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Power Rangers In Space
"The Impenetrable Web"
Original Air Date: 11/14/98 Featuring Footage & Some Story Elements From:
Megaranger #50 - Souzetsu! Shaku netsu no Chou Senshi Yuugande
(Unsuccessful! The Scorching Hot Super Warrior Yugande)
*6th Regular Season
(Same as the Season By Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-724
*40th episode of PRiS
*290th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Judd Lynn & Jackie Marchand Director: Judd Lynn
Starring Cast:
Tracy Lynn Cruz **AS** Ashley (Yellow Ranger)
Patricia Ja Lee **AS** Cassie (Pink Ranger)
Christopher Khayman Lee **AS** Andros (Red Ranger)
Justin Nimmo **AS** Zhane (Silver Ranger)
Roger Velasco **AS** Carlos (Black Ranger)
Selwyn Ward **AS** T.J. (Blue Ranger)
Melody Perkins **AS** Astronema
Additional Cast:
Donene Kistler **AS** Alpha 6
Wendee Lee **AS** Alpha 6 (voice)

Julie Kliewer **AS** D.E.C.A. (voice)
Walter Lang **AS** Ecliptor (voice)
Steve Kramer **AS** Darkonda (voice)
Kenny Graceson **AS** Elgar
David Umansky **AS** Elgar (voice)


[Recap of "Andros & The Stowaway," "Mission to Secret City" & "Ghosts In The Machine"]
Another day on the Astro Megaship, Alpha is playing a game of 3-D Chess with DECA. Alpha bluffs and ends up tricking DECA into making a bad move. It seems, Computers even cheat when playing games against each other! Thing of note in this episode, when we see in DECA-vision, it's never completely red like it used to be. Suddenly, an emergency transmission comes in, from the desert planet Forza, an astronaut is sending a distress call to NASADA. He's crashed landed in the harsh terrain and needs help, so the Megaship Hyperushes to Forza and the Rangers Galaxy Glide down to rescue him. They search all over, but find only endless sands until finally reaching the crash site. Alpha warns them to be careful, and as the Astro Megaship floats above the planet, behind it slowly rises the Dark Fortress! Inside, the astronaut walks onto the bridge, removing the hologram disguise to reveal his identity as Darkonda! Astronema is pleased the Rangers have been tricked into leaving the Astro Megaship, and has Ecliptor launch a web at the empty Ranger homebase.
[opening credits]
The green electric webnet ensnares the Megaship, creating an impenetrable force field all around it. Alpha alerts the Rangers the ship is under attack, but they've got bigger worries in the form of their powers shorting out! Our heroes jump off their Gliders and just as they hit the dirt, they reluctantly demorph into their normal Megaship uniforms (confirming the source of their Morphing powers come from the Mega Accelerator. With it trapped, their Astro Morphers are cut off from the energy supply). Powerless & defenseless, Andros tells Alpha to fire the Megalasers. None of the blasts free the entangled Megaship, the web completely unbreakable. On the Dark Fortress, Astronema sends Darkonda down to capture the Morphin-less Rangers, which he happily goes off to do. Ecliptor is given the mission of taking over the Astro Megaship, using the only device capable of entering or exiting the Web with. Alpha is running scans on the net, when horizontal & vertical green lines appear on the screen. Suddenly, a green grid forms and beams outwards into a ball of energy, Ecliptor teleports onto the bridge of the Megaship in front of Alpha 6's shocked robotic eyes!
Alpha quickly reacts to the intruder, preventing Ecliptor from taking control of the ship by setting security password access only. Clippy picks up Alpha and tosses him away, and tries accessing the top secret databanks only to have DECA deny him what he seeks! He uses force, smashing DECA's camera, as DECA reports the entry as invalid from a camera behind him! Needing the password, he targets Alpha to get it, but our little robotic pal shuffles out of the bridge. Ecliptor warns Alpha of his fate as parts of a hundred transistor radios if he fails to give him what he wants, so Alpha presses a few buttons, slamming the bridge doors shut on Ecliptor, literally! Given a head start will Clippy recovers, our robot buddy makes a break for it throughout the Megadecks. Alpha hides out in the storage room, but Clippy hunts him down and prepares to slice & dice the info he needs from the bucket of bolts. DECA saves the moment, by tilting the ship and causing all the stored junk in the room to avalanche over Ecliptor! Saved for the second, Alpha mocks "Ecliptoad," right before he fires a sword-ray, missing but dazing Alpha a bit before running away. On Forza, Darkonda and his army of Quantrons search for the Ranger teens, he orders them to use as much force as necessary and to take no prisoners. Ecliptor enters the Megalift, demanding to be taken to the deck where the Hyper Accelerators are located. Alpha is one step ahead of him, having dropped a ton of ball barings on the ground, which the reckless Clippy slips on! Slowing him down just a tad, but angering him immensely, Ecliptor wants that annoying Automaton deactivated!
