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Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
"Rookie In Red"
Title Shot
Original Air Date:2/27/99 Featuring Footage & Some Story Elements From:
Gingaman #05 - - Hissatsu no Kiba (The Deadly Kiba)
*Regular Season 6 Continues (7th Season by Series)
*Official Network Show Number PR-804
*4th episode of PRLG
*297th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Judd Lynn Director: Worth Keeter
Starring Cast:
Archie Kao _AS_ Kai (Blue Ranger)
Reggie Rolle _AS_ Damon (Green Ranger)
Danny Slavin _AS_ Leo (Red Ranger)
Valerie Vernon _AS_ Kendrix (Pink Ranger)
Cerina Vincent _AS_ Maya (Yellow Ranger)
Amy Miller _AS_ Trakeena
Additional Cast:
Tom Whyte _AS_ Commander Stanton
Tom Wyner _AS_ Furio (voice)
Kim Strauss _AS_ Scorpius (voice)
? _AS_ Horn (voice)

Sentai Scene


[scenes from "Quasar Quest 2" & "Race To The Rescue"]
In one of the outer domes of Terra Venture, possibly dubbed "The Forest Dome," Red Ranger Leo Corbett is fully morphed and practicing his skills with the Quasar Saber. We are privy to his thoughts, as he recalls his promise to become to Ranger his brother Mike would have been proud of. Glancing down at the blade of the Saber, he is haunted by black & white memories of Mike's passing of the Saber to him, before falling into a crack in the ground. Leo's remembrance of episodes past sends him twirling and flipping and striking about, still a bit rageful about losing his sibling. He whips his arm into the sky, and accidentally loses grip of the Quasar Saber. It flies through the air, across the field, proving Leo needs quite a bit of work still. He staggers over and picks it up, reminding himself he'll never be as good as perfect brother Mike was. No time for love, Doctor Jones! Furio teleports in with a flash of red lightning, still after those darned Sabers! Red Ranger darts into battle, and there is a lot of chopping and slicing and jumping. Finally, Furio flings his Furisword amongst the Saber, knocking it once more out of Leo's grasp. He may be butterfingered, but his backflipping gets him to the Saber before Furio can even blink. Furio's ready to tear the Saber from Leo's dead corpse, but he hears a crack of thunder, and has to teleport home to mommy because he appears to be scared (although it looks more like he was called back to Scorpius' domain, take it as you will). With the baddie gone bye-bye, Leo tells his Saber, which he has named 'Mike' he won't let it down.
[opening credits]
Time to switch scenes to the Scorpion Stinger, inside Furio hides along the slime covered hallways, bumping into Trakeena. She taunts him at his failure to attain even one measly Quasar Saber, and that her father, Scorpius, is not going to be a happy camper. Scorpius calls, but Trakeena covers for Fury, for whom has a plan to make up for this loss. She tells him he owes her, and Furio heads off to make this plan succeed, while Trakeena poses bemusedly. Furio turns for aid from Horn, an odd looking monster with a fetish for weapons. He opens his coat, showing off his prized possessions, the Transdaggers! Furio is stunned that someone has those rare, powerful daggers, but Horny isn't telling how he got them (card game, I bet). If Horny can get the Daggers, he can sure get a couple of Sabers, riiiiight? He's Hired! Now, back to Terra Venture, already in progress. On the main bridge (or a reasonably important area called "Command Headquarters"), Kai Chen (now with last name freshness!) is debriefed by Commander Stanton. There's a new recruit with leadership potential who scored high on the entrance test he'd like Kai to train. Who is this dapper youngster? Why it's Leo Corbett, of the Brothers Corbett! Kai knows this guy very well, in fact, so do we! Not really happy, Kai starts training by heading down to the developmental department, where plants are being created for when they arrive on the new world. Trying to explain the important details to Leo, Kai's student is paying no mind, talking to Kendrix, who just happens to be working in this part of the space station! Kai scolds him, and as they walk away Kendrix checks out their butts. Kai throws the book at Leo, or at least sets the GSA Rules & Regulations Bible on the table for him to consume. Speaking of consume, Leo pulls out a sandwich to eat while studying, and Kai is furious! He grabs the food, but as he begins to explain why no food is allowed near all the sensitive equipment, Commander Stanton walks in and catches Kai with the meal. Poor Kai is blamed for Leo's mistake, and the food is disposed of, uneaten. Later, in the weapons dome, Leo is on gun stocking duty! Kai comes in to hand him his security card, and tells him to lock up here when he's through. Can you see what's coming? He doesn't lock up, and old Hornmaster is lurking in the bushes!
