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Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
"The Queen's Return"
Original Air Date: 09/02/00 Based on:
GoGo Five #25 - Daimajo Kourin No Toki
(The Great Witch's Hour Of Descent)
*3rd episode of 8th Regular Season
(19th of the 8th Season by Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1019
*19th episode of PRLR
*357th total Power Rangers episode
Writers: Judd Lynn & Jackie Marchand Director: Ryuta Tasaki
Starring Cast:
Michael Chaturantabut _AS_ Chad Lee (Blue Ranger)
Rhett Fisher _AS_ Ryan Mitchell (Titanium Ranger)
Sean Cw Johnson _AS_ Carter Grayson (Red Ranger)
Alison MacInnis _AS_ Dana Mitchell (Pink Ranger)
Keith Robinson _AS_ Joel Rawlings (Green Ranger)
Sasha Williams _AS_ Kelsey Winslow (Yellow Ranger)
Monica Louwerens _AS_ Ms. Fairweather
Ron Rogge _AS_ Captain William Mitchell
Jennifer L. Yen _AS_ Vypra
Additional Cast:
Michael Forest _AS_ Olympius (voice)
David Lodge _AS_ Loki (voice)
Kim Strauss _AS_ Jinxer (voice)
Diane Salinger _AS_ Queen Bansheera (voice)
Kirk Thorton _AS_ Spellbinder (voice)


[A quick Bansheera intro clip; Scenes from "The Cobra Strikes" & "Olympius Ascends"; Plus a few new Olympius Sentai clips.]

Viewing our solar system through what appears to be a classic telescope model known as the "Mark I Repulsascope" inside Skull Cavern, Jinxer witnesses 7 of the planets begin to fall into perfect alignment. He finds this wonderful, as the time draws near. Behind him, marching between the marble pillars, is a horde of Batlings carrying torches. They pass by, with Vypra & Loki on their tails. Vypra tells Jinxer that "It's time to go to Mariner Bay. Get Olympius! The ceremony will soon begin." (confirming that Skull Cavern is NOT located within the city anywhere, but rather a pocket dimension near the city). Jinxer bows and prepares to do as she asked immediately. After he waddles off, Loki remarks to Vypra, "We have to find a way so that we get all the credit and not Olympius!" Soon, inside a rundown building somewhere in the heart of Mariner Bay, we find the ceremony being prepared. Spellbinder, the wizardy looking monster with a Death Windchime staff, orders some Batlings to hurry up and finish setting various items up before the alignment. His eyes glow green, and he laughs evilly as the grunts lift blocks and place them in position on the gravel, near a large stone symbol (resembling the one on Spellbinder's chest) laid out across the floor. Vypra, Loki, Jinxer, and Olympius approach, and Spellbinder answers to the demoness, telling her they're nearly ready to begin. Loki finds this excellent, noting "I'll be in charge!", to which Olympius is not amused. He points out, "This is too important, and you have failed my mother too many times!" Loki, apparently the elder demon, quickly turns around, aims his double-prong staff at Olympius' chest, and asks, "How DARE you talk to me that way?! You need to learn some respect! For your insolence, you'll spend the rest of the ceremony in the Skull Cavern!" (this marks the first time on the series that the Skull Cavern has been properly named, I think). Olympius growls and clenches his fist, but puts up no protest. Loki notes they're running out of time, and leads Vypra & Spellbinder over to the makeshift ceremonial altar. Olympius angrily laments to Jinxer about his weakened situation, "I may not be strong enough to stop them now, but I will be! They best not botch this!" Jinxer whines and waves his Mickey Mouse Gloved hands at Olympius as he storms off, trying to stop him from going, to no avail. Jinxer looks to Loki for assistance in letting the young Prince remain, but he figures it's no use trying to talk to him, and shuffles off to join his young ward back in Skull Cavern.

[opening credits.]

