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Power Rangers In Space
"Countdown To Destruction, Part 2"
Original Air Date: 11/21/98
*6th Regular Season Continues
(6th Season By Series Finale!)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-729
*43rd and FINAL episode of PRiS
*293rd total Power Rangers episode
*Note: Quite a bit of footage that was shot for this episode didn't make the final cut, as well as from the first part (supposedly enough to have made a third part, but the producers decided to save some money by trimming considerably). As seen on the previous episodes' "scenes from next time," one scene involved Andros' making his way up to Dark Fortress. It's also said there were at least two kissing scenes for Andros & Ashley, not to mention some Phantom Ranger revelations and an alternate "Andros stays on KO-35" ending! For more info, write BVS Entertainment or Disney and request the release of the uncut Countdown To Destruction.
Story: Koichi Sakamoto

Teleplay: Judd Lynn
Director: Jonathan Tzachor
Starring Cast:
Tracy Lynn Cruz **AS** Ashley (Yellow Ranger)
Patricia Ja Lee **AS** Cassie (Pink Ranger)
Christopher Khayman Lee **AS** Andros (Red Ranger)
Justin Nimmo **AS** Zhane (Silver Ranger)
Roger Velasco **AS** Carlos (Black Ranger)
Selwyn Ward **AS** T.J. (Blue Ranger)
Melody Perkins **AS** Astronema/ Karone
Paul Schrier **AS** Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
Jason A. Narvy **AS** Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch
Additional Cast:
Hilary Shepard Turner **AS** Divatox/ Postwave Divatox
Jack Banning **AS** Professor Phenomenus
A. Lesley (Aloma Wright) **AS** Adelle Ferguson
George "Buck" Flower **AS** Angel Grove Citizen #2
Bob Manahan **AS** Zordon (voice)
Donene Kistler **AS** Alpha 6
Wendee Lee **AS** Alpha 6 (voice)

Walter Lang **AS** Ecliptor (voice)
Kenny Graceson **AS** Elgar
David Umansky **AS** Elgar (voice)
Carla Perez **AS** Rita Repulsa/ Postwave Rita
Barbara Goodson **AS** Rita Repulsa (voice)
Robert Axlerod **AS** Lord Zedd (voice)
Ed Neil **AS** Lord Zedd/ Postwave Zedd
Jack Donner **AS** Kinwon
? **AS** Tykwa
[Note: Once again, countless monsters appear and make noise. It's doubtful they paid the whole five bucks to get all their original voice actors to play each one, so only those with clear lines spoken get credited.]


