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Power Rangers In Space
"A Ranger Among Thieves"
Original Air Date: 3/20/98 Featuring Footage From:
Megaranger #13 - Dokidoki! Sensei wa Kaze no You ni
(Heartthrob! Our Teacher Is Like The Wind)
SimuDeck Footage From:
Megaranger #02 - Mite kure! Oretachi no Gyarakushii Mega
(Look! Our Galaxy Mega)
*5th Regular Season Continues
(6th Season By Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-607
*7th episode of PRiS
*257th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Judd Lynn Director: Worth Keeter
Starring Cast:
Tracy Lynn Cruz **AS** Ashley (Yellow Ranger)
Patricia Ja Lee **AS** Cassie (Pink Ranger)
Christopher Khayman Lee **AS** Andros (Red Ranger)
Roger Velasco **AS** Carlos (Black Ranger)
Selwyn Ward **AS** T.J. (Blue Ranger)
Melody Perkins **AS** Astronema
Paul Schrier **AS** Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
Jason Narvy **AS** Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch
Additional Cast:
Aloma Wright **AS** Adelle Ferguson
Jack Banning **AS** Professor Phenomenus
Wendee Lee **AS** Alpha 6 (voice)
Walter Lang **AS** Ecliptor (voice)
? **AS** Voltage Hog (voice)