On the streets of Mariner Bay, the Lightspeed Rescue Rover rolls down the road, with Carter driving and Joel relaxing in his usual seat in the back. It seems for all the devices on the Humvee, a stereo is not included, and thus, a small portable CD/Cassette/8-Track/AM-FM player is placed between seats to enchant the ears of the two Ranger Recruits. The music plays, some sort of pop rock, with the words, "I want you to share it with me". Carter taps the steering wheel to the beat. Joel is annoyed, "What is this? Man, put on some good music!" He flips the dial, and hits a Country station, prompting him to join in on the tune. Carter remarks that he can stand the music, but wishes Joel wouldn't sing along so horribly! The song seems to be about an auto tune up, with such words as "Filling Station," "Carburetor," and "Oil Change" contained within. Carter turns his attention to the road, when he suddenly spots something which causes him to stomp on the breaks. Joel, safely buckled in, asks him what he's doing, when he looks up into the blue skies and spots a small patch of dark stormclouds growing larger from out of nowhere.. Joel stands up and adjusts his hat, asking, "What's that?!" Elsewhere in the outskirts of the city, Chad has just fallen on his butt while rollerblading with Kelsey. He quickly hops to his feet as they both spot the thunderous unnatural phenomenon above the mountain ridge. Our heroes race back to the Lightspeed Aquabase between scenes, and joined by Ryan & Dana, they enter Rescue Ops. Carter asks Captain Mitchell the big question, "What's going on out there?" He turns the floor over to Ms. Fairweather, who is busy banging at the console of a computer. She informs them that, "The planets are falling into a very rare alignment." The Ranger Recruits and their Captain walk over to Fairweather's computer, and watch a graphic appear on the screen, showcasing said alignment. Fairweather states, "It appears that they'll all be in a unique formation for the first time in 3000 years," as the screen (reused from GoGoFive) denotes the planetary position as something called a "Grand Cross," though it's never called such by anyone. Ryan reveals to the group that this is the day the demons have been waiting for. Carter asks him to explain, and Ryan does, noting, "When the planets align, they'll have a ceremony.... to bring back the Queen. And if the ceremony works, Mariner Bay is history!" Captain Mitchell speaks for everyone when he exclaims, "We've got to stop that ceremony!"

Back at the location of the ceremony, things are getting a little freaky. Spellbinder speaks aloud an incantation, which gets reversed backwards every now and then, making it hard to understand what he's saying. Luckily, the Closed Captions were made before the effect, and read the spell true. Spellbinder waves his Windchime staff over a strange orb located at the helm of a stone-block structure on the ground (the symbol, btw, is of an X inside an odd triangle, within a large circle, with torches around that), and commands, "Oh, Mighty Queen Bansheera! As the planets collide and dreams near fruition, prepare to come forth from your eons in prison! But first bring your wrath on the humans with malice, destroying the city that sits on your palace!" Outside, the dark cloud drops its first bolt of lightning, striking a skyscraper and sending debris hurtling down atop various civilians. The lightning increases, blasting a few buildings around that one and sending the people into a state of panic. In the Aquabase, Ms. Fairweather watches this and alerts Captain Mitchell to the explosions hitting the city. He checks this out for himself, watching as a giant Videotron gets blown to bits by a stray bolt. Joel realizes, "The ceremony must have started!" Mitchell orders the Rangers to deploy the Rescuezords, which the main five do, rushing off, leaving Ryan behind. He's busy on one of the consoles, punching something up, which he shows his father. It seems that the explosions in the city are forming some kind of pattern, that which matches the one in the ceremony! The Train Bay is raised, the Rail Rescues roll out over the tracks and into the city, and the Lightspeed Rescuezords take to the streets. The explosions continue, and fires have broken out all around a certain area, prompting Carter to bring the Supertrain to a full stop there. Mitchell contacts them over the commlink, "There are civilians trapped in the building directly in front of you.." Carter rogers this order, and barks off a few of his own, telling Chad & Joel to take care of the fires, while Dana clears the highway, and Kelsey comes with him to save those people. All are eager to do some Lightspeed rescuing, saluting and jumping to action instantly. Four of the five Lightspeed Rescuezords depart the Rail Rescues, and head to their appropriate tasks. Pyro Rescue 1 heads for the burning building, and bashes into one of the upper floors with the Ladder Arms. Red & Yellow Rangers enter that way, and Carter begins calling out for any survivors amid the blaze. Nobody answers, Carters tells Kelsey to "keep an eye on your sensors," and the two rush into the inferno.

