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Power Rangers In Space
"Countdown To Destruction, Part 1"
Original Air Date: 11/20/98
*6th Regular Season
(Same as the Season By Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-726
*42nd episode of PRiS
*292nd total Power Rangers episode
*Note: Quite a bit of footage that was shot for this episode didn't make the final cut, as well as from the second part (supposedly enough to have made a third part, but the producers decided to save some money by trimming considerably). What little is known about them is that one scene involved the KO-35 Rebels being attacked by Piranahtrons & Cogs (as seen on the previous episodes' "scenes from next time"). For more info, write Saban Entertainment or Fox Kids and request they release the uncut version, which also is said to contain more with the Phantom Ranger!
Story: Koichi Sakamoto

Teleplay: Judd Lynn
Director: Jonathan Tzachor
Starring Cast:
Tracy Lynn Cruz **AS** Ashley (Yellow Ranger)
Patricia Ja Lee **AS** Cassie (Pink Ranger)
Christopher Khayman Lee **AS** Andros (Red Ranger)
Justin Nimmo **AS** Zhane (Silver Ranger)
Roger Velasco **AS** Carlos (Black Ranger)
Selwyn Ward **AS** T.J. (Blue Ranger)
Melody Perkins **AS** Astronema
Additional Cast:
Hilary Shepard Turner **AS** Divatox
Jack Donner **AS** Kinwon
Bob Manahan **AS** Zordon (voice)
Wendee Lee **AS** Alpha 6 (voice)
Walter Lang **AS** Ecliptor (voice)
Steve Kramer **AS** Darkonda (voice)
Christopher Cho **AS** Dark Specter (voice)
Kenny Graceson **AS** Elgar
David Umansky **AS** Elgar (voice)
Carla Perez **AS** Rita Repulsa
Barbara Goodson **AS** Rita Repulsa (voice)
Ed Neil **AS** Lord Zedd
Robert Axlerod **AS** Lord Zedd (voice)
David Stenstrom **AS** King Mondo (voice)
Barbara Goodson **AS** Prince Sprocket (voice)
Oliver Page **AS** Klank (voice)
Ed Neil **AS** Rygog
Alex Dodd **AS** The Phantom Ranger (possibly the grunting voice)
? **AS** Gold Ranger (grunting voice)
? **AS** Tykwa
[Note: I only list those that actually spoke a clear line. The background monsters all make noises, but rather than credit every one of the billion characters shown in this episode, i'll just mention those I spot briefly in the summary.]


[Recap of "Ghosts In The Machine," "The Impenetrable Web" & "A Line In The Sand"]
Dark Specter meets with Astronema at their usual cloudy mountaintop rendezvous point. Now is the time to bring his complete his master plan, by assembling all of his forces of evil and take over the universe! Thousands of years of preparation are at hand, as Astronema does as the Grand Monarch of Evil says! She stands above hundreds of Quantrons, giving orders for them to spread the wrath of Dark Specter throughout the universe. When they are through with this assault, there will be no good, love, or happiness left in the universe, only chaos, anger & greed! After she makes emphasis on destroying the forces of goodness, Ranger demolition especially, the Billion Strong Brigade of Quantrons take off in Velocifighters, ready to conquer all creation! On the Machine Empire Base, Klank informs his majesty, King Mondo, that the order from Dark Specter has come in, the time to attack has arrived. As Queen Machina, Klank, Orbus, and an excited Prince Sprocket stand around, Mondo launches his well stocked army of Cogs out, on foot and in Quadrafighters! Cogs ship out to join the reign of destruction, chests a beating and lasers a blasting. Elsewhere, the Alien Rangers of Aquitar are literally out of their element fighting against countless Piranahtrons on land. Rallied in villainous assemblage around the arena of battle, stand many monsters (most seem to be reused Beetleborgs costumes, but Staroid, Wolfgang Griller & Maniac Mechanic are a few known I noticed briefly) along with swarms of P-Trons. In charge of this assault is Rygog & Divatox, whom plans to make her conquests far more evil than even her rival Astronema can make. On the Dark Fortress, Elgar informs the princess of evil she has a transmission from Rita Repulsa & Lord Zedd coming in. The despicable husband & wife announce they don't need Astronema's plan, and they have their own. Astronema tells them like it is, telling them she alone makes the strategy and they follow her orders. The couple of chaos asks who put her in charge, and she gloats it was Dark Specter himself. Knowing old lavaface is bad news, Rita & Zedd back down from their rebellious stance and submit to her plan. Astronema orders Elgar to get hold of the other leaders of darkness, as she goes off to welcome her reluctant visitor, Zordon! His energy tube is over half full of lava, soon his powers will be gone, and with it him, forever. The ancient Morphin' Master doesn't give up, telling Astronema she will never succeed. She gives old blue head some proof that she will, by showing him the home of Phantom Ranger. From above the planet appears to be purple in color, and on the surface it resembles more like the moon. Phanty is being beaten about by a group of Cogs, knocking the mysterious Ranger senseless. Astronema tells Zordon he has a front row seat to the end of his era, and the beginning of hers!