On the desert planet, Darkonda's troops find the Rangers, and quickly begin the battle. Our heroes fight endlessly against the Quantrons, outnumbered five to one. The heat bares down on them, but without the extra boost of Morphing powers, ultimately the five teenagers are overtaken and beaten into submission. Elsewhere, Ecliptor breaks into the Engine room, ready to reprogram the whole Megaship at the core. Alpha is hiding nearby, and just as Ecliptor thinks he's won the day, Alpha flips a switch and opens the cargo bay doors. Ecliptor is sucked out by the vacuum of space, but the green grid warrior holds on. He's able to hang on long enough, and as he is wedged in the cargo bay doors, fires a sword blast at the controls! The doors close and he's safely inside the Megaship again, ready to beat Alpha so hard the next one made will be Alpha 13. No time for that, he continues gaining manual access to the databanks, just as Astronema contacts him asking what the hold up is. He has great news, the databanks have just given him the location of the Mega Voyager! The princess of evil (obviously having forgotten it's location thanks to the Darkonda brainwashing) orders him to go there and destroy the Mega V's. On Forza, the captured Rangers stand helpless as Darkonda orders the Quantrons to destroy the humans. Suddenly, half his forces are wiped out by a bolt from nowhere! He turns around just in time to see a streak of silver speed across the desert, as Zhane is driving the Galactic Rover straight through Q-Trons, blasters a blasting! On the Megaship, Ecliptor rips out a wire of one of the Hyper Accelerators, needing an extra boost to get him to the Jupiter moonbase. He attaches it to the device used to get in and out of the webcell, and he's converted into hyper-energy, teleporting off the Megaship. Darkonda is majorly ticked off to see Silver Ranger ruining his fun, as Zhane plays a game of chicken in the Galactic rover with him. Racing toward the enraged monster, Zhane powers up the Rover's structure just in time to zip through Darky, explosions ignite and Darkonda is down one more life! Zhane brings his vehicle to a stop and jumps out, showing off his new set of wheels to his friends, whom have just broken free of the stunned Quantrons. No time to admire the buggy, Alpha contacts them and informs our heroes of Ecliptor's anti-Mega Voyage! Considering the Silver Ranger powers come from the Digimorpher and not the Megaship, Zhane is the only one with powers capable of stopping Clippy. So Silver Ranger hops into his Rover and takes off, the fate of the Mega V's resting on him!
Zhane surfs through space on his Galaxy Glider, finally reaching the moonbase just behind Ecliptor. Speaking of whom, Clippy teleports in through a computer terminal in the deserted Jupiter Moon station. He's now coursing with a Hyper-boost of energy, his green tone replaced with a malicious magenta! Silver Ranger enters and confronts Redcliptor, guiding him out to fight on surface of the moon. Now in the wide open crater-filled spaces, Zhane attacks Redcliptor, none of his Silverizer attacks doing the least bit of damage! Blaster mode blasts irk Clippy off more, so he grows a thousand times his normal size to show Zhane he means Voyager-stomping business! Silver Ranger is smaller than even Redcliptor's feet, as evident when Clippy is walking toward the tiny Ranger! On Forza, Andros remembers he may have the power to destroy the web imprisoning the Megaship right on his arm! He presses 03, and Red Battlizer Armor forms around him, powered up and ready for action! Battlized Andros jets into space, and grabs hold of the net trapping the Astro Megaship. Stretching it out but still unbroken, he fires a couple Battlizer Missiles and is able to rip open the web thanks to the increased strain on the particles or something brainy like that. The Electronic force field dissolves and Red Ranger comes in for a landing on the freed Megaship.