At the ceremony site, Spellbinder continues chanting the spell as Vypra watches. "Haha! Planets are now in perfect formation. Soon Queen Bansheera's spirit will come. Dimensions collide, bringing form to apparition. Good planet, give way to our evil one! Hahaha!", Spellbinder says, backwards and forwards, echoing eerily. At the Aquabase, Ryan notices another explosion has been registered, and he deduces just where the pattern intersects, figuring that has to be where the ceremony is being held. Mitchell tells his son to go, and Ryan needs no encouraging, taking off to the estimated location alone.. In the city, Med Rescue 5 backs up on the Highway, like it has done before, and Dana calls out to the people, "Clear the streets immediately! Drive directly into the back of the Rescue Vehicle!" The Mariner Bayans apparently listen to this and do so offscreen. Nearby, Aero Rescue 3 flies over a burning building, and Joel releases some more of his Water Bombs to douse the flames. Chad has Hydro Rescue 2 extinguishing the fire on another complex with the Water Cannons at full pressure. Inside a different building, Red Ranger finally spots an unconscious person. He and Yellow Ranger help the man up from under some debris and assure him that he'll be alright. Elsewhere, in what looks to me as being a charred parking garage (confirming that this location is the exact same one as in "Trial By Fire"!), Ryan sneaks around and takes a peek inside a door leading into the basement. Down below, Spellbinder continues his spell, "Planets aligning, do hear our cry, ours is not to question why. Return to us, please, our Queen dearly missed, beginning the rule of the iron fist! So many years we have waited for her, so many years we have not seen but heard. Now with the planets all in a line, please take form for now is the time!" Loki & Vypra watch the ceremony in silent awe. Spellbinder's matching chest symbol starts to glow gold as the ceremony nears climax. Ryan tries to be as stealth as possible in crashing the party, and eventually locates where the demons are having their fun. Spellbinder continues, "Bansheera, great Queen of the darkest dark, rise for us now to make a new mark. In hopes of destroying the human world and raise our dark flag and watch it unfurl. Arise and awaken Bansheera's new shape, show for us now evil's worst fate!" Ryan is so busy scoping the scene out, that he's taken unawares when Vypra pops up behind him and says, "Come and get a front row seat!" She strikes at him with her sword, but he's able to duck, only to get kneed. He throws a kick at her, which she blocks and then takes him down with one of her own. Vypra then picks Ryan up by his shirt and heaves him off of stairway, causing him to land hard on some rubble below. Batlings then swarm on him and hold him captive, as Vypra remarks factiously, "It's so nice to see you again, Ryan."

Over at the burning building, Yellow Ranger carries the unconscious victim into the arms of two firefighters who have made the scene. She tells them to give the man some oxygen, and they promise they'll see to him. Red Ranger follows, handing over a dark haired girl to the firemen, and noting, "That's all of them." The citizens saved, our two heroes get another message from Captain Mitchell, who tells the Rangers that Ryan went to stop the ceremony but is no longer responding to their calls. He asks them to find their teammate, and Carter accepts the assignment with due diligence. Kelsey, who seems to have the attention span of an ostrich, tries contacting Ryan via her Rescue Morpher. "Ryan, come in! Do you hear me Ryan? Please respond!", she calls, despite how Mitchell just said Ryan wasn't answering and to go find him! At the ceremony site, Ryan can't reach his Titanium Morpher as it lights up and Kelsey's voice is heard through it, since both arms are being tightly gripped by some Batlings. Vypra states, "Sorry, but he's a little.... busy... at the moment," despite how without pressing any buttons, Kelsey won't hear this. Spellbinder has some more words for the golden-glowing stone formation on the ground, "The time has come for evil to swarm, give Bansheera her bodily form! Forsake all good, all evil endow, Bansheera alive, do it now!" He then tosses his Windchime staff into the center of the stone formation, enhancing its power, and causing the whole thing to light up brightly. Loki & Vypra are agape at this shining sight, as is the helpless Ryan. Up in outer space, the planets quickly get into the proper alignment, with Jupiter and Saturn on the outside of the strange syzygy. Spellbinder shouts "Arise" one last time, and the stone symbol's glowing explodes upwards into a beam of light (so powerful, that Ryan resembles an old man in a blue suit very quickly in the background). The burst of energy blasts into the sky, ripping open the roof of the building where the ceremony is being held. The spiraling gust of shimmering power streaks into the dark stormclouds above, giving the city a golden glow in its wake. Kelsey whines to Carter that she can't reach Ryan, but he thinks he already knows where Ryan is, pointing out the strange event on the horizon. Carter lifts his Helmet visor as he witnesses this event, realizing that it must be coming from where the ceremony is being held.

