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Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
Title Shot
Original Air Date:3/6/99 Featuring Footage & Few Story Elements From:
Gingaman #06 - - Seijuu no Kiki (Peril Of The Star-Beasts)
Gingaman #07 - - Fukkatsu no Toki (Time Of Revival)
*Regular Season 6 Continues (7th Season by Series)
*Official Network Show Number PR-805
*5th episode of PRLG
*298th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Judd Lynn Director: Blair Treu
Starring Cast:
Archie Kao _AS_ Kai (Blue Ranger)
Reggie Rolle _AS_ Damon (Green Ranger)
Danny Slavin _AS_ Leo (Red Ranger)
Valerie Vernon _AS_ Kendrix (Pink Ranger)
Cerina Vincent _AS_ Maya (Yellow Ranger)
Amy Miller _AS_ Trakeena
Additional Cast:
Donene Kistler _AS_ Alpha 6
Wendee Lee _AS_ Alpha 6 (voice)
Tom Whyte _AS_ Commander Stanton
Tom Wyner _AS_ Furio (voice)
Kim Strauss _AS_ Scorpius (voice)
? _AS_ Gasser (voice)

Sentai Scene


[scenes from "Quasar Quest 2," "Race To The Rescue" & "Rookie In Red"]
In the desolate halls of Terra Venture, someone is lurking around toward the navigations room. He has quite an arsenal of lock picking devices, and using the makeshift equipment breaks into the tightly sealed room and soon starts to fiddle with the controls. The intruder manages to shut down the engines of Terra Venture, setting off all kinds of red flags up in Command Headquarters. Commander Stanton sends Kai down with security to find out who's jamming the systems, and on the rush to the navigations room they pass Damon. Unfortunately, the intruder has sealed the lock and it's unable to be opened by conventional means. Kai is about to blast it off, when Damon steps in. He quickly unlocks the door with just a few tweaks, not wanting to repair it from blaster damage. Security rushes in, Kai at the front, meeting the intruder, who turns out to be a young boy. Everyone looks stunned such a chopped liver-like kid could pull this off.
[opening credits]
Matthew, as the nasty little sneak is called, is being arraigned or something, and is confronted by Commander Stanton, with Kai & Damon nearby. Surprised the boy could halt the station, and blind as to why he did it. He lies like a thief and dodges questions about his ID, before finally breaking down and revealing he snuck aboard TerraV, and now wants to go home. They get his mommy on the transmission screen, and the statical image comes on. He whines to go back to Earth, and his mother basically says her final good-byes to the hellion who's caused her such distress. Once the image breaks up, Matt learns that you can't go home again. Commander Stanton gives him the old what for, talking about having limited supply of everything. Fuel & Food doesn't grow on trees, ya know! The problems of one little boy don't amount to a moon of beans in this crazy galaxy. Stanton does the nice version of Commander Joe from "Fugitive Alien," but without the "Bwhahahaha! You're stuck here!". Yet, the meaning's the same. Matthew cries.
Another day another GSA dollar, Damon & Matthew pull up to a factory site on TerraV in their matching green jumpsuits. The boy's going to have to earn his keep or else he'll be walking the space plank. They break out the contamination suits, and get ready to work. Meanwhile, Matt asks Damon if he left a family on Earth, and he does and he misses them. No more on that, time to suit up, and play with the Plutonium Jello Molds! On the lighter side of darkness, the Scorpion Stinger swoops around, and inside we find the unusual suspects. Furio explains his plan to Scorpius & Trakeena, send down Gasser to knock out the people of TerraV and take control. Why he wants to do this isn't said, but I'm sure they've got twinkies by the cargofull and those monsters want them all to themselves! Gasser farts a few inside the domed cities of Terra Venture, taking out the entire Japanese population first.