[Recap of "Countdown To Destruction, Part 1"]
In the piles of rubble and destruction that was once Angel Grove, citizens are herded about like cattle by Quantrons and Piranahtrons. The five unmorphed Ranger teens hide behind some debris, watching the chaos filling the streets, unable to help against the countless drones. Suddenly from the sky, the Dark Fortress lowers above a building, where Astronema & Ecliptor beam down to have an audience with her new subjects. She reminds the people of Earth that she is their new ruler, the rest of the universe has surrendered, and their precious Power Ranger defenders failed to stop her. She gives the humans an ultimatum, either hand over the defeated Rangers to her by tomorrow, or she'll destroy the whole planet! Leaving the mass populus in fear, Astronema teleports back to the Fortress, the Angel Grovians left with only one choice. That night, as they gather in what's left of the city, huddling around the fires lit by the demolishing of their world, the people of Angel Grove discuss their bleak futures. The Rangers have seemingly abandoned them, and with them goes all hope. The downtrodden and scraggily humans can't understand where their heroes have gone, but Bulk & Skull stand to the defense of the Power Rangers. They've never let Earth down before, they'll be here when they need them. Ashley overhears their belief in the power of the Rangers, but even she is not sure Power is enough to save what already is lost.
[opening credits]
The five Rangers gather around a fire, trying to get up enough courage, enough strength, and enough of a plan to not let the pleas of a billion beaten souls go unanswered. Zhane stumbles onto their little makeshift camp, his clothes torn, having barely survived the Mega Winger's demolition. He also brings news of the KO-35 rebels, they've surrendered as well. Not one ally left uncaptured in the universe, Carlos wants our heroes to rally the remaining humans and organize an attack. TJ doesn't want to risk the civilians' lives with this plan, so he disagrees. Andros has one of his own, get on the Dark Fortress, and try to reach Karone inside of Astronema's wired head. His friends just say no to this mission, being far too risky and Karone far too gone. Ashley is possessed by the spirit of her cheerleading days, and cheerfully reminds them they're not beaten just yet. The Rangers take this to heart, and don't give up, plotting more plans to somehow win the world back. Andros sneaks off during this, but Ashley spots him slipping away under the cover of darkness. She catches him opening his Battlizer, asking if he's going somewhere. Andros knows what he has to do, everything depends on him at least trying. She offers little resistance, except when he is about to discuss the possibility of him not coming back. She quiets him, stating she will see him again. They stare lovingly, and sorrowful into each other eyes, before Red Ranger walks away, presses 03 and Morphs into Battlized Armor. He takes off for the Dark Fortress, leaving Ashley behind in tears.
The next day, once more atop a building, Astronema addresses her prisoners. She yells at the crowd, calling the Rangers cowards for leaving them in their time of need. No one speaks a word, as Astronema prepares to destroy them all. The Five Ranger teens approach the gathering, about to make their reveal, when Bulk speaks from the center of the group of Angel Grovians! He admits he's the Blue Ranger! Skull is surprised, but follows his lead, announcing he is the Black Ranger! Professor Phenomenus confesses he's the Red Ranger, followed by Adelle stating she's the Pink Ranger! Another man who once was questioning the Rangers disappearance (played by B-Movie character actor George "Buck" Flower), steps forward to announce he's Silver Ranger. A Lady who also had lost faith in the Power Rangers shouts that she is Yellow Ranger. Soon, everyone else in the crowd begins admitting they're Rangers, Astronema is angered. Ashley and the other real Rangers are shocked to see the humans standing up in the face of death like this. Astronema hates to be mocked, so with a blast from her Wrath Staff, she fires down at the citizens, ordering her troops to destroy all! Before the P & Q Trons can do any damage, suddenly the true Ranger teens make the scene. Standing above everyone, bringing the madness to a halt, they proclaim their identities as the world's defenders. Bulk & Skull are dumbfounded to finally learn what they sought so long ago to be right under their noses. The Rangers explosively Morph right in front of everybody, but the revelations bring only cheers to the people below, their heroes have returned and victory will be at hand once again. The Rangers dive for the armadas of Quantrons & Piranahtrons, battling like they've done so many times, but this time the odds are much greater. Bulk & Skull don't just stand by and watch, they rally everyone in the area to help the Rangers fight against the metallic minions of evil! Astronema & Ecliptor teleport back to the Dark Fortress while they still can, and soon aboard it, Ecliptor begins positioning Quantrons all over the ship in defense. Little does he know that Red Ranger is already onboard and nearby. Andros fires his Astro Blaster in the main core room, alerting Ecliptor to the disturbance. He and his army empty the bridge and go to inspect the anomaly, giving Andros a chance to sneak in, and shut the doors on Ecliptor's face! Given a head start, Red Ranger lurks around, looking for his brainwashed sister, but instead finding Zordon! Old Blue Face is fine and himself again, but no time for a joyous reunion. In order to rid the universe of the evil that has infected and captured it, Andros must shatter his energy tube. Zordon will perish in this act, but the life energies released will eliminate all of the forces of evil. Andros asks what will happen to him, and he says his spirit shall live on in all that is good. Red Ranger hesitates, having been searching for the Morphin' Master endlessly only to let him sacrifice himself. Zordon sternly states there is no other way, Andros reluctantly calls forth his Spiral Saber. Unable to bring himself to destroy Zordon's tube, Andros collapses on his knees. His guard down, Astronema walks in, with no qualms about taking a life herself, her Wrath Staff aimed right for her brother's heart!
Ecliptor tries to no avail to beat the doors to the Fortress bridge in, as inside, Andros takes a purple blast from Astronema's staff right in his chest. She won't let victory slip from her grasp again, ready to destroy him and all who stand in the way of evil! Red Ranger is knocked around the bridge by his brainwashed sister, trying to stay on the defense and not strike back. In between getting kicked and shot at, he continues trying to reach Karone. Darkonda's programming is too deep, she ignores all of his words, slicing at him with the tip of her Wrath Staff. Andros is sent hurling through the mesh walls all over the bridge, until finally in the center of the room again. Astronema, the Queen Of Evil, approaches Red Ranger, saying good-bye to her "brother". When she fires a purple bolt off, Andros grabs his Spiral Saber and uses it to shield himself. The bolt ricochets off the saber, reflecting back and striking Astronema in her chest! The ruler formally known as Karone limply falls to the ground, the blow proving fatal. Andros rushes to her side, caressing her lifeless face in agony. As he grieves for his now deceased sister, Ecliptor pries his way in, and all hell breaks loose. He's tormented by the sight of his princess laying cold on the ground, and attacks Andros to get to her. Ecliptor can't believe the woman who was like a daughter to him is now dead, and vows vengeance upon Red Ranger for killing her. The two lock blades, battling fiercely all across the Dark Fortress. Zordon tells Andros the time to destroy his energy tube is now, his duty as a Power Ranger is to save the universe, no matter the cost. So with nothing left to lose Andros strikes down Ecliptor, removing him of his Ecliptsword. The mourning green grid warrior crawls over to the corpse of his princess, as Red Ranger lifts his Spiral Saber into the air. No good-byes to Zordon spoken, Andros swings the Saber powerfully against the blue energy tube.