Inside Skull Cavern, Olympius & Jinxer are watching this same scene on the viewing flame wall-puddle. Jinxer claps his hands and finds this wonderful, bowing to his Prince and commenting that the ceremony is working. Olympius agrees, "So it appears, but let's not celebrate just yet!" Back at the ceremony site, Spellbinder keeps shouting "Arise!", while Vypra is overjoyed and stating, "At last, our Queen will return to her bodily form!" Ryan struggles under the grip of the Batlings, as Loki dwells on, "The destruction of Mariner Bay is finally ahead!" Vypra lowers her sword near Ryan's face and tells him, "And nothing you and your friends can do will stop us! Haha." She then walks off with Loki, but doesn't get far before a stream of five Rescue Blaster laser blasts land around them. They're taken aback, and while Loki finds this impossible, the Lightspeed Power Rangers are there to save the day! Carter says, "It's time to put a stop to this!", Vypra calls out "Rangers!" as usual, and a relieved Ryan smiles upon seeing his pals. Red Ranger does a useless hand gesture while saying "This ceremony is over!", and Blue Ranger adds that "We're shutting you down!" Yellow Ranger yells "Light", Pink Ranger shouts "Speed", and all five pose while exclaiming "Rescue!" Carter starts the action by remarking, "Let's do it!", and this is enough to send Vypra & Loki racing into battle.

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Red Ranger starts tearing into the Batlings, knocking them down and all over the dirt. Loki, who was gung ho to fight a moment prior, is fleeing from the building! The out of shape demon breathes heavily while jogging off, only to have Blue & Yellow Rangers following, Chad shouting, "Come back here, you coward!" They end up surrounding him in a courtyard, both Kelsey & Chad then toss their color-coordinated Rescue Ropes at him. Loki gets his arms tangled up, and is helpless as Yellow & Blue Rangers whip out their Blasters and fire away on him. He screams, but responds in kind, blasting both of them with energy from that gem on his forehead. Chad & Kelsey fall, their bodies smoking and sparking. Down below in the stairway, Vypra tries to escape as well, swinging her sword at Green Ranger as he tries to stop her. She throws a kick and another sword swipe at him, and for some reason, Joel rolls off the side of the railing. This allows Pink Ranger the opportunity to rush up and grab Vypra's arm. Vypra merely places her boot heel deeply in Dana's bosom and kicks her down the steps. Nearby, Red Ranger attempts to free Ryan, though he finds resistance in the brainless Batlings. Carter kicks them away, until one of the two holding Ryan has no choice but to let go and attack Red Ranger. This gives Ryan a chance to fight back, grabbing the leftover Batling and punching him silly. The two take down their respective Batlings, Ryan pats Red Ranger on the shoulder and thanks him, and Carter tells him it was no problem. They both pose, ready for whatever is next, whatever's next being Spellbinder, calling out to Red Ranger. The monster remarks, "How dare you interrupt this ceremony?!", he tells the creature that he can't let him do this, and with the swing of his Rescue Baton, Carter leaps into battle with Spellbinder.