[Recap of "Satellite Search"]
The Rangers are busy training in the SimuDeck, against a nameless manta ray monster. Each Ranger gets to show off their special Megaweapon against the VR villain, honing their skills for preparing in later battles. Once finished their workout session, Alpha informs them it's time to get down to Earth, because they have math midterm tests to take! Soon, in Angel Grove High (remember that place?), The Ranger teens head to class, leaving Andros to roam the halls by himself (he makes the wise choice of going to the Surf Spot instead). Meanwhile on the Dark Fortress, Astronema meets with what looks like an altered version of the SimuDeck manta ray monster, named Voltagehog. She orders him to go down to Angel Grove, hog some voltage and once he's charged up, destroy some Rangers!
[opening credits]
At the Surf Spot, Adelle reports her missing delivery van to the police. It was stolen about ten that morning, whoever it was even took the keys! Nearby some punk in black watches this, and soon walks over to the pool hall area, stealing money from a purse and meeting with his friends, another guy and a girl at a pool table. He remarks the cops don't suspect a thing in the delivery van theft. The girl notices Andros trying to eat a banana unpeeled, and gives him advice on peeling it first, so he gives her advise on shooting pool. The punk in black bets a milkshake with Andros if he can make the shot and of course he does, without even using his telekinesis. Meanwhile out in the middle of nowhere near some power lines, Professor Phenomenus is attempting to bait a rabbit whom he thinks is an alien to come out. Bulk, Skull and the nutty professor all hide in garbage cans, but when they think the Space Rabbit is approaching, it turns out just to be a couple of guys dumping old food into each of their cans (notice each of the their trash bins have labels on them, yet the men dump the food in all three, including the two marked 'cans'!) Outside the Surf Spot, Andros spots the three teens from earlier trying to break into a car with a coat hanger. He unwillingly helps the three thugs he met inside break into a car when the punk in black says it's his and they got locked out, by using his telekinesis. We finally find out their names (Punk in black is Chuck, the other two are David & Suzy), when they offer to show Andros the sights of Angel Grove and plan to use him secretly in their little operation (nobody unlocks the other doors, yet they are all mysteriously open, guess Andros set off the power locks or something). Chuck hot-wires the car, and as the gang drives off, the owner rushing their way too late to stop them.
While riding in the recently jacked car, Andros is introduced to bubblegum by Chuck. He swallows the first piece, but after a quick lesson by Suzy, with the second piece blows a rather large bubble which pops all over his lips. Soon enough, the hot vehicle slows down in an attempt to pick up another hoodlum friend named Mikey. Mike nabs an old lady's purse on the way to the car, but Andros rushes out to subdue the boy and before you know it a cop shows up and arrests him the delinquent. Andros gives the purse back to the old woman, refusing a reward and instead opting for a hug. Once back in the car, not knowing what his new pals really are, Andros mentions the one thing he can't stand is a thief (which makes sense, since his sister was stolen when he was younger). Meanwhile, Bulk, Skull & the Prof. prove patience is the key, finally seeing the elusive bunny. Before they know it, Monster of the day Voltagehog teleports to where the bunny is, scares the alien hunters in trash cans off, and begins to hog energy from the nearby power lines. The stolen car drives in the area, Andros witnesses electricity being strangely siphoned off in an unnatural way and takes a quick leave from his new friends, saying he has something he's got to do. Running closer to scope out the monster, he morphs behind a small building, and introduces himself to Voltagehog by firing his Blaster. Refusing to let his plug be pulled, Voltagehog puts up a weak defense and is knocked around by Red Ranger's Spiral Saber, before teleporting away to conserve energy. Andros tells Alpha & DECA to keep an eye on Earth for the monster, before de-morphing to look for 'friends'. He finds them at what looks like a junkyard of cars and car parts, stripping Adelle's missing van! He realizes they are the thieves of said van and goes to get the cops. Chuck starts to go after him, but is met with some opposition by David, with Suzy agreeing that they might be doing something wrong. Chuck pushes him off and goes after the snitch, but instead he's attacked by the recently teleported Voltagehog!
The evil space monster begins attacking the cheap Earth scum, when David & Suzy rush to see if he's alright. All three thieves are about to be juiced by Astronema's lackey, when Andros comes jump kicking in to save the day. The three thieves make a run for it while Andy holds his own against the villain, but begins to be overpowered. David & Suzy stay behind and toss a trash can and innertube at Voltagehog and help Andros get out of there. While on the run from Volt-hog together, Andros sneaks away and morphs. Volty rides the electrical currents and stops to recharge himself, when Red Ranger takes the battle to him. Unfortunately, this is not Andy's day, as he's quickly tossed into a ditch. Without warning, a newly rebuilt (with more mangled & twisted shoulders and sharp edges on his arms) Ecliptor makes the scene, ready to continue their long standing grudge in another man to cyborg combat. Obviously weakened from constant battling, Red Ranger easily falls victim to the skilled green grid warrior, whom proceeds to do nothing less than beat the crap out of Andros! Red empties a round of lasers into Clipty with his Astro Blaster, but he doesn't even flinch, returning fire with his eye beam blasts. Andros refuses to give up, which in turn makes Ecliptor refuse to ease off of him. Clipty fires energy ropes from his arm, and painfully drags Red Ranger all over the field. Still not one to back down, Red Ranger whips out his Spiral Saber, but Ecliptor grabs it after only one slash, and quickly breaks it in half over his knee! Andros is tossed to the ground and before you know it, his head is being stomped into a mud puddle by the raging robot! Finally, The other four Rangers show up, and are greeted by Clipty's eye blasts. Time to bring out DECA's new weapon, made from a combination of their special Mega weapons called the Quadroblaster. The Rangers stand together, and one quick blast from it sends Ecliptor flying into the air, shattering to green crystals (his way of retreating, painfully, i'm sure). Andros is alright, but they still have Voltagehog to deal with, whom has been taking his time charging up with Angel Grove's electricity. Astro Blasting alone doesn't work, so while Pink Ranger distracts Volty with her Satellite Stunner, Red & Black Rangers cook up a teamwork scheme. Fire both Andros' Astro Blaster & Carlos' Quadroblaster together, which proves to be too much power for the hog-monster. Astronema calls for the Satellasers to give him a regrowth recharge, so The Astro Megazord is just as quickly formed to fight the maniac manta ray. Voltagehog shoots off one of his Electra-tentacles (the other was broken off in the earlier battle) at the Megaship, but the Rangers use it against him, tugging on it and throwing him around. To finish the job, the Rangers toss their electrically charged MegaSaber at him, and once it's stabbed nicely in the manta monster, they have it ignite, permanently decharging Voltagehog into nothing less than static cling.
Chuck is busy trying to hot wire a jeep, when he's greeted by two friendly police officers. Somehow I think he'll be on the streets again within an hour. At the Surf Spot, the Ranger teens whine about that Math test they took. Andros slips away and goes to talk to Adelle about her van, but David & Suzy are already there, ready to confess. Adelle forgives them because they had big enough hearts and courage to admit they did something wrong. She hires them to make deliveries with the Van they had just stolen and attempted to strip for parts! (Stupid? Naive? Trusting? You be the judge). Andros returns to his Ranger friends, having learned a valuable lesson on Earthlings. Elsewhere, Astronema is viewing Bulk & Skull & The Professor from the Dark Fortress. Skull is impressed that Phenom was correct on that rabbit being an alien, and will never doubt the nutty professor again. Prof has completed a small vial of something that will go "Kaboom" if released, and of course, Bulk plays around with it. The princess of evil is inspired by the possibility of something that goes Kaboom, she likes Kaboom (doubtfully the cereal of the same name).
[Scenes from "When Push Comes To Shove"; end credits]

[First 20 seconds of Bloopers have NEVER been shown on Fox Kids]; Bulk eats trash and LIKES it!

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