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Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
"The Lost Galactabeasts, Part 2"
Original Air Date:10/22/99 Featuring Footage & Most Story Elements From:
Gingaman #30 - - Hagane no Seijuu (The Steel Star-Beasts)
*Regular Season 7 (Same as Season by Series)
*Official Network Show Number PR-905
*20th episode of PRLG
*313th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Judd Lynn Director: Ryuta Tasaki
Starring Cast:
Archie Kao _AS_ Kai (Blue Ranger)
Reggie Rolle _AS_ Damon (Green Ranger)
Danny Slavin _AS_ Leo (Red Ranger)
Valerie Vernon _AS_ Kendrix (Pink Ranger)
Cerina Vincent _AS_ Maya (Yellow Ranger)
Russell Lawrence _AS_ Mike (Magna Defender)
Additional Cast:
Tom Whyte _AS_ Commander Stanton
Kim Strauss _AS_ Scorpius (voice)
Bob Papenbrook _AS_ Deviot (voice)
Ken Merckx _AS_ Hardtochoke (voice)


[recap of "The Lost Galactabeasts, Pt.1"]
Inside the Scorpion Stinger, Scorpius asks Deviot if he can count on him. The robotic bard tells him yes, as his new general he will serve with absolute loyalty and as his first mission he will have Scorpius' new Zords destroy the Power Rangers. Deviot snaps his fingers and the spokesmonster for the Olive Garden appears, named Hardtochoke! Handing the greenie creature the remote control, he orders him to destroy the Rangers, Hardy glad he won't even have to get his hands dirty. Robobard nods his head as the monster leaves, still high off the rush of his recent victory, i'm sure.
[opening credits, Leo's new cast scene back again, Mike credited again.]
As the space station Terra Venture zooms through outer space, inside the Power Pad, four of the Ranger teens are sitting around racking their brains. Kendrix works tirelessly on the computer terminal, attempting to decode the Galaxy Book pages to no avail, as Kai wonders why the Galaxy Megazord refused to fight those new Zords. Kendrix knows the answer is in the book, but has no idea what it says. Leo mentions those Zords will be back, but they need a way to stop them. Damon is brainstorming on a napkin (not as disgusting as it sounds), writing out a long string theory about combining the lasers of all three Astro Cycles, it'll add up to one pretty mean blast. Kendrix asks him how he knows that'll destroy them, Damon saying he doesn't, since he doesn't even know what those Zords are but this is the best he can do. Leo has his own crazy idea inspired by Damon, about setting an Astro Cycle on overload and then launching it right into the evil Zords, the explosion might destroy them both. Leo then has a weird onscreen vision of this happening, Red Ranger on his Astro Cycle riding right off a building into the Zords and blowing up with it (suicide run, Lee?)! Kai likes his dangerous idea, Damon agreeing and it's settled, the three rushing off the Megaship to get the cycles. Leo is stopped by Kendrix, who tells him she's going to the Science Division to keep trying on the book, and he wishes her good luck before they both exit the room. Elsewhere on TerraV, Hardtochoke is atop a building, getting to his destructive work by speaking into the controller and commanding Zenith Carrierzord's systems to go to full power. Likely still on the planet Stackurn, Zenith reshifts its structure into position, as Hardy calls for Stratoforce & Centaurus to arise! The two sets of five small Zords reform into two larger Megazords, flying toward the screen and soon, the space colony. Meanwhile in one of the outer domes, Maya pleads with the Galactabeasts to help fight those Zords before they destroy all of them. Even her own Wolf beast refuses to move a limb to aid her, as the evil Megazords land on the colony, shaking the entire place and alerting Maya to their arrival. Centaurus & Stratoforce stand in the center of the main city, Hardtochoke ordering weapons on full power so they can destroy the Terra Venture! Both Megazords unleash an explosive wave of energy into the streets of the space station, the innocent civilians below scurrying about as death comes from above!