Elsewhere, Damon & Matthew continue exploring the world of dangerous nuclear chemicals, when Damon's Transmorpher goes off with the exact same sound the old Astro Morphers made. That annoying 'boink' sound. He leaves Matt to tend to the explosives by himself, and goes off to report in on the Transmorpher. Kai's on the other line, telling Damon to join with the team, and so, leaving Matthew behind, he morphs offscreen and meets up with the Rangers to confront Gasser. Old GasMaster is stinking up the place, but obviously the Rangers helmets protect them or something special like that. They pull out the Quasar Sabers and proceed to get kicked around. Meanwhile, Matthew notices the reddish-pink cloud floating toward him and the people nearby. Inhaling it sends everyone to sleepytime, Matthew is of course in the containment suit and safe. He tries to run and rips it open. So, Matty is running around, holding is torn suit together, as people all across the space station are taking a reluctant nap. Furio and his Stingwinger flock are trying to get to the command tower, too dumb to read a map, I guess. Matt drops his wrench and a Stingwinger hears it, the usual cliche time filler.
Command Tower
LONG story short, he makes it to the elevators, after a long wait, gets on it before the Stingers. The stairs either don't go up that far, or the monsters are too lazy to jog up. Matthew takes a rest on his way up, looking like either Bill Mumy or Ron Howard. He gets to the Command HQ, everyone is nite-nite. Quick thinking, he reaches for his handy hacker bag, and begins to jam the elevator controls as Furio and his bugs ride to the top, probably listening to Muzak. Matt gets the thing stopped two floors down, and just before passing out, sets off an alarm. Elsewhere, Leo once again does his "Fire Power" move, the only one they seem to have a name for. Gasser doesn't explode upon meeting a flame, but does toss him a few feet away. Not done yet, he runs off, and the Rangers get contacted by Alpha 6. Remember him? Informing them of the Command Tower situation, Alpha calls them up to the Astro Megaship to show them his and DECA's new hobby. They've built the little space buggies (looks like out of old Galaxy Gliders) called Jet Jammers. They need to use the new bumper cars to get to the Command Tower (so much for teleportation), and so all five Rangers take off into space with their Jet Jammers. On the journey up to the tower, they meet the buzzing resistance of Stingwingers. One special effects filled scene of blasting Stingers into space debris, comes and goes. After they've swatted the bug brains, they land up in the Command Tower, and rush around talking about how everyone is asleep. Damon finds Matthew, and tells him he did a good job. As he does this, in the background we see the whole point to this trip, Kai, Kendrix & Leo apparently adjusting the controls.
Jet Jammers
Back to action, Red Ranger leaps right into Gasser gas cloud, knocking him back to the arms of his teammates. The gas is getting to them as well now, and it's only a matter of time before the gas filling to domes suffocates everyone on the colony. This looks like time for the Galactabeasts to come hopping out of their dwellings to help save the day. Is it me, or when Green Condor is flying, is he blue? Anyway, the five beasts stomp to the center of the city, and begin to suck up all of Gasser's gas clouds. Soon enough, they're able to inhale all of Gasser's gaseous work, releasing a wave of energy, right as they turn to stone, dead in their tracks. The citizens of TerraV are waking up, and the Rangers are shocked to see the Galactabeasts doing their impressions of Mirinoi. Gasser breaks out his mallet and starts banging on the Galactastones, setting off explosions and other flashy things. Leo loses it, and jumps atop the Lion. The other Rangers follow on their corresponding beasts, with Red Ranger explaining they need to try to use whatever powers the Transdaggers have to restore the Galactabeasts. They raise the daggers to the sky, and suddenly balls of colored energy rain down from the stars, focusing on the Transdaggers and flowing through the Rangers to the beasts. When this is over, everyone has disappeared! Oh, they're fine, the Beasts are back and shedding all over the place, and the Rangers are excited. Gasser bloats up to Galacta-size, so now it's time for Leo to call for Galactazord transform. Thanks to the power of the mystic plothole, err, I mean Transdagger, Lion Galactabeast goes from organic, to metallic in a wave of power. All of the beasts follow suit, becoming Galactazords! Wait, there's more! They all then run together, and the new Megazord combination initiation sequence begins, as all five Galactazords form together as the Galaxy Megazord! Don't blink, the Rangers, stuffed inside the Zords, call forth the Galaxy Megazord Saber, and before you can say "slice & dice," Gasser ignites and is out of gas. Well, that was kind of quick, no?
Galaxy Megazord
On Terra Venture once again, in the Command Tower, a ceremony takes place. Matthew receives a medal of bravery for all the falling down he did a little while ago. It's really just an Olympic trophy they had left over, but it doesn't matter. Matt still wants to go back to home. No clicking heels together for this kid, he walks off to find his destiny in the space colony. The Rangers appear, and congratulate him on being such a brave hero. They hear he wants to get back to Earth, and before you know it, Commander Stanton gets a transmission from the Astro Megaship. The Rangers are taking Matthew back to Earth. Alright, that right there is going to be fuel for debate, it's known the Rangers use the Megaship, yet it's also known those five teens use it too. Ohh, well. Just a note, neither Maya nor Leo made any unmorphed appearances this episode.
[scenes from "The Lights Of Orion"; end credits]

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