Elsewhere in the golden glowing room, Ryan continues playing with the Batlings unmorphed. But two start to get on his nerves and won't cooperate, so he does the arm motions and calls on "Titanium Power," going through his full Morphing Sequence. Titanium Ranger is back in action, and quickly begins to beat down the Batlings, plus a few more who think they want some. Red Ranger is getting his clock cleaned by Spellbinder, who bashes Carter to the ground and stomps on him with his foot. Spellbinder laughs evilly as Carter squirms beneath his toes, and Titanium Ranger, tackling the Batlings with his Axe, turns his attentions to his teammate. Shrugging off the drones, Ryan races up after Spellbinder and slashes his chest with his Axe. Spellbinder is stunned, and Red Ranger recovers, pulling out his V-Lancer and telling Ryan to duck. Titanium Ranger obliges, ducking down as the Red V-Lancer laser stream unloads into Spellbinder, causing him great pain. He topples back, and his green eyes fade to black. Carter figures that should do the trick, Ryan pats his buddy's shoulder again with another thanks, which Carter throws right back at him. Spellbinder's eyes light up once more, and he rises to the disbelief of Ryan & Carter. The monster exclaims, "The ceremony continues! hahaha!", as he begins to grow in size. Green & Pink Rangers join Red & Titanium as this happens, Dana is the one to point out the size increase. Carter leads the way for a clear retreat of the building, the four Rangers meeting up with Blue & Yellow once safely clear of the parking complex. Carter notes that this guy is tougher than he thought, as Spellbinder makes himself grow, and rips through what remains of the ceiling. No need for card tricks, his giant form continues becoming larger before our heroes' eyes. Loki shouts out, 'All right, Spellbinder!", from the sidelines, with Vypra mentioning, "See, Loki? Nothing can stop us!"

Spellbinder's deep voice booms out the final portion of the spell, "Queen Bansheera arise, take form in the skies!" The ceremony symbol on his chest glows, the golden river of energy from the stone-structure continues unleashing into the atmosphere, and the dark clouds grow ever more numerous. Our heroes watch in horror, and Red Ranger decides that, "It's time to take it up a level." He tells Ryan to call the Solarzord, which Titanium Ranger does, pressing his Morpher and calling, "Max Solarzord, online!" (marking the first time since its first appearance that the Solarzord has been called Max), while Carter has the Rescuezords Mobilize. The Max Solarzord departs from its Train Bay station, and takes to the skies in shuttle mode. The Lightspeed Rescuezords come together to form the Lightspeed Megazord. Max Solarzord shifts into Battle Mode after a quick trip into space to charge up its fuel cells.. Both the Max Solarzord and Lightspeed Megazords face the giant Spellbinder together, with the golden ceremony stream located between them. Spellbinder claims that their Zords are no match for him, but Carter wants to see about that. Titanium Ranger is also eager, and both of the Battle Ready Zords charge into the fray. Spellbinder fires off some energy blasts from his hand, striking the two Zords perfectly. Solarzord recovers quickest, and proceeds to do a flying leap kick. It does no good against the creature, who laughs it off and tosses Max to the ground. Titanium Ranger's body is thrown around inside the cockpit. The Lightspeed Megazord is back in business, with its Saber formed and prepared to Ignite. That predictable fiery attack proves futile against Spellbinder, who snatches the Saber's blade in hand and uses his other hand to dump some dangerous energy into the Megazord. That causes an explosion which rocks all five Rangers within. Spellbinder races up with intent for more damage, battering the Megazord and making all inside quite miserable.