The evil Zords firing away, debris comes crumbling atop many of the bystanders. Green, Red & Blue Rangers rise through the panicking streets on their Astro Cycles, making their way to the scene of the action. Over in Command Headquarters, Mike is calling the shots for the GSA security forces to take positions all over the dome. The soldiers run to their designated squad locations, as Kendrix makes her way past them and into the Science Division lab. She sits at the table, glancing over to the opened Galaxy Book under glass, before returning to the computer work and decrypting. Buildings go up like cheap cardboard sets under the onslaught of the evil Megazords, while the Astro Cycles continue driving through the alleyways and streets around them. Hardtochoke is following them from his rooftop, cackling over the Rangers falling right into his trap. He orders Stingwingers to attack, the buzzbrains flying in and firing down at the cycles! Green Ranger takes the blast and falls off his cycle, sending it smashing into a wall. The other two Rangers stop and begin to rush to help him, the Stingys landing and preparing to fire, but Damon regains his ground and takes them all by himself. He urges his teammates to keep going while he holds them off, and they reluctantly do so, but promising to be back. As they hop back on their cycles, Red Ranger looks back to see Green overwhelmed by the bugdrones, but battling on. Up in the Science Lab, Kendrix is busily typing at her computer, running scans and other functions over the three lost Galactabeasts picture. The door opens and Mike comes in, asking where the others are, Kendy telling him the plan to blast the Zords with the Astro cycles. She's worried for them, Mike telling her he's on his way, exiting the place and leaving her to her never-ending work.

Back in the battleground, Maya watches the Centaurus & Stratoforce stomping through the city from below, then hearing the familiar sounds of the Galactabeasts to her side. They've followed her over to this dome, apparently, as she runs around for no reason spoken. The Galactabeasts face the Evil Megazords, Hardtochoke ordering them with his remote control to attack, and the Zords following his commands by approaching the five growling beasts. Elsewhere, a huge amass of debris has collected in the middle of the road thanks to some Stingwingers. The Astro Cycles can't make it through, but Kai decides to try anyway, telling Leo it's all up to him now as he revs up his Blue Cycle and takes off through the buzzbrains. Firing lasers and ripping through the impending explosion as it occurs, Blue Ranger clears a way for Red, but at the cost of his own well-being. Kai lies on the ground in pain, Leo riding through to see he's alright, but urging him to get up there and finish the plan, which he does, having to leave another teammate behind. The Evil Megazords open fire on the Galactabeasts, who do nothing to defend themselves. During this, Leo drives behind some buildings on his Astro Cycle, a few Stingwingers hiding ahead of him decide to play a little prank. Extending out green webs from each of their hands, the bugdrones create a net that ensnares Red Ranger and prevents him from passing! Getting a little fried from it, the net is eventually sliced off by Yellow Ranger & The Magna Defender. Maya says they thought maybe he could use some help, he says she right before speeding away, leaving Maya & Mike to take on the swarm of Stingys. Back in the Science Lab, Kendrix runs the final search tests on the lost Galactabeasts page. Anxiously awaiting the results, the eventually come up to a perfect match for the makeshift photographs of the Evil Zords (even the Zenith, somehow). Those Evil Megazords are indeed the Lost Galactabeasts as the computer proves, Kendrix finally noticing that is why the other Galactabeasts won't fight back! With the answer in tow, she has to stop them from attempt to blow the Zords to kingdom come.