Elsewhere, Zhane evens the odds against Redcliptor by calling forth Mega Winger transform. Once inside, he fires the Winger Blaster at the juiced up villain, but it doesn't even tickle him! Redcliptor sword slashes Mega Winger until it falls, and then proceeds to smash his sword into the Mega V Hanger! Debris crumbles ontop of the Zords, burying them as everything around them collapses and explodes. Redcliptor suddenly detects another ship approaching, but as he attempts to take off, Mega Winger grabs his feet. This delays him only a moment, before he eyebeam blasts Mega Winger to the ground. About to strike with his sword, Redcliptor is greeted by some fire from the Astro Megazord Blaster. He's stunned enough for Delta Megazord to Gyro Blast some pain into his red keister. All three Megazords, Astro, Delta & Mega Winger, stand together prepared to prevent Redcliptor from doing any more damage. So much for that, as Redcliptor presses a yellow button, charging up his sword and striking the Delta Megazord, shattering it into pieces! All the Rangers are shocked to see the Battlizer controlled Megazord get trashed. They're caught unaware when Clippy pressed a red button, charging up again and firing a sword blast at the Mega Winger, severely damaging it! Feeling powerful enough to wipe out a planet, it's time to destroy Earth, so Redcliptor takes off, but the Astro Megazord is right on his red grid tail!
Upon landing on Earth, both gigantic machines face each other, and start the usual Sword to Saber battle. Despite using all their usual winning victory attacks, Redcliptor is far too powerful to be defeated. He does the impossible by first breaking the Astro Megasaber in half, and then slamming the Astro Megazord into the ground! Stomping and ready to afflict the killing blow on the Rangers' Megazord, you'd think this is it for our heroes. Zhane's still busy trying on Jupiter with the inoperative (but salvageable) Mega Winger falling over itself. The Rangers are done for, when Redcliptor suddenly begins steaming and losing his balance, depowering and shrinking! Unable to destroy the Megazord at his decreased height, but still Super charged in red form, Ecliptor now has to deal with all five Power Rangers. Our heroes use their Megaweapons on Redcliptor, or at least try as he rips through them with his sword. Carlos is pinned against a steel pipe, and pulls out his Astro Blaster to fire Clippy at point blank range in the chest. Thrown offguard, power depleting even more, Pink & Yellow Rangers' Star Sling & Satellite Stunner are able to strike Redcliptor hard enough for him to drop his sword in a puddle! Blue gets a boost for an Astro Ax attack, and the same is done for Red Ranger's Spiral Saber, which sends the weary Ecliptor flying through the alleyway. This still doesn't prove enough to take him down, so as Redcliptor charges toward the Power Rangers, Andros leaps into the air, Battlizer punching, chopping and finally, Spiral Saber attacking in a row against Ecliptor! This finally is too much for the power hungry cyborg, and in a scene where you can clearly see the busty blue-armored vixen Shibolena in the background, Redcliptor is reduced to an explosive heap! Has Ecliptor finally been destroyed? Not a chance, as the normal Green Grid Ecliptor emerges from the ashes, telling them this is the last time they get the best of him, before teleporting away, drained & beaten. Some victory, as our heroes now have to go back and survey the damage he's caused the Megazords.
TJ, Cassie & Zhane explore the Mega V hanger, scouring through the rubble covering their Mega Vehicles. Zhane finds that the main computer bank is still operational! This is good news, to go along with the bad that the Delta Megazord is now scrap. Alpha feels responsible for letting Ecliptor win so easily, but Ashley assures him that he and DECA did a great job of defending the Megaship. Zhane informs everyone the power systems are intact, and the Mega Voyager should be up and running in no time. On the Dark Fortress, Astronema congratulates Ecliptor on destroying a Megazord and damaging another. Elgar has some encouraging words too, about Clippy looking smashing in red! Ecliptor shakes his hand, squeezing intensely, cracking bones and/or wires in the goofy monster's hand! Now is the time to attack, before the Rangers regroup. Astronema begins to tell Ecliptor what they're going to do to take advantage of having the upperhand.
[scenes from "A Line In The Sand"; end credits]

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