With the clouds above getting far more darker by the second, Carter has no choice but to slide his Battle Booster in place and initiate the Lightspeed Solarzord. With a "356", both the Lightspeed Megazord and the Max Solarzord take off into the air and join together to create the powerful Lightspeed Solarzord. Spellbinder can do nothing but laugh, as the golden spiral increases its flow, the dark clouds cover the sky, and Queen Bansheera's voice rings out throughout the city! (also notice, very quickly, the same old thundercloud shot from Zyu, always used when Lokar appeared in MMPR, is shown) Bansheera proclaims, "I, Queen Bansheera, have returned!", as the evil energies begin to form her lovely bluish head amid the violent clouds above. In Skull Cavern, Olympius is humbled, crying, "Mother! I knew you'd make it!" In the city, Vypra is excited, shouting, "She's here! She's finally here!", while Loki yells, "Welcome, my Queen. What is your first order of business?" Bansheera replies, "Destroying the city myself!" As this occurs, Spellbinder throws some blasts at the Lightspeed Solarzord. It glides along, dodging the attacks, while firing its arm-blasters in return. Spellbinder is struck, but tosses a very fiery explosion back their way. The Lightspeed Solarzord is shook up, but as Kelsey scoffs, "It'll take more than that to defeat the Power Rangers!" Queen Bansheera overhears this, and speaks to our heroes, making her presence quite known. "You really think you can stop me from restoring my palace?", she asks, her head and neck appearing as a huge ghostly image over the bay, "My tidal wave will wash your city away!" Surf's up, as the biggest possible wave a powerful demon with a fear of water can whip up begins to rise. The Queen laughs, and Chad is likely thankful he took scuba lessons.

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In the Lightspeed Aquabase, located at the bottom of the Mariner Bay, we find the Cadets and Techs in a state of panic usually only seen in the city above. The whole place begins to shake as the waters become heavily disturbed by Queen Bansheera. Ms. Fairweather screams, "Incoming tidal wave!", Captain Mitchell orders "Secure all decks!" and the Lightspeed Employees get right to work at their consoles. Knobs are tightened, steam is pouring, and everyone is working hard to make sure the Aquabase doesn't end up as an underwater restaurant for seafood. Back on land, in the Solarzord cockpit, Titanium Ranger has a plan. He informs his teammates that he's going to go stop the energy flow back in the temple. Ryan rushes out of the backdoor of his Zord, and ends up giving us our first American Footage view of the Lightspeed Solarzord as he leaps out of its head and lands on the ground below. The energy from the temple continues flowing, the wave continues rising, and Bansheera keeps on laughing. She probably finds it funny that the Train Bay was left up above the water's surface, when the Aquabase is supposed to be getting secured. Titanium Ranger struggles to enter the ceremony site, fighting back the force of the golden energy being released. He has his Axe drawn and his slowly make his way to the main source of power, the orb. Figuring that this has got to work, Ryan charges up his Axe, and lowers it with one fell swoop. The orb is shattered, but the resulting blastwave engulfs Titanium Ranger instantly, sending his body flying through the air like a leaf in the wind.. Spellbinder's green eyes darken, and his ceremony symbol starts to spark. He wonders what's happening, too late, as the golden metal design suddenly explodes, injuring him as it falls off and breaks into smaller pieces.

The Lightspeed Solarzord turns around and notices that the golden spiral coming from the temple has suddenly ceased. Without the energy, the stormclouds quickly dissipate, and Queen Bansheera's head vanishes. She screams out in protest, but can do nothing, as the skies clear and the tidal wave drops back down to normal calm waters. The planetary alignment (of what appears to have been only 8 planets) breaks apart slowly. In Skull Cavern, Olympius drops to his knees, crying out about losing his mother. Jinxer tries to comfort the Prince, but the young demon is quite angry, slamming his fist into the mist covered floor. In the Aquabase, the cadets are relieved, Ms. Fairweather informs the Captain that the wave has disappeared. They scope out the surface, finding everything quite safe around the Train Bay. In the center of the city, the Lightspeed Solarzord stomps into the temple building. The Rangers see the fiery remains, and fear all hope is lost for their teammate. Dana cries "Ryan, No!" and Chad takes it especially hard, clutching his helmet and saying "This can't be happening! I don't believe it!" Carter slams his hands against the control paneling in despair, but urges his team to keep it together as they've got work to finish. Spellbinder isn't out for the count yet, though he's been crippled. The solar paneling charge, and all weapons on the Lightspeed Solarzord go to full power! The barrage of laser power tears into Spellbinder, weaving him an explosive spell of his own destruction. Spellbinder is reduced to nothing more than a puff of smoke, and the Lightspeed Solarzord poses. The planets of our solar system move out of alignment, and won't be practicing that dance step again anytime soon.