[opening credits]
Quadrafighters rain down laserblasts, shattering right behind both Phantom Ranger and Blue Senturion! The two Ranger allies are then captured by the relentless soldiers of evil, which features appearances by many recycled villains, King Mondo & Queen Machina presiding over the event. Some monsters seen in the background are Toxic Goofish, Termitis, Crocotox, Eyeguy, Shrinkasect, Oysterizer, Coralizer, Hatchasaurus, Psycho Red's Monster form, the unnamed Centipede & Toad monsters from "Great Evilyzer"... the list goes on and on. Zordon tries reaching to Karone inside of the brainwashed Astronema, hoping to stop her before any more are destroyed. Velocifighters approach what appears to be the moon (but could be Eltar), as more & more of Dark Specter's troops unite, this time under Zedd & Rita's command. They order Goldar to swordblast at Gold Ranger of Triforia, whom is overtaken by a huge armada of creatures! Monsters in this scene include Finster, Squatt, Punchabunch, Vampirus, Hatchasaurus (again), Wild Weeder, Electrotrap, Octophantom, Globbor, the unnamed Toad monster again, The Ghoulum repaint from "Survival of the Silver," Miss Chief, Fright Wing, Oysterizer (again), Psycho Blue's monster form, loads of Putties and many others. While over on KO-35, Cogs storm the deserted planet, trashing the forestation with their Quadrafighters. Zordon asks Astronema if Dark Specter filled her with so much hate that she would even destroy her home planet. Astronema cares not what she destroys, and gives Zordon no answer. The KO-35 Rebel forces are regrouping inside a bunker, Kinwon & Zhane devising stratagems. News from Tykwa off the front-line show nothing but harbingers of the end of all they have fought for. Needing reinforcements, Zhane sets out to bring back the Power Rangers to help. Surfing through space as fast as he can on his Galaxy Glider, Zhane bumps into Velocifighter resistance! They flank him from all sides, his only protection the little peashooter Silverizer. One of the Q-Tron pilots hits it's mark, knocking Silver Ranger over, hanging onto his board for dear life! Velocifighters approach, as Zhane is helpless to do anything but hang around.
Having survived being almost killed once, is this how Zhane will go out, a cosmic wipeout? Just as the Velocifighters reach Silver Ranger, they are reduced to space dust by the sudden appearance of the Astro Megaship! Andros commands the Megalasers, saving his friend's tail, and Zhane saving the Rangers' by blasting a sneaky V-Fighter coming up behind the Megaship. Finally onboard, Zhane learns the rebels are the least of his worries, finding out about the galactic conquest going on throughout the entire universe. Reports come in saying Divatox has conquered Gratha, as Rita & Zedd are attacking the defenseless Vica Galaxy. Yet more disturbing news reaches our heroes, over a thousand V-Fighters are heading straight to Earth! Hyperrushing to their home planet one step behind the invasion, the Rangers still aren't fast enough as Velocifighters begin to attack. The crafts of darkness fire about all over the city of what is most likely Angel Grove, destroying buildings galore. Unaware and helpless citizens scurry about, amid storms of lasers and explosions. The scene littered with Piranahtrons on their cycles, Quantrons on foot and Velocifighters streaming the skies above, painting a bleak outlook for the survival of humanity. The Astro Megaship swoops into the atmosphere, taking hit after hit from the forces of evil, giving back only a fraction of the damage to them. Zhane stays behind to pilot the Megaship, as the other five Rangers telemorph down to Angel Grove to protect the citizens. Our heroes dive into the action on their Galaxy Gliders, but even Andros can't defend himself against being sheerly outnumbered a million to one. He's blown off his Glider, and right into a nonstop battle with P & Q Trons! The other Rangers hop off to help out, giving all they have to free the humans from their pending captivity. For every one evil drone they take out, ten more take it's place. The destruction never ceases around them, buildings leveled by an endless onslaught of Dark Specter's forces.

The Power Rangers rip through the waves of evil forces, directing the citizens to safety, as destruction and presumably death scatters all around them. No weapon does too much good against the baddies, Red Ranger pulls out Spiral Saber Booster Mode to take down just a small group of 'Trons. Ashley is overwhelmed in an attack by not only the P's & Q's, but Darkonda! Luckily her boyfriend is nearby, so Andros initiates Red Battlized Ranger Armor as he leaps off the side of a building. Swooping through the crowd of minions, before launching some Battlizer Missiles downward. This only puts a temporary dent in the plans of countless foes, alerting Ecliptor to Red Ranger's presence. He takes down the airal Andros with a quick eye beam blast to the Battlizer Glider, knocking him out of the sky, deactivating the armor! Yellow Ranger fights her way through the enemies to rejoin her love, but once together, Darkonda & Ecliptor double attack them with energy bolts. The blasts send our Ranger pals flying across the street. Upon landing, they somehow demorph! Powerless and weary, Ashley & Andros still make a break to regroup with their teammates while being chased by Darky & Clippy. The Astro Megaship is still getting hammered by the V-Fighter attacks, so Silver Ranger leaves it under DECA & Alpha's control, and rushes off to board his Mega Winger! It takes off, transforms and lands in the middle of the city, utilizing American made Zord footage. While the Velocifighters swarm around like mosquitos to the giant Mega Winger, their numbers speak volumes. Zhane is unable to do much good in his Megazord, cept swat a few with it's fists. Outnumbered and outmaneuvered, the Winger gets blasted like crazy until Silver Ranger loses control of it and the Mega Winger falls over on a small building, crashing to ground. After spotting the Winger's plight, Cassie, Carlos TJ are taken unaware by Quantrons, and pushed once more into the never-ending battle. Surrounded completely, the three Rangers take one too many a spark-inducing hit and lose their powers midfight. Defenseless, TJ orders a strategic retreat! Somehow, they all escape capture, fleeing an endless armada of apocalyptic forces!