Zordon's tube rips open, his life energy converting itself into a massive golden wave of light. It casts itself outward, wiping through the rageful but loyal Ecliptor. He's incinerated into dust, his sandy remains apparently raining down upon the body of the woman he loved so dearly. The wave ripples out from the Dark Fortress starting point in 360 degrees. It expands toward the rest of the universe, the Good Wave splashing down upon the Machine Empire's planet of conquest. They, as well as General Havoc standing behind them, not to mention their army of monsters & Cogs, are reduced to dirt. Phantom Ranger & Blue Senturion all that remain, stunned and surrounded by multiple mounds of dust. Was this the Millennium Message that Senturion came back in time to warn of? One can only assume, even if it isn't exactly 2001 yet. The wave then reaches Rita & Zedd's conquered world, both of them confused as to what is happening. Rita screams for Zedd to help her, as the golden wave washes over the planet, turning every monster around into dust. Somehow, be it their love or Zordon's last laugh, Rita Repulsa Morphs into a gorgeous human being! Lord Zedd, once emperor of all evil, throws his fist up for badness one last time, before becoming a rather preppy looking human as well. He spots his wife, both of them shocked at this strange new lease on life, and offers a dance. The two take each others hands and tango across the field of dirt, which was once their forces, as Gold Ranger witness this speechless. Divatox runs for her life from the Z-Wave, yet it reaches all, raining down upon her. She's left looking quite wholesome in a white gown, resembling her "sister" Dimitria a bit! Divatox inspects herself, and is overcome with joy, happy to be alive! Earth is the final stop on the crashing of the wave, every Quantron & Piranahtron littered on the third rock from the sun are reduced to sawdust around the enlightened humans. Elgar is among the casualties as well, disintegrating right in front of Bulk & Skull. The Rangers automatically demorph once the wave reaches them, quite possibly Zordon's way of balancing the scales of Good & Evil.

The citizens of Angel Grove rush to the Rangers' sides, hugging and cheering, having beaten the impending apocalypse despite impossible odds. Bulk & Skull quickly engage in a group hug with their powerful pals, secret identities unraveled forevermore. The Rangers are hailed as the heroes they are, as they walk through the roaring crowds. Cassie asks Ashley where Andros is, and she think he's not coming back. Suddenly, the sound of the Dark Fortress landing is heard, as the ship if destruction lowers down to the city. Ashley thinks Astronema has won after all, every person stands silently watching the Fortress land. Once it comes to a halt, the Dark Fortress opens up and out steps the Megaship Uniform wearing Andros. He's clutching his dead sister in his arms, carrying her down toward the ramp. The Rangers happily rush over to reunite with their leader, as the people of Earth watch silently as Andros lowers Astronema's body to the ground. His friends stop in their tracks, saddened by the loss, knowing how much he loved her, and how much they loved her as well. Andros begins to cry, his tears falling upon Astronema's face. Without warning, Astronema suddenly Morphs from reprogrammed by massive circuitry princess of darkness, to innocent Karone! She awakens, not remembering everything that's happened since she was brainwashed, asking her brother how she got there. Her brother tells her it's a long story, and they have all the time in the world to talk about it. The Rangers happily rejoin their two friends, smiles all around. Everyone in the crowd celebrates, Earth not only liberated, but so has the entire universe. Evil eliminated, who cares if it's just for the time being or not?
Some time later, the Astro Megaship finishes loading up supplies generously given to them by the people to KO-35. No longer hiding, Andros & Zhane's race has finally returned home after a long dangerous war. Kinwon asks the Earth Rangers to stay and take a vacation, but they're a little bit homesick. Ashley & Andros are off alone walking hand in hand, saying their good-byes. He plans on staying there on his homeplanet, despite the fact his friends are returning to Earth. Ashley tries to convince him, but accepts that her love wants to stay on his own home world. Soon, the Rangers part ways with the KO-35ians, Karone, Zhane & Andros among the crowd of well-wishers. The Rebel soldiers stand saluting as the galactic defenders board the ship, Ashley last to close the hatch. She and Andros silently look at each other, their hearts breaking as the door seals closed. TJ, Carlos, Cassie & Ashley reach the bridge of the Astro Megaship, feeling victorious over triumph, but saddened over what they have to give up. Ashley tells Cassie she misses him already, but miss no longer, as Andros walks onto the bridge, telling DECA to set a course for Earth. All our heroes are excited over his change of heart, remembering his place is with them. Ash runs over to hug him, as Zhane & Karone show up behind him. Zhane mentions the Megazord's in the shop (whatever that means exactly, obviously just a lame excuse to tag along with his old pals) and needs a ride. Everyone hugs, and is really horribly happy. Zhane walks over and plops his feet up on the console, and everybody laughs at him. TJ tells Alpha it's time to go home, and Alpha 6 gives him, and them, a happy "You got it, Rangers!". The Astro Megaship takes off, hyperrush velocity, and reaches the third rock from the sun in no time. All is safe in the universe, peace is reigning for the first time in countless eons. The time has come to move on and rebuild for a better tomorrow.
[The End!; end credits]

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