Red Ranger rides through a parking garage on his way up to the top, finally reaching it on his Astro Cycle and the ramp at the far end of the roof, facing the battle. Pink Ranger is racing through the city, trying to catch up to him before he makes a huge mistake! Red Ranger pauses for a moment, wishing there was another way as he watches the Galactabeasts get the galactasnot beat out of them by the Centaurus & Stratoforce Megazords. Leo revs up the engine, the Evil Zords' backs facing his direction, he goes full throttle on the Astro Cycle getting ready to hit overload, and the ramp, when Kendrix rushes out in front of it to stop him! She's hit by the Cycle and falls, Leo somehow able to stop the bike before going over the ramp to see if she's alright. Kendrix is fine, Kai & Damon pulling up on their Cycles just in time to hear the revelation that the new Zords were made evil by Deviot. The other Galactabeasts know who they are and won't fight their friends, as evident by the grueling fighting going on in plain view of the roof. Magna Defender & Yellow Ranger locate the source of the remote control, contacting Leo via his wrist (I guess his Morpher works much like the other Transmorphers do, communications wise) to let him know. Deviot is apparently at the controls of the remote this time, fiddling with it as he watches the Galactabeasts get beaten like animal-shaped punching bags. His fun is ruined when Mike & Maya show up, followed by the rest of the Ranger team. Pink Ranger asks Deviot what he did to those beasts, Robobard spilling out the beans on their true identities and calling her very perceptive.

Deviot tells them there was once a time when these Zords were the Rhino, the Phoenix and the Shark Galactabeasts, but 3000 years ago (yes, like with Magny's fall and the Saber's rock appearance) they lost their powers in a great battle and were doomed to float forever in an asteroid field. We see said beasts floating around in space, and then their bodies tied up on some planet, being rebuilt by several machines into the Centaurus & Stratoforce Megazords and the Zenith Carrierzord! Deviot goes on to say the only spirit they will ever know is transmitted to them via his remote controller, as we see Centaurus beating on the Gorilla and the Stratoforce tossing the Condor around nearby. Robobard orders Stingwingers to attack, our heroes doing battle while trying to get to that remote! Deviot teleports away, leaving Hardtochoke with the keys to the Megazords, as the Rangers make the routine fight scene/quick work on the buzzbrains. Those distractions over with, all six rush Hardtochoke, Red Ranger grabbing him as they all fall off the side of the building and land below, ready for action. Their strategy is to surround him, but he use fires his own blast energy in a circle and knocks them down. They then gang up on him and grab his legs & arms, causing him to fall over and drop the remote device. Red Ranger snatches it up, but Hardy won't let them use it, unleashing an energy bolt his way and destroying the controller! Hardtochoke mentions nothing will stop the Evil Zords now, they'll keep fighting until the Galactabeasts are galactatoast! Doesn't seem like long off now, as the beasts keep taking attack after attack from their brainwashed brethren. Leo figures maybe they can't stop them but they sure can stop him, the team calling for Lights Of Orion activation, and armoring up. Magna Defender leads off with a flip-slash Saber attack, followed by the Power Ranger Orion Power energy ball attack, ripping through him quickly. He explodes a little, falls over and Leo has to do the work once done by the green liquid by mentioning their problems just got bigger as Hardtochoke grows! Centaurus punches Gorilla Galactabeast some more, as the Rangers watch both the trashed remote still smoking, and the impossible mission above.
Hardtochoke has grown into a menacing green giant, giving the Wolf beast a ho-ho-kick. Centaurus punches the Gorilla again, as Kendrix says they can't just stand there and watch. Leo agrees, Red Lion giving a growl as the Rangers take out their Transdaggers and hop on their Galactabeasts, transforming them into Galactazords and soon the Galaxy Megazord again. Magna Defender hooks up with Torozord to create the Defender Torozord, nothing ever said of why Torozord refused to fight since he's never been connected to the Galactabeasts before. By the time this finishes, dusk is setting in the artificial atmosphere of Terra Venture, Hardtochoke stands between his two Evil Megazords as they face off with the Galaxy Megazord & Defender Torozord. Laughing evilly, Hardy orders them to blast the Rangers, Centaurus pulling out his huge cannon and firing away. Once the smoke clears, Red Ranger yells out to them, telling them to try and remember they're their friends! Stratoforce remembers its boomerang is good for close-up action, coming to the Megazord and slashing away, doing the same to the Torozord. They both fall over, Hardtochoke spouting off his evil blast attack, hitting Defender Torozord directly. Kendrix is the one to tell us this since Mike is apparently mute when in Zord form, but the Torozord is out of energy and can do nothing but lie useless out of sight for the rest of the fight. The Evil Megazords walk toward the Galaxy Megazord as it regains its ground, the tag-team action of the Centaurus & Stratoforce lasting well on into the night as the moon seems to peer from behind the clouds. More laser cannon firing and boomerang whoopings are laid out on the Megazord, the Rangers who are all trying to revive the once-Galactabeasts memories. Hardtochoke tells them not to waste their breath as they're slaves to the mighty Scorpius now, Leo refusing to believe that's true and their original spirits have got to be inside somewhere. Hardy tells them to be silent, unloading another blast and sending them toppling, before ordering his two evil Zords to finish them off. Red Ranger gives one last plea of remembrance, telling them to try to remember who they are. The Centaurus & Stratoforce halt from their destructive deeds, their nonstop attacks finally quelled by the Power Rangers' nonstop yakking.