Kai & Kendrix are walking hurriedly through TerraV, with Kai going on about all the things Leo is doing wrong, from wrinkled uniformed, to being late, and not following rules. Kendrix stops him as he talks of quitting being his trainer, and reminds him that while he has flaws, he always comes through when needed. She also pins some of the conflict on Kai's jealousness. Kai denies, bringing up possible reasons why he would be, like Leo's perfect scores and bullseye marksmanship. The argument comes to an end when a thunderstorm begins to occur in the artificial atmosphere above. According to Kai, there's no rain scheduled for today, so he can easily figure out a certain rookie is screwing with environmental controls! Off to Commander Headquarters to get on Leo's case, where Leo thinks his mastery of weather is cool, but Kai complains of his lack of following any order or rule. Alarms sound, Kai checks out the problem, security breach in the weapons dome. Leo admits to not locking up like Kai told him, and digs his space grave deeper. They rush over to weapons dome, just in time to get blasted by Horn, who's taking off with every gun and weapon in the place! Leo feels it's his responsibility to get them back, so he goes after the ugly bugger alone. Soon, Kai & Damon are in whatever passes a home for the Galaxy Rangers, checking the computer for a scan on the weapons. Maya & Kendrix show up and learn that Scorpius' monster stole the weapons, just in time for Damon to track the commotion at the power plant. The four Rangers go for it, and we hear more recycled background music from PRIS. One offscreen Morph later, they arrive just in time to see Red Ranger getting his butt handed to him by Horny and the Stingwingers. They regroup, and it's time for a fight. Kicking, jumping, twirling, twisting, punching, counterpunching, counterkicking, counterjumping.... it's a fight scene with The Rangers and the Stingers. It fills time. Soon enough, they get beaten out, and the Rangers confront El Horno. They draw their Quasar Sabers, exactly the thing he wanted them to do. Pulling out his little laserpistol quicker than they can comprehend, Horny knocks them off their feet. Our heroes are more or less helpless as Horn's extendable arm stretches out and grabs each of the Quasar Sabers from their hands! Red Ranger holds onto his, thinking himself lucky, until Horny reaches out again, after his Saber. Not about to give it up so easily, Leo is pulled into Horndog's coat, and captured! The Rangers are still reeling from the last attack, and can only yell in dismay. Horncolio takes off, leaving the Rangers, Kai especially, bothered by the loss.

Back at their humbled abode, the Rangers take a breather to come up with a plan. Kai lies in his bunkbed, Kendrix comforting him as he whines about this being his fault, Leo wouldn't let go of the Saber because he lost the weapons earlier. Enough emotion commotion! Kai hops from his bed, and sprints off, Rangers following behind, they've got to go find him! Why didn't they think of this sooner? Why ask why, because speak of the devil, Horn is still on Terra Venture! He's ordering Stingwingers to melt down the weapons he stole from the GSA dome in a huge vat, to make room for his new trophies, the Quasar Sabers. Furio comes marching in, with the Sabers, commanded by Scorpius to destroy the Quasar Sabers they wanted so much! Jack Horner is shocked, he wants those finely crafted weapons, and struggles with Furio until he grabs one of the Sabers. Horny learns the hard way why Scorpius wanted them destroyed, they can't be controlled by anyone but the Rangers! Hornsmith swings around, lashing out all over with the Saber. Is there level of sentience to the Sabers, as hinted at when Furio fires a blast bolt at it, and it ricochets off, freeing Leo of his chains? I'll mention that again later, right now, Red Ranger leaps from his confines and grabs the bundle of Sabers, dodging Stingwingers and making a break for it. Losing the badguys along the corridors of Terra Venture's power station, he comes to a halt safely, tying the Quasar Sabers up in a chain, trying to figure out a way to keep them out of Furio's hands. The other Rangers are closing in on his location with the help of scanners.