The battle reaching a lull, Quantrons march their human prisoners through the demolished streets of the city. Amid some of that debris, the five beaten Ranger teens regroup. Powerless almost totally but not hopeless, they're thankful they're alive, Carlos putting it best by saying they're getting their butts kicked. Andros takes out some anger by kicking some clutter. The teens take a breather and try to do what they do best in planning how to possibly beat the impossible odds. On the Dark Fortress, Astronema is witnessing the will of Dark Specter being fulfilled as the Super Torpedo is attached to a Velocifighter. It has the power to take out a whole planet, and it's target will be the Earth! Darkonda is listening nearby, scheming his own plans for this weapon. Gazing as his Life Scroll, all but one has been marked off, showing he has but one life left (seems he's lost some in the time since we saw him last). The time to achieve victory is now or never, to free himself from being Specter & Astronema's lapdog! Ready to overthrow the monarch of evil, he highjacks the Torpedo equipped V-Fighter and takes off, destination: destruction! Ecliptor & Astronema are continuing to plot targets in this mother of all wars, when the massive Dark Specter materializes outside the Dark Fortress. Astronema tells him of the weapon they have prepared to eliminate Earth once and for all, but little does old Specter know that Darkonda is creeping up on him from behind him with said weapon. Darkonda wants to sole ruler, firing the Super Torpedo upon Dark Specter's back, striking with incredible force! Dark Specter begins cringing in absolute pain, his body exploding all over. Astronema learns of this event occurring outside, and is intensely shocked someone has done what she could never do herself. Darkonda's ship begins to approach the Fortress, aiming another Torpedo with Ecliptor & Astronema's name on it, when just as he fires, Dark Specter pops up! He's dying and not about to go alone, a second Torpedo to the skull fails to wipe him out before the Velocifighter slams into the mouth of madness! Darkonda going out with him, Dark Specter explodes completely in a white flash, ripping into a vast vacuum of nothingness. What's left of the Monarch of evil sprinkles down to the Earth below, pieces of his molten lava body snowing everywhere. It's raining Specter, hallelujah!
Quantrons and Piranahtrons are stunned by the loss of their supreme leader, staring into the skies as his remains finish falling. The Rangers inspect a chunk o' Specter confused, getting informed by Alpha on their communicators that the biggest baddie of them all is no more. TJ asks the only question to reach our heroes minds, if he's gone, then who's in charge? Suddenly above them all, thunder strikes and Ecliptor appears on a holoimage. All hail the new Queen Of Evil, Astronema! Andros is shocked most of all, his brainwashed sister now the ruler of the universe. Ecliptor's message reaches all planets, the Machine Empire listen in surprisement. Phantom Ranger & Blue Senturion on their knees, captive at the empire's forces mercy (notice a Cog holding Senturion's Synergizer in blade mode against him). Rita & Zedd are at a loss for words, their gang of monsters pin down the Gold Ranger while watching the image in the sky. Divatox takes the news of her arch rival Astronema outdoing her badly, whining like a baby. When Piranahtrons, Quantrons and all who worship evil begin to bow (forcing the Alien Rangers to bow as well) before Astronema's appearance above them, Divatox pitches a fit. She tells them not to pray to Astronema, they should be worshipping their Diva-boss! Astronema's beautiful but diabolical image sends every drones bowing, Elgar included. The people of Earth use this distraction to make a run for it. Most still have hope the Rangers will save the day, not knowing their defeated heroes stand among them powerless. On the Dark Fortress, Ecliptor is proud of his queen, the new supreme ruler of all that is. Zordon reminds Karone she's no longer under Dark Specter's control, as the same goes for him. His tube has returned to a full blue, no longer being drained of his life energy by Specter. He asks her to search her heart and stop this madness while she still can. The words of the once great Zordon dig deep, Astronema's face circuitry begins to malfunction. Karone clutches her head, has the brainwashing finally wore off? Not a chance, she regains her stance on darkness, telling Zordon she's not only evil, but the queen of evil! She orders Ecliptor to move in, Earth shall now be taken once and for all. The humans watch helplessly, as the Dark Fortress lowers into the atmosphere. The End is HERE!
[scenes from "Countdown To Destruction, Part 2" (with a bit of cut footage); end credits]

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