Hardtochoke asks what they're waiting for and to attack, both Evil Megazords turning around simultaneously and facing the jolly green goon. Centaurus moves its hand over his head, causing the sinisterly evil look to morph into a kinder face. The same is done with Stratoforce, both Megazords remembered who they once were and will no longer be the pawns of evil! The Rangers are shocked it actually worked, Kendrix telling them welcome back. Centaurus calls on its spirit strength of the Rhino while dumping some hot searing energy on the salady villain with his laser cannon! Stratoforce shows Hardy what Phoenix power can do, charging up its boomerang and tossing it his way, smashing into him and knocking him down. The two Megazords then help the Galaxy Megazord to its feet, Leo telling them they're incredible as the reunion of Lost Galaxy beasts is cut short by Hardtochoke's recovery. He plans to destroy all of them, but the restored Centaurus is just going to give him his what-for. This is followed by Stratoforce jumping off his Zord-pal's shoulders and leaping at Hardy with a high kick. Hardtochoke calls them traitors as they stand before him, but one last traitor is missing, as Hardy is fired upon by something offscreen! The Zenith Carrierzord in there to play, firing off its side guns as it rolls down the street towards the others, making sure Hardtochoke gets paid back in kind. Red Ranger calls on Orion Power-up armor on the Galaxy Megazord, and with this, a quick Saber slash is enough to send Hardtochoke down choking! Strangely, he doesn't break into pieces like most Orion slices monsters do, but the blast is good enough to show he's green no more. Defender Torozord finally gets up, in time to witness a sight not held by anyone in likely over 3000 years, the Galaxy, Centaurus, and Stratoforce Megazords standing triumphantly under the Zenith Carrierzord.
In an abandoned warehouse somewhere on Terra Venture, Deviot kicks some boxes around in frustration. He vows the Power Rangers will pay for taking his Zords, and now Scorpius will never let him enter the cocoon. Unless of course, he decides to try and destroy him, which doesn't sound like a bad idea. Spotting a spider crawling on a web nearby, Robobard blasts off his gauntlet gun, frying the insect into dust. Deviot gets a sadistic thrill from this, laughing hard and maniacally. Nightfall on the space station throughout, Maya, Damon & Leo journeying into the wooded dome the Galactabeasts call home. Maya says they're all so happy to be together again, Leo can relate to that. Strangely, we don't see the Stratoforce or Centaurus anywhere in the shot, but I guess they're together in spirit. Damon yells a big hey to them, and the beasts growl & howl back, the three Ranger teens laughing. Meanwhile in the Command Headquarters, Commander Stanton addresses his main crew (Mike, Kai & Kendrix among them). He tells them they've ventured 14 light years away from Earth and they couldn't get back now even if they had to. He tells them they have to focus on their goal of finding a new world, and no matter what mysteries lie ahead, no matter how tough it gets they must continue with their duties ready to tackle any situation and one day they'll reach the new world. He lets them know they have to, as there's no going back and they're truly on their own. Kendrix glances over into the Science Division, unaware that the crest symbol on the cover of the Galaxy Book is glowing again!
[scenes from "Heir To The Throne"; end credits]

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