Later, Furio is waiting impatiently for his troops to find the annoying Ranger. The object of his annoyance is nearby, with his bundle of Sabers. Running out of sight, Leo crosses paths with Horn again! Horny uses his popgun to disorient Red Ranger, and make him toss the Sabers into his hands. Hornsmith has what he wants, so quickly he heads back and has Furio throw them into the melting pit. Apparently, the Quasar Sabers are now hot slag, now Furio wants the Transdaggers destroyed as well! Hornboy is not happy one bit as Furio rips out the daggers from his coat, and just as he's about to throw them to their fiery doom, streaks of Rangerfied color swirl about Furio, causing a distraction long enough for the Rangers to teleport nearby, holding the Transdaggers in their hands! Furio gloats at the destruction of the Quasar Sabers, but what's that in their belt holsters? Quasar Sabers?! It turns out, while we weren't paying attention to the Rangers, they had time to make fakes, switch them with the real ones, and trick them into melting them. Thank you, Instant Express Bandai! Now how did the Rangers even know what the Transdaggers were? We can only guess that much like with the Sabers, they're somehow connected to the Galaxy Powers lying within. Or, they read the script for this episode of Gingaman. Either way, they've got two toys to hurt them with now, and it's party time on TerraV! The Rangers each show off what their Transdaggers can do, tearing into the Stingwingers with the Magna Talon, Trans Blaster, Cosma Claw, Delta Daggers and Beta Bow. Furio leaves Hornsmith to do the dirty work in getting those weapons back and takes off. The Rangers use their Transdaggers again on Horny, showing him that he should have been using these puppies, not that little pop gun he fires with. Red Ranger cuts off Hornsmith's extenda arm with the Magna Talon, and fires up the Quasar Saber for a flame slash. Keeping the ball rolling, the Rangers bring the Transdaggers together for a star formation attack! The fruit of this labor doesn't kill Horn, but instead drives him to drink a bottle of Slimer's Hi-C EctoCooler! It's obviously spiked with Evilagra, as he grows to a big boy in no time. Leo calls forth his new pal, the Lion Galactabeast, to help take out Horny. Lion tears out of the ground (knocking out cable for many on TerraV), comes over and Red Ranger hops atop his head. Galactic Firepower charges up, as Horn begins rushing at the Galactabeast, swords drawn. He hardly makes it across the street when the firepower is released, and the flamebreath of the Lion launches Horn back where he came from, and into a goodness gracious great dead ball of fire. Lion Galactabeast is so happy, he does his MGM Lion Impression.
Once more in Commander Headquarters we go, as Leo is met by Commander Stanton. Leo's progress report was very good, but as he commends him, Leo admits all his mistakes and resigns his position. He believes Kai is the best man on Terra Venture for this job, and he's more than enough for GSA's needs. Stanton appreciates his honesty, and they part ways. On his way out, Kai catches up to him, and apologizes for being so hard on him. Leo counterapologizes, sorry for being so hard to train. He starts to walk away, when Kai mentions he was impossible to train, hard's an understatement! Leo heads back over, with another bet proposition for $10 (like last ep's card game, I think gambling's legal in space, Viva Terra Venture!). Leo will never be late for work, or have a wrinkly uniform ever again. Kai accepts the bet, and learns he resigned a few minutes ago. Tricked, and out of a ten spot, Kai can do nothing but laugh.
[scenes from "Homesick"; end credits]

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