Inside the makeshift temple's wrecked remains, we find Jinxer & Olympius. Jinxer is sobbing, "Oh no! This is unimaginable!", while Olympius sighs, "I knew I shouldn't have trusted those buffoons." Vypra & Loki approach, with Loki trying to offer his condolences. He can't get two words out before Olympius turns and faces him with a vengeance, shouting, "You fools! The planets are no longer aligned! You wasted my mother's only chance of getting her body back!" Vypra tries passing the buck, "It wasn't our fault! The Rangers...", ending up silenced by Olympius before she can continue, as he notes the two of them alone are to blame for this mishap. Loki tries getting authoritative once more, "Enough! If you ever speak to us like that again, i'll teach you a lesson you won't forget! Do you understand?!" He pokes his double-prong staff at Olympius' chest again, prompting Olympius to state, "I understand.... This!" right before slapping the staff away and kicking Loki's feet out from underneath him. Loki is dropped, and rendered speechless, with Vypra crouching beside him, in fear of the Prince. Olympius exclaims, "I am through with you two! Thanks to your incompetence, i'll never see my mother again." Speaking of the devil, up she pops! Queen Bansheera's voice appears from nowhere, calling out to her son, and shocking all four of the demons. They turn to see a freakish shape of bodily mass teleport into the room via a flash of light. Olympius asks if that's really his mother, and the shape floats into the light, answering affirmatively. Olympius sees that bluish face and that fluffy blonde hair, and is beyond happy to see her. He rushes over to her husk, as Vypra helps Loki up. Olympius is pleased that his mother survived and can hardly believe it, as he hugs the mass of what appears to be just her head, neck, and upper torso with tentacles dangling below as she hovers in the air. Olympius asks, "What happened to the rest of your body?", and she responds, "By ruining the ceremony, the Rangers caused this!" Olympius vows that they'll pay for this dearly, promising her that.

All five demons then teleport back to Skull Cavern, each with their own distinct visual teleportation methods. Little did they know, that Ryan Mitchell was beneath a pile of debris mere feet from where Bansheera's torso was! He staggers and stumbles as he arises from the ashes, having heard every word the demons spoke. His teammates, all Unmorphed, race down in search of him. They call out, he calls back, and Dana is most relieved of them all to see her brother alive. The Ranger Recruits help their teammate stand, Carter asks him if he's okay and Ryan replies, "I'll be fine," while clutching his side. Carter, who seems to be the voice of the team 90% of time, says "Let's get back to the base," and Ryan nods.


Later, in the Conference Room of the Lightspeed Aquabase, Ryan lays it down frankly for his teammates, as well as Ms. Fairweather and Captain Mitchell.. The subject being the demons, a field he's an expert in. He states, "She may not have her whole body back, but Queen Bansheera's powers will only get stronger! And one day, no matter what you do, no matter what weapons you build, she'll destroy us to build her palace." This pep talk leaves the team pretty grim, needless to say. Fairweather needs clarification, "You're saying she's indestructible?" Carter, who just can't shut up today, remarks, "There must be some way to stop her!" Ryan agrees, "Yes! The demons are free now but there was a time when they were all captured, so we know it's possible." That's when Ryan drops a bombshell, "I'm going to leave." His father is stunned, as is the rest of the team, as Ryan reveals, "I've got to find out how to capture them again." Kelsey offers assistance, "We'll go with you!", but Ryan turns her down, stating, "No, Mariner Bay needs you." Captain Mitchell stands tall and tells his son that he's proud of him (Carter tossing in "Be careful"). Mitchell and son shake hands, and exchange deep glances of respect. Ryan walks over to Dana and gives her a big hug, telling her "Don't worry, Sis. I'll be back." He smiles and leaves the room, but Dana can do nothing but cry, wiping the tears from her face as she watches him depart from her life once more, with feeling.

[Scenes from "The Omega Project"; end credits]

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