabs his fist before he can hit him and tosses Andros over his shoulder! On the tower, Teej & Cass finish setting the bombs, but before they can get away to set them off, Quantrons discover them! While trying to escape through the stairwell (which is similar to a fire escape), Cassie & TJ are knocked over the side. They hang on for dear life, TJ pressing the switch and setting the bombs off, destroying the antenna and the force field around the city. Meanwhile, Carlos & Andros fight against Vacsacker as Silvy shows up, watching her friends bravely confront the monster. Andros falls to the ground, winded, unknowing Silvy is right behind him. She takes the incentive to reach over and press 03 on his Battlizer, which floods Andros with a massive dose of Energy! His body is fused with Battlizer power, and suddenly his Red Ranger powers painfully form around him, bulked up! Along with this, comes a set of metal wings, adorned with rockets, and a few other surface modifications.
The power surge boosts Andros in more ways than one, while he reluctantly ended up in this Battllized Armor, he's optimized for action! Ready to face Vacsacker, he suddenly spots TJ & Cassie hanging on the side of the tower. His Battlizer Wing adjust and he suddenly takes off to save his friends, just as they lose their grip and fall to their deaths. Battllized Andros scoops them up, and sets them gently down. Silvy, as well as all the Rangers, watch their leader in awe over this amazing metamorphosis. Ashley rejoins the group, just in time for Vacsacker to take another shot at them, when Battlizer shield forms, deflecting the concussion blasts. Red Ranger then lowers his Battl-visor, locks target and fires Battlizer missile, ripping through Vacsacker. The Rangers finally Morph, and rush to continue the battling of the monster. Andros stays behind and takes care of some Quantrons, calling forth a power bracelet, which sends sonic impulses that disarm the Quantrons of their Q-Blades, before dropping their weapons around them. The Battlizer energy flows true, when Andros uses the souped up Spiral Saber, giving the Q-Trons a real fireworks treat. He then goes back over to help his friends, suddenly deploy winged mode, and taking to the air! Vacsacker is annoyed at the quickly moving aerial Red Ranger, who swoops down and missile blasts him yet again. Battllized Red Ranger floats above, his Ranger pals cheering. Finally, Andros powers down, reverting to normal Red Ranger. Silvy comes over, and Andros thanks her for taking such a leap of faith and actually doing something right! On the Dark Fortress, Astronema will not let the Rangers take the city, for the captured citizens are to be transformed into her evil new army. Satellasers rain down and Vacsacker gets a boost. Silvy is escorted to safety under a building, and Mega Voyager is called to help suck down Vacsacker. The Mega Voyager throws a few punches, and fires a couple of it's own blasts from the chestplate, before finally figuratively clogging Vacsacker into explosion with Mega V3 Missile!
The Mega Voyager turns it's attention to the main tower, figuring it's the headquarters of the weirdness. Before they can reach it, Astronema has Ecliptor warp wave teleport the entire secret city away, taking with it Silvy and many of Angel Grove's citizens! Astronema boasts at pulling the rugs from under our heroes, as Carlos is distraught over losing his friend. Elsewhere, the energy spirits of the Psycho Rangers swirl about, their undead vengeance reaching a peak, Psycho Red and his twisted companions vow to rise once more!
[To Be Continued...; scenes from "Ghosts In The Machine"; end credits]

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